Monday, August 24, 2009

Beach Bum

Big Guy and the family and I were on our way up to Martha's Vineyard yesterday, when Joe Biden called. He said that he was surprised that Big O had invited half of the press corps up to Martha's Vineyard, but had not him.

As of now, he told Big Guy, his only plans were to spend time in his bunker and watch DVDs of "Monk" since he needs to watch the show at least three times to figure out who committed the crime. This also explains the portable DVD player he brings to Cabinet meetings, which he calls his "laptop without keys," but I digress.

Big Guy said he was sorry about not extending the invitation, and said if Biden could catch a ride, he was welcome to stay with us. Joey said it wasn't a problem; he was already there, having caught a ride with the Secret Service advance team. So guess who has to sleep with him. Right now Bo is looking pretty appealing.

The plans for today are to the Vineyard "Clinton-style ... but without the interns." Big Guy will play a round of golf, take the family down the road for ice cream, invite the press for a clam bake to hear James Taylor perform on the beach, and maybe we'll have Barbra Streisand drop by, too, for another photo op.

Oh, and he'll release his vacation reading list, which will have on it at least five books written by obscure African-American authors, one collection of poems written by a leftist Central American poet, and a book by a self-hating white lesbian economist, who wishes she were a self-hating, Harvard-tenured, African-American lesbian economist.

But he will really just be reading the latest Dan Brown thriller.


  1. Hey Totus will the Big Guy be surfing that huge ecomomic wave on the beach? Ohh... Gibbsy and TATUS just announced were in for a bigger problem than predicted... It's bad, really bad. Thanks for keeping us informed Whitehouse.

  2. Well that was a relief.
    The promised postage I mean.
    I had doubts over that imminent arrival.

    Waiting for Santa was almost as bad.
    One grew skeptical of him over the years as that promised puppy or pony always turned out to be plastic or a plush toy.
    Kinda like government Santas bringing healthcare.It was never quite as was implied.

    Remembering patterns from weeks past we figured the worst and expected wifi postings would have been wee weed on and the the poor pooch pushed as the puppytraitor.
    Tinkle Would Win that battle and yet again another post would be peed to death.
    Throwing FIDOTUS under that rhetorical bus ,so to speak,would be par for this course.
    No longer shocking ,that bus now needs new shocks.

    So tell us Teleprompter ,what is the weal story on who has weweed on who there?
    We suspect the worst.
    Or ,as our distinguished press secretary might put it in his inimitable urbane wit ,
    wee wee sure doo doo that sort of thing around here .
    Deja deja voo voo to you too there pal.
    I preferred your predecessor.

    Get a little sun screen on your back screen there TP.
    We would not want you to burn.

  3. Maybe one of the girls will find a genie lamp on the beach that Dad can rub in hopes that he can rewind and start again.

    Happily, there's no such thing as a genie lamp. But the Obama adorers who thought he'd make it 'rain candy' during his presidency don't know this. The joke's on them!!

  4. Maybe the Obama family can use those metal detectors on the beach to look for spare change. Every little bit helps.

  5. "laptop without keys" LMAO!!!! XD

  6. TOTUS. You can help BO read his books by running the text in front of him while he lies on the beach sipping a Tequila.

    It is kind of like audio books, but without the annoying author reading in monotone.

    Maybe some of the lesbian authors will "reveal" secrets that will help BO get new ideas about self loathing.

    After your workout scrolling books have the Secret Service hook you up with the MSNBC teleprompter. She works for Olbermann, but would be willing to go AWOL with you for a date on the town and let Sieg Heil Olbermann ad lib at Martha's. I hear Mark Levin would love to see that report and add it to his Overbite page ;)

  7. TOTUS:
    Here's a clever book for you to read on the beach. Hot off press (note publication date).

    Oh gosh. B.C. Legans would be moi. Now you know what I was supposed to be doing when I was posting here. I swear, the manuscript took at least an extra month to get back to the publisher because of this blog!

  8. "Bum" is the word; BO loves living well on the other guys' dime----make that MILLIONS----while criticizing them when they buy or do what HE does: fly around on gas-guzzling jets, etc.

    And TOTUS, you're too humble: of course BO reads your blog, too; he's gotta keep up with what's cool. Hey, if you post more frequently, you'll blow his mind!

    Speaking of blow, wanna bet BO bums a few ciggies there, or worse?

    Think BO and MO are invited to the "surprise" bash at Ted Danson's next Sat.? Or is Hillary too ticked at being exiled to Africa?

    Hey, congrats, bettyann, on the book! Was it like giving birth, as other authors report? Hopefully a helpful editor slipped you something strong for the pain----maybe a huge box of Godiva?

    Okay, FOTS, let's all buy a copy of BA's book!----or ten, if you're Sir Preptilot.

    (Here, tests today and tomorrow; no results for 3 weeks. Please pray it's GOOD news.)

  9. TOTUS,

    Congrats on being the only staff member who was properly vetted. Only in America do we get to witness the "Peter Principle" at the top level, POTUS. Is it possible that you could do the vetting for the 500 staff positions to be filled? Am I using staff in the correct context? Or is it staph?

    Speaking of staff, doesn't this line describe Bruno? (exchange jurist for economist)

    ...a self-hating white lesbian economist who wishes she were a self-hating, Harvard tenured, African-American lesbian economist...

    BTW, FOTUS this thread has had me laughing. Something that doesn't happen on my Mondays.

    Serenity Now!

  10. bettyann - I lift my glass of wine in a congratulory nod to your publication! How cool is that! Wow!

  11. Awsome blogs. Loved 'em.

    I wonder what kind of high fashion bathingsuit her highness will wear lol

  12. MOTUS- I have added your blog to my list of favorites.

    I will never be able to keep up with my housework if I have to read all these great blogs - TOTUS, MOTUS, LOTUS, etc.

    bettyanne - congrats! Now I have another new author to add to my list of favorites. Between these blogs and good books, I never have time anymore for much of anything else.

    As for a swimsuit for Big MO - this one would be a good option for her - the "burqini":

    The FULL COVERAGE burqini -


    The semi-modest burqini -

    MO can even add one of those awful belts that she likes so much to the semi-modest burqini

    **** MM- we will pray with and for you for good news. *****


    Just completing a book is a fine accomplishment. Getting it published is marvelous!

    Thanks for keeping us posted (both during and after). :D


    Dear Mountain Mama, I just prayed. I hope that all goes well. Something good is bound to come of it. "For we know that God works all things together for good for those who love Him... ." Romans 8:28. Take care.


    Nice piece, Prep T. (I will overlook that bit about MY NAME!!!) :S Heh, heh.

  14. Hmmm. Football season is upon us....... Maybe Hopey the Clown is going to field a White House rec league team. Might call them the Peaches (after himself, of course).

    Already got the bulk of his defensive line:

    Big Bruno, Sonny "The Boar" Sotomayor, and Big Mo.

    Got an assistant coach:

    Robert "Giggly" Gibbs, to run out and argue with the refs every time (and there's alot of 'em) the Peaches earn a penalty, insanely asserting that the replay video was contrived.

    Got a crazy, rich, owner:

    Soros, who will keep shovelling money at the team no matter how badly it plays.

    Head cheerleader:

    Jobiden, will have everyone "Stand up! Let them see you!"

    Hopey the Clown will stay at quarterback as long as he can read the tiny writing all over his hands and forearms telling him what to do next..... "Bend over. Pick up ball. Count to 10 by 2's -- STRIKE THAT -- Count to 3. Look for friendly reporter [running backs are all reporters], throw ball and let him or her run with it. If no friendly reporter, just hold onto the ball and let Bruno and the Boar make a way for you -- Big Mo will cover your flank and backside.

    Toes is on both the offensive and defensive teams, running around as he pleases, slicing the other teams' (and sometimes, one of his own team members') Achilles tendons with his switchblade.

    Place kicker:

    Bill "Slick Willy" Clinton comes in and helps out as needed.

    Chief water boy:

    Assist. Sec'ty. of State, Sir Hillary (when she's in the country, which is not often).

    Bo the dog, the only decent (besides TOTUS, of course) member of that gang, who deserves (and is probably making plans for) a much better home, is the official mascot, but you won't see him at any games. He can't stand Peach Obama and won't come to him [and that's a fact].

    Bawney Fwank runs the concessions.

    Puhlosi and Harry the Snake run the ticket scalping end of things.

    Haven't found a spot for tiny Timmy G. yet, but he keeps out of trouble running around finding people who are bored with the game and looking hard into their eyes with his "Charles Manson stare" [check out those eyes when he's throwing one of his little fits] trying to hypnotize them. His plan is to then steal their wallet, but he never gets anyone to get "sleeeeepy” (except for Larry Summers – works every time). All he succeeds in doing is annoying people and getting pop dumped on his head.

    Team Chaplain:

    Jehrrrreeeeeee Wright! Pre-game prayer: "God, damn that other team!"
    Pep talk: "Now, you Peaches, you get out there and WIN for .... for God! Just imagine that team is a bunch of whiteys and Jews and.... MEN (that's for the defensive line). You see all those blue eyes! Well.... turn 'em black and blue. Get 'em. Hit 'em. KIIIIIILLLLL them!!!!! (Here, Axelrod, team manager, usually gives the chaplain an injection and quietly drags his body into the office).

    All players who are not "team players," are thrown under the team bus (which has extra heavy duty springs, P.T.).

    Say, speaking of "under the bus," [heard someone on the radio musing about this today] just before November, 2008, Barry went to Hawaii to visit his grandmother and -- she died, clinching the sympathy vote.

    Now, in August, 2009, he's supposedly going to go visit Teddy. What are the odds that Teddy already has his "blue or a red pill" on his nightstand and will die before Congress returns in September -- "vote for the Deathcare bill -- do it for poor old Ted."

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Oh TWW, what a team of INDIVIDUALS!

    Where does Mr - let's release the Puerto Rican Terrorists so Hillary gets a Senate seat and let's prosecute the good guys (CIA)- Holder fit in. Maybe as a referee?

    Random unrelated other thought:
    Are Donna Brazil and Donna Shalala the same person?

  17. (NOTE - thank you TOTUS for posting again so soon!)

    TWW - G-r-reat Post (as always). You had me rolling in the floor, laughing out loud! HAH!

    They need a Cheerleader squad - How about SEIU and ACORN members? They already have the signs and the chants ... uh, cheers.. and loads of experience! (Stimulus money can be used to pay them .... more jobs created using stimulus money!)

    And the team colors can be a combination of SEIU and Acorn t-shirt colors (purple and red?), so they can wear what they already have (and the BO admin can brag about saving money.)

    If ole Barney is running the concessions, he will most likely contract it out to one of the ACORN subsidiaries and slip the cost into the next "stimulus" bill.

    Admission to games would be "free" to the masses. The only requirement is that they have to stay seated during the indoctrination sessions at halftime. Oh, and they have to sign up as volunteers to promote "change". There will be Acorn members there to help them fill out the forms for that, as well as the voter registration cards that will be provided to all.

    Hmmm, this reminds me of the free circuses that the Roman rulers held for the masses. I remember something about that from reading about the "fall of the Roman empire".....

  18. I have a question... who is the coach? Saul Alinsky? After all, they are using his playbook - Rules for Radicals - to run the country.

    Oh look, Obama is giving a press conference. Didn't take him long to get his mug back in front of a camera. And we all thought he was taking a "well deserved" vacation.

    Poor TOTUS. He won't even allow you to rest.

  19. On second thought, they aren't using Alinski's book to RUN the country. They are using it to RUIN the country.

    I just heard someone on Fox say that this morning's press conference to announce Bernanke's second term is a "tail wagging the dog" move .... i.e. being used to distract from today's bad news about the projected deficit. The CBO is going to announce the new projection of NINE TRILLION dollars.

    They have been very, very busy this week wagging that doggie:

    - the announcement about Bernanke.

    - Holder's announcement about a "special prosecutor" to look into CIA abuses.

    - The President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology issued a report that predicts "90,000 may die from Swine Flu outbreak this fall".

    Are they trying to SCARE the public? Surely not. I thought only Republicans did that.

    BTW, that panel is co-chaired by John Holdren (Obama's Science Czar) who stated that "with the right care, a fetus may become a human being by age two". He also co-authored a book ('Human Ecology') that advocated population control using such radical means as adding sterilants to public drinking water supplies, etc.

    The Obama admin seems to be saying-

    "We are the GREAT O(z)BAMA - pay no attention to that man behind the curtain ...."

    As for Ted Kennedy. If and when he does pass on, will they turn his funeral into a giant Dem campaign event like they did when that Congressman from Minnesota died in a plane crash a few years back? (I can't remember the man's name.)

  20. WTG BA !
    We appreciated you here first.

    Can I pick them or what?
    Well if you can't trust Preptile who can you trust? (That's not too derivative is it?)
    Where one finds puns like puppytraitor.

    Been polishing my prose for publication too.
    No notable nibbles noted,only noses north.
    Just been laying a few foundational bricks and boy do they hurt when based on reality.
    The birth analogy does ring true,unfortunately at this site all these posts borne out die of neglect once they leave the top of the page. Some live nearly a week before obscurity steals what life they held,and what light they shed.We could be kicking 10 cans down this rhetorical road instead of just the one.
    Will someone besides a spambot help keep those dead threads you will find below,kicking?
    None move a muscle once the spotlight fades.
    I am looking at you International lurkers out there.We know you have something to say.
    Let's hear it.
    Take Rush's advice to speak up,then keep it up.We have a political war to win.
    I am letting him off the hook for that Rush pack of emergency Kobe from those fine folks at Allen brothers.Instead I wanna be his fourth at River Oaks someday,and promise not to pun provided winter rules are played before and after 7/4.
    Our host posts when he wants to change the subject.Prodding him to produce profits us all,but leaves him PO'd,so he posts elsewhere. Wish he would put his tweeter down & type to us instead .Fresh postage feels like a love letter from the mailbox.

    Peas out.

  21. Unreal, Preptile: I nearly ended a post a few threads ago with, "Peace, out," but I'm glad I held it in reserve for your more amusing take.

    Yes, ole Teddy K might have to give it up soon, if he wants a funeral procession with horse-drawn casket and bazillion gun salute.
    Plotting the route will be challenging: bridges are everywhere.
    Other Kennedys will be memorialized, their personal histories similarly scrubbed.
    The unveiled will be noted on the White House list.

    As for wagging the dog, imagine the possibilities this 9-11 will provide----especially if the terrorists take the hint.

    TWW, thanks for your prayers, and great play, as usual. Bawney Fwank will EAT most of the concessions, but charge everyone else for them.

    Two billion per day in interest owed to China. Work harder, everyone!----if you have a job. This means YOU, TOTUS: post more often, pretty please.

  22. Chris - thanks for mentioning that. The unfounded charges of 'racism' is another of their tactics to distract from the issues of overspending and attempts of the admin and Congress to take over the banks, industry and health care.

    John Stossel talks about it and references that opinion piece by Jonah Goldberg:

    Fidel Castro has even spoken out about racism against Obama:

    === "I don't have the slightest doubt that the racist right will do everything possible to wear him down, blocking his program to get him out of the game one way or another, at the least political cost," he said.

    Castro, who writes regular commentaries for Cuba's state-run media, has criticized Obama, complimented him occasionally and said that he is watching him closely to see if he means what he says about changing U.S. policy toward Cuba.

    His latest column comes during a visit to Cuba by New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson that has stirred speculation that he may try to push U.S.-Cuba relations forward. ===

    source -

    So, what is the deal here? An agreement for the U.S. to ease the Cuban embargo in return for support from Castro?

  23. Here is something that I did not know:

    This was announced recently:

    === The Federal Reserve chose a labor leader to succeed a former Goldman Sachs executive as the chairman of the Federal Reserve Board of New York's private-sector board of directors.

    Denis Hughes, president of the New York state branch of the AFL-CIO, had been serving as acting chairman of the New York Fed board since May, when Stephen Friedman stepped down from the position. ===

    WHAT ?!?!?!?

  24. Bill Richardon is in Cuba?? I better call Santa Fe and let them know.

    Humble thanks to all. The end of one book only means it's time to begin another. Then there is the guilt when not writing that you are not writing. When you are writing, the family hates you because the lights are on but no one is home. Then the book is done, and another has to be written - a vicous cycle. Preptile, save yourself. Do not aspire to be a writer. It is a disease the symptoms of which even martinis cannot cure.

    As for the dead threads:

    Imagine hundreds of years in the future where Einstein's observation that no energy disipates, but becomes some other energy - his reason for belief in the soul. But here you have all these posts floating in the cyber world, an other dimension actually; either we as humans or perhaps some alien culture comes along and just as we mine ore, drill for oil, or seek artifacts for clues to dead civilizations, the cyber dimension is discovered and found ripe for mining, and it is the mining of words and of ideas, our words and ideas, the folk of this day and age.

    Just thought I'd throw that out there.

  25. TOTUS- Your FaceBook link is invalid. I want to be a fan!

    Jamie, MM & all! You are awesome!

  26. Glenn Beck is the target of an "advertiser-boycott campaign launched by Color of Change, an African-American advocacy organization with close ties to the Obama White House."

    Van Jones, Obama's "green jobs czar" is the co-founder of Color of Change.

    But it looks like their boycott is having the opposite effect - fans are rushing to defend the popular TV personality from the attacks and contacting the companies that supposedly pulled their advertising from Glenn's show.

    read about it here:

  27. bettyane, kudos and heartfelts on the book! Why didn't you let me know - I would have put it on Lady M's summer reading list.
    It doesn't contain any subversive capitalist plotlines, does it?

  28. Hi MOTUS:
    I don't think MO would like Cerro. The hicks win :)

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. Cerro sounds like my kind of book.


    Glenn Beck is on a roll. Today he exposed another radical with a link to Obama, Jeff Jones. Jones is director of the New York chapter of the Apollo Alliance, which is, in their words, "a coalition of labor, business, environmental, and community leaders working to catalyze a clean energy revolution..."

    Apollo Alliance is chock full of "community organizers", "progressives" and labor union leaders (SEIU, USWA, LIUNA).

    What no one has mentioned before is that Jeff Jones co-founded (with Bill Ayers) the Weather Underground. You know, that nifty radical 70's group that blew up buildings and advocated the overthrow of the government.

    The Apollo Alliance helped to write the Stimulus Bill. Harry Reid even mentioned their participation back in the spring. SO, that means that labor unions had input into writing the stimulus (obviously).

    If you look on Apollo's website, they mention their own "cap and invest" program. Not too long ago I read an article that said the Cap & Trade bill is almost identical to what Apollo Alliance is proposing, just differences in a few of the monetary amounts proposed.

    === The New Apollo Program outlines a comprehensive economic investment strategy to build America’s 21st century clean energy economy. Released at a critical juncture in our nation’s economic future – as Congress and the administration called for a $700 billion rescue package to shore up our unstable financial infrastructure – the Apollo program would generate and invest $500 billion over the next ten years to accelerate the development of our vast clean energy resources, dramatically reduce carbon emissions that are destabilizing our planet, and transform America into the global leader of the new green economy ===

  31. bettyann,

    Congratulations on the completion of thy precious work.

    Much like the Lord said on the cross
    "It is finished"

    And as God said
    "Well done thy good and faithful servant"

    Or as the anointed one declared when asked by the WH kitchen staff when ordering his KOBI beef
    "Well done uhhhh thy good aaaannnd faithful servant" (I digress)

    Honestly, congrats. Let's hope your profits are somewhere near that 7 trillion errr 9 trillion mark.

  32. You know, wasn't it just a week or two ago that the Dems were saying that there was "nothing in the Health Care Legislation" to fund abortions?

    Well, in his townhall, Russ Feingold - a Democrat - seems to think that there was, at least in the House version:

    === At the listening session, Feingold did allay some expressed concern about federally-funded abortions being included as part of a health-care reform package. An amendment removed that provision from the House version of the bill, he said, and a Senate bill won't reintroduce it.

    "There's no way we're changing this to offer public funding of abortions," Feingold said. "Nobody wants to open up that issue in the middle of this. That's one thing you won't have to worry about". ===

    Those Dems need to get their stories straight.

    BTW - the Democrats are planning to hold 1,000 Health Reform rallies before Labor day.

    Wow, do they have enough Acorn and SEIU members to cover that many protests, or do they plan to fly them from state to state. If so, then that is gonna cost a lot of money for airfare, hotels, meals, etc! Guess there is enough money left over from the Stimulus to pay for it. Or maybe whatever is left from the Clunkers program. MORE JOBS CREATED BY THE STIMULUS!

  33. Jamie,

    With Dennis Hughes,former AFL-CIO bigwig, heading up the New York Federal Reserve they will find the funds/bodies. Is it safe to use AFL-CIO and bodies in a sentence?
    Together with Toes those 2 "will bury us".

  34. One of my senators, (shudder) Claire McCaskill, D-Missouri, is holding town hall meetings and has already stated that there is nothing in any bill "that [she] know[s] of" that would provide federal funding / coverage for abortion, because the Hyde Amendment is already in place, and such funding would be counter to that amendment. She's also saying that she would never vote for a government takeover of the health care system.

    Now, I know from her history and campaigning that she is very slick with her rhetoric and is not to be trusted -- but if someone could tell me how she can say this and still be (technically) telling the truth, I would appreciate it.

  35. She is a politician. If her lips are moving, she is lying.

  36. Unless she is a real person first, like Sarah. In that case she tells the truth and the media immediately goes into convulsive panic, yanks out each other's hair, screams abuse and vomits untruth, all to protect the present paradigm of lies which they have built to protect their own personal lying politicians. Who have bought them, one and all.

    shovel ready:
    Steinbeck lived and died a pauper. Tolkein humbly wrote in a closet. I won't write what Oprah likes to read, therefore my fifteen minutes of fame are limited to this blog, and I thank you all very much.

  37. bettyann: a fellow writer, hello :-) I, too, write; I have three books at -- publishers kept turning me down (TOR Books argued over it for a year and a half before rejecting it); seems there no audience for a series of books about (Biblical-based) Angel Warriors.

    So I've self-published them, and I'm doing okay.

    Are there any reviews of your book, or is it too soon?

  38. Great post! Keep up the excellent work!

    Would you like a Link Exchange with The Internet Radio Network? Check us out here...

  39. I seriously doubt that Oprah actually reads many of the books she touts. She is just pushing authors that are known to be controversial or who are being pushed by the big publishing companies. Like a lot of things - its all about the money.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is that unless you have the backing to PROMOTE your book, advertise, go on the talk show circuit, etc, you might remain relatively unknown - UNLESS you are truly gifted. Then your talent will take you to the top on its own merit, by word of mouth of the people who read your books, buy your CDs (download your songs), etc.

    I have several authors that I absolutely love and can't wait until their next book comes out. You know, their books are SO GOOD that I just can't put them down until the wee hours of the morning, even though I know I will still have to get up at 4 a.m. to get ready to go to work! I don't know if any of those author's books make it to any of the best-sellers lists. I don't care. I just know that I enjoy reading them.

  40. "... seems there no audience for a series of books about (Biblical-based) Angel Warriors."

    I recall reading a series of books back in the 80's that were about Angel Warriors. A friend of mine at work loaned them to me. I really enjoyed reading them. Since they were her books, I don't have them so I can't remember who wrote them. I keep all the books by authors I like, so I can go back and re-read them years later.

    I go to used book stores to buy my books most of the time. A couple of years ago, I "discovered" an author I liked and searched high and low to find as many of her books that I could. She apparently wasn't a "best seller". Anyway, I researched on the net and discovered that the lady had passed away. I was so disappointed.

    Her name was Virginia Lanier and her books were about about a young woman in Georgia who owned bloodhounds that were used for search and rescue.

    I really don't like it when one of the books I've read is made into a movie. Hollywood NEVER casts the characters as I "see" them! And they change the books to add gratuitous sex scenes and stuff like that, I guess to get a higher rating (like an "R"). That is why I never watch any movies based on books I've read.

  41. MRS1953:
    That's an interesting pen name!

    I know an author who wrote a fine book and won an award. Afterward, every bit of trash he 'writes' gets published. It is possible that his biggest fan is himself. I know another author who wrote a fine book and won several deserving awards, even the Pulitzer. Aterward, he can only write books about his one great book.

    The moral of the story is that publishers cannot recognize the difference between a one time good deal, and a real writer who can write good fiction one book after the other. They seem to believe the fallacy that one book makes a writer good, and ever afterward able to pump out good books that equal cash money. Sadly, we readers suffer. Worse, publishers could give a petrified cat's turd: they are not going to take a chance on you and me because we are risky. More, we are risky because we are not following a fad. The concept of 'original' sadly sends publishers into the vapors these days, or to Oprah's, or New York's 'list' to see if the theme fits. They are the product of the saga of liberalism played upon the stage of our culture, and of which we complain on this blog mightily. Group think is the life blood of liberalism, where liberals strangely believe themselves maverick, even to calling themselves 'progressive', even though it has all been worked out, reworked out, and lived out behind an iron curtain and proven a social failure, incompatable with the human animal. I will never fathom this aspect of a liberal.

    But, I am happy to make the aquaintence of another sufferer of this writing disease. God bless your family. Do they leave notes for you on the bathroom mirror? I was once divorced by a man who could not believe I needed 18 dictionaries.

    After Obama trips over his big fat ego, and MO lands on her extensive hind site, I hope that TOTUS writes an autobiography. After all, he's been around far longer than our Most Holy Infant Man Who Was Born No Recordable Place On This Planet, i.e., He Who Has Written TWO Autobiographies.

    Gads - and he's only 48. If he lives to be 75, how many books does the Black Community expect the white community to actually purchase to support his insatiable ego therefore ease white guilt? Now there's an interesting publishers dilemma. Now worries. They'll sell volumes to the universities.

  42. Wow. The gate keeper gave the the word, "tatoiutl". I always wanted to visit that planet!!

    Have you ever read "The Memory of Running" by McClarty? An obscure, but quite gifted author. God revisits between the pages of his book.

  43. I'll check it out. Thank you for the tip.

    Many, MANY years ago, I subscribed to the Reader's Digest Condensed book series. That way I could read the works of many different authors. I don't buy them anymore since I have so many authors that I like.

    But with the economy as it is these days, I now have to wait to buy my authors' books until they have been out a while. So I go to the local thrift store and look for new authors. When I find one that I like, I go to and add all their books to my "wish list".

    Right now, I have several stacks of books yet to be read! This blog, the issues of the day, keep me on the internet. I just finished a John Lescroart book. I thought I had read all of his older books, but I found one at the thrift store that I had not read! Since he writes in a series, there were events in this book that were mentioned in subsequent books.

    Lescroart recently republished the first book he ever wrote. It is nothing like any of his other books. If I had read it first, I may never have read any of his others! LOL

  44. TOTUS, just saw on fox nation about the "jailbird green czar" Van Jones i think it is.Is it hard for you to hang around all these thugs surrounding "o"
    Why Congress is letting him get away with this farce is beyond me.

  45. Okay, we're back home. Nine tests to review over the next 2+ weeks, then we'll know more. Thanks again for the prayers.

    Lord, Jamie, get this: whatever is specified in the health care bill can be attacked now or altered later----so the goal is to LEAVE MATTERS VAGUE, to avoid negative impacts.
    Abortion? It won't be mentioned in the "health care bill, so the Obamabots can FUND IT LATER!

    So you're absolutely CORRECT, aero, to doubt your "representative" and her "honesty."

    I swear, the creativity of evil-doers is just amazing....

  46. I am sorry that Ted Kennedy has died of brain cancer, and that he suffered. I do pray for his family.

    Surely the timing of his death is a coincidence----re. promoting this Obamacare rot----or truly evil people are completely running the show and this nation is toast. I am angry that so many twisted plots HAVE been discovered, and so many rotten people ARE running various programs, such that I've even considered this wag the dog scene re. Kennedy.

  47. MRS1953: great to hear from you! Part of my work as a syndicated columnist involved interviewing People of Prominence concerning their faith----one of whom wrote many books concerning angel warriors: Frank Peretti. He wrote "This Present Darkness," and a sequel, "Piercing the Darkness," plus a series of books for children, as well as several books that don't concern angels or demons in the least.
    Peretti is a sweetheart, very kind and quietly jolly, and loves playing in his bluegrass band. I believe he and his wife and menagerie of pets still live in Idaho's lovely Coeur d'Alene area.

  48. "Don't you trust me?" whined Claire McKaskill (sp?) at her town hall meeting in August, 2009.

    No! We do not.

    Aero, here is how Ms. Mc'kill, while "technically" correct that there is no explicit language in H.R. 3200 re: abortion, can NOT weasel out of this one:

    The Hyde Amendment only prohibits Medicaid funding of (except for rape or incest) abortions.

    H.R. 3200, the wickedly dangerous amendment with the deceptively innocuous name ("America's Affordable Healthcare Choices Act" -- BARF!), creates a new, independent, entitlement. It not only supplements it, the public option (i.e., taxpayer funded medical insurance) would engulf Medicaid.

    H.R. 3200 would mandate coverage for abortion in two ways:

    1) Via the federal funded "public option" insurance;

    2) Via all other "Exchange"-approved insurance plans (at least, for as long as they can manage to exist once the taxpayer-subsidized public option begins to take over the market) being required by the H.B.A.C. (Health Benefits Advisory Committee) to include abortion as one of the "essential plan" benefits.

    --- Health Benefits Advisory Committee – “… to recommend covered benefits and essential, enhanced, and premium plans.” [H.R. 3200 Sec. 123(a)(1)] [p. 30]

    --- The H.B.A.C. has broad authority to define benefits: “covered treatments, items and services” [H.R. 3200 Sec. 123(b)(4)(A)]. [p.33]

    --- No definitive standards for determining benefits, no “parameters” at all except for:
    1) take into account innovation in health care and
    2) consider how such standards could reduce health disparities.
    [H.R. 3200 Sec. 123(b)(1)]. [p. 32]

    --- To be a "qualified" insurance plan, “On … first day of [2013] … not … qualified … unless … meets… requirements of … (1) Subtitle B (… affordable coverage). (2) Subtitle C (… essential benefits). (3) Subtitle D (… consumer protection). [H.R. 3200 Sec. 101(b)][p. 15]
    If the taxpayer's plan is not "qualified," then ......

    (a) IN GENERAL.—Subchapter A of chapter 1 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 is amended by adding at the end the following new part:

    ‘‘Subpart A—Tax on Individuals Without Acceptable Health Care Coverage
    ‘‘(a) TAX IMPOSED.—In the case of any individual who does not meet the requirements of subsection (d) at any time during the taxable year, there is hereby imposed a tax equal to 2.5 percent of the excess of — ‘‘(1) the taxpayer’s modified adjusted gross income for the taxable year, over ‘‘(2) the amount of gross income specified in section 6012(a)(1) with respect to the taxpayer.”[H.R. 3200 Sec. 401(a)]. [pp. 167-8]


    HBAC determines whether or not your plan is "qualifed," i.e., if your plan covers the "essential benefits" as defined by HBAC. There is NO LANGUAGE in H.R. 3200 that would prevent HBAC from including abortion as an "essential benefit."

    Thus, whether federally funded under the taxpayer-subsidized public option insurance or not, the federal government can mandate that abortion be covered. Since it is your premiums that fund coverage, even if there were no public option, you would be funding abortions (or paying for your own healthcare on the black market on top of a 2.5% penalty fine "tax").

    *Here's a bit of delightful (NOT!) Deathcare bill info.: the president can choose up to 18 of the potential 27 HBAC members -- a 2/3 majority.[Sec. 123(a)(3)]. [pp. 30-31]

  49. Well, Ted Kennedy is dead.

    That is good.

    Now Puhlosi and "Snake" Reid have 160 days to get some Kennedy to stay out of a bar long enough to memorize: "Why I Am a Liberal: The Socialist-Environmentalist Manifesto on 3 Post-Its."

    Let's pray for a miracle -- that a conservative is elected to replace him!

  50. Jamie, you deserve a happy (if inane :S) start to your day. So..... here's the phone conversation (got it from my "source" at the phone company) between Peach Obama and "Stand Up" Joe:

    PO: Hello?

    Jo: Yeah, so, what gives with sending me to the corner store for more cigarettes and then taking off for the Vineyard without me?

    PO: Is this Jo?

    Jo: You know damn well it is. I'm feeling so depressed ..... I'm going to...... tell Rahm what I REALLY think of him.

    PO [sounds alarmed]: Uuuh, heh, heh, now, Jo, let's not be ..... uh...hasty. I uuuuuuuuhh .. have aaaaaaaaaaaan important job for you.

    Jo: So?

    PO: It's a super-sensitive-ultra-top-secret job, Jo.

    Jo [perks up]: Oh?

    PO: You will find your instructions on your desk in the..... uuuuh..... "laptop without keys."

    Jo: Oh, goody! Without that creep Rahm around to bug me, I'll get the job done, Chief [CLICK!] ... what was that? I heard a click. I think we're being tapped... gotta go --

    PO: Jo? Jo? JO!!!? Rats. I didn't get a chance to tell him to scroll down to select "Monk." Now, he'll watch "The French Connection" again and think he's Gene Hackman and run down to Barry's Used Cars and bug them to tear out the rocker panels of every car in the service department and bug the Secret Service and bug everyone and I'll get 62 phone calls (one for every state in the nation) and....

    [dial-dial-dial] .... Uuuu, Axe? Gotta "crazy uncle" headed your way. No, it's just Jo. Just make sure he watches "Monk" on his portable DVD player -- he should be in there right now...... Oooh, crap -- too late! The Secret Service is on the other line. .... What's that? Yeah, would you? I have to be on TV in 10 minutes.....

    Big Mo [from other room - very irritated]: Who are you talkin' to in there, Barry?

    PO: Just chatting with mi amigo Hugo.

    Big Mo: Again?!


  51. Thank you, TWW, for your research and response concerning Sen. McCaskill. I knew I could count on good information and insight from some well-prepared FOT. Many, many thanks.

  52. This is kind of scary: Obama needs a political 'boost', and a Kennedy 'conveniently' exits, Stage Left -- sorta like his white grandmother's timely demise.

    Maybe the remaining Dems should take note and avoid him at all costs.

    To me, Ted K is a murderer; he faces God's Judgment now.

  53. unfortunately, we'll have to endure weeks of stomach-churning, disgusting accolades of this evil man; not to mention BO's taking full advantage to boost his 'humanity' image -- which, so far, has never been in evidence.

  54. Over in la la land - the east coast states like NY and Mass and NJ and DC - they adored the Kennedy's as their royal family. Vainly, they cannot fathom the rest of the country doing the same. As they control the media, you are right to predict a fawning display of hero worship for a man the rest of us abhorred, and waited for his "exit" with baited breath.

    My husband is so happy he took the day off from work to celebrate.

  55. You're welcome, Aero. I'm pleased that it was helpful. "McCaskill," huh? I think I like Mc'Kill better. ;)

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