Monday, August 17, 2009

Thar She Blows ...

Big Guy and I took the family to see the Grand Canyon and Old Faithful over the weekend. A fun time was had by just about everyone. The Grand Canyon on Sunday was awe-inspiring, but Big Guy's mood darkened a bit when our tour guide mentioned that it used to be the national debt could barely fill the canyon, and now it probably fits just right. As a result, we shortened our stay there from about the planned seven hours to about four. And I think our guide is now now the head ranger at the "national park" in Leavenworth, Kansas.

While most of us had a good time at the Grand Canyon, my time at Yellowstone on Saturday wasn't quite as enjoyable. I mean, I don't mind being used as a crutch by Big O; after all, we go way back, and I am critical to this administration's operation. But on Saturday I didn't appreciate having my screen used as a makeshift umbrella by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi when Old Faithful blew. I guess it was just instinctive; maybe she feared that if she got wet she'd melt.



  1. to bad you didn't push big guy off the "cliff" totus.... i kid of course... i don't want you turning me to the rat out list as being a part of the "mob" prtoesting him recently...

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  3. We missed you Totus! Glad to see you are back after your "vacation". Apparently, you managed to stay away from the cliff edge while Toes was around. And that was dangerous going to Old Faithful. All that hot air in the same place - bet there was a mini global warming event going on.

    Fancy Nancy had every reason to be afraid. She WOULD have melted. The character of the Wicked Witch of the West in the Wizard of Oz has always been her idol, ever since she first saw the movie while in college. She modeled herself after the WW character. That's why she went into politics, a profession where she could wield immense power over others just like her idol. Unfortunately, she has never been able to find any of those flying monkeys, but she is still looking. For now, the liberal members of the House and the SEIU/Acorn employees will just have to do.

    The current situation does tend to remind me of the Land of Oz, complete with the "man behind the curtain". We touched on this a bit in an earlier blog post.

    the bad guys:
    The Great Oz - Obama (he isn't what he seems)
    WW of West - Pelosi (a natural for the part)
    WW's Flying monkeys - liberals in Congress
    WW's Castle Guards - liberals in Senate
    The Talking Trees - the msm

    The good guys:
    Dorothy - Sarah P.
    Scarecrow - Rush
    Cowardly Lion - Glenn Beck
    Tin Man - all of us MOBsters

    supporting players -
    Munchkins - Obama voters who voted for Hope and Change (Just follow the yellow brick road!)
    residents of Oz - liberals

    Just who is playing the man behind the curtain pulling the strings of the Great Oz puppet Obama? Will we ever know who this is? Is it one man or many?

    Come on FOTUS, you guys are better at this stuff than I am. Set me straight on the cast of characters!

  4. If I were his MIL, I'd be nervous...what a perfect example she would be of healthcare reform. He could have just nudged her off the side of one of the cliffs, and then MoBo and he could make some decisions...Then again, if that happened, MoBo would have to raise her own kids...Yeah, life is full of tough decisions...

  5. ...she could have just gotten on her broom and flown away.

  6. How big is the carbon footprint for all this vacationing, with Michelle's 22 attendants and all the airplanes.

  7. Here is some information about the new director of AARP's biography:

    - He says that he was a "man of the sixties" who sees the organization as an extension of the Civil Rights Movement.

    - He also says that he wants to make insurance plans available to all people, not just the elderly.
    - He admittedly says he is a strong Democrat and that he gave a lot of money to President Obama's campaign.

    Now, does anyone wonder why AARP supports the current plan(s) for Health Care/Health Insurance/Health whatever they call it next, Reform?

    AARP members should cancel their memberships and find another advocate group for senior citizens.

  8. And you know that the president is desperate when he visits Arizona. In August.

  9. TOTUS:
    MAYBE she feared getting wet or she'd melt?! Chrikies, TOTUS - take a look at her. By the looks of her face she's already melted a few times. They didn't need a map to find the grand canyon. Just take a look at Fancy Nancy's face, and there by the grace of God every arroyo from here to D.C is imprinted, then she opens her crinkly mouth and the whole country falls in.

  10. The alternative to AARP was called NASCON, Nat'l Assoc. for Senior Concerns. They have now changed their name to ASA, American Seniors Association. Their website is It's fairly new (only about 40,000 members, so far). They are focusing on these four issues:

    1) Social Security Reform
    2) Medicare Reform
    3) Tax Reform by way of the Fair Tax
    (Congressman Linder's legislation)
    4) "Keeping citizen benefits out of the hands of Illegal Aliens".

    I am not recommending this org nor am I a member. It's a little too early for me to join even though there is no age minimum. I just had heard of it and wanted others to know they have an alternative to AARP. Too many "sheeple" belong to AARP for the benefits but do not agree with their liberal leanings.

    ASA's website says their President will be appearing on CBS tonight, Aug. 17 at 6:00 or shortly thereafter. He'll also be appearing on CNN's Lou Dobbs show during the 7:30 segment, if your teevee is so inclined to stop on one of these channels.

  11. Lisa - Thanks for the tip about ASA. I was looking for an alternative for my mom.

    Writer X, as the President is always saying (at least for the last three or four days), "You are absolutely right" when you say that the president is desperate when he visits Arizona in August! I've visited Phoenix. Great place. I was there in MAY and the temp was already up to 95 in the afternoons. They say its a "dry heat", so it doesn't feel that bad. No, it doesn't. You just feel like you are in an oven being baked, instead of steam cooked, like it feels here in Alabama sometimes.

    I guess he is trying to suck in the Vets now, by acting like he cares about the military and honors our veterans. If he cares so much about the vets, then why are they cutting the VA budget? If he cares so much about the military, why is he constantly trying to cut the few benefits that they get? Which, btw, G.W. Bush restored after Clinton eviserated the military during his term.

    I'm listening to BO's speech to the VFW now. He is talking all about how we can't use military strenght alone, blah, blah, blah....

    Diplomacy, moral authority, financial might, etc.

    Uh-oh, now he is lying.

    "I will not hesitate to use force to protect the American people".


    But, what about those Pentagon cuts, Mr. Pres?

  12. Now THIS is a whopper:

    "And if Congress sends me a bill loaded with pork, I will VETO IT!"

    Yeah, right.

    But, remember, it depends on what the definition of "pork" is. According to Obama,
    “One Man's Pork is the Same Man's Vital Local Project”.

    SO, like in the Stimulus bill and the House Cap & Trade bill, there will be a lot of those "Vital Local Projects" slipped into every bill that comes across his desk.

    And Obama will sign it.

  13. No one is mentioning this, but Obama slipped in a dig at the townhall protesters. He said something about "we won't get there by being loud and boisterous."

    OH, and here are the new "buzz words" for the Obama Admin when talking about the Health Care/Insurance/whatever reform:

    "Its all about CHOICE and COMPETITION".

    SO, letmebeclear. Youareabsolutelyright if you think that the Health Care whatever is a load of bull and has nothing to do with CHOICE or COMPETITION.

  14. I just thought of something. A lot of the Dems in Congress and the Senate are getting up there in age (with all the botox, its hard to tell how old they are):

    Nancy Pelosi - 69
    Harry Reid - 69
    Barbara Boxer - 69
    Ted Kennedy - 77
    Barney Frank - 69
    Henry Waxman - 69
    John Dingall - 83
    Robert Byrd - 92
    Arlen Specter - 79
    Steny Hoyer - 70
    John Conyers - 80

    No wonder they are all adamant about not being included in the "public option". They are all over 65, therefore, they are on the list of expendable humans.

  15. Would to God that Kennedy would expend. I have never wished that for anyone ever, but I swear when that man coaks, I am going to throw a party.

  16. I mean croaks. Looks sort of like crook, only with an "a".

  17. TOTUS:
    Is Our Messiah going off script again? Because he is sounding more and more like a hustler every time he makes a speech. More than the fact that he is lying through his teeth, he actually SOUNDS like he's lying, making it up as he goes along; he sounds like an unconvincing hustler.

  18. Hey TOTUS. I hope that you had a complete electronic screen and hard drive treatment. Just touching the MASK is known to cause cancer in lab rats.

  19. Ah SO! That explains the extra sulphur in the East Wind this past weekend.

    President Pelosi = Nightmare Personified.
    Ack! God Save the Comrades-in-Chief: P/VP!

    TWW, beware: Jamie might take your Best Playwright award. (See previous thread.)

    And bettyann: does anyone make a BO-as-Lyin'-Hustler T-shirt? Now THAT would be a bestseller.

  20. NO, but I found one that says, "Obama is a Douchbag".

  21. Just out on Politico:

    Following a furor over how the data would be used, the White House has shut down an electronic tip box — — that was set up to receive information on “fishy” claims about President Barack Obama’s health plan.

    E-mails to that address now bounce back with the message: “The e-mail address you just sent a message to is no longer in service. We are now accepting your feedback about health insurance reform via”

    Read more:

  22. A "reality check" by any other name is still a fish.

    Congratulations on that Most Informative award, Jamie. You certainly have earned it.

    We have lots of great creative writers here. You ARE, definitely one of them.


    MM, your good intentions are much appreciated, but, er, (blush), "SWEETEST FOT?"!!!!! How can I face the guys on the rugby field, now?! [No, I don't really play rugby. That wasn't offered at my high school -- or at any high school within 1,000 miles of where I lived, either -- and if I didn't play it in high school, I probably don't play it now.]

    ANNOUNCEMENT! We have just awarded the "Best Running Commentary on TV Speeches" to...............(drum roll -Bah-dum!) Mountain Mama. And, along with that automatically comes a Silver Heart for bravery for enduring, at the risk of one's sanity, heavy enemy verbal spew."

    Betty Ann, that's a great new word, "coak." When one wants a crook to croak, you ask your hit man buddy to, "coak him (or her)." Heh, heh.

  23. Jamie, "youareabsolutelyright." (C:

    H.R. 3200,

    instead of releasing the existing competition among insurance carriers from the chokehold of gov't. ANTI-competition so they can compete nationally,

    introduces a taxpayer-subsidized "choice" that will completely destroy the free market for health insurance.

    WickedWitch: "Come here, my pretties, you can compete in our 'national exchange;' the starting line is over there."

    InsuranceMunchkins: "Okay, but what's that big giant doing in our heat? How are we munchkins supposed to compete with that guy?"

    WickedWitch: "[GRIN] That's your problem."

    Witch'sPetMonkey: "You munchkins are being punished for your 'obscene profits.'"

    Munchkins: "'Obscene?!' 3.3% is 'obscene?!'"

    Witch: "In Oz, it is. Now, scram! Or I'll set you on fire!"

    Munchkins: "Free Market Dorothy! Where are you?"

    [TWW in a cameo (aside): "Better yet, where's the little dog, Toto? We need him to spill that water right-about-now.]

    Jamie, your Oz analogy is an inspiration and FUN. Thanks!

    I'd give Rush the Cowardly Lion, though, he is bigger on courage than he is on brains. And I'd make the Scarecrow (who always had a WONDERFUL brain) Mark Levin who is super-bright.

    Perhaps, we could cast TOTUS as Toto. But... being as that valiant little dog was a Pitcairn Terrier..... Perhaps someone with those initials.... ;) -- now, P.T., Toto was a hero first class in that movie. So, don't go naming me The Wicked Witch .... '_'

    No, I know! Jamie, your little Yorkie would be PERFECT. :)

    Betty Ann, I'd like to see a re-do of "TWofOz" with you as Aunt Em -- and we'd have you go ahead and REALLY let Miss Gulch have it -- no mealy mouthed, (paraph.) "I'd tell you what I think of you, Miss Gulch, but I can't because I'm a Christian woman."

    BettyAnn (as Em): I'll tell you what I think of you, Miss Gulch, BECAUSE I am a Christian woman! I'll quote something Jesus said that just fits, "'You serpen[t], you spawn of [a] vipe[r]!'"*

    [Matt. 23:33]

    Glenn Beck is such a goofball, I'd just make him The Mayor (of Munchkins) and tell him to lead a parade through town.

  24. "Thar she blows"

    I thought you were talking about FLOTUS not Old Faithful.

  25. Re: TOTUS' post (finally), yeah, I'll bet (and Jamie said something similar on previous thread) it went something like this:

    Dope: I..uuuuuuuuh..... think that ..... now, uuuuuuh,.... there's Bryce Canyon, over... uuuh... over [turns in all directions waving his bony finger].... well, somewhere [GRIN]... I'm not much of a geologist...... Yeah. So... there's Bryce... why not Barack? Barack Canyon. Kinda has a nice ring, doesn't it?

    TourGuide: Well.... now that you mention it... . Until you came along, the national debt wouldn't come close to filling this thing. If your Marxist agenda succeeds, it will fill it and then some.

    Dope: Okay [turns on his heel], we're outta here.

    Guide: But, don't you want to ride the donkeys down to the bottom?

    Dope: I'm way ahead of you. [turns to entourage] You guys go get in the car.... now! [SNAP! -- catches another fly, stuffs it in his pocket for later] I'll be there as soon as I'm done with this cigarette.

  26. It would take a real mental lightweight to use slender TOTUS as a crutch.

  27. TWW - I knew you could help out with the cast of characters of the remake of The Wizard of Oz! I don't know why I didn't think of Mark Levin. I'm not terribly good with things that take an inventive imagination. Being a programmer/analyst/researcher for 25 years, I tend to get lost in the facts, the data ... I'm the ma'am in the "Just the facts, ma'am" scenario.

    I just realized that besides forgetting about Toto (how could I!), I forgot about Glynda, the Good Witch! Who shall play Glynda?

    Speaking of Barry-O's smoking. You know how he always claims that he has quit? Well, I was reading about Ronald Kessler's new book on the Secret Service and one of the things it mentions from the book is that:

    === Contrary to Obama's repeated claims that he is quitting smoking, he has continued to smoke regularly, agents say. A week after being sworn in as president, Obama told CNN's Anderson Cooper that he hadn't had a cigarette on the White House grounds. That left open the possibility that he smokes on the Truman Balcony and in the White House residence and West Wing.

    Agents say he smokes outside the White House as well. ===

    Here is more on Obama:
    === Kessler's book reveals that on April 4, 2008, just before Obama's pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, spoke at the National Press Club, Obama secretly met with Wright at the pastor's home. So that they would not be noticed, agents made a point of driving Obama in a minivan instead of the usual Suburban. They parked their other vehicles a block away. Obama spent an hour with Wright and then left.

    During Wright's Press Club speech, he confirmed that he thought America created the AIDS virus to kill off blacks. After that, Obama claimed to have severed ties with him.===

    It sounds like a book that the President and ex-President's (still living) won't like very much. Did you know that:

    - Lyndon Johnson would walk around naked in the presence of his daughters; his wife, Lady Bird; and female secretaries. He was quite well endowed in the testicles, so everyone started calling him bull nuts. He found out about that and was very disturbed.

    - Agents say Richard Nixon was the strangest president they ever protected. He had no relationship with his wife and did not sleep with her. He also would walk on the beach wearing a blue suit and dress shoes. Even in the summer he would insist on having a fire burning in the fireplace.

    - Gerald Ford was, indeed, a klutz. The day after he left office, he was driving an electric golf cart in Palm Springs, Calif., when he accidentally crashed into an electric panel hanging on the wall of a shack for golf carts.

    - Agents considered Jimmy Carter sanctimonious and a phony. The former peanut farmer pretended to be one of the people but actually had little regard for the “little people,” agents say.

    - Ronald Reagan was folksy, and agents loved him. But they feared Nancy Reagan, and many saw her as cold and calculating.

    I can't say that I really wanted to know that about particular fact about Lyndon Johnson.

  28. OH, and the "Lollipop Guild" - the head guy could be played by Barney Fwank.

  29. Thanks for the link bettyann, I always refer to him as Douchebag, it fits him so perfectly.

  30. Rep. Eric Massa (D-N.Y.) spoke to a group of Netroots Nation activists at a gathering in PA. Although he is a Democrat, Mr. Massa won his 2008 race by 2 percentage points in a heavily Republican district. What Mr. Massa told those folks is indicative of the way these Democrats think about their constituents. Here is a small excerpt from the conversation:

    MASSA: I will vote for the single payer bill.

    PARTICIPANT: Even if it meant you were being voted out of office?

    MASSA: I will vote adamantly against the interests of my district if I actually think what I am doing is going to be helpful.

    (inaudible participants' comments regarding the "interests" of the district statement from Mr. Massa)

    Massa: I will vote against their opinion if I actually believe it will help them.

    See, his constituents really don't know what is good for them, but HE does, so, he plans to vote fpr a bill "against the interests of his district".

    Oh, and here is something funny - Cindy Sheehan plans to go to Martha's Vinyard to protest against Obama. I doubt the msm bothers to cover it the way they covered her protests of Pres. Bush.

  31. Jamie, I have watched this blog from afar since the very beginning. I finally felt I could contribute something re: ASA-American Senior Association. Thanks for recognizing me.

    TWW: Bryce Canyon! BO would not amount to a pimple on it's a$$. Have you ever seen the beauty and splendor of that Canyon! I know you have, if not only in pics. I get the point though, he is that narcisistico (made-up word).

  32. Lisa - all Friends of Totus (FOTUS) are welcome here. BTW - how did you guess that my TV is rarely tuned in to CBS or CNN? Am I that obvious? LOL

    Please, feel free to speak up more often. We are a gregarious bunch and have some real sweethearts who post here regularly. We have a lot of fun.

  33. Oh, now he's gone and done it - Obama has tee'd off the Postal workers! So funny. Here is what the The National Association of Postal Supervisors President told him in a letter:

    === With all of these efforts underway within the Postal Service community, it was a kick to the chest to have you take a shot at a group of federal employees who are working hard every day to support this country.

    Employees of the Postal Service are largely represented by unions and management associations, all of whom strongly supported your candidacy last year. For our support we do not expect any special consideration. However, we would like to be treated fairly and not have our current situation misrepresented, especially by the Commander-in-Chief. ===

    read more about it here -

  34. I see a new czar in Obama's future (besides the "Death Board Czar" that TOTUS just tweeted about) -

    Perfect candidate for Cyber Information Czar:

    This guy was previously under the employ of the Secret Service, so he is familiar with working for the Federal Government. And he could find a way into people's home computers without announcing it, the way the current schlubs at did recently with

  35. Lisa: I hope you get lead commissions from ASA. Turns out up to 60,000 AARP members have canceled their memberships, and many have instead joined the (until now) lesser-known ASA.

    Good call!

  36. Jamie, I think that Barry Manilow should play Glynda because he is a fairy and he could sing that stupid song she sings better than Billie what's-her-name.

    If he's not available, any general in the U.S. army who was promoted beyond his (or her) level of competence (NOT all of them, just those who make great Lieutenants, but lousy generals). They're pretty good about coming up with great ideas for how OTHER people can risk their necks. And they're also pros at LATER, telling you, "Oops. You didn't need to go that long way/do that involved approach; why, by Jove, you could have just turned the little handle and been done with it days ago." When you ask them very politely why you were not informed about "turning the little handle," they (shock) get defensive and bellow that "YOU DIDN'T ASK!" [In our re-do with Betty Ann as a more assertive Aunt Em, we could add a few lines like this for General One-Promotion-Too-Many as a less drunken Glynda]

    Thanks for your encouraging praise, Jamie. Your gift of being able to focus solely on the facts is a wonderful strength. Too bad it's so rarely found amongst politicians -- AND REPORTERS!!

    Yeah, Lisa, I wouldn't name a pile of rocks after that imposter. Now, the new sewage treatment plant..... that I might do.

    I hope to visit Bryce Canyon someday. I've only seen it's stunning beauty in photos.

    Keep on postin'!

  37. Lisa, "narcisistico" is perfect for the mafia-like thug Dopebama is. Fits with TOTUS' saying Dope took the "family" to the Grand Canyon.

  38. TOTUS, I may not often say it, but, "You are SO funny!" Love those Twitters [(hate the word "Twitter," though (>.<) -- as I said awhile back, that word and "Wii" are really sick.]

  39. LMRO! Let's give Barry the FOTS award for ticking off the most groups: the OINK BOINK! (Yes, I know its other meaning....)
    Be sure the trophy wears lipstick.

    TWW, you're very caring. Madeja blush, madeja blush. But I bet you never read my article.
    Jamie is pretty good at whacking BO's lies during speeches, too. (I just type fast; blurry keyboard: I get 'er done.)
    Oh well, I'll take the Silver Star, though craniac (our Pet Troll, as bettyann noted) ain't jack next to clients' packing heat.

    Hey, Jamie,
    Maybe the Botox has gone to all those elderly Congresspersons' and Senators' brains, eh?

    And great play re. Wizard of Oz/Obama!
    Lemme see: Glynda, the Good Witch, has to be played by someone who inspired Dorothy/Sarah Palin.
    AH! Margaret Thatcher. No contest.
    (Levin as Toto is perfection----but YOU tell him.... yipes! Actually, TOTUS pulls back the curtain plenty on BO, so Toto he could be, too!)

    Lisa, I'll pass on the terrific information you shared re. the ASA-American Senior Association: thanks so much! NONE of my 50's+ friends want to join AARP, especially after its (suicidal!) support for the Deathcare plan.

    BNM, what are you hearing about the pandemic? When will it be worse: fall or winter?

  40. MOTUS:
    Gads. The pain in my eyes! Oh God, help. My eyes are hurting!!!!!!!


  41. Thousands Quitting AARP over Obamacare.

  42. MM:

    The one constant I've read in infection control updates about this year's flu season is that it will be "unpredictable."

    They (CDC, HHS, WHO and other ... ahem, government health agencies) are preparing for it to hit early and hard, but they don't really know. A shortage is NOT expected of the seasonal or H1N1(Swine flu) vaccines, but a delay in the H1N1 vaccine is likely, so the recommendation is to take each as soon as it becomes available (although they can be given safely together).

    The ultimate recommendation is for everyone to have both, although priorities are listed: older, sicker people first in line for the seasonal flu, and younger, healthier people first in line for the swine flu.

    Remember, the seasonal vaccine is developed based on researchers' best guess about what strains will be prominent this year, and many strains of the flu are now becoming resistant to oseltemivir (the anti-flu, make-you-feel-better-faster shot).

    So, whether you take one, both or neither vaccine, your best defense is to wash your hands frequently and vigorously (sing the entire Happy Birthday song while you use lots of soap and friction) and don't touch your eyes, nose mouth or face. In public (even at home if people are sick) use paper towels to dry hands, turn off faucets and open bathroom doors.

    That's way more than you asked, huh? My guess? Winter.

  43. Thanks bnm for that info. When they first came out about swine flu, my office got geared up for it, installing several of those hand sanitizer "stations" and putting up posters, etc.

    I get the flu shot every year. The only year that I missed was the year that there was a shortage of the vaccine. And that was the year that I got a mild case of the flu!

  44. Congress and Federal Employees have great health insurance. What makes their insurance so sweet is NOT that they have a great insurance COMPANY in particular, its that they have a choice between several fee-for-service and HMO plans, who compete with each other to get people to enroll. (USPS workers have it even better than reg Fed employees.)

    I don't know much about regular union members' insurance, but I believe they would benefit because the unionized companies would not be penalized by the 8% tax and thus not inclined to drop what they already have.

    But think about it: Congress, Federal Emps and union members have insurance with some of the same private insurance companies as regular folks do. If these private companies go out of business, who will Congress and the union members get insurance with if all the private companies have gone out of business? Are their enough people in Congress, Federal Agencies and unions combined to make it profitable for private companies to vie for their business? I doubt it. So, who will they get health insurance from? Won't they eventually be forced onto the public plan, too?

    Does that make sense?

  45. I'm 51 and I've resisted all attempts by AARP to 'snare me.' I'd like to say I rebuffed them because I knew this was coming, but then I'd be doing an 'Obama.' Get a load of the elite, haughty, and aloof response from the AARP: They don't really care they're losing members. PR Crisis Manager needed on Aisle 5!

  46. I cannot find the link now but this morning there was a most excellent article buried in Fox written by a man asking where are all the libs about the war? Obama has escalated the Afghan war under our noses, and they are silent. NO protests. Cindy Sheehan has been abandoned. The writer pointed out the blatant hypocricy, how they never shut up for eight years about Iraq. Now Afghanistan is Obama's war - remember he said he would do this back in 2006? - 68,000 troops sent there by him. Where are the protestors? Oh yea, busy excoriating Americans who exercise the same right to protest that they enjoy BECAUSE of soldiers, throwing feces and urine and denigrating everything about this country. Where are you libs now?

    My husband made the interesting observation between Obama and Icarus. Remember that he realized he could fly, and got to close to the sun, and he perished as a fool for his own egoism. Look what the democrats have done to this guy. They found a douchbag to do their bidding, they set him on a pedastal and the fool believes all the hype.

    "Let not they foot be always in thy neighbor's house, lest he hate thee." He won't get off the teevee. We used to go weeks without hearing from Bush. Obama hasn't the class George Bush has in his little toe.

  47. bossynursemom:
    Dang. You come by your name honestly!

  48. One of the arguments that nurses in academia use to promote a national health plan is that 64% of all people currently insured are insured "through the government."

    What they don't tell you is that although this number does include Medicare, Medicaid, SCHIP and SSI, it also includes an equally large (or larger) number of military and government employees (federal, state and local) AND THEIR FAMILIES who are insured through Tricare, BCBS, Aetna and other private insurers.

    While the employee's healthcare is usually subsidized, most add spouses and/or children at some cost to the employee. The sheer number of people insured reduces the risk pool so the private companies can remain competetive serving government employees. Furthermore, imagine how the government will grow even more if a public health system is enacted. We'll be waiting in line to get healthcare from the very people who will retain our private option. (Kinda like we're here to serve Congress now, apparently.)

    I worked for a very large state agency for 12 years as a health facility surveyor, and for every productive employee we had, there were three that were dead weight. When I moved into management, the bureaucracy made it nearly impossible to enforce minimum performance standards. What you hear about government employees is not an exaggeration. There are a lot of good government employees, but then again...

  49. Bettyann:

    My bad - got carried away:)

    You're right about BO; he really believes he IS all that!

  50. bossynursemom:
    Nah. It was good advice. I haven't had the flu since 1971, so I take that for granted. But then, I have the habit of washing down all light switches, knobs, cupboard handles etc, where we all touch, with 10% bleach and water solution. That comes from living with a bunch of nose picking boys!!

    I wonder what TOTUS will have to say about Elmer Fudd, I mean Barney Fwank, slobbering all over the mic at the town hall.

  51. just a short line from a lurker:

    I'm surprised no one has picked up on one major problem with single-payer; and the prob is no matter how bad or good the current system is, there are always alternatives, but with single-payer, there is no alternative.

    single-pyaer is death.

  52. [Chris] "PR Crisis Manager needed on Aisle 5!"

    LOL. "Over here, Al. Get the mop. Somebody AARP'd." :D

    Mrs. 1953, you should come out of the shadows more often. Good point!

    Say, MRS1953...... you wouldn't be a Corvette fan, would you? That would be a cool personalized plate for a '53 'vette.

  53. I am SO PROUD of our seniors!!! Over 60,000 have left that rat infested AARP. For many of those folks, such a big change took a lot of guts.

    They loaded us up in the station wagon and took us too the beach. They made sure we went to church and did our homework. Many of them fought to keep our country free. And now, once again, they are leading the way.

    God bless you, seniors!

    You an inspiration.

  54. Liked that Icarus analogy, Betty Ann. Yeah, he too, "had a gift." He too, was a fool. Let's hope Barry Soetoro THE MARXIST MUSLIM FROM INDONESIA BORN IN KENYA falls from the heights to which his audacity has carried him.

    Just like that famous painting by Pieter Brueghel, "The Fall of Icarus," let's hope that someday soon, that prideful fool will plunge into the sea of obscurity, ignored completely by the hardworking farmer, the fisherman intent on his work, and the shepherd contemplating more important things, as the glorious sun, the light of truth, sinks serenely beneath the horizon.

    RE: your wonderful quote about not appearing too often in your neighbor's house [Prov. 25:17] -- Let' hope that "familiarity [will] bree[d] contempt."

    Appears Dope doesn't even take his OWN advice: (paraph.) "I'm getting too much exposure. Why, I'm as ... uuuuuuh.... exposed as uuuuh... Paris Hilton." [Why in the world did he compare himself to a beautiful, sleazy, woman?!]

    Speaking of being carried, what a load of donkey dung that is when Dope says smugly, "I won." You didn't "win," D'oh! -- How can you call it winning when you were carried the entire way on the shoulders of those who do your thinking for you, O Community Organizer? Just because you run your big mouth non-stop doesn't mean it is what got you where you are.

  55. Jamie! My word was "alabuff." That's YOU -- the woman from Alabama with lots of mental muscle. ](C:)

    (hope the knees and elbows are doing okay)

  56. TOTUS,

    Usually I have nothing but praise for you, but I must offer you a kindly correction and rebuke. Remember, we've all been told we're to sacrifice. Never mind that sacrifice in the general sense of the word is a voluntary decision (or else it *isn't* sacrifice).

    In this administration we're going to be literally forced to sacrifice. Good thing our Dear Leader knows more than all of us put together.

    Anyway, you were doing your part in protecting Nancy P's doo. She (and her family) get their own plane, too.

    Thats okay though, TOTUS. We're all learning. Except for BO, that is. Never forget that.

    P.S. That was some trick getting your boss to give that post office line not just once, but twice in three days! He must really believe that line. Any chance you can pull it off one more time?

  57. Yeah, TOTUS: it's your job now to keep scrolling the TRUTH; leak it IN there, will ya? Just so every now and then BO accidentally doesn't lie.

    He just looks more and more hapless, doesn't he? I bet he's already bored with being the President, now that most Americans----even Dems and liberals!----are dissing his plans, and it ain't all glory and power. TOUGH!

    BNM, thanks for the info. My doc friend from the CDC says H1N1 has mutated while down in the winter in the S. Hemisphere, so some strains no longer responds to Tamiflu and the med. that starts with "A." It only responds now to the med. that starts with "R." (I'm awful at remembering names, but with meds., it's ridiculous; sorry.)

    O Lord, Andrea Mitchell is saying that Misinformation is throwing off support for the White House's medical plans. SHE IS NUTS! SHE and the MSM are who put out misinformation!

    Okay, FOTS, stay real. I'm off to the high mountains----no TV, no computer, static-y radio: two days of heaven. TOTUS, keep everyone happy by posting again before the weekend, OKAY!?

  58. Is it true that single payer = single pyre?

    "Now that we have uh..gotten rid of those people who were not "contributing" to society aaaaaannnnddd we have fewer people who were not uhhhh sheeple. How do we bury them? I know, break out the Kobi beef. Toes, you are good at getting rid of things. Aaaannnddd starting fires. Work your magic"

    I guess I'm "bednemon" (verification) Yah Mon!

  59. Restricted speech, big government and atheism: I wish Olbermann lived in the world he wants to create...

  60. People who text while driving should watch this video -

    It is very realistic.

  61. That's right, Shovel Ready. As I saw on Michell Malkin's site a couple of weeks or so ago, "shovel ready" translates into: Grave Diggers wanted. Ugh!

    LOVED your "aaaaaaaaand ..." characterization of Dope -- I could just (gag) hear him.

  62. TOTUS, Dear, have you ever seen BG actually sit down at his desk and THINK about things? Alone? Just stop EVERYTHING and THINK?

  63. Oh, TOTUS, I apologize sincerely if you have already seen this...but my doggies insisted that I send it to you since we are all professed pooch lovers.

    Con Amor,
    The Wise Gringa

  64. Susan, that was great. Dogs really are sometimes smarter than people!!

  65. Twitter alert in the sidebar.
    There is a TP in the vicinity.
    Here's hoping he types to us.
    Seems a good topic.
    Kadafi cuddles w the Scotch.
    They sell much less Scotch to us,except at the Whitehouse of course.
    Pretty Colleens might polish that TP screen
    on the gratitude tour we are probably planning.
    Kill 270,serve 8 years.
    Sounds fair to some.Not to me.
    Show that scotch where the sun shines not Seamus,as you have shamed yourself,and lost a few tourist dollars in the process.
    Hope saving 20 cents a gallon was worth it.

  66. Boycott all products from Scotland; do not visit Scotland.

    Let the Islamic fanatics visit Scotland in droves; they'll need more than Wallace to get rid of them.

    perhaps the Islam 'visit' will be of a permanent nature

  67. TOTUS:
    I just wondered, don't you ever get twinges of conscience with all these lies streaming across your screen and out of the mouth of the Obamanation? Because I am certain your mother washed your screens with hot soapy water when you were a tyke and told such whoppers.

  68. A Day in the Life of a Community Organizer

    Dope: Uuuuuuuuuuuuh,.... you guys... just leave me be for awhile, okay? I just need to sm-- ... er.. THINK for awhile. Yes! You, too, LIPS (Life Insurance Policy Stooge).

    Dope [sitting on bench behind some bushes on Donkey Barn grounds, lights up, takes a couple of puffs, crosses his skinny legs, and stares off into space and thinks....]: Like these menthols.......................................................................[lights up a second]......Gotta get more lighter fluid in this thing........................................................................................................................................................................................................wonder what we're having for dinner...................................................................................................................hope it's not fattening, that blimp Mitchell makes me look like a lightweight....................keep her away from me on TV.........................................................[yawn]................................dang, why now?!..... [furtively glances left -- right]...................aaaaaa....what the hey........... this is my palace now...... I'll just pea on the bushes.....................

    [Well, FOTS, you get the picture, heh? ;) That's Peach Hussein Obama, in the garden, "thinking."]

    [Meanwhile, back in Rahm's oval shaped office....]

    Rahmini: Okay. Whose gonna go on TV and diss the Post Office today; this time we have to add a little bit about how Benjamin Franklin was gung ho for government running things. Giggly?

    Giggly: I did it last time; don't make me do that again, pleeeeeese.

    ValeriePruneFace: Uh, Rahm, that's asking an awful lot; whoever says that is going to look pretty ignorant.

    Axe: Aw, just have Suit say it.

    Rahmini[chuckles]: Yeah, the "poor ignoramus" -- he'll say anything. We sure did get our money's worth with him. Heh, heh.

    Axe: [sardonic smile] We SURE did. "Hooope and chaaaange" [laughs out loud]...... "Yes we can,"...... [all join in loud guffawing -- HEE-- HAAAW!]....

  69. [Preptile]"Kill 270,serve 8 years."

    Well put.

    According the doctrine of the Cult of Obama, this would be "justice."

  70. TWW - 'LIPS' (Life Insurance Policy Stooge).
    Good one. TOTUS needs to update his Cast of Characters and add this one to it.

    Scotland released that murderer because he is dying and they want to show compassion. So what? He should suffer. Now he gets to go back to Libya to a hero's welcome. DISGUSTING!

    Did you know that on average, there are 35,000 cars burned in France EVERY YEAR by rioting Muslim youths? And somehow France has not figured out a way to stop this from happening.

    England has allowed the introduction of Sharia Law into their judicial system.

    Has the whole world gone stark raving mad?

  71. I didn't understand about this article, because my english was quite, but I see in commented and many people comment about this blog, I hope I can understand too,, nice post,, please visit my blog too,, thank you,,

  72. "Has the whole world gone stark raving mad?"

    No. The liberals have casterated it.

  73. I apologize if I'm decidedly un-PC tonight, but the release of that heartless killer of 270 innocent people just made me sick to my stomach.

    And now BO wants to bring the Guantanamo prisoners here to the U.S. so they can be tried in our courts by liberal activist judges. Why?

  74. apologize.

    "PC" is just another word for "progressive," in my book.

    -- All murderers, especially terrorists, should get the death penalty.

    -- English should be the ONLY option on the phone menu.

    -- Barack Hussein Obama has NEVER proven to any reasonable mind that he is a "natural born U.S. citizen," thus he is just an imposter.

    -- I’m sick of TOTUS calling B.O. “Big Guy”

    -- Islam is an inherently and viciously violent (all infidels or non-Muslims should die) religion (See Koran; See also book: Why We Left Islam); its adherents should, therefore, be FORBIDDEN to ENTER a non-Muslim country, much less reside there.

    You go, Jamie.

    This is, still, OUR COUNTRY.

  75. TOTUS, I have to ask you a question. Did you actually scroll this for BO, or was he improvising again?

    ==="There is something about August going into September where everybody in Washington gets all wee weed up!"===


  76. Sorry, Jamie -- cut off my post -- NO NEED TO APOLOGIZE!

  77. "Wee weed...." {:S

    I'll buy that.

    The fly catching with the bare hands.......... not knowing there are 50 states............... gaffeing about "breathalyzers" and "Cuatro de Cinco" and speaking in "Austrian,".........

    Meh, I'd say that puts Dope at the mental capacity of about a 3-year-old.

  78. Well, I apologized because that Indonesian kid posted here and he might be Islamic and I didn't want to offend him. He seems innocent enough from looking at his profile.

    Hate to tell him though, he isn't going to find too many people here sympatico with his greenie beliefs!

    Oh, and he might not understand that we aren't very pro Barry SoreToe here.

    If his English isn't too good, he might not "get" the quirky humor, with.

  79. Hi, Jamie. Thanks for the kudos earlier about LIPS. Heh, heh.

    Unlike your gracious approach, this is how I feel about Mr. Hanif:

    If that kid is Muslim, then either:

    A. He is literate and has read the Koran in his language [unlike thousands of Muslims worldwide] and knows and agrees with its evil tenets and I don't care if he is offended; OR

    B. He has not studied the Koran and does not know the tenets of his own religion and I hope that he will now be motivated to seek the truth and, hopefully, successfully get out. Good luck, Hanif. Both those who have never been Muslim and those who leave are up for the death penalty. [See Koran; See also book: Why We Left Islam]

    Hanif, I know your English is quite, but, I hope you can understand enough of what we write here to learn some of the facts about Barry Soetoro, a.k.a. Peach Obama and his National Socialist-like (i.e., Nazi-like) policies.

    If you are a "greenie," if you haven't been permanently brainwashed by the Cult of Environmentalism, read the 2007 book, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming.

    Keep seeking the truth and it will set you free!

  80. HEY! I have that book, too! Great minds enjoy the same book, eh?

    Well said, TWW. I learn new BAD something about the Koran every day. Those Muslims who ARE peaceful must interpret it much differently than the radicals do.

    I work with a lady from Bangladesh who has been here for a very long time (since her early twenties, she is now in her fifties.) She raised here children here. Yet her husband lives in Bangladesh. She goes back once a year for a visit and her kids (when they were young) spent their summers there. I find all this to be rather odd.

    Gotta go, its bedtime for this old girl. You guys be sure to post lots of interesting things for me to read tomorrow. G'nite.

  81. Dear Jamie:
    I used to post, for three years, at "shiachat". My interest began in 2001 in earnest, but I read the koran entire back in the 90's. When 911 happened and then we went to war, the whys of it all sent me back to read the koran, and many other books on Islam by both muslims and non-muslim historians, and while I studied I also began posting at shiachat, to learn from muslims first hand what they were all about, and what they intended for themselves, the world, their world. I would like to note in addition, that I have been a life long student of the bible, the old testament my very favorite book. You may notice I quote from it at times, this is because long texts are rooted in my memory.

    I am, in short, a life long student of religion. I went to 2 years of bible college also.

    So, here I dive into Islam with much enthusiasm, but it took three years to make a final judgement. I did not begin my study to judge, but to understand. This is what I learned in great clarity, on my own and in my own words:

    The reason Islam hates the west, and calls us the Great Satan, is because we have seperated church from state. This is the very soul of the conflict between them and us. Because we have seperated church from state, we have the immoral culture that we have - everythingi s rooted in this great evil we did to ourselves and to God, especially. We kicked him out of governence. This is not true in our minds, because we do believe in God and His word and hold the ten commandments as standard morality. Yet in their eyes we have declared seperation of church and state - in the OT it says we are to stone an adultress. Why doesnt' our court system do it? Because, we removed the government - God - from our courts.

    It also became clear to me that muslims worship Mohammad. They say that they don't he told them not to - but when you r read the koran - he is actually instructing them to worship his words, him, and his role in creating for them a religion!

    A woman, wrote Mohammed, who if there is really an hell burns there as we speak, is worth 4 dogs, but two women are worth one horse. Also, he wrote under Allah's inspration, that almost all women go to hell, only those who absolutely completely obey their father and then husband get to go to heaven. Where they are allowed to feed grapes to a hairy backed muslim slob for all eternity.

    I hate Islam, with every fiber in my body. It is anti-human. Mohammed was a fiend, a plagerizer, and a pedephile. His favorite wife was six.

    Okay, I hope I didn't offend any muslims. NOT.

  82. Good morning, Jamie!

    Yes, indeed, great minds read alike. :D

    Well, after you just read what Betty Ann and I posted after you went to bed, you are most likely ready ..................."for something compleeeetely different!"

    Peach and Joe Talk It Over

    [standing at the counter trying to order in some cafe in some town]

    P: Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuh..............

    J: Just give him your basic deluxe burger. Smokers can't taste worth beans anyway. And I'll give you my order in just one, four-letter, word -- fries.

    P: [scratches head, counting on fingers, muttering to self]: f, 1, r, 2, y, 3, z, 4, e.... uuuuuh, f, 1, r..., 2, y......... [-- a fly buzzes past his face distracting him....... [SNAP!]] ..... Gotcha! Stuffs it into his pocket for later.

    J: Would ya knock that off, Peach?!! People in America just don't DO that. Ugh.

    P: [juts chin, nose in the air] Parumph. Guess I'll just have to ...... uuuuh.... get that into....... the...duuuh.... Presidential Physical Fitness Test.

    J: What?

    P: Bare-handed fly catching.

    [a bright green pea bounces off P's chin]

    P: What was that?

    J: [glancing over at Preptile sitting at a table nearby] Looks like Preptile just shot a p at you. Heh, heh.

    [P. and J. sit down, far away from Preptile and his pea flipping spoon]

    P: So, what did you think of my witty comment?

    J: You made one, er, I mean, which one?

    P: The one about U.P.S., FedEx, and the Post Office. Just goes to show you what government can do.

    J: Well.... yeah., ahem, I think maybe, next time, try saying something more like, "Who do you want coming to help you in a hurricane? Home Depot or F.E.M.A.?" Gets people where they live, you know. U.P.S. is more of a business thing. Do you know that the last time I was in Home Depot, oh, last week or so ---

    P.: Joe --- shut-up. I am the president..... aaaaaaaaaaaand.... I won. Now, you listen to me. I used "U.S.P.S." and U.P.S. DELIBERATELY to confuse people. I may not be bright, but I'm tricky [Mark Levin's voice in background: You sure are, Milhouse!]. Gotta use a little smoke and mirrors sometimes.

    J: Aa, blow it out your dufflebag, Peach. You messed up again and you know it. And you said this one twice!! Next time Axelrod tells you to cut a line -- do it. And USE YOUR TELEPROMPTER. Better to be a suspected ignoramus than to be a no-doubt-about-it dope.

    P: Joe, one more crack like that and I'll replace you.

    J: [laughs] With?

    P: With........Shrillary!

    J: [chuckles] So she can more easily whip your behind in 2012? You're already shaping up to be a one-termer as it is.

    P: [purses lips, scowling] Then.... with... Puhlosi..... naw, no way I could look at her more than once a month............I... think.... I'll choose...... . Hmmmm.

    J: Stuck?

    P: [glares at J] &%@!r#@!@

    J: [looks impressed] Where'd you learn that one, Peach?

    P: [GLARING] I AM STUCK WITH YOU! Can't have anyone smarter than I am for vice...... and everyone I could stand to look at for more than 5 seconds is SMARTER. Except for you.

    J: [GRIN] [Stands up, wipes face with napkin, starts to move away] Well, you just finish up. I've got a sky diving class to get to.

    P: You sit back down, Joe, or I'll sick Rahm on you.

    J: [keeps on going] And just what will he do? Kill me? Haa, haaaa. I'll cancel that class if...... at your next daily TV appearance -- what in the worl....

  83. [Betty Ann strides past their table on her way out the door, wearing her Socialist Obama Joker T-shirt and says, "Read it and weep, Dope!"]

    P: That looked like me.

    J: [smile] Sure did. As I was saying, on TV you say, "That Joe, he's smarter than I am."

    [TWW opens door and shouts inside: That would not be saying much!]

    P and J: Huh?

    [Jamie walks in and politely hands P and J each a neatly bound 25-page report, "Here. Read this. It documents that you both have the IQ of a donkey. Together.]

    [Mountain Mama yells out her window as she drives by on her way home from the mountain, "I'm still praying for you!"]

    P: "Still crazy for you"...... Hmmm. Must be that woman I knew back before I turned out to be g -- ifted.

    J: I think we'd better leave, Peach. Too many enemies lurking about. There goes that Corvette with license plate MRS1953 again. Next thing, it'll be that Bossy Nurse Mom telling us to take a bath.

    P: Eeew! Not that. I'm outta here. [bumps into John of the Space who says solemnly, "You, sir, are no Abraham Lincoln."]

    [Suddenly, all the FOTS appear, from out of the restroom, from behind trees, some pulling up in their pick-ups outside]

    P and J: Aaaaaaa! Let's run for it! These people are on to us!!!!

  84. Oh, TWW, muy bien y muy divertido. How will Hanif digest that scritp and esp the p.

    Good morning to all!

    Did not everyone enjoy my doggie video? Maybe it's old, but it was new to me and I can't stop watching it. Oh, my aching head! "A treat from Mom, a treat from Dad, and a treat from Barrack Uh-bama".

  85. This comment has been removed by the author.

  86. This comment has been removed by the author.

  87. Pray tell, TOTUS Dear, what exactly did the president mean to profess by the phrase " everyone in Washington gets all wee weed up"?
    You certainly did not scroll THAT, did you?

    I must admit I am not smart enough to figger that one out. Does it meant the media is tinkling all over itself?

    I had the problem with Sir Hillary Clinton proclaiming a "willing suspension of disbelief". Sometimes the words are just toooooo convoluted for me.

  88. I wonder if Teleprompter heard any sweet nothings or rumors of impending major oil deals in last week's meeting w Mubarak.
    Kadafi just purchased this unfounded mercy for mass murder for a lousy 20 cents a gallon.
    In metric currency that is 30 pieces of silver to those no longer selling me scotch.
    Kadafi as head of the African Union supports an islamic CONTINENT there,and of course,everywhere else too.
    Consequently he supports the same proxy jihadi domino teams one finds demanding chadored swimming in Gaza this very week.
    Devoted supporters of famously secular and generous 'social organizations' like HAMAS,and like minded nursery school bombers infest the west today.
    How PC.
    Persia tuned Pariah (aarrgghh) when she 'got religion'.
    So did Pakistan.

    Is anybody noticing a problem here?
    Other than with the Ps I mean which already keep me up at night.
    Still again,allow me to apologise for 'P'ing all over this post.

    Pardon a TWWainism upon exit.
    Pshaw on those punks who CHEERED for a mass murderer yesterday.
    Any condoning enabling and supporting theocrats and prefering sharia laws over the civil ones cannot be described as CIVILized.
    Some ,as above are clearly BARBARIANS.

    AUGUST 21, 2009 6:16 AM

  89. totus - what the hell is "wee-wee'd up" mean?

  90. TOTUS:
    Puh-leeze - Soros, inside trading Petrobas, where Obama has redirected tax supported credit dollars? Now, pray tell us TOTUS - how did Mr. George Soros hear about the Holy Obamination's intentions to pass along credit to drill before we, who own those tax dollars, knew? Because according to the story, Petrobas is Mr. Soros's firm's fund's largest holding. And the last time I checked, insider information, given then acted upon, is AGAINST THE LAW. Just ask Martha.

    Clearly TOTUS, your boss is repraying Soros for services rendered. But exactly how much money does the liberal end - sorry, I mean socialist end - of the Democrat party need?

  91. TOTUS?
    You must be tired and overworked. I just read this in a New York Post article:

    "He said the reforms aim to carry out one of God's commandments. "I am my brother's keeper. I am my sister's keeper," Obama said."

    "Am I my brother's keeper?" Is a five word line from Genesis and is asked of God by Cain after he murdered his brother Abel. The answer, of course, is no.

    It is no where a commandment of God's. Nowhere. It is not part of the culture of the old or new testament. It isn't in the bible except as Cain smarting off to God due to guilt.

    But, it would be a part of Rev Wright's biblical view, wherein he also HATES Jews, God's chosen, and this country, the only country in the world founded on God's principles of right to self determination.

    In short, TOTUS, please get more rest. You are making our Dear Leader look like the ass he really is.

  92. Truth Will Win: that's HYSTERICAL!!!

    You should be on stage with that; it's priceless :-D

    I drive a red Mustang fastback - V8

    Corvette's are cool, tho' :-)

    I wanted a Shelby Cobra...

  93. I've been rather hoping for an opportunity to post a recurring thought I have, and this appears to be a good opportunity.

    Seems like often when I've heard Obama speak (which I actually avoid), or when I've thought of things he says, the phrase, "Ye shall not surely die" runs through my mind.

    Appropriate, no?

  94. Don't take it so hard TOTUS, Old Drum Face (Fancy Nancy) was just concerned about being wee-wee'd on by Old Faithful.

  95. aero:
    Oh aero don't say that. It gave me the creeps. God forbid we lose our country to socialist/ progressive agenda, in your metaphor Eden, and here is the snake trying to make it so!

    And isn't Nancy Pelosi and Reid and Kennedy and Soros and all the far left the same as the serpent, whispering, "...and ye shall be like unto Eutopia".

    We have to keep fighting back.

  96. 'scuse me, i was going to post the doggie video again but i am all wee wee'd up.

  97. Was all this Wee Wee nonsense designed to endear?Perhaps in his family one discusses one's wee wee in public,or what is done with it.I can empathize,needing to drain the anaconda nightly,IT becomes a matter of some concern.Just not to strangers in public.
    Or speaking to a worlwide audience of millions from a Presidential podium.
    Wonder if he choked on my gag about making a wee wager against the Uighers.Wood that it would qualify under the we we wules,as Elmer Fudd might say.Fudditabout that tho.
    What say you Teleprompter?
    We suspect you were witness to this weeness.
    How about the weal story?

  98. and while all the other 'piggies' were doing something useful and helpful,

    'this little piggie went "wee, wee, wee" all the way home.'

    I always thought he was intellectually infantile, now I KNOW it. I have never heard anyone use the term "wee-wee'd up" -- not even 3-5 year-olds (after 5, they're much too mature to use the term wee-wee).

    what an incrdible simp

  99. Mrs. 1953, "I wanted a Shelby Cobra..."

    ..... but you got a V8.

    Bwah, ha, haaa!

    [Sounds like a cool car (even if it is a Ford. ;)]

    Thanks for the compliment!

  100. [aero]"... heard Obama speak ..., "Ye shall not surely die" [quoting Satan from Genesis 3:4 telling the first lie].

    Perfect sense.

    Big Fat Liar who masquerades as a "messiah," quoting the Father of Lies who "maserades as an angel of light" [II. Corinthians 11:14].

  101. Ah, I just had a chance to read last night's posts (when I saw today's new post I came straight here). TWW you are the MAN! Your latest skit was so funny. Hey, I liked it that our GANG (FOTUS) each had a part. I laughed myself silly just now. I laughed till I cried. Heck, I'm still laughing.

    OH, and btw, the WH has explained the wee-wee'd comment. And it is as moronic and juvenile as BO's statement.

    note to Susan: I loved that doggie video. I got it in an email the day before and watched it several times. that is one smart doggie.

  102. This sign says it all:

    We need more of these signs posted all over the country!

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