Wednesday, August 26, 2009

So Much for the News Blackout ...

Big Guy is really annoyed this morning. He's sad, too, because Ted Kennedy died. But mostly, he's pissed. And I can understand why: what's with all this crap happening while he's on vacation?

He had to re-appoint Ben Bernanke, which was a hassle, because Ben was on vacation on the whole other side of Martha's Vineyard. So Ben has to ride across the island for a presser. News. Then Big Guy has to meet with his Cabinet to discuss Middle East peace. And most of his Cabinet is vacationing on estates two or three towns over. So it takes 20 or 30 minutes to get everyone together. More news. And that's time Big O could be spending on our little practice putting range out back.

Then Holder decides to sic the cops on the CIA, and Holder isn't even on Martha's Vineyard he's on the Cape ... so that takes a whole hour to pull together. More, more news. That's time Michelle and Big Guy could be doing more productive things, like toning their pecs and arms.

Then Kennedy passes. Way too much news, and probably more talk about Big Guy's health care plan, though now we can shape the news by naming the legislation after Ted, which will mean every Democrat with a soul - or what passes for one in Congress -will have to vote for it. So that's good news, kind of, but I digress.

The point here is that Big Guy ordered that no news be made while he was resting up for making more news two weeks from now. And people here have been too busy vacationing and not busy enough preventing news from happening. All I know is that I've had a lot of newsmaking words scrolling across my screens, which is difficult with all the sun screen slathered on my with oily fingerprints. It's not a good look for me. Kind of like that tankini Michelle had on yesterday during the Bernanke newser.


  1. The surgery, radiation and chemo therapy that Senator Kennedy had for the past 15 months would have been denied him under the Health Care Plan that he no doubt would've voted for.

    Now that's irony wee-wee can believe in.

  2. Dewey, please, do you really think the members of Congress will deny that kind of care to themelves? You wouldn't get it, I wouldn't get it, but Pelosi, Reid, et. al would.

  3. If the Dems vote for Kennedy's DeathCare bill, then the Dems, out of respect and honor to Good Ol' Teddy, should opt out of their cushy healh care and take the Kennedy DeathCare that they, the Dems, force on the rest of America.


  4. Dear Leader needs all the time off he can get in order to lower that golf handicap.

  5. Always watch what the other hand is doing.
    Every event is potentially useful to the purpose of passing HR 3200.

    The Dems WILL TRY TO PASS IT, without Republican "help" if necessary. Renaming it after Ted Kennedy is merely a formality; they planned to try passing it anyway, using the (utterly improperly used here) reconciliation process.

    Yes, Congress will exempt itself from its regulations or restrictions.

    THE ONLY way to block the passage of this, or any other bill that supplies a gov't controlled health care, is this:

    American Voters MUST attend their Townhall Meetings and protest this or similar bills, and CALL their legislators.

    ONLY if MANY, MANY Americans fight this bill NOW, and I mean RIGHT NOW, will this bill or similar bills NOT BE PASSED.

    We need people to GET TO WORK, not just gain insight and wield sarcasm with humor and fun, however appropriate and warranted (and needed).

    So thank you, TOTUS, for doing your duty and messing up whatever you scroll for POTUS. He's a fake; others are in control. We need to unmask them, and defeat their efforts to ruin America.

  6. So, I take it the Big Guy hasn't had much time to read that bag of romance novels he brought with him either.

  7. Imus last show RFD TV this Friday word is he is moving to Fox Business Channel.

    Barack H Obama on Imus's controversial sound byte schtick taken out of context.

    Obama: He wouldn't work for me...but I would hire Timmy tax cheat Geithner :) That had to be on your day off TOTUS

  8. TOTUS:
    Simply outrageous! He who is like unto God orders NO NEWS - And it happens anyway?!! The world kept spinning though he went on vacation, sort of like unto God resting on the 7th day?? They used to stone people for that in the old days! I think they still do in all those countries He admires living under sharia. If there were any justice in the world everyone who made news without His permissoin would be stoned.

  9. TOTUS Dear, I thought Missy Michelle would be in a burquini, a black one, since the Cape is in mourning. Oh, ha, ha. They're all black, no? (The burquinis, all you FOT'S).

    And why did YOU have to come out of the surf for the smartest man in America to make his Bernanke re-nomination statement? He can't string 3 or 4 sentences together on his own? I saw you there. Disgusting - his lack of self composure. Even, I an untrained mobster can do that.

  10. Maybe Big Guy and Lady M can escape together and go on a quiet drive over on Chappaquiddick Island and reminisc about their buddy, Captain Oldsmobile's passing.

  11. I'll lose my mind if they name the bill after Kennedy and it causes all the Dems to vote for it!

  12. The Conservative Gardener!!! I've been waiting a long time to see you again. Ever since you posted during the week before Easter, BEFORE Capt. Phillips was rescued (in spite of B. Hussein's R.O.E. to avoid harming the precious Muslim brother pirates), the hope that as Jesus was resurrected from the dead, so, too, would Capt. be "resurrected" from his floating tomb -- AND HE WAS! -- I've wanted to congratulate you.

    Finally, I do -- congratulate you on your wonderful hope that turned out to be prophetic.

    How's the garden?

  13. So.... guess this means we'll all get Kopechnecare while Dead Ted's cronies get Kennedycare.

    "It's not your father's [medical system]."

  14. Heh, heh. Yeah, sure, Axe and Muck Monster, bring on the "Kennedycare." LOL. There are more people than not in the United States who will find that to be ANOTHER reason to flush the government takeover of the medical system.

    Most people under 35 don't even know who he was.

    18-35 guy: Dude.... who is this Edward M. Kennedy anyway? Looks like he died of eating too many marshmallows. Ugh... kind of makes me not want to eat any more marshmallows.

    Wii Gal: Whoa, dude, you are, like, actually talking to me instead of texting. Like, you scared me. Uh, who?

    18-35: I guess "Ted Kennedy" must be some old rock star from the seventies or something. Chris Matthews is saying he's Obama's brother or something.

    Wii Gal: That guy in the hut in Kenya? Naaa. Ted Kennedy was some kind of astronaut or something to do with Indians on the East Coast.

    18-35: Oh, dude, NOW I remember! He's that guy who gave the Chappaquittit Indians cars and stuff and they gave him the Chief's daughter, Mary Jane, for a wife and she led him around in the woods so he wouldn't get lost trying to find Washington and he dumped her. And ever since, they've been putting out bad P.R. about him and stuff. And the Republicans used it against him.

    Wii: Huh. Well, what-ever. Stop bugging me; I'm in the middle of a game.

    18-35: Well, he's dead anyway, so, who cares? Later.

  15. TOTUS it is time for a teleprompter xanax. You need to calm down. BO and Lady M cannot escape the news, because they are the news.

    Teddy K served well but has gone to the Big Barkeep in the sky. Now you need to relax and just plug yourself into the wall and recharge.

    Tell BO that you are not broadcasting for him or scrolling speeches as you have had a nervous breakdown. If you continue to have panic attacks TOTUS, then you won't be ready for the bigger news.

    By the way Glenn Beck's staff want to contact you and see if you have been appointed the Teleprompter Czar. I know that you may have been, but Fox News keeps calling and you keep putting on your voicemail.

    Are you the Teleprompter Czar? If so just admit it and all will be over. Beck doesn't have any dirt on you does he?

    I mean TOTUS the other czars are all covered with scandal and I would hate to see you on Fox News with Glenn Beck breathing down your neck about your helping an ACORN speaker or providing scrolling services for Van Jones.

    So chill out for now. When you are relaxed tell Big Guy that you do not want to be bothered for 48 hours and you need a trip to Fox News to be interviewed by Beck before he sends his hounds after you and finds out why you got the gig as Teleprompter Czar and not Gwen Ifil's teleprompter.

    I mean you are a white TOTUS aren't you?

  16. Hey, Prep T., I had a thought about your recent musing (as several of us have as the weeks go by) about why there's no more direct communication from TOTUS. Just pimped his blog (and T-shirts) for a little while, then.... nuthin'.

    My guess is that the author of TOTUS knows that some of the people who know who he is, people who could make his life difficult in some way, would frown heavily on his slamming Dope as D'oh!bama, THAT MARXIST MUSLIM IMPOSTER FROM INDONESIA WHO WAS BORN IN KENYA, so richly deserves.

    Hence, the annoyingly adoring "Big Guy" and the sickeningly maudlin "He felt sad, too" [we all know Barry Soetoro HAS NO FEELINGS -- except for rage when he doesn't get his way] and other such mealy-mouthedness.

    TOTUS blurts out a fine, wholehearted, put-down once in awhile, but, in a sort of Tourette's way, as if he may need later to claim it was a slip of the tongue.

    So, TOTUS is okay. He's just writing for a hostile audience with the power to harm him.

    Associating with us FOTS would get him into trouble. That's sad. TOTUS is not totally free.

    Hmmm. Now that I've written all that, I don't know. Maybe he's just mealy-mouthed. You can tell that I'm still prejudiced by his lack of enthusiasm for dogs which has been clearly revealed between the lines.

    One thing I know for sure, TOTUS' creator is an exceptionally bright, creative, fellow.

    THANKS FOR THE FORUM, TOTUS-man. Hope all is well with you.

  17. oh, but bettyann, you must remember, the gov't (ie, The Most Holy Obama) is in a partnership with God concerning health care. If that doesn't earn BO (Bastard Obama) a special, extra hot seat in Hell, nothing will.

  18. Well, I was laughing all the way home to David's suggestion of a TOTUS Tsar, then TruthWW kinda made me sad.

    You mean TOTUS is toying with his FOTS?

  19. how else will they find True, Liberty Loving Americans?

  20. I don't think TWW meant TOTUS was toying with us, I think he meant that TOTUS is worried about being shut down by one of BO's thugs. Literally. The Obama admin is going to target the internet soon, if they haven't already started. I'm sure we are all on "the list" by now.

    Today Glenn Beck talked about Obama's "Chief Diversity czar", Mark Lloyd. Mr. Lloyd’s actual title is FCC Associate General Counsel and Chief Diversity Officer.

    According to CNN, Lloyd "has called for making private broadcasting companies pay licensing fees equal to their total operating costs to allow public broadcasting outlets to spend the same on their operations as the private companies do."

    In other words, this guy wants all private broadcasters to have to pay 100% of their TOTAL operating costs as a "license fee" (tax) to fund NPR and PBS! THIS is how they will turn control of the media over to the government. Like Hugo Chavez is doing in Venezuela. And if a broadcaster can't pay the "fee", it will lose it's broadcast license and the FCC will turn around and give the license to a "minority" broadcaster. THUS, they will achieve "diversity".

    BTW - Mark Lloyd has professed admiration for Hugo Chavez's "Democratic Revolution". (its on video). SO, Obama has ANOTHER communist "advising" him.

    And we thought all we had to worry about was stopping the "Fairness Doctrine". This is worse. MUCH worse.

    read more about him here:

    I am already sick of hearing about Ted Kennedy. At least some are making mention of what he did to poor Mary Jo!

    Oh, and I hope McCain is regretting his "gang of fourteen" stunt a few years back when he prevented the Republicans from using "reconciliation" to stop the Democrats from blocking appointment of judges!

    Now the Dems plan to spit in his face and are going to use reconciliation to get their Kopechnecare! (TWW, you coined an appropriate name for the crap they are trying to shove down our throats!)

  21. The sacrifices Teleprompter must endure requires the constitution of a Marine.
    Tankini duty sounds mighty tuff.Almost as tough as that fully chadored swimming demanded in Gaza last week by HAMAS.Lesser swimmers should be advised against high surf or during small craft advisories.
    Supposedly we can work w that 'secular social organization',who also rationalize suicide attacks against toddllers at Nursery schools.
    I have my doubts.
    Many sun worshippers might object to that new uniform being demanded.
    Some,just don't look good in black.Their new muttawa ,or religous policemen,
    will offer them that choice,or black & blue.
    Is it any wonder that liberals in the fashion industry would support these 'freedom fighters'?Think how much fabric they could peddle if women everywhere also had those black and bruises to 'cover-up'.This could tap into an explosive market,or help purchasers hide explosives while shopping at one.

    Twenty four hours ago I posted about,and on a dead thread.
    It was an attempt to breathe life into one.
    My presumed mastery of such a miracle was overly optomistic ,as nary a muscle moved.As a result I have to rewrite and repost below
    Only great affection prevents Twwainian grumbling including harrummph,garrumph, & pssshaw.
    Here is the important part you ALL missed.

    How big is 7 trillion ?

    Think how complex a machine a 747 is,or an aircraft carrier.
    Probably a million parts in each one.

    Now a light year is almost unimaginably huge.About a million miles every 5 seconds,for a year.Adds up to about 7 trillion.Punch the space shuttle,and cover that ground in a mere 17,000 years,exclusive of stops for food and fuel.(Still you would only be a fourth of the way to Alpha Centauri,our nearest star.)

    That is a lotta miles.Or dollars.

    It is a seven followed by 22 zeros,or 24 if you are also counting the 'change'.

    That is how many living wiggling cells there are in a human being.
    All of us have that many moving parts in common w everyone else.

    We are not only all highly related biological brothers but also machines, orders of magnitude more complex than any we could ever possibly build.

    Our biggest machines contain about 1 light seconds worth,in total number of parts.

    And yet w all this in common w you guys ,I still resent your traffic manners.
    Especially you dimbulbs north of I-10.
    Try to do better.

    OT,David the word your looking for is Promptczar.
    Unfortunately he lacks the rap sheet required for a cabinet level position.
    OT II,TWW,C original pls,2 back,at the bottom.

  22. Last weekend, tropical storm Bill fizzled out and did little to prevent the presidential vacation on Martha's Vinyard - all it did was delay it by one day.

    Hopefully, this weekend God's aim will be a bit better and tropical storm Danny (or maybe cat 1 hurricane Danny) will wreak havoc for the festivities at the Kennedy memorial. Even if it's just a lot of rain and the attendees get wet and miserable.

    Wouldn't you just love to see Fancy Nancy get drenched?

    I can hear her now.....
    "I'm melting..... MELTING.....ahhhhh!"

    VERIFICATION WORD for this post
    faitt (FATE)

  23. Dear Susan,

    Please forgive my making you sad. Purely speculation on my part. I just imagined our blog author having an editor or a producer or a boss or a sponsor of some sort that "TOTUS" may want to not offend to avoid some kind of retribution, hence, his distancing himself from us and using namby-pamby language at times. Who knows? Could just be really, really busy. Forget I posted it -- if you can. TWW

    Hi, Jamie,

    Thanks for giving us yet another scoop of great info.. That Lloyd sounds like a real creep; fits right in with the Donkey Barn menagerie, I'm sure. Yeah, Edward Kennedy was long overdue for cashing in his chips. Good riddance.


    MR. Preptile,

    Your super attempt to help our minds comprehend the VASTNESS of not just billions, but "trillions and trillions" was appreciated. I'm still left staring, forgetting to blink, my little brain overwhelmed with the enormity of the debt that Marxist thug and his gang of mini-caesars and clowns are incurring. With that kind of load, our great ship, the U.S.S. Free Enterprise (actually, the U.S.A. period), will surely sink.

    @?@ @?@ Ahem. Hmmm. Paaaaarrrrumpph! Went back 2 and checked the bottom post. :/ My tired brain (must be fatigue, couldn't be a lack of capacity, noooo) wasn't able to figure out your clever subtlety. Are you trying to tell me to pull over and not drive (as in post here) so much? Too much off-topic posting? (it's hard not to do that when we can't start our own, new, threads here). Too much posting period? As in I am a "dimwit?"! o_o (Given that I AM and will likely remain north of I-10).


    My plan? To just keep on postin' and ask that when you see "TruthWillWin said...." that you just squint and scroll quickly past to avoid being annoyed.

  24. Heh, heh, Jamie. :) Great scene painted by that "melting...!" dialogue. Yeah, it would be PERFECT if Captain Oldsmobile [good one, Jerry! :D]'s memorial was rained out, everyone drenched, nearly...... drowning......... .

    You can tell a lot about a person by the people that person admires (may just be how ignorant or dull they are). Liberals go for some real winners, don't they. (head shake). Always heard of the "yella dog Democrats," but, (yes, I've said this already, but I just can't believe it) I never thought they would vote for a Marxist Muslim from Indonesial Born in Kenya -- really thought we were going to be stuck with Sir Hillary or McLame.

    Truly, "liberalism is a mental disorder."

    I'll bet more of them are cat people, too. ;)

    How's little Yorkie, alias "Toto?"

    BTW, I thought your ideas for the WH rec football team were first rate. Purple! Makes perfect sense -- they'd love to water down our flag until it's just a big purple mess.

    The Head Coach job is shared by Axelrod and Ayers -- a double "A" team. I'd say it was "bush league," but G.W. Bush is so far beyond their league, I can't use that term! Pee-wee [WEEEEEE-WEEEEEE -- what all the little piggies did all the way home, eh?] league!

    The "man behind the curtain" to whom we are to pay no attention is Rahm. Dope gets out there and bellows, "I AM THE PRESIDENT!" Rahm's back there pulling levers and strings and greasing the wheels.

    Now, I'll go outside and create my own little deluge in the flower beds with the garden hose and thank God that we have one less creep walking around on the planet today.

  25. Totus - care to comment on the pesky stubborn fact that Obama started his "vacation" on the 1st day of Ramadan????

  26. In reply TWW,Never so sir.
    I sing that song every Saturday.
    No it was that Mighty Mouse aside I asided.
    I may have misunderstood a reference earlier
    in which I thought we were thinking along the same lines.I overobscured the side reference. Fudditabout it, Friend.
    Oh ,and Blue,here we celebrate Ramadamadingdong.

  27. Thank you, Prep T. Glad to hear it. Now, I'm going to bed early. Quit while I'm a head or, at least, not uuuuuh ... behind.

  28. Prompt Czar it is Preptile! TOTUS are you the Prompt Czar? Beck wants to know and I want to know! ;)

  29. TOTUS keep up the good fight. I rely on you to keep inserting flubs in POTUS' remarks. I have to tell you a secret. Since I can't stand to hear the Great One's voice, I mute the TV every time he's on (which is always). The last time not only did I mute him, but I had Tvoed the show he was on. I fast forwarded his silent remarks and his head flipped back and forth so fast that the sight made me laugh so hard I couldn't stop laughing. Maybe one day you could speed up your screen so his head could do a Linda Blair Exorcist scene. Hahahaha

    Blue..never thought about the 1st day of (thank you Preptile) for Ramadamadingdong.

  30. Unfortunately Teddy's life, along w Michael Jackson's will be lionized long past Christmas.With the new MJ murder charges we will still be infested w both legends for the duration.Niether will go away.Ever.

    The local variation of Ramadan,which our first family is discreetly observing,Ramamdamadingdong,
    contains more liquor and dancing.
    Much like shamalamadingdong festivities celebrated at that 'Animal House'obscure dances like 'the GATOR' might be practiced,or other festivities marking the prophesied coming of LaCost's Gator age.
    Pagan prophecy?,Perhaps.

    All of these festivities precede the coming Holy Day season.
    In addition to spiritual advisors of every imaginable stripe the Whitehouse will also
    host a special Symbionese Liberation advisor to explain those seven principles and or days of Kwanza.Seems the Ayers family knew a famous priest from the movie "The Jerk" who was available to explain how honkies are the devil,and should be marginalized as a precaution,by Kwanzans learning self reliance.
    He is kind of a 'new age' hopey changey type and should fit right in there.

    Wonder if Eid pardons are now also on the Whitehouse calender.Could all this cultural outreach have been discreetly preordained
    as were certain bows,insults,and 'merciful releases' of jihadi heroes ?
    Could all this foreshadow that "Peace deal"
    we have heard is imminent from his eminence?
    If so it will be a bad deal.

    You may need to take one for the team here Teleprompter.If final talks begin,trip BG up by tripping over something and cracking a screen.Without your luminous electromagnetism,he would never fight his way thru the preliminary perfunctories.Perfect.
    I would sooner make an outrech to an entire colony of lepers,than terrorists.
    They at least ,wish me no harm.

    Peas out.

  31. TOTUS, Dear, do you have your black screens back from the cleaners for the big eulogy? I know you won't make him mess up in front of 4 living presidents, but I do declare, I wish you would.

    If I were RJK, Jr, I'd be tee'd off about being passed over for elevation to the last Kennedy Brother status, by that Kennedy wanna-be, Chris Wee Wee'd Up Matthews. And do you think Junior approves of all those gas guzzlers driving the Kennedy entourage to Boston from the Cape today?

    Oh, and a happy Ramadamadingdong to all your employers.

  32. TOTUS,
    Are you working the eulogy Saturday or is Big Guy going with notes? If you're on duty try to slip in a Mary-Jo reference. That'll be a hoot.

  33. The atheist media are at it again; vote "NO":

    You might have to 'save and paste' as I don't know how to post links.

    MSNBC bastards are trying to get "In God We Trust" taken off USA currency by running a 'poll'

  34. LOL, Susan -- Junior, Cult of Environmentalism preacher, would have had them use some kind of rick shaw for a hearse. That Kennedy name just doesn't have the pull it used to.


    [a little song for Ramadamadingdong -- to the tune of "Chitty Chitty Bang! Bang!"]

    Rah! Rah! Ramadamadingdong!
    Ramadamadingdong, you're okay!

    Hey! You! Honkeyplayin'pingpong,
    Blacks are takin' down the U.-S.-A..

    Bow! Down! BarrySmoked-a-bigbong,
    Show that Saudi prince you love himmmmmm....

    The Devil is our friend!

    We'll join him in the eeeeeend!

    Ramadingdong, ramadamadingdong, [fade out] ramadingdong...... [sound of 747 crashing into Twin Tower] --- Yeah, that's right. It isn't funny, is it?

    Islam's Credo: Submit or die.


    U.S. Patriot's Credo: LIVE FREE OR DIE!

    GO USA!

    Yes, indeed, that "Star Spangled Banner yet waves.... o'er the land of the free.... and the home of the brave." [NO thanks to Edward K.]


  35. LOL, Typical White Person. :D

    Eulogy excerpt: [uuuhs, aaaaaands, and ......'s omitted]

    "[Stupid joke as an ice breaker -- "Hyuck, hyuck, yeah, I remember when ol' Ted got mixed up and called me "Osama," that was priceless... . Ahem.]

    .... Death. The final frontier, these are the voyages of ----- ... [TOTUS hastily replaces ($#@!*#Error message 4879: file read error abort operation) Star Trek script with:] ...The mighty force for change.... and hope.

    Death caused great upheaval when it divided Ted from Mary Jo -- and, [chuckle] from his car,.... but all he got was a crash, no cash -- [laughs, notices no one else is, immediately sobers up and ALMOST wipes the smirk from his face].

    Now, death has brought them together once again [NOT!]. Death, that great unifier, gives us great reason to hope. Congress, by passing the Kennedy Healthy Choices Act and removing those inefficient, low-value, "bread gobblers"* from our midst, YOU can bring prosperity and hope to those who have been oppressed for so long. Ethnic minorities [translation: Hispanics] and racial minorities [translation: blacks] will finally get the healthcare they deserve. Old people like my grandma and Ted, here, will go to heaven.

    Do you know that if we had had Kennedycare back in 1957 [Blackberry vibrates in his pocket] [bzzz]....82!, [ignores further bzzzzing] Ted would have been able to call an ambulance and save his beloved Mary Jo's life. She would be alive today, but Ted couldn't find an ambulance. He called and he called, SEVENTEEN times, he called. No ambulance. No aid car. Nothing. Because the Chappaquidick Indians weren't deemed worthy of an ambulance service. They weren't..... WHITE. Well, Ted's in heaven, now....

    [AAAAAACK! I will definitely NOT be watching or listening to Dopebama's spew on Saturday -- I'm with you, Nona of Naples -- "MUTE"!!]

    *"bread gobblers" was a term used by the Nazis to describe elderly and retarded people and used in propaganda films to justify exterminating them. As Dr. Zeke has said, (paraph.) "Doctors must serve two entities: their patient and society." Isn't Ezekiel Emmanuel Jewish?! Incredible.

  36. My copy of Cerro came in today! I'll be reading it this weekend. Its good to be able to put a face with your words. So, the mountains of northern N.M.? I have some good friends who live in the Farmington/Bloomfield area. Paid them a visit not too long ago.

  37. TWW and Nona. Won't be watching or listening to the the goings-on this Saturday. I'll be reading, with the tv OFF. Maybe some jazz in the background.

    TWW - you have dope saying: "Ted's in heaven, now...."

    I don't think that is where he is. No, no, he didn't make it there, even though he got Dope to request that the Pope put in a good word for him with the REAL "Big Guy".

    Right now, I imagine Teddy is in a really, really warm room (think lots of fireplaces, all ablaze), with case after case of bottles of his favorite alchoholic beverage.

    Wait .... there's no glasses .... no ice and ... no openings in the bottles, so they can't be opened.

    So, he can't drink, no matter how thirsty he gets. He is in alchoholic's Hell.

  38. Will he be requiring your services for the eulogy? Or does he plan on "winging it" LOL LOL LOL

  39. Jamie.. I hope MaryJo gave him the final tour.

  40. Ha, Jamie! :D "Alcoholic's hell." Perfect.

    Ya, know, whatever comes out that Dope's mouth is just a bunch of hot air. Dope very likely does not really believe in heaven. Just believes in "ME." Probably has this vague idea that he will be sitting around somewhere one day just smoking a hookah and wearing a big gold necklace while a 7 trillion (give or take) people bow down to him perpetually.


    Ted Kennedy was a horrible person who did many despicable things. He very likely is in Hell. If, however, he ever, once, sincerely believed (maybe as a child) in Jesus as his personal Savior, he is with God who NEVER let's go of one of his children. (John 10:28, Romans 8:35-39) Once you're adopted into God's family, you're in. Guaranteed (Ephesians 1:13, 14). You may be snatched out of the fire like a burning stick, all your "works" burnt to black charcoal, but you, that is, your soul, will be saved. (I. Corinthians 3:14, 15)

    "For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." John 3:16.


    Ted Kennedy's wretched name should forever rot, covered in the shame of the numerous evil deeds he did on this earth.

  41. Preptile, just had to say how much I enjoyed, once again, the lastest of your Terrifically Wonderful and Witty posts. Great writing.

    Hmmm. So THAT's ["dances like 'the GATOR'"] how Preptile the Party Animal got his polo shirt logo nickname, eh?

    Drink Gatorage (TOTUS does -- heh, heh).

    And, try a trip to "Indonesial" -- that dentist's continuing education South Pacific paradise.

    [the dentist thing is just because Indonesial sounds like mesial and other words I've heard muttered at the dentist's office].

  42. "lastest?!!!!" Aaarrrgh! I should have quit while I was a head. :P

  43. Poor Kalid or Hamid or whatever that guy's name was whose "English is quite" will never learn to speak properly!

  44. Just saying the words isn't enough; one must BELIEVE in those words.

    Ted Kennedy may have said the words (and probably several times), but he never believed them or he wouldn't have done the horrible, despicable things he's donw in his wretched, worthless life. His repentence must be SINCERE, and his Kennedy arrogance won't allow that...


    going Down.........

  45. This is too perfect not to pass along, from my fellow conservative sister in law Sally: "Instead of calling it the Kennedy Act they should call it the "Mary Jo Memorial Act" because it will drown us all!"

  46. Kopechne Health Care! Love it!

  47. Dorothy,

    Thank Sally for those pearls. Too funny or sad and true.

    I really appreciate this blog and you my FOTS. The threads that accompany TOTUS' posts bring me back to reality and help me realize that as ridiculous as this liberal charade is, there are still some rational cognitive Americans.

    Currently, I am reading Dr. Zhivago by Boris Pasternak. Although fiction, it has opened my eyes to the perils of socialism. Pasternak captured the Zeitgeist of the revolution. I shudder sometimes as his descriptive text examines the revolutionary's mindset and how it mirrors the mantra spewed about from the left.

    BA, in the shadow of communist Russia Pasternak won the Nobel prize for literature. There is still hope! True hope, unlike the audacity of DOPE!

    Jamie, MM, TWW, et al FOT's thank you again.

    TOTUS keep on being free. I am sure the Homelame Security TROGS (totally reliant on government) aren't smart enough to spell triangulate let alone execute, poor choice of words.

    Oops, my ADOS, attention deficit OOOH SHINY!, is flaring up. I must dig out of this mire and go create more income and do the patriotic thing and pay more taxes.

    Biden's role in the WHFL, cheerleader.

    "Lean to the Left (way left)
    Don't lean to the right
    Stand up (CHUCK)
    Sit Down
    Where are Barney's tights?"

    Shovel Full!

  48. In retrospect to my previous post, one upside. We all know what happened to the TZARS/CSARS.

    Here is an ugly mental image...

    Biden and Barney Fwank at the festivus pole over labor day weekend...

    Any Arrested Development Fans out there?

    The White House

    GOB=B O


    Lucille Bluth = Mask

    George Bluth = Any member of Obama Administration

    George Michael = Timmy!

    Lindsey = Hillary (thespians are always better looking)

    Tobias = Bawney Fwank/Harry Reid

    Michael Bluth = No one in the current administration fits his character. He actually exhibits some character, something not found in BHO's administration.

    Thank you for the brief indulgence!

  49. Dorothy, Susun:Koepchene Kare! It's perfect: for those who've already lived their alloted number of "life years"

  50. Hey POTUS followers. Obama's Blackberry says' "Don't Fear the Reaper? Find out why at:

    Also...don't forget to check in on the Detainee-Four's hilarious blog at:


  51. Remember the other night, when I said that the BO admin would eventually come after the internet, if they hadn't already started?

    Well, apparently last spring they started setting up for that to happen:

    === Bill would give president emergency control of Internet

    Internet companies and civil liberties groups were alarmed this spring when a U.S. Senate bill proposed handing the White House the power to disconnect private-sector computers from the Internet.

    They're not much happier about a revised version that aides to Sen. Jay Rockefeller, a West Virginia Democrat, have spent months drafting behind closed doors. CNET News has obtained a copy of the 55-page draft of S.773 (excerpt), which still appears to permit the president to seize temporary control of private-sector networks during a so-called cybersecurity emergency.

    The new version would allow the president to "declare a cybersecurity emergency" relating to "non-governmental" computer networks and do what's necessary to respond to the threat. ===

    source -

    If this should be passed and something, ANYTHING, happens that they can call a "cybersecurity emergency", then they will not hesitate to take all non-government servers off of the internet.

    They have been very busy, haven't they?

    Let's recap what they have done, or tried to do, so far:
    - Set up (for people to turn in their neighbors, friends, famile, etc.)
    - removed restrictions on gov websites downloading cookies on our computers.
    - hired independent companies to download tracking cookies on our computers.
    - submitted a bill to give the President control of the internet in "emergencies"
    - laid the groundwork and started the process of setting up a "civilian security force" as large and as well-funded as the military
    - systematically undermined the capabilities of the CIA

    What have I overlooked? Or what do we not know about?

    Remember back during the campaign when Joey B said " It will not be six months before ... we're going to have an international crisis, a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this guy."

    Now, they may wait until they have most of these things already in place before that happens, but who knows?

  52. B. Obama had a farm, e i i o u
    And on this farm he had some czars e i i o u
    With a czar czar here
    And a czar czar there
    Here a czar, there a czar
    Everywhere a czar czar
    B. Obama had a farm e i i o uuuuuuuuu....
    Hey with all of these "czars" running the show, do we really need Obama anymore? By the way, who chose these czars? Who is paying for them? Who decided their staffing levels, their budgets, their missions? In short, do we have a shadow government already in action while Congress plays reindeer games?

  53. And isn't it odd that Joey should used the phrase "generated crisis" when you think about the Cloward-Piven Strategy of Orchestrated Crisis:

    === The strategy of forcing political change through orchestrated crisis. The "Cloward-Piven Strategy" seeks to hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands, thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse. ===

    Using the race card, referring to tea-party protesters and town-hallers as "racists", mobs", "nazis", etc. Enlisting SEIU and ACORN members to attend townhalls and "get in the face" of citizens ... Are they trying to start something?

    As for what they are up to, I know one thing I left out of the list - Mark Lloyd, Obama's "Diversity Czar" is going to try and shut down private broadcasters (radio and tv). He has:

    === recommended that private broadcasters be forced to, in effect, heavily subsidize their competition: those public broadcasters that already receive millions in taxpayer dollars each year.

    This financially onerous combination of fines and fees -- amounting to an estimated $100-million and $250-million each and every year -- would essentially force many private broadcasters out of business. It's hard for some cynics not to wonder if that might not be the whole idea. ===

    source -

  54. Nice (if grueseom) summary, Jamie. You sure didn't leave out much [in the cyper-realm]. Ugh! Hope you have a great weekend enjoying your new book Cerro by Betty Ann [available on Barnes & Noble -- how's that Betty Ann? ;)].


    SHOVEL READY! You sure can tell you have ADOS (I LOVE it!). ADHD (a similar condition) is more than a bundle of deficits, it is a huge load of talent and creativity, too. Your ability to hyper-focus and write all that great stuff BEFORE going to work -- wow. And, even though I have no idea what Arrested Development is about (sounds like it would be cool), your character sketch re-do had me chuckling.

    Thank YOU. :D

  55. P.S. @ Shovel -- loved that Biden cheer. Rah! Rah!

  56. bettyann's book is also available on (that's where I got it.)

    I plan to start on it tomorrow.

  57. I think Shovel-Ready is talking about a sitcom on tv, "Arrested Development". I've never seen it, but here is how it is described:

    "In this critically acclaimed series, Michael Bluth is forced to help his wildly eccentric family pick up the pieces after its wealthy patriarch is arrested and its assets frozen."

    But, to the psychiatrist/psychologist, the meaning of the medical term "arrested development" is:

    === the retention of juvenile characteristics in the adult ===

    Sure sounds like a lot of people I know! AND, like you said, a lot of fun.

  58. I just noticed this from ABC's (All Barack Channel) George Stephanopoulos:

    === Mike Huckabee tossed a hand grenade into the debate over who's politicizing Ted Kennedy's death Thursday morning when he told his radio audience that under Obamacare, Kennedy would be told to "go home to take pain pills and die." ===

    Of course, Georgie-Porgie took Huckabee out of context. Here is the gist of what Hucakabee actually said, as was pointed out by one of the people who commented on George's post:

    "Huckabee merely pointed out that Kennedy gave us a perfect example of why seniors' lives are not worth less than young people's; that even at 77, he was fighting for something he believed in, so he considered every minute precious and was willing to take heroic measures to live every extra day rather than just take a pain pill and go home to die. He said any health care bill should recognize that and give all Americans the same choice that Senators enjoy. He was actually being respectful to the recently departed while promoting the idea that everyone deserves the best health care. What part of that do you disagree with, George?"

    I am posting a link to this so that you guys can read some of the comments. I got a kick out of reading them.

    One of my faves:
    === Huckabee is right on. I just think it's ironic that the Dems want to rename a health care bill after a man who didn't even have the decency to call an ambulance for a woman he drove off a bridge. ===

    I was amazed that, on an ABC blog, the majority of the comments were in agreement with Huckabee, against Obamacare and chastizing Georgie-Porgie for trying to turn Huckabees comments into something that they weren't! AND The really good thing is that a lot of the comments contained FACTS disputing what the liberal posters were spouting! That's the way to do it.

    For example:
    === "Realist spews|-- they let 45 million American citizens go without healthcare."

    Here we go with more lib lies used to smear Republicans. "45 million American citizens"? Repeated from Obama to the lowliest drones. But according to the U.S. Census Bureau (before it was taken over by Obama), the 45 million includes more than 10 million illegal aliens. Who are not "American citizens." The actual number is estimated to be 8 to 14 million poor who do not have health care insurance. And none of them go without "healthcare." Laws require hospitals to treat everyone, regardless whether they can pay. The big issue is "insurance." Not "healthcare." Realist my a$$. ===

    source -

  59. Obama-Care, Obama-Recovery, Obama-Shovel-Ready-Jobs, Obama-Transparency-in-Government, Obama-Partisan-Politics, Obama-No-Tax-Increase-for-Middle-Class, Obama-Census, Obama-Bring-the-Races-Together, Obama-Promote-American-Values, Obama-Oath-to-Office, Obama-No-Lobbiests, Obama-No-Earmarks, Obama-No-Government-Takeovers, Obama-_______________ (fill in the blank)...

    EVERYTHING with Obama connected to it is a LIE.

    Obama is a racist, a liar, and hates America.

    Why is he still being recognized as America's President?????????

  60. Wait, he is touted as America's First BLACK President.

    But that, too, is a LIE, isn't it?

    He isn't black, and if he were, wasn't Clinton the "first black president".

    Oh, I heard today that Chrissy Matthews said that with the death of Teddy Kennedy, "Obama is the last (Kennedy) brother".

    I guess that makes Obama the FIRST BLACK Kennedy.

    I suppose the media is still trying to hype BO and MO as remakes of John and Jackie Kennedy / i.e. return to Camelot....

    I still say the WH has been turned into a "Camel lot".... (after all, she looks like one)

  61. Yeah, I heard that, too...

    kinda insults Momma K, doesn't it; I mean, all those sniggers and 'woodpile' references...

    ol' Joe would laugh it up, tho'; then go get his shotgun.

    I can believe that Bummer is related to the Cowardly Lion -- Bummer best take care, seeing what eventually happens to the Big K family members... esp. the males...

  62. 'Camel-lot' LOL

    very true, but some camels are kinda cute

    MO is just... ugh...

  63. Beverly Gage, a US History Prof at Yale, wrote in "The NY Times" on April 6, 2008, that Harding might have been our first black president, because reportedly his great-grandmother was black.

    Martin Luther King taught that we should be more concerned with the content of people's character than with the color of their skin. BO talks the talk about hating racism, but never walks the walk by avoiding it. Instead, he calls his opponents, "Racists!" whenever they block his moving forward a socialist agenda.

    The Kennedys were inexorably linked with the Chicago machine that selected, primed, and promoted BO. Though Jack Kennedy wasn't, the rest seem to be socialists.

    Stupid liberals. They don't realize one can NEVER trust evil people; they turn on anyone in their way. Whoever is running their show in the background should never be trusted.

  64. Good Morning, Dear TOTUS,

    Hope you do a good job today at the Church of Perpetual Help in Boston! God knows, the curtains may rent.

    Will O'Bama know what to do at a Mass? Will he know when to kneel? Tell you what, you tell him to stand during the Consecration. We will know you are in control then. Thank you very much.

  65. Hey TOTUS:
    I'm looking at a pic of the church on Fox right now and there's the Obamination in church, with the Wookie beside him and Joey B. Behind him is that George Bush, and Hillary? And Swill Bill. Where are you, TOTUS? Stay near an exit, because excepting George, the anti-God sentiment in those first two pews might catch the church on fire.

    I'm so tickled you are reading Cerro! Have a good time - because that's what it's meant to be, a really good escape and entertainment. Thank you so much, I just love it when folks read my stories!

  66. Have they covered up all the 'religious' symbols?

    or do they have any to cover up?

    they're experts at covering up the Truth.

  67. Well, there's the great imposter, speaking at the funeral WITHOUT YOU, TOTUS! Oh dear.... now he'll be free to fib without your merry restraint.

    Teddy this, and Teddy that. It's so cute when BO acts like he's one of the (white, rich) gang. What a sad climber.

  68. I must say, the Clintons surely look subdued and meditative. Carter looks pale and upset. I wonder what's up....

    The Bushes look just sick. I wonder if they've had to endure several cutting remarks from the libs or the Kennedys; I hope not!

    Yes, Teddy is having his political funeral. Even his son's eulogy was full of it!
    Politics, I mean.

  69. BO: "It's Teddy's historic body of achievements we'll remember."
    Uh.... well, that's not the only body.

    BO: "The service and selflessness that his parents instilled in him."
    We-ell, let's just say that the Kennedys are certainly NOT renowned for selflessly behavior in hotel rooms----and no, this isn't about sex: they often trashed the rooms! Remember those housekeepers the Kennedys supposedly cared for politically? Well, they had to clean up the K's mess in TWENTY MINUTES PER ROOM.

  70. GW is going to give himself mouth cancer if he keeps biting his lip. Poor dear.
    Laura looks sweet as always, right behind MO.

    BO: Teddy is now off on a journey toward "some new and wondrous place beyond the horizon."
    Good heavens, let's not speculate about that. None of us has any idea what transpired between God and Ted. No doubt we're all in for many surprises when we meet our Maker.

  71. The Cardinal's commendation:
    "Let us commend Ted's soul to God's loving mercy.... Let us take leave of our brother. May our farewell express our affection for him.... One day we shall joyfully greet him again."

    May it be so!

    GW swayed back and forth as the Cardinal swung the thurible with incense around Ted Kennedy's casket. GW was praying with devotion.

    "O Beautiful for Spacious Skies" was the recessional hymn. Not entirely political: good choice.

    FINALLY, the Cardinal mentioned God:
    "We ask this through Christ Our Lord."

  72. When they first came in and sat down, Hillary and Bill were seated behind the Obamas, Hillary right next to G.W. Hillary spoke at length to G.W. and Laura. She looked haggard and tired, or maybe she was just looking her age? Must be time for her plastic surgery touch up, or her Botox shot. Bill's face was florid, but he appeared to be relaxed and at ease, as usual.

    BO turned around and spoke to Bill at length. At one point, he turned around the other way and spoke to G.W. and Laura.

    Joy Biden, sitting next to Joey B, turned and spoke to Laura and G.W. I never saw Joey turn around, but he may have done so. I wasn't watching it the entire time. (My sister and son were here, too, and we were talking.)

    The ONLY person I saw MO speak to was Joey B, who was sitting next to her. She never turned around, not once that I saw, to speak to either G.W. or Laura Bush. Laura kept looking at the back of MO's head, I guess waiting for her to speak, maybe? Was she intentionally snubbing the Bushes? Like I said, I wasn't glued to the tv the whole time....

    I'm sorry, but I don't think grown women should wear dresses with giant bows on the bodice. It just looks silly. I'm sure it is some designer something with a huge price tag and we will hear all about it in the news. Its probably the epitome of high fashion. I wouldn't know about that. LOL I shop at WalMart, J.C. Penney's and a local thrift store (my contributiion to saving the environment).

    BTW, has anyone come up with the "carbon footprint" from driving Kennedy's body, his huge family and all those "dignitaries" all over the East Coast these last two days?

    All and all, most of the events were sedate and respectful. They pretty much had to mention politics because that is all the man has done for the past 47 years! All of his accomplishments were in politics. Other than that, all they would have been left with to talk about would have been his love for sailing, drinking and womanizing.

    I am sad for his family. It is hard to lose a loved one. I lost my dad last year, so I know. His wife looked really sad. NO matter what his politics, he was still the one who held that family together. End of a dynasty? probably.

  73. and I'll bet the MObitch is furious at TK for ruining her perfect little vaca.

  74. Mo was probably afraid that if she had turned around and even glanced at the Clintons or the Bushes, she would have been caught with that typical consdescending sneer on her face. She just can't control her facial muscles enough to fake pleasantry with people that she considers herself to be above. She could do it with Joey because he is a real nobody, like the hired help.

    Yeah, I'll bet she is po'd about having her vacation ruined yet AGAIN. And after having to suffer from BO banning all photos of her in all her gloriousness on the beach! There haven't been too many magazines lately with either of them shown prominently on the cover -other than GLOBE, National Enq, etc.

  75. So who's going to whine and moan about the 'unsightly' wind farm proposed off the coast of Massachusetts now that Ted is gone? It's amazing how 'necessary' it is for us to adopt 'green living' and 'alternative power' while the Liberal politicians decide that they ought not be held to that same set of ideals. After all, Gore isn't hopscotching between his Global Warming speeches using a Monarch butterfly.

  76. Amen, Mrs. 1953. Edward Kennedy's body in the Arlington National Cemetary is a desecration.

  77. Did anyone else who watched the Mass this AM suddenly realize that Senator Teddy was the father of Stuart Smalley too?

  78. That's funny, Susan.

    Answer to this question - "So who's going to whine and moan about the 'unsightly' wind farm proposed off the coast of Massachusetts now that Ted is gone?"

    Why, I'm sure that Robert Kennedy Jr. will step up in his uncle's place, even though he is a rabid environmentalist. "Uncle Teddy would have wanted it ..." And that's all that matters, you know.

  79. Did any of you happen to hear the priest read TK's letter to the Pope? Where he talks to the Pope about his "life's work to get universal health care passed, blah, blah, blah....".

    I about threw up on that one.

    Did he tell his family to be sure to read his letter to the Pope at the graveside service? Even in death, TK is the ultimate politician.

    And they they had the 4 grandchildren read statements at graveside, and one of his grandson's memories included remembering how much TK "wanted to pass Health Care Reform", "laughing on the porch", j"oking, playing and having fun".

    Now which part of that sounds "fishy"?

    I'm sure those grandchildren loved their grandpa, but I really doubt that one would have a lasting "fond memory" of him wanting to pass health care reform.

  80. Here is something that the msm will never report:

    === As President Obama continues to bask in the reflected glow of late Sen. Ted Kennedy's veneration, the serious run-in that Obama had with Kennedy – which nearly cost him his endorsement – has been widely overlooked.

    The tiff first came to light in the Boston Globe's extensive biography, Last Lion: The Fall and Rise of Ted Kennedy.

    It seems that in 2003 Obama, then a little-known Illinois state senator, uttered one of his infamous, off-the-cuff gaffes -- on camera.

    Speaking to a gathering of AFL-CIO members, Obama said Democrats needed to "get some backbone" and reject the Medicare prescription-drug benefit bill that recently had been introduced. Not surprisingly, Obama thought the reforms the bill offered weren't drastic enough.

    As told in Last Lion, Obama urged union members: "We've got to call up Ted Kennedy and say, 'Ted, you're getting a little old now, and you've been a fighter for us before. I don't know what's happening now. Get some spine and stand up to Republicans.'"

    That an unknown Illinois rabble-rouser would dare to berate Kennedy on his signature issue of healthcare reform -- in front of a union meeting no less – apparently drove Kennedy to distraction.

    So five years later, when Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin started lobbying Kennedy to endorse Obama over Hillary Clinton, Kennedy made him sit down and watch the video of Obama shooting from the lip.

    Of greatest interest to historians, however, may be Durbin's account of Obama's reaction.

    "I didn't say that," Obama insisted when Durbin told him why Kennedy was upset.

    "Barack," Durbin replied, "it's on the video."===

    So typical of BO - just deny it!!!

    TOTUS, apparently your boss didn't learn his lesson about "speaking off the cuff" (saying anything WITHOUT YOU scrolling it!)

  81. Saw this about the illustrious Liberal Lion on another blog.....

    1. He was caught cheating at Harvard when he attended it. He was expelled twice, once for cheating on a test, and once for paying a classmate to cheat for him.

    2. While expelled, Kennedy enlisted in the Army, but mistakenly signed up for four years instead of two. His father, Joseph P. Kennedy, former U.S. Ambassador to England (a step up from bootlegging liquor into the US from Canada during prohibition), pulled the necessary strings to have his enlistment shortened to two years, and to ensure that he served in Europe, not Korea , where a war was raging. No preferential treatment for him! (like he charged that President Bush received).

    3. Kennedy was assigned to Paris , never advanced beyond the rank of Private, and returned to Harvard upon being discharged.

    4. While attending law school at the University of Virginia , he was cited for reckless driving four times, including once when he was clocked driving 90 miles per hour in a residential neighborhood with his headlights off after dark. Yet his Virginia driver's license was never revoked. Coincidentally, he passed the bar exam in 1959. Amazing!

    5. In 1964, he was seriously injured in a plane crash, and hospitalized for several months. Test results done by the hospital at the time he was admitted had shown he was legally intoxicated. The results of those tests remained a "state secret" until in the 1980's when the report was unsealed..

    6. On July 19, 1969, Kennedy attended a party on Chappaquiddick Island in Massachusetts .. At about 11:00 PM, he borrowed his chauffeur's keys to his Oldsmobile limousine, and offered to give a ride home to Mary Jo Kopechne, a campaign worker. Leaving the island via an unlit bridge with no guard rail, Kennedy steered the car off the bridge, flipped, and into Poucha Pond.

    7. He swam to shore and walked back to the party, passing several houses and a fire station. Two friends then returned with him to the scene of the accident. According to their later testimony, they told him what he already knew - that he was required by law to immediately report the accident to the authorities. Instead Kennedy made his way to his hotel, called his lawyer, and went to sleep. Kennedy called the police the next morning and by then the wreck had already been discovered. Before dying, Kopechne had scratched at the upholstered floor above her head in the upside-down car.

    The Kennedy family began "calling in favors", ensuring that any inquiry would be contained. Her corpse was whisked out-of-state to her family before an autopsy could be conducted. He pled guilty to leaving the scene of an accident, and was given a SUSPENDED SENTENCE OF TWO MONTHS.

    8. Kennedy has held his Senate seat for more than forty years, but considering his longevity, his accomplishments seem scant. He authored or argued for legislation that ensured a variety of civil rights, increased the minimum wage in 1981, made access to health care easier for the indigent, and funded Meals on Wheels for fixed-income seniors and is widely held as the "standard-bearer for liberalism". In his very first Senate roll, he was the floor manager for the bill that turned U.S. immigration policy upside down and opened the floodgate for immigrants from third world countries.

    9. Since that time, he has been the prime instigator and author of every expansion of an increase in immigration, up to and including the latest attempt to grant amnesty to illegal aliens. Not to mention the pious grilling he gave the last two Supreme Court nominees, as if he was the standard bearer for the nation in matters of "what's right".

    10. He is known around Washington as a public drunk, loud, boisterous and very disrespectful to ladies. JERK is a better description than "great American". "A blonde in every pond" is his motto.

  82. LOL, look what the BOKennedyLastBrother has to live up to, and then exceed...

    problem is, he already has; in spades!

  83. News flash - MO fell asleep during dear Teddy's funeral. There WAS a video, but it was removed (no doubt at the request of her thighness) -

    I apologize for having to link to this particular site, but its where I found the story. You might want to read it quickly, before the post is removed, too.

  84. This is funny -

    (BTW - I have yet to start on Cerro. My son came home today to go to a wedding. He leaves again tomorrow. So, after I go for my Sunday visit with my mom, I'll start on it. I'm off on Monday, so I should have uninterrupted reading time. To heck with the housework!)

  85. OH, poor MO, she hit her head boarding the plane.

    Now, where are all the stories in the msm about her being a clutz like Ford????

  86. New hair stlye: Bangs! and lots of 'em lolololol

  87. MSNBC & The Great Liberal Narrative: The Truth

    Interesting to watch.... food for thought on 'Political Correctness'

  88. "Bangs!!!!!"

    MRS1953... I am STILL laughing!

  89. TOTUS, Dear, were you there in the sacristy draped in white vestments waiting to see "if you were to be called" ? Missed you!

    And missed not being able to see all the communicants - while the cameras panned votive candles and flowers. Really clever, these progressives! Got to the camera pool!

  90. debbdi, thank you for the link to the excellent link....

    Best video of the lot, IMHO is this one:

    BizarroBurner: Where Black is White and Racists Don't Get a Pass

    I'll pass it on!

  91. wait, wait....

    I think this one is tied for "the best" with the other one I mentioned:

    The Media, The Left and GOP Elitists vs. Sarah Palin: A Lesson on How to Destroy a Leader

  92. Oh, just a note to the FOTS who were all talking last week about how much they were weirded out by the ins ads with the girl with big red lips and how we noticed that all of her customers were MEN:

    The people who made those commercials must have read our comments because in the last week or so, I've noticed TWO new ads for that ins and both ads had WOMEN customers in them!

    I'm still weirded out by the girl, but only because she reminds me of one of the little kids in all those Barney videos ......

    I love you, you love me .....

  93. I noticed that, too, but you beat me to the comment; I can't stand that persnickery female - she seems so.. psuedo-perky

  94. about MObitch banging the plane (erm, not THAT way...), I read some of the comments and nearly fell off my chair laughing at the concern shown for the plane!

    ie: 'OMG, is the plane okay?'

    it would explain the plane's erratic flight.

    This is one of the most hilarious videos of FirstRacist I've seen; too bad it will be scrubbed soon. Probably Monday when the lackeys stop mourning and wake up.

  95. can't you just see Garret Morris in drag in a SNL skit???? :-D

    he'd have to wrap a matress around his hips, tho'...

  96. TOTUS, Dear, one last comment on the passing of the former senior senator...(OMG now there is another elitist as the senior senator from MA. They just seem to grow on trees up there).... O'Bama went to Hawaii and granny died, then he went to Martha's Vineyard and Teddy died....just sayin'.

  97. Old Ted held out for a long time and fought his disease, against the wisdom espoused by his dear friend, Obama, that it was "perhaps better to just go home and take a pain pill".

    Is it possible that someone had an "end of life" discussion with Teddy to let him know that he was a burden on his family (the Democrat Party, not the Kennedy family)?

    Perhaps on one of their visits, one of his "friends" provided him with a copy of the VA phamplet "Your Life, Your Choices" so he could read it, complete the "exercises" found within it and know that he had "options".

    See pages 20 through 24 of.....

    Well, if the people of Massachusetts are going to depend upon John Heinz-Kerry to lead their state, they are in for a rude awakening. John Kerry could not lead himself out of a paper bag. He is a bigger gaffe machine than Joey B (if that is possible). Maybe BO will loan him one of his teleprompters (not TOTUS, of course) for a while until he can use some of Ter-A-Za's millions to purchase one or his own.

    OK TOTUS, its TIME for you to give us some new material ...

  98. How much do you want to bet that Teddy has his will probated in tax-friendly Florida instead of "home" state of tax-unfriendly Mass? His mother did.

  99. For some reason, I was not invited to the funeral, but want to add
    my own personal prayer
    to the Tedster’s “Big Dig” send-off festivities.

  100. Thanks for the video, Dewey. My breakfast is threatening to reappear.

  101. I was listening to the funeral the other day while I surfed the net and I thought I heard one of his grandchildren say something about his grandfather's "lifelong dream of healthcare for all". It sounded SO scripted, too. I thought it was during the graveside services, and when I didn't see anything reported about it, I thought I had just imagined it. SO, they did indeed use the little kids. I hope that when I die, my grandchildren will remember me simply for being their "Mimi" and for loving them and nothing else.

    How crass of them to use little children like that. Really disgusting, isn't it? Politics to the end.

  102. I think it was during the Catholic Intercession prayers; the person makes a request, and the church audience responds with 'The Lord hear our prayers'

    Yep, it was a set-up; the Big K's have no shame whatsoever.

    That's why this DeathCare won't pass with God's Blessing, but Satan will gladly force it through.

    And the Big K's will accept either one, as will BObastard.

  103. [Jamie] "... the [unnamed auto insurance co.] girl ... reminds me of one of the little kids in all those Barney videos."

    LAUGH -- OUT -- LOUD. Yes, indeed, that silly lady is "a sexy gal in her imagination."

    Yeah, I noticed a couple of wives in that advertising about 3 weeks ago, but no single women. It's still WEIRD. I like those Gecko Ins. (;) commercials -- especially the one where the little guy is walking down a darkened hall toward the employee's fridge, (gives himself a little scratch), then discovers (AAAck!) someone ate his egg salad and kicks a container. When the gecko was first introduced I didn't like him much; he was too self-satisfied and smug, but now he's more humble and charming.

    Always hated that dumb Barney. Too old (and not old enough) when he made his debut, I guess. Same with Mr. Rogers. Sorry. That's just how I feel. Mr. Rogers was a sap.


    Say, Preptile, we've missed your fun posts. Was wondering if you were okay, and then, it hit me -- you're mourning the loss of Edward Kennedy! [;)] Hope all is well with you.

    Betty Ann, how is your U.S. Marine Corps niece? Hope all is well with your little sharpshooter.

    I did not watch any news this weekend. Boy, did that feel good.

  104. You're right, MRS1953: the sub for Rush spoke about that ridiculous prayer.

    He pointed out that how LIVID would be the Dems (and they'd be right to be angry!), if the grandchild of a deceased Republican leader had offered up a similarly-political (therefore UTTERLY INAPPROPRIATE) prayer----such as, "That Congress would gather enough votes to override a veto and overturn Roe vs. Wade"----etc. IMAGINE THE OUTRAGE!

    Every day gets more upsetting, as the socialist power grabs continue.

  105. Please, keep him out of Pittsburgh! The city is going to be a ghost town during the G-20 week since security is practically shutting the normal people out. Now he's coming in 2 weeks! Enough already!

    But if you have some free time TOTUS, I would be thrilled to meet you!!

  106. Barney himself didn't bother me as much as did the artificially happy little robot children they employed for the show. Actually, Barney reminded me of this liberal guy that I work with, lol.

    Fortunately, my grandkids never really took to Barney, so I didn't have to suffer through too many Barney videos. My grandson liked Teletubbies for a while there and, let me tell you - the Teletubbies and their videos ARE VERY WEIRD!

    My favorite commercials are the "Aflack!" commercials with the duck. Especially the one with all the barnyard animals that talk. Really cute. Of course, I haven't rushed to change my insurance, so I guess I'm not easily influenced by commercials.
    There is a lot of good info coming out about TKs relations with the KGB. (Althoug it isn't news to me, I've seen some of this before.)

    TK was a traitor. He conspired with the Soviets against Reagan. He even conspired with the Soviets against Carter, someone from his own party. I guess it was payback for Carter getting the nomination over him. What a jerk.

    What is it rich Senators from Massachusetts wanting to conspire with Communists? Kennedy conspired with the Soviets and Kerry conspired with the North Vietnamese ....

    (Hey JR - G O S T E E L E R S !)

  107. This is a great video-

    I've seen it before, but I could watch it again and again.

  108. TWW:
    Girl marine a-okay and graduating! My nephew went to Afghanistan. Husband did not go to Iraq, and is retiring in ten months instead. Yippeee!! Now he can stay home with me and raise chickens.

  109. The era of Kennedy is over. Good riddance. That family deserves their pedestal as much as BO deserves his.

  110. This comment has been removed by the author.

  111. Yoo hoo, TOTUS, Dear! Where are you?

    They didn't drive you down Dyke Road, did they?
    Oh, no!

  112. Not so fast, Rattlesnake, the Dems won't let the Kennedy era end so soon.

    I see that the Dems in Massachusetts are working on getting a replacement to fill Teddy's seat until the special election in January, as per his dying wishes. All of a sudden they are concerned that "the citizens of Massachusetts won't be represented" for four and 1/2 months if his seat is not filled.

    They didn't seem to so terriby concerned when Teddy was too sick to show up for work for months on end.

    What hypocrites they are. But we knew that already, didn't we?

    His wife, Vicky, has supposedly stated that she is NOT interested. She probably knows that they would expect her act as their puppet and she doesn't want or need the hassle.

    They will probably try to push for Joseph P. Kennedy II (Ted's nephew) to be selected.

    Joseph founded Citizens Energy Corporation, a non-profit organization, which has been criticized for its continuing relationship with the Venezuelan government and Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez. "Beginning in 2005, Citgo Petroleum Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Venezuelan national oil company, PDVSA, has been the primary donor of heating oil to Citizens Energy."

    From Wiki:

    === Kennedy was expelled from several private schools after having earned the nickname "Dirty Joe" as a result of his quick temper and bullying. He regularly got into fights with his younger brothers and male cousins. ===

    === In 1973, a jeep he was driving overturned, injuring his brother David Kennedy and permanently paralyzing David's then-girlfriend, Pam Kelley. The police cited Kennedy with reckless driving. The judge suspended his license temporarily. ===

    Those Kennedy's sure are lousy drivers.

    He sounds like a real peach and the perfect candidate fill his Uncle Ted's shoes. Of course, Joe may have have his heart set on running in January, so for the time being, they may have to settle for someone other than a Kennedy.

    Oh, pooh, that would waste the sympathy generated by Ted's death. Who knows how people will vote after waiting for several months!

  113. TOTUS is probably tired from having been flown up and down the coast this past week - to the island ... then to Boston ... then back to the island ... then to Camp David ... then back to D.C.

    And I'm sure his boss is in a snit, with his poll numbers down and all. And he had to wait to speak at the funeral. He isn't used to that.

    Poor TOTUS. He just had the vacation from Hell.

  114. Jamie,

    I know the era of Kennedy isn't really over; just wishful thinking. If nothing else I knew that the Dems in Congress would push harder for healthcare "reform" in memory of ol' Teddy. I'm just sick of the Kennedys, is all. As far as I'm concerned, they wore out their welcome in the 60s. Not that I was alive yet.

    Thanks for all the information about Ted's potential heir. I've actually been lurking for a few months and just now decided to officially join the FOTs, and I always appreciate your research. Lord, is there any Kennedy who isn't a cheating alcoholic?

  115. Hey, Rattlesnake, glad to see you come out from under Lurker's Rock. Nice to hear from you.:D


    Hey, Jamie, so you had (have?) to work with "Barney?" AAAaaaarrrgh! Just makes you want to kick him, huh? Well, not you, I suppose, but I WOULD (want to).

    My favorite Sesame Street characters (say, I've written this already about 2 months ago, oh, well) were Oscar the Grouch and Bert (of Ernie &) because they weren't syrupy; they were refreshingly normal and authentic. Most of the rest were either on uppers (Cookie Monster) or downers (Big Bird). The Schnuffelupagus (sp.?) was fun, too. Those were the days-- [SIGH] -- when I still thought only the smartest and most wise people were elected to public office and were made pastor and principal. That sure was a long time ago.......

    Thanks for more great (if disgusting) info. . {:)


    Only scumbags like the Communists offer bribes.

    Only scumbags like Kennedy and Kerry take them.


    Betty Ann, that's GREAT NEWS (about your wonderful niece and your husband the future chicken farmer. :D). Will pray for your nephew.

  116. Rattlesnake,
    Welcome aboard.

    Great research as usual. I heard Michael Savage eluding to many of the same bedfellows for the Lion of Cameloot. Ironic that Teddy was the Kennedy to die of something more related to natural causes and he was the least of the brothers. His excalibur was buried to the hilt in the back of America as he curried favor with the KGB and Fidel. The same people with whom JFK fought in virtual chess e.g. Bay of Pigs and the Cuban missile crisis. Obviously Teddy had someone else read a Reader's Digest condensed version to him as he pickled his system one drink at a time. It is also ironic that Che Guevara seems to be the hero of the demoncrat party. Does he "look like me" as the "honorable" representative from California put it. Barf! Here is your card!

    Betty Ann,
    God bless your family. And thank them for their service to our country. Even as the low life Obama administration is back to blaming W for trouble in Afghanistan, soldiers like your niece, husband and nephew fight for the freedom of all Americans without prejudice. They actually took an oath to protect and defend our constitution. Not with a wink of an eye or a nudge as some would do under oath. Your family represents soldiers of real valor not some self-agrandizing blow hard who had a rubber stamp for nearly 50 years. Ted Kennedy did more for the United States when he slept through senate sessions than when he was awake.


    I never really liked any of the PBS kids shows. But I did have a turtle named Bert. I lost him for 3 weeks. I was a lot more happy when my mother found him than she was. I can still hear her screaming as Bert crawled across her toes. Good times!

    p.s. Betty Ann do your chickens have large talons? Napoleon Dynamite would like to know. Honestly, God bless you and your soldier I envy the time you 2 so deserve doing what you WANT to do.

    FOT thank you for pulling a typical Monday back on track. Donde' es TOTUS?

  117. Nice post, Shovel. Just wanted you to know someone read (and appreciated!) it.

  118. I always refresh my mind about where we are at the last thread before entering the next. Each thread has a unique "flavor". I say that becasue even though I don't always post at the end of a thread, know that I've read it.

    shovel ready:
    And God bless you too, dear, and thank you. When my husband got his retirement orders they began, "Thank you for years of devoted service to the United States of America, to the freedom of the American people, and to our nation's constitution which preserves those rights..." And he read it to me over the phone, and his voice - happy and relieved and bewildered all at the same time - cracked.

    I pretended not to notice.

    That's strange you say Napoleon. Are you someone I know?

  119. Shovelready---"Napolean Dynamite" is a cool name. GOD BLESS YOU (as I hope I also wrote bettyann re. her hubbie!) for your (and his) years of devoted service to our nation. America owes you the very BEST treatment upon your retirement from service.

    I am feeling SO sad today, because one of the aides for our sons (who experience autism) said today that her family really suffered when her husband was honorably discharged from the service, for a disability. They had NO place to live, NO funds, NO severance pay---for SIX MONTHS! Lord, that is AWFUL!!!!! I was and am embarrassed about that!

    And we are supposed to think that the government bureaucracy is going to do a "better job" with our national health care!? HA!

    Again, God bless you all, people in service. And PLEASE work to get your votes COUNTED for the next election! It STINKS that they don't count!!!!!!!!

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