Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Healthful Speech

Big Guy and I just finished our final run through for the speech tonight, with Toes and Gibbsy taking notes. Actually, there were no notes, because they were so busy applauding during the speech.

Big Guy was really wound up, and he's ready for a fight. He says this whole summer of attacks and untruths has just made him sick and tired, and Toes had to caution him on that, as under the Obamacare plan, a patient can't be treated for being both "sick and tired," and there are no prescription drug rations set aside for those who are both "sick and tired." It's times like these that make me appreciate being nothing more than humble hard drive. But I digress.

This speech is going to be awesome. Toes and Gibbsy were yelling stuff at Big Guy from the back of the auditorium where we rehearsed, pretending to be Republicans in the well, who no doubt will be grumbling after every other sentence Big O utters. We have some rehearsed lines for Big Guy when faced with this kind of negativity, but I can't share any of those zingers with you, because it would ruin the surprise. And, well, there really aren't any.

But I can tell you that one of the best moments will be when Big Guy says, "If you come to me with a serious set of proposals, I will be there to listen. My door is always open. But know this: I will not waste time with those who have made the calculation that it’s better politics to kill this plan." This is the moment all of the TV networks will really focuse on. Sure, it's because we told them to, but also because the stage directions that will scroll on screen, like, "Look to center camera. Stare. Hard. Like that Hawk guy from the TV show", will make the moment really dramatic. Completely staged, but really dramatic.

Besides, there is no way Republicans could kill this bill. The death panels we've put in place are controlled by Democrats.


  1. Dear TOTUS, a humble request: When BO says the word "I" for the first time, please break down and stay 'broken' for the rest of the week.

    Thank you.

  2. i see you've arrived...looking good in the dim light on the hill there, totus...

  3. TOTUS take the night off and enjoy a night on the town!

  4. Yeah, that Hawk-guy stare is one of the looks BO sure aims for when he speaks. TERRIFYING!
    * ya-awn... *

    Okay, we're heading up to the mountains, and won't be here for BO's speech.

    However, here are some sentences BO will say (although since Fox News quoted them, BO will probably delete them at the last minute):

    "The time for bickering is over. The time for games has passed. Now is the season for action...."
    Those lines are meant to slam only the Republicans as the bickerers, game-players, and action-avoiders; the Dems are supposedly the serious legislators who TAKE ACTION. What a joke!
    Technically, neither party is merely bickering and playing games----and both are taking action: the Republicans have proposed at least 5 health care bills recently---but the Dems won't allow them out of committee, much less up for a full vote.
    No, both parties are DEADLY SERIOUS about this bill, knowing that a government take-over of health care will completely change this nation from a republic to a socialist state. The Dem leaders want that, and (most of) the Republican leaders don't.

    BO continues:
    "Now is the time.... to show the American people that we can still do what we were sent here to do. Now is the time to deliver on healthcare."
    Yeah, well probably MOST of the Democrats had NO idea (because they didn't really READ thoroughly) that voting for Obama would bring them a socialist America!----and that getting government health care would throw our nation into socialism.

    Finally, BO adds:
    "If we do nothing, our deficit will grow.... More Americans will lose their coverage when they are sick and need it most, and more will die as a result. We know these things to be true."
    Funny how this guy will ECHO the WORDS of the US Constitution (ie., "We hold these truths to be self-evident....")-----yet BO actually intends to CIRCUMVENT the ideas of it, or better yet, TOSS THE WHOLE DOCUMENT ASIDE.


    FOTs, today Baucus (D-MT) said what I've been warning for weeks: that the Dems plan to put their health care plans to a vote EVEN WITHOUT Republican support. They don't care about bipartisanship----or even whether the American public supports the bill! THEY WILL PASS IT.

    FOTs, please make phone calls to these three key Senators' staffers:
    1. Allison Doody, Staffer for Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) 202-224-2523;
    2. Mark Hayes, Staffer for- Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) 202-224-3744;
    3. Cassandra Morton, Staffer for Sen. Mike Enzi of Wyoming on Capitol Hill 1-888-250-1879, or 202-224-3424.

    Let them know you don't want socialized medicine in America. If these three "deciders" RESIST Max Baucus, it's over and Obamacare will NOT PASS.

    And please PRAY, FOTs, PRAY!

  5. It ticks me off that BO's speech is supposed to "clear up confusion" about his healthcare plan. What a LIE! His speech is designed to twist the truth and dupe Americans (and put pressure on their legislators) into supporting what they THINK will help, but what will actually wound them (perhaps mortally, depending upon their age and health situation!).

    Really, I'm leaving!

  6. [TOTUS] "My door is always open."

    LOL. The door's open,

    but nobody's home.

  7. What!? Did Hillary and Nancy call each other beforehand and both decide to wear their blazing red suits?

    Oh gag, BO is lying about saving the economy again.... Yeah, right.... that's why over 80% of all the stimulus funds have NOT BEEN LOANED to the American public.

    No, I really AM leaving now.

  8. Ok MM, you go have a good time and get your mind off of these and other stressful things. Give yourself a breather. We need you to come back and keep us FOTS on an even keel.

    And, don't worry, we ARE praying!

  9. Dear TOTUS,

    I think you should have some fun tonight during "The One's" bid-deal, make-or-break, Healthscare-a-palooza-'09 speech. How about slowing down soooooo heeeee haaaaas tooooo taalk reeeeeal slooooow...andthenspeedupsohesoundslikethechipmunksonhelium. What fun! Promise me some moments like that and I might even watch him live, or at least during one of the 325 replays the TV lapdogs provide for the next week.

  10. "unyielding ideological camps"---?!

    YEAH, that would be the DEMS who want to head into socialism!!!!!!!!

    Oh, whaddaya know!? He DID say those lines Fox News quoted. OOPS! BO repeated them, though. Must have run ahead of his teleprompter.


    I am out the door......

    My verification word was KEDISH!
    Ah, DEATH!

  12. He is SO lying!

    I'm already sick of the clapping and hooting and hollering. What, is this a PEP RALLY? Someone needs to tell those ACORN and SEIU members to pipe down.

    A woman lost her coverage because she "didn't report a case of acne"? Oh Puh-lease....

    Liar, liar, pants on fire.

    Did anyone notice that he changed from saying 47 to 50 million without insurance, now he says "30 million CITIZENS" without insurance.

    What changed, Mr President? Oh, that means illegals won't be covered under your plan?

    SURE, we're stupid enough to believe that.

    unprecedented coalitions support his initiative - drs, nurses, senior groups, EVEN BIG PHARMA. You left out ACORN, SEIU......

    "There is agreement on 80% of what needs to be done" - in CONGRESS?


    "no honest debate - just scare tactics."

    Stop talking about your fellow Democrats, BO.

    The time for bickering is over, blah, blah, blah.

    Oh, "now is the time for the best ideas from BOTH parties."

    Yeah, that moment.

    OOPS - the moment has passed. Sorry Republicans, you missed your chance.

    Now, he is lying again. Nothing will change on your insurance.

    "Insurance companies won't be able to deny you coverage for an existing condition."

    As soon as I sign this bill.... WHAT BILL?

    No dropping of insurance.

    No caps for a year or a LIFETIME.

    This is a Campaign speeches. Promises, promises.

    Nothing new here. Same old lies, promises that he won't keep.

    Insurance exchanged - will take effect in four years. OH, conveniently AFTER the 2012 elections. Of course. And if you still can't afford it in the exchange, we will give you tax credits.

    He is rolling out all the crap.

    Now, he is saying this was McCain's idea during the campaign. SO we should want it, right?


    McCain is a blowhard RINO, Democrat "Lite"

    Now those people who don't want to take out insurance or companies who don't want to cover their employees. THose schmucks cost US money. Shame on them. Under his plan, people will be required to carry insurance, just like car insurance.

    Oh, so we will have to have liability in case we make someone else sick?

    Whatever he just said confused people. Very little applause on that one.

    Now he is spanking the nay-sayers. Bringing up the "death panels". IT IS A LIE, PLAIN AND SIMPLE.....

    No, BO, you are the one who is lying thru his pearly white horse teeth.

    Now the illegal covered. THIS TOO IS FALSE. Illegals won't be covered. OH, someone shouted out - "THAT IS A LIE!"


  13. GOvernment takeover. NOT TRUE.

    his guiding principle - "consumers do better when their is choice and competition"

    "Right now there is no competition."

    Now, wouldn't that be taken care of with the insurance exchange, Mr. Pres?

    I guess not.

    We need a "not for profit Gov't option to keep insurance companies honest. It would only be an option for those who don't have insurance."
    (the libs in the audience ate that up)

    Yeah, right.


    the creep.

    To my progressive friends.. blah, blah, blah!

    To my Republican friends (all two of them).. blah, blah, blah!

    Now I'm praying for this to be over.

    "We will provide you with a choice."

    Is that BEFORE or AFTER you make us buy insurance?


    oh no, a new issue. How do we pay for this?




    "More spending cuts if savings don't materialize".

    Oh, its all Bush's fault.... "I came in to a trillion dollar deficit because things were not paid for....."

    Does he realize that he is talking to the people who put those unpaid for bills into place?

    Most of these things will be paid for with savings -

    waste and abuse
    Medicare and Medicaid - CUTS, CUTS, CUTS...

    But, people are lying about that, even though he just SAID IT.

    Oh, those evil doctors, waste and fraud, padding their bills.

    Pay for prescriptions out of their own pockets.

    "But don't believe those people who say your Medicare benefits will be cut".


    There he goes again "CUTS IN WASTE AND ABUSE IN MEDICARE."

    TOTUS - are you intentionally having him contradict himself? If so, KEEP IT UP.

  14. I uploaded another video from the Voice of America Rally/Townhall meeting. Congresswoman Jean Schmidt said the Constitution is a "breathing document" and that "the courts are the ultimate authority." The crowd didn't like that.

    Ah, BO is bashing the previous administration and the tax cuts for the evil rich. Nice.

    Yeah, he's open to other suggestions, as long as they don't kill his plan. Um...what? XP

    Here comes the "do it for Ted" part of the speech. That'll convince conservatives that Kennedy/Obamacare is a good idea, I'm sure.

    Eh, I can't listen any more. He just keeps going on and on. TOTUS, could you please take a little break and leave Dope going uhhhhhh.

  15. I had more, but I lost it.

    That was sickening.

  16. It was the same old crap.

    Notice he did NOT mention TORT REFORM.

    of course not.

    He doesn't want to piss off his lawyer friends who make millions off of poor people who sue.

    I'll bet if you capped the amount of money that the lawyers made off of those lawsuits and ensured that the people got the money, not the lawyers, there wouldn't be so many of them.

  17. I only heard half the speech, but what I heard was just the same old pro-Socialized medicine talking points with a few sob stories added here and there. Bleh.

    Word verification: Obingsi. That sounds like it could be one of Obama's half- or step-siblings.

  18. Jamie (gag), thanks for the low (and I mean LOW) down. That was really bad.

    The deficit when President Bush left office was around $500 billion.

    With a taxpayer-subsidized public option, there WILL BE NO COMPETITION.

    Well, if, as you pointed out at one point above, the audience was often "confused," then this speech just sunk "the bill" ["WHATEVER THAT IS" is right!], --- Hurrah! ---

    a key marketing principle is: The confused mind says, "No."

  19. Yeah, I lost it during the "our dear friend, Teddy" part.

    Thought I was going to throw up.

    I just listened to the Republican rebuttal.

    It was good, just wish people listened to it.

  20. Rattler and Jamie, you deserve an award for valor. Phew! That was awful. Time for some good food, a HAPPY TV show, and a nice, long, walk (or something to that effect!).

    [Rattler] "Obingsi" -- LOL. Bet you're right, probably a first cousin. Heh, heh.

    How were things at "the popsicle stand" today?

  21. I loved the satire!! I guess the statements, door is always open and he is willing to listen is Obama double-speak. He really means you'll proposal will go in one ear, and out the other. He says, it must be my BILL, or else. For, you know its all about me-Obamacare

    Another words... He's a big, fat LIAR!!!

  22. Bill O is giving his special analysis of the speech.

    Let's see if Bill drools over BO tonight.

    I hope not.

    Oh, the "speech was WAYYYYYYY TOOOO LONGGGGG!".

    "I hope Obama has a magic wand".

    President was clear on insurance companies.

    Order insurance companies to perform specific tests - mammograms, colonoscopies (which are not always recommended, btw, because they can have serious complications!) -

    O' says that is headed to the "nanny state" with that. Is true.

    Oh, he is addressing the comparison to auto insurance and "forcing people to buy insurance". O' agrees with me - shouldn't be done. "We are not machines, like a car".

    Rove is on. Talking about the obvious lies:

    "end of life counseling" that BO denies.

    Also, the lie about "not insuring illegals".

    And BO's answer to the insurance companies dominating state markets was wrong. The real answer is to allow crossing of state lines - Obama doesn't want that.

    Rove also pointed out the lies about "not adding to the deficit".

    "Obama is not shooting straight with us".

    Not cutting Medicare - NOT TRUE. (WE KNEW THAT).

    O' thinks Obama "threw public option out the window".


    "We need a "not for profit Gov't option to keep insurance companies honest. It would only be an option for those who don't have insurance."

    O' is wrong, wrong, wrong.

    He still wants Obama to come on his show. He bashes him a little, then sucks right back up to him.

  23. Well, TWW, since you asked...I blew the popsicle stand today.

    I was working like usual when the main boss came over to our cubicles and said he had an announcement. The lady who sits next to me looked really grave, so I expected the worst. The boss said most of us were being laid off today, except for a skeleton crew of mostly administrators. There was nothing the bosses in my office could do; the faceless, heartless executives at corporate didn't want to pay us three extra weeks. (I don't hate all corporations. Just the one I used to work for.) I pretended to work until 5:45 and clocked out for the last time. So I am now officially in between jobs.

  24. UGH, now he has Axelrod on. What a CREEPY GUY.

    My word is "obatro".

    That must have some meaning, but I can't think of anything... TWW? Rattler? Help me out here.

  25. Oh, man, Rattlesnake. That's terrible!

    Of course, they kept the administrators - the people who do nothing but administer....?

    Usually, its the "Yes Men", who suck up to the bosses. But they usually get it in the end, much to their surprise.

    The useful idiots helping our mgmt plan to close us down think they will be kept on, but I have news for THEM. They are being USED, and will be tossed away, too. They are just too stupid to see it.

  26. I found out who shouted out "You Lie" - its on Drudge:

    === South Carolina Republican Rep. Joe Wilson shouted "You lie!" after Obama had talked about illegal immigrants. ===

    And I thought I heard laughter at one point (after BO said something that wasn't supposed to be funny, lol):

    === It wasn't the only interruption during Obama's speech to a joint session of Congress in the House of Representatives. Earlier, Republicans laughed when Obama acknowledged that there are still significant details to be worked out before a health overhaul can be passed. ===

  27. FINALLY, someone in Congress woke up to the fact that the 3 dozen czars were slipped in without confirmation:

    === Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-N.C.) on Wednesday called for President Obama's "czars," or appointed high-level advisers, to testify before Congress about their "authority and responsibilities" in the executive branch. ===

    === "If the czars have high-level, decision-making authority as their titles would indicate, then it is my concern that their appointment without Senate approval represents a circumvention of our Constitutionally-mandated confirmation process," McHenry, who is a member of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, said in his letter. ===

  28. Hm...Maybe "Obatro" is a shortening of Obama's "Cinco de Quatro" gaff.

    Well, the administrators are losing their jobs in a few weeks, anyway, and they know it.

  29. Good news.... the Cap & Trade bill is in trouble in the Senate:

    === Several U.S. Senate Democrats, including a top leader, on Wednesday questioned whether it would be possible to vote on a climate change bill this year, especially with healthcare reform eating up so much of the lawmakers' time.

    "It's a difficult schedule" with many members already "anxious" about healthcare reform, Senator Dick Durbin, the second-ranking Democrat, told Reuters when asked about prospects this year for a bill to cap emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. ===

    SO, the Dems are "anxious" about health care reform? No, "Little Dick" (Mark Levine's nickname for Dicky Durbin), your fellow Dems are worried about their chances for re-election next year! THAT is what they are "anxious" about.

    I also learned something that I did not know - there is an energy bill "awaiting floor debate" that sounds fairly reasonable:

    === Many of them are moderates who instead want the Senate to simply pass an energy bill awaiting floor debate. That bill would require utilities to generate more electricity from renewable sources such as wind and solar power, while also allowing expanded oil and gas drilling off Florida's Gulf coast. ===


    link to the rest of the story -

  30. Observations on the "speech"
    -not one new thing except a glancing shot at tort reform which I am sure the Democrats will shoot down. There was not one new thing.
    -Pretty funny how people called him a liar. I thought Pelosi's face would fall off.
    -Has anyone else noticed that Gibbs is starting to sound and look like Porky Pig?
    -Who IS dressing the First Lady? They should be fired and then maybe shot. She was wearing the "Barbie Channels Jackie O" collection tonight. It doesn't suit her. Who is trying to make her look like June Cleaver? And why???

  31. Pelosi's face can't fall off - its glued on. Did you notice that it looked like she was chewing her cud, like a cow? Her false teeth must have been loose.

    Yeah, I noticed they were trying the Jackie-O, Chanel suit look again tonight. They just won't give up on trying to turn her into another Jackie. MO sure does love bows. Makes her look silly. Guess she had to cover her "toned arms" tonight, too. It would have distracted from hubby's speech. (or tirade against the evil republicans who "just say no".

    Just a couple more things, then I'm calling it a night:

    === Inquiry opened into New Black Panther case

    The Justice Department's Office of Professional Responsibility has begun an inquiry into the dismissal in May of a civil complaint against the New Black Panther Party and two of its members who disrupted a Philadelphia polling place during last year's presidential elections. ===

    It probably won't go anywhere, but at least someone in Congress (Rep. Lamar Smith) made an official inquiry.

    There are some links to other, related stories embedded in this one:

    Breitbart has a great opinion piece out today:

    === Couric should look in mirror

    Obviously, it's not that the Jones story wasn't newsworthy. His racist rants, his radical background and his membership in a 9/11 "truther" group made for heavy-rotation YouTube viewing that would have immediately destroyed other mere mortals if the shoe were on the right - or white - foot.

    Compounding the problem, the Jones narrative hurts Mr. Obama because it underlines how the mainstream media helped elect the president by glorifying him instead of vetting him.

    Just as Mr. Obama was not even cursorily investigated, Van Jones, a fellow "community organizer," was not given the slightest media attention when named as an unaccountable "czar" selected to oversee billions in taxpayer money for the ambiguous purpose of "green energy." And that despite having a body of damning evidence that could be found with a single Google search by an ADHD-addled high-school journalism student. ===

    Night all! Hope MM is relaxing in the mountains, listening to the singing of crickets and surrounded by beauty. She needs the break.

  32. Oh, Rattler, that is a BUMMER. Well, I guess, if the axe must fall, it's best that it fall quickly. Whack! That was a bit of a shock, nonetheless, I'm sure.

    Good for you to use the "I'm between jobs" description. I've used that many times. It's a good one.

    YOU WILL START A NEW JOB. God may have a long wait in mind, first, though.

    "Wait for the Lord; Be strong and take heart, and wait for the Lord." Psalm 27:14 (NIV).

    That verse is full of encouragement that a simple English translation doesn't convey. Here is the "Amplified" version [in the Publisher's Foreword to the Amplified Version of the Bible it says: "'The words of the Hebrew tongue have a peculiar energy. It is impossible to convey so much so briefly in any other language.'" [Martin Luther, c. 1534 -- LOL - ESPECIALLY in German, er I mean Austrian. ;)]]:

    "Wait and hope for and expect the Lord; be brave and of good courage, and let your heart be stout and enduring. Yes, wait and hope for and expect the Lord." Psalm 27:14 (Amplified)

  33. Good morning, Jamie! :D

    (sure hope you read this before work in the AM)

    Here'a your Quote of the Day (from the mini poster on my refrigerator door):


    This is God.

    I will be handling all of your problems today.

    I will not need your help.

    So, relax!

    And have a GREAT DAY.

    (I always imagine God chuckling as he says the fourth line. Heh, heh.)

  34. And one more thing....

    Re: "Relax"

    Psalm 46:10 says, "Be still and know that I am God."

    The Hebrew word translated "be still" is "rephah," which means, essentially, "relax." :)

  35. TOTUS, great comeback on Joe Wilson's "You lie!" hate speech. "That's not true." Great save. You might get a golden hard drive like Rush Limbaugh has a golden microphone!

  36. Dissent! Van Jones Reports Joe Wilson to

    Representative Joe Wilson, R-S.C., has been formally reported to for "extraordinary breach of decorum" by former White House czar Van Jones. Anonymous sources at the New York Times were quick to confirm that the Grey Lady's editors are currently debating whether or not to report the incident. On the one hand, it might help Obama. On the other, it could possibly backfire - just like Obama's attempt to scapegoat Sarah Palin for her willfully ignorant lies concerning death panels, which Obama NEVER supported once he learned about them from the former Arkansas governors' blog on Facebook...

  37. man I LOVED that line "YOU LIE!" from Rep. Wilson. good for him and he shouldn't HAVE to apologize for speaking the TRUTH

  38. As I related above, Wilson has already been formally reported by Jones for proper re-education. Your racism sickens our secular god and his intellectually superior liberal brethren! IPs are being recorded - ye of little faith shall ALL be interned in good time! Once we control your well-being, you will NOT mock This is our FINAL solution - we are tired of hearing your lies and shall entertain them no more!

  39. UPDATE:

    Joe Wilson has pledged to drown a Kopechne if it will help him get back in the good graces of the Liberal Lions of national healthcare:

    Joe Wilson's Chappaquiddick</a

  40. Hooray for Congressman Wilson for telling the truth about THE LIAR! He should not have apologized. We need a lot more people in Congress, both Democrats and Republicans to show they have the backbone to stand up for the American people, but sadly only a very few will do so.

  41. I emailed Joe Wilson (via GOPUSA) and thanked him for speaking the truth. I was going to donate to his campaign, but his website is "down for maintenance".... I heard on Fox 'n Friends that his opponent has received $100,000.00 in donations. I guess those sharks (SOROS, et al) smell blood in the water.

    I actually think that Rep Wilson should be applauded for his restraint, because if it were me, I would have been yelling "YOU LIE" just about every time BO opened his mouth.

    Here is a list of what we are expected to believe that Obama and the Democrat-controlled Congress will put together in a bill, while not adding one dime to our deficits – either now or in the future:

    - Everything the stay the same for those who have health insurance through their jobs, Medicare, Medicaid, or the VA;

    - They will mandate coverage of pre-existing conditions;

    - They will ban caps on coverage for a year, or a lifetime;

    - They will mandate coverage of routine checkups and preventive care, like mammograms and colonoscopies;

    - They will offer health insurance to 30 million uninsured;

    - They will provide tax credits for small businesses;

    - They will mandate coverage for the young healthy uninsured;

    - They will provide hardship waivers;

    - They will provide choice and competition;

    - They will keep insurance companies honest;

    - They will avoid taxpayer subsidies for public option plans;

    - They will keep out illegal immigrants;

    - They will not pay for abortions;

    - They will not deny care to the elderly because of cost-benefit analyses.

    Obama promises all this. Same stuff we have been hearing for the last 6 weeks.

    Oh, and by the way, his promise of doing something "outside of the bill" on medical malpractice / Tort reform by putting Kathleen Sebelius on it???? She was a lobbyist for the trial lawyers. Give me a break!

    Just how stupid does he think we are?

    Forget I asked that question. I already know the answer.

    I guess BO has already begun campaigning for 2012.

    Because that is what that speech was full of - campaign promises. And we all know that campaign promises are never kept.

  42. God Bless Joe Wilson. Thank you, sir!

    The biggest lie of all is that this bill is about helping the uninsured. They could give a fat rat's ass about the uninsured, the poor, or even the people at all. They dismiss our majority objection. How does that lead logically to caring about the poor?

  43. This comment has been removed by the author.

  44. OMG - here it is, 9:00 a.m. on the day after BO gives his speech before Congress on prime time tv and he is already holding a press conference!

    The agenda for this press conference?

    Why.... HEALTH CARE!

    I guess he thinks 45 minutes of his "presence" wasn't long enough to get out his message or charm (hypnotize) us into submission.

    Oh, his aides say he plans to release some statistics and poll numbers. I'm sure the poll numbers are from a non-biased source such as an online CBS/USA Today, Newsweek or NBC/MSNBC poll. And he will have reps from the Nursing Association there to show their support. Wow, union support. What a surprise.

    BTW, I learned last night that only 17% of doctors are members of the AMA.

  45. Joe Wilson was the highlight of the rather predictable speech. My eyes still hurt from Nancy's dress.

  46. I wanted to contribute to Wilson's campaign fund until he apologized.

  47. "I actually think that Rep Wilson should be applauded for his restraint, because if it were me, I would have been yelling "YOU LIE" just about every time BO opened his mouth."

    LOL. Me too. Unfortunately Wilson apologized.

    ==="This evening I let my emotions get the best of me," he said in a statement. "While I disagree with the president's statement, my comments were inappropriate and regrettable. I extend sincere apologies to the president for this lack of civility."===

    What the hell, dude. Grow a pair.

    Word verification: Sickbe. That's how I feel about this healthcare nightmare.

  48. BHObastard is the biggest LIAR in the known and unknown Universe.

    Joe Wilson, you spoke for 90% of America; then you apologized. Now, we have no voice.

  49. I watched the speech with a friend who is newly interested in politics. I tried to show restraint but could not help but mutter, "He is lying..." again and again. Finally the friend asked, "How do you know he is lying?"

    I replied (get ready, it is good and I never think of these zingers until after the moment has passed!)

    So, I replied...



    PS Sorry, I think this post has as many "I's" as Obama's speeches!

  50. Wilson had to apologize before the Dems could use him as an example of how the "Republicans just want to cause health care reform to fail".

    By apologizing and forcing Obama to accept that apology, it diffused the Dems argument. Besides, now that the stories about the Dems booing and hissing during Bush's State of the Union speeches have come out and there is NO MENTION OF ANY APOLOGIES FROM THEM - it makes Wilson look like someone who just got carried away by his emotions. Notice that he did not apologize for saying that it was a lie, he apologized for not saying it in a civil way.

  51. Debbdi, next time you talk to your friend ask them to think about this: "if times are so dire that it is crucial that they "enact changes NOW", then why have they set the plan to go into effect FOUR years from now, in 2013, AFTER the 2012 elections"?

    After all, Obama said last night that if we don't pass something now, "more people will die".....

    Not only did Obama hold a press conf this morning (and repeat the very same things he said last night, except for the part about illegals), he also gave a mini press conference after his Cabinet meeting.

    He just can't get enough air time.

    I think he truly believes that old saying:

    "If you repeat a lie enough times, the people will begin to believe it is true".

  52. Here is some interesting reading about Obama and his connections to Socialists and Communists:

    === Fear on the Left: Van Jones exit could lead to the unmasking of the president

    ... Davidson, a friend of Obama, said this article (is) the “motherlode,” meaning that we had connected the dots between Jones and Obama himself, and that scrutiny of Jones would lead to Obama.

    Here’s what Davidson said, referring to my article ((the 2nd link in this post)): “Here’s the motherlode piece fueling the rightwing blogosphere that helped bring down Van Jones. The text will show you that it won’t stop here. They will use everything they can to cripple and take down Obama from the right, and will use more and more sham ‘connections,’ such as with me, to do it.”

    It’s hardly a “sham connection” when Davidson, a Marxist and former SDS activist, has a history of working with Obama and was a member of the “Progressives for Obama” network. New Zealand blogger Trevor Loudon has all of this and more.

    This is what the “progressives” really fear — that Obama himself will be unmasked. ===

    link -


    === Van Jones and President Barack Obama: 'It's the communism, stupid'

    Obama has decades of friendly associations with communists and terrorists, ranging from Communist Party USA member Frank Marshall Davis in his youth in Hawaii to communist terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn in Chicago when he was doing community organizing and running for political office. ===

  53. I wish hadn't apologized. I understand why he did, but I wish he didn't. I wish he had instead said, "Me? Apologize? Piss off!"

    Then we could say, "Palin/Wilson 2012!"

  54. I know, me too. But its the game that they play and it sucks.

    Let the Dems rant and rave and accuse and back themselves into a corner. It will all come out on YouTube, now or in the future.

    That's what is happening now. The footage of the Dems booing and hissing Bush is out there for all to see. And they can't say that they apologized for being "uncivil" because they didn't. If they had of - it would be on record.

  55. I agree with Jamie about Joe Wilson -- he did NOT apologize for saying what he said, he apologized for the lack of decorum. He sounds to me like a stand-up guy who really, really cares about the direction this administration is taking this country -- so much so that his normal civility was overcome by a passionate outburst. If he is running for re-election, please support him, we need this type of man in office.

  56. aero,

    All right, that's fair enough. If he's standing by his statement that BO lied, that's good enough for me.

  57. I was dissapointed as well that Wilson apologized. I am sick of Republicans sticking it fellow Republicans when they have the cajones to stand up for the American people. We need to vote out the GOP wimps. Obama the narcissist-in-Chief, yes gave yet another speech on heath care today. The man loves to hear his own words come out of his mouth, while I almost gag and spew listening to him.

  58. In a way, I think Wilson was apologizing TO US for giving the Dems and the Obama-media a sound bite that they could use to beat us up as "uncompromising louts".

    I'm sure he is sorry about that!

    Little does Wilson know, that when he said what he said, he was SPEAKING UP FOR US! Because we all said "that is a lie" when Obama uttered it!

    I think that Obama knows it, too. And it is why, when he gave his second speech about his grandiose plans this morning, where he repeated his words from last night, he left out the denial of illegal coverage. He was afraid that someone in the audience would repeat what Wilson said.

    Remember folks, we need to be careful what we wish for. The last time folks voted against Republicans en masse, we ended up replacing them with an awful lot of Democrats who campaigned as "moderates" and who now vote with their party.

    I intend to support, as best I can, any and all Conservatives who run for office, even if all I can afford to send them is $5.00 each.

    BUT I REFUSE TO VOTE FOR A DEMOCRAT, not even if they run on a conservative platform. Even a weak, wimpy Republican is better than a Democrat. Because, unfortunately, the party in the majority still rules and when their party is in power, the wimpy Dems will vote with their party every time, no what they say when they are running for office.

  59. The one line I've heard over and over today (I refused to watch live as I cannot stand a liar) is "This is the plan I believe will best serve the people".

    What about a plan "the people" would like to have? Oh, that's right, we're WAY too imbicillic to choose anything for ourselves, except abortions, that is.

  60. BTW - Apparently, 'House rules expressly prohibit lawmakers from calling the president a "liar" or accusing him of "lying."' So, as punishment, Joe Wilson was threatened with "censure" if he did not apologize on the House floor, but he refused.

    === House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn, also of South Carolina, asked Wilson to apologize on the House floor in front of his colleagues. The final vote of the day was held open by Democrats to give him an opportunity to do so, but he refused.

    Democrats threatened to censure Wilson absent such an apology. So far they have not done it -- but even though House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said earlier that a censure was not being considered, her top deputies kept it in the mix. ===

    >.< >.< >.< >.< >.< >.< >.<

    Oh, great, the "unbiased" media is pulling out all the stops to help Dope - so we get to look forward to MORE OBAMA on tv.

    On Sunday, he will be on 60 Minutes (which I have not watched in many, many, many years and won't watch for many, many, many more years)

    And on Monday, he will give a speech "to mark the anniversary of the collapse of Lehman Brothers blah, blah, blah......"

    ~ bleah ~

    Well, the Steelers game is about to start. I guess I'll go watch it for a while. They are playing the Titans!

    Ah, this is cool - a "DON'T TREAD ON ME" flag (black and gold of course) in the midst of a sea of terrible towels!

    GO STEELERS!!!!!!

  61. TOTUS..i hate to say this...(or do i?)..soon many americans will (or are they now?) be very very very very tired of what your boss reads off your screen...

    ..and most americans will be thinking.."is it 2012 yet?" they do on a thursday, "is it friday, yet?"

  62. Alan, what do you mean, "will be thinking...". I've been thinking that since November of 2008.

    Hey TWW - if you get on tonight: You have asked about the Toto a couple of time and I've not answered (I usually forget). I apologize.

    Just so you know, the Toto has been really playful lately. Each evening, as I'm posting, I'm having to throw his floppy bunny toy, over and over and over again ..... until he gets all tuckered out.

    He's a happy little dog, that he is!

  63. Youuuuu-Hoooooo, T-T-TO-TUS-S-S-S!

    Now TOTUS, I know you've been busy with all of BO's speechifying and all the last two days, but you gotta give us an update!

    (I know you're around - you tweeted a couple of hours ago).

  64. Hi, Jamie -- thanks for letting me know how your valiant little companion is doing. What a character. I can just "see" him scrambling after the bunny. Now THAT [image] is healthful.


    Rattlesnake, your "words" are verrrrry interesting. Enjoyed your translations.

    B.O. [punch drunk again - on phone with Big Mo who is in N.Y.C. (again) running up her tab at Saks 5th Ave.]: Uuuuuh [BURP!]..... sho waaahz happpnin... Mithuhll? You get all them whiteez.....uuuhhh... aaaderrsus? Gonna [HIC!] take you dowwwwwwwwwnnnn, Y - D's. Saaaay, wushthedaytoday? Izsht Cinco duh Crahtro, er, De Sheckratto? Aaaaaa, whuddevuh....

    B.M.: Who IS this?

    B.O.: Obatro!!

    [The next day....]

    B.O.: Ooowwww, my heeead. What'd you put in those drinks last night, Rahm. DON'T open those curtains...... I-buh, feelbuh, threelbuhlly, sickbe.

    Rahm: Huh?

    B.O.: SICKBE. I-buh -- feeeelbuh -- sickbe.

    Rahm [rolls eyes and leaves room, dialing Valerie Jarrett, Czar of Bootlicking, on cellphone] Yeah, it's me. Write up something for Dope to read to the first graders coming this afternoon. Keep it simple.

    Photo Tiger, LOL. That was funny. I enjoyed hearing the compressed/chipmunk thing on Rush's show this past week, heh, heh.

    I sure wish totus WOULD do that (s---l---o--w, thenreallyfast). It would make me laugh and, say, that would be truly (even though still full of lies) healthful because "a merry heart is good medicine." (Proverbs 17:22)

    One of my FAVORITE little "chipmunk"-style ditties is "The Hamster Dance Song." I can't help but dance around and laugh like crazy whenever I "play" (I bought a greeting card with it in it and just open it up :D) it. LOVE IT. Yeeehaw!


    Ellen K, yes, G-g-g-g-i-bsy (a.k.a., Giggly) is a nervous little man. Always seems to be one milligram of Valium away from hysteria. He'll have to take a stronger dose! Most likely, he's grown resistant to it. He'll have to revert to his bottle of Scotch (sssh!) in the podium again. Pitiful.


    Say.... "pitiful" starts with a "P"....... PREPTILE! I know tonight's a tennis teaching night, but, we're missing your prize-winning punditalyiciousness! Hope all is well.

    How about a piece for Rattler who recently blew the PoPsicle stand due to the takeover of his company by some Pugnacious Pukes who sent all the jobs to Punjab (or thereabouts)?

  65. Sooooo, how did you like all those "hecklers" from the floor? HEHEHEHE doesn't that just steam up your lens?

  66. Say it ain't so, Joe!

    Well, Rattler, I'm afraid Mr. Wilson DID retract his WONDERFUL outburst -- wish there were MORE of those from the Republicans! He did so under heavy pressure, however, so, I still applaud the man -- those words will echo around those chambers and across the nation for a long time.

    Mr. Wilson did not stand by his characterizing Peach Obama as a liar, "You lie!" He CHANGED his statement to say only that he disagreed with Peach. "Liar" implies the intent to lie. AND THAT WAS THE TRUTH.

    Sigh. D'oh! lies at the drop of a hat -- with impunity; he has NO CONSCIENCE.

    He is a "gifted" con man -- common con technique: make yourself out to be the victim of those who expose your deceit. Peach THE LIAR Obama is a master at creating the Persecutor-Victim-Rescuer triangle.

    Of course, anyone not in the Cult of Obama can see right through his OBVIOUS, stupidly stated (and not helped at all by being "recalibrated"), LIES.

    My hat's off to Joe Wilson. Not fully knowing the pressure he was under, I disapprove, but do not condemn him for his retraction. SURE WISH HE WOULD NOT HAVE APOLOGIZED!


    Let us all stand firm for the truth against that LYING MARXIST MUSLIM FROM INDONESIA BORN IN KENYA (as of this post, B. Hussein STILL has not met his burden of proof in the issue of whether he is a "natural born citizen.")

  67. Tomorrow, we will remember all the Americans (and others) who lost their lives in the most brutal terrorist attack on U.S. soil -- ever. [Given that Pearl Harbor was a military target, 9/11 is more heinous for having been an attack purely on civilians.]

    It was done in the name of ISLAM by MUSLIMS committed to the long-settled teachings of the Koran which justifies killing infidels in a jihad to convert the world to Islam. Convert -- or die. Remain in Islam -- or die.

    [Source: Book: Why We Left Islam (2007?), a collection of the statements of Muslims who got out.]

    God bless our wonderful U.S. Armed Forces for keeping us safe from Islamofascism. God bless our firefighters who will still run into a burning building to come to our rescue. God bless all who make a stand for the truth, whether in the U. S. Congress or on the streets of a small town; however small, however quiet, you are why our nation is still "the land of the free and the home of the brave."


  68. Sorry TWW,no funnies on 9/11.
    Today,I fume.

    On this day my 'leaders' would prefer to reach accomodation and understanding with those demanding 'submission'.

    Not bloody likely here.

    I want vengance equalling that we took after Pearl harbor,including WWIII,if necessary.
    Unfortunately our President thinks a dinner party will make theocrats love us.
    And that our military IS the problem.
    The solution to the problem posed(aargh),is military.To those military families like Jamie,MM,and BA(and thank you all),I can only advise patience.
    Keep that powder dry guys.
    When we elect a President who wears 501s,instead of Mom jeans
    you will be allowed to do your job.
    Provided of course you don't all get layed off in favor of funding for social programs first.If we don't provide free lunches for madrassas they might turn to radicalism or something,is no doubt their thinking.

    They have another think coming.

    The problem persists and providing for our enemies wants and needs will not cure it.

    What they want is Israel,and carte blanche to export their proxy jihadi domino teams.

    When we elect new leadership hopefully they will allow us to just say,

    Real men cried real tears today as they remembered that horrible day.
    It is a pity our President prefers that we forget our fury,and 'move on'.

    He will have as much luck peddling pig
    pasta in Riyadh.

  69. TWW: Haha, I can't believe you made a skit out of my word verification.

    Rush's speeded-up versions are the most tolerable way to listen to BO and Gibsy.

    I think Dope believes some of his own lies, especially about his school days.

    You know, TOTUS, there's a saying in showbiz: always leave the audience wanting more. You and Big Guy are way overdoing it this week.

  70. Thanks, Rattler. :D Yeah, how true -- Hopey the Clown's act got stale about 99 performances ago. If he didn't own the theater, he'd have gotten the hook long ago.

    (applause), Preptile. Yes, indeed, I will never "move on" from the facts that make up September 11, 2001.

    I agree. No one wants war, but the Muslims are forcing it upon us (and Israel -- GO ISRAEL!). Dinkin' around with Dinnerjacket; winking and shuffling one's feet at Khadafy's buddy's release; and cutting back on air support for the combat troops on the ground in Afghanistan (to "avoid harming civilians") is NOT the answer. A strong military response is.


  71. Hi, guys. We're home. The mountains were beautiful, as always. Fall is beginning, so bursts of bright red and tamarack gold break through the green pines. No crickets, though: it's nearly freezing at night already.

    Businesses are having trouble breaking even in the tiny mountain towns, and fewer children are enrolled in the schools this year: parents have moved their families to The Big Cities, to look for work. Our economy is just scary.

    Good job critiquing BO's Big Speech, Jamie. Basically you relied on my fave-rave verb: LIE. BO lies constantly, non-stop.

    Either Rush or Sean (I'm beat) ran through the list of Dems who've never apologized for calling GW a liar (esp. Harry Reid). I hope to GOODNESS that Joe Wilson just says on the floor of the House: "Yeah, I apologize for embarrassing my Party, but Obama DID lie, as the newspapers are all admitting finally----and I won't apologize further, UNTIL all YOU Democrats apologize for calling Americans against Obamacare OR calling President George W. Bush, "LIARS."

    (sigh..) Fat chance.... (But I'm praying for it!)

    GOOD NEWS tonight, though: the Census Bureau will not cut all ties with ACORN! TERRIFIC! Now maybe we can get valid statistics.

    I put the Obama-Joker on my poster for today's Tea Party. I am not sure how that will fly in the conservative West, though.

    Well, gotta hit the sack. Scary times FOTs.

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