Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ownership Society

This is kind of an interesting time for us in the White House, particularly for those of us who've been with Big Guy for a while, before he was famous and popular and the most powerful man on the face of the earth - okay, he was all those things before most of you knew him, but still we're trying to be humble. But I digress.

So for years Big Guy couldn't afford to own much of anything. He was a community organizer, after all, and when all you have to your name is a Teleprompter, a long extension cord to power that Teleprompter when you're walking the neighborhood, and some suits your little side business while at Columbia helped pay for, well, you come to appreciate what you have. 

Flash forward to today, he's written two autobiographies, one with his life-trainer Bill Ayers, one on his own, that made him millions.  He's bought a house in Chicago that we really couldn't afford except for that favorable rate we got from the Senate credit union or wherever it is he got it from, and he's got this great investment adviser recommended to us by Rep. Charlie Rangel, which has worked out just phenomenally well for all of us.

But now, I think having all of this stuff has really gotten to Big Guy's head.  Just yesterday in Minnesota he told the crowd - adlibbing, cause it wasn't loaded in me - that he "owned" health care.  And earlier this summer he told a crowd in Iowa that he "owned" the economy. 

I'm not the greatest investor, but based on what Timmy Geithner and others are saying about the economy and health care, I guess I'm a little surprised we bought those. Then again, Big Guy still uses that Betamax recorder a lot.


  1. Hi, sweetie :-)

    Don't you know? BObasard owns the USA; that's what he thinks the President does.

    And he thinks he owns all of our checking accounts, too; at least, according to the DeachCare Bill, he does.

    Since he's never worked at a real job in his whole life, I wonder how he came to 'own' so much?

  2. my authorization word for the above post was: nonfood

    So I guess the US citizen will have to eat HealthCare and the Econony...

  3. Driving into the University of MN yesterday I found it interesting that the interstate was fairly clear... I figured this state of sheep and sheep herders would have bleated their way to the Target Center.

    So my question is: where'd those people come from that "packed" the Target Center? Buses?

    I remember when Bush flew in here, and McCain... the interstate was packed...

    'nuff said.

  4. "Ownership society" -- LOL! Hopefully he will soon own failure and defeat as well.

  5. TOTUS Dear, Good morning!

    Where did the O'Bama Family worship this morning? And what did the Mrs. wear?

  6. I think it will be another long, long wait to see any trace of the O family anywhere near a church. I feel bad for those girls being raised like that. Unless - giving benefit of doubt here - could they have a private service of some kind in the WH??? Somehow I don't think so...

    Wee-Wee may think he owns health care, the economy, and us - but his fatal flaw (one of so many) is that he does not recognize that HE is owned by GOD.

    And yes, Susan, let's find out what Arms is wearing these days. But I think we will be sorry we asked, once the next Bizzarro outfit appears...

  7. It's Not you TOTUS you were great as usual ;)

    Yeah who is advising the President? The people he needs to convince were in D.C. yesterday...hearts and minds this is really basic. If you really want bi partisanship you have to speak to ALL Americans - not just your echo chamber.

  8. Just thinking about a private worship service, and considering how in the very old days, a priest-hole was used to conceal the illegal priests in the castle. Perhaps there is a priest-hole somewhere in the White House? The question would be, though, what kind of religious/political/ideological person would be hiding in it?

  9. BObastard ran away from the Real Americans, the ones he is TERRIFIED to speak to, much less have a dialog with them.

    If he was any kind of a MAN or LEADER, he would have met the People and talded with them.

    But he knows we know he hates America and American workers; he projects his own violent thuggery tactics on others, rendering him incapable of appearing before the People because he fears (LOL LOL LOL, like he's even WORTH it) for his PERSONAL SAFETY.


    Run away to ACORN and the Unions; let MObitch starp on your laughable balls and chastise Congress and demand that True American Patriot, Joe Wilson, be 'admonished' (again, LOL LOL LOL) or punished, or whatever this wimp-assed Congress wants to do; let the world see the facade fall and view your true dispicable, whorish self.

    You Fraud and leadersupport of Islam, Americans will bring you and your sycophants down.

    and You can't stop U.S.!

  10. If BO "owns" the economy, does that mean he can't blame the new Depression on Bush anymore? Oh, wait, Dope inherited the recession from Bush, so does that mean Bush used to own the economy, and now that Dope owns it he's supposedly making it better?

    Trying to think like a Statist makes my brain hurt.

    MRS1953, your word verification made me laugh.

    Janice, do you think Jeremiah Wright is in that priest-hole? We haven't heard from him in a while, have we? Or how about the pastor who prayed that "brown will be allowed to stick around" and "white will embrace what is right" (can't remember his name)?

  11. Rep Thaddeus McCotter "undergirding" We need to reset the health insurance reform legislation.

    It took Obama 48 minutes and McCotter get's the point across in 5:52

    That's not a criticism TOTUS we know you can't control the rambling :)

  12. TOTUS Dear, you go have a sweet tea now, cuz I'm gonna be a semi-catty girl here.

    I liked the COLOR of her outfit in the House Gallery the other nitght, just not the pouffy skirt. Did not help the lower half at all. Weird how her handlers don't see that.

  13. Rattlesnake, I'm thinking a really DEEP hole in the White House. Maybe Osama bin Laden is down there . . . or, perhaps it goes all the way to North Korea . . . or maybe, just maybe, it goes to . . . Manchuria. I've heard that brainwashing has to be "renewed" every so often to stay effective. And it helps to have a few inhibition-releasing chemicals during that time. Could explain the punch-drunk and erratic behavior, as being close to when the "renewals" take place. The things to notice are when he appears to have less control of his emotions and anger, as opposed to when he has so much control that he appears to have no emotions at all. Since he has appeared to be angry most of the time, lately, it could be that the treatments are having to be more often.

    But the poor man is under a lot of stress lately, what with people actually disagreeing with him. It isn't all Wednesday night chips and beer with the boys. What a shock that must have been to him. Plus, he has aged a lot since becoming President. He must look a good ten years older than he did a few months ago.

    I think he deserves the job, considering what it is doing to him. But we don't deserve him.

  14. MRS1953, is your twin named, "MelenaX?" You sure have her sense of humor!

    Susan, my bet is that, for worship, the Obamas just gaze into their mirrors.

    Yepper, BO does seem alternately on, then off drugs. His hair stopped being "black" within ONE WEEK of his winning the election: how bizarre is THAT!?

    What a LIFE!? I pray he just stops the madness and Gets Real with God. 'Course his owners (HE is owned, not the other way 'round) would probably "off" him for that----but then, he'd get to be a martyr. That's something the current BO seems to crave: eternal fame.

    Btw, Jamie, many of those "illegal priests" were women! Ever hear of Dorothy Irvin? She's uncovered TONS of heretofore hidden mosaics and paintings RIGHT IN ROME of ordained women clergy from the very beginning of Christianity. Amazing.

    Well, we're off again to the neuro in UT. God bless you, FOTs. Not only is GOD in control: God WILL WIN and HAS ALREADY----right, TWW?

    Lord, help our leaders walk away from the evil and into God's holy light. Save our nation, Lord, so we can serve You and the world.

  15. Jamie: Maybe Bo will eventually look as old as Mo does.

    Mountain Mama: heh, must be that 'great minds think alike' thing.

    I didn't see MObitch's outfit; where was she hiding?

    I don't know much about fashion and stuff, but, heavens, NOTHING looks good on her, or makes her look good. What are they (or WE) paying those 20 people to do?

    gads, another week of BO's smarmy face all over TV...

  16. This is my first post for the night. That was Janice, not me. But, hey, I'll take credit - it was good stuff. LOL

    MM - I knew it had been 3 weeks and was going to ask you about it today. I hope and pray you get some answers this week! God be with you and your husband. You know our (FOTS)hearts are with you.

  17. I spent the first half of the day with my Mom, then my sister came over so she could watch the last 3 days of Glenn Beck. She works two jobs and never knows what is going on in the world. And she spent yesterday down in Auburn for the football game. She knows now.

    You KNOW things are going down when my sister is interested in the news! She never, ever pays attention to anything except football, that is, when she isn't at at work (which is most of the time.)

  18. oops, sorry Jamie; I'm lucky if I remember what Blog I'm on... :-p

  19. Me, too. Or which TOTUS post I'm on. I just posted to yesterday's post. (about ideas of what to do.)

    You know what was great about yesterday?

    It was that the folks in DC and and tea party protests all around were AVERAGE AMERICANS.

    NOT "professionally trained protesters".

    Have you ever heard of the "Ruckus Society"? Neither had I until a few years ago and I saw a special on tv (don't remember which channel) about people who train to be professional protesters.

    === The Ruckus Society is an organization that sponsors skill-sharing and direct action training camps for activists from impacted communities working on social justice, human rights and environmental justice. ===

    They specialize in training people for environmental protests, BUT they will train anybody.

    Read this to see what we have been up against for many years:

    Here is a link to the Ruckus Society website.

  20. Check out their list of "past actions": - (notice there is one called "Take Action This Election" dated Oct 2008)

    There are also listings there for "Trainings in the Field" and "Training Camps".

    Like I said - see what we are up against.

    MY WORD THIS TIME WAS "drones".

    How appropos!

  21. yeah, I had heard about that a few years ago.

    my thought then is the same as it is now: True Americans don't have to be trained to know and do the right thing; it just comes naturally.

  22. Being a community organizer means that you're hell-bent on winning for one set of constituents while crushing the others to dust. That may be a reasonably safe gambit when it's one precinct in Chicago versus another. But here, Obama has literally pitted one half of America against the other. He is literally, and almost singularly, ripping this country apart. And what he badly misjudged was the supposed 'pacifist' response we'd give. I mean, we've never been ones to wave signs, march, yell, scream. But we are doing those things now. And if Obama 'pushes back twice as hard' as he has promised, so will we.

    There is a cataclysmic ending to this, I fear.

  23. I don't fear it.

    Bring it on, bastard!

  24. I just looked at the Ruckus site, now I can understand how things were swept along their way in this past election. Acorn, Ruckus, Axelrod, truly is a big machine. I hope we all stick together and fight this and Ruckus them.

    Yes, it is frightening how we are now so divided. Years ago, politics never interested me one bit. Now I see what an impact it has on our lives, and the lives of future families, and I can't look away.

    It's good to come here among so many thoughtful and like-minded people, and good to finally have a voice - to de-lurk as Rattlesnake put it in his kind welcome!

  25. Before Nov 2008, whether I voted for them or not, I still trusted our Presidents to a certain degree. I do not trust The Won; he has no honor, no integrity, and no respect for life.

    And everytime I see this Fraud, I get this sense of doom; everytime he speaks, I'm afraid.

    Not the
    run and hide, or surrender', kind of afraid; but the kind of fear that brings out self-preservation, fight to the death gut reaction.

    This pompous little nichipoop doesn't scare me, but what he stands for and what he wants to do to our country, with the help of Congress ('cause he can't do it alone) does.

    When I'm scared, I don't run; I fight.

  26. MRS1953, you certainly have spoken for me, also. It's the Fight-or-Flight reaction. May we be strong enough to stay and fight, and ignore that sneaky little wish to run as fast and as hard as we can, away from all this. Really, though, where can we go? As scary as these times are for us, there is no better place on God's earth than here.

    I can't stand this feeling of doom you spoke of, I feel it, too, and I think the only way out of it is to stay in the fight. Until we are a Free Country once more. Currently we are an occupied nation, as far as the Occupant in the WH, that is...

  27. All through the years I have been confident that our form of government's system of "checks and balances" would prevent a complete takeover of any kind.

    So far, it has worked, as long as there was not complete control of the legislative and executive branches by one party / one ideology. Just about every time that has happened in the past (one-party control), it has been "corrected" by the voters during the next election cycle.

    That usually prevents either party from radically changing the country to reflect their party's ideology.

    But this time is different. WHY? Because Obama and the liberal Dems are moving so quickly to pass their radical legislation. They are moving on so many things at the same time that it is difficult to fight them on all of it. It seems that every time you turn around, you find out that there is another bill in Congress that we didn't know about, another czar moving about in the shadows working to take away our liberties, etc.

    If we don't stand and fight it now, I'm afraid that 2010 won't come soon enough.

    Obama would be neutralized if he didn't have a willing and complacent Congress to back him up.

    If we can hold them off and stop them from passing all their legislation until 2010, then restore the balance between the legislative and executive branches, then there is hope.

    Oh, btw, another Acorn video has been released, this time it was filmed in their Brooklyn office.

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. Jamie,

    So the Ruckus Society is the group behind some of the other kook left-wing protest groups I've heard of, like Code Pink, Earth First and the Earth Liberation Front (ELF). I've only read one article so far, but I plan on reading more throughout the day. Fascinating website. These scumbags will do anything to upset the system, even things that go against their own stated code of morals. They're anti-war, but they try to start riots. They're for the environment, but they'll try to trip police horses with piano wire (painful for the horses). ELF is even more distructive to the environment, setting fire to government buildings and hacking down trees just because they were planted by humans!


    Chris, your whole comment was well stated. Amen, brother. I don't know whether BO thought the whole country would fall in line with his policies, but since we are not, he's using his Chicago thug strategies on the entire nation - or at least half of it.


    MTVA, I'm female, actually. I know you wouldn't know it if you didn't click on my profile.

  30. has a lot of information on PETA. I clicked on an article about PETA urging Hamburg, NY to change its name to Veggieburg in 2003. The best part is the anti-PETA comments on the article. Those people are like FOT prototypes. For example:

    "And, I'm sure the good Muslims in Turkey wouldn't mind changing their country's name to 'Tofurkey'. Much better! I'll be damned if I have to think of Thanksgiving dinner everytime I think of the Turks!"


    I don't know if even you well-informed FOTs have heard about this story, because it's not even getting much coverage on Fox News. A man shot and killed an anti-abortion activist while he was holding a sign outside a high school. Oh, but it's only right-wing extremists who are violent, right?

    Compare this to the coverage of the abortion doctor who was killed in a church (which prompted my progressive grandfather to say of pro-lifers, "they kill abortionists." I told him "that was one crazy guy." I added in my head, "You do know me and Mom are pro-life, right??" But I'm getting way OT).

  31. TOTUS:
    You might think about a hedge fund to offset losses in your portfolio. Perhaps a significant position in the rubber boots industry, as with each new speech the bull shit gets deeper and deeper.

    MTVA and MRS1953:
    Do not despair, dears. And remember the children - the reason we will fight. And when we win, we will write the history books and tell how we took our country back from the brink of socialism.

    I have spoken to several here in my little town - I let them speak and bite my tongue (imagine that!) - and listen to their remorse for voting for Obama. The Magic Negro and his minions are fools to believe that these tea parties, rallies and the general public acting on their constituionally given rights to protest grumble and resist are only the far right. They are fools to blame it on republicans! Last night a friend of mine spoke very bitterly about the whole ordeal, her feeling of being duped, and about how she felt an utter fool for voting for Obama. She said she has now vowed to become more informed about the issues, and pay more attention to what is going on.

    The point is that there are very many folks out there who feel as my friend does, and she doesn't have the means to do anything about it, not until 2010. People like my friend are chomping at the bit to right a wrong.

  32. James Okeefe and Hannah Giles are American heros, and I would like to thank them on behalf of my family and my grand children yet unborn, for their courage and innovation, and I pray God that more like them step up to expose the insidious underbelly of a racist culture that has made this nation sick in it's very bones. Darkness flees when the light shines!!

  33. I concur bettyann that James and Hannah are heroes to the American People. Thank you for bringing to light the truth of socialist agendas like Acorn.

  34. Rattlesnake:
    Having finished my Monday's savage house scrub down, in which I rid the world of sin and evil; and waiting for the floors to dry while being slightly intoxicated by the scent of pine-sol and Murphy's oil soap; and due to the fact that I had trapped myself in the office with my bucket and mop, I came to see what was up with TOTUS, and out of curiosity selected your profile to view. Then I wanted to know what a cake wreck was. I have sat here laughing my ass off for an hour. What a great way to end a six hour cleaning binge!!!

  35. 2010 is a long way off.

    We need to keep up the pressure on our Congressmen and Senators until then. Flood their offices with mail - both email and snail mail; call them every time there is a crucial vote coming up; use the various sites on the internet to send faxes; sign petitions (not the email kind); write letters to your local papers; etc.



    As for the msm:
    STOP watching their tv shows (as was suggested);
    STOP subscribing to their papers and magazines;

    And, when they all start to go "belly-up", call your Congressman and Senators and tell them to vote AGAINST the bailout of msm that is sure to come up as a result!

  36. bettyanne, I am half-way through Cerro and am thoroughly enjoying every word of it. (You have other books? please say yes.)

    One reason I'm enjoying it so much is because I lost a very dear friend two years ago come November. He grew up in New Mexico. (Gubernator canyon ring a bell?) Some of the things your characters say in the book remind me of him very much. He and I used to talk politics every night for hours and hours on the phone.

    Jim and I went to the CPAC conference in 2007. A lot of the people there were smug, not terribly friendly and, at times, incredibly rude. At one point, after attempts at conversation with a couple of them, Jim turned to me and made the statement "You know, I don't like city people very much".

    But, later that day when we attended a reception for one of the future pres candidates (don't remember which one), a very nice gentleman struck up a conversation with us. His name was Herman Pirchner. He is with the American Foreign Policy Council (a "think tank"). We sat and talked to him for over an hour about foreign policy. It was so very interesting. We were sipping wine, so it loosened MY tongue (I'm usually quite reticent), so I actually talked, too. I don't think we even saw whomever the reception was for.

    Long story short, Jim decided that not all "city people" were snobs. LOL

    It turned out to be a great trip.

    The best of all, we got to see all the young college-age people who were there to attend workshops. THAT was an encouraging sight. It gave me hope for the future.

  37. TOTUS 3 posts in 3 days! Keep it up!

    I check this blog every day-a few times a day- to keep my positive attitude, "We CAN beat this beast down!" (No, MM & MRS- I am not talking about MO!)

    But it occurred to me the last time I posted how dependent I have become on the wisdom of Jamie, bettyann, MM, MRS1953, keyboard, rattlesnake, etc. etc.

    What if TOTUS has to go into the Witness Protection program someday? He does let us in on a lot of 'behind the screen' details. What if Toes or one of the Czars decides TOTUS has said too much? Is there another place I can find all of you???

  38. debbdi,

    I worry for the safety of TOTUS, too.

    We are all around, all the time, I think. I would hope that we could find each other if it came to that.

    Back during the run up to the '04 election, I wrote on a blog with a group of folks whom I never met. We were all posting on this other blog and one of the guys suggested that we start up one of our own. And we did. (We called it "Warm and Fuzzy Conservapuppies")

    We posted there daily for months and months. But after the election, we wrote less and less, until eventually we stopped alltogether. What had brought us together (the election) was over. So, you know, people move on.

    The blog site is still there, and I occasionally write a post there to see if maybe one of the others will check in and we can start it back up again.

    So, if something happens to TOTUS (and this blog), I'll go to that old blog and see if anyone shows up.

  39. Jamie:
    I'm so glad you are enjoying Cerro. It's starting to snow ball here at home. I have another book out, a sci-fi, but it is currently under revision. By spring there will be a third, short stories from my newspaper days, which were the inspiration for Cerro.

    Our term for city people is, "Citiot". Citiots ask things like, "At what altitude do deer turn into elk?" Or, "How many blocks to the hot springs?" (we are in a forest).

    I am very sorry to hear you lost your friend. Friends are needful things, and precious.

    Long ago I was part of a blog called, "The 12th Planet Cafe" and it was a blast. Then 911 happened, and one of the bloggers was injured there. Then the blog owner shut it down because someone made what he considered an anti-semetic remark; the blog became an inadvertant victim of 911. But really I think he was just tired of the up keep. I met some of the bloggers. We made trips to meet each other. They were an intelligent and fun bunch of people.

    This is the only place I write on the net. I have wondered what would happen if TOTUS croked, probably at the hands of Gibbsy - you know he envies TOTUS's slim waistline, or MO - ditto, but then she also envies Gibbsy's moobs - but I think that unless the Messiah decides that he owns the internet, TOTUS's job is safe for now. And anyway, to worry is like being in a rocking chair. You are doing something, but getting no where.

  40. I don't think he would shut down the entire internet, because his machine finds it too useful for getting out his "message". How else would he alert his goon squads and send them their marching orders?

    Besides, there are an awful lot of liberal groups who would scream bloody murder along with the rest of us!

    So, we may be safe.

    I DO believe that he will eventually unleash super cybergoons on specific blogs and websites to cause them problems and possibly to crash.

    And there is still the specter of tracking cookies being downloaded from specific sites when you link to them. What is to prevent them from downloading malware instead? I know that my security software is constantly updated to handle new security threats! So, I'm not too worried, for now.

    If I start hearing about BO admin hosting parties at the WH and inviting the head honchos of software companies in an attempt to get them to "join the team" and "help promote change" (like the NEA), THEN I'LL WORRY.

    btw - my word for this post is = heryises

    Heresy (pl: Heresies)
    an opinion, doctrine, or practice contrary to the truth or to generally accepted beliefs or standards

    Yep, Obama's beliefs are heresies.

  41. [Janice - previous thread] "The best political cartoon that I saw of this sad day, ... rescue personnel standing in front of the pearly gates, speaking into their walkie-talkies, and saying "We've made it to the top."

    More tears in my eyes -- good tears. Thanks for sharing your day and that wonderful tribute-cartoon.

    BTW, Janice, good to hear from you! I've been wondering if all was well. We haven't heard from you in awhile. How is your military son? Still praying. Take care.

    Thanks, Rattler. Glad you enjoyed the "Devil's Dictionary" definitions, heh, heh. I liked yours, too. "Sustainable," LOL.

    Ha, haaaw! I can't remember who ol' Pastor What's His Name is either .... kind of sounded like a prayer about ding dongs to me.

    [Rattler] "They're anti-war, but ... start riots. They're for the environment, but ... trip police horses with piano wire (painful for the horses). ELF ... hacking down trees just because they were planted by humans!]

    Wow. TOTALLY insane. Nicely put.

    Rattler! I thought you were a guy! LOL. I don't look at the profiles, guess I should.... oh, brother.



    [MM] "God WILL WIN and HAS ALREADY... ."

    YOU BETCHA, MM! Amen.

    Praying for you and your husband. Tough times.

    [MRS 1953] "What are ... (WE) paying those 20 people to do?"

    Looks like they keep Big Mo from getting on TV.

    JAMIE!! Drones! Amazing.

  42. WELCOME TO THE RANKS OF THE UN-SILENT FOTS, MTVA and HOPE N P J! :D Enjoyed your comments.

    Shrewd observation, Hope and Peanut Butter 'n' Jelly (so, what does Hope N P J stand for?) (:)].

    Thanks for your encouraging post on the last thread, MTVA.

    RE: B. Hussein and family's "worship,".... one theory put forth a couple of months or so ago is that "Wee-wee" [LOL] digs the ol' ouigi board out of the closet and they sit around a cast a spell or two and sing a chant and say the Lord's Prayer backwards. Who knows? That's between them and their god.

    Not so sure that God, as in Jehovah, owns Peach Obama, heh, heh. I'd say his owner is the Father of Lies.

    Say........ is it Marvelously Terrific Violinists Assoc. -- Music T.V. Addict? Ms/Mr. Tennessee Valley Assoc.?

    Do tell! Inquiring minds (both lurked and de-lurked (:)) want to know.


    Hey, Miss Susan, LOL :D, Big Mo's handlers DID see it, but they're STILL working on her obedience training. It's taking so long because she is NOT eager to please and only responds to food-reward training and, well, to put it bluntly, there just is not enough food in THE WORLD to satisfy that vorACIOUS appetite. Say...... maybe they ought to try "nonfood?" She'd love to devour the entire white and Jewish communities..... :D


    [MRS 1953 the Mustang lady]"You can't stop U.S." HOOAH!


    [Jamie] "It isn't all Wednesday night chips and beer with the boys."

    :D I love it. Yeah, poor widdle Baawwee, not gettin' his waaaay.

    I think the fake gray hair is an attempt to give the Fraud from Abroad [Shovel] who looks and sounds about as wise as a fly [SNAP!] a bit of "gravitas." LOL, Cheney is "gravitas," Dope just paints some on. Timmy "The Leprechaun" Geitner's doing the same thing.

    Jamie, I'm sorry about your losing Jim, a dear friend, a kindred spirit, someone who would be there for many years to come....... I'm so sorry. 22 months was not long ago. Take care.

    P.S. I am amazed that you are usually a reluctant conversationalist in large groups. Sure glad you "talk" here! [And, ALL YOU LURKERS, there can never be too many of us de-lurked [Rattler :D] FOTS -- "Speak up and into your mike."]

    [Keyboard Jockey] "It took Obama 48 minutes and McCotter get's the point across in 5:52."

    And....... "When words are many, sin is not absent... ." Proverbs 10:19a. Mmmmm, hmm.


    [Chris] "...we've never been ones to wave signs, march, yell, ... we are doing those things now. And if Obama 'pushes back twice as hard' ..., so will we."

    (applause -- RAH, RAH! -- "Take back America!")

    I'll always remember Norm ____ [the guy verbally abused by the canned CNN reporter], the quiet, unassuming, man who stood on the edge of a Tea Party on July 4th and, when he heard his hero, Abraham Lincoln, being mischaracterized, remained silent no longer. With courage and firmness and FACTS, Norm told that reporter that Honest Abe was NOT for big government and higher taxes. Norm was America. Norm was us. [or "U.S." - MRS1953]. And there are more of us than there are of them. GO USA!

    [Betty Ann] "... to offset losses in your portfolio. Perhaps a significant position in the rubber boots industry... " LOL. :D That's good advice (and coming from someone with your advanced financial degree credentials, highly reliable, I'm sure!).

    Thank you for the encouragement about the number of disillusioned Cult of Obama members out there. That is SO COOL. They got out! They are free. Hurrah!

    [Betty Ann] " ... I have wondered what would happen if TOTUS croaked... "]

    Heh, heh. So did "that'sjustJOE." "What will he do?"


  43. Word was "prothop." LOL. Where Bawney Fwank gets his golf clubs.

  44. attention FOTS:

    Here's our chance to let the media know where the people stand on our faith in God, as a nation. NBC is presently taking an online poll on whether or not "In God We Trust" should stay on our American currency. The poll is still open so you can vote:

    Right now it is OVERWHELMINGLY a "NO - do not take it off our currency" vote (89%).....

    Please send this to everyone you know asap so they can vote on this before NBC takes this off their web page.

  45. TWW - could be that Hope N PJ is "Hope in Pajamas"? MTVA is "M.T. in Virginia".....?

    BTW - announced tonight on Hannity: Our heroes, James and Hannah, are releasing ANOTHER Acorn video tomorrow, maybe on Drudge (Breitbart was with Hannah on Hannity to announce it) ..... If not, you can see it on Glenn Beck's show.

    After today's Brooklyn release - NY has announced an investigation into Acorn activites.

    Unbelievably, Maryland says it will investigate James and Hannah for "illegally video-taping w/o knowledge or consent". NO mention of investigating Acorn.

    === On Monday, the U.S. Senate voted overwhelmingly to deny it access to federal housing funds. ===

    === The Senate measure, which passed 83 to 7 in the Democratic-led chamber, was included in a must-pass spending bill that funds housing and transportation programs for the fiscal year that starts October 1. ===


    === The House of Representatives passed a similar spending bill without restrictions on ACORN. The House and Senate must resolved differences before a final measure can be sent to Obama to sign into law... ===

    More than likely, by they time they "resolve differences", the language denying Acorn will be dropped. Bawney Fwank will see to it. That's what Acorn pays him for.

    But then, we haven't seen the new video yet. Its supposed to be "explosive".


    Obama is getting into hot water with unions over his latest promises on his Health Care bill:

    === Taxing High-End Health Plans May Pit Obama Vs. Labor Allies
    News Analysis by IBD | Posted Friday, September 11, 2009 4:30 PM PT

    President Obama will likely enjoy a warm reception when he speaks at the AFL-CIO convention on Tuesday, but Big Labor isn't happy about his latest idea for how to pay for a health care overhaul. ===

    === Baucus proposed a 35% excise tax on the value of policies in excess of $21,000 a year for families and $8,000 for individuals.

    That threshold "would capture a significant number of rank-and-file worker plans," said Chuck Loveless, director of legislation at the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees.

    Union workers tend to enjoy generous health benefits, so they would be particularly affected.

    AFL-CIO's incoming president, Richard Trumka, said Sept. 1 that Big Labor strongly opposes any tax on employer-based benefits.

    Loveless says the excise tax would be unfair to people in parts of the U.S. with higher health care costs, such as New York, despite a proposed three-year transition. ===

    link -

    Obama is owned by the unions. He can't afford to piss them off.

  46. You mean, there's something the 0 doesn't 'own'?

    ACORN needs to be disbanded forever, all its members throun in jail for 100 years, and forced to return to every TAXPAYER (those who actually PAY taxes) every dime given to ACORN since its inception. (That incredible moren at ACORN actually said: "You can't be honest and get a house." !!!!!!!ARRRGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!)

    That would get the economy goin' :-D

    The 0 is starting to circle the toilet bowl...

  47. [MRS1953]"The 0 is starting to circle the toilet bowl..."

    ..... but the "white will [continue to] embrace the ... "brown that will stay around."

    Prayer: Dear God, PLEASE flush B.O. & Co.!

  48. Watched FoxNewsCorp. this evening for a few minutes and in the report about the STUPENDOUSLY SUCCESSFUL patriotic demonstration for liberty, I saw some super signs including this one:

    HE [photo of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.]

    WE GOT A NIGHTMARE [photo of Pride of Kenya]

  49. Oh, You FOTs!!! Where to begin?! TWW, I've been waiting for you to pop up, so I can tell you how stunning your long-ago story was,of BO on the plane, coldly looking out the window and saying "I want to see her providing justice". I couldn't get that out of my head for the longest time, it was so vivid. It was like when we were little kids and kept scaring ourselves with remembering the latest horror movie we had seen. Only now we are IN the horror movie..what is the name of it? Nightmare on Wee-Wee's Street???

    Rattlesnake, you had me fooled, you little varmint! Sorry for the mis-step, next hobby will be visiting the profile pages!

    Jamie, you are too smart! I am M.T., but not yet in VA. I'm counting the days to early retirement and heading for the hills in that beautiful state, hoping it turns away from its evil purplish tone and goes back to its beautiful red before I get there. Currently in exile in one of the bluest states, where people like yourselves are mighty scarce. No one at work ever discusses any of the the things we are so interested in, when I bring up any of it, it drops like a stone in a deep well. They love the Palin bashing, for example, and are either dem or oblivious. Good people, but very far from my values. Most of my family are like us, but not as deeply interested or connected with what is going on. Maybe FOW would have been a better choice, Fish Out of Water, would Jamie still have guessed??? What a sharp mind, it shines forth in all you write. I love to read also, and getting ready to visit the world of Bettyann's Cerro.

    I guess I have to retract my earlier statement of BO being owned by God. I believe we all are. But choosing evil over good aligns us over there under the sway of the other guy, and so it seems someone like BO is indeed owned by that entity (and Acorn and unions and Soros, and on and on...) I still believe God will welcome any and all of us back, if we but make the effort to turn our faces back toward Him. We'll never know where any of us end up, until we ourselves arrive there, so I guess the best thing we can do is pray for a returning to God and His ways, especially for the Won.

    Sorry for the lengthy post, so much to comment on, and haven't got to half of it! Time to exit stage and make room for someone else (and get ready for work) Have a great day, FOT's!

  50. We are in so much trouble here, real trouble, not sure how we get it back. All I want is for my grandchildren to live in the America I once new..

  51. Oh, my aching head! Bawney Fwank thopping at his prothop! HA ha ha ha ha ha ha. Bawney Fwank. Prothop. Ha ha ha.

  52. TOTUS:
    So, did you scroll the asshole comment about Kanye? Or was it his idea. It's nice to know our president, after sticking his nose into every nook and cranny of American life, taking time to make speech after speech after speech after speech about it, plus keep up with those awesome abs and all those communist friends, still has time to sit in front of the one-eyed brain sucker to enjoy the likes of Kanye, and that whole scene. Though, I have to say, it was mighty white of him to stand up for the girl. There are those pesky southern male votes to think of.

    My posting word is, "blentama". Something Beyonce might name her first child.

  53. Mornin,' FOTS, dears. I am grateful for your prayers. We're here in UT, and MY, how involved it's become, tracing the problems!

    You know what?! If BO forces the Dems to vote in that lousy, power-grabbing Obamacare-bill #3200, which stipulates that all docs will be paid at the same rate, then WHO is going to push themselves through YEARS more of school to obtain advanced medical degrees!? NO ONE!

    I mean, some docs not only become neurologists, but muscular-neuro neurologists, and many other kinds! HUNH!? We nonmedical folk have NO CLUE how specified their work can become----and all, no doubt, at horrendous personal cost to them. How will they be repaid for those costs?

    I've been thinking (as I'm oft wont to do) about how or IF patriotic Americans can ever regain America from these ACORN-serving, China-owing, corrupt louts that BO serves and "leads." Consider the amazing technology available nowadays to those with the Big Bucks to purchase it: crafty little tools we "normal" folk could never detect. When the CIA, FBI, or US Marshals want to find someone, it's almost always possible to do so, in certain countries (such as the USA). Often these agencies find their target, but wait to "pick them up" until the agencies have recovered tons of information and learned all about their cohorts, etc.

    (I believe we've known all along where OBL is located, but we're leaving him there, because he "leaks" more info. than he realizes, the murdering sicko.)

    Anyway, my point is (yes, there is one) this: say BO purposely (as Rush believes) lets us nosedive into SO much debt that China or some other thoroughly-undemocratic entity can take our nation over without firing a shot; we Americans literally awake to learning that we're no longer the USA, but are some yet-to-be-named arm of Whatever Took Us Over.

    How can we band together to fight It, if the Opposition-Occupiers bring to bear all that super-sneaky technology we can't even discern!? With GPS and listening devices, we're toast!

    That's why I believe our fate lies in the hands and hearts of true, honest people who are ALREADY occupying high office. (I believe, and can only hope that such patriotic people still exist in high office!) THEY are going to have to throw off these evil folk VERY SOON, if we are to prevail and stay a democratic republic: America.

    At the back of my mind (rather like that "Boom, boom, BOOM!" of the coming of the orcs in the mountain's caverns, from the Tolkien Trilogy) at all times are the words, "Pray, pray, PRAY!" Sorry to sound like Joanna-One-Note, but PRAY, FOTs! I am so proud to know all of you, especially some of the newly-de-lurked-ers! (smile) You give me REAL hope (not that jerk's false crap) that somehow, despite technology and the Evil One's deadly plots, America can be rescued in time.

    TOTUS----and by that I mean, whoever writes this blog: you take care of yourself, hear? Because BO just can't be happy to see your blogs, so pointedly TRUE as they are!

    (As for MO's clothes: I think we wouldn't notice or be appalled by them, if they weren't worn by such a duplicitous woman. I do truly feel SORRY for her: if BO is gay, or even if he's just merely the FAKE "brain" we know him to be----and we certainly know how Dull SHE is herself!----then surely at her core she isn't very happy or secure, but probably feels so very, very deficient and ugly. How angry she is, too! Poor lost creatures....)

  54. MM, you are the perfect example of the axiom concerning the southern woman: she can say anything she wants, as long she follows it with, "bless her heart".

    "That child is so ugly, the dog won't play with her, bless her heart."

    "Those stripes make her look so FAT! Bless her heart."

    "She is dull, ugly, deficient, angry, lost, insecure, married to a homosexual, and wears plastic green flowers over a deficient bosom, bless her heart."

  55. Ha, haaaaw, Betty Ann! LOL. Ain't that the truth. :D

    Southuhn gal: Well, fancy that. Did you see what Beyonce just named her new baby? Named her "Blentama." Sounds like some kind of blenderized fruit drink, bless her heart.

  56. One last post here, and off to see the new one for today! Totus seems to be encouraged to write more lately, do we spur him - or her - onwards with our fabulous wit???!!! ; ) this is supposed to be a winky smile, someday I'll figure out how to do them..Nothing can surpass the Pacifier one of a few days ago! I laughed out loud, and for a long time over that one!

    My mission for now is to say: Bless her heart, did she think that horrid stripey thing she wore in Paris looked good? And also, Honey, now matter how much you pay for those fancy and expensive sneakers, they do not hide the fact of your size fourteen feet, Bless Your Heart!!!!!

    See you on Totus's new post...

  57. Yeah? Well it is sure starting to look like white America was ready for a black president, but black America is earning the "N" word in all ways.

    My step daughter suffered through similar viciousness on her college campus, shortly after The Won's debut. And the black caucus called Wilson racist today. They would know what that word means - THEY EXEMPLIFY IT.

    Bless their black hearts.

  58. If the Pied Piper has so much money, now, I wonder why he hasn't helped his realtives in Kenya? With a mere 10k they would be elitists!! For shame. Maybe Rush will send them some money, since it appears we conservatives give more anyway. I mean, really. Dems just want to do it by paying more taxes and claiming they started welfare, right? With Other people's money. Yep.

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