Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Blissfully Ignorant

It's true that Big Guy didn't watch any election results last night. He was too busy watching the documentary about himself on ABC.

Frankly, he found the whole thing completely absurd. People reading texts off of transparent glass screens to influence millions of people all at once? Plots to create chaos to suit political goals? That's just crazy.

The only thing that rang true was the lizard people part ... but everyone has always known that Rahm is a cold-blooded SOB.


  1. Unfortunately, BO's crazy like a fox.
    (And not Fox News....)

    Rahm reportedly gets pretty hotblooded at certain parties, though.

    YOU GO, TOTUS! Great posts lately!
    (Positive stroke, positive stroke)

  2. Okay, I clicked on ABC, and is THAT an interesting show!? V = O!

    Yeah, lizards galore----but don't forget to notice all the botox, too. And yep, the cast is MUCH prettier than the Obot staff.

  3. TOTUS:
    Have you seen this news report?!??!

    How in the hell does he plan to win in 2010, with followers, I mean supporters, like that?!

  4. Oh, I get it, the V's will save them.

  5. Hey, girl! How's the motorcyclin' today?
    The video you referenced was hilarious! Several posts below were written 7 months ago, but it still is SO TRUE: Obots are, well, still robots in going about their "lives" without constantly campaigning for BO.

    Hmm.... Come to think of it, even BO is an Obot: he's ALWAYS campaigning for himself!

    WHAT A NARCISSIST!----which is TOTUS' main point: BO watched a movie about himself, rather than the election returns last night!

  6. Thanks for the posts, TOTUS! I don't get any channels, not even basic, but I have to see this movie somehow. I'll find a way.

  7. That was a funny "news report", BA! Loved it!

    HI TOTUS, Dear. What did you do while he watched himself on TV? You know this is more about YOU than him.

  8. {verification word for above

    Everybody's doing the Loco Muma!}

  9. As I recall correctly, the reporter gets eaten first by the she-Lizard in the original "V." Helen Thomas better watch her back.

  10. Motorcyclin' is what I was made to do. Husband and brother took the pipes off, so runnin' shorties now, and ridin' down the road sounds like anger issues gone mobile. I let off the gas past the nun's place, to be quieter, as they are in prayer in there 24-7, all good conservatives, praying for change back we can all be assured of. Wouldn't want to disturb 'um.

  11. COOL, bettyann! No pipes would make the engine GROWL! (hee hee!)
    In my second parish, I was a youth pastor. One time, about 7 kids were crammed into my old Beige Bomber (a Dodge Polara: what a boat!), so I could take them home from Youth Group. (They loved packing it in; I had to take the back streets, of course.) Anyway, on our way, my muffler fell off the rear of my car! MAN, you'd think I was driving a tractor! The kids just LOVED it. VVVRRRROOOOOOOOMM!!!!!!
    (I had to have it fixed it the next day, of course. Rats.)
    I think it's sweet that the nuns are praying for REAL CHANGE THAT HELPS AMERICA----and you keep the motor quiet for them: you're a sweetie, bettyann (you can't fool us!)!

    Well, we're cooking a big ole turkey for a Potbless tonight at church. Just gettin' into the spirit of the season, a tad early!

    I must say, the email I received today from Michael Steele was SO LAME. He commended all those who worked to bring victory to the R. candidates in VA and NJ----but of course he failed to mention the little incident up in NY-23, whereat the Rep. Party spent nearly a MILLION to help a DEMOCRAT (er, RINO; same diff.).
    You're get NOT ONE MORE CENT FROM ME, M.S.,
    with THAT kind of crap going on by y'all!

  12. It's no coincidence when the script writers dropped in the dialogue, "Universal Heath Care" during one scene. The Dear Boy and his band of Knaves must have been apoplectic at this show, suggesting that he (and they) are nothing but aliens with a friendly 'To Serve Man' philosophy. Thank God we've got people here who are screaming, 'IT'S A COOKBOOK!!!!!'

  13. On the radio today I heard that about "V" being a thinly veiled show about Obama. And that at some point in the show one of the characters says something like "We want to be fair ... and balanced" (like Fox). SO, no, BO-BO won't like it at all. The folks talking about it also said it was WAY more critical than the SNL skit. Do you suppose that CNN will "fact check" 'V'?

    Isn't this going to be a mini-series or a weekly show?

    And btw, I heard a lady today on the radio say that the original two-part 1984 "V" mini-series was originally intended to be about Nazism/fascism.

    === In a commentary track on the DVD release of the mini-series, Johnson reveals that V was originally intended as a straightforward political thriller, charting the rise of a fascist movement in the United States. However, NBC wanted a sci-fi hit, to capitalize on the success of films such as Star Wars.

    The story became a Nazi allegory, right down to the Swastika-like emblem used by the Visitors and their SS-like uniforms. There is a youth auxiliary movement called the "Friends of the Visitors" with obvious similarities to the Hitler Youth, and Visitor broadcasts mimic Nazi-era propaganda. ===

    Hmmm....interesting. Makes you wonder what its intended to be about THIS time? fascism again? marxism? Or a combination of the two....

    I know! OBAMISM.

  14. Wait a minute!

    The aliens in the show "V" are lizards, right?

    Lizards catch and eat flies, correct?

    BO catches flies. (and probably eats them, too. Bless his pea-pickin' heart.)

    'nuff said!

    The show is sure to be a hit. But will it be allowed to stay on the air? BO is probably speaking to his "diversity czar" Mark Lloyd right now, as we speak, telling him he had better hurry up with his plans to take over tv programming.

    Or is this simply the producer's clumsy way of promoting BO's agenda as was announced a few weeks ago. After all, the characters do mention "Universal Health Care" ..... "Promoting HOPE" .... and who knows what else. (I haven't seen it, this is just what I've heard about it.)

    Newt just had to eat crow about supporting Skuzzyfava. He "deeply regrets" that she was ever nominated, BUT "its hard to repudiate the decision of 11 party chairmen"....

    I think he lost his mind when he got married the last time to "Calista"..... he has changed and isn't the same man that he was back when he was still in office.


    Here is something that will turn your stomach:

    ELEMENTARY EPIDEMIC: 11 Uncovered Videos Show School Children Performing Praises to Obama


    Love you TOTUS... keep the posts coming.


  15. So it's bad to call him "black" but now we can call him "lizardbreath" right?

  16. Your post is hilarious, Ellen K!
    Now, if only we could make BO stop behaving like a slink-sneaky reptile.....

    I forget who featured those Obot kids today (Rush, I think), but those songs are rank PROPAGANDA! HOW do libs TOLERATE them!?

    I think BO isn't the least bit worried about "V:" he'll find a way to jerk its writers around, so they eventually change the plot to be POSITIVE toward him. Just watch.

    TWW, you okay?
    Preptile, what's shakin?'

    FOTs Military group: if you're sending a Christmas package, it's gotta get sent this coming week, or it might not get to the troops by the holiday. You're WONDERFUL to show your love and concern for our soldiers in this way!

    'Night, all!

  17. Hey TOTUS:
    How many lizards are there on the Beltway, anyway? I found a photo of Nancy before they got her completely together, very realistic human face. But is her new health reform bill going to cover more surgery? I heard there is a six month wait on pre-existing conditions.
    Sure hope whatever treatment she gets tames her grasp for power.

  18. TOTUS:
    Too bad you don't get to go to Berlin, we would have liked to hear more about the fraulein 'prompter, though we totally understand that Big Guy - being the BIG GUY - has to take a stand against those nasty racist Germans for not letting him speak at the Brandenburg Gate when he was campaigning for President of the World.

    Really, I mean c'mon - how near sighted and visionless can you be, after meeting him in person and basking in his presence, not to realize that he was going to win? Just because he hand't been inaugrurated yet!! Sheesh. What's a month or two among the ELITE?

    Anyway, I'm happy to see him standing strong, happy to know that my president has the pride and grit to stand up to ingrates.

  19. Yeah, I can't stand BO either.
    He's in love with himself.

  20. Well, BO made a "surprise visit" to Gibbsy's daily press conference, to take the MSM's (and FOX NEWS') attention OFF of the huge march in DC against Obamacare!

    Naturally, BO was pitching the House Obamacare bill, bolstering his case by pushing the fact that the AMA and AARP both support the bill.

    TOO BAD! Those guys are are NOT really supportive of Americans as much as they are in the tank for Obama and his hand-outs.

    True, the GOP health care plan doesn't cover more than 3 million folk above the current amount----but don't forget that 12 million uncovered people already can afford to buy health care coverage, but they don't WANT to buy it; they are usually young, financially-well-off people who believe they are invulnerable to health care problems (ah, being young and stupid!), and they'd rather spend their dough on I-Pods, clothes, restaurants, and cool vacations. It's their choice! The Dems' bill would FORCE them to buy (expensive) health care, and penalize anyone who didn't do so. AND that plan would cost trillions more than they admit!

    The fact is, it's just as Rush states: Obama and his Obots don't really care about Americans' health care coverage. Instead, they want to take over America for socialism or communism, and are using health care coverage as a way of doing so, since it would grab 1/6 of our economy in one stupid bill!

    CALL your legislators and make SURE they know you do NOT support this socialist agenda!

    And are any of you FOTs out there at the DC rally!? I hope so! Let us know what it was like! Thanks!

  21. It's not just about 1/6th of the economy. 300 million people will be forced to carry coverage or pay a penalty. This administration is grabbing money from us, on the sly, in that bill. My young adult kids need to buy cars and pay for books. Under this bill, Obama will take more money from them than he already does, as single filing seperate.

    They are pigs, and I hate them.

  22. Gibbs' Comedy Show just ended. I dislike him as much as I dislike O'BamaCare. He is a Class A Jerk.

    Anyone who watched and saw O'Bama himself(!) show up to promo his health care plan knew it was due to the BIG RALLY at the Capitol that was happening at the same time. Soooooo obvious - this O'Bama surprise. Holy Cow. Dumb as dirt, these reporters, if they bought it.

  23. My son is stationed at Ft Hood; he's okay, but on lockdown. Not mailing anything today, will mail tomorrow. Back later.

  24. Hey, FOTS. Hope all is well with you. I'm fine (husband is doing very well). Haven't joined in the conversation as much as usual because I sense a need to significantly reduce the amount of my posting for the good of the "spot."

    "TruthWillWin said..." needs to appear less often. This was brought home recently by a couple of sharp remarks over the past week. Communication is such an intricate, complex, task. When one is rebuked for the same things others have said without offending the rebukers, one realizes that it is one's communication skills that are likely the problem. Either that, or one's personality is so inherently offensive that it makes rebuke more likely. In short, I'm an enthusiastic, needs-more-obedience-training, Golden Labrador at a well-behaved Golden Retrievers' dinner party.

    I'll still be hanging around the restaurant (hiding my eyes whenever a nasty, naked, troll, runs past, LOL), but I'm giving up my seat at the frequent diners table where my rough and ready style is, apparently, a bit TOO direct.

    Enjoyed your posts above.

    Take care.

    See you around.

  25. 12 dead, 31 wounded

    1 sniper killed; 2 in custody

    BO in hiding, the bastard

    FBI en route

    no further info

    --MRS1953 using my son's laptop

  26. they used handguns; one in custody is Major Mikal Hasan

    --MRS11953 using my son's laptop

  27. bobastard is so damned concernede, the House is voting on the deathcare bill now

    evil sob

    --MRS1953 using my son's laptop

  28. First, our hearts go out, as always, to EVERY US soldier who serves our country so bravely.

    Second, we especially grieve with those soldiers' families who experienced this horrific terrorist event today----the result of radical Islamism (which the MSM will probably dodge admitting, as usual).

    Third, TWW, you're such a sensitive sweetie that I probably need to apologize to you, dear one: did you feel rebuked by my piece about hatred and forgiveness two threads ago? I could just bonk myself if you felt referenced much at all!

    Your comments simply reminded me of a problem we Christians always experience when trying to "love our enemies," as Jesus calls us to do (but it's da---d hard!)

    Instead of ranting vs. hatred, I was trying to say that we believers TRY to love the sinner, hate the sin----but that's virtually impossible, when we humans connect the two so completely! We are what we do, we feel: "Retarded is, as retarded does," as Forrest Gump said.

    Anyway, as you wrote above, TWW, it's SO very difficult to be 100% clear via writing----and actually, when we take into account the rotten work of The Evil One, we realize that JERK-of-All-Jerks LOVES to mess with our communications, switching what's meant for the good, to seem evil or hurtful.

    But to continue: we ALL feel hatred for BO at times----me, too, as I wrote recently----and I was writing 2 threads ago that GOD KNOWS and UNDERSTANDS our feelings of hating evil, and thus finding ourselves sometimes also hating people who do evil things. God understands; that's my meaning. OKAY!?

    SO PLEASE POST, you dear heart, TWW----and post OFTEN! VERY often!

    Your hilarious stories and lively images remind us to TREASURE HUMOR: it's what helps us manage our disappointment, dislike, even our hatred, as best we can, making good choices because we're trying to do good.

    NOT like Radical Islamists, who love committing EVIL acts, as this terrorist nut did today.

    WOW, so this jerk was ANG-GWEE that he was being sent to serve overseas!

    Fine: then clearly we must STOP letting Muslims SERVE at ALL, if they express openly any strong negativity against our mission in Iraq or Afghanistan: they're just too dangerous.

    THIS guy evidently said he understands suicide bombers! YIPES! What on EARTH was he doing on base with WEAPONS!?

    Yes, BO is completely narcissist, and keeps referencing HIS feelings about this event. HA! I am wondering if he..... well, I just don't trust that jerk. Remember how Joey B said there would be PLANNED strikes?

  29. MRS - glad to know your son is OK. What a horrible thing this sick bastard did.

    TWW - please don't go away, although I haven't had time to post much lately, i do enjoy reading everyone's comments (OK except for the naked Barney Fwanks). You all put into words what I'm thinking and feeling yet can't translate them as eloquently to the written form.

    Your handle says it all - Truth WILL Win!

  30. OH! I nearly missed it that your SON is there, MRS! ACK! Oh I'm SO glad he's okay----but SO sorry for everyone there. How TERRIFYING for everyone; how INFURIATING, too, that NO one evidently REPORTED this insane jerk, after he'd expressed such thorough negative feelings about our mission and his OPPORTUNITY TO SERVE OVERSEAS, the NUT!

    Lord, please be with every soldier, every family member, and especially with that nutty Muslim, that everyone would sense YOUR presence, know YOUR will, and SERVE You and others----not themselves (referring there, to be clear, to the radical MUSLIMS, who are so busy seeking 72 virgins that they don't stop to THINK about how VICIOUS they are!).

    Let us know every little thing you can, when you can, Mrs.----and know we are praying HARD for everyone. LORD, have MERCY!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Mrs1953, when you find time (it's okay if it's days from now!), please let us know at FOTSmilitary how to send care packages to your son and those at Ft. Hood!!!!!!!! Thank you and we're still praying!

  32. TOTUS: Rahm is a lizard! I knew it!

  33. not sure what the vote is at the HOuse; said they were turning off the mikes and voting -- nothing further after that. Might be a straw vote of some type

    BO lying, as usual.

    due to mix ups (understandable at the time), info was that the in custody was Hasan; turns out he was the shooter. Might be more than one shooter, as two distinct vollys were reported, and rifle fire, also -- but that could have been the Ft Hood police.

    I'll send the Christmas box tomorrow; not letting this muslim bastard mess up my plans.

    A Muslim cell, and I'm sure there are more hidden about -- now, just WHO is commanding then???

  34. Yeah, let's just think WHO commands these terrorist nuts!?.......

    Thanks for sending out the package, no matter what, MRS! Way to take energy from being upset about the terrorist jerk, and create good from it: a great package for our troops.

    TWW? Come out and post, dear----although it's probably not too easy to find something humorous this evening....

    Then again, we know you not only for your humor, but also for your VERY deep faith. THAT we can use learning about, every day!

    How is your husband been this week? I remember he hopes to return to work at the end of this month, correct? Is he able to get enough rest?

    Preptile, I read through the older threads (see above), and found one I'd missed, at the end of a thread that finished soon thereafter, when TOTUS (FINALLY!) posted another article. As always, your post was TRUE, sometimes funny, and as always, very astute: clap, clap! as bettyann wrote!

    Well, there are reports that the police have picked up another one, possibly two more suspects at Fort Hood. Some parts of the fort are still on lock-down.
    How's your son now, MRS!? I hope all is slowly coming back to normalcy there (but again, SURELY the military will now change its security rules re. Muslims who reject our mission and think suicide bombing is "okay!"

  35. OH----the vote was on the House bill, one form of Obamacare, right!? And then another vote comes on Saturday? (Or not?)

    LORD! The "single shooter" is NOT DEAD!!
    Naturally we're doing all we can to save his life, but can you imagine the conflicting feelings people there are having about that?!

    He used a semi-automatic, too. I wondered how he could have wounded and killed so many with just 2 handguns....

  36. Two handguns, and wounding so many? Seems like he would need lots of extra clips. If you saw Tomb Raider, that is what she was doing while battling the robot. Just one button to release a clip, and jam another one in.

    Now, that is really a chilling thought, because it means he didn't just decide to do this on the spur-of-the-moment. This was planned. You don't just go into a gun store and purchase a dozen extra clips for a handgun. He either purchased them over the 'net, or went to several different gun stores to get them.

    This was premeditated murder, probably planned for several months beforehand.

    I'm glad they took the bastard alive.

  37. MRS, I am so glad to hear that your son is safe. I would have said "OK", but he can't be ok right now, can he? I mean, the military is FAMILY and right now his family has been hurt. A terrible, terrible thing has happened.

    From FOX NEWS (you probably won't here this from the fake news media):

    Hasan is a MUSLIM and has been one all of his life (as told by his COUSIN). THIS ONE FACT WILL BE DOWN-PLAYED BY THE FAKES IN THE MEDIA.

    Hasan has been fighting deployment to Iraq/Afghanistan since 9/11 and was terrified of going there (source: his cousin).

    Hasan was paid well and made a six-figure salary (source: his cousin).

    About a year ago, Hasan started making statements about "Muslims standing up against the "Aggressors", i.e. U.S. military; the U.S. should not be in Iraq or Afghanistan; he sympathized with the terrorists and people who had killed our military. (according to a co-worker).

    Several of his co-workers reported Hasan's statements and he was supposedly investigated (according to the same co-worker).

    He had recently gotten a bad OER - an unfavorable performance rating. Which means that his career was in serious trouble.

    Someone who was at the scene reported that he was targeting people he knew. He was a psychiatrist, so he may have worked in the building(s) where all this happened.

    Not only is the man still alive - he is in stable condition.

    Once he is convicted, and he will be convicted, he should get the death penalty, in the form of a FIRING SQUAD!

    about the FOTS military packages:
    I will be sending my Christmas package either on Saturday or Monday, depends on which day I go out. I haven't had a chance to visit the FOTS website in a day or so, but I will update the database when I send the pkg ....


    TWW, please don't stop coming here. We love you. We want you to come here as often as you want. You keep us uplifted with your wit and your insight. I don't see how anyone could find anything you say to be offensive, since you are probably one of the nicest FOTS of all! We FOTS love you. (I know, I said that already, but its t-r-u-e.)

    Just so you know, I welcome all Golden Labradors to MY party, seeing as how I'm a yappy little Yorkie with an attitude. You can slap me down with your giant paw (your wit) any time you want. I probably needed it!

    I am hoping that you just had a stressful day today and you don't really believe all that b-s you just told us about needing "obedience training" because IT IS NOT TRUE! Besides, you can't mean it because you are TRUTH WILL WIN! You can't say things that aren't true. Its against your nature.

    If any of us stick our paws in our mouths, just ignore us. You know how dogs love to chew on their own toes. That's all it is.

    Besides, how will I ever make it thru the days without a TWW screenplay - where I'm one of the players?????? You make me laugh, and very few people can do that, you know.

  38. Just now on Fox.

    Hasan's neighbors said that this morning he was acting weird, walking around his neighborhood, giving away his furniture and stuff and handing out copies of the KORAN.

    Sounds like he wasn't planning on coming back home, doesn't it? So, yes, I would say it was pre-medidated.

  39. Another thing on the Fort Hood shooter: His cousin said that he didn't like to go to the shooting range. But think about this, 30 people wounded, 12 killed. That is at least 42 bullets. A handgun clip holds about 8 or 9 bullets, depending on the handgun. Let's say 8 bullets. That would be just over 5 full clips, if he hits something each time he shoots.

    Now, even if he is in a crowded building, he is doing some rather accurate shooting, very quickly, along with very fast reloads of clips. That is not something that you can do without a whole lot of practice. I would estimate at least a year to get that good, if he worked at it diligently. And that isn't shooting range practice, that is practice at a place with pop-up targets.

    I am envisioning a scene from Indiana Jones, Raiders of the Lost Ark, where the slimy Nazi guy walks into the tent, sits down, and says "Now, what shall we talk about?" I'm thinking about the FBI (who were called in very quickly on this) having very long conversations with this person-of-interest.

  40. there's a handgun available that holds 19 .9MM bullets in a magazine. It doesn't take long to change magaznes; it takes me 3 seconds and I'm an old broad.

    you can buy it at any gun store for around $600-$700

  41. TWW -- please don't stop; I love reading your posts :-D Your posts are some of the few bright spots of my day. My cousin (I revealed her at the FOTS Military Yahoo group) left due to hurt feelings; she won't be back.

    Her, I can talk to anytime; but I only 'talk' to you here.

    Please reconsider.

  42. It makes me sick.

    Good on ya. Never a sin to overlook. Nothing but goodness on you from this poingt.

    DO understand the over-verbage, much lightly made of the serious by that venue, one in which it all mostly twists by a flush down the long - very loooong - haul clockwise beneath our feat.

    Preptile gets THAT!! Christ, Preptile at least has that.

    You are without compare, TWW. iMM-a-tators get watts coming to them.

    Jamie and Janice have it right, without realizing what they mean: one emboldened MUSLIM killed today. He killed. He killed our sons. He killed, because his KORAN TOLD HIM TO.

  43. Janice:
    Good girl. I have no conflicting feelings, and I see that you have none either. I have been delaying my desire for a carry concealed weapon, due to evenings of making pot roast and dumplings, gravy and such.

    I have a weapon, a 32 hand gun. But I would like a license to carry a concealed weapon which discharges great bug bullets. I am a little white woman in America, and I would like this. Because I am in America, I can have this.

    And..., beyond empowerment of the motorcycle, invented by American Men (The Awesomest Of All made by GOD) who also make the motorcycle available to American women, please, girls, ... exercise your right to carry arms. Do so with intelligence, and go out there and get a hand gun, a rifle, what ever floats your boat. Go to the range and exercise your right to carry arms.

    You, American women, are the only females on the planet entitled by your government to do so.

    GO DO IT.

  44. MRS1953, as usual, has distilled it.

    Women validated by their society validate that society.

  45. I had to go to the window for awhile to look out over the lawn to contemplate that last adage. It popped out, you see, and we can't have that. We must Think Things Through.

    We women validate society, any way. That is the matter with Islam - men decide, and men are not real bright. They can't even remember where they last put the soap.

    Like I said, I'm about to throw up. Pretty soon the left will be all over the shootings as a hate crime that we should not be in Afghanistan, and the ACLU will get some more of your money.

  46. I've thought that all day, bettyann----that somehow the leftists will twist this event. Soon, he won't have committed a terrorist act; instead, he'll have been "justifiably" upset for being forced by our military to wage war against others who believe as he does, in Islam----etc. What rot.

    I get the other "twist," too, bettyann----and the flush image. Though I have no "conflicting feelings," I do have angry feelings of hatred about BO, which my Lord calls me to temper with unmerited love (grace). I would never flush my faith, but can quietly take my leave----even if (as TWW wistfully noted) others sometimes write very similarly.

    So MRS1953, please ask MelenaX, your cousin (and I noted once that you seemed very similar to her), to return here.

    You, too, TWW: c'mon back. I hope you'll keep posting your fun plays, as well as about your faith. You pull both off very successfully.

    I call down blessings upon you all, and give you my love.

    Thank you, TOTUS, for your hilarious posts. You watch your back, hear?

  47. My thoughts and prayers go out to all at Fort Hood, and their families, especially you, MRS1953. So glad your son is safe.

    I suppose it's better that the monster was taken alive, I'm sure he planned on martyring himself and didn't count on being made to live thru the aftermath of his horrible deeds. Truly it is time to end the pampering and coddling of people whose loyalty is to the teachings of islam and not to our country.

    TWW, my first thought on reading your post was Don't You Dare Leave! And I still mean it. You are such a big part of us here, your voice is a golden thread that weaves thru the tapestry of all us FOTs, a voice of truth and strength, faith and especially grand, glorious humor. Also I love the way you reach out and include all of us, I remember how delighted I was to find myself playing a piccolo in a parade in one of your fantastic stories. Don't take this away from us. Your presence here is a gift to us, and we need you, you hear??? Now get back here where you belong.

  48. So sorry, but I need one more P (as in "P.S."):

    I read back through many of the threads here, to see where on earth TWW received any "sharp rebukes," since I'd missed them completely the first time around.

    Besides TWW's possibly having taken offense at my discussion of the quandry of Christian forgiveness/love toward/of one's enemies, I found in an earlier thread a discussion of Oprah's dissing Dr. Laura on O's show. I was appalled at Oprah's rudeness, and am worried (still) that O. will skewer Sarah Palin on her (O's) show soon.

    TWW then shared her very negative view of Dr. L.: TWW considers Dr. Laura to be very rude. Hence, TWW said she was glad that Oprah had been rude to her.
    A few other FOTs then allowed that they, too, disliked Dr. L.

    So I replied, first agreeing, since < I > don't always like Dr. Laura's abrasive manners, either.
    Then I wrote that we cannot persuade people that others are rude, if WE then treat those others rudely.
    I tried very hard to be sweet when I replied to TWW, et. al., though I was amazed and hurt that people saw no value in treating Dr. Laura well, despite her rudeness.
    (See, if we adopt the rude method, then isn't it okay for Oprah and Couric and Gibson, etc., to be rude continually to Sarah Palin, too, since they think SHE is rude and judgmental? Oprah probably detests her! So, is it okay for Oprah to diss Sarah, too? ACK!)

    My head aches. My heart, too.

    Well, I will pray to communicate better somehow. But I cannot see any "sharp rebuke" in anything I wrote, TWW----and I never FELT such negativity, either.
    We both had different opinions re. Dr. Laura. We both shared, and I don't think either of us administered a "sharp rebuke."


    That's what Mama often said, in "How Green Was My Valley;" when she said that word, she meant everything in it all at once, having too much to say.

    The Lord bless thee and keep thee, FOTs.
    The Lord make God's face to shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee.
    The Lord lift up God's countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.
    —Numbers 6:22-27

  49. Last night, all through the Fox broadcast about the terrible attack at Fort Hood - yes, a tragedy, but all in all, a TERRORIST attack, each time they would say "Here is what we know right now....", I would then say to myself (and to the tv) -

    "Hasan is a MUSLIM. That is ALL we need to know."

    It says it all. He is Muslim. PERIOD.

    And, bettyann, don't you worry about this little old white lady - I have several of each.

    (As I always worry about who read this post, and I worry about the future of our 2nd Amendment rights, I am being intentionally vague.)

    BTW, MRS1953, I still miss MelenaX, if that is to whom you were refering. I liked her. She reminded me of a friend of mine, who was often not so "PC", but very funny. MelenaX was but an example from one end of the spectrum, as others here are from the other end. We were a blend of a lot of different personalities, some tough and blunt, some sweetness and light, some middle of the road. I thought we had a good little group going.

    And if all here will remember, at that time we had a liberal troll coming here, who contributed nothing to the conversation, other than to criticize what some of us were saying in an attempt to divide us, turn us against one of our own. That's what liberals trolls do, and they do it well. That's why I try (but don't always succeed) to avoid engaging trolls.

  50. There is quite a bit of comment this morning about BO's "insensitivity" in dorking around in his speech to an Indian group, hours after Fort Hood took place, for 5-6 minutes. Only after giving assorted "shout-outs", etc. did he get around to mentioning the horrific event at Fort Hood.

    I can tell you exactly why this happened.

    The words about Fort Hood did not scroll up on Totus until then. The jerk can not possibly speak from the heart (lots of doubt as to whether he owns one) but can only parrot whatever is displayed before him.

    I have the utmost shame and disgust and embarrassment that this is what we have for the leader of our country.

  51. Obama said "let's not jump to conclusions" regarding this mass murderer, yet he was quick to condemn the police as "acting stupidly" when they were trying to protect his friend's property. Doesn't sound like any "conclusions" need to be jumped to. He did it, he didn't want to go to Afghanistan, so he planned a mass murder and possibly "suicide by police". He was not only a coward, but evil as well. Just the kind of person Obama likes. When he gets out of the hospital, maybe Obama will name him his "Military Base Czar."

  52. TOTUS, has your boss blamed you yet for his insensitivity last night giving props to the injuns and all for 2 minutes before congratulating Hasan for doing Allah's work?

  53. It was terrorism in the name of Islam, and should be called such.

    The president is a coward. He is an ignorant coward. And he is doing exactly as he claimed he would, and that is side with Islam by not calling it was it is: TERRORISM IN THE NAME OF ISLAM.

    Next he will be talking about our military as if they are all victims of American agression and apologize to them, and this poor Hasan as if he were a result of GW's errors. It's all GW's fault.

    Did anyone else watch the video of the CAIR director? I wanted to puke. This is the guy who defended the flying Imams.

  54. As distant relations of mine I must object to the recent Lizardophobia and demonization of reptilian types that one sees here.
    Some of us sunning upon the rocks we have just crawled from beneath,are decent fellows.Just as righteous muslims exist,even us heathen reptiles have some worth.
    After admitting as much about myself here last month my name was uncapitalized by some.Others held fire when comment was encouraged.Little ,slight slights,tiny cuts were made,but one notices.
    I got over it.
    TWW,do the same.You are needed here.

    Doggone TWW,what would one do without you,the very glue that cements us into a cohesive group.If you reread a few of my recent posts,(always recommended),you will find
    an abundance of 'W's.'T's too.
    Had I found a spot a gag about Mr & Mrs T's
    Bloody Mary Mix was in the offing.
    Matching mohawks was the punchline,but unwritten it had yet to be pperfected.

    Those gags were not accidental,but little shout-outs to a favored fan who
    now folds and farewells.
    Well back it up there toots,you are not going anywhere on my watch.We
    need your continued support.
    We have worlds to fix.

    We could start in Kileen ,killing by firing squad the traitor who just
    kicked Fort Bragg in the balls.No doubt CAIR,ISNA and the ACLU are lobbying for this political prisoner(and or freedom fighter),to be released on bail,or traded for a lucrative oil contract to a society of his peers.
    Say Saudi society,such as it is ,(twice),
    if you can do so without laughing aloud at the very concept.
    Any society favoring sharia law over the civil variety is,by definition,uncivilized.
    We would not want to sent this weasel to an uncivilized country for trial.
    Think We Will just execute his cute little badass baldness here,before he gets released in the traditional Eid pardons.
    It would be bitchin,and again give this country something to crow about.
    Please excuse all the shape shifting as even a lizard can be a Rooster ,or can be back as a Preptile if the case calls for it .
    Or if needed for a metaphor or more.

    Btw,I may have missed some of the finer points in the above henhouse
    ruckus,but to quote that great black philosopher King,(Rodney),
    'Can't we all just get along'.
    One would think we would be united in purpose
    in defeating our enemies.
    As we always have been.

    We could start by recognizing that jihad IS the problem,and PC restrictions on saying so
    make things much worse.

    Not exactly endearing to us,we should execute any attempting to enhance our enemies evil intents and or endeavors .
    They earned it.

  55. Preptile, you are becoming very good at that :)

    TWW won't go away. Where else will she practice playing playwright?

    I couldn't find the source of the ruckus either, but if it is a matter of opinions on Dr. Laura, I'm with TWW that she is an abrupt bitch.

    MM said, "I tried very hard to be sweet when I replied to TWW, et. al., though I was amazed and hurt that people saw no value in treating Dr. Laura well, despite her rudeness."

    And it makes my head spin. Literally, and I am not even a lizard.

  56. Re: Fort Hood

    My thoughts and prayers are with all of you affected by this directly and all of us indirectly. This was indeed another Attack on America.

    I like Mark Steyn's diagnosis for Hasan:

    "PRE-Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome"


    Please add me in to the chorus of 'don't desert us TWW.' (That sounds like it could be a part of a procession) We are only a few and we must stick together.

  57. debbdi:
    I took that diagnosis of Steyn's as a sarcasm. The media of course will down play the radical side of this man, who aligns himself with the wahabi enemy of humanity, and in the end it will be George Bush's fault.

  58. I tried, for good, to go gently into the night----but now that I'm fully awake, I realize I neglected to say this first:

    I apologize if I ever offended any FOT.

    I would never hurt anyone purposely, make "slight slights," much less "tiny cuts!"
    I tease (never diss) those I love.

    Okay, true:
    of people I ADMIRE, I am an "iMM-i-tator."
    (Re. bettyann: MM = me)

    But it's the Lord I try (and fail miserably) to follow, Who found THIS reasoning circular (ie., it made HIS head spin):

    "I hate X for being rude.
    So I will be rude to X.
    Then other people will also hate X & X's rudeness."

    Round and round bitterness goes---
    and where it stops?

    It can't.
    It's circular: eternal.

    Jesus proposed this instead:

    "I hate it when X is rude.
    I will not stoop to 'iMMi-ta-ting' X's rude behavior.
    Since X is rude, people will avoid X anyway."

    Also, Jesus always valued ALL people, especially (!) nonbelievers----and even evildoers.

    Which brings us to terrorists:
    how on earth can we truly love them, our enemies?
    It's impossible without God's help.
    Often I don't even want to try....
    But God calls----

    I've written this previously:
    I think that sometimes love means confining or imprisoning people who do evil things----and sometimes love requires that we send them on their way to heaven, where God can manage them best.
    Yep, I support the death penalty, though I hate how it's (inevitably) unfairly administered.


    Return in safety, MelenaX and TWW.
    Know you have always been valued, PPreptile.
    (TWO capital P's for emphasized honor!)

    Amazing grace....

  59. Preptile, I ask your forgiveness for not capping your p! I admit that I worried more about spelling bettyann with or without an e, but I failed to realize that I lowercased YOU. No slight intended, and I mean it. (no, I'm not imitating the Won, either, even though he often REALLY means it, when we know he doesn't. Really.).

    I really do mean it. seriously.

    I was disgusted to read this afternoon how BHO "cautioned a stunned public on Friday against drawing quick conclusions".

    What an ass he is.

    Guess what, BO? I came to some pretty quick conclusions about YOU last year, when you were campaigning, and all my conclusions were proven to be TRUE! So I'm pretty good at coming to conclusions. Major Hason committed a TERRORIST ACT against Americans.

    Now, on the other hand, you came to a pretty quick conclusion yourself about the policeman who arrested the black professor and your conclusion was WRONG. So, I'm not going to listen to you.

    And you know what else? Major Hasan should be tried for treason and hanged. And they should also try him under the new "hate crimes" legislation your sychophants in Congress just passed and you signed into law. He killed those people because they weren't MUSLIMS like him. As a Muslim, he hates all "non-believers" and killed them because of that.

    Barack Hussein Obama, you make me sick.

  60. Hey, FOTS. Remember a couple of threads ago when we pondered the possible birth of a little Wookie? Well, today I saw the headline on this week's Globe magazine and guess what? They are wondering the same thing.

    Headline: "First lady (?) can't get pregnant. MIchelle and Obama Adopting Baby Boy!"

    I had to buy the paper, just to see what it said (plus I like to work the magazine's giant crossword puzzle.)

    The article itself is pretty much fluff. But here is the gist of it:

    "The secret search for a child isn't said to be focusing on the infant's race but rather its circumstances. They have set only two criteria - the baby has to be American and have an underprivileged background".

    Oh, well I guess they don't want to adopt a child with a background similar to the Pretender in Chief - otherwise they would be looking for a baby in Kenya.

    Why don't they just buy one of those ceramic "Baby Obama" dolls from the Franklin Mint? That way it would stay a baby forever and they could re-use it during the next election campaign.

  61. HEY YOU GUYS! Please someone come on and help me out here.

    HELLO-O-O-O-o-o-o.... (echo in big empty space).

    Today is the anniversary of the death of my dear friend and soul mate, Jim Wayne Jones. I've managed to stay busy, busy, busy all day so I wouldn't have to think about it, but now here I am .... alone again.

    I want to talk about SOMETHING.

    I know, I'll go read some stuff so I can fill up this empty space with words.

    Unlike some, I don't speak just to hear myself speak. It just isn't THAT good of a conversation, if you know what I mean.

  62. I'm here, Jamie. I'm sorry I didn't read your 1953 post until now.

    I'm so sorry about your dear friend, Jim. I've been praying for you concerning that for awhile now. BIG sigh. You may not see anyone standing beside you, my generous-hearted friend (THANK YOU so much for your moving remarks to me above), but

    God is near.

    "The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and heals those who are crushed in spirit." Psalm 34:18.

    America, the REAL America, not that of pseudo-presidents FROM KENYA, is also mourning, mourning the loss of the victims of that vile Muslim terrorist. God must be very near tonight.

  63. Dear FOTS, thank you. ALL of you (I read every single one of your posts above -- rather not list names here). Your kindness and GENEROSITY (what good encouragers you are -- WOW! -- thanks so much, I can use all the encouragement re: my amateur writing I can get) in urging me to post here brought tears to my eyes. I am blessed to associate with such wonderful people as you are. All your kindness has rejuvenated my criticism-weary heart. My little hiatus helped, too.

    I quote the Bible a lot. I'm going to (try to, anyway!) apply a verse to myself, here, "Love... keeps no record of wrongs." I. Corinthians 13:5. I will continue to DESPISE B. Hussein Obama. He is evil.

    I've been humbled by this little bump in the road in my blogging journey [Thanks, MR. P., I'm backin' it up :) -- that was so FUNNY; on our honeymoon, Mr. T. affectionately called me "Toots" for the first time. I was appalled, for I'd only heard that used with the same connotation that "dame" has. I fired right back, "Okay, Spoots," adding at the sight of his raised eyebrows, "you call me 'Toots,' I call you 'Spoots.'" More weirdness from TWW...... BWAH, HA, HA, HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!]

    I've learned (well, let's hope so, anyway!) a humbling lesson in being a more precise communicator. I've learned that I need to work a lot on overlooking perceived insults. I've learned that I have some really cool friends here. That last made all my heartache of the past week worthwhile.

    Say, re: MelenaX, I was really pleased to see her name mentioned. It made me so sad when she left for the last time. I understand why. One can only take so much nitpicking of one's opinions. And I'm not one bit surprised to hear that she is your cousin, Mrs. 1953! You both have that same delightfully feisty, cut to the chase, style. If there is ANY WAY you could persuade Miss Melena to return, PLEASE DO. Tell her that I (and others) have never forgotten her and STILL miss her. At least, get her to say, "Howdy" via one of your posts, okay?

    You'll all get a chuckle out of this, I think. When I told Mr. T I was, sadly, not going to sit at the "frequent diner's table" as much "on the TOTUS site," his response was, "Tell [the offending posters] to eat poop and die." LOL. It was so, well, so delightfully "male" it cracked me up. Reminded me (ooooh, boy, here she goes, ramblin' on AGAIN) of the time I asked my brothers what to do about a roommate in college who snored (I was trying to wake her in a "polite" manner -- didn't work). "Just throw a pillow at her and tell her to SHUT UP." Guys have a gift for being direct. I like that. I hope to imitate it without being considered a "harridan." How does one do that? Rather, how does a WOMAN do that? If Rudy Guiliani told an obnoxious reporter to "get a life," he would be called, "macho." If Sarah Palin did the same thing, she would be called..... well, we know what that is.

    BTW, my issues did not include the Dr. Laura thing. Thanks, BettyAnn. Yeah, that woman (Dr. L.) is impossible.

    And that's all, FOTS.

    Enough already about me (gag). Thank you for indulging me "meeing" all over this post. I don't plan to do that again.


    MRS., I'm so glad that your son is safe. Yet, as Jamie pointed out above, he and the rest of Ft. Hood need our prayers. They have lost part of their family, including a tiny, helpless, innocent, unborn, baby no one ever got to meet. But, we will see that little one, and all of them again, someday, "on the other side."

    Take care, Jamie.

    Take care, you extraordinarily wonderful FOTS.

    God BLESS America.


    [*] OBAMA: Please, everybody, have a seat. Let me first of all just thank Ken and the entire Department of the Interior staff for organizing just an extraordinary conference.

    I want to thank my Cabinet members and senior administration officials who participated today. I hear that Dr. Joe Medicine Crow (ph) was around, and so I want to give a shout out to that Congressional Medal of Honor winner. It's good to see you.

    Ah, the dangers of giving shout outs without a teleprompter. Crow is not a Medal of Honor recipient. As noted by the Congressional Medal of Honor Society:

    The Medal of Honor is the highest award for valor in action against an enemy force which can be bestowed upon an individual serving in the Armed Services of the United States. Generally presented to its recipient by the President of the United States of America in the name of Congress, it is often called the Congressional Medal of Honor.

    Crow's name is not included on the Society's Medal of Honor recipient list. He was, however, awarded the Medal of Freedom, the nation's highest civilian honor, in August.

    Obama, often described as "cerebral" by the mainstream media, should know the difference between the Medal of Honor and the Medal of Freedom, especially since he personally awarded the latter to Crow. Don't expect his blunder to receive wide coverage. It's not something he can blame George Bush for.

  65. Maybe with a baby MO will stay home in sweats and save us tax payer's purses and eye balls the suffering she inflicts with her wardrobe.

    But speaking of fashion, here's an interesting story of courage:,2933,572863,00.html?test=latestnews

    I like the last line best. ""Only 0.001 percent of Pakistani women would wear these clothes, and then only in a controlled environment when drunk out of their minds."

  66. Yeah, I read that story. Fox is touting it as a blow to the Taliban.

    That last line is a kicker.

    Speaking of the Obamanation. HE should be in New York right now at the christening of the battlship U.S.S. New York, built using steel from the World Trade Towers. But BO doesn't care. Its all politics, all the time. He is much more worried about his damned health care farce of a bill being voted on in Congress. Instead, the sob sends HILLARY. PFFFT! That's spitting on the graves of all the innocents who died that day and their families and this country. Today, I HATE the bo-bastard! As is the case on most other days, too.

    This ship is HUGELY SYMBOLIC. The ship's motto is "Never Forget". That's MY motto, too.


    I even have a ball cap with a picture of the sillouete of the towers over a U.S. Flag, with the words "Never Forget". I wear it to remind all those people who HAVE forgotten.

  67. While watching C-Span House coverage, (and waiting for TOTUS to get back to work), I wonder if the title of this thread might also apply to:

    1) The Gentlewoman from Florida, Corrine Brown. (and the peeps who voted for her.) She even surpasses the Gentlewoman from Texas, Sheila JACKSON-Lee and that ain't easy.

  68. There is someone out there who surpasses SJL? That's, that's ..... impossible!

  69. Speaking of cold blooded Gentlewoman Lizards, - what does that mean, anyway, "move on" from what? - with just 5 million members, is now threatening, thug style, opponents of the health Care bill.

    This is ludicrous. Maybe they are in opposition because their constituents don't wnat them to support it? And that's how a democracy works? Which is why there is debate in the first place?

    How arrogant is it anyway, to so believe you are right, though you are a very small minority, that you would force your ideals down other's throats, even threaten the majority's representation in congress?

    You'll be having a rough day today. Try to stay off the juice afterward enough to update us on today's speech! At least throw us some gossip, you know how we love that ;)

  70. To help defuse some of the blame, I'm reposting the following from the FOTS Miliary Yahoo Group:

    My cousin (MelenaX) spent the summer with me due to some medical stuff I needed (nothing serious, just needed round the clock attention); my husband is on 24 hour call, and she came to look after me :-)

    I have a computer in the guest room, and she was bored a lot, and she found my bookmark for TOTUS' blog. It cracked her up, and she asked if she could use my comp; unfortunately, I had forgotten at the time, that I used my Yahoo ID for it, so she took my 'okay', and loged on with my Yahoo ID and her UserName. She's very outspoken and opinionated; she's not a joiner, and loathes 'clubs'.

    The trolls made her angry, and the more she read it, the angrier she got; I told her ignore it -- trolls are creeps to be ignored. When she left the TOTUS blog, she went back home two weeks later. She doenn't have a comp at home.

    I picked up the posts as I felt badly about the situation; I was reluctant at first to let on who I was, but Melena said to go ahead. And to let all the 'regulars' at the board know there's no fault among them.


    So, please, MM, stay and express your wonderful views. This is America; free speech prevails over all else. Someone don't like it, they can ignore it and go on.

    I also think the 'eat poop and die' is just an expression and not meant to be taken seriously by any member of the Blog; my son says stuff like all the time, and he usually means "Who gives a crap what they think?".

    If we can't express our views, thoughts, and opinions here freely and w/o fear of retribution, then BObastard and his ilk have won.

    MM, don't let BObastard win.

    ***my word was 'deffi' -- "Deffi the SOB in the WH"

  71. MRS1953:

    The girls are Big MO's. They look like her, but without the scowls and angry eyebrows.

  72. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the fallen:

    You are in our hearts, our minds, and our prayers.

  73. Okay, MRS, and Jamie, who encouraged me.
    Read the next thread, you dears.

    Dear Mr. and Mrs. TWW:
    "Eat Popcorn and Enjoy!"

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