Monday, February 22, 2010

And then ... he turned the water into wine ....


  1. Yep...his days of wine and roses...

  2. I hope it had arsenic in it.
    What a smug bum this jerk is, he makes
    me want to puke!

  3. Neither he or Big (Racist) MO know to hold chilled wine by the stem. FLOTUS continues to embarrass with her tacky outfits, clumsy postures, and gaudy accessories. Funny, though she never lived in the ghetto, even the WH can't take the ghetto out of the woman. She just can't help being vulgar and crass; that's why she married The Stinky (her words not mine) Dear Reader.

    Welcome back...again, TOTUS

    Madame DeFarge

  4. I wonder why he didn't calm the storms that hit D.C.

  5. Did the earth heal and the sea roll back yet? This man has severe mental disorders. Do a search on him and NPD on you tube. The experts agree with me.

  6. Let me be clear...OBAMA MUST GO!!! OMG

  7. Here's a toast to TOTUS!
    May your hard-drive fail forever. Not that I wish you or your career ill, its just that this technical defect can be blamed as a plot by Tiger.
    He's PO'd!
    Apparently believing that pathetic groveling and being sorry for EVERYTHING is a real plan.
    Lawyered-up notes and electronic scripts have proved of little use so far.

  8. Horse piss is more like it... sigh...


    "... raising his water glass, solemnly intoned, 'I raise this glass of burgundy in a salute to all our fine men and women in the Marine Corpse.'"

    Oh, he's transparent all right. CLEARLY an ignoramus.


  10. That "toast" wasn't on the Teleprompter, was it??

  11. A young man and woman got married and had a lovely baby boy about a year later. John was the joy of their life, and he was perfect: ten fingers, ten toes, everything where it should be. Except one thing: John never spoke. Not at age one, not at five, and not even at eight years old. The parents and the boy's doctors were dumbfounded.

    One evening at dinner, John stared down at the plate of food he had just been given by his mother. On the plate was broccoli. "What's THIS stuff?," John cried. The parents were thunderstruck. Their young son had spoken his very first words. At eight years old. And he spoke them perfectly. "John! You can speak!" they exclaimed. "But for all these years, you never spoke a word...not to anyone. Why now?"

    John looked at the plate of broccoli and then up at his parents. "Well, until now everything was OK."


    In some ways I feel like John. Millions do. We never spoke, mostly because 'things were OK.' We had jobs and careers; the simple course of life soaked up our time and it should.

    But then Obama came along and made me mad. As a private-sector individual, I found myself laid off. A guy with a Bachelor's and a MBA staring up at 'rich' union workers as they got richer.

    There are millions of people like me out there. Actually, tens of millions. Some of them are 'between jobs' like me; others are employed, but not altogether secure in their work or in the future. Obama has decided that 'income redistribution' is his main cause, and he started with mine.

    I'm livid.

  12. Well said, Chris.

    Hang in there, hardworking, intelligent, patriotic, American. The tide may be an extra low one, but it will reach its lowest ebb. The tide will turn.

  13. LOL. Get your guns ready, the cowboys are coming out to take America back!

  14. [Lee]"That "toast" wasn't on the Teleprompter, was it??"

    Maybe. Maybe not. ;)

  15. TOTUS, Dear,
    You are a man of few words.

  16. Was that before or after he created the fake jobs?

  17. TruthWillin et al,

    Oh, no. That was sarcasm. TOTUS is revered.

    Would it only be that the mind of TOTUS could really speak. The words would come out of POTUS and the incongruities would mount up.
    Just think: lies would stop, up would now be down, and fewer words would be spoken.
    " A good thing"..

  18. That water to wine trick ?

    He had a fist full of Kool-Aid powder.

    Still the sycophant's are drunk upon his magic,which is not as intoxicating to others.

    Half will not be drinking what is served up at tomorrow's Pontifications.

    Probably,as noted on that blog,he will try to Rahm it down their throats and demand that they swallow.

    Some may object.

  19. Operation “Scapegoat” [TOP SECRET – not!]

    [With his Democrat troops, under the deft leadership of Generals Reid and Puhlosi, hopelessly mired in the snow and mud of the icy Leningrad of American public opinion (“No WAY do we want you to take over our medical system!”) and beginning to cannibalize each other, Herr Obama must create a ploy that will give his “supporters” (i.e., unions and socialists generally) the clear impression that this abysmal defeat was neither his nor his henchpersons’ fault. In other words, Big 0 needs a scapegoat.]

    Scene – The White House cafeteria in which all 300 folding chairs are filled with “card carrying” (and head thumping signs, too) Big 0 party members (including one man with no legs and with the perpetually pained expression that a dead rat hanging down your back will give you and over whom the only TV camera in the room will sadly linger every 30 seconds while displaying the caption: “Charlie lost legs due to no healthcare coverage”) except for six chairs over in the corner, behind the flag, “Reserved” for The Scapegoats, a.k.a., Republicans. At the head of the room, on a raised dais, wearing his golden Saudi chain, sitting in a velvet-covered chair reputedly used by Pontius Pilate, nose in the air and head full of it, is His Magical Highness, Emperor 0, MARXIST MUSLIM FROM INDONESIA BORN IN KENYA, The “Won” and only Reader of the Free World.

    After misinterpreting Giggly’s fluttering fingers to mean “do a bass riff,”……… The Breathalyzers step on the brakes in the middle of “Cocaine” (to which Dope had been happily humming and snapping his fly-catching fingers uuuuuuuuuuuuhntil…… he……… narrowed his beady eyes……… and whispered in Giggly’s ear, “Uuuh, why’re they playing that song?…. End it.”) and wrap - it - up ---- bah-duhmp.

  20. Giggly [rises to stand at the lectern, in TV head shot view the “Coke Is It” sign on the pop machine in the back of the room cheerfully beams off his left ear]: (giggle) Welcome to our Healthcare for All Rally, folks! Your Leader wishes you to all be covered, all except you, of course, bows deeply toward Mitchell, grimacing, er, smiling?, in the front row wearing an aluminum foil halter top and a wrap-around skirt the same color as the Dalai Lama’s………noooo …… [back in Asia, the DL sits shivering in front of his fire, clad only in his skivvies: “I nevuhl go thehll again! Nevuhl! Take me out with gahbuhge! Take my CROTHES! Nevuhl tuhst ‘that one’ again!”]. Okay. Let’s get started. Who has a question?

    [Republicans look at each other with raised eyebrows, one mutters, “So THAT’s the game; Dope says nothing, gets us to do all the talking, we’re here to dig our own grave – heh, heh, we’ve been given one of his pitiful “shovel ready” jobs.” – Mr. Bold stands up, peering around flag]

    Bold: Why did Mr. 0 refuse to meet with us to discuss medical insurance reform every time we asked since the spring of 2009?

    Giggly: [shrug – weak smile] Uh, hmm. I, uh, well, he ……. [brightens] has been terribly busy trying to fix all the messes George Bush made [GRIN].

    Bold: Why do the Democrats refuse to include tort reform and insurance competition across state lines in either of their bills?

    Giggly: We can’t tell Congress what to do. Listen, …. sir…. we are here to have a conversation. We are here to listen to your ideas and thoughts and hopes and dreams and to sing a little bit maybe and to feel good. “Why can’t we all just get along?”

    Bold: Why can’t your “LEADER” answer any of these questions? [nods head in direction of Dope, half asleep in velvet chair]

  21. Giggly: I think you’ve used up your time, Mr. Bold, anyone else?

    SEIU Thug1 [stands, stabs fat finger at the Republicans]: What’re they doing here? All they do is say, “No,” and stomp all over workers’ rights …… and minorities……. and stuff. They oughta be ashamed. [LOUD boos and “MMMmmmm, HMMmmmm!s” and “ – bleep---s” and God D__N America’s” heard for 10 minutes straight]

    SEIU Thug2: [wiping Instant-Tears from his cheeks, placing both hands on Charlie with no legs’ shoulders] And here --- we have --- right in our very midst [pause to pretend he’s so moved he can’t speak]…. a man ….. who stood in the middle of the street every day selling watches and stuff…. a man who loved his country…. a man who can’t even WALK BECAUSE OF YOU! [Turns and stabs fat finger at Republicans]

    Giggly: [fingers fluttering, lip quivering, eye twitching] Now, now, let’s be adults here… Let’ not “get all wee wee’d up, folks. Does the “party of No” have anything to say before we adjourn?

    Ms. Valiant Republican: [walks over in front of Giggly] Why did you ask us here?

    Gig: To TALK, of course.

    Val: Really. What about?

    Gig: Well, MIZZ Valiant, we are TRYING to get the PRESIDENT’S healthcare emergency rescue plan implemented. Does THAT give you a clue?

    Val: I don’t represent the White House, Gig, I represent about 45,000,000 United States citizens, MOST of whom are happy with their healthcare. For the past year and a half, we Republicans have proposed amendments that would actually improve medical care in the United States. The “President” has rebuffed every attempt we have made to reach an economically meaningful and medically sound solution. He can read that teleprompter until he is BLUE in the face. He is fooling no one and we are done talking. Healthcare is the prerogative of the people. We will work this out – or not – in the LEGISLATIVE branch.

    [All Republicans get up and walk out…… to the boos and hisses of the socialists inside the White House…… but, TO THE RESOUNDING CHEERS! Hip, hip, hooray! Hip, hip, hooray! Hip, hip, hooray! of the liberty-loving, undeceived, American people outside. Band strikes up a rousing “When the Saints Go Marching In” – half the crowd forgets what the deal is and joins in, clapping and singing and dancing in the aisles, Dope bobs his head and snaps his fingers, too, for a few seconds. The Republicans grin and wave happily and a U. S. citizen known as Rattlesnake [We miss you!] joyfully waves back with her sign reading, “DON’T TREAD ON ME.”]

    You go, Conservatives!

    God bless America!

  22. O'Bama and The Brethalyzers! Huzzah, huzzah!

    {or "inhalalators"!... why does he also have to add syllalbles to a perfectly adequate word?}

  23. Hi, Susan. :D

    "See ya later 'inhalator!'
    After awhile, a cokehead smile!........................."

    "Puuuuuuunch drunk agaaaaain."


    P.S. Hope you are feeling better.

  24. Dope & Co.'s Performing Donkey Show in a nutshell:

    "Words. Just words."

  25. Yeah, feeling much better after that 'see ya later inhalator......'

    Prep mentioned the other day to look at TOTUS's tweet bar. So just looked and last tweet was twee days ago? So is he, like, off the tweets too? (I don't tweeter so if he was tweeting or tooting I would not know.)

    Well, I watched the whole kit n' kaboodle today. POTUS just does not know how to speak sans TOTUS. Just words, stuttering words.

  26. Dear Susan! What an ADORABLE little lab baby! Is that your new puppy? The photo's link said "Daisy," is that her name? We had a Daisy; a really sweet dog who LOVED water (a lab-shepherd-who-knows-what mix from the animal shelter).

  27. YES, yes, and she sure does love the water.

    She is the "pup", Daisy-Loo. Picture is a year old. She is as tall as, but much leaner, than her older "sister", Dixie-Loo who was in the previous pic with the pink azaleas.

  28. turning wine into water is more like it.

  29. Hmmm -- TOTUS hasn't even tweeted in days -- don't think he's "related" to Andrew Koenig, do you?

  30. Good one, Gracee! Just what an "anti-Christ" kind of guy would do.


    [aero] "'related'" :D

    What I Did Today

    1. Went to grocery store.

    2. Thought about D'oh!bama's latest shenanigan.

    3. Got gas.

    Hmmmm. Think maybe those last two are RELATED.

    Bwah, ha, ha, haaaaaaa.

    Hi, Aero, I think the TOTUS person is clever, but pretty thoughtless (or sick all the time). Either way, whether the defect is of character or body, I suppose he needs our prayers, BLESS HIS HEART.

    Hey, Miss Susan,

    Great names for your two little girls. And you won't believe it, but, as a term of endearment, we would often add on "Lu" to "Daisy," so, she was also "Daisy Lu." Great minds, I tell ya. $(:D)

    It's funny, I am FAR north of the Mason-Dixon line (my misfortune, I know, heh, heh), but my girlfriends and I like to occasionally add on "Lu" to some of each others' names as a term of endearment. The name has to have (or be easily made into) a name of 2 syllables and it works best on names that end in vowels or soft consonants. So, it's Debbie Lu or Rhonda Lu .... . And we usually say it with a "southern accent." Shrug. Guess "southern" sounds cute and sweet to us.

    Susan: Well, sugar, that is because we ARE cute and sweet.

    TWW: And us northerners?

    Susan: Show that you, bless your hearts, are not QUITE as uncivilized as we thought you were by imitating southerliness. ;)

    Well, at this point, when TOTUS loses his computer privileges for a week for taking his mom's car without permission, I usually start rambling on and on which is kind of fun, but, where does it get us?


    Good bye until I think of something else to write.


  31. [Private to TWW...don't really think anyone else is reading this... The "Loo" husband's dog when I met him in ST. Thomas, USVI, which is very south(!) was Ginny-Loo, a petite chow-chow with Chinese appellations in her lineage. He wanted to keep the "Loo" tradition in the names of subsequent dogs. My brother,bless his heart, ax'd why we would ever name our dog after a toilet.]

    Yoo hoo, TOTUS-Loo? Donde esta?

  32. Susan, don't worry, there isn't anyone else here reading your private postings to TWW. We don't read your email, either.

  33. Hi, Susan, thanks for sharing. That's cool. Reminds me of that funny play-on-words gag about the "W.C.." [Winchester Cathedral and water closet, or loo, in England, I mean Great Britain, I mean the United Kingdom -- WHATEVER.] I've forgotten most of it, but gags like (an outhouse, heh, heh) "So, how much time does the minister spend in the W.C.? How many people can be seated?... ." Well, it sure was funny in high school! (:S)

    Sigh. I think this blog is going rapidly into the toilet. We get a lot of truth out here [like the fact that we have a MARXIST MUSLIM FROM INDONESIA BORN IN KENYA in the White House]. I suppose TOTUS' employer has "encouraged" him to let the thing die. Bummer!

    HI, JANICE, I see you peeking in the window...., heh, heh. :) -- Glad to know you are still around.

  34. Any animal that kills a human being, even if the human being recklessly endangered her own life, must be put to death. If the animal has killed before, then the animal's owner must also be put to death. [See Exodus 21:28-30]

    I just read for the first time the sad story of Tilikum "Shamu" the whale's recent killing of a Sea World trainer.

    Sea World's management's attitude, oh, yes, Tilikum who has killed before will not only live but continue to perform at Sea World, reminded me of that spineless toad General Casey after the murders at Fort Hood:

    "... it would be an EVEN GREATER tragedy if..." politically correct "diversity" suffered.

    Sea World owners (privately, of course):

    "... it would be an even greater tragedy if our net profit was reduced by the cost of having Tilikum ("Shamu") put to death and of catching and training another big guy like that or, worse, of shutting down the Orca Whale Show altogether."

    BOYCOTT SEA WORLD! Where Net Profit matters more than human life.

    Guess that's their CHOICE. As the libs like to scream at us, "It's a woman's CHOICE! [to murder her unborn child]".

    Choice or liberty (and net profit) is wonderful, but what about morality?

  35. I hope your boss didn't get too dizzy flying around the world and stopping the Tsunami.

  36. But Tea,if Sea World were to close and be replaced by say,'T' World (Terra),I just doubt those 'Land Shark' shows would sell.
    Performers in,no doubt,skimpy Purple Porpoise Suits on Trampolines just would not be as impressive as the high flying aerial artistry of the real ones.

    Now the Park has BOFFO box office w a Killer Whale who has that reputation for good reason.
    Shamu as a real KILLER will sell LOTS of tickets.Come see a 100 lb woman cuddle a 12,000 lb fish who kills people.
    Yea,that will sell.

    Same danger is involved w Bull Fights,Lion Taming,NASCAR Racing,Ski Jumping and MCCain Campaigns.One is forced to watch for the eventual TWWainweck.Sea World will not drain the Pool on this and must ride this wave of economic opportunity.It's not like they did this ,uh ,on Porpoise.

    So they stay in the Surf rather than Turf world,and hope Shamu's appetite for the latter
    will not prove problematic.
    She was rumored to be weary of Seafood.
    Then again another little 'incident' and they might set attendance records at the park.

    Those daredevil employees above put everything out there every day TWW.
    Same is true for our Soldiers,and Sailors,for every one our 'First Responders' ,and yes,even Teleprompters too.
    They put it ALL on the line.

    Teleprompter's,I believe,is DSL.

  37. The Kool Aide Has Turned To Poison, Will The Democrats Still Drink It?

  38. Excellent riPOSTe, Preptile! :D

    Well, waddya know, life IS a journey. Just a few more steps and we'll be back in the Roman Coliseum.


  39. "And then...he turned water into Whine."

    That seems more apropos.

  40. Drudge reports that BO's doctors suggest he curb his alcohol intake -- but they can't stop him! Go ahead, white house servers! Your puny attempts to serve only bottled water are no deterrent.

    When will they ever learn?

    [Water into WHINE -- that IS apropos, Chris!]

  41. Well, this isn't REALLY off topic, since it IS about the Con Man in Chief....

    Last week at the "See Everybody? It's the REPUBLICANS' Fault" boorfest, the Fraud from Abroad glanced at Congressman Ryan(?), pursed his purple lips peevishly, and said that he HOPEd (that big DOPE) that there would be no more "theatrics."

    The-a-Tricks Are for Kids (like the "Man Child")

    Would the following count as "theatrics?"

    1. Making a campaign speech for a U.S. office in Hitler's favorite Berlin venue to a crowd of Germans who were there to hear a rock concert?

    2. Being a contestant on "Dancing with the Stars?"

    3. Making an acceptance speech on a pseudo-Classic Greek set complete with plastic columns?

    4. Flying a 747 at 1,500 feet over lower Manhattan?

    5. Walking slowly down a long, sconse-lit, hallway to lecturn at press conference instead of entering quickly from stage right?

    6. Pretending to dig a hole in his backyard with a shovel?

    7. Sitting around a table in shirt sleeves drinking beer, "recalibrat[ing]" and talking about people acting "stupidly?"

    8. Getting up on stage to boorishly bellow more half-truths and lies yet ANOTHER time?

    Meh, come to think of it, Barry Soetoro's ENTIRE LIFE has been nothing but "theatrics."

    That's affirmative.

    Oh, except for the bare handed fly catching -- that's real.

  42. FYI: The "theatrics" that bothered widdoh Baawee was the copy of one of the Gov't Takeover of the Medical System bills sitting, all 10 or so inches high of it, in front of Congressman Ryan(?).

  43. In Biden's World

    In Biden's world, people who "uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh......... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand................hmm.... [GRIN]..... uh...." are "articulate."

    In Biden's world, a there is a little cafe in Scranton that nobody's ever seen.

    In Biden's world, plagiarizing an entire speech is just liberal quoting.

    In Biden's world, going to Home Depot one time in 10 years is "hang[ing] out at Home Depot all the time."

    In Biden's world, a half-white man is "a black man."

    In Biden's world, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was president in 1929....... and appeared on television.

    In Biden's world, the vice-president "do[es]n't have to do anything."

    In Biden's world, the Alaskan Pipeline (built c. 1979) was a big mistake.

    In Biden's world.............

    there must be lots more -- can you add some, FOTs? ...... FOTs?..... crickets.......


  44. O, Ever-Faithful TWW, how I admire your patience in returning to this once-hopping gathering place. You certainly are the glue that keeps it together here, in spite of Totus ignoring us, and so many old friends having drifted away.

    All I can come up with for a Biden's World moment is:
    In Biden's World, riding Amtrak is a daily event, wearing hair plugs is normal, and shout-out to a man in a wheelchair to "Stand up and let them see you!" is....Just Being Joe...

    On top of all this, now we get to chew our fingernails some more over whether the monstrosity of a health care bill is actually going to be rammed thru, full speed ahead and damn the majority of Americans who don't want any part of it...

  45. In Biden's World....Barack IS America!

  46. Oh, and lest we forget-

    In Biden's world J-0-B-S is a 3 letter word!

  47. Obama asked for an 'Up or Down vote' on HCR when all he really wants is an 'Up' vote. Why the subterfuge? Oh...wait: His whole presidency thus far has been 'subterfuge.' He won't let it come to a vote if the answer is 'No.' Everyone knows this to be true. Why not him?

  48. HI!!!

    MTVA, Susan, and Chris!

    Thanks, MTVA. What a pleasant surprise to hear from you. Chris, Preptile (also on his own blog, and Susan post quite faithfully, too. I like your "Biden's World" ideas. Thanks for "participating." :D

    "JOBS"! lol, Susan, how COULD I have left out THAT one. Thanks! :)

    Good point, Chris.

  49. And Aero, too!

    [Dang it! EVERY time I list people I leave somebody out.]

  50. These are like those famous 'Obama Shout-Outs' you're doing, right? LOL

  51. "And then...he turned water into Whine."

    Would you like some cheese with that whine?

  52. Faithful readers of this site,and yes there are a few,will recall that Pleas for more Prose do not particularly Please the Pros like our Teleprompter who can,and I swear this is true,spew verbiage at very nearly the speed of light.At least he can when he is so inclined,which of course he nearly never is,unless he is inspiring that Mono -Tuneusouter that employs him to give Castro someting to shoot for,lengthwise.

    What specifically Teleprompter,one was
    wondering about the Won was,whether he was Teleprompting around w Gramnesty and Shumer yesterday over his next transformitive mandate from the people,(who by his lights are crying out for immigration reform almost as loudly as they were demanding socialized medicine).
    Pretty much in both cases,only the affected demanded it.Those so unnaflicted requested enforcement of existing laws instead,but Government is no longer in that business.
    Now ,as seen at most WH meetings it is all about MSM Dog and Pony Shows.As soon as Mccain Medved and other RINOS all climb aboard this next production can begin in earnest.
    One could hardly blame him for objecting.

  53. [Preptile - Hi] "As soon as Mccain Medved and other RINOS all climb aboard this next production can begin... ."

    Always (almost) "in character," the cast of "One with the Wind," after its Saturday night performance, is sitting around in the "War Room," somewhere deep in the mud underneath the Lincoln Memorial. They are discussing various ways to make "Big G" bigger.


    Mealymouthed Miss Mellie: John McLame
    Miss Prissy: Giggly (a.k.a. "Beltway Bob")
    Wimpy Ashley Wilkes: Peach Obama
    Ruthless Scarlett O'Hara: Rahm Em
    Scarlett's Mixed Up Papa: Biden
    Scarlett's Devout Mama: Bo the Dog -- [the only pure heart in the bunch, makes brief, token, appearance, then seen no more]
    Scarlett's Betrayed Sisters: 2 Blue Dog Dems
    Mammy: Big Mo
    Rhett Butler: TOTUS [because the line, "Frankly, Scarlett, I don't give a damn" is exactly what by his silence he says to us FOTS when we tell him we miss hearing from him]

    [herein called by their real life names]

    Bo: Bark! [RINO Medved grabs his collar and they both get in elevator to go out on lawn where they join O'Reilly and he and Medved show Bo how to bark out of both sides of his mouth at the same time]

    RahmEm: [with haughty, arched eyebrows and red lipsticked lips, jerks head at Vodka bottle next to his elbow on end table] Mistuh McLame, hand me that bottle.

    McLame: [grimacing in an attempt at a smile, eagerly stretches arm waaay across space from his chair to table and picks up bottle] My pleasure, (grunt) Mistuh Emm. [veins popping on neck, face red (but still smiling) while he waits......for Rahm to take bottle]

    Rahm: Just pour me out a sip.

    McL: [still GRINNING stretches so he's lying on the floor, pours into glass Rahm holds in hand away from McL - McL spills a drop on Rahm's hand]

    Rahm: [screeches] How DAY-UH you! Wretch!

    TOTUS: [turns 3/4 to camera so his "ears" won't look so big, smirk playing on his face] Afraid you'll melt, Miss Em?

    Rahm: [GLARES] You just shut yo mouth, Mistuh TOTUS, or ahll PULL YOUR PLUG.

    TOTUS: [SMILING] That would be fine. Better for acoustics, Ma'Emm.

    Mammy: NO MORE PUNS!

    TOTUS: Now, Mammy....

    Mammy: NO MORE PUNS!

    Biden: When does my train leave?

  54. RahmEm: [shakes head disgustedly at Biden, muttering, "retard" -- finally "off" being Miss Scarlett... until later....] Okay. Let's get down to the business of the Con-federacy. To rid us of the November election problem this "Healthcare for All" crap has caused, I came up with another horror story.

    McL: [a trifle sarcastically] Is it true this time?

    Rahm: [GLARE] They're ALL true. Every one of our scenarios is a reinactment of virtual reality JOHN.

    McL: [ghastly "grin"]

    Rahm: This one is going to involve a poor, young, black woman, played by Peach [Peach smiles] who didn't have enough money to go see a doctor when she didn't feel good and so she didn't know she was pregnant [Peach looks unhappy] and comes to work in the White House kitchen --

    Big Mo: -- Kitchen! That just reinforces how WHITEY keeps black people DOWN. Give her a more important job!

    Rahm: [sneering (of course)] -- She's in the kitchen, MO, because that's where ALL the black women in the White House are. Democrats don't give black women important jobs. Condoleezza Rice worked for Bush; you, uh, would maybe want us to imitate him? So, ANYWAY, Giggly, you'll be the one to hear her screams and run (be sure at least one camera guy is following you) to help he--

    Giggly: [looks HORR-I-FIED] "Ah don't no nuthin' 'bout buhthin' no baybehs!!!!"

    Peach: [angry and alarmed] WHAT?! MISS SCAHLE, er...... Rahm! I am NOT going to uuuuuuuh.....have a baby uuuuuh.......unless you get me some ............ qualified ........ phictitions........REEEECALIBRATE...... PHY-SI-CIANS [wipes brow].

    Mammy: Shut up, Dope. You're just PRETENDING to have a baby.

    Peach: SHUT UP?! YOU shut up, .... uuuuh......... FATTY!

    [Secret Service tackle Big Mo before she can deck Peach; they yard her into the elevator and take her back to the "residence" kitchen]

    Biden: Hey, this is great. I don't have to do anything!

  55. Rahm: [walks over and slaps the hysterical Giggly twice across face -- Giggly sobers up immediately, gets up, then, sashays slowly about the room, running his fluttering little fingers along all the backs of the chairs, singing, "Be it eeeeever so huuuumble.... hmmm, hmmmmmmmmmm, hm, hmmm, hmmmm, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...(giggle) that's silly.... (giggle)...... hmmmm ... Home Sweet Home........." [the rest ignore him, they're used to this; he'll come around in an hour or so]

    Biden [smiles and sings along with Giggly]

    TOTUS: How's that going to help you get free of Deathcare, Rahm? [ignoring Rahm's evil eye]

    Rahm: Come next November, [speaks slowly, as you would for a simpleminded person] when our brother and sister Democratics are up for re-election, they can say..... "The Party of No caused this poor, young, black, woman to die in the hallway IN CHILDBIRTH because she could not find a late-term abortion doctor AND because they STOPPED HEALTHCARE REFORM. So, vote for ME and we'll take care of you." They will never, I REPEAT, NEVER specify what "take care of you" means.

    Peach: [nose in air] It means……… I give more speeches? Aaaaaaand we keep on pushing forward with "what the American people want?" "Healthcare Reform?"

    Rahm: No.

    [dead silence in room; McL stifles smile by clearing throat]

    Peach: [finally remembers what he wanted to say] WHAT?!?!!!

    TOTUS: That's right, Big Buy, there is NO WAY IN EVEN THIS DemoCRAT HELLhole that Reid’s and Puhlosi's bills are going to go anywhere but into the dumpster. From now on, it’s all about “Escape from Healthcare” and “Operation Scapegoat.” [scrolling in BOLD AND ALL CAPS NOW] READ IT AND WEEP. BWAH, HA, HA, HA, HAAAAAAA!

    Giggly: R-R-R-Rahm? Is that right Rahm?

    Rahm: Moving on to Amnesty for All.......... [McL brightens]

  56. Sad, but likely to be true...before they can even complete one disaster, they are busy talking up the next horror they want to inflict upon us. Now you've opened my eyes that it's meant to distract us from their abandoning another unfinished project, like kids who give up on some game because it's tooooo hard...well, may they all be toooo hard for them, because they are all toooo disastrous for us.

    Great writing, TWW, I'm always so delighted to find another story of yours to read and cackle over! You have captured McLame's essence..and then some!

  57. Thanks, MTVA. Hope you had a good weekend.


    Above is the Amnesty for All list of Turkish Muslims. Weird that they're even reading this site, huh?

    Not much gets done here anymore, though, so, I guess they figured it's a government website now. (#[)

    Either that, or, not reading English, they figured it was one of those "Post Your Memories of the Dearly Departed" sites (hence the graphic of an undertaker-of-a-man giving a toast) and figured a little Turkey spam would appeal to hungry mourners.

  58. "Rahm: Moving on to Amnesty for All.......... [McL brightens]"

    A big HA! for the above!

    Oh, Bo!- Woof. woof woof. Woof

    And then Turkey Spam! Mmmm,mmmm,mmm.

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