Monday, February 1, 2010

Revenue Hunting

Big Guy released his budget today. He spent a lot of time this weekend - in between going to the Duke-Georgetown basketball game, watching basketball on TV, watching HBO, then Sportscenter, then doing research on the Pro Bowl for our fantasy pool, then actually watching the Pro Bowl - working on cutting all that fat from the budget. I think people are going to love what they see.

It's not like Big Guy isn't aware of the fiscal mess we are in. People have been noticing how he has been bowing when he meets even U.S. officials, like mayors or governors. But he's not bowing. That's just the way he walks so that he gets first dibs on dropped change.


  1. I absolutely loved all of those tax cuts... wait that was the other guy.

  2. Well,we were wondering whether that louse wasn't trying to look down her blouse.

    Guess when One is an expert on College indoor 'sports' that a Clintonesque interest in décolletage would follow,woodn't it?

    D-evil when pressed together tells one who Flip Wilson would blame for that indiscretion.
    It was the Devil,and of course the Bossa Nova,that made him do it.To mix this metaphor even further an 'S' could be applied to the laughter over a state w 12% Republican voters electing a conservative,to accurately describe the 'Slaughter' that was in that Massachusetts Message.In truth that message was that mass amounts of Mass attendance would be the only prayer left for leftys hoping to'Transform'the USA.

    Perhaps TP,'Baghdad Bob' Gibbs could explain that "wave of anti incumbency" in a way that even a P popping Wee Wee er,would understand,well,why the wonder one would care more for BBall than the Country ?
    Probably just seems that way w all those
    'crotch salutes 'and all,and in truth he cares a lot about America n Basketball.

    Someone blow a whistle and throw him one as it might get him 'back in the game'.

    Holder and Company also seem to have caught that Prosecutorial 'Malaysian Malaise'where only 'infidelity' is of interest to them.
    Eleven Christian churches were burned there last month,yet they prosecute 'Haaram '
    Ham and liquor attacks upon Mosques.
    Normally one lights a fuse to ignite a
    'Molotov Cocktail',but unlit,this "attack"
    was more of a simple 'Scotch on the Mosque'.

    Our prosecutors show similar 'inclinations '.
    When a "student" lands in Dearbornistan w
    a 'diaper full' packing those 'Fruit of Kabooms,the local DA might be unable to produce a Farsi speaker,so in a bit of an
    ahem,Farce,he calls pals at CAIR or the local
    Madrassa to produce one.

    What could go wrong ?

    Our NSA kumbya Corp now seeks to enforce the Constitutional right for burnt weenie repair needed for that Weenie attempting mass murder on Christmas day.
    His prison and Paradisaical needs require one in good working order.
    Were I to have questioned him instead of the local JP, it would have been prior to the painkillers.
    Taking him to the ER, I might want to take in a double feature on the way.
    I would rather we executed him before that repair ,so he will be a disappointment to his 72 virgins.
    One hopes they are aged w horrible breath,and that they don't even play BBall.
    He deserves even worse.
    Let's see if we can 'budget' that in.

  3. Right on Preptile,

    Holder is the latest cabinet member doing his own suicide bombing routine.
    The trial that was going to be held in NYC might as well be held in Dearbornistan. At least the accused would be more inclined to find a jury of their peers.

    Fruit of Kabooms....Nice

    Meanwhile TOTT (Tool of the Teleprompter) ponders his bracketology for the upcoming March Madness...Mad Hops

  4. verification word: tureale
    Let me use that in context.

    "I hear Barack has created hisself some of 'dat fuzzy math 'dat that Gore guy be talkin about Fo Real"

    "you mean the way he goin' to balance 'dat budget thang?"

    "True That and we get our crib, ride and gas paid for."

    "Fo Real?"

    "No Tureale"

  5. Wish I could laugh. Frankly I think something very sinister and odd is going on with the banking system. It seems that every single bill we pay has escalated. The food I bought for around $90 a week last month is now $120. I'm not eating that much more and neither is my family. Excuse me if I just cannot muster much mirth. I feel burdened and robbed. This type of change is killing us.

  6. i just think it would be amazing if he took responsibility for something.

  7. The beauty of what is happening is that Obama's legacy is cemented now. That first year of 'dithering' did him in, and everyone knows that 'legacy' is formed then. The other issue is that any improvement in the economy will be agonizingly slow, meaning that year #2 will be more of the same for Obama. Year #3 will see a sea-change in Congress, and Obama will be forced into a kind of bipartisanship not to his liking. That's when the lame-duck talk starts and other erstwhile Democrats (Hillary et al) start considering their own challenges for Obama's seat. This will not, as the saying goes, end well for Obama.

  8. From your keyboard to God's ears, Chris.

  9. Amen, Aero.

    And from God's Word to the TOTUS blog.......

    "The Lord preserves the faithful,
    But the proud he pays back in full.
    Be strong and take heart all you who hope in the Lord."

    "The wicked plot against the righteous ...
    but the Lord laughs at the wicked,
    for he knows their day is coming."

    Psalm 31:23, 24; 37:12, 13.

    Someday, that ol' Kaa snake, Peach Obama, will be "all limp and dead."

    Aaaaaaand no inhaler (and no "breathalyzer" either) is goin' tah help him. Mm, mmmmmm!

    LOVED YOUR "WORD" dialogue above, Shovel :D (and, Thanks!)

    Preptile, you have outdone yourself. SUPER witty. SOOOOOPAH! PT><TP. :)

  10. Kudos FOT's... providing smiles for us.

    TOTUS I REALLY doubt the Big Guy would bother with a dropped Benjamin much less some dropped coin!

  11. Hey Totus

    I'll give you five bucks if in his next speech you can get the big guy to say "My budget is fullproof, it is made of Unobtanium".


  12. What is with the bowing obsession? He's like Lurch from the Addams Family.

  13. [Indi] "Unobtanium." LOL.

    And, since Unobtanium is TRANSPARENT, it is beyond laser beams or....... reproach........ or the Congressional Budget Office [[[GRIN]]].

    MEMO TO C.B.O.: Remember, just score the alternating pages in Lucida on yellow paper and everytime you get a tax revenue number less than 10, add 500 million. Thanks. Love, Barry.

    Do'h!: [humming happily to himself while he lights up another cigarette] My budget is a budgetsaur in your imagination!


    [WriterX] "He's like Lurch ... ." LOL.

    He is.

    "You rang?"

    Correction: "Uuuuuuh...... you rang?"

    Re: Why Barry bows -- He figures after bowing 620 times (the number of U.S. states x 10, mm, hmmm) we'll all just forget that he bowed to King Saud last April (while dissing the Queen of England). Only 618 more to go!

  14. I think he has a shoe fetish and he bends over to check em out...

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Now wait a damn minute. Does BG wear the same style of shoes that OJ swore he did not wear in the pictures of him broadcasting at NFL games?

  17. KOOK, you stole my thunder!
    He might be inspecting the pavement to see how well his shovel-ready project turned out.
    Maybe he got a new haircut and wanted the mayor's opinion.
    Maybe he needed a closer look at a ring she wears that he might want to copy and expand upon for Lady M.
    He might be working so hard cutting the budget and getting us free health care, a tax cut and new unicorns that he suddenly merely fell asleep.
    The batteries in the Barack Doll neede recharging.

  18. I live in New Hampshire and I'm an aviation nut. I went to the Manchester Airport to see Air Force One land. The 747 touched down at around 12:35pm and it was pretty nerve-wracking as the 747 kicked up an amazing amount of dirt &/or smoke as it tried to slow down. The runway it used is 9,250 feet in length, and it used almost every bit of it. Three black vehicles raced behind the plane at well over 100 MPH chasing the still decelerating 747. It didn't look like a 'normal' landing.

    Anyway, I do have to say that the wheels are rapidly coming off the Obama wagon. His 'friends in high places' either aren't his friends any more, or they're not in high places. The media, invested as they are in 'protecting' the guy they helped elect, are looking one moreso than Katie Couric, who is playing the role of a 'Fat Cat' media anchor while she somberly and angrily reports on 'Fat Cat' bankers. There's a 'populist' revolt against Couric, and it's coming from inside the walls of CBS.

    I cannot see things getting better for this administration, and heaven forbid if there's another terrorist try. Whether it succeeds or not isn't even the issue; Obama's whole politicization of terrorism will have exploded, taking him and many of his gang to the Land of Misfit Presidents.

  19. TOTUS, Your boss is a sad sad little man.

  20. KOOK -- Kool! LOL.

    madg -- LOL :D , you more than made up for the one liner KOOK stole. Funny stuff! [:o)]

    Mmm, hmm, Chris. Veeehlly eeenteresting. The flight plan probably was for Maine, but just as they entered NH airspace, widdoh Baawee (needing a cigarette -- NOW) threw a fit in the cockpit, "You land this plane NOW, honkey! I said, NOW!!"

    Either that, or.....

    Barry and Mitchell start fighting over who gets to sit by the window....

    Toes: KNOCK IT OFF!

    [fight, scuffle, yell, fight]

    Toes: Don't make me have to land this plane, if I have to land this plane, I will GIVE you something to yell about.

    [fight, scuffle, scuffle, yell]

    Toes: Okay. THAT does it. Down we go -- Captain, you will land this plane immediately.

    .........SCCREEEEEEEEEECH, smell of burning rubber....

  21. If only he would just go Wee Wee Wee All The Way Home...wherever that may actually be.

    TWW, you have such a knack for summing up Little Wee Wee in just a few perfect words or phrases - keep it coming!

    Maybe the bowing is something like a magician's way of getting you to look at THIS, while he does THAT without you noticing. Maybe Little Sir WeeWee is weeweeing himself at meeting someone who actually governs, and bows to call our eyes away from that...

  22. The Toyota boondoggle and consequences to the US Market Auto and Otherwise?

    Toyota Silver Lining.

    Dear Taliban we have the repair fix for your Toyota – shim this.

  23. The 747 version of Air Force One can easily land at Manchester, and has several times. The Town Hall where he went was in Nashua, about 20 minutes down the Turnpike to the south (and about 15 minutes from where I live). I was much more interested in the plane than the person onboard.

    Today, the 'Angst du Jour' for Obama is the handling of the Christmas Day Bomber. Now he's 'talking,' which is a built-in protective mechanism for Holder. He was getting a ton of heat for his 'Mayberry Jail' handling of the Bomber and the consequence of that: The bomber was keeping quiet. Imagine the crisis if another attack occured ('successful' or not) and Holder's politicization was a contributing factor. That would be the end! As it is, we conclude now that another attack WILL occur. And rightly, the focus will go right back to Holder and this administration. By playing 'politics,' they contributed to the success of the next attack.

    This is why the bomber is now 'all of a sudden' talking.

  24. TOTUS, Dear, so you don't actually sound out the words P-H-O-N-E-T-I-C-A-L-L-Y for BG as you scroll? Guess not! Oh, my allah!

    You say arugula, I say lettuce. You say corpse-man, I say corpsman!

  25. Dems are collapsing. Landrieu (D-LA) is now crying on the floor, pleading with people that her ransom for HCR really was the 'honorable thing to do.' Yes, she's literally crying. Then we have the still-festering problem with 'Mrs. Butterworth,' who I still believe is going to exit the scene soon. Finally, we have a BIG revision coming in the jobless rate, and NOT in a good way. The clear implication is that Obama and his administration 'cooked the books' with respect to the unemployment numbers. I would certainly expect him to try that trick; after all, he's a 'community organizer' who immediately wanted to secure control of the CENSUS!

    Each day brings worse news for the Democrats. SOMEONE (or, more accurately, a LOT of 'someones') need to fall on their swords in this administration. Obama surrounded himself with political elites rather than people who knew how the private sector works. It's no wonder that they are completely impotent now when it comes to 'fixing' an economy.

  26. How 'thin-skinned' are Libs? Take a journey over to The New York Times' web site and read Paul Krugman's latest, 'Fiscal Scare Tactics.' In it, he 'declares' that worries about the deficit are pretty much unfounded. 'Nor do investors seem unduly concerned,' he crowed. I guess he paid no attention to what happened on Wall Street this week.

    But the clear sign that Krugman is thin-skinned is that the comments section to his column was 'shut off' after 31 entries. 31! You cannot illustrate the folly of Liberalism any more clearly than that.

  27. Obama isn't just destroying our economy and our security with his flawed approach to terrorism. His latest target is destroy our space program as well! Even the Democrats are reacting bad to this one. There is an easy way to let them know this isn't what we want. He want to do this because clearly our space program is both a major techonology generator and symbol of our international leadership.

    John's Space

  28. Why show 'technical innovation and worldwide leadership' when there are so many people sitting on porch steps waiting for their checks from Obama's 'stash?' Redistribution of wealth is the tune Obama is playing, and the effort is completely unmasked now.

  29. Chris and John (good to see you again!) -- thank you for all that great stuff.

    "Mrs. Butterworth" LOLOLOL. What was the name of that stupid 1970's baby doll whose main selling point was that "she cries REAL tears." I didn't play much with baby dolls, I went straight to Barbie Dolls -- better for creating little dramas and dialogue (seriously!). What can you do with a baby doll? Basically, nothing.

    Landrieu is a CROOK. Sounds like she's a psychopathic, i.e., NO conscience AT ALL, crook; they can turn on the fake tears at the drop of a Summons in their In Box. Sickening. Louisiana ought to be ashamed, ASHAMED, I tell you! Yessirree.

    31 comments. [EYE ROLL]. "Well," whined Krugman, "that's all the possible flavors there is, so, we figured why make room for more?"

    Can't be checkmated if you get up from the table and stomp out the door --- can't win either.

    John, seriously, DESTROY the space program?! (O_O) Despicable (a big presence in "outer space" is a BIG key to our national security). Not too bright, either. Here's ol' Barry and Mitchell, doing their best to evoke the "Kennedy aura (aroma is more like it)," Mitchell wearing "Jackie O" this and that, and then Barry goes and blows it all by attacking Jack Kennedy's main legacy, the space program. Jack SPRAT and his WIFE -- FOR SURE. Betwixt the two of THEM, they'll lick our platters clean, MMMMMMMM, HMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

  30. Hi, Susan. Yeah, that dope, Peach, mispronounces stuff ALL the time. I'd say he's, er, developmentally delayed [GRIN].

    He's REALLY educated -- NOT! Sitting in class -- correction -- doing cocaine and receiving passing grade reports at your pad paid for with other people's money is not education (except in how to con your way through life). The Affirmative Action President. Super.

  31. I have no idea how I found this site, but I wasnot really impressed and obvioulsy did not get the joke. I found it some what dsrespective of our current President, President Obama and his staff. I doubt this nonsence was floating around when President Bush was in office now was it?

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

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