Wednesday, September 23, 2009

About That Chair ...

Big Guy made his first formal speech to the UN general assembly this morning. He was kind of nervous because he heard that Germany might be walking out on his friend, Iran's Almadininutjob, if he was too tough on Israel.

"There isn't a chance that anyone will walk out on me, is there?" Big Guy asked Toes before he went on. Toes just laughed and said not to worry, the only delegation that might have walked out was the United States', but we had stand-ins from ACORN filling those seats.

Beyond that, we were a little disappointed that there wasn't a lot of applause during the speech. This was a tough crowd. Apparently world regulation isn't what we thought it was cracked up to be.
Something positive did come out of this trip, though. We bought some new furniture for the White House. Big O really liked the chair he sat in in front of the assembly before taking the podium. We bought it from the UN and will use it for speeches, press conferences and other official events. Like Big Guy was saying as we loaded it into the car, "What's the point of walking down that red carpet if you don't have a throne to sit in afterward?"

Maybe this wasn't such a positive thing after all.


  1. TOTUS:
    Some of your troubles may be explained in this awesome article.

  2. Did his feet touch the ground? Or did they just dangle?

  3. Can't we strap him into the electric chair?

  4. Wow, does he look like the dummy from the Twilight Zone!

  5. Dear LL,
    Don't hold back! Really, if you can catch the comments today of Ambassador Bolton, you'll have a lot more to add.
    Poor TOTUS having to be the conduit feeding words of embarrassment before the world. When will we have a president with a spine and a bit of p*ss and vinegar running through his/her veins??

  6. He's so full of it, there's only one throne appropriate for his use....

  7. TOTUS:
    Look at the regal tilt of head! Why, I can almost see an invisible crown perched way, way up there, somewhere in the clouds.

    President forever has a nice ring.

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  9. What a wonder that our wonder one and
    Kadafi wowed the UN this morning with his caliphatopian dreams.
    Wonder why we are suddenly popular in an assembly that hates everything about us but our funding?
    All of them must favor theocracy ,AS HE DOES.
    Kadafi's hopes that Africa(and he is head of the AU,or African Union),become an ISLAMIC CONTINENT,do not match my own.
    Surviving Christian states there like Eithiopia and parts of Kenya may have objections as well.

    Who can blame them?

    No other religion thrives in any Islamic state.

    All of them get marginalized TO DEATH,
    as do their adherents.

    Our outreach to thugs in the interest of multi-culturalism fails to take into account ,that no other culture is allowed to compete w their's.Doubt me?
    Try taking a bible on your next trip to Mecca or Medina.Hope you don't mind the whipping when you get there.
    And if you are female,hope you look good dressed Darth Vadar style in all black.
    Either wear that,or black and bruises.
    Courtesy of theuir muttawa,or "religoous policemen".Next note how popular are the alternavive cultures there,like the gay community.There isn't a visible one.
    Neither of these theocratic thugs should be allowed off the UN grounds at all.

  10. Nobody gets it. BO's arrogant UN speech wasn't simply to preen and elevate his status.

    No, Mr. Twirp was trying to APPEASE the world, hoping to duck terrorist attacks and economic woe by wheedling to (oft terrorist) rogue states and the socialist Europeans.

    What a sorry, doomed effort.
    Decades-old lesson from Neville Chamberlain:

    The Europeans still resent us,
    the terrorists still hate us,
    and they'll still strike us----mortally, if they can.
    (Remember the plot we thwarted on Wall Street, when terrorists sought to ruin our entire economy?!)

    However, I LOVED this: when BO said,
    "Speeches alone will not solve our problems"--
    --he pointed with both hands TOWARD HIMSELF! He thus revealed HE KNOWS he's just a front, a mere Speech-Maker in Chief, serving others who have actual power.

  11. Preptile,

    I agree wholeheartedly that Obama should not be allowed off of the UN grounds. We are all a lot safer when he is confined therein.

    BTW, after GW spoke and Chavez followed, Hugo stated that it smelled like sulfur as if Satan himself had been present. Gee, I wonder what it smelled like when the Fraud from Abroad finished. I have a pretty good idea...Since we are all dog lovers here, it was probably the equivalent of a cross between a Bull Dog and a Shitzu.

    Let me retract that it is not fair to our canines to associate them with someone from the lost tribe of Dan. My apologies, I associate the tribe of Dan with the anti-Christ. After a quick google search I have discovered that many Jews feel that the Rabbis are descended from said tribe too. Is there any way BO could be confused with God's chosen people?

    Maybe I should just keep apologizing. That seems to be so cool these days.

  12. Verification word,


    After the day I have had, I better not touch it.

    That one is just too easy.

  13. Re: The "Era of Engagement"
    I know lots of men who indulge in an era of engagement so that they can manage to mess around with the bride without the pesky nuisance of having to get married. I sort of wonder if that's the sort of committment he has in mind-screwing us over without keeping any of his promises.

  14. found this; very, very SCARY:

  15. bettyanne - I love to read VDH. He has great insight.

    From that VDH article that you referenced:
    === One of the most disturbing characteristics of the new administration is a particular sort of whining or petulance. Dissatisfaction arises over even favorable press coverage — as we saw last weekend, when Obama serially trashed the obsequious media that he had hogged all day. ===

    That is right on the money. The Obama admin is always "wee-wee'd up".

    ==== >< ===== >< ==== >< ==== < ==== >< ====

    MM - I loved the "throne" comment you made. Do you suppose that when he sits on that porcelain throne, he has a mirror across from him so he can practice acting "regal"?

    ==== >< ===== >< ==== >< ==== < ==== >< ====
    I wonder..... Did Obama put off the general's request for more troops "until the end of this week" because he thought that he could give his appeasement, "we are all one in the world" speech, and dozens of countries would rush to offer help in Afghanistan?

    He treats the leaders of other countries as if they were members of Congress. All he has to do is give a speech and then promise them lots of "pork" to get them to go along with whatever scheme he has going on. (Of course, he doesn't call it pork. That might offend all those Muslim "leaders".....)

    He is such a sniveling, blathering fool.

    John Bolton’s conclusion: “It was all extremely naïve. The president did everything he could to say: ‘Can’t we all just get along?’”

    After all, in Obama's opinion, all you have to do is be "diplomatic" and ask nicely. We can "lead by example", and they will follow ....

    ... until they can get close enough to behead us all.

  16. Shovel, a fine FOT like you need never apologize. Sorry you had a crappy Wednesday. Hope your week ends well. Couldn't get any worse, huh? @_@

    BTW, has Dope found you a job YET?!?

    Gotta be kind of tired of lugging that shovel around. Oh, yeah, I forgot. It comes in handy cleaning up the messes at work. :D

    [Preptile] "caliphatopian" LOL. New ride at Disneyland, I suppose:

    Disney promo:

    Hey, folkssss! It's a small world! We have Islamofascists right here in L.A.! Come see our new, terrifying, amazingly realistic, "Caliphtopia" ride! Experience the thrill of being beheaded! Watch as the devout blow themselves up before your very eyes! You'll never look at box cutters the same way again.

    Get your FREE TICKETS, this week only, at any participating mini-mart (if you dare, bwaa, ha, ha, ha, haaaaaaaa!).

    Personally, Prep, think I'll just go on Autopia.


  17. [Ellen K] "...lots of men who indulge in an era of engagement... ." Good point.

    Mmmm, hm. While they are courting their "best thing that ever happened to me," their "I'd walk on razor blades for you," their "BEAUTIFUL EYES," "ENCHANTING SMILE," "BEST FRIEND,".... they fall all over themselves to please.

    Just wait.... once that "Era of Engagement" is done and the honeymoon is OVER, Putin and Chavez and I'maDinnerJacket will say, "It's all about me, sucker. Go buy your own flowers."

    [Qualification: I realize that there are a lot of men who end up on the short end of a witch's broom, too. Just seems that it is a bit more common for men to shine it on during the dating phase and morph into a selfish oaf after the marriage then vice versa.]


    That was George Bush's chair. Like Dubya's shoes, the Fraud from Abroad could never hope to fill it.

  18. TWW,

    No, I don't have to look too far to realize my life could be a lot worse. I am thankful for my life. That is not to say it is without challenge or difficulty. But if it weren't for rain I couldn't appreciate the sunshine.

    I was being sarcastic about apologies. BO's m.o. seems to be that of an apologetic waif. I remember sticking up for kids like him on the playground quite often as a child. I honestly feel that that personna is how he is posturing himself and our country (probably unknowingly).
    When people like Putin, Castro and Chavez approve of your position on the issues I think there might be a problem in the land of the free.

    Although Dubya had his shortcomings fiscally, I always admired his resolve and humility. He would not and did not cave to his critics when it came down to defending his country or his honor.

    Time to put on the gloves and grab my namesake. Prayers and tidings to my fellow FOT's.

  19. I was livid after watching this shameful apology for all things American,like capitalism and such.
    But hey,we're making pals w UN-iters.
    Most of Houston is angry too.In an hour driving yesterday I spotted only 2 Obama bumper stickers.Last november that number would have been thousands.That number virtually swamped the 7 or 8 Mccain stickers
    that I have seen in my entire life.
    Seems our party might have figured we had a bit of a problem there.
    That Obamanite yesterday jumped the que on a U turn into my local Looscan Library.
    Thanks a lot JERK.

    Need to do a bit of housekeeping here starting w my own misperceptions about TWW's vehicular choices .Could have sworn he alluded to Volvos some months back,and I assumed ,incorrectly that he or perhaps his wife,owned one.

    Also one of the lovable ladies here suggested I try a motorcycle for a ride more dependable than my ex,the cougar ,who at 52 preferred to date 25 year olds.
    I have owned several bikes finally giving up on the last a couple years ago when in addition to a broken starter,it developed an oil leak which made my rear tire slide sideways.Still loved it tho,as it had a large American flag attached addiing visibilty while making a proud statement as to which team I wished to support.Gotta lotta thumbs up.
    Eventually painted the gas tank the same way,Easy Rider style.
    Just like w my ex,I lost all the joy in taking that 'constitutional',which did relieve stress.
    Incidentally she was quite a piece of work who was proud of never having read a book.
    This dismayed her Dad,who superintended school districts,some modestly large.
    Remember when Bart Simpson,on hearing that Homer had graduated college,
    quickly quizzed back,Barber or Clown?
    Her's was the former ,and she was proud
    of such prestigous perseverance in attaining rights to the shingle on her shop.
    To have done so without reading the rulebook was not so notable an accomplishment,
    as most are written,to graciously accomodate the illiterate.As seen above,she qualified.

    Reason for today's post tho is to congratulate TWW on being quoted by OhOhOh,O'Reilly as he spoke to Dennis Miller on 9/23.He commended his perspicacious pundidtry,and I know damn well where he stole that line,as well as who it was originally written about,(& TY,TWW).
    We are being heard Team,and if not quoted at least stolen from.High praise indeed guys.
    This site has an extrodinary readership that reaches high into the towers of power,at the nets,the news,and even among the newly annointed among our 'leadership'.

    The Team Teleprompter Comenteers rock guys,and we don't have to steal gags as the reporters of this site,blatantly do.
    Well we wee should doodoo what we do best,and let them pop their Ps pretending that they produced what we recognize to be produce of our own.
    It will bring our beloved Teleprompter more readership ,as deserved.
    That we share in the luminous electromagnetism that he radiates ,is practical politics at it's best.If we keep polishing our prose ,more perfect election results will follow.
    That much I promise.

  20. The description of this UN meeting as the Star Wars bar scene is so spot-on it's not even funny.

  21. TOTUS, when he's staring into your screens, can he see a reflection of himself?

    He often gazes at you (at himself?), lifts his chin, narrows his eyes into a "fierce" glance, then lowers his chin again as he repeats the words someone ELSE wrote for him, which you are scrolling. Then he switches over to your OTHER screen, and repeats the process.

    What's horrifying is that this stupid set of maneuvers WORKS for people who are innocent, naive, or mentally deranged liberals; they BELIEVE that, because he SEEMS so, BO truly IS brilliant, wise, and determined.

    Conservative talk radio threatens liberals because there's no posturing possible on radio: it isn't a visual medium! Talk radio shows simply present IDEAS----to which conservatives are absolutely more committed than are silly or nutty liberals.

    Whenever liberals win elections, they overreach, terrify the population (who, when awakened, isn't stupid at ALL), and then conservatism in the end ALWAYS WINS AGAIN.

    Palin in 2012!
    (Wasn't her speech in Hong Kong just terrific? Now, SHE really IS wise!)

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  23. Wow! Wasn't that UN speech just terrible. And, now that BO has got the support of Qadaffi and Chavez, it clear that America made a BIG mistake in 2008!

    John's Space

  24. Oh! so THAT's what hope smells like??? I thought it was just something I stepped in after walking through the pasture...Thanks Hugo for clearing it up.

  25. That U.N. speech was his finest hour. He took off the mask. He declared himself a part of that mentality that took Heinlein seriously, the social structure of "Stranger in a Strange Land", and of course, "Time Enough for Love" become national - nay, globally - attainable goals to them in high school and then on to college. Now we vote for them.

    We are supposed to recognize the brilliance of the theory, The Messiah's part in actualizing it, and adore. Simply adore.

    At least, we should be adoring him half as much as he adores himself.

    But we all know the brains and money behind the plan: Soros. Move on dot org. Berzerkley (where no white male may HOPE of EVER being admitted). Obama is a puppet.

    But what a puppet! He's perfect, really. Imagine how long they looked for him, groomed him. And he's dumb enough to think it's ALL ABOUT him. It's brilliant, when you consider.

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  27. Last time Hugo spoke at the U.N and said he "smelled sulfer", it was just that he had caught a whiff of his own nasty breath when he sneered, the cretin.

    How can anyone sit through speech after speech by those bombastic, asinine a-holes without gagging?

    But there was one bright spot at the U.N. today, when Benjamin Netanyahu spoke. I just loved it when BeBe said:

    "The man who called the Holocaust a lie spoke at this podium. To those who refused to come and to those who left in protest, I commend you. You stood up for moral clarity and you brought honor to your countries. But to those who gave this Holocaust denier a hearing, I say on behalf of my people, the Jewish people, and decent people everywhere -- have you no shame? Have you no decency?"

    He went on to say that those who think Ahmadinijad and his odious regime threatens only the Jews are wrong, "DEAD wrong".

  28. G-d bless Netanyahu. See his speech plus commentary from another Palin-blogging group member here:

    I am still sick to my stomach about BO's EVIL speech yesterday. He's a sychophant re. those evil dictators; CANADA behaved better.

    BO will someday regret having made that speech: on Judgment Day.

    Sammy Benoit

  29. OH! Sammy is the "Yid with Lid" blogger who wrote the commentary on that site.

  30. You're properly perceptive, Preppie-reptile: we DO need to polish our prose. Pardonnez-moi!
    << they overreach, terrify the population (who, when awakened, isn't stupid at ALL), and then conservatism in the end ALWAYS WINS AGAIN. >>

    Okay, okay----so I need more sleep; DUH!

    It's "terrify the population (WHICH, when awakened, isn't stupid...." Mea culpa!
    (switch, switch)

    Well, FOTS, let's take a poll, aye or nay:
    How many of you agree that someone in leadership here in America had better grab the reins (as we say out west) pretty da--d soon and start impeachment proceedings vs. this Constitution-ripping Pseudo-Prez.?

    AYE, AYE!
    (Um, that's one vote....)

  31. I, too, say "AYE", but with a caveat ....

    ... not just yet.

    There has to be enough evidence that it will "stick". The man is slipperier than a greased weasel. He gets others (like the fools in Congress) to do the dirty work for him, to keep his fingerprints off of it.

    More and more, people are starting to wake up and see him for what he is, but there are still some who are in la-la land where he is concerned. Let him dig his hole a little deeper, p-off a few more of the special interest groups that he used to get elected.

    Glenn Beck is doing a great job of exposing the radicals that Obama has surrounded himself with and showing how far back his relationship with them or their beliefs go.

    Besides, Congress is under control of the Democrats, so impeachment proceedings would go nowhere fast.

    Right now, the Dems are tying themselves into knots in an attempt to quash the investigation into ACORN.

    And if ACORN pushes their lawsuit against the kiddie journalists, ALL of the deep, dark secrets of the Dem's illegal involvement with ACORN will be exposed. And that includes Obama and many members of the Obama administration.

    To start proceedings now will just be used by the fraud's media buddies as a distraction from the ACORN scandal and everything else that is going on.

  32. The truth will be like a lot of small rocks dinging a windshield.

    At first there will just be a few small cracks. Then, as things heat up, the cracks will start to grow wider and longer, until the whole Obama facade shatters.

  33. Unfortunately, ACORN has unlimited access (ie BHO) to funds to pay off corrupt, crooked lawyers who will drag out legal proceedings to th extrnt to bankrupt the filmmakers.

    I wonder if ACORN will 'agree' to drop all charges of the remaining, and as yet unseen, videotape is handed over to them.

    If I were the filmmakers, I'd say 'bring it'; then I'd get a public attorney, and keep airing the videos until ACORN begs (ie, plea bargain) me to stop. I'd just laugh, and keep sending the tapes to Beck, FOX, et al via my REAL lawyer.

    Meanwhle, vote against everything Congress wants to pass.

  34. [Preptile] "...a bit of a problem there." -- Houston -- love that wit.

    Bill O' Reilly, really?!? That creep. And I just KNOW he stole it, too. There is NO WAY he and I think alike. Appreciate your seeing it that way, too, PT. (And, YW).

    I've said this before and I'll say it again (just like my slamming the typical Volvo owner, heh, heh): O' Reilly is all about O' Reilly. No idealist, he is the ultimate, amoral, pragmatist. He's "fair and balanced" like a kid in a food fight who throws food at anyone and everyone. QUOTE THAT, O'Reilly. LOL, he'd do it, too. He would lift out "he is the ultimate" and quote that. "Oh, now, tsk, tsk, tsk, folks, don't be [whip out the Roget's]... malodorous."

    He always picks a pejorative term. Always, "Don't be.... ."

    What a mugwump [627.5] {:)]<

    Mr. Preptile, I highly admire your candor. How in the WORLD did you........... never mind (I know why you married her). It can happen to the best of men. "That's okay. That sweet little thing doesn't NEED to think. I'll do the thinkin' for the both of us. All she needs to do is just keep on a-smilin' that pretty little smile." Aaaaarrrrrrrrrgh!

    My brother was enthralled, "Hey, look, that pretty girl is smiling at me." Now, he is in thrall to a real witch of an ice queen. All I can do is pray. As my other brother said in reply to my expressing my deep concern, "He's a big boy." Well, he is my little brother. It's hard to keep my mouth shut as I watch her lead a big, super-bright, kind, man around by the nose. Christmas is always a challenge.

    End of therapy session. Thanks.

  35. Shovel, thanks for the explanation (I need those quite often.(%S)

    How was the shovelin' today? Lots of "hope" to scoop up? :D [Dorothy:... what hope smells like??? I thought it was just something I stepped in... .]

    Yup. The Embarrassment in Chief in his glory.

  36. Hi, MM. Yes, indeed, GO PALIN!

    Just for fun, here's one of your paragraphs "edited." ;)

    "What's horrifying is that naive, mentally deranged, liberals BELIEVE BO WORKS and truly IS brilliant, wise, and innocent, and this stupid set, they are determined... ."

    And, thanks for the grammar lesson, MM. LOL, I NEVER catch stuff like that. Good for you to set high standards for yourself. I'm going to try to write perfectly, too -- NOT! [(Cc:]

    Speaker: "There was a motion for impeachment. Do I hear a second?"

    TWW: SECOND!!!!!

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  38. [Betty Ann] "...what a puppet! He's perfect, really."

    Peach Obama, the Perfect Tool.

  39. [Jamie] "... Hugo spoke at the U.N and said he "smelled sulfer", ... he had caught a whiff of his own nasty breath when he sneered, the cretin."


    [Jamie] "... slipperier than a greased weasel."


    [Jamie] "...if ACORN pushes their lawsuit ... ALL of the ... dark secrets of the Dem's [and Dope's] illegal involvement with ACORN will be exposed." [So true -- let's hope those nuts assert their own innocence or falsely accuse so that the door is opened and evidence otherwise excluded under the Hearsay Rule is ADMISSIBLE and, marshalled, comes marching into the courtroom to defeat those twisted robots.]

    Hooweee, Jamie, you're on a rrrrroll, kid!

    Yeah, with Congress packed with donkeys, we'll have to wait until Peach does something really egregious, something that "shocks the conscience," before filing that motion. Something really despicable like......

    Arguing vigorously against the Infant BORN ALIVE Protection Act as a state senator? Naaa.

    Slamming Special Olympics athletes? Naaa.

    Posing in the semi-nude? Naaa.

    Releasing terrorists to kill more U.S. troops? Naaa.

    Having Air Force One fly over lower Manhattan at 1,500 feet? Naaa.

    Bowing to Saudi royalty like a servant? Naaa.

    Almost murdering Capt. Phillips to protect Muslim pirates? Naaaa.

    Ending air and heavy artillery support of ground forces in Afghanistan "to protect civilians?" Naaa.

    Lying ALL the time? Naaaa.

    Betraying Poland? Naaa.

    Being an active member of a racist, anti-Semitic, "church" for over 20 years? Naaaa.


    Looks like our only hope is..... God. Pray, FOTS. Pray.

    And be encouraged. Here are some verses that may help:

    "There is no wisdom, no insight, no plan that can succeed against the Lord." Proverbs 21:30.

    "The Lord preserves the faithful, but the proud he pays back in full." Psalm 31:23.

    "Surely the mind and heart of humanity are cunning. But God will ... turn their own tongues against them and bring them to ruin; all who see them will shake their heads in scorn." Psalm 64:6-8.
    [This is already coming to pass, e.g., Chavez calling D'oh!bama a "pobre ignoramus" last year; the Daily Telegraph recently calling Peach Obama the "Panty Waist in Chief." :D]

    And also.......

    Loosely translated verses such as:

    "Jimmy Carter may remain for a night, but Ronald Reagan comes in the morning." (from Psalm 30:5)


    "Barack Hussein may remain for a night, but Sarah Palin comes in the morning."

    Thank you, wonderful FOTS, for the encouraging camaraderie of your wit and hilarity and fervent expressions of your love for liberty.

    Hurrah...... IT'S FRIDAY! (:D)

  40. Good Morning All, and Happy Friday! What a week, I am exhausted from the Obamanation of Desolation at the UN. Every time he speaks I feel the fear rushing in again like a tsunami, and I have to go spend time with my Fear Not verses.

    Do take a moment to read a short article at American Thinker titled Preaching Fingers, it's just perfect, and the comments were, too. One of the comments referred to another site with an article about BO and hidden use of hynosis techniques, so I went there, too. And it was equally fascinating, and the pictures along the left side of the screen are hilarious!

    Many thanks to - I think it was Jamie - who mentioned AT a while back, it has become a favorite, second only to this wonderful place. And also many thanks for the reference to Thistle Cove Farm, it was in someone's profile, sorry I can not remember who, but it's extraordinarily beautiful, I feel very peaceful as soon as I enter that site. It's a great antidote to BO poisoning...

  41. It is to get to that beautiful site.

    And correction above, the word is hypnosis, not hynosis. Sigh. Must plan to precisely polish prose, pre-posting...

  42. MTVA - I've read several articles about BO using known hypnosis techniques, such as those used in "mass hypnosis" stop-smoking seminars. It has something to do with the cadence of his speech, repetition of specific words; etc. Those type techniques only work on certain types of people. None of us are that type.

    Hey TWW - the prayers were answered. It is raining in D.C. and the rain is putting a damper on the National Day of Muslim Prayer.

    MM - I am under the impression that there are several more ACORN videos that have yet to be released.

    btw - A "Defend Hannah Giles" (the young lady who portrayed the "prostitute" in the ACORN videos) website has been set up to collect money for her defense fund.

    It doesn't matter if ACORN drags out the court case against Hannah and James, because while it is ongoing, it will seriously hamper them from conducting their numerous nefarious activities.

    The court case will cost ACORN time and money to pursue. That is possibly why Barney Fwanks (among others) is trying to get Congress to investigate the videographers to see if THEY violated the Constitution (what a joke - it is BO and Congress who are doing things to violate the Constition!).

    ACORN is in serious trouble:
    Census has cut ties with them.
    IRS has cut ties with them.
    There are numerous states looking into investigating them.

    ACORN will also have to expend time and money defending themselves against all of that.

    Maryland is the ONLY state that is looking into the videos and prosecuting the young couple that filmed them. And it is being said that the state has a very flimsy case. It has been revealed that the Maryland AG who intends to prosecute them has political ties to a member of the "independent" ACORN Advisory Council.

    The Dems in Congress are falling all over each other trying to distance themselves from them.

    Obama will eventually have to throw ACORN under the bus ...

    Only now I think he plans on leasing an eighteen-wheeler to do the job. The bus couldn't handle it. And there are sure to be many, many more to be thrown under the bus during the next 3 and 1/2 years.....

  43. Barack Hussein O'Bama!
    Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm!

  44. I haven't posted in a couple of days because I had nothing interesting to say, but now I want to bring your attention to the G20 protests.

    ==Anti-G20 protesters rampaged through the city centre of Pittsburgh tonight, smashing up shops and throwing rocks at police, as officers used tear gas and baton-charges in an attempt to bring them under control.

    ==In riots which continued through evening rush hour, about 300 protesters were reported to have remained from an initial crowd of 2,000 in Bloomfield, Pittsburgh’s Little Italy.

    ==Frustrated in their attempts to reach the venue where world leaders are meeting the crowd, many of whom wore face-masks and armed themselves with rocks, broke windows at fast-food restaurants, a BMW dealership and a bank in the area, about a mile from the fenced-off convention centre.

    ==Police in body armour and armed with plastic shields threw pepper gas canisters to disperse the protesters, charging in to make some arrests.

    ==Anti-capitalist protests have marked major gatherings of world leaders on the economy for years, sometimes turning violent and forcing summit organisers to use fortress-like security.==

    Isn't it laughable how the sneering elitists on the Left (I'm talking to YOU, Fancy Nancy) were whining about the Tea Parties and Town Hall meetings? Isn't it funny how the conservatives and independents at the 9/12 march left the mall cleaner than they found it?

    Note: for some reason I can't get to the tiny website. Drudge has links to the story if the whole url doesn't show up.


    Susan, that clip is unbelievable! They even bastardized a Sunday school song to replace Barack Hussein Obama with Jesus Christ! Sick what that teacher did to those kids. I hope their parents sue the school or pull the kids out and start homeschooling them. It's time for parents to take a stand against that crap. It does not belong in America. I would say the same thing if they sang praises to Reagan or Bush.

  45. Correction: I meant to type that they replaced Jesus Christ with Barack Hussein Obama. Jeez, this cult of personality is infecting my brain.

  46. About his voice:
    Enhanced, for certain. Deepened tone, slowed; there is no voice like it. Because it isn't real. It's the voice like Darth Vader's voice, unreal in every sense.

    This is not new technology: most pop singers can't sing worth beans, but technology enhances the voice and voila, a star is born.

    There is also truth to the observation that his voice carries an hynotic cadence. Any fan of classical music hears it. There is an oft repeated "chorus" in his speech pattern. But then, he is reading. When he goes off script, he sticks his foot in his mouth.

  47. What astonishes me is the left's and the media's response to this Pied Piper. Everything they vilified Bush for, claiming to safegaurd freedom, was a lie.

    These people, like Michael Moore, are nihilists: "the belief that all established authority is corrupt and must be destroyed in order to rebuild a just society"

    Nihilism underscored the socialist revolutions: "a belief that life is pointless and human values are worthless, the general rejection of established social conventions and beliefs, especially of morality and religion."

    Independents and hangers back ought to take a clear look now at the direction they have allowed the nation to drift. Remaining in denial, taking for granted in every way a life style of freedom purchased for us with blood by patriots who understood tyranny has now become tantamount to a crime. Today The Obamination will give away American sovereignty to the U.N., creating G20. He spends our money like water, as if we were his slaves - and he thinks of us as such, as children, and as slaves to be lorded over for our own good.

    But the bitter truth is that there exists a monstrosity behind this puppet. The culture of nihilism, the wet dream of the acid trip from the sixties, and the "Imagine" culture. And they hate us, for being simply "folk".

    We are on the brink. God save us from the brink.

  48. Photos from the G20 Pittsburgh Protest, from the scene guest blogger “Terrible Towel. I am going to try and update through the day as I get the pics.

  49. This comment has been removed by the author.

  50. I am afraid the pursuance of ACORN will fall to the wayside or just shift their people and resources to another name/organization.

    As more 'things' come out about Obama and his ass...ociates I am concerned things will splinter and fade. It is reminiscent of the Clintons... Travelgate, Whitewater, Castle Rock(?), Vince Foster, Filegate, etc. Nothing stuck!

    On to happier there a video or transcript of Sarah's speech in Hong Kong somewhere? I know there was no 'media' allowed but... I think MM commented on how brilliant the speech was.

    Man, they [the media] are whining about that! For a 'non-factor' they certainly want to hear what she has to say!

    Count debbdi in as one of the many who raises the right hand and says "I." After Jamie's motion and TWW second...when the vote for "All in favor" is requested!

    I am going to throw up after hearing the Obamots children sing...

    Another tardy but happy report: I had to leave my little island yesterday and venture to the 'Big City.' I thought of the FOT's when I saw 2 bumperstickers... "One read, "Nobama" and the other "Don't blame me, I voted for McCain." I did not notice any pro-bama stickers, but maybe because I have tuned them out. This is BIG NEWS in my liberal infested state. I have also seen a few former 'McCain Palin' stickers that have been altered (the McCain has been removed!)

  51. I mentioned two books also which may have fostered this love fest with socialist idealism, that began in the 60's.

    Boomers are an exceptional generation, there can be no denying. They have moved through the panorama of recent times making history. But narcissism prevails to this day, and while the swell of their influence have brought about much good (notably rock and roll), as they end their days they have also scarred in a wide swath generations to come. Obama and his elitist ilk are nothing but products of leftist nihilists educators. Fans, if you will, of men like Ayers.

  52. This comment has been removed by the author.

  53. aero?

    There's this clause? And they sperated the church from the state.

  54. Lest I was misunderstood, I was not saying that the church should take over the government.

    I am apparently not very good at expressing myself.

    I also gave out way too much personal information (that's why I deleted my comment).

    I shall hereinafter try to restrain myself from doing either in this venue.

  55. Update more photos from the G20 Pittsburgh Protest. The President spoke at the summit. Question TOTUS, that means these protesters are racist right?

  56. aero:
    No harm done. Sometimes you can't help tell about yourself if you mean to make a point. Personal experience renders a point of view validity. Your experiences with children, single parenthood, and the governement parallel my own, in fact, and I commend your bravery and commitment to betterment.

    You said, "I am apparently not very good at expressing myself."

    I think what you meant is that the "church" i.e. people, have lowered the standard of (supposed) God fearing character these days, and should up the bar a notch or two, particularly as it seems a near ennui with current events has paralyzed too many. Fearing to be divisive, and so seem contentious, they sit on the fence. When in fact Jesus himself made a whip, knocked over tables, and kicked ass over less.

    Did I get that right?

  57. Yes, you're right, bettyann.

    Plus Jesus treated women as though they have a brain in their heads, which was rare; rabbis weren't even supposed to speak with their female RELATIVES in public.
    In other words, Jesus' MOST RADICAL behaviors involved treating women justly and compassionately, for which treatment his female disciples were SO grateful that several of them risked committing the felony of mourning Jesus' crucifixion loudly and publicly----and the penalty for their felony was crucifixion! No wonder their names are listed in the Bible!
    (I know, I know: I've mentioned this previously; but it's worth mentioning again. See for more information.)

    I've been JUST SICK this whole week after BO threw Israel under the bus. Today's BO speech was also disgusting. He evidently still doesn't consider "victory" important, doesn't have a "strategy" for winning in Afghanistan, doesn't care if more of our troops are wounded or killed (THE SICK JERK), and he doesn't plan to do more than whine or vote for sanctions or slap the wrists (whatever) of Iran for their having LIED to us again (DUH!) re. their nuke-building facilities.

    He's a wimp, and he's our President----a lethal combination for us.
    For our enemies: BO is Good News.

  58. NBC noted no connections at all this morning between all those fine fellows hoping to bomb us last week in commemoration of 9/11.

    Might I suggest Islam ?

    Of course we should not expect any mention of that sort of thing on the National Islamic day of prayer by the MSM.Probably the prayer preferred would be the one,(or One's),which called for the ascension of the faithful,and granting them the might to smite infidels,
    as per their religous 'rights',and duties.

    Having Zazi allowed to drive a passenger van to(if not potentially thru)the front door of Denver's airport did not make much sense to me.That was not so much Homeland Security as it was job security for another foreigner when plenty of citizens would love a job of ANY
    type to meet the realities of the new Oconomy.
    That Jordanian illegal alien who wished to destroy that Dallas skyscraper,was also allowed to stay,when he(and every other illegal)should have been deported when first discovered by our government.
    Noticing these little details is of course politically incorrect,and as noted yesterday at the UN,every country and culture is equal in the eyes of O.
    This is hard to fathom when groups like HAMAS, the proxy jihadi domino team supported by Iran,condones sending suicide bombers aginst toddlers at nursery schools for'the cause'.

    That twerp Ahmandinejhad was identified as a kidnapper who found the right to despoil our soverign soil at the US embassy in Tehran Iran in 1979.They have their own laws to follow. Sharia laws.

    Persia turned Paraih when she 'got religion'.
    Those states who prefer Sharia law to Civil laws,are by definition unCIVILized.
    According to O and the MSM,tho we are all morally and culturally equivalent.

    It is not so.

    Those forbidding civil rights for women infidels & gays are not my equals.

    They are in fact barbarians.

    SS Hillary today opined that we should withold
    judgement on Iran until after next weeks P5+1 conference.Having searched my postage box and not finding a Preptile invitation I suspect I may not have been included.That being the case
    I will speak my Peas here.

    That is piss poor diplomacy.
    These men are pigs,and deserve a thourogh pounding.Netanyahu noted as much,in so many words.Nuts to those with insufficient "T"
    to say so.Perhaps their estrogenal influences are at a high ebb,as I note no testosterone.

    How about VDH for our next SS ?
    I suspect he like Palin is more manly.

  59. Rush was on Jay Leno. I didn't see it. I was sent a link to Rush's website where a read the transcript of his interview. (The link was in the Glenn Beck email newsletter.)

  60. VDH for SOS, but Palin for PRESIDENT!

    THANKS, Preptile, for mentioning Governor Palin! You show you do NOT believe (as many people DO, sadly) that having courage requires being male, and being wimpy is female. Palin, Jamie, bettyann and others are models of terrific, strong, and courageous women----and Bibi is a tremendous example of courage.
    (And may G-d bless our Jewish FOTs this Yom Kippur!)

    Also, far fewer Muslims attended today's prayer meeting in DC than were expected. NO condemnation of violence was made by those who did participate, which is just unforgiveably negligent, IF they are all fully-peaceful Muslims.

    I didn't read either of your posts, aero, but I'm sure they were as excellent as all your others. You're a very astute, caring FOT.

    You, too, Debbdi. Also, I didn't suggest a motion to impeach BO, although I used the language of assent/denial for motions (Aye or Nay). Instead, I was trying to conduct a FOT poll: how many FOTs believe there is already enough treachery demonstrated by Obama with which to impeach him? I think there is----and I'm concerned about waiting too long, given the swiftly-made, unconstitutional changes Obambi is forcing through Congress.

    The video of the children as they sang to Obama is particularly chilling. He really DOES think of himself as a beloved, radical leader, as Mao or Che supposedly were!
    Remember: initially, they weren't murderers.

  61. From the BBC's "World News" this a.m.:

    In late August, an al Qaeda terrorist hid a bomb inside his body (yes, there) to avoid detection, so he'd be able to kill the Saudi prince in charge of counter-terrorism.

    The news now is that the prince kept the terrorist nearby while making a phone call to help him, and it was the call's signal that triggered the bomb inside the terrorist, who died. The prince survived.

    Well, great: metal detectors can't find bombs hidden inside the human body. ACK! What's next at airports: widespread wanding THERE!? Eww!
    Okay, so we'll drive....

  62. Hi, everyone. Enjoyed all of your posts (except, sob, yours, Aero -- as others urged above, sure hope you DO continue to post your fine remarks; now that (thanks to Betty Ann, heh, heh, :D) I know some of what you've dealt with (esp. single-parenthood), my esteem for you has risen significantly.

    In case you DO feel inclined to share...... I'd love to know why you picked the "stage name," Aero.

    Jamie, thank you for that great news about the rain on the "Kill the Infidel Parade." COOL!

    MTVA, Rattler (I think), and Jamie, I never acknowledged your kind appreciation of a couple of posts on the last thread (the "Oh, well, guess I'll just have to go ask Mommy who that naked lady was...." and the "Wow" montage). THANKS!

    Say, Rattler, how about that? Nothing to say? Just say, "Wow." Heh, heh.

    Hey, John of the Space, that was SUPER to read you saying, "Wow!" in your last post. Watch out, next thing you know, you'll be wearing a purple tie and talking to the people in the elevator with you [when I do this (the talking, not the tie, LOL), some people get really freaked out, and, usually, at best, act like I must be inebriated. THEN, if I say something like, "I'm not drunk; I'm just friendly!" They stiffen and avert their eyes, staring coldly at the doors (longing for them to open, no doubt).

    Speaking of substituions..... Pilate (he was a governor, you know) substituted Barabbas (a community organizer with a vengeance) for Jesus. They got rid of Jesus for about 3 days. Then, God, who always has the final word, raised him from the dead. Truth will win. Selah.

    -- Herod was eaten up by worms.
    -- Hitler blew his brains out.
    -- B. Hussein has (so far) only proven himself to be a dimwitted fool <(%/)

    ........ Ah, but, as Betty Ann pointed out, Hopey the Clown is merely a puppet. Gotta expose and eviscerate (I'm in a Roget's kind of mood) the Puppet Masters.

    GO GLENN BECK! (and Michelle Malkin and Mark Levin and Laura Ingraham and Rush Limbaugh and Jamie and ...... ALL you wonderful FOTS (such as Aero. :)

    I'm out of stuff to say. So...... I'll just say..............

    Wow. ;)

    Have a fun Saturday!

  63. Preptile said it all in the first 2 paragraphs. The connection IS Islam. Period, dot, bingo.

    I hereby announce that the policies and governing gimmicks of BG that I protest are emmanating from his WHITE part...therefore I cannot be called a racist. I am opposing the white genes of the bi-racial prez.

    Mmmm, mmmm, mmm.

  64. This comment has been removed by the author.

  65. (I realized that my original post may have contained something that might have been offensive, so I deleted it and re-posted, minus that part.)

    TWW -

    "... THEN, if I say something like, "I'm not drunk; I'm just friendly!" They stiffen and avert their eyes, staring coldly at the doors ".

    I take it where you live, some people consider acting friendly as being "odd" behavior.

    As you guys know, I live in the Southeast, where people think you are "odd" if you DON'T act friendly. "What is wrong with HIM? I said 'Good morning' and he acted like I didn't even exist! Must be having a bad day."

    Around here, most people will smile and speak to anyone and everyone, basically "Hey, how are you doing today?" We also tend to make a LOT of eye contact.

    Over the years, I've traveled for work to cities on the East Coast and West Coast. I could tell you all kinds of funny stories about the reactions I got from the locals. I usually ended up speaking more to the hotel staff than anyone else during my visit! Those folks HAD to be friendly to me because I was a guest in the hotel.

    Of course, being friendly to strangers can sometimes backfire (even down South), in that there are those who think you are "coming on" to them if you smile and make eye contact. Creepy people can be found everywhere.

    My son traveled to New York City with his roomate and had some stories to tell when he returned. Poor guy, he made the mistake of saying "Hey, how you doing?" to one man who then proceeded to cuss him out, telling him it was none of his g-d business what kind of day he was having! LOL


  66. Col. Ralph Peters wrote a great article about the recent revelation that Iran has a second, secret, uranium-enrichment facility:

    === Appease-y does it for weak Prez on road to a Mideast apocalypse

    Ralph Peters - NY Post

    ... It stunned our president when he learned about it months ago. Then he kept it secret from you.

    Obama didn't want you to know how much progress Iran had made. It's an embarrassment.

    And it raises the pressure on the White House to act -- something this president's squirming to avoid. But the Iranians have now realized we know, so they tipped it themselves.

    Obama had no choice but to come clean.

    Yesterday, he interrupted the G-20 summit to go public -- before Mahmoud Ahmadinejad did. Flanked by French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Britain's dead man walking, Prime Minister Gordon Brown, our president offered more uselessly vague rhetoric in response to proof of a major "covert Iranian enrichment facility" and its implications ...

    ... Obama's statement amounted to:

    Ooooh, I'll huff, and I'll puff, and I'll blow your house down . . . maybe . . . eventually . . . but not really . . . let's talk . . .

    Just talk.... just words....

    That's "our" President, in a nutshell....

    verification word this time = yahserr

    oooooh, good one. But is it racist?

  67. OOPS! I didn't even SEE that last joke, but it is funny (but in a scary way.... ack!).

  68. Just emailed to me from a Chicago friend:
    A Randy Bish (Pittsburgh Tribune Review) cartoon of a man on the couch in his living room, telling his wife,
    "If a man yells, 'You lie!' in a room full of politicians, how do they know who he's talking to?"
    BWAH HA HA! (But when BO is speaking, WE KNOW!)

  69. =========AP– President Barack Obama is offering Iran "a serious, meaningful dialogue" over its disputed nuclear program, while warning Tehran of grave consequences from a united global front.============

    Kinda sounds like discipline when I was too old to be spanked but too young to [care about being] grounded. My folks sat me down to "talk" about my latest I *sighed*, rolled my eyes and watched their lips move. "When are the gonna finish so i can carry out my next caper?"

    The main difference is, I was a tween-aged girl with very limited resources trying to harass my little sister not IRAN with nuclear know how!

    Barry, please grow up! We need a MANLY MAN to lead! (in strength & stature-not necessarily sex- I am not anti gal!)

    Oh, AND This just in [also AP]- "Gitmo closing goal of Jan. may slip"- is anyone surprised? Apparently nobody wants the [alleged] terrorists in their country either!

    How is this for the closing paragraph?

    "The administration will not "voluntarily release" any detainee inside the United States, the officials said. But this does not address what might happen if any of the detainees who are tried are found innocent — a subject of considerable angst about Obama's plans, both in Congress and among the public. However, the U.S. could — and likely would — seek to transfer those people to other countries in that case, as none is a U.S. citizen."

  70. Gee, how nice of them to consider sending them back to their own countries. But, what if they ask for asylum and request to come here? I suppose the Obama admin would bend over backwards to not only bring them here, but to also provide them with a place to live and all the social services they need, free of charge! Perhaps give them jobs in the administration. I'm sure at least one of them could be appointed as the czar of SOMETHING!

    I just read something that I thought funny.

    Remember when Roosevelt said:

    == "Speak softly, but carry a big stick". ==

    Well, Obama's new strategy is this:

    == "Speak timidly and don't carry a stick". ==

    Think it will work?

  71. Tehran is no doubt quaking with fear at the prospect of receiving one of Obama's terrifying glares.

    Accepting a Gitmo grad would be suicidal.
    Some liberal town in MA will be stupid enough to take one or two, though.
    Its future name: "Ground Zero."

  72. Someone send the following to me in an email.

    It is quotes from BO's two books.

    From Dreams of My Father:

    'I ceased to advertise my mother's race at the age of 12 or 13, when I began to suspect that by doing so I was ingratiating myself to whites.'

    From Dreams of My Father :

    'I found a solace in nursing a pervasive sense of grievance and animosity against my mother's race...'

    From Dreams of My Father:

    'There was something about him that made me wary, a little too sure of himself, maybe. And white.'

    From Dreams of My Father:

    'It remained necessary to prove which side you were on, to show your loyalty to the black masses, to strike out and name names.'

    From Dreams of My Father:

    'I never emulate white men and brown men whose fates didn't speak to my own. It was into my father's image, the black man, son of Africa, that I'd packed all the attributes I sought in myself: the attributes of Martin and Malcolm, DuBois and Mandela.'

    And FINALLY,

    From Audacity of Hope:

    'I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.'

    And, since he claims to have written both books himself, we must accept that these are HIS OWN WORDS.

  73. You know how BO is always trying to compare himself to Abraham Lincoln? Then maybe someone should send him this quote from Lincoln:

    You cannot help the poor
    by destroying the rich.

    You cannot strengthen the weak
    by weakening the strong.

    You cannot bring about prosperity
    by discouraging thrift.

    You cannot lift the wage earner up by pulling the wage payer down.

    You cannot further the brotherhood of man
    by inciting class hatred.

    You cannot build character and courage
    by taking away people's initiative and independence.

    You cannot help people permanently
    by doing for them, what they could and should do for themselves.

    ........ Abraham Lincoln

  74. Thanks, as always, Jamie, for your great posts. Reading back to back the words of BO (possibly via Bill Ayers) and the words definitely written by Abe Lincoln, we see vividly how unAmerican, immature, and middlebrow Barak Obama is, and how he's made despicable choices to nurse grievances and racist hatred since his teens. Sad little man, BLESS HIS HEART!

    Actually, FOTs, we'd be wise TRULY to pray for him! We don't want him to turn into a murdering despot, as many of his heroes did (GOD FORBID!). Wouldn't it be an amazing miracle if he became a TRUE lover of God and America, who would then protect and defend our Constitution!? We could all breathe easier....
    (Again, it would be a miracle.)

    I heard another joke, though:
    "Raising taxes to increase revenues is like trying to lift a bucket in which you're standing."
    (Better to step out/tax less and increase its contents/profits!)

  75. They let that Sotomayor woman throw out the first pitch at a Yankees/Sox game.

    She threw it better than BO. The catcher didn't have to step up in front of the plate to catch it.

    Tonight, BO speaks at the annual Congressional Black Caucus Foundation's annual Phoenix Awards dinner.

    Doesn't he ever get tired of giving speeches?

  76. Susan, way to flip the race card over. After all it’s mostly white Progressives who got us into this mess.


    Jamie, I read the original version of the post you deleted, and I wasn’t offended. I guess it’s better to be safe than sorry, though. Awesome quote from Abe Lincoln, and so timely. When asked who their favorite president is, a lot of people say Lincoln without knowing anything about him except that he freed the slaves. Most people don’t know he was a Republican, for example.


    MM, thanks for the jokes. Love the “You lie!” comment.

  77. I like this one:

    Q. Why won't Obama release his real birth certificate?

    A. He accidently smoked it.


  78. (Snicker) It's no surprise, Jamie, that Sotomayor can throw better than BO; who could throw WORSE?

    And no, he never tires of hearing his own voice: he LO-OVES it. Ever notice his preening in TOTUS' reflection?

    His smoking keeps his voice's tone darker, which he hopes will offset his metrosexuality.
    It doesn't.

    And who knew that SMOKING it was how BO kept his real birth cert. hidden! GOOD ONE, rattlesnake!

    Has anyone here read the FANTASTIC blog of the military aviator, Naval Commander Jerry Wilson (read more at:
    profiles/blogs/be-warned?xgs=1 )?

    He writes that the USA is actually in the beginning of .... Get THIS!....

    Commander Wilson writes that the Obot Dems will rig the electoral districts to create one-party rule by 2010!----then create a crisis during which they'll grab control over our nation's currency and its energy industry, then control us through repression and tyranny.

    Thankfully he writes that many groups nationally are forming which will take Obama on and fight this trampling on the US Constitution.

    SEE!? That's why I think someone in power VERY SOON must wrest power away from Obama and impeach him NOW! It's already almost too late....

  79. I was thinking about the Communists who trust the government more than E-VIL big corporations, and it occurred to me that big governments have murdered many more millions than big businesses (even if you include Planned Parenthood - which Lefties wouldn’t). Both are corrupt, but I’ll choose big business over big government any day.

  80. MM, that is a very scary thought.

    The Census was going to be used to alter the electoral districts by using the census numbers to apportion political power (through redistricting, or "gerrymandering") and federal funding. That is why BO made the change to have the director of the U.S. Census Bureau work directly with the White House.

    Of course, at the time (back in February) they claimed that they just wanted "the director of the Census, who works for the Commerce secretary and the president, to work closely with White House senior management". That means Rahm Emanuel.

    ACORN was a BIG part of that plan for the Census, and hopefully, Census "cutting ties" with them over the scandal has put a big monkey wrench into the whole thing.

    Glenn Beck is right when he says that "they" have been planning this for many, many years. He shows the ties between Obama, ACORN, SEIU, the Tides Foundation (Soros), Apollo Alliance,
    and other radical, marxist groups.

    It is the reason for the "czars" - Obama's hand-picked marxist friends who have been waiting for this opportunity for many, many years. The czars are answerable only to BO. And, with the help of the useful idiots in Congress, they are going after everything, all at once:

    It is why they are trying to pass a bill to give POTUS power to control the internet "in the event of a national cyber emergency".

    Cyber-Security Czar: proposing other new "rules" for the internet, to control its content. Authorizing the use of "tracking cookies" by government agencies. Using the "fishy" website to collect email addresses and who knows what else.

    Diversity Czar: proposing new "rules" for radio and tv, to control the media (ala Chavez).

    Nationalized Health care: to have access to our private health records.

    Nationalized financial institutions: to have access to our FINANCIAL records.

    As for our currency, BO is on track to destroy it and replace it with a "world" currency.


    I lost my train of thought - they went "live" to BO and his speech at the CBC dinner.

  81. OMG! He sounds like his is just giving his standard campaign speech! I cannot believe this.

    He is going back over the same old tired blame Bush crap

    "worst economic recession since Great Depression ..."

    "let me tell you what I inherited ..."

    "let me tell you what I've done ..."

    "I've cut taxes ...."

    "the recovery act has blah, blah, blah...."

    He keeps using the phrase "children of color", "black and brown" children, and mentioning both African American and Latino.

    Oh, he has a "comprehensive" approach to fighting poverty.

    "Eric Holder will be serious about enforcing our Civil Rights laws and tearing down barriers ...."

    Now the Health Care system.... "WE WILL PASS IT THIS YEAR."

    Hmmm, he isn't getting the wild applause that I thought he would get.

    Now he is telling some of those "poor so-and-so" health care nightmare stories.

    He is YELLING now. What? He thinks he is a preacher? I guess he is using Rev Wright's style now.

    NOW'S THE TIME FOR.... this
    NOW'S THE TIME FOR ...... that
    NOW'S THE TIME FOR ......... the other

    Now he is giving his Health Care talking points, you know, to counterpoint the "lies" about rationing, loss of insurance, changing doctors, blah, blah, blah.

    This is just his standard Health Care speech!

    I think that these people expected him to talk about something else.

    Now he is YELLING again.

    Now he is telling them how to raise their children.

    "IF they come home with a 'B', don't tell them they did great. I know some of you do that. Tell them you expect an 'A'!"

    He's through now.

    That was weird. I really wonder if he knows how to relate to people.

    It really came off as a combination of all of speeches that he has given before, that I've heard before - actually the SAME WORDS as before, with nothing new, specific to this event.

  82. FOTS - this is a "heads up" to let you know about a plan by some Dems and some RINOS on slipping in a sham 'compromise' health care bill. S 391, The Healthy Americans Act (HHA), or Wyden-Bennett, is "the plan Ted Kennedy endorsed from the very beginning of the healthcare debate. Candidate Senator Hillary Clinton, said she would sign this bill if she was elected president. Interesting endorsements for a supposedly free-market plan!."

    === Under Wyden-Bennett, the insurance market is 100% regulated by the federal government. This plan mandates Congressional approval of all insurance plans including the premiums the insurance companies may charge. The government will approve or disapprove insurance claims.

    The insurance companies as we know them today will exist in name only to promote the façade of a free market. They will only exist as purveyors of nationalized healthcare. With only government improved plans and premiums, the incentive for innovation and competition in the insurance market will be crippled.

    Make no mistake, the private plan you enjoy now will be gone. ===

    === The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will expand further into our personal lives. The premium will be taken out of paychecks, thus removing any transparency from the system and diminishing the consumer's ability to make responsible choices. The IRS will be in charge of all collections, disbursements and the garnishing of wages for penalties. Checks for claims, payments for hospitals, clinics and healthcare providers will be written by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and administered through the sham insurance carriers. The IRS may collect the money for fines out of your bank account. ===

    source -

  83. BHObastard supports Islam against America.

    Get used to it.

    My favorite BHObastard joke (which I heard back in JANUARY!):

    A guy dies, goes to Heaven; he meets St. Peter at the Pearly Gates. Past the Gates, he sees all these clocks: thousands and thousands of clocks as far as the eye can see.

    He asks St. Peter: 'What are all those clocks for?'

    St. Peter says the clocks represent lies told on Earth by people. 'See that one?' St. Peter points to a nearby clock; the second hand has moved only three ticks. 'That's Abraham Lincoln's clock; he only told three lies in his lifetime.'

    'Cool, that's really something.'

    'See that other clock?' St. Peter points to a clock whose hands have not moved at all. 'That's Mother Teresa's clock; she never told a lie in her life.'

    'Wow, that's amazing,' the guy said, as he watched the clocks. Some had only the second hand moving, some had all three hands moving at various rates -- but not very fast. 'Where's Barack Omabama's clock?'

    St. Peter frowned. 'Oh, that one... It's in Jesus's office. He uses it for a ceiling fan.'


    how true, even back then...

  84. You are COMPLETELY correct, rattlesnake, that big governments and their dictators have murdered FAR more people than have businesses! (Only die-hard leftists believe otherwise, because they can't HANDLE facts!)

    Thanks for listing many of BO's Czars. They're all leftists or outright commies from 'way back, too. ACK!

    FOTs, for once, even < I > couldn't bring myself to watch BO. For one thing, it's been just that horrific a week, hearing his ranting ad nauseam. For another, I figured he'd pander to THAT group most of all, hoping to be taken as One-a-the-Guys, rather than a rich, corrupt jerk about to rip them all off worse than ever. Thanks, Jamie, for confirming my guess that 'tweren't nuthin' new.

    Oh, that joke is HILARIOUS, Mrs1953! BO's number of lies probably burned out that fan's MOTOR!

    Please read Mona Charen's article re. BO in National Review:
    Obama’s Self-Worship
    The hubris is staggering.

    By Mona Charen

    President Obama’s speech to the U.N. has been called naïve and even “post-American.” It was something else as well: the most extravagant excursion into self-worship we have yet seen in an American leader.

    Beware of politicians who claim to be “humbled by the responsibility the American people have placed upon me.” It’s a neon sign flashing the opposite. And sure enough, in almost the next sentence, the president allowed that “I am well aware of the expectations that accompany my presidency around the world.” Really? The whole world pulses with hope and expectation because Obama is president? People in Amsterdam, São Paulo, and Taipei have a spring in their step because an Illinois Democrat won the White House? >>

    Charen's insights are on target: BO is in love - with HIMSELF! Scary little man....

  85. TWW, you'll love this; it's from my internat'l pro-Palin blogging group:
    Everything I have learned indicates that he [BO] was definitely NOT born in HI. Babies born AFTER he was purportedly born have birth certificate numbers lower than his. At the time he was born, wherEVER he was born--and from what I can gather it is most probably in Kenya--they were in the process of divorcing and his grandmother knew it would be a lot easier for Stanley Ann to maintain custody and work the System if he was registered as American so Stanley ran down to HI and filed, then went back up to Washington state. Neighbors near the address they gave have stated that no one by the name of Dunham/Obama ever lived there.
    I believe that the reason he has had his school records destroyed is that they show that he was on a foreign student visa; I fully believe that not only is he NOT a natural born citizen, but he remains to this day an illegal alien. And, if I did not believe it before, I certainly would believe it now, given his positions against and ignorance of everything American.
    We SO need this Usurper OUTTTTT.

  86. Jamie, you sound perfectly delightful to me. I'd like to think I have a little "suhthuhn" blood in me somewhere. Some of my folks came out west from Union, Missouri. Does that count?


    Thanks, MM.

    Great one-liners! Esp. "There's nothing wrong with the people who voted for Obama that becoming taxpayers won't cure." Amen to that.


    Thanks for all your great reporting and quoting and insights, MM, Debbdi, and Jamie!


    [Rattlesnake] "Q. Why won't Obama release his real birth certificate?

    A. He accidently smoked it."

    LOL, that is probably EXACTLY what happened. Do'h!

    And, thank you, MM, for the terrific expose of THAT MARXIST MUSLIM FROM INDONESIA BORN IN KENYA.


    Word: "pulpy." Hmmm. That reminds me of someone................. would that be.............PEACH Obama? Pughth!

  87. [MM quoting Mona Charen quoting Dope] "...the expectations ... around the world... ."

    I'm sure Israel expects a lot.

    And how about Poland? They can hardly wait to see what B. Hussein does next.

    Canada must be eager to know if he'll follow through on the ditch NAFTA promise (or sshhhhh! whether he'll do the opposite ((whispered in private later))).

    Much of Great Britain is on tenterhooks, eagerly awaiting the Panty Waist in Chief's next move.

    Those in lower Manhattan keep watching the skies, hoping to see a 747 circling their neighborhood at 1,500 feet again.

    Pro-liberty Hondurans love Barry almost as much as their president must.

    The Germans and the Austrians are decidedly amazed at the Imposter in Chief's IQ.

    Hopey the Clown -- he may be an idiot, but, he's a USEFUL idiot!

  88. (groan) Great point, TWW: all those places have experienced great suffering at the hands of dictators in the past----or pretty recently with BO, our resident Dictator.

    Actually, I feel better now, after reading what Commander Wilson wrote----that we're in a communist revolution. Maybe there's time, within this next year, to pull our nation back from the brink of entering a dictatorship?

    Everyone, ALL FOTs: PLEASE go to the Commander's website and SEND HIS STATEMENT to everyone in your email address book, okay?

    The statement is written by military aviator,
    Naval Commander Jerry Wilson, at:
    profiles/blogs/be-warned?xgs=1 )?

    God bless you all, dear FOTs. Remember to SMILE and LAUGH every day as we move through this difficult coming year, when we FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT for our country's liberty!

  89. Yes, MM, that is always stuck in my craw...the student records....why no info? foreign student scholarship like his father?
    So much is left to the imaginagion..if he was so poor, how to afford Ivy League universities...and if not poor (granny bank employee and more)...why no records..and who went to school with one has a tongue? Those people are the same age and certainly recall the skinny light skinned bi-racial dude who was sooooo smart! Did they not write in his yearbook? And did Barry not write in theirs? Where are they? HS, college, law school....????

    Sarah Heath Palin!
    Mmmmm, mmmm, mmm!

    (sorry, I cannot help myself)

  90. Susan, Palin is SO COOL! Mmm, mmm, can you imagine if SHE were president! (Let us pray....)

    Hey, FOTs, let's write an ANTI-Obama song!
    Here's one idea, to the tune of
    "Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory..."

    "We're patriots who cannot stand Oba-ama,
    We refuse to praise him; we don't wa-anna.
    He wants to dump our Constitution
    And our liberty,
    So Obama we'll impeach."
    "Save democracy forver!
    Socialism isn't clever.
    As for communism: NEVER!
    Yes, Obama we'll impeach!"
    (Copyright 2009 by Mountain Mama)

    Okay, so I'm no poet! ;->
    WORK with me, people! Create something awesome!

    Also, what do you think of this article?

    "The Theory Is Now a Conspiracy and Facts Don't Lie:
    The Mistake, The Evidence,
    Obama is NOT a Constitutional President"
    By J.B. Williams

  91. Oops! "forever"
    I missed typing the first "e!"

  92. Have the majority of people in Oregon and Washington state lost their minds?

    Oregon and Washington have both passed laws making assisted suicide legal:

    - On October 27, 1997 Oregon enacted the Death with Dignity Act which allows terminally-ill Oregonians to end their lives through the voluntary self-administration of lethal medications.

    - On November 4, 2008 Washington passed the Washington "Death with Dignity Act," a law that is almost identical to Oregon's assisted-suicide law.

    In Wash, this has led to ...

    === ... And, in keeping with providing all options now available in the state, she distributed a brochure from Compassion & Choices (C & C), the assisted-suicide advocacy group (formerly called the Hemlock Society).

    The brochure explains: "C & C created the coalition that passed I-1000 into law and now stewards, protects and upholds Washington's Death with Dignity Act. There is never a fee for any service provided by C & C, and confidentiality is strictly protected." A toll-free number is provided to make access to assisted suicide only a phone call away. The brochure notes that a C & C volunteer can help patients "locate physicians who support a patient's choice to use the law" - in other words, to find a doctor willing to prescribe a deadly overdose of drugs.

    The irony was not lost on one experienced negotiator in attendance:

    "I find it interesting that, as crisis negotiators, we are trying to talk people out of killing themselves. But by the end of the afternoon, we had a social worker from the oncology department of the hospital talking about being able to assist people in killing themselves." ===

    It is even possible that people's life insurance policies are paid to the beneficiaries:

    === ... However, if she is a C & C facilitated death, the state forbids any hint of that on her death certificate. Instructions from the Washington Department of Health make it crystal clear that doctors, coroners and others must refer to her underlying illness, not the drug overdose, as the cause of death and the manner of death must be listed as "natural." According to the Washington State Department of Health, "The cause of death section may not contain any language that indicates that the Death with Dignity Act was used." ===

    Dial 911 for suicide assistance?
    By Rita L. Marker

    link -

    Don't you know that the crafter's of Obama's Health Care Reform began salivating when they heard about the "savings" they could potentially get from assisted suicide!

    What do you want to bet that language for this is buried within ALL of the bills currently in consideration?

  93. Link to quotes from radical islamists that lay out their intent to take over the world and their willingness to be martyrs:

    And these are the type of people that Obama thinks he can sit down and reason with.

  94. I found a website with some Obama jokes you may not have heard yet:

    == >< ==
    A woman applying for a job in a Florida lemon grove seemed to be far too qualified for the job.

    The foreman frowned and said, "I have to ask you this; "Have you had any actual experience in picking lemons?"

    "Well, as a matter of fact, I have!" she replied.

    "I've been divorced three times, owned 2 Plymouths, and I voted for Obama."

    == >< ==
    Barack Obama is an old Kenyan word for Jimmy Carter.

    == >< ==
    Obama doesn't want terrorists tortured. He wants to torture American taxpayers instead.

    == >< ==
    Why doesn't Obama pray?

    It's impossible to read the teleprompter with your eyes closed.

    == >< ==
    Q. What will the difference be between President Obama and Karl Marx?

    A. Karl Marx had way more experience.

    == >< ==
    Q. Why is Barack Obama jealous of Hillary Clinton?
    A. She the one with the cojones.

    == >< ==
    Q. Why did Barack Obama register to run for office as a Democrat?
    A. The Communist Party doesn’t have enough voters.

    == >< ==
    Robin Hood took from the rich and gave to the poor.
    Barack Obama takes from the middle class and sticks it to the poor.

    == >< ==

    Just ONE Joey B joke:

    Q. What ever happened to Joe Biden's old wig?
    A. It was chased away by a dog.

    == >< ==
    And I'll finish up with a Hillary Clinton joke:

    The good news about Hillary Clinton's nationalized health care plan is that everyone will be covered. The bad news is that it will be with dirt.

    And you know what? You can replace "Hillary Clinton's"' with 'Barack Obama's" and you've got "Obamacare".

  95. So, TOTUS DEAR, you are going to Copenhagen!
    What are you going to wear?

    Wow! What with the situation with Iran, BG needs to take a little break! Wouldn't want him to actually work or stop and think about nuclear war and containing Iran or anything!

    Mmmmm, mmmm, mmmm.

  96. Jamie, in Islam they believe there will be a cataclysmic event which brings about the return of the Imam Medhi. Imadinnerjacket believes it is his destiny to nuke Israel, and the Imam Medhi will then return and Islam will be the world's religion.

    As they do not believe in this life, because this life is a person's "jihad"(struggle)with the risk of hell - and remember that "person" primarily means "man", women are already going to hell - to blow up others is not their concern.

    It's all very peaceful if you think about it.

  97. Right you are, bettyann..... and for that matter, these radical Islamists also don't give a hang if they manage to blow themselves or other Muslims in the process. They are all supposed to feel peaceful about their (not-self-) sacrifice, too.

    Such beliefs form a real circle of life, which dovetails nicely with liberals' love of abortion: the little darlings should be glad they won't enter this world unloved by their parents, to whom they are inconvenient truths.
    (Never mind that others, who can't bear children of their own, would LOVE to be their parents....)

    What sort of teacher or savior (ie., the 12th imam: the "Mahdi") would demand the mass destruction of life before returning to earth?
    Not one a thinking, moral, or loving person would want or could emulate.

    Better to worship and try to serve (albeit imperfectly) a God Who gave His own life to save His beloved creation and people, so they wouldn't face destruction eternally. THAT'S a loving, selfless, intelligent God to follow.

  98. I know, bettyanne, I know, ~sigh~.

    My daughter is doing her thesis on American "ethnocentrism" - the belief that our culture is superior to other cultures. I was reading some material written about it because she asked me to help her with her basic thesis statement.

    On one site, it stated that we Americans are "unconciously ethnocentric because we cannot understand what we don't understand", with the premise that if we were to study the reasons for the things that make our cultures different, it would help us to understand them and thus we would come to realize that our culture isn't superior, it's just "different".

    Sounds innocent enough, doesn't it?

    Well, its b-s, since the more I learn about Muslim culture, their beliefs, the more horrifying I find it to be.

    How can any mother rejoice when one of her children kills himself or herself to become a martyr? It so goes against a mother's natural instinct, which is to protect her children.

    I would die for any of my children or grandchildren. I would do anything to protect them or to stop them from harming themselves, even if it meant that I would not survive as a result.

    I will never understand their culture.

  99. "Better to worship and try to serve (albeit imperfectly) a God Who gave His own life to save His beloved creation and people, so they wouldn't face destruction eternally. THAT'S a loving, selfless, intelligent God to follow."

    You presume.

    Religion is man reaching for God, by all it's various names. Islam believes it is the last word on God. No different than the paragraph above. Religion by it's very nature is anti-human. Faith is the opposite of religion.

  100. You're right, bettyann, that we shouldn't build a god to follow, based upon what WE want in a god. I inadvertently worded my thoughts poorly; I wouldn't presume upon God for the world.

    I actually didn't mention religion, but I meant that people base their faith upon what they believe about the character of God. And I meant that many people (Christians, etc.) have found God's character to be loving, kind, caring, and giving (as well as sometimes angry, but also forgiving, when people are hurting others, etc.).

    Muslims follow the prophet Muhammad, though, who found Allah's character to be remote and demanding. "Islam," means "to submit," in a military sense of that word----such as to lay down one's sword in submission to a victor. (Ack!)

    I meant that it doesn't make sense to me that a Creator would bother creating human beings and the other amazing creatures and planets, etc., and then demand a cataclysmic destruction of life, in order to "save" the planet for Islam.

  101. TOTUS- You have been quiet. I was spoiled by all your posting last week. Did Peaches [I LOVE that TWW] use you for pitching the Olympics in Chicago? We KNOW you have a better pitch than PO!

    Glad he has the time to add that to his overflowing plate.

    "I know, I'm the president of the United States." I have not heard him say that lately-but there could be 2 reasons for this. 1.) I avoid watching or listening to him whenever possible. 2.) He may have replaced U.S. with U.N. or world.

    Speaking of the full plate... any word on those 40K troops needed in Afghanistan?

    Rush had several callers in a row heartsick at the very real deployments of their loved ones. I cannot begin to imagine their fear... with a C and Chief that is uncomfortable with the term victory. My heart aches for them AND with those already active...everywhere.

    I have always been and continue to be SO PROUD of our military. They are the BEST IN THE WORLD! I LOVE their pride, their discipline, their strength their love for this country and for the people they are trying to or keep free.


    My contribution to the joke book:

    The Pope and Nancy Pelosi were on the same stage in front of a huge crowd.

    The Pope said, "Did you know that with just one little wave of MY hand I can make EVERY person in the crowd go crazy with joy? This joy will not be a momentary display like those of your political constituents, but will go deep into their hearts, and they will forever speak of this day and rejoice."

    Pelosi seriously doubted this, and said, "One little wave of your hand, and all people will
    rejoice forever?? Show me," she said.

    So the Pope slapped her.

  102. AHAhahahahaha!
    Very good, debbdi!!

    "Muslims follow the prophet Muhammad, though, who found Allah's character to be remote and demanding."

    Exactly. In his last speech, Mohammed told the people, "I have given you a religion..." Yes he did, and indeed, they worship Mohammed. Yet if you state the obvious, even so much as insinuate that they worship Mohammed, it sends them into a right tizzy! Really, simply unbelievable levels of denial, as you point out, " doesn't make sense to me that a Creator would bother creating human beings and the other amazing creatures and planets, etc., and then demand a cataclysmic destruction of life..." Obviously, to so believe this, as Islam does, one is certainly NOT in sync with God.

    I put you on defense, and I apologize. My reason has to do with any type of absolute statement by religion. Faith is very different from religion. Proof is in prayer. One bends the knee to ask help or guidance, but more to give thanks, in particular for difficulty - this is faith. There is never a need to give God His list of instructions, because He is already in control. He is at the helm, He never left that post at all, and His hand is steady.

    Religion is man making structure of the idea of God in order to feel in control. Control and fear are the opposite of thankful faith.

    Also, while I am not Jewish myself, my family members are. Like Jamie, my love is fierce, such that I would die for them without regard to my own safety. We must not presume here that all believe that Jesus is God incarnate. Or, that not to worship Jesus is unintelligent. Just a thought, and perhaps a suggestion.

  103. Thanks, Jamie and debbdi, for the jokes; we sure need them these days!

    Bettyann, we have in common having close friends who are Jewish and whose faith and intelligence we highly respect. I will again reword my thoughts:
    Although for Christians, the Messiah has come, for Jews, the Messiah sent by God is still to come. BOTH faiths thus assume a loving, giving, selfless God, and not the destructive God of some sects of Islam.

    Any person who has faith definitely makes assumptions about God's character. Many people assume that God will listen to their humble prayers, while other people believe God doesn't listen, or couldn't care less.

  104. OOPS! I should have written, "having loved ones who are Jewish." I'm a little tired. The PET scan is done, though. (WHEW!)

  105. Good one, debbdi!

    Jamie, I heard the multiculturalism spiel in college. It's all bull. Of course not all cultures are equal, and I don't want to understand, say, a culture that kills homosexuals and victims of rape. That's like trying to understand insanity.

    One the other hand, I was blessed to have a Civics teacher in ninth grade who actually told us horror stories about the fates of girls who wore Western clothing in Muslim countries. She was one of a kind, and I hope she's still teaching.

  106. TOTUS:
    Fox News has gone to the dark side!,2933,556722,00.html

    Joshua Rhett Miller wrote of the facebook assasination poll:

    "This is the kind of garbage that's generated from the extreme right against Obama, and it's going way over the line," Beckel told "It's got to be stopped. Find him, prosecute him and put him in jail."

    Regardless of political persuasion, Beckel said such threats are "un-American" and simply not acceptable.

    "If they don't like what Obama is doing, then maybe they ought to go out and vote for someone else," he said. "But relying on this kind of attack is un-American and unacceptable."


    In November, prior to Obama's landslide election victory, officials from the Secret Service declined to comment on the number of threats he had received, but they said they saw more threats against him than any other candidate during the campaign.

    Landslide victory??????

    Also, there is this freedom of speech thingy, Mr. Beckel? You can't prosecute the poll creator. It's just a poll. It's not a threat, it's a question. Stupid, but just a question.

  107. Besides, I'll bet it's fake. I'll bet its trumped up, so that Beckel could talk about the "vast right wing conspiracy". I'll bet Nancy Pelosi did it!!

    My word:
    sporkler. Nancy's Pelosi's maiden name.

  108. GREAT NEWS!

    << Palin Finishes Memoir, Release Date Moved Up - -
    Submitted [to]:
    NEW YORK -- Sarah Palin finished her memoir just four months after the book deal was announced. Her publisher says the release date has been moved up from the spring to Nov. 17. >>


  109. Bob Beckel (like many Democrat strategists) does everything in his power to stir up controversy to distract from whatever current abominable thing that the Democrats or Obama are doing.

    If you watch Beckel in the "mini debates" that have on Fox between a Democrat and a Republican strategist (to give the opposing points of view), you will notice that Beckel will always resort to these kinds of attacks when he is losing the argument because Obama's position is indefensible.

    I think that when Bob Beckel says things like "landslide victory" or "Obama is one of the greatest presidents we've ever had", its as if he says it to convince HIMSELF that is is true (when he knows it isn't).

  110. I wish whomever had Beckel on when he said that had asked him if he thought that they should have sought prosecution of the author who penned the Bush assasination book or the folks who made a movie depicting Bush's assasination!

    Beckel is a big ole hypocrite.

    I just read the story about that Facebook poll on Drudge. The FBI is looking into it. IMHO, this is what will most likely happen:

    - IF the FBI finds that it is a conservative (black OR white) who "voted for McCain", we will hear about it ad nausem.

    - IF the FBI finds that is is a leftie liberal white person who voted for BO, it MIGHT be reported, and if it is, it will be without any mention of the person's political leanings.

    - IF the FBI finds that it is a black liberal person who voted for BO, we will NEVER know because they will never release the outcome of the investigation.

    verifcation word is sinsigh

    hypocrisy is a sin ~sigh~

  111. Here it comes .....

    New York is requiring MANDATORY H1N1 Flu vaccinations of all health care workers.

    === Despite a planned rally in Albany Tuesday to protest a state regulation requiring health care workers be vaccinated against influenza — both seasonal and swine flu — New York’s top public health official predicts dissenters will ultimately extinguish their anger and roll up their sleeves.

    The regulation, which was approved in August, comes with a stinging addendum: Get vaccinated or get fired. ===

    link -

    Right now, NY is the only state to make it mandatory, but I imagine this is just the first of many to do so.

  112. Dear TOTUS
    Please have a good time pitching the "Olympics in Chicago thingie." Make sure your carbon footprint is minimal!
    I prefer Madrid just because I don't want anything that the Big Guy asks for.
    But I do not hold it against you.

  113. Chicago had better hope that BO doesn't pull out his standard "Let me remind everyone of what I inherited when I took office..." speech.

    I sure hope he doesn't go to Copenhagen and promise that all Olympic athletes will get free health care under his plan if Chicago is chosen.


    Well, it's about to be unveiled.

    What? you may ask .....

    Why, the Senate's version of a Cap and Trade bill.

    Sens. Barbara Boxer and John Kerry will release global warming legislation on Wednesday.

    "I don't know what 'cap and trade' means. I don't think the average American does," Kerry said.

    That's not surprising. I don't think Kerry knows much of what anything means.

    === Boxer, Kerry Set to Introduce Climate Bill in Senate

    Ending some nine months of closed-door deliberations, Sens. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) and John Kerry (D-Mass.) will release global warming legislation Wednesday that they hope will be the vehicle for broader Senate negotiations and an eventual conference with the House. ===

  114. "...Chicago had better hope that BO doesn't pull out his standard..."


    Thanks for a good laugh before bed!

    FOTae Rock. TOTUS might post us a new thread tomorrow. Because there is Rush, Hannity, and TOTUS.


  115. Hi Totus
    Hey thanks for posting my “Urinal Prompter” cartoon. Sorry about the typo. Let me know if you want to be put on my Conservative Comics mailing list - about 2-3 conservative comics a week.

  116. MM, you are so cool. "an ANTI-Obama song!
    ... to the tune of
    "Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory..."

    ... So Obama we'll impeach."
    "Save democracy forever!
    (Copyright 2009 by Mountain Mama)"

    HURRAH! :D

    You made me smile. What a gift you are.

    Hope all is well with your husband (and you!).

    Well, almost all [OR and WA residents are insane], Jamie. (%$) Yeah, that "Death with Dignity" -- since WHEN has suicide been "dignified?" -- act is insidiously monstrous. In one of the states, the person who wants to kill themselves has to be declared by 2 doctors to have less than 6 months to live. WHAT IS 6 MORE MONTHS to avoid making your last act on earth a horrible sin? There is EXCELLENT pain management now. What is so important about "dignity" anyway?

    Probably the most invidious evil of the measure is that AN HEIR CAN WITNESS the required affidavit by the person obtaining the "medicine." It is horrendously open to abuse. Take: 1 greedy, impatient, heir; 1 frail, emotionally vulnerable adult; and 2 suicide zealot doctors and.... voila -- a recipe for murder.

    "Oh, no," cry the "compassion" people, "it's the wish of the elderly and others to die as they were born, with dignity." NOT ONE PERSON ON THIS EARTH was anywhere close to being "dignified" at birth or during the first years of life having one's diaper changed, spit-up wiped, wetting one's pants and, well, you, know. It's amazing, isn't it; Jesus, God's son, endured such indignities for us. Come to think of it, Jesus' death by Roman crucifixion, hung naked on a cross, wasn't dignified at all. Selah.


    Great jokes, Jamie! (and Debbie D.) Thanks for the guffaws. "...old Kenyan word for Jimmy Carter." LOL. (:D)

    [MM] "...our culture isn't superior, it's just 'different'." HOGWASH! Morally equivalency is a crock. To assert that something is "different" from something else is to say virtually NOTHING and certainly NOTHING useful.

    Morally eqivalency and "the noble savage" are both prime examples of some of the foolish nonsense that masquerades as truth.

    Way to call out those who worship "worldly wisdom." "See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy ... Such [ideas] indeed have an appearance of wisdom ... ." Colossians 2:8, 23 NIV.

    In case I don't get on tomorrow, I'm putting this note here, at the bottom of a loooong thread, so that it will be read mostly just by you regularly posting FOTS. On Wednesday, my husband [Yup! Ol' TWW is female (LOL)] will be having major, high-risk, surgery. Thanks so much for praying. I'll be on the road a lot and in the hospital a lot for the next couple of weeks. If I don't post often, that's why. I'll keep you posted on the outcome. Due to concerns re: his workplace, I promised not to tell ANYONE. While you wonderful people are "anyone," I felt okay about telling you given our anonymous context.

    LOL, I'll bet there were some of you who were really kind of wondering about TWW -- he seemed strangely "girly" sometimes, huh? So many people had assumed I was male, I began to feel deceitful not telling you. There, now you know -- I'm not going to mention it again, though (or not planning to, anyway)... so, I'm sure there will be more FOTS who assume mistakenly, well.... I might start to feel the need for disclosure again. We'll see.

    Take care, everyone.

    I'll be in touch.

    Echoing MM's fine thought: Keep smiling, keep laughing, so we can keep fighting for liberty with all our hearts.

    God BLESS America.

  117. That's "moral equivalency." (eye roll)

  118. I always wondered, TWW, if you were female, but then I figured you were maybe just the jolliest male ever! What threw me off were these things:
    1) You were so UPSET once that I called you a "sweetie"----remember? (wink)
    2) You know SO MUCH about sports and stuff like Star Wars and other space/modern movies!
    I shouldn't have assumed your gender; sorry!

    Here, we're waiting for today's/my hubbie's PET scan results, to know where to go from there.

    Oh, and it was Our Ravishing Resident Researcher, Jamie (smile), who noted that "...our culture isn't superior, it's just 'different'." I agree with you and Jamie that such views are "HOGWASH! Morally equivalency is a crock." Just another liberal dodo idea.
    One of my Jewish friends just wrote me this past week about how many Jews feel safer in America----not despite, but because it's mostly populated by Christians, since the latter usually safeguard the Jews and offer religious liberty to all. In this regard, among other instances, the USA is definitely morally superior!

    Well, Truth Will Win, you can trust that we FOTs will be praying HARD for your husband, that his surgery will be a complete success, and that you and your loved ones will weather this storm with strong faith, energy, and trust in God's goodness and love.
    (Ack! "Major, high risk:" Lord, PLEASE HELP!)

    (Okay, FOTs, consider reading this next article tomorrow; it's from the Black Conservative newsletter:

    I can barely make out what this NOT-Safe-Schools-pedophilia-supporting Czar says on that audio, so hopefully soon we'll be able to hear it better elsewhere, OR view a video!
    THIS GUY SHOULD GO-O from the Obot Administration------NOW!! (And just how many strange-weirdos does Obama plan to hire, anyway!?)

    God bless you, FOTs, and sleep well.

  119. Good Morning, Everyone, along with a special prayer for God's blessings and loving presence to be with TWW and Mountain Mama. You two give so much to the rest of us here, and all the while enduring the personal distress of having your dear ones in worrisome health conditions. I have the greatest admiration for you, as well as much appreciation for your humor, brilliance and warm presence here. May God bless you and be the source of great comfort to you, and bring healing and peace.

    In the spirit of disclosure brought forth by the surprising TWW, I'm over here on the biddy side of things, rather than with the roosters, bless their's been kind of fun speculating and wondering, then I'd say to myself in a way the mystery is good, because it's our real selves appearing here, without preconceived notions or labels influencing our opinions. But then again, it feels good to de-lurk!

    Warmest wishes and heartfelt prayers for you all with health problems and job difficulties, may God walk along with you today and every day and help you through the rough spots.

  120. Oh, TRUTH, God-Speed and my prayers go with you this morning!

    I also thought TWW was a little "jolly" but quel surprise!

    Now, should I wonder about MM and bettyann? Jamie? Preptile? OMG! What about TOTUS, himself? Herself? What if TOTUS is Mary Matalin?

  121. I am definately a girl. So is my motorcycle, and my truck :)

    God bless you TWW, and your family. It never mattered to me, male or female. You have a gifted wit.

  122. Thinking of my fellow citizens in the AWESOME U.S.A., my FOT's dealing with health issues and personal trials... from the NIV:

    Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.

    1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

  123. TOTUS:
    Are you an employee, an associate, or a worker?

  124. I'm an EmployER -- at least, for the time being.

  125. TWW, I'm praying you and your husband are in perfect peace. We're praying for him tomorrow!

    Jamie, re. the assassination poll issue: TRUE DAT the liberals didn't give a HOOT whatever vicious idea people concocted vs. BUSH! Also, NO ONE should be forced to take any med. or vaccine, even vs. H1N1. Finally, re. Cap 'N Trade (or any other liberal dippoop idea): how can we stop it, or stop the liberal agenda? They have the votes; ack!

    CaliGirl9: Chicago can't afford the Olympics, plus BO will twist it into another paean to his glory (ralph). Madrid would be SWEET!

    bettyann, has scrolling lies made TOTUS sick?

    Movie Weasel: Conservative Comics are AWESOME.

    MTVA, your prose is beautifully written. We're BOTH "biddies," but I'm also a hat rack! (hee hee)

    Susan: Mary Matalin as TOTUS is a good possibility! We've wondered if it's Jeff Foxworthy or.... I can't remember her name; she comments on Fox News sometimes.

    Debbdi, what a PERFECT scripture you offered! It's hard, but through our trials, we try to trust God that it will make sense someday, and it's all for the good. God is in control, and loves us.

    May God richly bless you FOTs all for your prayers for TWW's and my husbands----and for our nation. We are in such danger, but possibly it's not too late to pull back from the abyss?! God, have mercy and HELP US!

  126. Oh, and MRS1953, we'll pray you get to STAY an employER. Holding a business together in this tanking economy must be especially nerve-wracking. Hang in there!

    Dear TOTUS, please take your usual medicine (whatever helps you tolerate being used by BO in such close proximity: bleah!), and let us know how you are doing! We're worried about you!

  127. "...has scrolling lies made TOTUS sick?"

    He's a tweeter. We are bloggers. Shortly, he will remember the old folks and post us another thread.

  128. Hmm.... You're right, bettyann: TOTUS is a busy Tweeter, noting a few per day. They're so short, though, that TOTUS can't make nearly as many jokes or points. I sure hope TOTUS posts soon!

    Anyone see Bill Maher last night on the Jay Leno show, when BM said something crappy about former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin, like, "If we were going to get rid of people, you'd be the first to go."
    First, who's the "we?" Liberals? The future Democrat-Communist party here?
    Second, why is it that no liberal is screaming outrage today about how Maher's idea would involve an assassination!?----as they are screaming about the online poll re. Obambi?

    Oh, yeah, I forgot: whatever evil thing one or more libs pull is OKAY, understandable, and maybe even a good idea! Buy whenever a few nutty conservatives screw up, it's EVIL and PERVASIVE and ALL CONSERVATIVES ARE NUTS.

    Gotta remember that liberal agenda....

  129. OOPS! Not "Buy whenever," but "BUT whenever!" TYPOS! ACK!

  130. Dear Mountain Mama, MTVA, Susan, Betty Ann, and Debbdi,

    Thank you.



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