Friday, September 11, 2009

Where We Were

Big Guy and Toes and Gibbsy and I were sitting around last night thinking about where we were on September 11th, 2001. Toes was up on Capital Hill. As he recalls, he was in a meeting about how to smear a Republican Party operative in Chicago who was mulling a challenge to him for his House seat. Gibbsy thought he was in a meeting down in North Carolina with labor leaders on how to overturn the "right to work" status of the state. I think I was in DC, and was supposed to do a standup at a conference, which got canceled.

Big Guy thought he spent the day over at Bill Ayers' house.

We all agreed that it's safe to say those couple of hours won't make it into Big Guy's third volume of his autobiography.


  1. TOTUS:
    THAT must have been a memorable time! Sitting around, having coffee, shooting the breeze about Marxist theory and how to finish off all the pesky jews - and then WHAM!! Somebody drives a plane into the twin towers! They break out the beer, the jiffy pop, while Bill admires the handiwork of the terrorists, even gets teary eyed, remembering his own glory days. There was probably a lot of back slapping that day, even Obama saying, "When I'm president, guys like those ingenius terrorists are going to get medals, penthouses, and free medical care!"

  2. Remember When The New York Times Reported The News? We Will Never Forget. Warner Wolf, 11 September 2001.

  3. Thanks for the link, keyboard. Very much appreciated the video. Strongly brought back that day. Indeed, Never forget.

  4. Yes, very moving video, keyboard.

    BO says this is a national day of service, but both my wall calendar and my daily planner say "Patriot Day" today. I prefer Patriot Day, as long as we don't redefine patriotism to mean pledging to be a servant to the President.

  5. TOTUS: You forgot Van Jones. Wasn't he giving a roundtable speech with Ward Churchill about academic and speech reform? Maybe with your internet connections you could find out. Oh but I forgot, Big Guy and Toes had a filter put on your research engine sites so that you could only find words like: "Cap and trade", "America: New Start for Opitate of the Masses", and how "to be skinny and sexy in a Hawaiian Vacation."

  6. When our new president recently praised as "great" the religion of those who murdered you, I thought of you.

    I have thought of you more this year, for some reason, than in years past. I remember you every September 11th, of course, but you mean more to me each year. I don't know why you have become more poignant in my thoughts; maybe it's the frightening state of our country; maybe it's because some folks seem to forget what really happened that day, and what it means. Or maybe it's just because, as one grows older, things of the heart come to matter more; one sees more clearly and feels more keenly.

    My brothers and sisters, you are missed. I pray for your families and friends, your kids and your moms and your sweethearts. I pray for all those who loved you and for whom this day is one of great difficulty.

    I remember you, I honor you; we are less without you.

  7. Naturally, the Big Guy will deny it.

  8. Where is the Obamination on this day? Where is he??

  9. To those we lost on 9/ll/2001, I mourn for you

    To those who responded, I salute you

    To those responsibile, I will NEVER FORGET

    and to The Won Who Does Not Care: your days are numbered

  10. Amen, MRS1953.

    Today when Rush read the account of flight 93, I wept.

    No forgetting, no quarter.

  11. Heather, beautiful post.

    Just remember the people. Think about their families. Think about that the only bad choice they made that day was to get up and go to work. Just like many of us do every day.

  12. The memory of that day of infamy is forever etched in my mind. I worked with a man who had a brother working at the World Trade Center when the first attack was perpetrated in 1993. Although I have lost contact with him, I most always think of him and his brother when I hear "9/11". I pray for healing for those whom survived the attacks and for those whom lost family members.

    I normally can't stand to watch the Fraud from Abroad but this morning it was nearly unavoidable. As I listened to him, I noticed he didn't mention terrorists. Just what were those animals that caused such pain to our Great Nation if not Terrorists? Oh, now I remember, it was a man caused disaster. But FOTs are domestic terrorists. Nice dichotomy.
    BTW, I am surprised that BO didn't use this opportunity to stump for his Illegal Alien Health Insurance Reform Bill.
    One lady with whom I work and has no interest at all in politics commented on how inhuman BO appeared as he read from TOTUS. Even the casual observer is on to him.


    The "Day off" away from the obominisation of our children. AWESOME! Check E. Cheese and Major League Baseball everybody was happy. Well, most everyone. The plastic was kept at home. (Credit Cards not C-4 for those from Homeland Security monitoring the site.) So, the shoppers didn't get their fix.

  13. A paraphrase of Stalag17 with no bearing on the current post whatsoever...

    Sefton: When was Pearl Harbor, Price, or don't you know that?
    Price: December 7th, '41.
    Sefton: What time?
    Price: [smugly] 6:00. I was having dinner.
    Sefton: 6:00 in Berlin.
    [to the other barrack members]
    Sefton: They were having lunch in Cleveland. Am I boring you boys?
    Hoffy: Go on.
    Sefton: He's a Nazi, Price is. For all I know his name is Preissinger or Preishoffer. Oh, sure, he lived in Cleveland. But when the war broke out, he came back to the Fatherland like a good little Bundist. He spoke our lingo, so they sent him to spy school and fixed him up with phony dog tags.

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  15. Yes, Heather, that was very moving. Thank you.

    I did not know anyone personally who died on that day, but I had read Barbara Olson's first book (on Hillary!) and noticed her sharp commentary on evening talk shows.

    Back in the day, I used to book passengers on AA77 IAD/LAX and back then it was one of the blue-ribbon flights which we, as employees of American Airlines, were verrry proud to book. So I took it personally when those damned terrorists crashed the premier "Luxury Liner AA77 into the Pentagon with Mrs Ted Olson on board.

    Oh, did Bill Ayers accompany BG to the Pentagon today for the ceremonies?

  16. This morning when I got to work at 6 a.m., I turned on the tv in the break room and tuned it to Fox News. Fox was going to play the footage through the time line, just as it had transpired.

    When I came out later to watch, I noticed several employees standing around chit-chatting, laughing - NONE of them even noticed what was on the tv. It was the video at the point that the planes hit the building, of the people running, crying. I was riveted by that, it brought tears to my eyes, but NONE of my co-workers even noticed.

    The previous managment used to hold the "moment of silence" every 9/11. These new schmucks don't even say anything about it to the employees. I am getting to where I hate them. (I try not to hate anyone, but these people I think I hate.)

    I left work early today, I could not stand it any longer. At 4:00, Glenn Beck came on and he played a video with a compliation of scenes from 9/11. I wept yet again.

    Those poor, poor innocent people.

  17. My sister, who graduated from the Naval Academy in '99, had a good friend and classmate who died in the Pentagon crash.

    It touched us all, as Americans, whether or not we knew someone personally who was killed; it touches us, as Americans, even if we are ignorant enough not to realize it.

    In the true sense of the word, it is a crime that these nearly 3,000 murders - for that is what they were - are now being twisted for ugly personal agendas.

  18. On 9/11, I was in Hyattsville, MD for a week long meeting. The first day was that Tuesday, at 8:00 a.m. I remember shortly after I arrived, a lady turned to me and said "A plane just hit the World Trade Tower". She had a small tv and we watched. We all thought it was a small plane, an accident. Right before I went into the meeting, the same lady says to me, "Another plane just hit the other tower".

    We went ahead with the meeting. We could hear people milling about outside the door and that announcements were made, but we could not hear what was said. Then one of the people at the table got a phone call and he said "a plane just crashed into the Pentagon". I turned to the person next to me and I said "I want to go home".

    I was able to get a ride back to my hotel, where I sat at the window in my room with the curtains pulled wide, watching for planes, all that day. It was so eerie. Such a beautiful fall day. Clear blue skies.

    All I could think of was those poor, poor people. Those poor brave firemen. I cried so many tears.

    My granddaughter was 2 months old. I wondered if I would ever get to see her again.

    When I finally was able to get in touch with my daughter, all she could say was she wanted to come home to Alabama. At the time, she was living at Barksdale AFB in Louisiana. That is where they took Pres Bush, so I told her to stay there, it had to be the safest place in the country.

    Ended up, after being stuck there for a week, I drove back with a co-worker who had been in Philadelphia. She drove down and picked me up in MD. Took us two days to drive. I never saw so many American flags in my life, hanging on every overpass along the route home.

    For years I flew a flag on my car. I ordered a case of them, so when one wore out, I put up another one. I had patriotic bumper stickers all over, declaring to any terrorists in our midst that I was a proud American and that I was watching for them. One of my co-workers told me that she thought that flying the flag was "jingo-istic", whatever the f that means. I didn't care.

    And now, 8 years later, I still remember that day. Yet people all around me act as if it was nothing - "that was then".

    What gets me most, then AND now, is the attitude - "oh, that happened in D.C., it will never happen HERE".

    But it could. Then what would they say?

    I will NEVER forget. ever, ever, ever, ever

  19. I especially want to thank Heather for that link to the beautiful post. I copied it to a word doc, then printed multiple copies and placed them in the break room so those unfeeling dolts would read it. I wanted to MAKE them remember the people who died.

    BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!

    Fox News just announced - the Census Dept has issued a letter to ACORN, severing ties to the 2010 Census.

    ACORN will NOT take part in the taking of the 2010 Census.

    That is wonderful news. Absolutely wonderful news.

    On today, of all days, too.

    verification word for this post = ashoucke

    Yes, a shock!

  20. ABC's Jake Tapper Awaits Clearance from White House on ACORN Prostitute Story

    Jake Tapper is rumored to be running with the ACORN story as soon as he receives a go from O. The new video has spurred him to send Gibbs a stern tweet on the matter.

  21. Breitbart posted the story about ACORN:

    === Census Bureau severs ties with ACORN in 2010 count

    Sep 11 06:29 PM US/Eastern

    The Census Bureau on Friday severed its ties with ACORN, a community organization that has been hit with Republican accusations of voter-registration fraud.

    "We do not come to this decision lightly," Census director Robert Groves wrote in a letter to ACORN, which was obtained by The Associated Press.

    In splitting with ACORN, Groves sought to tamp down GOP concerns and negative publicity that the partnership will taint the 2010 head count. ===

    link -

    I just saw the footage of BO and MO at the Pentagon ceremony. Boy, does he look wooden. For all of the "emotion" that the msm attributed to BO in his speech to Congress the other night, you would have thought that the man could, at the least, have FAKED some emotion today.

    He didn't even try. He and MO stood there like statues, looking bored. "Ho HUM, just another appearance. Can't wait till we can get out of here ...."

    You know, I am not a fan of Ed Rendell, Dem Penn governor, huge Hillary supporter. But today at the ceremony in Penn, the man showed true emotion. (had me in tears again.)

    How can anyone be present at these ceremonies and not feel any emotion? How can you be around the families of all those victims and not see their anguish, feel their sadness, even after eight years?

    crashx - I guess the announcement by Census has forced the msm to cover the Acorn story.

    Up until now, only FOX and Breitbart has carried coverage. But then, this is not to mention the fact that a SECOND video has been released, involving a different ACORN office in a different city! Jake Tapper has, on occasion, benn one of the few that actually makes mention of things the others won't touch.

    word verification is on a roll tonight. My word this post = calumsi

    CLUMSY! That's Gibbs. That's the msm.

  22. I cannot believe this story that I just read on My Way News.....

    === Healthy Minnesota offers Obama model for nation

    ... Minnesota has been a national leader in trying to measure the quality of care and reward providers whose patients do better. People here benefit from nonprofit health plans and hospitals and an integrated system of hospitals, clinics and group practices that make it easier for doctors to consult each other.

    The state, along with Hawaii, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont, shows where Obama wants the rest of the country to go. The Democratic president plans a rally with supporters of his health care overhaul in Minneapolis on Saturday....

    ... The nonprofit Minnesota Comprehensive Health Association also offers an insurance for people denied private coverage because of pre-existing conditions.

    Things aren't perfect: American Indians and other minorities in Minnesota are more likely than whites to get diabetes, heart disease and some cancers. Providers lose money on Medicare and Medicaid patients. And in the face of budget problems, the state plans to cut off subsidized coverage for more than 30,000 low-income adults next year. ===

    That last statement doesn't sound like Minnesota's program is all that great.

    Hawaii had to cancel their program because of the cost.

    Massachusetts is way over budget.

    (I don't know about New Hampshire, Iowa or Vermont.)

    And Obama wants to model their plans ????


    link -

  23. BObastard didn't show any emothion -- and neither did MObitch -- because they are ice-cold, arrogant, heartless, self-serving America-haters.

    plain and simple.

    the camera does not lie.

  24. The Pride of Kenya delivered a speech and you led him all along. Thank you.

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  26. TOTUS you make it look so easy I had no idea all that gets jammed up into you.

  27. Way to tell it like it is, Betty Ann.


    Moving post, Heather. Thank you.


    MRS 1953 -- You go, girl! My sentiments exactly.

    B. Hussein, having the conscience of the shark about to devour its prey, can stand with eyes cold and uncaring and empty -- because he is.


    Hey, Shovel at the Ready, glad to hear you and your family made such great use of that Obaminable day. "Fraud from Abroad" -- I LOVE it. [and "The Pride of Kenya," Tim -- good one!] Gotta remember those. Yeah, those airplane bombers weren't "terrorists," they were just functionaries carrying out a domestic contingency operation.

  28. Dear Jamie! How awful to be in that room with that bunch of fools ("Like the crackling of thorns under the pot, so is the laughter of fools. ... meaningless. " Ecclesiastes 7:6). How amazing you were to not dress them down royally! I sure wish I had your self-control. I would have given them a lecture that would have singed the grins right off their foolish faces, that would have turned the air blue,...... that would have gotten me fired. Glad you could get out of that rotting carcass stench-filled atmosphere early.

    "Jingo [ist], [ism]" is one of those words that is so frequently loaded with slanderous sarcasm, that it has become essentially an inherently slanderous term. It was and will be used almost exclusively by the isolationist/appeasement crowd to slander healthy patriotism and the willingness to fight IF NECESSARY. Listed in Neville Chamberlain's diary under: Top 10 Favorite Words, no doubt. Excessive jingoism, that is, an overeagerness to go to war, is better described by "bellicose" or...... "overly eager to go to war (LOL)." The appeasers have taken a perfectly good description of an enthusiastic patriot and have dipped it in the oily muck of a scornful tone so many times, that it has become permanently discolored.

    By jingo, I'm glad to be a patriot! GO USA!!!

    Quote from unknown (anyone know whose it is?) source:

    "War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The person who has nothing for which he [or she] is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his [or her] own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better [persons] than him [or her]self."

    Isn't that something about ACORN. That Breitbart is largely a "progressive" is shown by his being so careful not to condemn ACORN, saying that it is the Republican's "accusations" and not ACORN's own bad actions that are the issue. Over the years, ACORN has not merely been accused, rather, their operatives have been CONVICTED of and jailed for (in Washington State, for one) voter fraud.

    Thanks for sharing what you felt and did on September 11, 2001. I never get tired of reading such accounts. They are all (the sincere ones, that is) moving.

    That clear, blue, early September morning, sky and not one plane in sight as I drove down I-5, nearing Seattle; every plane in the United States

    was on

    the ground.

    For some reason (as I sit here typing through tear-blurred vision) that empty sky deeply moved me -- and always will. Today, around here, 9/11/9 was a day exactly like 9/11/1.

    The patriotism that sprang to life was a beautifully stirring sight. "All those flags," indeed. Today, even in this liberal-infested area, there were flags at half-mast everywhere. I was encouraged by that. You are not alone, Jamie. There are millions of us out here.

    And, by jingo, we will fight to the death before we will surrender our country to the enemy.

    President George W. Bush was a hero in the days and weeks following 9/11. I remember loudly thanking God that it was he who won the election [EVERY recount confirmed this] and not that hideous snake Al Gore. That was close!

    Thanks to George Bush, we fight our despicable Muslim foes over there, for now.

    Take up prayer, dear FOTS! It is the most powerful weapon in your arsenal. Wield it with all your might, all you true patriots.
    God and one can defeat any foe.

  29. [Posted also on previous thread:]
    Hi, guys. We're home. The mountains were beautiful, as always. Fall is beginning, so bursts of bright red and tamarack gold break through the green pines. No crickets, though: it's nearly freezing at night already.
    Businesses are having trouble breaking even in the tiny mountain towns, and fewer children are enrolled in the schools this year: parents have moved their families to The Big Cities, to look for work. Our economy is just scary.

    Good job critiquing BO's Big Speech, Jamie. Basically you relied on my fave-rave verb: LIE. BO lies constantly, non-stop.
    Either Rush or Sean (I'm beat) ran through the list of Dems who've never apologized for calling GW a liar (esp. Harry Reid). I hope to GOODNESS that Joe Wilson just says on the floor of the House: "Yeah, I apologize for embarrassing my Party, but Obama DID lie, as the newspapers are all admitting finally----and I won't apologize further, UNTIL all YOU Democrats apologize for calling Americans against Obamacare OR calling President George W. Bush, "LIARS."
    (sigh..) Fat chance.... (But I'm praying for it!)

    GOOD NEWS tonight, though: the Census Bureau will not cut all ties with ACORN! TERRIFIC! Now maybe we can get valid statistics.
    I put the Obama-Joker on my poster for today's Tea Party. I am not sure how that will fly in the conservative West, though.

    Moving posts, everyone (Preptile, Jamie, TWW, Teresa, Heather, etc.), re. 9-11.
    We lived in the mountains then. I thought, when the first jet hit the first tower, that it was just an accident we knew would occur someday: a plane's hitting a skyscraper.
    But when the second jet hit the other Twin Tower, I was horrified; that meant, "WE'RE BEING ATTACKED!" I was shocked when the next jet hit the Pentagon----and when we soon learned about the 4th jet's hitting the ground in PA, because brave Americans fought the terrorists.

    Our eldest's fiance had just moved to NY City a week prior to 9-11. We were so scared: we didn't know if she was safe----sometimes she'd had to go into the Towers!----and we couldn't reach her for THREE DAYS, because all the phone lines were jammed.
    She said her art class that morning was only 15 blocks north of the Twin Towers. She'd seen the first jet hit, then she went in to her class; everyone thought it was just an accident. But after afterward, they heard that another jet had hit the other tower, which had fallen. When she looked downtown, she saw the falling of the first tower to be hit. (I think I'm remembering that correctly.) Then it all got very messy and crazy....
    By the time we reached her by phone, she, like most New Yorkers, had made the loop-trip downtown already a few times, to see the "hole" where the T. Towers had been. People needed to see it, to grieve, to leave photos to find loved ones they hoped were still alive----and NO one there could quite believe it had all happened.

    Meanwhile, in our little mountain town, FEW people were even upset! New York's far away; who cares!? I was extremely upset with that attitude, and still am: people need to realize that WE WERE ~ALL~ ATTACKED, and we need to stand together to make sure we protect this nation and its citizens as much as possible from further attacks.
    (Hint, hint, Mr. Appeasement-President!)

    Every year, I'm amazed that we haven't been hit again (yet). Lately, it's as though BO thinks he can appease the terrorists by apologizing for America, etc.----and then at other times, he seems almost not to mind if we were hit! Then, he could posture sternness (yawn) and become hugely popular again: he craves popularity THAT MUCH....

  30. MM - glad to see you back, although I'll bet you wish you could stay in the mountains forever. You have to understand that my reference to cricket sounds is based on my experience in the "mountains" here in Alabama, where its still in the upper 60's at night. I suppose that where you live, our "mountains" would be classified as "hills", lol.

    TWW - Breitbart's site is like Drudge, they just post links to articles, videos, etc from other sources. Andrew Breitbart is no progressive. He is a "good guy", one of us. He occasionally writes an op ed piece. I'll find a link to his latest, if I can, and post it here.

    Here is some news - Joe Wilson is raking in donations, too.

    === Rep. Joe Wilson (R-S.C.) has raised almost $750,000 in less than 48 hours since his shout of "You lie!" to President Obama during the Wednesday address to Congress, almost matching the Internet-fueled haul of his likely Democratic opponent. ===

    I believe that Sean and Ann Coulter are both promoting support for Wilson on their websites.

    The only reason that Wilson got into trouble for his outburst is because he called BO a liar on the floor of Congress and that is apparently a "rule" - i.e, "you cannot call the President a liar on the floor of Congress", even if its true. If Wilson had yelled "you are heartless", "you are not an American citizen", "you are a swine", etc, or simply "you are mistaken" or "No-o-o-o", he could not be censured. The Dems could still complain and the other repubs could still whine about his "lack of decorum", but they could not punish him.

    Wonder what would happen if the Republicans simply stood up, en masse, and turned their backs on Obama when he uttered his lies ....?

    In my dreams, I imagine BO giving a speech and there is NO response from his audience. No cheering, no calls of "we love you", no wild applause... just dead silence.

  31. Here is a link to Breitbart's latest op ed ...

    === BREITBART: Boycotting the boycotters

    The Democratic leadership - and its friends in the mainstream media - seem determined to brand opposition to the president's legislative agenda as illegitimate, even racist in origin. Individuals and grass-roots organizations are helping the statists' cause by advocating boycotts and other means of stifling dissent.

    The strategy is clear: Intimidate people from speaking up or from attending public protests by telegraphing that anyone can be made a demon for standing up and exercising basic, constitutional rights.

    To call these people hypocrites would be a grave insult to those who fail to live up to their own standards. Liberalism has never been about establishing a universal standard. Liberalism is simply intellectual cover for those wanting to gain political power and increase the size of the state. ===

    link -

    Here an op ed he wrote back in '08 about Sarah Palin -


    If ever there were a candidate destined to shine on "The Oprah Winfrey Show," Sarah Palin would be that woman.

    In less than a week, the Alaska governor, former PTA member and 44-year-old mother of five - including an infant with Down syndrome - survived a vicious press assault on her family only to win over the majority of Americans with her brave and unapologetic speech at the Republican National Convention last week.

    In a media instant, Sarah Palin went from an unknown moose hunter to a mass phenomenon on the precipice of becoming the vice president of the United States. ===

    I can't post the link right now, compooter is acting up (again)!

  32. Here is that link to the Sarah Palin piece -

  33. Well, with all that's going on, aren't we all glad that the Prof. Gates arrest controversy is no longer in the news!

    At least, that is what I thought ......

    It seems that Cambridge thinks that they need to do more, as reported in the Boston Globe ...

    == National panel picked to review Gates arrest
    Police procedure among the topics

    By Meghan E. Irons
    Globe Staff / September 11, 2009

    Cambridge’s police commissioner, Robert C. Haas, announced the names of the 12-member Cambridge Review Committee yesterday, saying that the independent body was born out of a sincere desire to learn lessons from the Gates case and provide guidance for changes going forward. ===

    Let's see, what kind of changes could they make? Hmmmmm ....

    - hire psychics to help the police determine who owns/rents/leases homes when investigating reports of break-ins?
    - Provide the police with instructions on how to read minds?
    - Post the pictures of all professors at the police station(s) so that officers will recognize them on sight, so they will know not to "harass" them if they are suspected of committing a crime.

    and then there is this .....

    === In addition to determining the lessons learned from the case, the committee will address a range of issues including how the department should modify procedures; how issues of race, class, and interpersonal conflict should be included in officers’ training; and how to better appreciate the cultural and social complexities of the residents who interact with police. ===

    don't you just love that last part - "how to better appreciate the cultural and social complexities of the residents who interact with police."

    OH, so the Cambridge police need to "appreciate" the "culture and social complexities" ....

    It's just a question of their "culture".

    What garbage.

    I'm sure that these are the same kind of people who say we need to "understand" the motives of the Islamo-facist terrorists who want to kill all "non-believing infidels" (i.e. - US!).....

    link -

    (hat tip to Glenn Beck, who mentioned this on his show yesterday.)

  34. As I read your post, Jamie, concerning the Cambridge police review panel, it seemed to me it smacks of just another way to increase next year's budget needs, leading to raking in more tax dollars. I have little doubt that that's a good part of it.

  35. I just heard that BO won't see the protesters, because he tucked tail and ran off to Minnesota for a "Health Care Rally", where there will be a crowd of ACORN and SEIU members gathered to feed his immense ego.

    I guess MO didn't relish a weekend spent with BO sitting in the corner, with his eyes squeezed shut and his hands trying to cover those gigantic ears, saying "I can't hear you, I can't hear you!" over and over again.

    He can just pretend there weren't thousands of protesters in D.C. this weekend. We know the msm will pretend they aren't there.

    BTW, they shipped Joey B out of town, too. He is off to New York today to attend a ceremony. I guess they were afraid that if they left him in D.C., he might wander off and join the protesters on the Mall.

  36. I knew BObastard, the Coward, would cut and run; if he won't face American citizens, jow will he face an actual foreign attack? Run for the bunker????

    Also, on Glenn Beck yesterday, a retired police officer from Brooklyn called, and said that he heard a tour bus driver in NYC refer to the WTC vacant lot as an 'accident'!

    Please tell me this isn't so, that NYC tour guides ARE NOT calling an intentional, Islamic TERRORIST ATTACK an 'accident'

    This is reprehensible and insulting beyond words; if this is true, then NYC - as far as I'm concerned - is fullo of traitors.

  37. Oh, here is an alert to a NEW BO tactic on Health Care, one that we will probably hear this repeated a lot over the coming days... wee-e-e-ks, MONTHSSSSSSSSSSSS..... zzzzzzzzzzz.

    Sorry, I dozed off for a moment there.

    Here it is....
    === Obama: More uninsured than you think

    In an effort to cast health care reform as helpful to more Americans, President Obama today pounded home a new statistic: Nearly 50 percent of people under 65 have gone without coverage for at least one month over a decade.

    "It can happen to anyone," Obama said in his weekly address. "In the United States of America, no one should have to worry that they'll go without health insurance -- not for one year, not for one month, not for one day. And once I sign my health reform plan into law -- they won't." ===

    And that is supposed to mean .... what? Oh, yeah,this - "there are more uninsured than you think". I guess he means he was mistaken the other night when he said "30 million uninsured" ....

    LIAR. Oops, sorry, I'm being uncivil. Just like Joe Wilson (whom I donated to a few minutes ago.)

    BTW - CNN is actually covering the Tea Party protests on their website.

  38. CNN is running LIVE from the Tea Party protest. I'm amazed.

    Right now, there is a guy who was a top-selling, in the top 2%, Jeep dealership in the country. His words: "My dealership was taken from me. It was stolen. And it will be given to someone else, for free. Now you know why I am an angry American!".

    I hope people are watching this.

  39. Breitbart deserves a Pulitzer Prize (yeah, THAT'll happen). Thanks for the op-ed links, Jamie. I especially like this line from the Whole Foods piece:

    "But Mr. Mackey missed the key ingredient of modern liberalism: intolerance to the ideas of nonliberals."

    For as long as I've been a conservative, I've sensed that liberals are intolerant (even while they wrung their hands about the intolerance of conservatives), but I've never had concrete proof until Sarah Palin was chosen as McCain's runningmate. Now I just laugh at the Progressives because they can't even pretend anymore. When was the last time you heard a liberal claim to be tolerant?

    If there was a Whole Foods near me I would shop there.


    I wanted to go to D.C. today, but I couldn't find someone to go with. I'm with them in spirit. When I try to watch the live feed at, it has the Tea Party video with firefighter memorial audio. Do I dare watch it through the Communist News Network website? ...Yeah, I think I'm gonna go for it. I don't have cable, so what else can I do?

    Just saw a sign that said "I'd rather be waterboarded than live under Obamacare." LOL

    Of course Dope can't stand the heat. It's no surprise that he's going to a blue state to surround himself with union thugs. Forget the townhall mob, the real mob is ACORN!

  40. This comment has been removed by the author.

  41. BObastard is telling his 'fired up' idocy story yet again at his love-in today in Minnesota.

    He is ultra-smarmy today, pressing his purple lips together tightly to convey righeous indignation that We, The People, are too stupid to understand and appreciate The Won's plans to enslave us.

    I wonder how many buses had to be hired to bus in the crowd from ACORN and the ESIU (or whatever those fools are)...

    Went back to watch Glenn Beck on Fox; LOL, someone said something to the effect: "Flag T-shirts on dogs; you shouldn't dress dogs.", and, God help me, my first thought was: "Why not? There's 20 people trying to dress MObitch."

    Then there was the alligence comment (We, the People do not owe alligence to the President): and I thought, 'You know, my top three alliegences is 1) God, 2) Country, 3) Family -- the President is way down on the list, under the Constitution,the Bill of Rights, Freedom, Honor, Integrity, Faith, our Defenders ...'

  42. This afternoon, I went between watching CNN's live broadcast of on the internet and watching Glenn Beck's two-hour special that had live coverage from D.C and tea parties around the country (which ran, btw, at the same time as BO's "rally", so I missed it, oh darn) .

    At one point, on Glenns' show, Griff Jenkins was standing in the midst of the protesters, surrounded by the homemade signs and the "Don't Tread on Me" flags, and all those hundreds of average American citizens like you and me, and he asked this guy why he was there and the man said "we are here to take back our country". And the people cheered.

    I had tears streaming down my face because it was beautiful, absolutely beautiful.

    I guess I'm just really emotional these last two days.

    Rattlesnake - I saw that sign, too. It was my favorite. I laughed out loud.

    Mrs. 1953 - I heard that comment about dressing up dogs and your response is perfect. too funny.

    This is a great day. I hope they get a true tally of the numbers of people there.

    Breitbart is there in D.C. and when Glenn interviewed him earlier, Breitbart made mention of how nice the people are that are there today.

    This is a great clip of a CNN reporter being drowned out while trying to broadcast from the TP, but I give her credit, she doesn't try to diss the folks (although the girl back at CNN hq tries to) - watch it all the way till the end:

  43. I just saw a homemade sign that was a little disgusting. It said "Don't Barney Frank me" and had a drawing of two, I'm not sure what (looked like dinosaurs) doing the "wild thang".....

    The art work left a lot to be desired. But that probably a good thing. Don't need to be too graphic. Its bad enough to put the image of Bawney Fwank into my head ....

    They could have left that sign at home.

  44. Was wary about posting this under this thread but I think we could use a bit of comic relief... have a look, it will make you smile!

    Under My Bus:

  45. Jamie- Just watched the CNN clip... laughable! The best part? The sign that read:

    Joe my hero
    Joe Wilson
    for TRUTH CZAR


  47. debbdi- Under MY Bus-----very enjoyable!

    gonna be on my mind all day now! Thanks!

  48. debbdi, I saw that sign, too. Joe Wilson for TRUTH CZAR.

    BTW - that is a GREAT video. loved it. I'm passing it on, too. I've seen that guy before. He's got several great videos out - "Why I'm a Republican"......

    new - so, Obama WAS there at the TP! And what does that seal on the podium say - "PARASITE in Chief"? so true.

    There were a lot of good signs there at the TP. And the best part - they were signs drawn up by the people from their own thoughts, their own ideas.

    None of those pre-fab, fakey signs like those seen at BO support rallies.

    Fox just announced sad news - it appears that they have found the body of the missing grad student. Poor girl. And she was going to be married on tomorrow. Sad, sad, sad. A terrible thing.

  49. WAIT - they are having a press conference and the FBI lady says, categorically, that a body has NOT been found!!!

    So, Fox was wrong.

    This was one weird press conference.

  50. I posted something in error earlier. I said that they sent Joey B to New York. But he was sent to CALIFORNIA. (I guess NY wasn't far enough away.) He attended a ceremony to honor the two firemen killed in that huge fire that was started by an arsonist.

    When I posted "New York", in the back of my mind, I wondered why there was a ceremony in NY to honor the two firemen killed in California! Now I know why that sounded funny.

    Here is a bit of good news: Michael Moore's latest movie slamming "capitalism" was BYPASSED FOR AN AWARD in Venice!

  51. Now that Obama's Green Jobs Czar has been thrown under the bus, there are a few more really radical czars that need to be movin' on out, too .....

    Here is the next one that needs to go:
    Mark Lloyd.

    Glenn Beck has revealed a lot of info about Lloyd on his show. NewsMax has a great article with Beck's info, plus a a lot more ... here is some of it:

    - Lloyd finds aspects of Hugo Chavez's consolidation of power in Venezuela "admirable".

    - Lloyd urged progressives to adopt the anti-media tactics FDR adopted to quell criticism of his Depression-era, New Deal policies.

    - Lloyd has voiced support for Fairness Doctrine provisions.

    - Lloyd describes as an "outdated canard" Thomas Jefferson's famous quotation "That government is best which governs least".

    - Lloyd hails government as "the only mechanism that can help us improve our society".

    - Lloyd has cited radical organizer and author Saul Alinsky as one source of "inspiration."

    for more, go to:

  52. I forgot to mention Lloyds title - he is the FCC "Diversity Czar".... he holds a position in the FCC that was created especially for him: "associate general counsel and chief diversity officer of the FCC"

    "According to media reports", Lloyd was handpicked for his tailor-made job by the same top Obama adviser (Valerie Jarrett) who played a similar role in the elevation of Van Jones.

  53. Obama didn't leave D.C. early enough to miss seeing the protesters:

    === As Mr. Obama traveled to Minnesota on Saturday to rally support for his health care plan, he flew over the assembling crowd in Marine One. The helicopter could be seen flying overhead as the demonstrators marched down Pennsylvania Avenue. ===

    I wonder what went thru his mind when he saw them marching down the street? If only he could have heard them singing "God Bless America" over the sound of the chopper.

    Now THAT would have scared him senseless!

    I've already seen mention of the protest in the NYT and WaPO. Of course, they downplayed it somewhat and made sure to mention the more negative signs, such as those comparing BO to Hitler. Most likely, those articles will be buried in the back pages of the printed edition of the paper. ~Whatever~ The fact of the matter is this - they could not completely ignore this - it was too big.

  54. doesn't 'canard' mean 'lie' or 'falsehood'?

    a lie is outdated?????

    is that BObastard's excuse?

  55. More importantly, where was the PRESIDENT today? Was he doing his job PRESIDING at the Memorial at Ground Zero? My son commented that President Bush was always there. But I guess it's not so important this year. Instead we are supposed to be called for service. I prefer to be called to remember. This administration actively seeks to remove our cultural memory by replacing them with hopey-changey PC activities. He can do that they other 364 days of the year-but 9/11 is for remembering a day when barbarism was met with heroism and nothing this administration does or will do changes that.

  56. Yep, 'canard' means:

    false statement; rumor; hoax

    According to Mr. Lloyd, all these years we have believed in the words of Thomas Jefferson, one of the founding-fathers, principle author of the Declaration of Independence, and it was just an outdated LIE, a hoax used to keep the people in poverty.

    These are modern times, we need to get with the program! Besides, those founding-fathers were all just old white dudes - what would they know about "the people"?

    Mr. Lloyd is so smart. I'll bet he can quote great leaders like Chairman Mao, Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin.

    Do you suppose he knows the one attributed to Lenin about "useful idiots"?

    Interesting read -

  57. Re.:
    << Lloyd describes as an "outdated canard" Thomas Jefferson's famous quotation "That government is best which governs least". >>

    Maybe Lloyd thinks that someone's attributing this quote to TJ is a lie, that in fact someone else said or wrote it. Who knows? Lloyd needs to be investigaged with as much thoroughness as was Jones; ALL the Czars do.

    Even Joe Wilson, our Truth Czar! If he's told the truth, WE'LL KEEP THAT Czar! Bwah ha ha ha!
    (I'm gettin' into that laugh of yours, TWW!)

    Well, as usual, terrific posts, all. Today was WON-DER-FUL!!!! It was AMERICA out there today, making their own hilarious and heartfelt signs that pointedly expressed their own views and feelings. We were warning our elected officials that they'd better start REPRESENTING us, because WE HAVE HAD IT with anyone who wants to screw our nation into a socialist state.

    BO is going to trigger an event that gives him the "right" to take over power to an unprecedented degree----and that's saying something, given how much power he's already grabbed.

    Now, what would that event be, do you think?
    - A terrorist attack? BO wouldn't be unwise enough to help plan it, but would he invite it? Would he welcome one, as an excuse for his grabbing power?
    - A conflict initiated by a "right-wing extremist," who either acted independently, or with significant (probably covert) prodding by radical liberal groups?
    - Could it be he'll grab the opportunity whenever Israel takes action against Iran?

    I just hope it's not too late to wake up the Americans who had STARS in their eyes and MUSH for brains when they voted for BO----and not too late to right our economy and save our military in Iraq and Afghanistan from sacrificing their lives unnecessarily (enough on that, but it's sickening).

    Rats.... The local news barely mentioned the large Tea Party Rally here today. (sigh....) Idaho used to be ultra-conservative, but scads of Californians have moved here for our lower housing costs and more relaxed lifestyle.

  58. [Ellen K] "... 9/11 ... a day when barbarism was met with heroism... ."

    Hear, hear!

    WELL put.


    Jamie, thank you for all that great info. -- again! And thank you for setting me straight about Brett Breitbart. Glad to know he has his head screwed on straight.

    Unlike this shady Lane character. From his list of inane beliefs, he is simply an ignorant fool. Just one more "makes me look smart by comparison" stooge. Hopey the Clown and his band of useful idiots [Timmy the Mad Leprechaun..... Jerry Wright the "Crazy Uncle"..... "That's just Joe" Biden....... Giggly ........ and now.... Lame Brain Lane.].


    Welcome back, MM. Glad you enjoyed yourself. It's interesting to hear you refer to "the West" as "conservative." I forget how big "the West" is. I always focus on "the Left Coast" [libs seem to be drawn like bacteria to a beach to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, and Bellingham]. Nice to be reminded that in the larger "West," it is still largly conservative.


    Yeah, Rattler, really, the only time I've heard "progressives" urge "tolerance" and being "nonjudgmental" is when they are standing in church making the sales pitch for the congregation to ignore what the Bible says about homosexual acts and let practicing homosexuals worship and even become pastor. Libs are HUGE hypocrites.

    "Justice" = sacrifice fairness and equal treatment under the law for coerced confiscation of wealth and racial discrimination.

    "Be tolerant" = pretend homosexual activity is not sin.

    "Compassion" = coerced confiscation of wealth.

    "Hope" = abolish the U.S. Constitution.

    "Change" = Marxism.

    "Community Organizer" = excellent experience for being president of the United States.

    [Inherently bellicose] "Islam is a Religion of Peace" = appeasement.

    "Misspoke" = lied.

    "Undocumented Americans" = illegal aliens.

    "Overseas Contingency Operation" = War Against Islamic Jihad

    "Peace" = slavery is better than fighting for our liberty.

    But, you know what?

    Truth will win! :D

    ................and the word is....................."trudr" as in..... Truth Doctor! That's all of us FOTS, we're "the Truth Doctors," heh, heh. Or..... it was my grandma [having been given a special exception by God to the no talking rule] sending me a message from heaven: "True, dear."

    Waaaaaa! I miss my grandma. Well, at least I know I will see her again "in a little while."

  59. Miss Jamie, great minds DO think alike! I wrote my above post over the course of nearly 3 hours' time and we BOTH thought of the useful idiots description.


    Say, I just tried a new face and I think it would be a good one for the Big Doper Diaper Baby impostering in the White House.

    (:@) [This is supposed to be Peach sucking on his pacifier.]

    Say, Dope & Co.'s mad scramble to get out of town evokes the image of rats rushing pell mell to get away from the exterminator. All those loyal, patriotic, liberty-loving, Americans shown the light of truth into D.C. and the rats scuttled away for cover.

    Which brings us to our..... Verse of the Day:

    "'This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but people loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil. Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that his or her deeds will be exposed.'" John 3:19, 20

  60. Good Morning, Everyone, and God Bless America! Our beautiful America was on display for all the world to see yesterday in Washington, and may it always shine forth in all its truth and beauty and honesty.

    My first post, after long admiring your heartfelt comments and fabulously funny remarks. I love all you FOTs, and want to say when I come here, it feels like coming home, and we ARE united as family. Especially I love the scripture references. When I am all twisted up in despair from each new outrage from the world of BO, it calms my soul to remember that God will see us through...

  61. TWW, I love how you translated Leftspeak. I thought of a few more.

    "Sustainable" = no growth.

    "Civil debate" = sit down and shut up unless you agree with me.

    "Democracy" = elect a president for life like Chavez.

    Welcome, MTVA. It feels good to de-lurk.

  62. The other day, when I read Camile Paglia's column, I was struck by this description of the Democrat Party:

    === Why has the Democratic Party become so arrogantly detached from ordinary Americans? Though they claim to speak for the poor and dispossessed, Democrats have increasingly become the party of an upper-middle-class professional elite, top-heavy with journalists, academics and lawyers (one reason for the hypocritical absence of tort reform in the healthcare bills).

    Weirdly, given their worship of highly individualistic, secularized self-actualization, such professionals are as a whole amazingly credulous these days about big-government solutions to every social problem. They see no danger in expanding government authority and intrusive, wasteful bureaucracy. This is, I submit, a stunning turn away from the anti-authority and anti-establishment principles of authentic 1960s leftism.

    But affluent middle-class Democrats now seem to be complacently servile toward authority and automatically believe everything party leaders tell them. Why? Is it because the new professional class is a glossy product of generically institutionalized learning? Independent thought and logical analysis of argument are no longer taught.

    Elite education in the U.S. has become a frenetic assembly line of competitive college application to schools where ideological brainwashing is so pandemic that it's invisible. The top schools, from the Ivy League on down, promote "critical thinking," which sounds good but is in fact just a style of rote regurgitation of hackneyed approved terms ("racism, sexism, homophobia") when confronted with any social issue. The Democratic brain has been marinating so long in those clichés that it's positively pickled.===

    How ironic is it that a life-long liberal Democrat like Paglia should say such about our elite Ivy League schools.

  63. I find it amazing that Paglia stays a Democrat. She seems honest and intelligent.

    Good lists of Doublespeak words, TWW and Rattlesnake. Here's more:

    ACORN = they're NOT community organizers, but immoral thugs

    "Christian" = user of biblical words who sits in church occasionally, without following Christ's ethics

    babies = punishment for not having abortions

    ACK! That gets depressing! This is why I hope you'll also share with us, MTVA, whatever scriptures have inspired you. We all need inspiration to remember that God is in control----not this world's "leaders."

    Finally, this White House administration, which has NO respect for the intelligence of its constituents, hopes that making minimal changes will fool us and dodge Joe Wilson's charges:

    What's eternally amazing is how those in "Power" on earth think we don't KNOW they consider us unaware dupes. Their entire motive always is to obtain power through WEALTH: DUH! Now that we see this truth clearly, we need to find ethical ways to subvert their power. I know there's voting, but is 2010 soon enough to avoid disaster? What else can we do? THOUGHTS?!

  64. This might work, but probably impossible to pull off:

    For one weekend, buy NOTHING! go NOWHERE! watch NO ONE!

    tune out, turn off, refuse to pay

    A weekend of not supporting the Gov't financially or physically (watching TV, buying stuff to help economy, etc)

    Then tell the gov't this is only a sample of what DC can expect if they don't listen to us and work FOR us instead of AGAINST us.

    We can work against them a lot easier than they can work against us.

  65. This comment has been removed by the author.

  66. Good idea Mrs1953.

    Here is another idea, although its not mine.

    Yesterday was a really, really good thing. Members of Congress and the BO admin cannot continue to ignore the citizens after seeing how many people came to DC.

    Sure, they are used to seeing protests, but what they saw yesterday was not the kind of protest that they are used to. You know, where the protesters are bused in, with their pre-fab signs - NOT a protest of a mixture of old and young people who are respectful and sing patriotic songs!

    What they are used to seeing are the "same old faces". Professional protesters. Mostly young people who are members of groups like the Sierra Club and, etc; who scream and curse and vandalize; who are trained in the art of protesting at special camps; who carry identical signs; etc.

    (Trained by groups such as the "Ruckus Society" -

    Members of Congress are not used to their constituents holding them accountable demanding answers via emailing, writing, calling, faxing, etc or KNOCKING ON THEIR DOORS. They are used to the usual loud liberal complaints, but they are NOT used to us being anything other than the "silent majority". They are used to us not being able to participate in protests because we have jobs to go to!

    We need to keep this up, and never stop.

  67. Where was I that day? I was running late getting to work, and the phone rang just as I closed the door going out. Knowing that only my kids would call that time of day, I unlocked the door and caught the phone. It was one of my sons. He told me to turn on the TV, that a plane had just flown into one of the Trade Center buildings. We both knew immediately it wasn't an accident, it was terrorism. [Yes, we are both a bit paranoid, and share conspiracy theories all the time].

    I turned on the TV, got a news channel, and saw the smoke and fires. I called my son back, and we were both watching as the second plane hit. Then the first tower came down. We both broke down, and sobbed like children.

    Then they started grounding the planes. And it occurred to both my son and I at the same time . . . the place where I live, the area, was a potential target to such an attack. It came out later that our supposition was probably true, but had been averted by the quick action of grounding airplanes.

    The best political cartoon that I saw of this sad day, showed a number of rescue personnel standing in front of the pearly gates, speaking into their walkie-talkies, and saying "We've made it to the top."

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