Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Busy 24 Hours

Wow, I'm beat. First, Big Guy and I recorded that little comment about Kanye, so that Bill Burton could hand it off to ABC News, which would make it look like it was "accidentally" leaked. I hate to tell Burton this, but I think he has enough incompetent interns in that press office that they didn't need to make this big of an effort. Besides, somehow I doubt most Americans believe Big Guy even knows who this white girl, loved by those weird people who cling to their guns and their Bibles and their income, is.

Then it was off to rehearse for today's big speeches. The first one just finished up in Pittsburgh, and here, Big Guy had to act like he was just full of piss and vinegar for a fight over health care. That wasn't a problem for Big O, in part because the audience were union folks, whom Big Guy knows will do just about anything for him.

Big Guy is the kind of person who keeps a tall of his friends and his enemies and has Rahm monitor the list and keep it up to date based on every little slight. So, for example, this morning, ACORN was dropped a notch and the AFL-CIO was moved up a spot. ACORN, because Big Guy discovered that the group was pimping for people other than him, and the AFL-CIO because, well, they aren't ACORN, and don't show up on grainy undercover video footage.

Well, at least until the FBI divulges it in grand jury testimony.


  1. Be sure to keep telling Big Guy what to say, you are doing great!

  2. The more interviews and television appearancees, the better! The public likes seeing its President on TV every five minutes. Better keep your batteries charged, TOTUS.

  3. My God, that man is wearing me OUT with the campaign speeches already. When is he going to realize he already IS the prezbo?

  4. TOTUS! I am surprised you have any energy left for us after all the Big Guy's speeches and planned speeches! I think BO is supposed to be on every network except FOX this week.

    Maybe Stewart Smally [Al Franken] via S.N. Live ought to run BO through some positive affirmation exercises:

    Big Guy,

    "I'm good 'enuf. I'm smart 'nuf and dawgon' it-people like me."

    Then maybe he will get off the TELEVISION!


    Word verification:

    BRATOST-That would be nice! Toss the brat out!

  5. Who could possibly care what the fool has to say??? It will only be a repeat of all his previous blatherings.

    I hope all their ratings sink so low that they have to dig them up with a backhoe to read them.

    I for one will watch Fox News Sunday as usual. I hope all of America does the same...

  6. TOTUS! Don't forget to scroll ACORN: Just words, just speeches!

  7. Hey friends! I just wanted to see if anyone caught the video clip from this weekend of ashen-faced, morbid-looking Molly Dowd of the NYT. The gal looked sickly and lacking any color whatsoever. I'm sure she looked more 'with it' and 'alive' the nights of Obama's inauguration and election victory. What could possibly have gone wrong for Molly since then? N1H1? Hmmm...the poor gal looks bad.

  8. Hey, Chris. Didn't catch that video. GLAD I DIDN'T!

    How in the world did such a horrid woman end up with that sweet, dimple of name, Molly Dowd. Dickens would have named his kindest most delightful little poor girl that name.

    Ha. Stage name, no doubt. Real name: Jezebel Slasher.

  9. I'm wiped out.. Does this guy realize he's SUPPOSED to take a break from the campaign trail and DO THE JOB - he is PAID to do?? Damn!

  10. Dissonant Melody: What do you mean by saying "the job that he is paid to do"? Isn't he being paid to be the Community Organizer in Chief for the New Socialist Party? Besides, he has never had to actually DO anything before in his previous jobs. Not while as State Senator, nor as U.S. Senator!


    Have you heard? Jimmy Carter has jumped on the "criticism of Obama is racist" bandwagon. Somebody needs to tell that old coot that we don't CARE what he has to say.


    It is absolutely astounding that BO is going to flood the tv with his annointed self, first on Letterman, then on five (5) Sunday shows. He sure is in love with himself. I hope he makes more of his idiotic statements as he usually does when he is off-script. Of course, I won't hear him if he does because I won't be watching.


    Maureen Dowd is evil. She writes nasty, nasty things about good, decent people (most all of them conservatives). She should be sued for some of the crap she writes.

    Her latest attack was on Joe Wilson. In her hit piece on Wilson, she implied that he was being racist when he spoke out during BO's speech and that she imagined him to say "You lie, BOY". After all, he IS from South Carolina, you know.

    She has been called the "QUEEN OF SNOTS". The name fits.


    ver word = revennop

    I guess BO is "revvin' up" the rhetoric.

  11. I have to tell you guys this story I heard this morning on my way in to work. This is not anything about Obama or the Dems, just a local funny/but sad story.

    A local newsman and his family drove over to Atlanta to go to a family reunion. On their drive back, they stopped at a Wendy's to get their kids something to eat.

    While waiting for their order at the drive-thru, the wife says "Look honey, I found a coupon in my purse for a free burger, fries and a small drink. We can use this."

    When the kid brings their order, the husband tells him "Hey, I have a coupon for a free burger, fries and small drink" and hands it to the him.

    The kid looks at the coupon, scratches his head and says "I don't know if you can use this. I have to ask my manager".

    SO, he calls his manager over (an older woman) and hands her the coupon.

    The woman studies it for a few minutes and then says "I'm sorry, but you can't use this coupon".

    SO, the husband asks "why not"?

    Here it comes ......

    wait.... this is good......

    She says "This coupon can only be used in NORTH America."


    Now isn't that FUNNY.

    AND isn't it sad?

    Sad that these two people did not even know they are IN North America?

    Guess they went to the same school as "the One", who thinks we have 57 states.

    SO maybe this story was about Obama and the Dems.

  12. Jamie, I am SO sick of the race card, even though it was fully expected. A wise man wrote, "It doesn't matter what my sign says, you're going to call it racist."

    I don't hate BO because he's (half) black any more than the Left hates Clarence Thomas because he's black.


    Betty Ann and MTVA had me ROFL at the end of the previous thread.

    "MM, you are the perfect example of the axiom concerning the southern woman: she can say anything she wants, as long she follows it with, `bless her heart'."

    LOL XD

  13. Now, I don't want to put the words Jimma and death panels in the same sentence...but if you did....what would be the syntax?

  14. Hey TOTUS - What is UP?

    === Mortar Shells Fired Into Iraq Green Zone as Biden Visits

    BAGHDAD -- Four mortar shells landed in the Green Zone as Vice President Joe Biden arrived in Iraq Tuesday on a previously unannounced mission to help the country resolve its differences ahead of America's military withdrawal. ==

    link - http://tiny.cc/Yw6VX

    Why does BO keep sending Joey B off to the combat zone?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  15. Lord, bettyann! I was TRULY feeling SORRY for MO on that last thread, and you made me LAUGH about it----BLESS YOUR HEART!

    [Memo to Self: be sure "understanding" others doesn't resemble or mask DISSing them! Ack!]

    Well, driving back from Utah today, we listened on the radio to those ACORN tapes, ad infinitum (yet NOT ad nauseam: the tapes are appalling, hence fascinating). Early on, we were told that some awful details were coming on the new tapes. I said, "I bet some ACORN folk have run brothels themselves!----maybe with elected officials for clients!"

    Sure enough, not ten minutes later, an ACORN worker on one of the tapes admitted she'd run a brothel herself! And tomorrow they will reveal new tapes that involve members of Congress, etc. So were they clients? If so, who will be shocked?

    Glenn Beck's radio show explained the ties between Valerie Jarrett (who sponsored that jerk, Van Jones) and Bill Ayers, and linked other leftwing radicals to BO. Surprise! BO's possibly been in Commie Company since BIRTH (wherever THAT took place)!

    BO probably MUST keep himself in the news, to satisfy an ultimatum from whoever owns him: "Get this medical-insurance plan passed----or ELSE!" (Scary!)

    But GIVE THANKS! Whenever BO shows his scary-fierce mug on TV, his polls nose-dive, and more Americans start HATING his stupid Obamacare plan! YIPPEE! Way to go, speaking on FIVE shows this coming Sunday, Slow-BO! That should screw passing your power-grabbing bill!

    (Of course, BO won't "honor" Fox News shows with His Presence Sunday. One thing he ain't
    "tolerant" about is being asked challenging questions.)

    Jamie, that woman ("only in NORTH America") suffered quite a mind-blip there. The poor thing probably voted for Obama, too----bless her heart! BWAH-HA HA HA!

    As for Joey B., remember that BO wanted Van Jones to succeed him? So after being sent to various combat zones, you'd THINK Joey B. would catch the HINT by now!----but no-oooo.
    As for Hillary....

  16. I used to think that Peggy Noonan was the anti-Molly Dowd.

    I don't think that anymore.

  17. TOTUS:
    Sounds like you and Big "Guy" are getting your stride, your second wind, due to all the repeated performances. Hell, even a Gang-stah needs practice, right?? A-hah hahahah haha hah ha a.....

    Love all the racist stuff. Very effective.

  18. TCGardener -- I agree completely. Noonan is imbibing the same "I just want to be popular" elixir that McLame is chronically drunk on. Sad.

    And, TCG, for the THIRD time (how appropriate, :D), wasn't that SO COOL how you expressed the hope (and the prayer) that Capt. Phillips would be rescued from the Muslim pirates on Easter Sunday, the day God raised Jesus from the dead? AND GOD DID!



    [TOTUS] "... [D'oh!] is the kind of person who keeps a tally of his friends and his enemies... ."

    True with one minor correction, that would be "enemies and potential enemies."

  19. sooooo, what would ahppen if Joey B should, shall we say, suffer a 'permenat life cycle failure'???

    Would Pelosi take his place as VP?

    I never bothered finding out who would replace the VP -- just never before. Wonder if Joey B's travel plans were made while Van J was still 'on board'?

    Heard some gossipy talk about how MO wants DESPERATELY to have a baby so DoDo's approval ratings will skyrocket -- after all, what better way to up his manhood...? er, his credibility...? uh, his numbers...? Heh, no matter how ya say it, it comes out all the same: he falls short in all areas.

    Why don't they just adopt a dozen or so kids from Ethophia? That should endear them to all those mean ol' racists Out There.


  20. [Betty Ann] "you and Big Dope are getting your stride, your second wind... ." LOL. They'd get it a lot sooner, but that big windbag takes several hours to inhale.

    Peach is running a marathon like he's in a 400K race. Kind of makes him look, well, FRANTIC. Haa, haaa,h aaaaahahahah. [Cool laugh, BettyA]. :D

  21. [MRS]"what would happen if Joey B should, shall we say, suffer a 'permanent life cycle failure'???"

    Well, now, that's a good question, MRS.. I'd guess that if D'oh! has decided to cash in his "assassination insurance," he has another, even better policy lined up like say,.......... Gibbsy's pet pig.

  22. Yeah, but accidents happen (the REAL kind); what then?

  23. From "answers.yahoo:"

    << According the 25th Amendment to the Constitution, the President chooses the Vice-President if the VP resigns, is impeached, or dies. The president's pick must be confirmed by a majority in the Senate....
    If the President dies, and the Vice President dies before he can get a VP of his own confirmed by the Senate, then the Speaker of the House would become the president, according to the Presidential Succession Act, which is not in the Constitution.
    Source(s): 25th Amendment to the Constitution, Presidential Succession Act

    Rats. Van Jones might be the VP yet....

  24. [Susan] "...put the words Jimma and death panels in the same sentence... ."

    3 BlueDogDemocrats [sitting in BDD1's office; phone rings]: Hello?

    Jimma's Puhsuhnuhl Secretary: Hi, BD. Jimma's in D.C. foh the day. He'd like to stop on by yoh office so you an he cuhd do lunch. He'll be theh in fahv min---

    BDD1: -- Nooo! I mean, please, Puhsunuhl,[awkward laugh], we, uh, we're just so awful busy right now. [whisper] We're trying to convince Congressperson Dimwit here that the death panels are real and real bad, that H.R. 3200's Health Benefits Advisory Council's rationing could easily amount to a death sentence for people over 70 and, well, [cough] if Jimma came in here right now, Dimwit might think those "death panels" weren't such a bad idea.

  25. Hi, MM,

    Hope all is well with you and your husband. That was an emotionally draining trip, I'm sure. Still praying.

    Boy, you said it, Jamie. ;)

    Maureen Dowdy is despicable. "Why..... yourrrr.... DETHPICABLE!!" [Daffy Duck.... or Bawney Fwank... same diff].

    Her slimey attempt to smear OUR HERO, Joe Wilson, by subtly getting the quote, "You lie, BOY!" associated with his name, hoping her muttered, "I imagined" will fall away, leaving only the damning misquote in people's minds.

    And it will be so readily taken up by those hideously moronic state-controlled media reporters:

    Dingy Dan the Reportin' Man: .... and some have queried whether Joe Wilson said, "You lie, BOY,"

    Silly Sal the Reportin' Gal: .... and the N. Y. Times reported that Joe Wilson might have said, "You lie, BOY."

    Drive-by Diane, the Obama Fan: .... whether Joe Wilson said, "You lie, BOY," is still an open question.

    BigCity Newspaper - PAGE ONE "... when Joe Wilson said, "You lie, BOY!"

    BigCityNewspaper [next day] -- page 38 "Correction: Joe Wilson said, 'You lie!' We regret the error."

    "Repeat a lie often enough....."

  26. Hey, Dissonant Melody, you made a majorly good point ["DO THE JOB - he is PAID to do??"].

    I'd like to make one minor addition:

    Hopey the Clown is (as well as he is able, that is) DOING his job. (head shake) Just as when he was elected the mascot (a.k.a. "president") of law review (the Editor is the real "boss"), so too, he has been made the Official Mascot of the United States (OMOTUS). He's just supposed to get on TV (A LOT), run his mouth, bow, do silly things to make the kids laugh, and generally act goofy (or "punch drunk" as he likes to describe it).

    Pretty cool, huh? We have a national bird, The American Bald Eagle. We have a song and we have a flag. And NOW.......... the change we've all been waiting for, The Won! The Only....... HOPEEEEEEE THE CLOWN!

    He's gifted.

    (He can't speak Austrian, but he does a mean pig in lipstick routine.)

    And, MTVA, just to get your day off to a GRRREAT start, here are some "smileys" (not all invented by me, that's for sure):

    Big Doper Diaper Baby (:@)

    D'oh! >.<

    LOL XD

    Big Smile :D

    Joe "Plugs" [Mark Levin] Biden (#:|)

    Hmm. %'

    Phthbt (or Barf!) (:P)

    Sheepish (:S)

    You'll see lots more (Mountain Mama has some cute ones) -- and probably invent some of your own!

  27. eep! - :-{}

    grrr! - >:[

    Whaaa? - 8-0

    whatever - :-/

    phsst! - :-*

    doofus - %-}

    *whistle* - ;-*

    ouch! - '-0

  28. Thanks for the smileys, TWW! I wish I could come up with one to show our facial expression as the latest O outrage unfolds itself. Something like the look you might wear when you find yourself stepping into a present left for you by your dog....maybe I need several lines to do it:

    / \
    x x
    Well, maybe...if I only could make the O about 6 times bigger...

    I have something I've been wanting to say about all this "racist" nonsense going on. Remember the awful Newsweak cover saying We are All Socialists Now ? And the newer awful one Is This Baby a Racist ? I wonder if they'll do one saying We Are All Racists Now ?
    (Meaning us, the people they call that because we dare to disagree with the terrible things BO wants to inflict upon us. And not that we are, but they like to paint us as such)
    Although it would be far truer if they said it about themselves, for that seems to be where all this racism is emanating from...

    It's all so disturbing, and I'm afraid it's leading up to inciting horrible events.

    Time for a bit of healing Scripture here, to calm our fears. Only I can't place the one I want, something about casting out fear...you all are so good at this, can one of you fill in the blank? I've got to get going on chores to be done before work, and can't settle down to hunt something up at the moment. Have a good day, dear friends.

  29. MTVA, I heard about the Newsweek article, though I haven't read the magazine since I was forced to read it in high school.

    My first thought was, "That's bullsh--! Little kids don't notice skin color!" My second thought was that, according to the Left's own rules, we shouldn't have hate crime penalties, because after all, it's not anyone's fault that they're racist. Of course, I don't actually expect the Left to be consistant. It's more likely that they'll make people they deem "racist" go through "sensitivity training" (or, worse, God forbid).

  30. I think I found the scripture you are looking for, MTVA:

    There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love. 1 John 4:18 KJV

    But then, this came up in the search, too, and may be just as appropriate:

    Fear none of those things which thou shalt suffer: behold, the devil shall cast some of you into prison, that ye may be tried; and ye shall have tribulation ten days: be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life. Rev. 2:10 KJV

  31. smopuldering??

    read "smoldering"

    sorry :)

  32. Very true, bettyann; but if you say that, you're called 'racist'; esp. if you use the word 'discrimination' - which is against the law.

    To be discerning is against the law.

    how about that?

    All Men are created equal, but not all Men are Real Men.

  33. Well MRS1953, I think you and I feel the same way about that.

    I just wonder why Rev. Wright isn't serving a life term.

  34. I've shared this before, but my beloved scripture concerns fear:

    "For God did not give us a spirit of fear [timidity], but of power, love, and a sound mind [self-discipline]."
    II Timothy 1:7

    So since fear doesn't come from God, I try to remember that God is always offering (as a resource to help me during trials) those three OTHER options to fear: power, love, and the discipline that comes with a sound, considerate mind. Right away during problems, God sends calmness, productive ideas, and a genuine love for the people involved.

    The key is to REMEMBER to fight with faith the fear and the anger that can paralyze us.

  35. Wow. Great stuff, all you FOTS who wrote early this AM. People who don't come here today to read what you wrote will be missing out on some really good thoughts.

    Yeah, MRS, the "racial minorities" who don't have the love in their heart that casts out all fear project THEIR OWN racism onto Caucasians. Betty Ann loves all people regardless of their color (until they prove themselves to be hateful). It's high time we ALL started doing that.

    It's high time we ALL started living Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s dream, judging "not by the color of one's skin, but by the content of one's character."


    Betty Ann, I like your new word, "smopuldering." That's when a person is so angry they could spit bullets and smoke is pouring out of their ears and all they can do is sputter. :D

  36. You're welcome, MTVA.

    Like all those smileys, MRS! Now, if I could just remember them all!!


    Say, back to that delightful topic, racism, that reminded me of two anecdotes:

    1. An Asian (3rd generation American) friend (married to a Caucasian) mentioned that their son, recently graduated from a multi-racial, cosmopolitan, public high school (and in such a school system he had been all his life), didn't want to attend a certain university because, "THERE AREN'T ENOUGH ASIANS THERE." [And, though I didn't say anything, I must say that it distressed me that that young man thought that this would carry any weight with his Asian parent. That put a leeetle strain on the relationship.]

    --- I was dismayed. Here was an upper middle class, American, kid, raised amongst all races all his life, and it MATTERED to him that there weren't more Asians (one of his parents, a very kind person, is Caucasian!) at that school. Imagine if a Caucasian kid said, "There aren't enough whites there." [Imagine if a candidate for president of the United States had been an active member of a racist church for 20 years...... THAT MARXIST MUSLIM FROM INDONESIA BORN IN KENYA IS A RACIST!!].

    2. Discussing with another friend (Caucasian) her and her husband's adoption of a (non-Caucasian) foster infant, she mentioned that the [LIBERAL-RUN] foster program demanded that the baby be exposed to its "own" culture as it grew up. That is nonsense! The culture of the child's parents will become that child's culture. There is no quintessential "black" or "Asian" or "Hispanic" or "white" culture. Let's say that the baby were black. To train it to speak the lingo of an inner-city black neighborhood when it would never be living there is ridiculous and harmfully confusing. What about all the blacks whose "culture" is essentially the same as all of the rest of the suburbia (or wealthy neighorhood) in which they live? It isn't as if the child is going to be sent to live in New Orleans after growing up to age 16 in an average small town in Iowa. And just how does this promote Martin Luther King's dream anyway?

    Liberals ARE all about racial division and strife, yet another "crisis" for which they can demand money and power to control.

  37. TWW:
    We have friends (I prefer the nomen "Celtic American", and even make my own box to check on forms that ask race) who are Celtic Americans who have adopted four black kids, none related. All the kdis are between the ages of 6 and eight now, two boys and two girls.

    Those are the happiest, cutest, funnest bunch of kids, they romp like a passle of puppies and love their mom and dad, their life, and their home. They are little AMERICAN kids, and that's their culture!

    If some agency came along and tried to dictate what those kid's experience should be, they would ruin them.


  38. Children are not racist, and they're certainly not born that way. How ridiculous. But, wow, kids are SMART. A friend of mine said her 8 year old daughter walked into their den while BO was making his big healthcare speech last week, and said casually as she walked through "So, what's O'blah blah saying now?". Too funny! blah blah blah blah ....

  39. LOLROTL!!!!

    "O'blah blah!!!!"


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