Thursday, September 17, 2009

"Go Ahead ... Touch It."

This may fall under the TMI protocol, but it's the only way to explain Big Guy's behavior lately.

You see, when he was bored during his days as a state senator in Illinois - and he was bored alot - Big Guy would sit at his desk and pretend my screens were cockpit shields for his X-Wing fighter in a space battle against the Sith Empire.
That said, I think the pressures of the health care debate have gotten to him. He really believes he could medal in light sabering in the 2016 Olympics.


  1. Good thing he's training for the Olympics. He'll need to do something when he loses in the next election.

  2. TOTUS-thanks for the photo... what a relief after reading your post before my mind could conjure up an image related with 'Big Guy' 'You can touch it' and 'TMI!'

    FOTs- Rush was pretty funny yesterday playing BO 'He's just a jack***' after audio clips of our dear leaders. Had me in stitches!

    Power of positive thinking... I hope you are right Writer X!

  3. LOL. Yeah, thanks for the picture, TOTUS, and thanks for the "jackass" soundbite too. Rush had a lot of fun with it yesterday.

    I think BO is most like Anakin Skywalker: young, rash, angry, kind of thick-headed, and leading people down the road to fascism.

    I came up with a new verse for Under My Bus, about ACORN:

    Under my bus
    Those two filmmakers should've kept to themselves
    Under my bus
    Since ACORN's exposed I'll have to find someone else
    It's down to me, oh that's what I read
    The House says ACORN's funding is through
    Down to me, the change has come
    They're under my bus

  4. I still don't want to touch it...I have my suspicions' where it might have been.

    My mom always said "if you don't know for sure where it's been, then don't touch it".

  5. WriterX: may BO lose every election forever! (But he's young enough to keep running for years. ACK!!)

    Yeah, debbdi---Rush was a SCREAM yesterday, playing BO's "jack--" comment after every lib spoke: Jimmeh Carter, etc. Coulda DIED LAUGHING about Rush's comments re. the sex in the dumpster scene, too. But not ALL women are into the "chickification" of society, right? Think bettyann, Jamie, moi, YOU!

    Rattlesnake, you are RIGHT: BO is like young (stupid!) Anakin: "leading" us to destruction while "saving" us. (NOT!)

    Eloh----I agree: eww! Sorta like not wanting to shake Clinton's hand, either. Ick, ick, ick!

    It's so silly! All these speeches and TV appearances to get Obamacare passed is JUST FOR SHOW! BO doesn't help it: the more he talks, the less the public supports his plan!

    THIS IS KEY: the Dems will pass the bill WITHOUT Republican or the general public's support! BO's appearances are just to make it SEEM as though His Presence caused the bill's passage----when in fact HE ISN'T NEEDED: it'll pass anyway.

    BO believes, "SCREW YOU, America! You'll TAKE this bill and LIKE IT!"

  6. Yikes! I haven't had my tetanus shot yet President Hussein.

  7. FOTS!----no, AMERICANS, all! See what is happening here in the USA:
    FINALLY we are all arriving at the point of crisis.

    NOW is when our nation will either turn toward socialism----or FINALLY, and I mean actually, really, at LAST become a REPUBLIC.

    Before, we kept elements of our society from becoming fully citizens: the Native Americans, the people of color, the Irish, the Germans, etc.

    Now, it's imperative that we ALL become full citizens, and that we not allow ANYONE to take away liberty from anyone else here----or we ALL lose, forever.

    We are either ENDING our nation, or finally just STARTING to become a democratic republic.
    *What came before was all prelude!*

    We are teetering on the edge of the abyss, and we must NEVER let ANY deceiving conniver push our nation over the edge, away from liberty and self rule.

    If only McCain had MEANT what he said, because it's true! We must:
    FIGHT for America to become what it was meant to be!
    FIGHT for the United States to stay FREE of socialist or communist or other dictatorial rule!
    FIGHT for our children and grandchildren to know LIBERTY!
    FIGHT for the eyes of all Americans to be WIDE OPEN and for their hearts to TAKE COURAGE and FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT to stay FREE!!!!!

  8. (Oops! I forgot:
    "McCain----bless his backstabbing heart!")

  9. TOTUS:
    Is that an alligator wrapped around MO's waist? I once had a table cloth just like that skirt, but sold it in a yard sale for 10 cents back in 1983.

    My access word:

    You are right TOTUS - it could be worse.

  10. Greetings Fotae,and thanks for your concern.
    Posting public library style,as my computer
    somehow caught a huge virus.Two weeks fighting the problems made that apparent.
    I presume I was targeted,and take it as somewhat of a compliment.
    Now I need a new one.
    I am only on minutes a day now,not hours,
    so if my prose seems less than polished I hope you will understand.

    Once had an ex who refused to follow that plaintive headline request as seen above.
    She had heard rumors about pee pees.
    They were true.

    I have one quick prediction about those
    innocent waifs we wish too free from the horrors of gitmo.
    They will not be the only ones.

    Before this administration exits,hopefully in a few short years,another greatly wronged
    member of the brotherhood will be released.

    Remember ,you heard it here first.

    While I take great delight knowing he now lives in a walk in closet,and only golfs in his dreams,it is only a matter of time before Time headlines,
    The Juice is loose.

    This will of course be framed as a matter of "Justice",as he is really being punished for a crime for which he was acquitted.
    A pity that his punishment for that ghastly crime was not permannent.
    I would have found it particularly pleasing.

    Peas Out.
    Hope to check in again soon.

  11. Is that Mo in the background, sporting yet another of her "I don't know where to put this belt, so I'll just stick it here somewhere under my shoulders" type of costume, bless her strangely dressed heart....

  12. On the subject of things you don't know where they've been... my father-in-law got to meet Bill Clinton at some sort of rally, and has been repeating the story ever since because he's very proud to have shaken BILL CLINTON'S HAND.
    And that is all anyone needs to know about my father-in-law.

  13. Is it possible that the "Big Guy" is trying to compensate?

    I wonder what kind of warning Kathleen Sebelius, head of HHS would say about touching things and the H1N1 scare.


    Don't feel bad I had computer problems over the Labor Day weekend so I was at a library near a Mormon temple. There were several missionaries milling about waiting for their alloted time and I walked up and said "Hey, are you guys all on the same team?" They didn't think it was nearly as funny as I did.

    The library is always a fun place to get culture or is it catch cultures?

  14. Rattlesnake and Mountain Mama -- fun music! :D LOL. A subtly sarcastic riff and........... A BIG, BOOMING!, GO TEAM GO!, MARCH. Hoo-ah, FOTS are fun.


    Caeseria (Phillipi?), your father-in-law isn't fun, huh? What a moron. Thanksgiving's going to be great again! >.<


    [MTVA] "... I don't know where to put this belt, so I'll just stick it here somewhere under my shoulders... ." Haw, haw, haaaaw. (:)]

    Writer X -- right on!


    Glad you (if not your computer) are A-O.K..
    I love that avatar. THAT (and not light sabers, ahem!) will attract the ladies.... er... well, the NICE sort of ladies, that is.

    You want a Big Mo type? Get a light saber.

    Hi, Jamie. Hope work went well (or, at least, fast) today. I'll try to write more later.

    MTVA: I often copy and paste my post into a Word doc. -- just in case. I've had far too many heartbreaks like yours. It is amazing how much (when you have the time to spare, that is) you can remember, though. At least that was one good thing. I discovered that my short term memory capacity was larger than I thought it was. Long-term memory..... hmmm.

    Janice -- thanks for the laugh. :D

    Bye for now!

  15. Mr. Putin, Build Up That Wall!

    Obama Trumps Carter's Panama Canal by Giving Away Eastern Europe!

  16. Preptile - I hate to hear about that nasty virus. About a month or so ago I had something like that happen to my pc. I tried everything and eventually had to restore from a backup taken the previous week. I still don't know where it came from.

    Sometimes, when I'm slow to respond at night, its because my pc has slowed down much that I have to close down IE and proceed to delete temp files, remove tracking cookies, run a scan, etc. And that takes a long time. Really annoying.

    Did you guys see the clip of Fancy Nancy shedding a few crocodile tears as she spoke of her fear of the protests turning violent? What a faker!

    The only violence so far at townhalls was from PRO-Obamacare people!

    And at the protests in DC on the 12th - there were ZERO arrests, no violence, etc.

  17. AHA!! BO has an ulterior motive to bow to Russia and can the Eastern European missile shield program! He is doing it to help American Business!

    === Reuters reports an interesting nugget in the wake of President Barack Obama's decision to grant Vladimir Putin his wish and kill the Eastern European missile shield:

    Shortly after the pullback on the shield programme was announced, Russia's government said Prime Minister Vladimir Putin would meet several U.S. executives on Friday from firms including General Electric, Morgan Stanley as well as TPG, one of the world's largest private equity firms. ===

    BTW - GE CEO Jeff Immelt sits on Obama's Economic Recovery Advisory Board, and GE owns MSNBC, the network famously friendly to Obama.

    A little quid pro quo going on that we don't know about?

    Isn't that ILLEGAL?

    - link -

  18. looks like he's the only white guy there, too

    imagine the outcry if the colors were reversed.

  19. }:)] Heh, heh, heh..... . Did someone say, "narrative?" [YOUR comments were super narrative, Jamie -- Go for it, girl!.... in the meantime, here ya go.

    Punch Drunk Agaaaaaain

    [Scene: Front lawn of Sarah Palin's house (;)) summer, 2013, Dope and special Olympic "trainer" (Secret Service agent) go at it while Big Mo, Sister Flo, and Cousin Jo look on; nope, there ain't no more first dog Bo, he ran away, years ago (turns out he was smarter than they thought he was).]

    Peach: [drunken laughter] Aaaaaaaaaaa, haaaaaaa! Looky here! I pimped my blade! Now, you will NEEEEVER defeat me for [suddenly VERY serious]... I have a gift. Ooooo, yeah! I have a gift, Haaaaaaaarrreeeeee! That's bettern' some pitiful ol' "dream"... [starts muttering in angry tone]... Martin Luther, he's a jack***... . [swings light saber wildly about, slowly turning in a circle].... aaaaaa.... Secret Service Man....yoo hoo...... where ARE you?

    S.: Over here, Do- ... er, Mr. PressaDent (that's what the agent always thinks to help him cope when he has to use the former usurper's title). It might help if you opened your eyes [grinds teeth] -- sir.

    P.: Oooooo, nooooo you don't (hic)..... you're trying to trick me so I can't channel the force. Haaaaaaave to keep my eyes shut, I do I do I dooooooo. [stands stock still] Ohmmmm.... ohmmmmmmmmm..... O mighty Rahmmmmmm...... come in Rahmmmmmm..... Rahm? [opens eyes, blinks, looks around, baffled]

    Big Mo: Rahm's still in prison, Dope! Now, get back to practicing -- NOW!

    P.: [meekly] Yes, Mitchell..... [notices light saber in his hand, eyes light up, as TOTUS would say, "Big Guy was excited" :)] .... but... fiiirrrst.... Prepaaaaare tooooo die [lunges at "trainer"] --

    [in background, Cousin Joe, giggling, says quietly: Cousin Mo, what has gotten into Cousin Peach? --
    Big Mo rolls her eyes, keeping a fixed smile on her face, says sarcastically between clenched teeth: Oh, it's the force, Joe, it's the force; ol' Barry the Flycatcher he's a real winner, a genuine Tool of "the Force." (shakes head, disgusted, and turns on her heel and leaves (just after photo taken) followed by a nearly hysterical-with-laughter, Cousin Flo -- as soon as they are inside the limousine, LOUD GUFFAWS -- Cousin Joe folds arms over chest and just grins and grins; he's not leaving this for anything.]

    S.: [puts out left hand -- above photo snapped -- maintaining his cool...] -- That's just fine, Mr. PressaDent. Heh, heh, you got me. I'm "dead." Now, I need to recalibrate (D'oh! loves that word, uses it all the time) your weapon. Remember, after you use it to kill, it loses all of its power. Just hand it over. I'll hit the "Reset" --

    P.: [looks skeptical, keeps lowers saber, but keeps a tight grip] How do I know you won't go aaaaaaaand ruin it and press "Overcharged"? Huh? Huh? Huh?

    S.: I'll be ve-- [quickly grabs saber from Peach's nicotine-stained hands] -- there. That's the way, Pea -- sir. [whispers into hidden microphone: "Now!" -- instantly, 2 (that's plenty for a skinny little smokin' man) "trainers" appear and gently-but-firmly escort "Mr. President" away from the lawn and over toward Bawney Fwank's Hot Dog Stand (LOL, yes, Susan, he’s wearing clothing -- so he won’t gross out the customers).

    P.: Buuuuut, I'm uuuuh.... not uh... hungry.

    S.: [following behind having ditched the light saber] Oh, but you must [grit teeth], sir, all Olympic athletes must eat at least five hot dogs a day.

    P.: Oooh, maaaaan. Just give me a CIGarette.

    S.: [arriving at stand] Hey, Bawney, give me oh, 6 hot dogs. How's business?

  20. Bawney: Pwetty good, theecret guy, pwetty good. [busies himself with dogs]

    P.: [looking bored] So, Fwank. Where'd you ... uuuuuh... get that shirt?

    Bawn: Ovuh at the pwo-thop. Okay, heeoo you go. That'll be ten thouthand buckth.


    Bawn: Yeah. Twelve-fifty foduh dawgs an'.... $9,987.50 fuh me tuh keep quiedabout the buth thuhtificuht.

    S.: Are you kidding?! No w--

    P.: [pulls out wallet, fat with his walking around money from Soros, hastily interrupts] Uuuh.... here. That's fine. I'll pay it.

    Bawn: Thath $50,000....

    P.: Heh, heh, I never could count...uuuuh... keep it. Jutht, I mean just, hand over the hot dogs.

    Bawn: Condimenthr ovuh thehwo. [pockets the 50K with a sardonic leer (the only smile he owns)].

    [Peach and the "trainers" are putting mustard and relish and onions and stuff on their hot dogs when they hear the sound of.........]

    S.: [turning toward Pennsylvania Ave.] Is that music?

    Escort1: Yeah.... Hey, there's a whole crowd of people marching up avenue. Look's like a parade.

    P.: Oh, d--n! I HATE parades. They're so... so..... so AMERICAN! [muttering now] I hate America {the EEEEvil look contorts his ugly mug}.

  21. Narrator: Indeed it WAS a parade! Up the street they came, U.S. flags everywhere, and there at the front, proudly walking side by side behind the long sign that says, "FOTS FOREVER," that they are carrying are: FOTS FOREVER, Jamie carrying "the Toto" in a pack, Mountain Mama wearing her apron (running late, she dashed out of the kitchen after she pulled the last batch of cinnamon rolls out of the oven, bless her heart), and Betty Ann wearing her Joker T-shirt.

    Right behind them is Rattlesnake, her "Don't Tread on Me" banner waving in the breeze.

    Next, on the calliope, making short, snappy, blasts, are Writer X in her sunflower hat, Shaun in his leprechaun suit, Sgt. Joe "Red" Hartsock and Armchair General in uniform, Thomas (no doubt about it), and Imageremix and DeweyofDetroit at the sound board (Free USA is driving; can't see him/her, but he's there).

    Behind them, MRS1953 purrs along in her Mustang convertible (occasionally revving the engine to show off her Flowmasters) with Princesses Deb Diana and Eloh A. Mahalo waving from the back seat tossing out clever cracks now and then.

    Next, a float! It's a coffee house scene. Reclining on the couch is Couchpotato. Sometimes the music is Janice, sync-strumming her guitar to a recording she made last year of Rattlesnake's "Under My Bus" and sometimes it is DissonantMelody singing the theme from "Beauty and the Beast" a half-step lower than her accompaniment. Every other block, the music stops and Preptile sits on the stool and recites punditalyicious puns in a dry voice, his cute little Beagle puppy lying at his feet.

    And now, the marching band! [Playing “Rahamadingdong, Rahmadahmadingdong”] Too many to list them all.... oh, there are Cris and Chris, playing a steady beat on the bass drums. Barry'sUsedCars!!! There's Barry'sUsedCars (a.k.a. HarryIHaveaGift), everybody. Oh, hurrah. We thought he been liquidated, but there he is, merrily playing his clarinet, second row, fifth, er, no, let's make it fourth column! Also in the woodwind section is John of the Space and Pat Jenkins. And behind them is David, playing his brassy trumpet with skill as usual. MTVA adds pizzazz on the piccolo. Giving an occasional BLAST! on the Sousaphones are Conservative Gardener and Rustard and some others whose names I can't recall (!). Sunflower and SunflowerRanch are playing lightly on the glockenspiels. NonaofNaples, her dark Italian eyes sparkling, accents the melody with her cymbals. Susan delights the crowd with her brilliant baton twirling (those southuhn gals, they just do that so well).

    And the clowns! Hard to recognize...... there's TWW (naturally) ....

    Last are the workhorses, the Clydesdales, warm brown flanks glistening in the sun. Was there ever a sound in the world more beautiful than the heavy CLOP-CLOP-CLOP-CLOP of a draft horse trotting majestically along a downtown street? Ah. [Narrator pauses to blow his nose.] What are the horses’ names? (The riders are unimportant to our story.) Well, one of them is _______ (ssssh! don't tell), a.k.a. "TOTUS." Thank you, TOTUS, for all the work you put into providing us with hours of fun, learning, and conservative camaraderie.

    After the horses, last (but not least) comes...... you guessed it! Shovel Ready! He finally got a job. Bwah, ha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

    The End.

  22. Glad you're back, Prepster. What!? Pee pees are germy; is that it!? Lord, so are the corollary features of women! (Take a shower together first, and get it ON!) Your ex, Preptile, evidently didn't enjoy life, bless her heart....

    You're right, Jamie: BO seems to be enjoying himself FAR TOO MUCH, the RACIST, as a supposed victor over that defenseless white kid. Rush is right: more of the libs are racists.

    With this new business deal's ending the European missile defense system, BO certainly can't gripe about Scotland's business quid pro quo deal for releasing that murderer/terrorist----right? (And how DARE that jerk BO screw Europe out of further, needed defense?!)

    Meanwhile, TWW, as we all work around the viruses brought to us no doubt by our beloved White House (ralph!), I frequently hit "Copy" over my highlighted typed comments here----THEN, I hit "Post Comment." If at that point this website sends me elsewhere (thus summarily deleting all my hard work on the post!), I simply return to this site, hit "Edit," and Voila! Like it or not, the White House will have to read my resurrected post: I SAVED it!

    Shovel ready, did you see K. Sibelius' glare at reporter Chuck Todd, who failed to sneeze into his sleeve properly? Can you imagine ANY member of GW's staff, being allowed to joke that pointedly without being hated royally for it?

    Heavens, Caesaria, you hang in there, having a father in law who is .... well, completely unaware that Clinton's hands might be ICKY! (TMI! TMI!)

    I must to bed. Sweet dreams, FOTs, and remember to FIGHT for LIBERTY again tomorrow!
    (Set it to music, rattlesnake, okay!? Make it as marchy as an Episcopalian hymn!----no offense meant; I love Ralph Vaughn Williams, remember!?)

  23. And I pray that work is found SOON by shovelready, rattlesnake (am I remembering this correctly?), and Jamie (though you are not quite OUT of your job just yet, right?)! Btw, Jamie, has C. Krauthammer already hired someone for his research assistant? I noticed that his ad was missing from the recent Nat'l Review....

    TWW, you've outdone yourself! GREAT play! Btw, my son just calls them, "CR's;" it sounds more cool that way: "Nah, I don't want a donut; I'll have a CR." See?)

    Okay, TWW, 'fess up: do you keep notes on all of us FOTs!? Your memory is AMAZING! If you aren't jotting down notes about us, then you should join the CIA, like my cousin. Ever thought about it? Seriously!? Our nation NEEDS all the skilled, ethical help it can GET! (Which is why we must kick BO out of office....)

  24. Hi, Mountain Mama. Thanks. My tired brain needs help: what is a "CR"? :S

    Thanks for the encouragement re: my on-off memory (sometimes great, sometimes not -- like leaving Caesaria out of the above play JUST AFTER she posted). Sigh. No, no notes. Just "word stickum" in my mind.

    I DID interview to work for the C.I.A. after graduate school. While I heartily approve of their mission and am glad others can take on such work, it appeared to me that to be an agent (doing an ordinary pseudo-job while "spying") would overtax my limited ability to avoid discovery without telling a lie. I don't condemn people who, when suddenly confronted, lie out of fear (it's still wrong, but understandably human and it's for God to condemn and for God to forgive when they repent of it). The job I interviewed for, however, seemed to require lying as a matter of course (I'm simply not clever enough to have done otherwise).

    BTW, yes, Rattlesnake, Betty Ann's brother and son, and SuzieQ are all "between jobs." STILL PRAYING, folks! Shovel Ready has a job, I think -- he's just having fun with "poor ignoramus's" worthless job recovery program.

    I'm too tired now, but I think your song lyrics (FIGHT FOR LIBERTY, FIGHT ON, FIGHT...) might go nicely with "When You Walk Through a Storm" [hold your head up high and don't be afraid of the dark...


    [to the tune of "America" (or "God Save the Queen :S)]

    FIGHT for America,
    FIGHT for your liberty,
    FIGHT to stay FREE.

    FIGHT for the U.S.A.
    TAKE HEART and boldly say,
    'My children will yet run and play
    In a land that's FREE.

    [Recitative -- for the rest of your lyrics below, use whatever notes sound good, e.g., a similar "tune" to the recitative that precedes "He Shall Feed His Flock" in Handel's Messiah: "Then shall the eyes of the blind be opened, and the ears of the deaf unstopped, then shall the lame man leap as a hart and the tongue of the dumb [ain't that the truth already!] shall speak."

    FREE of socialist or communist or other dictatorial rule!
    FIGHT for our children and grandchildren to know LIBERTY!
    FIGHT for the eyes of all Americans to be WIDE OPEN and for their hearts to TAKE COURAGE and FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT to stay FREE!!!!!

  25. That story was a lot of fun, TWW! You make everything so vivid, when I'm done reading I look around and say Oh...I'm still here! I thought I was in a parade and...

    Rattlesnake, if you match up your songwriting skills with TWW's storytelling ability, nobody has to worry about boring old jobs, you could be off and running as The Best Entertainment Duo of the Century! I love that clip of Under My Bus, and your added verses just take it to the top. Life is spite of the current Resident. When Under My Bus plays itself over and over in my mind, I find it's joined by another song by the Stones...I haven't got too far with it, but here it is:

    Bammy, Bammy, Bammy, you're Out of Tiiiiiiiiime..You're out of TOUCH, and in 2012...well, that's as far as my mental process is getting me, anyone (Rattles?)want to take it away?

    Well, I am worried about Bammy. He is obviously playing so hard in the above photo, that I'm afraid he's going to need another vacation soon. Does this fool ever WORK??? So far it seems to be an endless loop of speechifying, vacationing, speechifying, playing, speechifying, get the picture. And this picture infuriated me the minute I saw it, all I could think of was the headline I'm still waiting to see somewhere:

    B.O. Plays While U.S. Burns.

    As in Nero Fiddles While Rome Burns. Our burning is more the burning with anger and shame that this is our Commander in Chief.

    "smilin' like a goat in a briar patch"...Now I can't keep that out of my mind! A most perfect description! I hope we are to be the rapidly growing briar patch that surrounds this goat by 2012....only I personally do not wish to be anywhere near enough to ...go ahead and touch it....Ack! Ack! Ack! Someone Here has a way of putting it!

  26. I realize that this is off-topic, but it has occurred to me that perhaps BHO was NOT lying -- that Joe Wilson, while not intentionally wrong, was naively mistaken about illegals being covered under the healthcare bill.

    Doesn't Wilson realize by now that before the healthcare bill goes into effect, indeed, before the 2010 elections, all those who are currently "undocumented workers" will be full-fledged US citizens?

  27. aero, you can't be "off-topic" here as long as your topic is anything about what the current admin is doing, saying, etc!

    About what you said - I read an article recently that said coverage of illegals really won't matter because BO plans to give them amnesty before "the plan" ever goes into effect.

    Remember, all of the bills so far have "the plan" going into effect in 2013, AFTER all of the major elections (POTUS and Senate).

    That gives them plenty of time to get an amnesty passed. Obama has stated he will start work on it this fall.

    Or so they think. They still have to get past the 2010 elections!

    Obama's plans for amnesty -
    (This link is to an article on NumbersUSA. While you are there, you ought to check it out. This is the place where I can send free faxes about important issues related to imigration like E-Verify, amnesty, etc.)


    TWW- that was MAGNIFICENT! Portraying yourself as a clown doesn't do you justice. (Although you are quite funny.)

    YOU would be our bandleader. The guy high-stepping in the front, leading the band, wearing the fancy helmet.....

  28. Thanks, Jamie! Once again -- gosh, you're good.

    My concern (I refuse to be afraid -- h/t MTVA) is that, with the amnesty, the Dems won't have to worry about the 2010 elections either.

  29. I didn't know it until today, but just THIS WEEK, Obama spoke to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Inst. about the amnesty issue:

    === "Even though I do not believe we can extend coverage to those who are here illegally, I also don't simply believe we can simply ignore the fact that our immigration system is broken..."

    "That's why I strongly support making sure folks who are here legally have access to affordable, quality health insurance under this plan, just like everybody else."

    "If anything, this debate underscores the necessity of passing comprehensive immigration reform and resolving the issue of 12 million undocumented people living and working in this country once and for all." ===

    link -

  30. aero, if the concerned citizens of this country keep on voicing their discontent, the Dems will be the ones who will be afraid - afraid of being booted out of office in 2010.

    Of course, they think that granting amnesty will give them millions of votes, but that will only be in states that have large numbers of illegals, like CA, who already have Democrats in office.

    IMHO, the Dems voting to de-fund ACORN is a sign that they are getting very nervous. It was a "knee-jerk reaction" on their part. Although they may think that the ACORN scandal plays into their hands as it serves as a distraction from the debate on Health Care Reform.

    So, as concerned citizens, we need to keep on telling OUR representatives that we don't want:

    Cap and Trade legislation
    Amnesty for illegals
    Goevernment Run Health Care
    Government control of the Financial System
    Czars who are unaccountable to Congress

    And any of the things that they are up to that we don't yet know about! ....

  31. Glenn Beck's website has a great time-lapse video of the march in DC on 9/12. (plus other pics of the crowds.)

  32. Hilarious sketch, TWW. I'm impressed that you remembered all those FOTs off the top of your head. I would've forgotten most of the ones who only post once a week or so. You should start your own blog with just your sketches.

    MTVA and TWW, I'm glad you like my verse. I do like to write but I haven't been published like Bettyann or MRS1953.

    MM, yes, I've been between jobs for a week now. I've applied for 9 jobs so far but I haven't heard back from anyone yet.

  33. Good Morning FOTs,


    I loved the narrative and disides oh disides are hurting again. I don't mind the portrayal. Often it seems that my work is synonymous with my shovel handle..eer blog handle. I follow grown adults around with shovel in hand in order to keep my department running smoothly. Although, sometimes it seems like I am trying to put band aids on gunshot wounds.

    I do pray for my unemployed FOTs and also under employed FOTs and FOSRs (Friends of Shovel Ready). So far, it seems as though the "Divine" programs enacted to create shovel ready projects have been nothing but the equine or bovine remnants left lying on the pavement in piles.

    I saw an interesting e-mail about how much each vehicle associated with the Cash for Clunkers program ultimately will cost us something like 8 times more than the proposed epa mileage savings....SAD indeed.


    I agree that the Fraud from Abroad will try some sort of end run to bring the illegals into the fold before the health insurance reform act takes place. After all, his ego won't allow history to record him as a LIAR. His ego also has lead him to believe that he is omniscient. As a result, he THINKS he knows what is best for the American sheeple. Strangely enough, many of those sheeple are not Americans at all. And the ones that claim to be Americans and embrace his Obamiscients, want nothing more than the American way of life to cease to exist. It truly reminds me of how darkness is recorded throughout the Bible. Deception, confusion, misdirection...such as lying in wait to waylay the innocent.

    How often we see BO wink and when I saw Putin winking on Drudge yesterday a chill actually ran down my spine as opposed to Chrissy Matthews tingle.
    World governence is the end game folks.

    Mountain Momma,

    No end run that BO would ever try to execute will be as sweet as that "Statue of Liberty" that BSU pulled off in the Fiesta Bowl years ago.

    Thanks for allowing this stream of shovel ready soliloquy. I feel much better now. Much like the Dems who are calling out Barry and his Csars...perhaps there is HOPE.

  34. Man-monster MO made the news, just by going shopping. So, what's new about that? Well, this time it was to purchase groceries:

    === Hi-Ho, the Derry-O

    By Dana Milbank
    Friday, September 18, 2009

    Let's say you're preparing dinner and you realize with dismay that you don't have any certified organic Tuscan kale. What to do?

    Here's how Michelle Obama handled this very predicament Thursday afternoon:

    The Secret Service and the D.C. police brought in three dozen vehicles and shut down H Street, Vermont Avenue, two lanes of I Street and an entrance to the McPherson Square Metro station. They swept the area, in front of the Department of Veterans Affairs, with bomb-sniffing dogs and installed magnetometers in the middle of the street, put up barricades to keep pedestrians out, and took positions with binoculars atop trucks. Though the produce stand was only a block or so from the White House, the first lady hopped into her armored limousine and pulled into the market amid the wail of sirens. ===

    link -

    And what did that little outing cost the taxpayers?

  35. OMG Jamie:
    "There are times when putting together a healthy meal is harder than you might imagine."

    Especially when you can't read a cookbook.

    "Let's say you're preparing dinner and you realize with dismay that you don't have any certified organic Tuscan kale. What to do?"

    Eat grass. It tastes better.

  36. I wonder what she wore? A calico apron, "hair" tied up in a nice matching bandana? And that lovely alligator belt.

  37. Well, MTVA, since I have a lot of free time these days, I took your Stones idea and whipped this up:

    You don’t know what’s going on
    You’ve been adored for far too long
    Your ratings fell, they used to be so high
    You’re out of touch, O’Bammy
    Our poor rejected Bammy
    I said Bammy, Bammy, Bammy, you’re out of tiiiiiime

    Bammy: What do mean I’m out of time? I’m only, uhhhhh…nine months into my first term.

    Well, Bammy, Bammy, Bammy, you’re out of tiiiiiime
    I said, Bammy, Bammy, Bammy, you’re out of tiiiiiime
    You’ve lost some clout
    Nancy has to bail you out
    ‘Cause Bammy, Bammy, Bammy, you’re out of tiiiiiime

    Fancy Nancy: I have concerns about some of the rhetoric that is being used in this song. It could create a climate in which violence could take place. [Turns on the fake tears]

    The broad that wants to run away
    With taxes and all our mon-ay.
    You won’t succeed no matter how high you climb
    You’re out of touch, Ms. Nancy
    Our poor deceitful Nancy (BYH)
    I said, Nancy, Nancy, Nancy, you’re out of tiiiiiime

    Nancy: Why do you hate white people? T_T (that’s a crying face, for those of you new to emoticons)

    Well, Nancy, Nancy, Nancy, you’re out of tiiiiiime
    I said, Nancy, Nancy, Nancy, you’re out of tiiiiiime
    Yes, you will be left out
    2010 will come around
    ‘Cause Nancy, Nancy, Nancy, you’re out of tiiiiiime

  38. IF, as it says in the article, she just "hopped into her armored limousine" to run down to the market, I imagine that she was wearing skin-tight stretch pants and a tee-shirt, her hair was in a pony-tail (no wig), no makeup / false eyelashes, etc.

    BUT, since this was a staged event, as are all of her "outingss", I'm sure that whatever she was wearing had a designer label and cost a lot.

    I found a video on a british paper's website:

    From the description of what is being sold at this farmer's market, it doesn't sound like any farmer's market that I've ever been to.

    You will NEVER see arugula, bison steak, organic dandelion greens, Asian pears, Piedmont Reserve cheese, "walnut dacquoise", jumbo crab cakes, or "Tuscan kale", etc.

    OH, but the GOOD thing is, people can get double value on their food stamp coupons.

    How nice to allow the poor to get a taste of what the elite folks dine upon.

    Most of which tastes pretty awful.

  39. "If anything, this debate underscores the necessity of passing comprehensive immigration reform and resolving the issue of 12 million undocumented people living and working in this country once and for all." ===

    It's called DEPORTATION, you slimey piece of ****!

    Keep eating that that fancy straw, you moronic Zeroes; it wil play havoc with your immune and disgestive systems -- cut your life short by years and damage your health for good.

    Tip of the Day: Don't eat at the WH.


  40. Hey FOTS, VDH has another great article out today about our Comm(unist)organizer in Chief:

    === Dr. Barack and Mr. Obama
    The backlash is sharp as voters learn that Obama is not the man they thought he was.

    By Victor Davis Hanson

    Did Obama at least achieve togetherness on matters of race? A year ago most Americans thought his long association with the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, his “typical white person” slur, and his crude stereotyping of rural Pennsylvanians were understandable aberrations, not revelations into the candidate’s inner character. Indeed, they expected the soft-spoken Obama to be a liberal version of Condoleezza Rice or Colin Powell: Matters racial would be incidental, not essential to the presidential worldview.

    But the president, in just nine months, has managed to ensure that race is on the verge of becoming more problematic than at any time in the last twenty years. As the president's polls dip, his supporters — scan the week’s network news shows — cry out “racism” on spec, although empirically they have not made the case that the opposition to Obama is any more virulent than what was unleashed against Bush. Most, in fact, assume that what the Left did to Bush — mainstreaming hatred in respectable venues like Hollywood, The New Republic, Alfred Knopf, or MSNBC — the Right has not even approximated. I do not recall anyone suggesting that the Left’s often visceral anger at Condoleezza Rice revealed its own racism. ===

    to read the whole thing -

    Poor TOTUS, he has to eat at the WH!

  41. MRS1953:

    I wonder if they had any extra virgin olive oil there - that would be oil pressed from olives that were hand picked by octaginarian lesbians.

    "...people can get double value on their food stamp coupons."

    But not on their cash, which they EARNED.

    Hope this is the right one of TOTUS on you tube. Very funny. Way to tell Big Guy what to do.

  43. Thank You, Rattlesnake! That was more than I could have hoped for, not only Bammy portrayed so perfectly, but also Nancy thrown in for a bonus! What a talent! And I really like your picture, looks like Hopey Changey is being swallowed up by good ole Don't Tread On Me...Perfection!

    Jamie, I looked at the link you provided about TWW being the leader of the band...I think that picture is actually TWW, in the blue uniform...if you look carefully where it supposedly says Yamaha on the drum, I'm sure that was a really says Bwa ha ha.

  44. Hooraay for the Teleprompter,for listening to that Gravatar request,and then acting upon it.
    That Will Work,(as did today's TWW diddy).
    Wadda a stand up guy.
    The gravatar addition made a miserable week worthwhile.
    Now at last Fotae will understand when I refer to my again having peed all over a post,as I am sometimes prone to do.

    MM,your assumptions about my aside were spot on,(just as my attached pup did to the carpet).Some will recognize him as once belonging to the beloved,but departed Sox Blogger,Dean Barnett.In an email I offered to adopt said pup were he discontent w his periodic incontinence and other(sp) faux paws.
    He graciously agreed to share him w me.

    Having purchased a transmission today,and priced processors too,my spirits were at a low ebb.This was a very expensive week while the current Oconomy has my business at a 20 year low.Wonder if the press will remind us to ask whether our wallets are better or worse come election day.
    I suspect they might 'forget'.
    Seems to be a lot of that going around if the news is not favorable to 'the party'.
    ACORN anyone?
    Pravada would be proud,and Papa Stalin too.
    Wonder how their parents view their'profession'.One presumes,poorly.
    Now Peach wants to punish Poland ,no doubt for it's SOLIDARITY against socialism.
    How reassuring that SS Hillary thinks this is a smarter,better,faster way to protect civilization,ala the Kerry kampaign.

    As Rush said several times today,
    Peas out.
    He was ony parodying Putin tho..........
    Can't seem to make him Preptilize as one might prefer.

  45. Well, TWW will have to let us know if that's him. Ya-MA-HA!

    Well, FOTS, I think O-Blah-Blah's woman (picked up the new name for The One from the last post), has outdone herself now with the outfit she wore to give a speech at a WH Women's event. She is wearing yet another hideous belt. (At first I thought it was one of those belts used to carry spare bullets. Drudge is calling it a "bondage belt"):

    MO pics -

    Take a look at all eleven pics - you have to see them In one it looks like she is about to kiss Kathleen Sebelius (who is wearing a dress - Do you suppose someone told old Kathy that she needed to wear a dress so people would know she isn't a man?

    There are also pics from the farmer's market shopping spree and the ceremony where they awarded the Medal of Honor posthumously to U.S. Army Sergeant First Class Jared C. Monti. You would have thought she would have worn something a little more appropriate. Looks like she is going to a luau.

  46. I just received this info in an email from a friend:

    Washington, D.C. - On September 25th there will be a national prayer gathering of Muslims on the west front of the U.S. Capitol Building.

    They are expecting at least 50,000 to attend from mosques all across America . They will gather to pray from 4:00 AM until 7:00 PM. The gathering will take place by the site where U.S. Presidents have been inaugurated since 1981.

    The organizers say that it was Obama's inauguration speech in January and his speech broadcast from Egypt in June that gave them the idea for this prayer gathering on Capitol Hill.

    They have a website set up for this event. If you never look at another website look at this one, especially the final words:

    Here are the final words on the page:



  47. Now THIS is interesting....

    The Obama admin launched a website,, to help citizens find ways to "serve" our country:

    === Taxpayer Funded Filtering Activists to ACORN

    by Dana Loesch

    The Obama Administration has placed a large premium on what it calls “national service.” It has launched a website,, that is reported to act as a clearing house for Americans eager to “give back” to their communities. Unfortunately, Americans looking for an opportunity to volunteer may get something they weren’t expecting.

    By typing “ACORN” into the search field entitled “What interests you” at, you’re transported to where you can choose from a list of volunteer opportunities, including “healthcare activist.” (with the Tuscon ACORN office) ===

    === If health care isn’t your bag, ACORN has other opportunities available via, opportunities like a “community organizing internship,” a “neighborhood canvasser,” or a “tax preparer.” ===

    More on this can be found at Big Government blog -

    We are paying for this website with taxpayer dollars and it is sending them to Acorn, an organization that receives taxpayer dollars.

    Acorn is then taking these volunteers and sending them out to promote Obama's agenda (like Health Care Reform).....

  48. Hey TOTUS, has Big Guy always been a Dweeb? Or is the pressure of being president (you know, taking vacations, date nights with Lady M, worldwide apology tours, non-stop domestic campaign stops, throwing allies under the bus, etc) just making it show more?

  49. while MObitch was at the market (forget the farmers starving in CA - you know, the ones who VOTED for you?????), she should have bought two oranges for her bra.

  50. OMG, that's funny.

    She needs to get those oranges soon, because her belts keeps riding up higher and higher up under her pits - there's nothing there to stop it.

    As for those starving farmers in CA .... boy do they now have a case of "buyer's remorse". BO brought them some change - YES HE DID.

  51. Sunflower, I watched the TOTUS videos. They are hilarious, although I wouldn't feel comfortable sending them to my Mom.


    MTVA, I'm glad you like my song parody. As for my picture, I just pulled it from a website.


    Jamie, Wow. That is MO's weirdest belt yet.

    WHY hasn't BO thrown ACORN under the bus yet? In a sane country, the whole organization would be defunded and shut down pronto. I mean there's no way anyone can think they're legit anymore, right?

  52. UN-fortunately, there are plenty of people who will still say "but... but....but, ACORN does so much good for the poor people".

    Besides, BO can't completely throw them under the bus, because he is still using them to further his agenda (as exhibited by the website sending folks to ACORN so they can "serve the country" by promoting his agenda.

    ACORN is making noises like they are going to drop their voter registration activities in an effort to quell the outrage.

    But hopefully, one or more of the 20 states that have announced investigations into ACORN will actually proceed and REALLY investigate them. Louisiana has announced that they want to look at ACORN's books. Of course, since ACORN's hq is based in New Orleans, what keeps them from saying "We lost a lot of our records during Katrina"....

    Even so, if it gets to hot, Obama will toss Acorn on the surface, but the Dem Party will still have ties, you betcha!

    It should be obvious to all that something is going on. ACORN has received 55 Million over the last 15 years and now, they are slated to get 8.5 BILLION from the Stimulus!!! That's a pretty significant jump in the amount.

  53. BTW - bettyanne - I finished Cerro!!! Great book.

    Now, I'm ready for the next installment. So, get to work! LOL I know, it doesn't work that way. I wish it did.

    Those characters are now living in my head and I will forever wonder what happened to ?, ?, ? and ? after .......

    (I won't give anything away for those who haven't read it yet!)

  54. [This is basically a tootin' little cheerful blasts from the calliope post. [(c:]

    Thanks, MTVA, Jamie, Rattler, Shovel, and Preptile. Your appreciation made me happy.

    LOL. Nope. That was NOT a photo of TWW. Wouldn't be caught dead...... [;)]

    Say, Jamie, that was kind of you to promote me from clown to Drum Major. My tending to be a "cheerleader" is both a strength ("Come one, Big Louie! You can do it!") and an annoying (to some, probably to a few FOTS, too, OH, WELL! %]) weakness ("Look on the bright side, June. Your riding mower may be busted, but think of all that great exercise you'll get pushing that rotary mower around the yard!" "Shut-up, TWW.")

    Actually, I'd say there are several Drum Majors in the FOTS FOREVER Marching Band. We take turns, like the geese flying south in the fall. Together, we will make it Home.

    (I just LOVE that movie -- "Fly Away Home"!!!]

    Say, FOTS, what was that song that at about verse 48 talked about how the football team couldn't take the field for "the marching band refused to yield..." ?? Was it "Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie"? Well, I like that marching band image, us FOTS, each a marvelous individual, yet, playing the same song, marching along together. HURRAH! HURRAH! HURRAH!


    Shovel, your co-workers are so lucky to have you around. You are obviously kind, bright, and a great communicator. And you seem very likeable. "Clean up in cubicle 18!" LOL.


    Wonderful creative writing, Rattlesnake. Do more of it! Maybe Betty Ann can give you some tips on how to seriously pursue a writing career.

    Thanks again for the news, Jamie.


    Sorry to hear about the financial bumps in the road (a transmission would be a big "ker-bump! -- what was THAT?"). Hope you find a good processer.

    Enjoyed your post plumb full of perspicacious punditry (as usual). I was so angry (still am) about the Poland announcement (on Sept. 17, 2009 of all days -- I don't believe for one second that was an accident). THAT MARXIST MUSLIM FROM INDONESIA BORN IN KENYA is evil.

    Jamie, that Muslim con-fab planned for D.C. is the most hideously Satanic spectacle that city will ever have seen (if it happens -- I just prayed God would stop it.)

  55. That, uh, would be PREPTILE, Sorry to hear... Oh, brother.

  56. Jamie, that Islam on Capitol Hill site is chilling. Just a coincidence that NOW they feel enabled to do this??? And PRAYER - why, I thought that was all but outlawed these days!
    Oh, excuse me, that only applies for Christians. If 5 of us gathered there and said The Lord's Prayer together, no doubt we would soon be hauled off to jail. And if 3,000 islamists appear there, all the "news" outlets will cover it and report the crowd as 2 million. And OF COURSE the islamist-in-chief will appear there and probably speak, in addition to join the praying. As he said, nothing sounds as beautiful as that call to prayer at sunset. No fleeing off to Minnesota on that day....

    I was all set to talk about Mo's ammo belt and various other wardrobe malfunctions of the past, but now I'm steaming about this thing. Best thing to do is go off and pray for awhile.

  57. TWW - Drum Major!!! I could not remember what the leader of the band was called. LOL oh, well.

    Yes, "the marching band refused to yield" was from "Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie".

    Now this is interesting. although I was pretty sure of that, I decided to look it up and verify it (sorry, but its one of my quirks - I have to be sure).

    Anyway, I found this site that has an analysis of the lyrics and explains how each line is a reference to something or other that was going on in the 10 years after the death of Buddy Holly in 1959 (the decade of the 1960s)! Here is some of what it says:

    === 'Cause the players tried to take the field, The marching band refused to yield.

    Some folks think this refers to either the 1968 Democratic Convention or Kent State. If the players are the protesters at Kent State, and the marching band the Ohio National Guard...
    This could be a reference to the dominance of the Beatles on the rock and roll scene. For instance, the Beach Boys released "Pet Sounds" in 1966 -- an album that featured some of the same sort of studio and electronic experimentation as "Sgt. Pepper" (1967). The album sold poorly because of the Beatles.

    The other Beatles reference here refers to the Monkees. The Monkees were merely actors (or players), they were not a true band but a fabrication attempting to replicate the Beatles. The players tried to take the place of the Fab Four but the band wouldn't step down.

    Or finally, this might be a comment that follows up on the earlier reference to the draft: the government/military industrial-complex establishment refused to accede to the demands of the peace movement. ===

    I never really thought all that much about the lyrics, as related to politics, the peace movement, etc.

  58. Hi Jamie:
    Oh thank you! I'm so glad you had fun. Please write a review! Cerro would make a good mini series, would it not? Did you like Mr. Schnitzel? He was a real pig. He used to eat the straw out from under people's trailers, and drink beer.

    About the Islam day of prayer:
    "Our time has come"

    They believe that Islam was given to the world because Jews and Christians mucked it up. They believe they are supposed to convert the world, much as the Catholic Church believed and viciously enforced five hundred years ago, in the name of Christ. And we all must convert, or die.

    Where will the women sit? Or will there be any? What if they have to shake hands with a dirty kaffir - they are not allowed to even touch non-muslims. Talk about racism. A more racist doctrine does not exist in humanity.
    Nor a more beligerent, arrogant, self-serving and patently anti-human.

    I am very distressed over this, as I am sure many will be. The religion which murders us, and wants us destroyed for seperating church and state will envoke GOD at our capital building??!! The religion which shutters womanhood, will not correct itself and bickers with itself - grants itself impunity to murder its own kind - which gives no value to this life or anyone in it, want GOD to listen at the capital building?? Where we make our laws and govern the several states? Where the edict to sperate church and state are enforced??

    This is no accident, FOTae.

    And the sycophantic press will be there. The BBC will be there, and call it a great day.

  59. BHO = the Islamic Anti-Christ

    If there is anyone more evil on this planet, I don't know he/she is.

  60. I thoroughly enjoyed Cerro. I will go to Amazon and write a review.

    I always enjoy a good story, especially when the characters are realistic! (like Mr. Schnitzel, lol). Of course, my favorite character is Delbert.

    Cerro reminded me of watching Mayberry back in the day. (The original Mayberry, not the spinoff.)

    When you say mini-series, do you mean as a series of books, or a mini-series on tv? I would love to read a series of books following the lives of the folks of Cerro.

    But, if it were to be put on tv, I would be afraid that the tv folks would want cast the wrong people to play the parts. One reason I never go to movies made from books I've read and enjoyed, is because the actors that they have playing the parts are NOT as I envisioned the characters in my head!

    Also, the tv folks tend to want to change the books to fit THEIR perspective or to fit into our "PC" world. You know, Islamic terrorists in a book are changed to White Supremicists in the movie. Or, unneccessary sex scenes added just to pump up the movie rating to "R".

    Of course, back in the 50's and 60's, they would cast big-name actors to play parts simply because they were big name draws, NOT because they "fit" the part.

    For example, one of the WORST casting ever in a movie had John Wayne playing the part of Ghengis Khan and Susan Hayward as an Arabian princess.

    Imagine John Wayne's distinctive walk, while wearing the flowing robes of an Arab .....

    It was actually kind of funny.

  61. As for the DC prayer day on Sept 25th. I googled to see if that particular date had any special significance to Islam.

    All I could find was that it is the anniversary of the death in 813 of some ruler, who was overthrown and beheaded.

    One of the things that they recorded about the guy was that he liked his "eunuchs" a little too much.

    It seems to me that there are variations of the customs of Muslims. They don't all make women wear head cover, for example. Some allow women to drive, others don't.

    Of course, that really doesn't make much difference, since they all ascribe to the writings of the Koran and the beliefs therein.

    I attended a high-school graduation party for the son of one of my co-workers, who is a Muslim. She is originally from Bangladesh.

    At the party, at a specific time, a group of them (both men and women) gathered in the center of the room, spread out a rug and proceeded to pray.

    What got my attention was that there were many, many of the women who sat along the sides of the room, who did not participate. They actually sat there chatting while the others prayed. It was strange.

    So, maybe some of the folks in attendence were from a different Muslim sect, or something?

    The reason I mention this is that I wonder if they will have problems in DC if there are folks in attendence from the more radical groups. You know, like those that don't believe women should pray with the men?

    And what are they going to do with their shoes? The folks at this party had to all remove their shoes before they prayed.

    It was really weird, seeing those people, with their heads down on the floor and their butts sticking up in the air.....

  62. There are Sunni, Shia, Wahabi, and Sufi. Shia honor Ali, who was the nephew of Mohammed, and his entire clan murdered by the shieks. The sheiks were four generals of Mohammed, and they did not want Ali to take Mohammed's mantel as his only male relative. The Sunni tradition is the tradition of the shieks. They have many more hadiths, that the Shia do not recognize. Shia are a minority to the larger Sunni "tribe", but all of Islam is called the Ummah. Sufi are the mystics, they dance and have music in worship. They are a minority also, and often persecuted. Then there is Wahabi Islam, and they are the radicals. They want to take of the world back to 700 a.d., which they consider the perfect world because it was the world of Mohammed.

    All women must cover their hair. They may not ride a Harley Davidson, as I just finished doing because it is a gorgeous day. If they do, they are stoned. They are basically prisoners in a culture which demands they be docile when we all know goddamn well no red blooded women is docile. Therefore Mohammed decreed all women go to hell. The only valid being in Islam that is human is the male of th species. Women are not humans. Women are devils meant to test men in their personal, jihad - struggle. Mohammed was an ignorant plagerist, and never took a biology class. If he had, he would have learned that in order to have a human male, it must come from a human female, therefore it follows that a female human is - well, a human being.

    Thank Jamie for what you said about Cerro! YOu amde my day. I'm going to go ride my Harley some more. It's too beautiful outside to be in here thinking about the contents of hell, where Mohammed certianly burns.

  63. "BHO = the Islamic Anti-Christ

    "If there is anyone more evil on this planet, I don't know he/she is."

    What about George Soros? He funds most if not all of the radical anti-American, anti-West groups, and is likely giving BHO orders.


    Bettyann, I'm not as knowledgable about Islam as you are, but the more I learn about the religion and culture, the less I like. Recently I read on a website that sharia law isn't in the Koran, but was added later by clerics (I'm guessing Sunnis). It seems to me like most of the laws were intended to hide and smother women. Makes it all the more sickening to think that our President might be Muslim, or at least too cozy to Islam for my taste.

  64. bettyanne - I did it! I left a review of Cerro on Amazon. (I was the second person to post a review of Cerro, btw.) Anyway, although I read many, many books a year, I have never left a review.

    I'm glad you are enjoying beautiful weather.

    Here, its raining - again. It has been raining for the last several days and is supposed to rain some every day through next week.

    I'm not complaining, though, since this area has suffered from a drought for the last several years!

    At least its just rain and not thunderstorms and tornados, lol.

    Gee, and I thought with the "global warming" we were supposed to be experiencing more violent storms and hurricanes. So far this year - hurricanes making landfall in the Eastern/Southern US? ZERO ... ZIP ....NADA!

  65. Rattlesnake,

    I have heard Muslims claim that "women are cherished" under Islam and protected by their men. That just isn't true.

    To Muslim men, women are chattel, their property, to do with what they want. Women have no rights, no recourse if they are treated badly.

    In my opinion, the reason why the Muslim men hate our society is because women are empowered. They don't like it because it gives their women ideas about their own treatment.

    Not too long ago I read about the punishment for infidelity under Sharia law (in whatever country the story was about).

    A hole is dug in the ground and the convicted person is put in the hole and the hole is filled with dirt/sand. They are then stoned. If they can dig themselves out and escape, the punishment is considered fullfilled.

    There is one difference in this punishment between a man and a woman -

    A man is buried up to his waist.

    A woman is buried up to her NECK.


    GREAT verification word = poodatt

    POO on DAT Islam stuff!

  66. At the risk of having all you FOT's hate me I must reveal something. I am from the state which supplies 2 of the most prominent anti-Republican-Republicans in the Senate.

    I voted for Collins in 2008 because well, she is a republican-what choice did I have? NEVER again! I SAY that I will vote for a Dem. next time as at least I will know what I am getting, but when you go in to the little booth to check off your box (yes, we use a pencil with an 'X' or check mark next to our candidates names) it is AWFULLY difficult to vote in that manner. The little voice says, "Well she cannot be worse than the Liberal from the southern part of the state -ie little Mass." What is a girl to do?

    That being said, this is what my other senator had to say this week on CNBC: "I've always been a Republican, for the traditional principles that have been associated with the Republican Party since I became a Republican, when I registered to vote. And that is limited government, individual opportunities fiscal responsibility and a strong national defense. I think that those principles have always been a part of the Republican Party heritage, and I believe that I reflect those views, and I haven't changed as a Republican. I think more that my party has changed."

    debbdi writing again: [I edited 6 you knows and several ah's] HELLO!!!! THOSE ARE CORE REPUBLICAN VALUES! That IS what my party believes and that is what you should represent! You nitwit!

    Her current Wiki reads- "Snowe lists her top legislative priorities as assisting the growth of small businesses, prescription drug coverage, and student loan and child care funding."

    I do not understand these two women. Pro abortion, gun control, etc. They really are out of touch with 'regular folk' as their lives seem to be consumed with Washington.

    Snowe introduced Palin at a rally I attended last year, what a contrast to look at the two of them together on stage-Enthusism and excitement/cracking jokes vs. doing my duty, introduce the new gal, can we get back to Washington soon?

    Snowe has been in state/national politics too long and I do not see her going anywhere else. (She started in the state senate the year I was born & the US House of Rep when I was 5!)

    She needs to go, Collins' needs to go OR AT THE VERY LEAST [as I tag every note/email/phone call to them] follow the route of Arlen Specter and change her party affiliation.

    I missed something. Let me rephrase that as I miss MOST things. I missed something important... Jamie's post is the 1st I have seen/heard of Islamic Day of Prayer on December 25?

    Would someone post a link to a source so I can read about this? I suppose I can google it...


    Loved the parade! The lightsaber skit and the new [to me] nickname "Peaches"


    I followed the link to Beck's photos of the 9/12 march and plan to print a couple to post near my computer. Thanks for that and EVERYONE who went! (Wow, that was only last week!) and the media.... crickets... never mind!

    Keep it real FFOT [extra F fellow]... you keep me sane, grounded, in stitches, encouraged, in my Bible, etc. and as you know, "It's all about me!"

    (Oops, sorry TOTUS I think our wires crossed and that last part was from one of Barry's interviews you taped for Sunday.)

  67. Jamie:
    You're a doll, thanks. It's a great review! The other one is from my friend, and she said she NEVER gives five stars. You are generous and thanks so much for getting it on the map. Whew! The reviews aide in getting the book in a statewide contest in January.

    The best thing to do is read the koran, and see what it says. I read many books afterward, then read the koran again, then posted with muslims at "shiachat". They taught me a lot, and it really got quite a strange. There is no such thing as freedom of speech. The longer i posted (3years) the more i realized how repressive Islam is. There really is no freedom. You cannot say the obvious; Mohammed was a charlatan, a scheister, a fake, and that he plagerized the bible. At no time was I ever tempted to convert. I was repelled. This religion is not from God. It is man made, every dot of it. We should know our enemy, and once know this p[articular enemy, every time afterward that you hear someone say, "Islam is a religion of peace," you will want to laugh out loud.

    Indeed, sharia law is the result of Imam's study into hadith. That is why the interpretation of sharia varies. For the Sunni, sharia is stricter, as they have more hadith.

    The hadith are sayings supposedly of Mohammed that were written down after he died. Anything anyone remembered that he said was written down and collected, then made into the koran, and hadith. The Shia challenge the validity of much of what the Sunni claim in hadith as authentic words of Mohammed. Thus, they fight amongst themselves.

    Wahabism, our dear terrorist's ilk, originated in Saudi Arabia in a place called Wahabi in the 30's, in rebellion against what the leaders of the movement deemed to much Western influence in the region. In particular, they rebel agsint the west ofr seperation of church and state. It is why we are the Great Satan, because in their hadith, Mohammed forbad them to remove Allah from the minutest doings of humanity. All women go to hell, so that means only men.

    It is a vastly interesting subject, and a frightening one. I have heard liberals on teevee and radio defend Islam, and speak of it in such shallow terms that their ignorance is shocking; who made them "experts"? Many things liberal politicians say today reflect a profound ignorance of Islam. For instance, Obama's speech in Cairo had me reeling with outrage. I was so happy when Rush debunk it. The worst part of it all is that you do not hear women's groups voicing enough protest about Islam anymore. It is a disgrace.

    I am sure that there are muslim men who love their wives, and wives who love their husbands. I have read accounts where men in Taliban controlled areas rightly fear for their wive's lives if they venture from the house. But even so, the root of the problem lies in the belief in the hadith that all women go to hell. That women make men sin. That women embody the darkness, and men the light; men must control a woman's sexuality - because they are afraid of it. It is Adam telling God all over again, passing the buck, that the woman made him do it.

  68. debbdi, you poor, poor dear. Why would you think we could ever hate you for that? You didn't have much of a choice in the matter, bless your heart.

    The muslim day of prayer is scheduled for Sept. 25th, in D.C. -

    here is that website.

    Wonder if its just a coicindence that the "day of prayer" is scheduled for the same week that there is a big meeting at the United Nations and Ach-Ma-Ding-A-Ling (among other despots) will be here in the U.S.?


    by the way, FOTS, could you tell me what time zone you guys are in.

    I am Central time.
    debbdi is Eastern time?
    MM and bettyanne - Mountain time?

    I was just wondering, because we don't seem to be online here at the same time and I thought it might be because most of you are on much, much later at night than I am.......

  69. I am on Mountain time. And now it's raining in the mountains.

    I think TOTUS is on the left coast, on Pacific time. Our posts post on Pacific time anyway.

    Evenings I usually am not on the computer. Daytimes off and on. Weekends usually not because my husband is home, but this weekend he works. TOTUS is great and so are all of you, but you just can't hold a candle to my Sweetheart when he's home! Sorry.

  70. This comment has been removed by the author.

  71. I don't remember that God told Adam any law. He told them both not to eat the fruit of that one tree.

    If Adam had not eaten the fruit, Eve would have been alone in sin. As Islam insists is the case.

  72. This comment has been removed by the author.

  73. Yes Jamie, I am Eastern. It is 7:25ish at the time of this post! Thanks for the kind words... full disclosure for me! I knew I would be loved and forgiven. :-)

    Thanks also for the link. I thought it was quite ah-hem brassy for 'them' to hold it on Christmas!


    bettyann, can I be you when I grow up? Riding the Harley... or maybe MM whoever bought the grandson the gun for his birthday... a combination of both of you!

    how in the world does MO fit into Islam? She seems to where the uhhh, pants in the family.

    Speaking of MO did everyone catch her crying about her daughter? I paraphrase..."My first thought was, thank goodness we have insurance."

    What kind of person thinks that way? Most would think, "Is she going to be ok?" "What do we do?" and after praying, worrying, bargaining with God and then maybe..."How much is this going to cost?" followed by "I don't care, I will sell everything I have just as long as she is ok."

    "Thank goodness we have insurance..." my rear!

    I am done being snarky for today! Over-and-out!

    verification: bringt
    Bring it!

  74. Oh, bettyanne, I was honest in what I said about Cerro, else I would not have written it.


    I just read a Howard Kurtz column on WaPo about a full page news ad that Fox News ran in the WSJ, NY Post and WaPo, which had photos of protesters at the "anti-tax" rally in D.C. on 9/12 and asks the question: "How Did ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC and CNN Miss This Story?"

    It seems that all of the networks of the msm are complaining. Poor babies. I guess the truth hurts. Because, even though they claim they "covered" the protest, all they did was mention it in passing, and in a negative light, downplaying the significance and the size of the protest.

    But it isn't the article OR even the ad that I got a kick out of reading. It is the COMMENTS posted on the article that are great.

    99% of the comments tell Howard K and the msm exactly how it is - the people of this country are fed up with the so-called msm (print and network) who are in the tank for Obama and are blatantly biased.

    If you have some time, go there and read some of the comments.

    I'm kinda partial to this response:

    "God decided to create the perfect brainless invertebrate. First, he created jellyfish. That was practice. Then he created Obama liberals and perfection was achieved."

  75. What, something happened to one of the Obama kids? I hope its nothing serious. I don't want anything to happen to innocent little kids, no matter who their parent's are!

    THAT SAID - are they so callow that they are willing to stoop to using one of their kids to promote BO's health care b-s???

    There I go again, asking a question that I already know the answer to.

    Of COURSE they are willing to stoop to using their kids to promote their agenda. BO's already used his Grandma more than once!

  76. "Peaches" -- ROFLOL, Rattler. :D Yeah, I first heard B. Hussein referred to as "Peach" last spring when a student (made it past the screeners, obviously) at the German college where D'oh! did one of his P.R. schticks asked/announced, "Did you know that Barack means "peach" in Turkish?" GOOD FOR HER. "Peach," seems to capture perfectly the effiminate, fluffy minded, lightweight that is the Con Man in Chief.

    Who, BTW, said to George Stephanapolous during a TV interview, summer 2008, "... my Muslim faith." When Steph. with raised eyebrows and puckered brow asked Dope if he really meant to say that, Dope stood by his admission.

    Barry Soetoro's Indonesian elementary school records state that his religion was "Muslim." He likes to also claim that he is a Christian, but the only evidence for this is that for 20 years he was a member of a church that CALLS itself "Christian" [the black supremacist, Jew and white-hating, "church" of Jeremiah "G-D America" Wright]. B. Hussein bowed to Saud, for crying out loud! What a freak.

    In addition to Betty Ann's highly informed comments above, some good reading about the TRUTH about Islam is the book (pub. around 2007) Why We Left Islam. It contains the testimony of several men and women who got out of Islam after either: 1) studying it [most Muslims are either: a. illiterate or b. do not own a copy of the Koran in their own language] or 2) being abused per its laws. The book contains numerous references to Koran passages prescribing death to infidels, to women who "disobey," etc... .


    Anyone who calls it a "religion of peace" is either lying or ignorant.


    Happy Rosh Hashanah, dear Jewish FOTS.

    At the Crown of the Year, I wish you prosperity, peace, and JOY.

  78. [Jamie] "... are they so callow that they are willing to stoop to using one of their kids to promote BO's health care b-s???"


    The Fly Catcher wasn't above arguing vigorously against the BORN ALIVE Infant Protection Act [passed at the Federal Level the year before unanimously] as a state senator [you can read it in the official transcripts]. He argued in favor of killing a newborn infant. He would do ANYTHING to promote himself. Anything.


    Rattler, Betty Ann is your woman. She is the talented, intelligent, Ford Truck-driving, gun-buying, feisty, Grandma with a REAL writing career. &(:D)

  79. All right. Now I have to tell the motorcycle story.

    The first thing the girls should know about a motorcycle, is that the motorcycle is the best cure for hot flashes. I am not kidding.

    I did not know that I wanted a motorcycle. My husband, who missed his solo seat and wanted rid of the "station wagon set-up", looked at me one day and said, "Go buy your own damn motorcycle". And so I did. An 09 883L, Sundance Red.

    It has been terrifying, at 51, to crawl from the grandma box out into the world where people still do NEW things. Today I proudly ate one bug. It was on a long stretch of country road, and I got all the way up to 35 miles per hour, even fourth gear. My dear brother asked if the bug did not catch up to me, try to pass, and then I ate it. But I digress.

    How wickedly wonderful it feels to do something so completely unimagined the month before. This is the feeling of freedom - I am free. As a free woman, I may - if I choose - at 51 go buy and learn to ride a motorcycle!

    This is what we mean by being American! Forget the fact that in other countries I would be dead by now, sick by now, trapped as a gramma and old by now - I am an American woman, and am able to revel in it, take possession of it, chose validation from it and rejoice in it! And, at the end of the day when I go to bed, thank my Big God for His Big Love and Big Care, and for making being a live human being SO MUCH FUN!!!

    A fact of life which would get me stoned in Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Somalia.... ad nauseum. And so for my sisters who cannot ride free, speak up, talk back, slap back kick back dig themselves aide themselves get up and prove themselves, in all those places that hairy backs rule and a smooth chin is a weakness, here is your affirmation that the female half of humanity is God's most beautiful creation, heart mind body and soul, and that when the motorcycle was invented, it was deemed a girl: riding a motorcycle gives you lovely pink cheeks.

    Nuff said.

  80. In reading the above post, it occurs to me that what the American woman is able to achieve would be impossible without the American man. American men made what us girls may do today, possible. To ignore the fact amounts to lying to the self; the worst of all sin.

    American men are the best men on the planet. Thanks, guys. You rock.

  81. Great post! I really like your blog!!

    ps. Link Exchange??

  82. Hi, FOTS! Happy New Year, Jewish FOTS! May G-d continue to defend Jews everywhere----and Israel, too!

    I am on MOUNTAIN TIME, what else!? (*wink*) I haven't posted for two days: swamped, and working on a national security issue, bion. PRAY! The terrorists are plotting....

    TWW, a "CR" is a "cinnamon roll," only it sounds more AWESOME that way, our son thinks. (*wink*) Btw, it's okay that you can't lie; I can't either. TOO BAD you can't, though: you'd make a wondrous CIA agent! (How did you remember that I bake nearly every day?! Yesterday, two pies: sweet potato and pumpkin. Today: fruit pizza!)

    Thanks, aero and Jamie, for letting us know that BO plans soon to grant amnesty to illegals, the DOPE (more ways than one?).
    The Sept. 25th Muslim Prayer-A-Thon in DC will occur on a Friday, the Muslim holy day of the week, and just prior to THE HOLIEST day of the YEAR for Jews: Yom Kippur, which starts at sundown on Sunday, Sept. 27th. Coincidence!? Nope....
    Well, they can just FORGET about the "Our Time Has Come" crap. Even LIBERALS won't allow Shari'a Law here----especially the gay ones; remember I'm-a-Nut-Job's comment? "We don't have any gay people in Iran." YEAH: they've all been BEHEADED----or worse! Don't say it won't happen here, if Shari'a is instituted. (Hmm... what will happen to Toes? And why hasn't HE worried about that?!)

    YEAH, baby!---You're SO right, shovel ready, that BSU's "Statue of Liberty" play was COOL. They're going great this year, too.

    Rattlesnake and all the FOTs who are currently unemployed: GOD BLESS YOU ALL. (Great songs, Rattle and TWW!)

    SO sorry, Preptile, to learn that your ex eschewed sex, God's gift to help people communicate, bond, and have little cutie-pies! She must be pretty depressed, BLESS HER HEART! Just remember that YOU are valued, Preptile----and evidently NORMAL! ;->

    Bettyann, I love motorcycles, too! I used to do wheelies on them, which feel almost as heavenly as being on a horse that rears: WHOO! Up we go!
    You're wonderful to praise women AND men; too often men get crapped on these days. (No wonder we have so many metrosexual wimps like BO!)
    And you're SUCH an expert re. Islam: terrific! Yes, it's vicious toward women----but then, so has Christianity been at times. People forget that it was only after the Fall that men took authority over women: it was NOT God's Perfect Will at creation.

    Re. Mrs1953: "God told Adam The Law, and Adam was to instruct Eve. Eve was not to instruct Adam." That order actually is not spelled out in the Bible narratives. Read at concerning gender authority issues.
    Anyway, what's most dreadful about Adam's sin is how he BLAMED GOD: "This woman YOU GAVE ME" ---- Ouch! What a wienie!

    Debbdi, when I can't stand EITHER the Democrat OR the Republican candidate, sometimes I vote for an indie, just to REFUSE to pick "the lesser of two evils." It's all good, dear one; we pray decent conservatives will run there. Hey, why not consider it?

    Blessings upon you all, FOTs! Sweet dreams, TOTUS! Sadly, BO won't be using you tomorrow morning, OVER AND OVER AGAIN, on all FIVE network Sunday shows (groan....), so there's no way he'll accidentally tell the truth.

  83. What a delightful story, Betty Ann! Thank you for sharing your writing talent (right here!) with us. Yet ANOTHER book, if you ask me. A story about a woman in her 70's (to inspire the older women, too) who buys her first motorcycle, telling her courage, her laughter and tears as she learns, fails, tries again, fails, tries again -- succeeds! And the people (the encouragers and the discouragers, the admirers and the mockers -- and the state patrol, heh, heh) she meets along the way and the animals she encounters and the bugs she eats ;). Call it "Biker Chick" or "Freedom" or "I Think I Just Ate a Bug" (gotta remember to smile with your mouth shut, huh?).

    Seriously, that you mastered your driving skills so quickly that you passed the motorcycle endorsement test within a month of buying the bike [red -- of course, LOL] is impressive. YOU GO, GIRL!!!


    (thanks to wonderful people like you, Betty Ann)

  84. P.S. Debbdi: although both bettyann and I are writers (she writes novels, I wrote a syndicated column for 12+ years), I don't have grandchildren yet. She's a great model for us all!

  85. Hi, MM (a.k.a. Dr. Ruth, heh, heh). Thanks (again) for your affirmation.

    (Cc:) "CR" is definitely much cooler(and quicker!) than cin-na-mon roll.

    THAT IS SO COOL THAT YOU MENTIONED CBE (Christians for Biblical Equality)!!! I've been a member for nearly 20 years! Excellent Biblical scholarship. They don't twist (or ignore) Scripture; they go back to the Hebrew and Greek and ACCURATELY interpret it.

    I must, however, express a slight disagreement re: Christianity, that is, its Biblical tenets, abusing women in the past. It was the people (or Catholicism or other mistinterpretations of Scripture -- the Latin Vulgate, for instance contains errors in its interpretation of Greek) who projected their CULTURE's misogyny or patriarchy onto the English (or whatever language) interpretation of the Hebrew or Greek. Sadly, even today, there are denominations where subordination is taught and, in some instances, it results in emotional and physical abuse. It always results in stifing the God-given talents and gifts of women, thus impoverishing the Church and grieving the Holy Spirit.

    If any of you FOTS are suffering abuse in the name of Christianity (or any religion) -- make a plan that includes: 1. A safe place (that could be your car); 2. Money or, at least, food and shelter; and, if possible, 3. A genuinely safe person to tell.

    See the website -- it has some "if are you being hurt" help. BUT GET OUT - NOW.

    IT WILL NEVER BE ANY EASIER to leave. It just gets harder.

    If you have children, you owe it to them to get them away. They see; they know.

    Abuse is NEVER God's will. God allows evil, but God does not want us to enable it. Do whatever it takes and GET OUT.

    You are God's priceless treasure.

    You deserve to be loved.

    The abuser is NOT YOUR PROBLEM. He or she does not need you to help him or her.

    Remember, you will not be leaving alone -- God will be with you. "'For I am the Lord, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, "Do not fear; I will help you."'" Isaiah 41:13.

    Take a deep breath, reach out and take God's hand....... and walk out that door for the last time. You can do it.

  86. WOW! Terrific post, TWW! NEAT, NEAT, NEAT that you've belonged to CBE for years! I can't get over that! (Are you that prof near the coast?) Yes, you're right that it was/is always FAKE or misled "Christians" who abused/abuse people----not REAL disciples of Jesus.

    But, me as "Dr. Ruth!" HA! I'm not liberal! (Just not shy....) I truly feel sorry for Preptile, REALLY (not in that fakey "he thinks he looks okay in stripes, BLESS HIS HEART" way), because warped spouses make normal people wonder if THEY are warped instead.

    Well, I must put the finishing touches on the fruit pizza and head to bed. You're a dear, TWW, as are all the FOTs.

    Tomorrow a.m., all y'all, just don't watch him. YOU Know WHO! He'll only lie, lie, lie....

  87. Amen, MM!

    I wasn't going to post anymore this evening, but I must clear up any possible impression that I am in a position that comes anywhere near to being a scholar or an authority on ANY subject. Just a well-read generalist with pretty decent education. I'm pleased as punch that you thought so, though!

    Have a wonderful day!

    [I WON'T be watching THE DOPE.]

  88. For anyone who is considering purchasing a motorcycle: Generally the riskiest time when you start riding a motorcycle is during the first six months. Please consider, before purchasing a motorcycle, or at least before riding it extensively, to take a motorcycle safety course. Harley Davidson has an excellent one, but I believe many motorcycle dealers offer them. In addition, please wear appropriate protective gear while on a motorcycle: Protective shoes (preferably leather), full-length pants, a jacket, gloves, and helmet.

    /end motherly lecture

  89. bettyann, I want to be you when I grow up!

  90. Adam, far from being a "weinie" for blame shifting on the girl, did something far braver, and romantic, just moments prior.

    His beloved Eve, ate. She handed it to him. He knew, as he had not been beguiled, what a bite of the apple entailed. Rather than have her exiled from God, and so himself, alone, he entered into the state with her. Because, remember his vow? "This is now bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh..."

    And so when he blame shifted, "The woman thou gavest to be with me, she gave me..." It was as much an excuse as an explanation.

    God gave him the beautiful woman to love (he had been lonely), she was beguiled, and disobeyed. What he says, means; "What was I to do, Father? Live without her?"

    And so the wrath of God fell mostly on the serpent, and for taking advantage of Eve's gulibility, came the prophecy of our struggle with evil, and eventual triumph.

    "And I will put enmity between you and the woman, And between your seed and her Seed; He shall bruise your head, And you shall bruise His heel.”

    Adam unfairly gets a bad rap these days.

  91. debbdi:
    Then never, ever, ever grow up!!!

  92. Well, I for one AM watching and he just said to Steffie that ACORN is not someting he needs to pay much attention to HEALTHCARE!

    Cuz he knows ACORN got him, an unqualified person, elected to the highest office in the land. OMG. Of course he is afraid to drive the bus over Ms Bertha and her gang.

    TOTUS, DEAR, did you pick out the different ties for the BG to wear on Friday when he taped all these "Sunday" appearances?

    And, once again, where did he worship today? Since he did not have anything to really do but watch himself on TV!!!

  93. Been lurking here for some months now and decided to post and thank the TOTUS blogger for all the grins, giggles and hearty guffaws I've enjoyed while reading. Thanks so much. It will help get me through the next three and a half years.

  94. Hello One Voice, and Welcome! We all need help to get thru the next three and a half, and getting together here goes a long way in easing the pain...

  95. I deleted my post re: Adam/Eve/Apple; it was inappropriate, and sometimes I need to keep my opinions to myself.

    yikes, now it's gone to abuse due to religion.

    I'll never mention religion here again, promise.

    back to the crowd for me, in the safely of lurkdom

    I'll read TOTUS's posts, of course (they're too awesome to ignore), but my posts will be very few and very far between.

    BTW, my 'The Law' comment was my poor attempt at 'authority voice'; sorry about that.

  96. Sorry for the repeat post! I did not think my previous post went through last night. I was so inspired after the motorcycle, bug eating, man loving comments I HAD to say it.

    Jamie, my favorite comment from the Howard Kruntz story, thus far... "So the MSM think airing a couple of disparaging segments about the Tax/health/ & general, He_LL NO rallies is relative to there covering the event? First lady's arms get more coverage."

  97. Hi TOTUS, Dear, at our Mass this morning we had a guest prist who shinnied up the priest-hole and he gave a sermon for 15 to 20 minutes unscripted!! No promptier! IS that maybe against a union rule? Should he be reported to the the Teleprompter Tsar? He was a marvelous speaker: loud, booming, interesting, humorous and inspiring. He told us he is a HS chaplain. What luckey students!

    (Oh, and may I say he was, ahem, darker than BG. So do I get a racist-credit for complimenting him? You know, like the carbon-credit program?)

  98. OK, Totus, now we know you did IL Senate Time with the Big Guy. You would have had to have been there to know about the boredom.

  99. The stress must be getting to him. Maybe he should go see I Love You, Beth Cooper. Or, better yet have a private screening in the White House.

    John's Space

  100. Shouldn't Big Guy's light saber be "Red"?

    Yes, there is a double meaning.

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