Sunday, September 20, 2009

Uh Oh

So after we watched all of Big Guy's TV appearances this morning for the umpteenth time, he and I and a couple of other aides rehearsed a speech he'll be making tomorrow. The idea behind the speech is to have him talking about the wonderful innovations America is developing.

But the real reason is for him to announce his support for regulating the Internet, something called "Net Neutrality." The way Big O was describing it, it sounds like socialism to me, but hey, you get what you elect, right?

More important to me at the moment was the way Big Guy talked about how important it was that the government make sure everyone couldn't do anything unique or special online, and he kept looking at my screens with this weird look in his eyes, like he was telling me, "I know what you've been doing, and now the feds are gonna shut you down sucka."

Or maybe he was just rehearsing a new, steely look, getting ready to face down the Russians next week at the G20. But then I remember that look for the Russians is a good six months too late and is now useless.


  1. But look here, at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Awards Ceremony, where he’s practicing that steely Putin-esque stare.

    I think he’s got it nailed.

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  3. Uh Oh is right - Net Neutrality?? Seems more like someone's trying to tread all over my First Amendment Rights!

  4. Big O is still darling of the msm. Wait, is it mainstream any more if hardly anyone watches it?

    Guess not. I like to think of it as the Ministry of Truth....heh heh.

    Down with Net Neutrality. It would make the Internet part of the Ministry of Truth rather than the antidote to it.

  5. I don't watch the mainstream media news anymore because they don't seem to have anything to say on any of the matters that concern me. The ratings speak to what Americans think.

    The Steely look was to frighten anyone who might want to run an undercover video in one of his operations to BACK OFF! Then again, he said that he didn't know much about ACORN. He was their attorney, but maybe he was only a "figurehead" of sorts...

  6. Net Neutrality? Better get working on my crock pot recipes and workout tips....

  7. Oh yeah, the Russians will be so fooled by BO's snarls. He should try a few on the Chinese, too.
    Oh wait! They OWN us.
    Better not.

  8. Certainly would not want any unapproved net
    nuttiness about.It might interfere w the information franchise held by the MSM.
    Newspapers being an important part of our
    informed electorate's decision making process,we are now in the process of assuring their financial success.Thus we will be bailing them out soon too,so that we can further ensure our rights to insure illegals against their own medical expenses.
    Today's teens will be suprized at just how large their share of this largess really is.

    How TP lived thru this morning's gush is beyond me.President O missed a golden opportunity in medicaid supplement insurance sales.Had a friend attain great wealth in that field.
    His first rule was to enter the home of his intended victims,and sit on their couch for 10 to 16 hours.After that time period,folks would sign away their first born for his exit.
    A similar ploy was noted on 5 minor networks this morning ,where the President proved that he could indeed hit a softball were it properly "Teed up",and the zone flooded.
    Of course we knew that trick from the primaries.Now,new net neutrality rules will assure only officially approved favorites ,as FOTAE,or other 'friends' of the administration.
    Only those batting left need apply.

    Is no one noting all the buyer's remorse being wallpapered over by O's MSM buddies?
    Was shocked to see an actual Obama bumper sticker today,as most hereabouts have already been removed,except from Vulvos.
    Those W stickers from 2000 now outnumber them.

    Something else that caught my eye while watching our highly esteemed press secretary
    last week. Hopefully it was just a rash,but he was hosting a Zawahiri style forehead dot
    found on the foreheads of the "faithful".
    One attains one of those after prolonged prostrations in an easterly direction,5 times a day,or thereabouts.
    This could explain his political ascendancy.
    For the country's sake,let us pray it is only excema,and that he recovers quickly.
    A 'jobless' recovery for him,seems only fair though.That is after all ,the only option being offered to us.

  9. Why, Preptile, who needs a job? The government is here to help you, all you have to do is let them ....

    And once they have millions "on the dole", they will come out and say,

    "NOW, everyone who gets a monthly unemployment stipend payment, food stamps, gas coupons (its coming, I'm sure), etc, needs to start giving back and serve their country in return, and here's how you can do that ...."


    BTW - Could the reason that we haven't seen BO select a church to attend Sunday be because FRIDAY is his favorite day of worship?

    Actually, I still think he is trying to get people to believe that he is:

    A. Christian (Methodist, Baptist, Catholic, Presbyterian, Episcopalian...),
    B. Muslim,
    C. Buddhist,
    D. Hindu,
    E. Wiccan,
    F. Athiest,
    G. Agnostic,
    Ahh .... er.... uh....

    (Notice that being "Jewish" isn't among the choices).

    He wants everyone to think he is "just like them", when he really believes that HE is "The One" who should be worshipped!


  10. Speaking of bailing out newspapers....

    === Obama open to newspaper bailout bill
    By Michael O'Brien - 09/20/09 04:24 PM ET

    The president said he is "happy to look at" bills before Congress that would give struggling news organizations tax breaks if they were to restructure as nonprofit businesses.

    "I haven't seen detailed proposals yet, but I'll be happy to look at them," Obama told the editors of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and Toledo Blade in an interview.

    Sen. Ben Cardin (D-Md.) has introduced S. 673, the so-called "Newspaper Revitalization Act," that would give outlets tax deals if they were to restructure as 501(c)(3) corporations. ===

    I don't see how that would benefit the BO admin, since 501 (c) (3) corporations are prohibited from .....

    === Political activity
    Section 501(c)(3) organizations are subject to limits or absolute prohibitions on engaging in political activities.

    [edit] Elections
    Organizations described in section 501(c)(3) are prohibited from conducting political campaign activities to intervene in elections to public office.[19] The Internal Revenue Service website elaborates upon this prohibition as follows:

    "Under the Internal Revenue Code, all section 501(c)(3) organizations are absolutely prohibited from directly or indirectly participating in, or intervening in, any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for elective public office. Contributions to political campaign funds or public statements of position (verbal or written) made on behalf of the organization in favor of or in opposition to any candidate for public office clearly violate the prohibition against political campaign activity. Violating this prohibition may result in denial or revocation of tax-exempt status and the imposition of certain excise taxes. ===

    Not that it stops them now, of course!

  11. Apparently, O-blah-blah had a "Clinton moment" on ABC this morning.....

    === In the interview airing Sunday, Stephanopoulos pressed the president on his plan to require people to purchase health insurance.

    "Under this mandate, the government is forcing people to spend money, fining you if you don't. How is that not a tax?" the host asked.

    Obama responded: " No, but -- but, George, you -- you can't just make up that language and decide that that's called a tax increase."

    Stephanopoulos then offered the dictionary definition.

    "I don't think I'm making it up. Merriam-Webster's dictionary: 'Tax, a charge, usually of money, imposed by authority on persons or property for public purposes,'" he said.

    Visibly taken aback, Obama rejected the notion it was a tax increase and said pulling the dictionary out was a sign the host was "stretching" a little.

    "No. That -- that's not true, George. The -- for us to say that you've got to take a responsibility to get health insurance is absolutely not a tax increase," Obama said. ===

    I also heard on a news report that Georgie-poo had THE NERVE to ask BO about the ACORN scandal, to which he replied:

    "We have much more important things to worry about, like Health Care Reform. Frankly, I don't know much about it, since I haven't been following the story about ACORN".

    TO WHICH I SAY - - - "YOU LIE!!"

    Stephanopoulos better watch out, or, the next time BO graces the airwaves with his omnificent presence .... ABC will be left out of the loop, just like Fox!

  12. Good to hear from you, One Voice! Glad you left Lurkdom to join in.



    Waaaa!! PLEASE don't go back into lurking mode. I have only a muddled memory of the comment at the heart of the matter over which you have re-lurked, but I have a feeling I'm one of the villains in the story. Please forgive me and give me another chance. While I'm sure I stand by whatever religious opinions I expressed so poorly, I am heartily sorry for having stated them in such an offensive way that you felt compelled to step on the gas and VAAAAARRRRROOOMMMM!!! out of here.

    Was it something I said???

    Apparently so. Sigh.

    Your feisty style was always appreciated.

    You will be missed.

    Please reconsider.

    My word was "vilim!" Waaaaaaa! Now I'm really going to suffer a babality -- even the random word generator thinks I'm a villain. T_T

  13. "The steely look" LOL. That's just the "Give Barry his way or Barry will throw a fit" look that B. Hussein had perfected by the time he was four-years-old. }%(

    I'm sure his mother and grandmother saw it ALL the time.

    What a BIG DIAPER DOPER BABY. (:@)

    Go ahead, Barry. Glare your slimy eyeballs out. Expose the darkness that is your soul.

  14. [Preptile] "... all the buyer's remorse being wallpapered over by O's MSM buddies... ."

    I say, KEEP ON A SLAPPIN' ON THE WHITEWASH, Mostly Socialist Media. Yeah, go ahead and keep stocking those pet rocks in your store, FILL THE SHELVES! Heh, heh. Nobody's buyin' your junk anymore and, come next election............... you are going to LOSE!



    [Preptile] "...shocked to see an actual Obama bumper sticker today,as most hereabouts have already been removed."

    You're lucky to be living SOUTH of I-10, Prep. Up here, in "NORTH AMERICA" [LOL, Jamie that story was hilariously pathetic], the average IQ is at least 50 points lower than in SOUTH America %S. Not only are Volvos ("This car is so ugly that I must be really smart for buying it cuz I MUST have bought it for it's engineering.") and Subarus still proudly displaying their IQ's, all kinds of vehicles with finger-biting nuts behind the wheel have "O's" on them. There are, though FEWER, I have noticed -- kind of precipitously, too, I'd say.

    The ol' personal sit-in technique, eh? Smart guy. Won't work for the IMPOSTER "President" (what got into you, Prep T., "President," my eye), though. The sight of ol' Dope's mug makes your average American [NORTH AND SOUTH] want to take him out and use him for target practice....throwing PIES at his smirking face. Don't worry precious Demonocrats, he's about the LAST person any sane conservative would want to make a martyr of.

  15. WAY TO GO, GEORGE Steph'olous!

    Dope: Duuuh, I..... uh.... could you repeat the question?

    A "tax?" Define that please.

    ACORN, what's an acorn? I've... uh... got bigger fish to fry, like the takeover of the medical system..... aaaaaaand .... stuff.

  16. Time to quit talking to myself.


  17. Can someone explain this blog to me? I'm confused. But that may be because I'm English and we're always confused.

  18. Preptile, I see a lot less Obama bumper stickers too. This isn't the change people voted for.

    Newspaper bailouts = tax dollars wasted on a dead medium.

  19. MRS1953 - ditto what TWW said - Please come back!!

    Rattlesnake, I love the new picture! "Don't Tread On Me" taken to a new level.

    Down here in the good old North American South (north of I-10 on the Gulf Coast), we have seen very few O bumper stickers all along, so if they were to be removed, it would not be noticed.

    I still have a bumper sticker that says -

    Supporting our President

    Most people can't understand what it says, but here it is - Luv Ya Dubya!

    I know a lot of folks were disappointed in Dubya, but he was a good president, who looked out for our safety after 9/11.

    No matter what anyone says, our safety is paramount over any domestic issue.

    The cost of Health Care/Insurance doesn't matter if your roads are not safe for travel, if there is a biological attack by terrorists, if air travel is unsafe, or if you are KILLED.

  20. Kid in the Front Row:

    I'll explain somewhat what this blog is about, though it will be at the risk of stating the obvious, I'm afraid -- if I do that, forgive me, I don't mean to offend.

    Some -- a very high number -- of Americans were displeased in the choices we had in the last presidential election, so we ended up with Obama. While he wasn't touted as such, he was (and is) a most inexperienced and unAmerican choice to fill the highest office in the country. He has proven to be moving full speed ahead toward government take over of what should be the private sector and, consequently, egregiously high taxes.

    We who follow this site, along with many others, hate sitting idly by as the government buys up our personal freedoms at a breakneck pace -- WITH OUR OWN MONEY!!

    TOTUS -- the host of this site -- sends us "inside information" as one of Obama's inner circle. This "president" reads to us -- almost daily -- from his teleprompter -- even sometimes mindlessly, as he reads things not even meant for him to read!

    TOTUS has an uncanny knack of sounding like a friend and supporter of Obama while simultaneously reporting the inner workings of the administration -- really letting us in on the "secrets" that are actually hidden in plain sight in all his speeches and the mainstream media, i.e., Yes, of course he supports socialism / Marxism -- he has learned in all his education and associations that it really is the only intelligent way to govern. And he lies! Obviously! and it's all okay, because it serves the government's purpose! Isn't that what being American is all about? supporting the American government??!

    Obama MAY (or may not -- evidence still not in) have been born in America, but he shows a profound ignorance as to what America was founded on and why. His antipathy to all things free market is alarming.

    As I've said before -- keep these words in mind as though they are faintly spoken in the background when he reads his speeches or otherwise speaks -- "Ye shall not surely die" America. (Gen. 3:4 (I believe))

    Borrowing from C.S. Lewis as portrayed in the movie Shadowlands -- "We read to know we're not alone." Well, I think we follow this blog to know we're not alone.

    Thanks for commenting, Kid.

  21. Unlike what has been reported all over the world, Barack Hussein Obama did NOT get an "overwhelming majority" of votes in the Presidential election. He received approximately 53% of the popular vote, barely over 1/2 of the votes cast. And contrary to what the Democrat party wants to believe that does NOT give Obama a mandate to completely change the economy of this country.

    A great majority of people voted for Obama because he campaigned as a "moderate" and made many, many promises - one of which was that he would "not raise taxes on families making less than $250,000 per year". He has since failed to keep that promise, as his administration has already raised taxes on various things that directly affect low to middle class families.

  22. 'coherent', not 'cohert'...sigh...

  23. TOTUS, my man,
    WTF??? Did you tell Barry the wrong name for his daughter? You are having way too much fun playing reindeer games with this guy. You should be ashamed of yourself. You had me LMAO though.

  24. MRS1953 - funny, I didn't even notice that you put cohert, my brain just automatically filled in coherent .....

    I agree, a whole LOT of folks stayed home and didn't vote at all, because voting for McCain was the same as voting for a Democrat. Sure, he was a vietnam war hero, BUT that doesn't take away from his voting record.

    And, besides, many are disgusted at the way the "party" steered him into the nomination!

    And there were many, many of us who voted for McCain simply because we were voting for "anyone BUT Obama". (putting Sarah on the ticket just made it a tiny bit easier to swallow. All in all, I still had to hold my nose when I voted.)

    Obama could do a lot less damage if the House and Senate were not controlled by the Democrats. We need to clean house in 2010!

    Earlier I heard this Democrat Congressman take credit for balancing the budget under Clinton. How conveniently they forget that the Republican controlled Congress had to drag Clinton along, kicking and screaming, to pass the legislation that resulted in that! And this guy on Cavbuto was a Congressman during that time (which he says he was), then he more than likely voted against it. (If it were worth my time, I would look it up to see how that guy voted back t hen, but it isn't.)

  25. Cavbuto? Wow, Freudian slip there. Sometimes Cavuto acts like a butt! lol

  26. As for O-blah-blah forgetting his daughter's name, saying "Maya" instead of "Malia"....

    Well, I'm sure tomorrow he will come out in full denial:

    I never did it.

    I never said it.

    Then when that doesn't work ("Uh, sorry, boss, but it's already on YouTube"...), it will change to:

    I was misunderstood.

    I was tired after giving SO MANY INTERVIEWS...

    Its my little pet name for her.

    Don't you people know that there are more important things going on than me remembering what my daughter's name is?

    It wasn't TOTUS's fault. TOTUS is the one who keeps him from making dumb mistakes.....

  27. You know how Obama always has a supportive audience at his appearances and we kinda knew that the people who showed up in support were pre-selected and the questions were staged?

    And this also goes for the townhalls being held by Dems.

    Well, Doug Giles says that not only are they pre-selected.... they are being paid to attend (and he isn't talking about SEIU members).

    === Check it out: Liberal organizations, advertising now on Craigslist, pay you $325 - $500 a week to tramp around to various town hall meetings to make a big stink on behalf of B-HO and his ShamWow! (They especially want blacks and homosexuals! I ain’t making this up. Check the adverts!) And you thought Craigslist was just a classifieds site for cheap washers and dryers and 13-year-old hookers. Silly you. ===

    link -

  28. I am sure the Fraud from Abroad is trying to decide between the Zoolander's Cold Steel or Blue Steel look.

    Although, unlike Zoolander, Bairy can turn both ways especially when TOTUS is involved.

    Or is he going to use the Diffrent Strokes Gary Coleman/Arnold
    "What you talkin' 'bout Willis/" look?

    How did I miss the Dark Vader
    "Barry, I am your father" opportunity? From the previous thread?

    I guess I am slipping faster than BO's approval rating.

  29. Verification word


    "Obama may not be the sharpest tool in the shed...buteslyc" (translation = but he slick)

  30. He be slick, awwright, but the real question be ...

    .... is he slicker than Slick Willy?

    Hey guys,

    We have:
    TOTUS = Teleprompter Of The U.S.
    LOTUS = Laptop of The U.S.
    FOT = Friend of TOTUS
    TATUS = Tim Geithner

    Doug Giles (Townhall) has come up with a good one -

    OPIBOB = Official Pain in Barack Obama’s Backside

    He coined this in an article about Glenn Beck.

    === Don’t you know Obama and his ilk wish to God (or whoever the heck they wish to) that Glenn Beck would fall into adultery with an Argentinean newswoman, or cut his jugular vein while shaving, or show up drunk, high and naked to his FOX show and forever be publically vilified, marginalized and thus muzzled?

    Beck has formally joined Rush as an Official Pain in Barack Obama’s Backside (OPIBOB). (Are you an OPIBOB yet?) Yep, not only has Obama’s administration called Rush out, but the White House has now phoned Beck during his TV show in an attempt to get him to dial the heck down.

    link -

    If you have yet to tune in to Glenn Beck's show, at the beginning of each show, Glenn asks that each viewer have a pen and pad of paper handy so that they can write down the questions that he brings up during his show. He then tells them that after the show, they should go out and research it for themselves, so they can make their own judgements.

    In this article, Giles has listed the questions the questions from just ONE WEEK of the show.

    This show makes people think.

    Glenn is a goofball at times (to me, a likeable goofball), but it may put some people off.

  31. How does BO think he can get away with saying he "wasn't aware that ACORN got large sums of money", since

    - He was their attorney.
    - He trained as a Community Organizer at ACORN.
    - He has spoken at their gatherings and is on video talking about how they have worked together for years;
    - Two of the individuals on ACORN’s eight-member advisory board include John Podesta (the chairman of President Obama’s transition team after the election) and Andrew Stern, the president of SEIU who is intimately involved with the White House on numerous issues, including the health care plan;
    - His campain paid an ACORN affiliate close to $800,000 for their get out the vote for Obama.

    After reading Ken Blackwell's latest column, I can see why Obama would be desperate to get people's focus OFF of the ACORN scandal -

    === ACORN could open Pandora's box ===
    link -

  32. Evening, FOTs! Just back from the mountains, getting the cabin ready for friends to use. Brr! It's getting chilly up there!

    I just read through the new posts. Mrs1953, if I have offended you and caused you to feel unsafe posting here, I truly apologize. I wanted to offer insight, and another website for review (the Christians for Biblical Equality site). We do appreciate you and all the other FOTs.

    In that discussion re. Adam and Eve, I have NEVER heard the viewpoint bettyann expressed----that Adam was being supportive of Eve and wanting to stick by her, so he ate some of the apple. Pretty NEAT POINT, bettyann! I apologize for accepting the view that Adam was merely a wienie.

    Well, evidently I missed Another Big Speech #2985 today from His Arrogance, and also all the CRAP he slung on the Sunday shows yesterday. But yipes! I saw the video thrice, and if looks could kill, George Stephie would be long gone now (he somehow survived Clinton's rages in years past)!

    Preptile, you did mean VOLvo's, right!? Or was that no typo at all?! Ack: we see many Obot bumper stickers here still.

    Too bad O'Reilly didn't realize what the FOTs discovered (Jamie and Rattle? Susan? Sorry I don't recall!): that BO plans to make citizens of the illegals, so he isn't lying and there won't BE any illegals to which to give gov't sponsored health insurance.

    Dick Morris said tonight on Hannity that we could pay up to 20% of our income for forced enrollment in health insurance. How are people supposed to afford that? WAKE UP, OBOTS! You've been HAD by this snake....

  33. P.S. Some savvy FOT recently referred us to the MOTUS website, too, Jamie: "Mirror of the US," which concerns the musings of MO's mirror (the poor THING!).

  34. Lord, what a punishment THIS "baby" is: BO on "Letterman," a double whammy of pain and narcissism.
    DL: "How was your summer? How is your family?"
    Oh, let's see if BO remembers his daughter's name THIS time.... He said, "Sasha," but interestingly, BO didn't mention, "MALIA!"
    Must still be practicing....

  35. DL: "Others are delighted by the experience of your presidency."
    O-oh, talk about SUCKING UP! Gee, how hard IS it, to get this Prez on your show? All you gotta do is goof off like a sophomore, never ask tough questions or THINK, and VOILA! Done deal....

  36. Good gracious me! NOBODY realized until Lehman Brothers crashed that the economy was in such trouble!?
    You'd think you weren't in truth HAPPY that our economy was tanking, BO!
    Oh, you can't fool us FOTs! We know how overjoyed you were, to find the economy in trouble, just as you hoped.
    Now you're able "innocently, for the good of all!" to take over SO-O much of our businesses, and plan to take over even more, if you can force the arms of those Blue Dogs even higher....

  37. Oh, DL wants to bring up the Revered Jimmeh Carter, President Not-So-Emeritus!----and his comments that racism is why people are upset about BO's policies or plans.

    CUTE RESPONSE, BO----that you were already black when you ran for office, and thus were elected black. "Whenever a president tries to bring about significant changes, a certain segment of the population gets very riled up." Oh, and he uses REAGAN to substantiate that statement! BRAVE FELLOW!

    People who voted for your "changes" had NO idea you'd RUN with it and try to change a democracy to a socialist state!!

  38. OOOH, scary guy again: BO doesn't LIKE being called a "fascist." His eyes briefly flashed: quake, everyone!
    Hits a little too close to home, doesn't it?!

    Bo is meandering, as usual; even Dave's eyes are glazing over. Dave finally brings up health care. BO is being so JOLLY! How DROLL he can be, how delightful!

    He's dropping those "g's" again: "People are out there workin.'" Makes him seem SO down home, don't it? You'd never GAY-ess that he's trying to take ovah yore whole LAHF, y'all!

  39. BO: "Let's give people who don't have health insurance the chance to buy it."
    CHANCE!? He's going to FORCE you to buy it, even if it costs 20% of your gross income!

    BO: "The status quo is unacceptable; we're going to bring about change." Yeah, that's what we're afraid of, Big Sneaky Guy.

    DL: "I'm not a socialist, but it doesn't sound that bad to me."

    Every nation BO references----UK, Canada, etc.----is SOCIALIST. Look, if THEY want to spend 1/2 their income on taxes, LET THEM! We Americans DO NOT WANT TO DO THIS!

  40. WHAT IS THIS!? Is Letterman giving him practically the entire SHOW here!? Don't the Republicans get Equal Time, or does that only apply to conservative talk radio shows!?

  41. BO: "Our troops are performing at an extraordinary level." The audience APPLAUDS when BO adds that he'll bring troops home in 2011? I thought the libs were ANGRY with him that they weren't coming home NOW!

    BO: "My central objective is that we take those folks [the terrorists] out."
    Great Scott! MUST he call EVERY group on earth, including murderers, "FOLKS!" Can't he STOP being so fakey-FOLKSY!?

    This is all so much crap. HE doesn't make the decisions, about the war or anything else; some big, slimey group somewhere runs this show, for which BO merely FRONTS-----and we all KNOW it.

    BO mainly tries to look serious, knit his brow, and use three- or four-syllable words whenever possible----and on that basis alone, he manages to seem, to the starry-eyed, "brilliant!" What a complete JOKE.

    If, as BO says, his Number One Job is to keep us safe from terrorists, then WHY has he decided to allow his Attorney General to investigate (thus paralyze) the CIA? Why has BO not been willing to give the generals the troops they've requested, to win the effort in Afghanistan----the one nation against which BO seems willing to admit DESERVES our warring?

    He's BLOWING his No. 1 job, folks! (FOLKS!)

    DL finds it "satisfying" to watch BO in office. Well, ain't that special!? I sure hope your office stays safe, then, so you can keep watching, Dave!

    I dread this Muslim prayer-fest on Friday. I'm all for being understanding and tolerant, but this will be USEFUL to BO, which makes me testy. He'll pander, they'll be smug: "Our Time Has Come."
    Please pray that NO fake-member of another religion will be prodded into pulling anything violent or mean, because that will only be used to slam ALL other believers.

  42. Hello, Kid in the Front Row, nice to hear from you. From your photo, you look about 8 years old. Come back when you're a little older......... but by then, WE WILL BE RID OF THAT MARXIST MUSLIM FROM INDONESIA BORN IN KENYA! Bwah, ha, ha, haaaaaaaaaaa!

    Aero (and all of you who attempted to educate our English visitor) well put. Hear, hear!

    C. S. Lewis is my FAVORITE author (the best writer, a writer's writer, I've ever read for style and writing skills -- and one of the all time greats for content). Great to see you mention him. Little Kid, we owe Great Britain (Lewis grew up in Belfast) an eternal debt of gratitude for enriching the world in the splendid bounty it has poured forth in its wealth of fine authors.

  43. Seriously, WELCOME, Little Kid. Is your avatar that delightful little boy in "Cinema Paradiso?" That is a wonderful movie. I need to watch that again.

    Sure hope you comment regularly, Kid. Hope you don't turn out to be yet another "drive by blogger" who just slows down, gives us a "Blast!" on the horn, then, zooms away. I've asked CONSERVATIVE GARDENER a question 3 TIMES and she or he NEVER RESPONDS because, CG is, apparently, just a "Toot! Toot!" outta here kind of blogger. Sigh. Oh, well.


    MRS1953! I am SO GLAD you posted. And relieved to find I have not offended you yet. (:S) Keep on dishing out those spicy comments.


    LOL, Shovel "'Obama may not be the sharpest tool in the shed...buteslyc' (translation = but he slick)" -- YOU ARE A SUPER TRANSLATOR. :D FUUUUuuuuuUUUUuuuuUUUUUUny.

    Glad you mentioned the "Whatchootalkin'bout, Willis?" look. [Gary Coleman] LOL, I was going to use that a few days ago (why, I can't remember) and was afraid no one would realize who/what I meant. I'm just going to go ahead from now on. SOMEBODY will get it. That was one of the most imitated lines of my youth -- just for the fun of it.

    Gary Coleman was (is) a fine actor. Did you catch his small role (AAAACK that pun was NOT intentional -- but, my leaving it was }:)]) in "American Carol" last year? He's one of the slaves on Michael Moore's plantation (since the peeeeeeaceniks prevented the Civil War and slavery was still around c. 2008). FUNNY (and movingly educational) movie (and tragic, at times, too).


    Dope is "slicker" than Slick Willy. Like black ice on a wintry road in the night, Dope doesn't appear to be slick. That's why he is more dangerous. If you shine the light of truth on him, though, and take a little time to slow down and analyze the situation, HE IS OBVIOUSLY AN IMPOSTER, the Con Man in Chief, the Fraud from Abroad [Shovel] the Pride of Kenya [Rattler?].

    [AND NO, Thought Police, the "black" of "black ice" has nothing to do with Barry Soetoro being half black.]

    More great info., Jamie! Thank you. Yeah, I do think Beck is a goofball, but he gets a lot of truth out there and he's definitely one of the good guys. Worth watching, just like Rush's show is worth listening to for the audio clips and news tidbits even though Rush is nauseatingly self-absorbed and rather dull. Hurrah! This Thursday, MARK STEYN (another gift of Great Britain) will host Rush's show.

    How lovely it must be, Jamie, to live in "South America" (LOL) where green O's go not appear EVERYWHERE, making it difficult to drive as you feel like hurling when you see ANOTHER one. Hard to avert your eyes when the jerk is in front of you going 50 in the FAST lane. So..... then I pass and cutrightin (while also accelerating sharply) to say, "Hey, zero IQ, get out of the passing lane!" AND GUESS WHO'S MAD! The little idiot who just couldn't manage to make his little idiotmachine go more than 50, is now right on my rear bumper doing 60, yelling and cursing and threatening to bite off my finger.

    I'M SO SICK OF SOCIALISTLIBERALS!!!! (Our state is heavily polluted.)

  44. Jamie, well said about the Republicans being the ones responsible for the balanced budget Clinton gets the credit for. You would make an excellent reporter for the Wall St. Journal. Wish you would replace some of those awfully liberal "What's News" and other general news item authors. It is really weird that a paper with a generally conservative, pro-free market, editorial policy has so MANY pro-socialist/liberal news writers.

    I read or subscribed to the WSJ for years, but in April, 2008, when a blatant anti-conservative remark appeared in the main Editorial,

    [Dear WSJ Editors: .... “Straw that broke the camel’s back” was: "But the speed at which Congress's student lending changes have gone south is raising political danger for Democrats, if Republicans had the wit to point it out. (They don't; that's why they're Republicans.) Online WSJ Opinion – Review and Outlook, “Bailout of the Year”

    I’m not a Republican, I’m a free market- loving, liberty, property rights, conservative. But a remark like that is disgusting and that does it for me."]

    that was ENOUGH. No more WSJ subscription for me.

    I miss that paper :( -- but I've found many other sources of equally fine information.


    RE: The latest from D'oh!bama, Malia has the same address as D'oh! Maya, ahem, has her own place across town. Mmmm, hm. NO WONDER Big Mo always looks SO MAD. Just wait till D'oh! calls Sasha "Stacia." She'll give him the EEeevil Eye.

    Mountain Mama -- thanks for the interview excerpts (gag!) and your elucidations. I cannot STAND to watch that wicked witch, Soetoro. Thanks for stomaching him again for the rest of us.

    Jimmah, the "not so emeritus" former pres. -- I LOVE IT. :D

  45. Kid in the front row:
    This blog is about the about the only place you get the dirt on The Magic Negro. So if you don't have anything nice to say, come sit by me.

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