Tuesday, September 1, 2009

D if For ...

Joe Biden said he was walking on air last night when Big Guy finally sealed the deal. One of his heroes is joining the team. You'll be hearing a lot more about this, but we've got a new member of the Cabinet, and it's really appropriate since he actually lives in a cabinet.

Elmo will be coming on board as Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security, in charge of flu policy. I'm assuming he will be developing how best to ensure everyone gets the flu in an equitable manner. Elmo drove a hard bargain - Bruno isn't allowed to stick his cold hands up the furry red guy's back - but what we're giving up in TV and publication rights it worth it to have a star of stage and screen of his stature joining the team.

Joey B says he's relieved to have another member of the team who feels comfortable moving his lips when he reads. Toes just seems happy to have a new puppet around for him to play with; he seems to be growing weary of the White House and national press corps. I'm just sorry the negotations between Timmy Geithner and The Count didn't work out; he would have been great to have around during budget time.


  1. Why stop with TV characters like Elmo? Big Guy already has the Three Stooges - Biden, Reid and Pelosi.

  2. Is it just me or does Elmo look a lot like Gibbs?

  3. Elmo and Gibbs do kinda look alike, but that's because they spent so much time together when they were college roomates that their stlyes became similar.

  4. Don't fear the Reaper???

    Big-O leaves "wake" in his wake. Coincidence?

    You decide at:

  5. I'd prefer "The Count" to Tim Geithner as SecTres. What's the difference? One can count and one can't...

  6. Elmo for equal health care. Tickle Elmo!

  7. Elmo Bruno and O could make a great Trio.
    Maybe the Pitch Puppets,the Ovations,or the O Tones.One could imagine them singing that
    O,O,O,O'Reilley jingle,and swinging it too,if it weren't for that unfortunate Fox plug.That would be counterproductive,as recent memos
    suggest they be shunned at every Opportunity.

    OT,TWW Mr Rodger's Neighborhood was not a favorite of mine either,except when Eddie Murphy played him hiding from Mr Landlord,on SNL.Google him up tho,and like Captain Kangaroo you will find Military heroism.
    That makes him my kind of guy.
    Every family here rates highly w me if that family has Military members.
    Proffering Preptillian praise seems insuficient by way of thanks.

    Certain loners here serve only by server.
    ALL have my gratitude.

  8. Too Funny! Can I nominate 'Miss Piggy' for Czar of pork?

  9. Elmo would be one shocked little cutie, if he knew what sort of folks he'll be working around there.

  10. Elmo is already on the government payroll, so I guess it makes sense to give him a job in BO's administration. What doesn't make sense is why in the world they decided to put him with Bruno. She'll scare the bajeebers out of him. Let's put some more Muppets in the cabinet to keep him company.

    Kermit the Frog is an obvious choice to help the green jobs czar - I mean, Special Advisor.

    Oscar the Grouch could help with Cash for Clunkers.

    Cookie Monster could work for the Secretary of Health and Human Services and teach people about obesity.

    Big Bird could team up with Hillary and help her simmer down when she visits Africa.

    Telly Monster could hype the global warming hysteria.

    Stinky the Plant could be assistant Secretary of Agriculture.

    And of course the Count will help Timmy the Tax Cheat.

  11. Wait, TOTUS, are you pulling our leg? I can't find anything about this on Drudge or Foxnews.com.

  12. I don't want to be a party-pooper, but its time for a reality check -

    The indoctrination of our children and grandchildren is about to begin in earnest:

    President Obama to make unprecedented address to all public school students on September 8, 2009.

    The "Teaching Ambassador Fellows, U.S. Department of Education" has even come up with a "Menu of Classroom Activities" to prepare our innocent PreK-6 children for his address:

    President Obama’s Address to Students Across America September 8, 2009


    Never before has the phrase "Government Schools" seemed more appropriate!

    And this is not to mention how the Obama Admin is partnering with the National Endowment of the Arts to produce "art" (propaganda) for ALL the masses. We are all about to be indoctrinated:

    Artists were == invited by the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) to take part in a conference call that invited a group of rising artist and art community luminaries “to help lay a new foundation for growth, focusing on core areas of the recovery agenda - health care, energy and environment, safety and security, education, community renewal.”==


  13. I guess puppets like to stick together politically speaking.

  14. All I could find on the net with Elmo and Obama was something about MO being on Sesame Street back in May:


    Maybe after Obama addresses our PreK-6 kids on the 8th, they plan to indoctrinate our toddlers next and have Obama address them on Sesame Street soon.

  15. Jamie, you're doing a tremendous job here of keeping us alert to the huge dangers of the plots of our Socialist in Chief and his administration. Thank you so much!

    Rattlesnake, I love your list of other Muppets to join BO's Cabinet. But never forget the Swedish Baker: "HEE-ew-DIE, BorDIE!" Just think: if BO makes him the Treasury Czar, he'll "cook the books" much better than Timmy does....

  16. TOTUS:
    I balk, sir, in protest over this particular Messiah's cabinet's fetish-like delight over the prospect of the public's incapacitation due to a flu, and focus on reminding us that all the government of Hope and Change can do is vaccinate the vulnerable too late.

    Now it re-introduces a character who though an attractive red possesses merely two democrat attributes; A. the voice of a castrated male choir singer who, though probably molested, B. speaks broken English with sly cuteness.

    This curmudgeon had better see most of the folk she knows down and dirty with a flu. And not the kind of flu this media hypes, which in itself produces enough nausea necessary to create at least the symptoms of a pandemic flu.

    Every year this media hypes hurricanes, which yes, destroy areas where human beings -when still the smarter type of hunter gatherer - had more sense not to set up expensive house. Yet anyone living in a hurricane zone clearly realizes that the best thing about hurricanes is: the hurricane party for the hurricane which never arrives.

    No rational person believes in Obama's flu. Only the media believes in Obama's flu. Obama's flu is the media's personal mission, to shove down our stoopid, sheeply throats: If we are all worried about catching Obama's flu and half of everyone we love dying, we will not notice that he and his ranks of illegal "czars" have created a shadow government the likes of which no liberal ever even imagined under George Bush: but you will not hear any liberal complaining. It is okay for Obama to do what liberals railed against, that they feared George would do, that George never did. Because Obama is a misunderstood, well intentioned Negro from the hood, and George was a white, gun toting religious idiot from Texas, where they hang negroes like Obama.

    I do not know anyone with the flu. I do not know anyone with a flu symptom. I live in New Mexico, where many illegals reside, who are supposed to be carriers of this flu. Nobody I know talks about this flu; this flu is the media's fantasy.

    This curmudgeon predicts an unseasonable mild flu season. Due to the fact that most Americans enjoy robust health and prosperity, no matter what Obama needs to happen in order to manifest George Soros's sick agenda.

  17. But they already have the Count at their disposal: Al Gore... One global warming lie, ah ha ha!

  18. Hmm..... Could be you're right, bettyann; BO and his Obots are certainly willing to try such a scam.

    Then again, a doc I know at the DC Command Center says they're privately concerned that the first to die was a Pakistani "tourist"----and it probably was no coincidence that this occurred right when BO was in the area.

    I hope you're right, bettyann. If you're wrong, though, let's not hold our breath that BO will grow a spine and stand up to the bioterrorists properly (or is it that he won't WANT to do so?----that this or a different terrorist event will provide precisely the "crisis" they'll take advantage of, to turn off our Internet and take over more companies?).

  19. MM:
    They don't need a real flu. Chrikies. Count the hypo-chondriacs on your own block.

    I don't believe in it. Not the vaccination, not the flu, and certainly not the hype. Frightened, you are open to "suggestion". Nobody wants an infant grandson sick. Realize that in news of it they make the flu sound like a reason to turn to the government, who has answered with Elmo.

    Elmo is a puppet from a children's theater production which indoctrinated kids of the 70's, 80's and 90's about race by leaving white people out. Piano guy was about as white as it got - he being the asshole who sang redundant and superfluous songs to smart character's objections ("When people like to eat they chew chew chew..." at Earnie' resturaunt).

    Elmo was a late comer, smart and sly, whose lower body moved at times as if atrophied. He did not fit in with the other characters, if you remember. He won all the popularity contests, though, even though he never had anything to say as important as Count, or Snuffaluppagus, and hadn't the character of Grouch. He just won, without trying - trust, approval, and love. He was cute in a curt and off-hand cocky way, besting Cookie monster and Big Bird effortlessly. A usurper, but accepted without challange by all the cast.

    Draw analogies or not, Elmo is being toted now as the wash your hands guru of the flu. Message: poor children. If they get sick? They have not listened to little red Elmo, President Obama's side kick. Wonderful Obama! Elmo's friend!

    Buck Ofelmo.

  20. LOL. Ol' Joe "LIPS" (Life Ins. Policy Stooge) Biden feels like he's walking on air, but..... he's actually skating on thin ice. Little does Joe suspect but (ssshhhh! don't tell anybody this, FOT's), with Peach-O's popularity plummeting, he had to take out a heftier policy:


    Just watch. Biden is going to have a little "accident" next time he's in the solvents aisle (and that will likely be soon) at Home Depot.

    Poor little guy (Elmo!). Let's just hope he gets put under the protection of Bo. I know that Bo now has a widespread and LOYAL underground dog network whose members will cheerfully and promptly whisk Elmo away to safety. Bo just needs to send the word (my German Shepherds sent him the codes last April).

    Prep. T. -- I LOVED that SNL Mr. Rodgers skit with Eddie Murphy. I watched it on an Eddie Murphy - SNL compilation last year. "It's a beautiful day in the neighborHOOD... it's a beeeyoooteeeful day for a neighbor .... Boys and girls! Can you spell.......?!

    Well, good for Fred for serving in the wonderful U.S. Armed forces. Poor guy left with a disability or something I guess -- well (!) the way he was always getting into and out of his duds.... I think he spent a lot of time in the medical unit being evaluated, perhaps, for Klinger's syndrom.... .

    Seriously, yes, indeed, he is to be admired for his service.

  21. Well, thank you, Betty Ann! I have never watched Elmo and only have, correction, HAD the vaguest idea of his true nature. Yuck! Sounds like he's liberal propaganda personified -- "everyone is a winner" -- by which the faster or brighter or more talented pegs are pounded down, impoverishing our society as a whole.

    I hope Elmo falls under a train! (When Biden gets wind of my Life Ins. Policy theory, he just may take him part-way home with him on the Amtrak -- heh, heh).

    It's late and my typing is deteriorating, so, I'll just end with this true story.

    Elmo and "Bear" the German Shepherd

    When our shepherd puppy, "Bear," was a year old, we threw a little party for him in the backyard. One of his presents was a Tickle Me Elmo doll I found at Goodwill. Bear loved to rip and tear things apart (especially shoes and socks!), so I thought he'd have a grand time (under supervision so he wouldn’t eat it, too) ripping his "dolly" to shreds. [We have no little children around to be freaked out by this.]

    Well, Bear stared hard at that dolly. Then, after a major sniffing inspection, he gingerly picked it up and trotted over to his favorite chewing spot under the apple tree. Tossing it down, Bear got the fright of his life when Elmo (voice box still intact) rasped in an eery, garbled, voice, "Oooh, that tickled! [macabre giggle]."

    Bear tore across the yard not stopping until he was 50 feet away from Elmo. To make a long story short, it took little (big in size, but still all puppy) Bear about a week before he would have much to do with "that dangerous dolly." Then, something snapped and he just grabbed it and shook it and it kept giggling and the hair went up on Bear's back, but he hung on.

    Two days later, Elmo was in about 30 pieces, scattered over the yard, his creepy giggle silenced forever.

    To tell you the truth, it kind of bothered me to watch those big jaws tearing into the little furry guy with the big eyes saying helplessly, "Ooooh, that tickles."

    But, Betty Ann, now I feel NO REMORSE. Elmo is evil.

    Yeah, yeah, I know, Mountain Mama, he could still be saved from the Dark Side, but, until he repents and reforms, he is evil. End of story.

    Well, I suppose for some of you this post was a really weird start to your day.


    Rattlesnake, love the puppet/muppet (great pun, Ellen K) analogy. Too tired to pick up on it. I’d like to think, though, that Oscar and Kermit’s heart’s beat red-white-and-blue and would NOT aid Dope’s gang of thugs in promoting Environazi fantasy science schemes including the ridiculous cash-for-clunkers debacle. Big Bird WOULD do just that – he was a walking tranquilizer. Heh, heh.

    Zzzzzzzzzz. G’night.

  22. Thanks again for the links, Jamie. I have no problem with the POTUS giving an address to students per se, but some of the questions are disconcerting, to say the least. I like one of the comments about the article:

    "Why is it important that we listen to the President and other elected officials, like the mayor, senators, members of congress, or the governor? Why is what they say important?" And why am I so certain that these questions would never be asked of a Republican president?


    Mountain Mama, I loved your comment about the Swedish Chef "cooking the books." LOL


    Bettyann, I know two people who are worried about the swine flu: my mom and my boss. I have so many things to worry about that the flu seems like no big deal. I will not take the vaccine, because of what happened in the 1970s flu scare.

    You're wrong about Sesame Street leaving white people out, though. They had Bob and Mr. Hooper, until Mr. Hooper died in the 80s and they replaced him with Gina. They also had Linda, but she was deaf, so maybe she counts as a "minority." Maybe the fact that I'm defensive about show indicates that it did brainwash me in my youth. But I do see that it pushed "diversity," "inclusiveness" and caring for the environment. But I became solidly conservative by the time I entered college. Propaganda only works if the target doesn't hear other views to balance it out, and fortunately both of my parents taught me traditional American values. It seems like very few kids get that balance anymore, as they're raised by daycare.

    TTW, your story about your German shepard and Tickle Me Elmo is funny.

    Well, I have to go to work and stuff (thank God I still have a job).

  23. Sometime in the last year they removed Cookie Monster from Sesame Street...he was a bad influence on kids. It was all his fault that kids were obese at a young age. They replaced him with some veggie eating monster. Why they couldn't just work with him to alter his eating habits and show more restraint; show that people can enjoy some cookies if balanced with a healthy diet.

    My teenage daughters were just talking about it the other day as we shopped for back to school supplies. Saw some Elmo crap on backpacks or something like that.

    I was forced to get flu shots every year for 20 years in the Air Force...no more. I will not get them, nor do I make my daughters get them. The percentage of people who get the flu, and even more catastrophic, die from it is very low. I would rather suffer the few days of misery. Besides, I have still caught the flu even with the vaccine. I prefer to use a homepathic remedy called "Oscillococcinum".

  24. I guarantee you that the WH snobs and Frauds, as well as members of Congress, will not get he same Swine Flu shots that is being foisted off on the general public.

    I advise against taking anything from the Government.

  25. MRS1953,
    (A very good year, that was the first year of the Chevy Corvette.)

    Re:"I guarantee you that the WH snobs and Frauds, as well as members of Congress, will not get he same Swine Flu shots that is being foisted off on the general public."

    Of course they won't get flu shots. It contains a truth serum and the last thing any of those bozos will do is tell the truth.

    My daughter has an old VHS of "Elmo in Grouch Land" Once again life is imitating art.

    Finally, it is nice to see the WH is properly vetting its staff. Other than TOTUS, Elmo is the only other staff member who is not evading taxes or has previous associations of questionable character.

    Shouldn't Toes be Animal?

    I would think Gibbsy and Bawney Fwank could be Bert and Ernie.

  26. CD Birdie:
    Thank you for your service!

    shovel ready:
    I had actually pictured Bawney as Miss Piggy. He could even do double duty as Bawney playing Miss Piggy playing Hillary, all in pink chiffon. Imagine his delight.

  27. bettyann,

    That works, Bawney as Miss Piggy. Because he can actually say "Cowabunga" and it can be understood.

    I have heard he just loves the drag races.

    I am sure Gibbsy has an Ernie somewhere.

  28. DID THEY REALLY DUMP COOKIE MONSTER!? How PC of them, the nitwits.

    The cutest part about Cookie Monster was NOT that he liked cookies, because, after all, who doesn't like them!?

    NO, the best part about him was his perseverance. He kept finding ways around everyone, so he could BY HEAVEN get himself those COO-KEES! Then he'd laugh----just like TWW's "BWAH-HAAA-HAAA!" and run off, with cookies in hand---er, in mitt.

    Sigh.... I bet the Veggie Monster is a chore-bore.

  29. CD Birdie - I discovered "Oscillococcinum" (also called Anas barbariae) a few years back. I have a thyroid condition that prevents me from taking a lot of medicines, so I was trying to find SOMETHING, ANYTHING otc that I could take and not have to go to the dr. I found that Os.. num works really well. Plus its neat the way you take it - like "pop rocks".

    Os..num is the #1 flu medication used in France, maybe in Europe. But folks, the ingredients and how it is made is kinda gross. (It involves the pacreas, livers and hearts of ducks.)

    Here is the info about it - http://www.homeowatch.org/history/oscillo.html

  30. Mrs1953, since all the cookies are on the internet, then Obama's Cyber Security Czar will be Cookie Monsters.

    Of course, Obama's selections for that post keep quitting.....

  31. But you still haven't told us what it was like to sub with Biden on that speech at the Brookings Institution!

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