Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Major Disaster

It's already been a busy morning over here at the White House. With Michelle over in Denmark, it was a guy's night up in the residence. Big Guy, Toes, Gibbsy and I played "Guitar Hero" into the wee hours and then stayed up and played "Light as a Feather Stiff as a Board." Of course, Rahm had to ruin it with his childish double entendres. And big surprise - Big Guy won. He's always good at being stiff.

So we were a bit bleary eyed this morning when Hillary Clinton, the assistant to Secretary of State Richard Holbrooke, stopped by and announced that Big O had to declare a major disaster.

"What do you mean? I've only been in office six months," Big Guy said. When Gibbsy pointed out that it had really been nine months, Big Guy said that he wasn't counting July, August or September because they sucked for him, and that he'd already signed an executive order declaring those months part of the Bush Administration.

Rahm said that kind of executive order didn't count, and while those guys were bickering, Hillary tried to interrupt them to tell them she was talking about the tsunami that hit the Samoas. Big Guy got further confused, thinking something bad had happened to the girls' Girl Scout cookie stash. Finally, after about an hour of whiteboarding the whole thing, we were all on the same page.

After a session like that, it made us wish we hadn't sent all those briefers and advisers with Lady M. But as Big Guy says, it's all about choices when you're the leader of the free world. Boy is he right.


  1. Surely a little thing like a tsunami won't interfere with the party bus to Copenhagen?

  2. Totus, thanks for a good laugh this morning. The girl scout cookie stash had me in stitches!

  3. What's a tidal wave when you're partying in Copenhagen?

    I can see Michelle squealing, "Let them eat cake", as she takes s big gulp from a magnum of champagne.

  4. TOTUS - will Big Guy be able to properly redistribute the damages and effects of the tsunami so that only those making over $250K will be affected by it?

  5. "So we were a bit bleary eyed this morning when Hillary Clinton, the assistant to Secretary of State Richard Holbrooke, stopped by..."

    Good God TOTUS. What a thing to spy first thing after a boy's night out. I recommend an hair of the dog. Better yet, in case she's still around, just keep drinking. That way when His Majesty talks, the entertainment is worth the nausea.

  6. TOTUS,
    Luckily you were able to double as a TV screen so that Big Guy could keep an eye on Copenhagen and then switch channels to Fox News to decide how to help American Samoa and Western Samoa. Good multitasking!

  7. TOTUS:
    Was it Our Messiah's idea to light the Empire State building red, in honor of our landlord?


  8. It's fitting that Big Guy will be following Lady M to Copenhagen.

    Dare I say it? "Something is rotten in the state of Denmark"

    Perhaps BO will get a visit from the ghost of his father too...

  9. Thank God we will always have Thin Mints.

  10. Until the Sugar Tsar taxes those tasty treats!

  11. no, no, the chocolate covered peanut butter ones! yum yum yum

    peanut butter good for you

  12. TOTUS, You haven't mentioned the fact that OPRAH flew over to Copenhagen WITH the Mrs.! Isn't your boss worried?

    After all, Me-chelle IS a wee bit jealous of Oprah because she is rich, famous, was instrumental in getting Barry elected (while Me-chelle hurt his chances every time she opened her mouth) AND her name starts with an "O"!!!!

    Did she carry an extra case or two of Samoa's to snack on in case the stress got too much?

    You know, I'll bet she uses them to lure Oprah to her suite, knowing that Big-O will scarf them down and get that much bigger (than her).


    BTW, not ALL Chicagoans want the Olmpics to come there -

    === Members of No Games Chicago, the group that organized the rally, are headed to Copenhagen to tell the IOC that Chicago is in such financial straits it cannot afford the games and is such a hotbed of political corruption it doesn't deserve them.

    "We are bringing materials to back up our claim that Chicago is not fit to host the games," said Tom Tresser, an organizer for the group. ===

  13. A new website for concerned moms has been started by one of the "9/12 Project" moms who went to D.C. for the protest:

  14. This seeming obession with the olympics is odd. I mean, when I was a kid, every kid dreamed of being an Olympian. We were expected to exceed ourselves in sports, in competition, indeed - the competitive spirit was encouraged.

    This is not the case today, by any means. So much so that who even watches the Olympics anymore? The Olympics commanded American attentoin back in the day. Today, it is doubtful it will compete with normal programming.

    The Messiah has a whim, and the world must sit up and obey. That's how it appears from my perspective. In the meantime, heroes have lives on the line at war - Obama's war, and his terrible inconvenience.

    Mr. President; you, your staff, your entourage, your robotic followers, and your horrid wife are a black comedy. You are a straw man. Tonight the Empire State Building glows red in honor of Evil, and you did nothing but usher such an event into the lives of every American. You are our shame. I am ashamed of my president.

  15. Ditto to that!

    Unlike the first-lady (?), I've ALWAYS been proud of our country. BO is quickly turning it into something more like a third-world country. So much so that France is starting to look good in comparison!


    I've been over at Michelle's Mirror blog. Boy, has SHE been busy. I had to read weeks worth of blogging. Hmm, her writing style sure seems familiar.


    Today's post is hilarious - here is a sample to whet your appetite for some great sarcasm:

    === She brought Valerie Jarrett to help because Rahmbo is busy back in Washington strangling small animals to send to senators who aren’t voting for Big Guy’s health care bill. ===

    That made me cackle! (after all, I am a hen.)

  16. I did not get to hear Rush today, and I missed what is the best call I have ever heard on his program. A woman, named Susan, with passion proclaimed outrage like a rally call to war.

    Rush has set it up to listen to for free, and also posted the entire transcript. I feel energized, this woman has energized me competely. Please, if you do nothing else tonight FOTae, read this transcript, or listen to it.

    By God, Caller Susan, you said you didn't know how to rally people, and you are wrong! I have not been doing all I can, and I feel your passion too. Rush said to focus on Reid.

    Harry Reid, you are toast, Mister. One little Mom has rallied the army. You had better get a day job.

  17. I am so sorry to bother you with this detail, dearest TOTUS:

    But, is that a tablecloth strapped around her big ass, and are those really green shoes??

    What is it with the green shoes??

  18. FOTs, I've had a day with my hubbie, and now am watching an old movie with him. It's been great----BUT I have missed you, and TOTUS of course! WOWEE, two posts in two days: HEAVEN!

    Okay, the red Empire State Building is just a SIGN, folks, of Better Things NOT to Come: we're IN for it, and "it" is the sort of lackey-communism Hong Kong is experiencing. (sigh...)

    I agree with Jamie (plus I know from Chi-Town politics) that BO is merely on a mission from GOD, namely Richie Daley, to get those Olympics for their moneyed crew (to create yet even MORE yen!) of the Windy City----or ELSE! (Remember the river?)

    Gotta go; I'm missing the movie! More later, dear FOTs, and I promise to view the URLs you cite, bettyann, et al.!

  19. First the Ridiculous: I looked at the clip of MoButt...oh, excuse me, did I mean to say Moby Butt?...anyway, that's a whole lot of butt, whatever we call it. I was especially captivated with the photographer who was knelt down taking pictures, and it looked exactly as if he was snapping away at that large expanse, as if he could be saying WOW, will you look at that side o' beef!!! No one will believe it if I don't get a bunch of pictures to show them...maybe I better take a lot more...

    Now the Sublime: The Wondrous Susan on Rush's show. I love finding just the right word to express things, but I am at a loss here, other than Perfectly Sublime. Susan's words must be circulated as far and wide as we possibly can. I don't think I've ever heard all our distress,frustration, and heartache expressed so perfectly.

    I think I'll go back and read that transcript all over again...

  20. Uh, I liked the shoes, but not the tablecloth.

    I did hear Rush today and "Susan from Glendale" was fabulous! (Made me wish he said Susan was one of his all time favorite female names.) I did have a small tear in my eye as I was was cheering her on!

  21. Hilarious post, TOTUS, you've really outdone yourseld. Did Joey B feel left out because he didn't get invited to the sleepover, or was he too busy watching SpongeBob in his bunker to notice?

  22. MTVA:
    Had to take a look at the video again and you're right - that man knelt to single out the BOTUS. A picture paints a thousand words, after all. Then if you watch closely, the ladies on the tarmac are trying their damndest NOT to stare at that thang, and failing. I mean, the dress looks like a papoose designed especially to hold a baby elephant, just the size of her...I'm sorry, I can't call that a butt. I have to call in a portable couch.

  23. Susan:
    Just to say something nice, I will permit that the Towers would still be standing if they had been constructed like the heels of those shoes.

  24. I heard the lady on Rush. I was SO impressed by what she said and the fact that Rush kept her on without interruption (well, 1 obscene prosperity break)... I was afraid -as she started to get worked up- that she would be 'over the top' but no. Right on!

    So many of us feel SO helpless because there does not seem to be anything we can DO RIGHT NOW. The 2010 elections seem to be the first opportunity for us to exercise our rights/opinion but in the meantime our Congress, our President, etc. are driving the bus over a cliff... and there seems to be nothing we can do about it.

    Susan voiced my frustration in this manner. I do not want to wait another day-much less until November 2010-to be heard. I do not want to have to try to undo all of this legislation. I do not want to have to fix the errors our "representatives" are compounding every day.


    Although many of us want someone to look to; to lead we do not have that right now. I think that is another area of frustration. We know that there are millions of 'us' out there. We need a LEADER - the RIGHT leader- but in the meantime we need a destination (like TOTUS's blog) where we can complain, commiserate, educate, support, rally, plan/strategize and ACT!

    We have the numbers, we need to organize! Wouldn't it be great to have a site to check and find all of these things? We could go from that network and expand!
    I am done rambling for now!

  25. Would someone please fill me in on the lighting of the Empire state building... I have only seen it alluded to in posts here.

  26. debbdi:,2933,557823,00.html?mep

    In honor of our landlords, to whom The Won handed us on a platter.

  27. OH, TWW, I woke up during the night, mad at myself because while I DID REMEMBER to pray for your hubby and his surgery (yipes!), I forgot to mention it last night: ack! I pray all went VERY well, and he's healing quickly.

    Meanwhile, Susan yesterday on Rush was TERRIFIC, and ALL of us, debbdi, are with ya, wishing we could do something NOW!
    WHAT to do, though, is the problem. I suppose a lot of us compensated (so to speak) by pre-ordering a lot of Sarah Palin books. (Yippee, again!)

    It's sort of pointless to write/call frequently my legislators, because they're almost all conservatives who are voting vs. the Obots. BUT in other, more liberal states, we can keep calling and writing our Congresspeople!

    I know! We can send money to help the campaigns of conservative candidates, although we're all stretched financially as it is with the tanking economy.
    (We are: we don't WANT to own the cabin----we can't afford two homes----but in this economy, we can't sell it.)

    We can remember always fervently to pray. Because God shares God's power with us in that mode, prayer has more power than we realize!

    Jamie, Sir Preptile, MTVA, bettyann, Susan, and other brilliant FOTs, what would you suggest we do RIGHT NOW as a national conservative effort to GET RID of these corrupt, conniving politicians in DC?

    (I still think we should impeach Obama, for not working hard to help supply our troops adequately, or take time from his TRIPS to come up with a strategy there, which HE says we don't have, though it's obvious that the generals there disagree. I think that's a high crime and treason!)

  28. Send money to whoever runs against

    Mmmm, mmmm, mmm.

  29. I think Rush said it right - support the opponents running against liberals, rhino's and sychophants seeking re-election. That means finding out who they are, talking about them in public to get the name out there, and sending money, encouragment and ideas and opinions. There is a leaderless army out here, waiting to mobilize. And we are pissed off, passionate, and right.

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  31. Susan inspired me yesterday on Rush,and I had email in to Snerdley before
    her second segment started.
    She truly rocked.

    Wadda wacko that was on TV yesterday though .
    Maybe his Mom jeans feel a little tighter today,or his loafers a little lighter.
    He is mighty popular in his Kumbya circle though,at the Dancing w the Stars viewing party,one imagines.

    One also imagines his Vulvo seats will be sagging after Skye,Star,Sage,Stone et all skip to soccer practice together as tweenagers.
    Those boys had best watch out for Bob,Butch,and Hairey from the real
    football team.
    They might make fun of the less manly amongst the boys.
    Daddy's bravado in grandstanding notwithstanding,they are being driven
    towards a life of metroish,earringed,
    weeniedom in carseats and a Volvo no less.

    I wonder if that is what mom thought best.
    Most dads would not.
    With names like the above tho,it is clear who wore the 501s in the family.

    This illustrates the law of unintended consequences as when the African poor will
    in huge numbers, suffer when world currency is worthless.
    They will be hoping for your spare'change'.
    That dollar a month Kenyan hut will now cost $4.Dogfood?Double.
    Unintended consequences will soon destroy the Democrat party and the MSM,as well ,as they have chosen Hari Kiri ,followed by self immolation for their group .

    The movie MASH noted that suicide was indeed,the sincerest form of self
    It is either noble or nice of them not to notice they are swan diving
    into a volcano.

    Since we seemingly are powerless to stop anything they do anyway,we had best be
    content in applauding such fine final form.

    Failing finality tho,and in response to MM's
    query,I suggest we promote a powerful Presidential PAC promoting both Rush and Sarah as the answer to what ails us.
    Rush coud finance the first truly conservative ticket since Reagan,without force feeding us that RHINO(Romney,McCain etc)quiche lately being served by our party.

    Real men don't eat quiche.

    And those w actual cahones,male or female,
    would not mind mooseburgers instead.

    The real beauty of this are the benefits to our team,not only the political.
    Excess acidity and Hemmorhoids would flourish among our opponents.
    Rolaid sales would go thru the roof,as would those of PREParation H...(eh).
    Pagan prophecy?
    Prudence portends preparation tho,as we most certainly should be preparing for the worst.

    Expect it from the One.

  32. After seeing Preptile's latest entry, I just have to dust off this old joke:

    What's the difference between Sarah Palin and Barack Obama?

    One is a well-turned-out, good-looking, and let's be honest, pretty sexy piece of eye-candy.

    The other kills her own food.

  33. THe name of the guy running against John Murtha is ....

    Lt. Colonel William T. Russell, USAR

    I just got a letter requesting a donation. (I donated to his campaign two years ago and plan to do so again. I can't stand Murtha!)

    Here is a link to his website:

  34. There are groups on the internet where you can find names of Conservative Candidates.

    Here is one such site that I found:

    The Conservative Underground
    Social network for conservatives -

    I'll look around for some more

  35. I googled 'Conservative candidates 2010' and got oodles of sites to check out.

    This site has a 'Conservative candidates room' where folks post the name(s) of conservative candidate(s).

    Citizens United Political Victory Fund has a list of conservative candidates that they are supporting:

    And here is an article about 55 Democrat seats that the Republican Party plans to target, with the name of ther Republican running against them (although I don't know if they are actually conservatives - would need to research)

  36. There is a new documentary that sounds like the kind of movie that our kids and grandkids should be shown in school instead of a video about a cross-dressing teen ....

    === “Rediscovering God in America II: Our Heritage”

    A new documentary detailing the history of the United States from the first colony in Virginia through the Civil War focuses on the beliefs of the nation’s founders and the written documents that grant each citizen freedom of religion and the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    The film, “Rediscovering God in America II: Our Heritage,” is not a commentary on the Founding Fathers’ theology or lack thereof. It is an oral history using in the founders’ own words to describe how God played a role in America becoming a nation of religious liberty and tolerance.

    The documentary is the second in a series of films produced by the conservative group, Citizens United. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and his wife Callista “guide” viewers along the historical route the nation has taken since the first Europeans settled here in 1607. ===

  37. Barack you are so articulate!

    A daily dose of truth, the right way.

  38. Jamie, Sounds like a fantastic documentary which almost all but guarantees that kids in the public school system will never EVER see it in a classroom.
    Instead, they'll hear how BO and Big MO sacrificed to fly to Denmark to get the Olympics in Chicago. While no mention of the real sacrifices our brave men and women in uniform perform with valor and honor.

    I'm more and more convinced that Big MO encouraged BO to run for pres so that she could see the world on our dime.
    They sicken and disgust me. Certainly the only thing rotten is not only in the state of Denmark, but unfortunately will be back on our shores.

    I'm grateful, however, to all of you fantastic FOTs and of course TOTUS for getting me through the day with your witticisms, insights and inspirations.

    TWW - Prayers to you and your husband's speedy recovery

  39. Did you know that doctors are in to protest the Health Care Reform? Its being called the "Million Med March".

    I just heard them talk about it on Fox (Hannity).

    Has ANYBODY reported on this?


    The following is a different issue - I'll just let you watch the video and tell me what you think.

  40. TWW, hoping to hear encouraging news soon. Be encouraged by all our prayers (thanks Dorothy, and everyone).

    Rattlesnake, I figured Joey B for more of a Sesame Street kinda guy. (chuckle, smirk)

    Lookit all this discussion your idea started, debbidi! Great job! Now we just need to send MOOLAH to these terrific conservative candidates. Better yet, BECOME candidates, FOTs: your good sense and character are needed in high office!

    Susan and MTVA, maybe MO has embraced her wide derriere. She seems almost to FLAUNT it, BLESS HER HEART!

    HILARIOUS joke, Lady Gray! BO is SUCH a Metrosexual B-O-R-E!!!!!!!! And I loved the "Honor" idea, bettyann. Yep, BO has ZERO: our Zero Hero. (ralph)

    Jamie, your research is just fantastic. GOOD that the doctors marched! (I hope to see SOME coverage of it somewhere. YOOHOO, MSM! Cover the NEWS, remember?!)

    I've read that somewhere, Jamie, about the meaning of Obama's names, as pronounced in Hebrew. (Sharp intake of breath....)

    Okay, I'll bite: I wonder if BO was raised as a communist mole. Look, because he was raised by his grandparents, who had a creepy friend (BO admitted this in his first book): Frank Marshal Davis. He was BO's mentor as a teen, and FMD also was a renowned communist author who took photos----well, visit the Atlas Shrugged website of Pam Geller's to see BO's Mom in her birthday suit.

    I wonder this also because BO's "meteoric rise" to the top was unprecedented, just surreal. He truly must have been (created?) selected, prepped, and promoted for his role as POTUS. And he doesn't care WHAT Americans want or dislike: he's on a mission from.... well, whoever....

  41. Dear Jamie, Preptile (bwah, ha, haaaa :D), and Dorothy,

    Thank you so much for your prayers.

    Thank you again to those I already thanked at the bottom of the "'Who's been sitting in my chair?' said Papa Bear" thread.

    You guys write such great stuff. Wish you would ignore that freak of a troll. I only scanned. My eyes are SO TIRED I can hardly keep them open.

    GOOD NEWS!! The "major, high risk" -- AACK! --surgery went super-well. The team of neurosurgeons at this hospital is world class. We are not out of the CCU woods yet, but we are past the Ordeal and the sun filters down through the trees lighting our path with bright hope.

    You FOTS are SOOO COOL.

    Still praying for you and your husband, MM. And for all those I've listed before with military family members.

    Up early to hit the highway again tomorrow.

    You can figure all is well unless you hear from me. I'll keep you posted. I have very little free time for now.

    Thanks so much for caring. You have done much to encourage me.

    Take care,


  42. GREAT NEWS, TWW! Give our love to your husband, and let him know we're still praying for him. (Yikes! "Neurosurgeons!"---? Hang IN there. "Lord, HELP!")

    Thanks, TWW, for directly my attention to the dim bulb, I mean troll at the end of the last thread. WOW, did he step in it?!----you were RIGHT, bettyann!----and POW! You gave it to him, Mrs1953, right in the frontal lobe!
    Yeah, bettyann, The Prepster pulled the Vulvo joke the first time a few threads ago, causing TWW to ask, "Hunh!?" It's a subtle joke, but effective: Tee Hee!

    I com-pah-LEET-ly neglected to praise your Pointed Posts, Preptile Pardnar! There were perfect! I similarly nauseated by BO/MO/user-Obots, and frankly I hope all BO does is help Toyko or Madrid get the Olympics. ("Who does he think he IS, anyway----the twirp?")

    Yep, I already caught it that you were religion-less, Prep. Remember when I thought you were High Church-derived, though? You had liturgical knowledge----from thy parents?

    And of course it's OBVIOUS that you're definitely a guy. Hmm.... Don't forget that there's John here, and David, Solomon, and LL! Yippee, we're not all hens!
    ;-> :-)

    Hang in there, FOTS!

    I can't believe it, but for teh FORTIETH time this week, BO has once again broken in on Glenn Beck's TV show! Really, I bet GB would like to punch someone's lights out by now.

    BO got off the jet about 30 minutes ago, and you know what?! ALREADY he is just about to speak to the Olympic Games Committee! Talk about running on a a tight schedule!

    Here's his presentation -
    First, a video: Chicago is "Home of the Blues." It has a fair ground (whoopee), parks, blues bands (NEAT!), the El, ballet, huge concerts (been to those), the Art Institute, cool silver sculptures----and so we are reminded of the COLORS of the city: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

    SPeaking of gold, guess what color dress/sweater MO is wearing? YOU BETCHA!
    (Wait! That's the TRULY elegant woman's line! SORRY!)

    The US Olympic Committee's President, Larry Probst, is one DULL speaker. Make that, dull GUY. He assures the committee that Chicago will "deliver" a fantastic event!

    He introduces Mayor Daley! Ack! I didn't realize HE would be there! He mentioned the two black runners in the 1930's games in Berlin, and how they were both from Chicago. Hmm.... I didn't realize that! WOW, does he look like his Dad, only cuter; his cheeks aren't quite that chubby, and he looks more cheerful. Not hard pulling THAT off.

    "I pledge to you today that Chicago will deliver, because in Chicago, we don't just talk about what to do; we do it!" Don't even GO there, Richie!

    Oh really! "The people want the games in Chicago!" No-oo.... Only 51% want them; over 47% do NOT want them there! AH, Richie, Richie; where'd ya learn to fib, dear!?
    Oh, yeah; I forgot.

    Lord, he's trying to threaten the committee with glares, while alternating with tight smiles. ACK!!!!!!! ("Listen up, committee: give the games to us, or we'll deliver to YOUSE!")

    OH MY GOD: they are actually playing a tape now of CHILDREN who are pitching Chicago! IS there NOTHING SACRED to these libs!?
    Guess not....

  44. The kids speak about sunrise, togetherness, teamwork, and their love of the city.
    OH, wouldn't you KNOW!? Now there's a TEACHER who is speaking about Chicago.
    And now there's a MUSLIM WOMAN! GOOD GRIEF!
    And a Chicago policeman!

    FINALLY, some child finally is prompted to bring up celebrating SPORTS! It's about time..... BUT THEN, that video ends.

    Patrick G. Ryan is speaking now----the chair of the Olympic Bid Commmittee. He's evidently been taught to gesture while speaking----but it's awfully wooden. No doubt BO is smiling to himself, "Thankfully, I'm here, and I HAVE A GIFT!"

    Ah, Ryan's big finish: he's gesturing with BOTH arms! WOW! "For the next 7 years, we will focus EXCLUSIVELY on being your committed partner." Yeah, no doubt about it: they'll join themselves to you at the hip!

    His dentures are loose. It's embarrassing. Either that, or his mouth is dry from the pressure. "Chicago is clean, safe, and beautiful." Oh, come ON! Maybe beautiful from a distance. But clean and safe?! Not in your dreams. Sorry; I loved many features of Chicago when I lived, studied, and worked there, but let's not be silly.

    Now it's a slide show again. Lots of fireworks, restaurants, and smiling young faces. Yeah, those things ARE neat in Chicago.

  45. Bryan Clary, 2008 Gold Medal Winner, is speaking, as is another young-ish woman. She gestures, too. Didn't catch her name. She's in a wheelchair. (They're doing a great job with hitting all the special interest groups, aren't they?)

    Here's her pitch: "The Olympians will have a private beach, spacious rooms, and a private village for the athletes.... We've secured over 78,000 hotel rooms." WOW! (But I bet the other nations will pitch the same way....)

    Where is this land they're planning to use? It sounds like it's right downtown! If it's Valerie Jarrett's land, then it was bought with low-interest loans from the government. Isn't that a shock!

    No, the two young people didn't say that last paragraph.

    OH! The next guy is speaking French, with a GHASTLY accent. (I studied le francais for nine years, and actually learned a great accent from my prof. from France, who was fierce about our learning it. She was from a very wealthy family in Paris and knew PICASSO! She showed us her family slides of him. She also witnessed the murder by Nazi firing squad of her Jewish friends. How perfectly mind-bending.)

    Sorry; I digress----but as the one fellow is speaking French (sorta), Fox News cut away to a commercial! How DARE they!? (Well, that's easy: they dare, because no one else is even covering this event! Not CNN, not C-Span----either one.

    Oh! They're back, and he's given up and is speaking English now. He's mentioning that Chicago will be able to help the Olympics be more popular because of computers and corporate involvement. Probably true.

    You know what? If < I > were a European, I'd be LIVID with this presentation! It's all "We are the ONLY city that can do enough for you!"

    Lord, another video of children who are pitching Chicago. There's the Muslim woman again, in black. "If the world came here, we'd all be one team, in one boat, moving together." Okay, cue the ralphing....

    Who are we kidding!? These kids would all MUCH, MUCH prefer to go to OTHER NATIONS for the Olympics! They can easily go to Chicago at any time.

    OW! They have now shown the Muslim woman THREE MORE TIMES on this video, all within a few seconds! "Together we can," she says. Can WHAT!? we might ask....

    NOW it's MO! Oh! SHe ays the games would occur on the South Side. Well, Hyde Park, here we come! Just as when the World Fair was there. Lord, she's choking up, as she speaks about how she shared the Olympics and sports with her Dad (who is, we assume, deceased, though she doesn't SAY that).

    She's saying that the Olympics is a way to assure children that sports are for them, too. She's "asking" the Olympics Committee this, and I AM GOING TO THROW UP! SHE IS FORCING HERSELF TO CRY HERE! In his early 30's he was diagnosed with MS. Okay, that's sad, for sure. But why should they give the Games to HER, to her DAD, rather than to OTHER cities which are equally full of Dads who are sick? Such undignified pandering here..... using your dead dad. Sounds just as fakey as when Gore whined about his sister, or his son. Their suffering was real, but his weeping was NOT! And hers is so ridiculously, obviously FORCED on CUE!

    Oh, her VOICE is cracking. I AM GOING TO RALPH HERE! What!? Has the whole world gone mad, to be affected by such wanton weepiness!?

    Oh, here he comes.....

  46. He lifts his chin. He is HERE, and they should be honored!

    He smiles, bequeathing it to them. They should feel so blessed to hear him, to be near him, to follow him.... Oh, wait; not yet.

    "I know you face a difficult choice.... So I've come here today to urge you to select Chicago.... I never really had roots in one place or culture or ethnic group.... Then I came to Chicago and worked with every nationality.... Chicago is where citizens from 130 nations inhabit a rich tapestry of ethnic neighborhoods."

    True dat. I just wish HE weren't saying it, he's so vain. "This is a city where I finally found a home." Well, then, that's all they need to know! After all, it's ALWAYS all about HIM!

    "We know how to put on big events." True.
    "Chicago is a city where the practical and inspiration exist in harmony." True.

    WHY, TOTUS! I just saw a bit of YOU there! Or is it a cousin of yours?

    "We see so much of ourselves in these games. That's why we want them in Chicago, in America."
    HEAR THAT!? It's STILL all about HIM!

    "Nearly one year ago, people of every area of the world gathered to watch the results of our presidential election. Your interest was rooted in a set of universal ideals, your interest sprung from the hope that our diversity can be a source of strength.... and we could learn to live and prosper together. That work has begun in earnest."

    Lord, what a load of POOP! Why does this man insist upon constantly referencing HIMSELF!?

    "We don't know what the next few years can bring. But we would like to welcome the world back into our neighborhood. We want the chance to ignite the world once more."
    Oh yick.... I literally feel nauseated.

    The whole point of this balderdash is to make them SWOOOOON over his prose, and be swept up in his magnificent vagueries!
    Didn't work for me....

    Prince Albert of Monaco just asked about The Windiest Question on earth. Nor your most articulate fellow. Poor guy; still bald.

    You know, these guys are offering a TON of amenities here, but JUST GUESS who's going to be STUCK with the bill?! We drones....

    MAN, are they SUCKING UP to the specific committee members now!? Smiles galore!

    They're going to use the lakefront park system, too. THAT is smart, actually.

    I. Could. Barf. Someone asked BO a question, and he stumbled through answering it SANS TOTUS! WOW, what a mind! (not!)

    OH, now I can see MO's dress better! What a surprise: it has a GIGANTIC BOW in front! Oh, puh-LEEZE! This is getting to be a bad habit.

    Well, Fox News is ending its coverage, THANK YOU, JESUS! All the insomniacs out there in TV-Land can stop screaming at the screen.
    (Although, maybe that's tired them out enough that they can finally fall asleep.)

    To bed, then. All is well. Our Leader has spoken. (Yawn....)
    Dear Lord, DELIVER US!

  47. MM, thanks for the blow-by-blow account of the Blowhard In Chief...maybe I should say Blowhard AND Chief, remember how His Ignorance referred to Commander and Chief? Something he has no idea how to be, nor has any desire to be)

    I don't know how you got thru it all, there is nothing on earth faster than my hand reaching for the mute or change channel button, once I see or hear any trace of the little fraud invading my space.

    I wonder if, perish the thought, if he succeeds (No! No! No!) in getting the Olympics, and thereby all the construction, etc. (temporary) jobs, will he then trumpet those "jobs" to be how he created (and saved) so many millions of jobs, as he informed us he would??? And will all white male construction workers be once more advised that they need not apply???

    I agree with above writers, I think the main thing we can do is get behind conservative candidates and support them, until someone rises forth to be the leader who pulls us all together into one enormously strong and vocal entity. Let it happen soon!!! I wish it would be Sarah, she is exactly what we need.

    I just can't resist one more word about Mo, bless her heart...when I see her along with the women from other countries, I wonder why on earth she can not just dress normally, like they (and we, of course!) do? Why is it always freakish and bizarre???

    Happy Friday, dear FOTs, and warm wishes and prayers for improved health for all hubbies currently under doctor's care, MM and TW...

  48. This is a great little youtube clip...about one minute.

    Jack Webb schools Barak Obama on rights, progress and health care.

    TOTUS whenever I type our president's name it marks it as a misspelling ... is that your way of silent revolt?

  49. he forgot to mention the carjackings, the muggings, and the drive-by shootings

  50. I've just heard that Chicago is OUT OF THE RUNNING! The old one-two punch did it! The world wasn't fooled by the fakes!

    Please, tell me it's true!

    Thank You, God :-D

  51. I do believe it's true. THEY WERE ELMINATED IN THE VERY FIRST ROUND!


    I had to break my promise not to come here while at work, but when I read that news, I just HAD TO!!!!!!

    I guess that old magic 'gift' doesn't work on everybody.

  52. Oh, TOTUS, Dear, is there a place for you to hide on AF1 on your long trip home? Go to the back of the plane and see if any of the reporters have Rush 24/7 on their laptops.

    Barack Hussein O'Bama!
    Mmmmm, mmmm, mmmm!

  53. There is a Santa Claus!! Yeah!!

    How much did that cost us, TOTUS?

  54. Racists, all. It had to be racism, how dare they tell the Won NO???

  55. Tall, and tan, and young and lovely, the teleprompter from Rio goes walking....TOTUS, it was not you!

  56. Suh-MMAACCKKK-down!
    SEE!? There IS A GOD!----and it AIN'T BO!

    "The EGO has landed," as Rush keeps saying!
    "The [other nations] are delighted to make him look foolish," Rush says, "and the [Obots] don't get it." Well, maybe now BO will WAKE UP and notice HE HAS BEEN REJECTED, in the FIRST ROUND!

    Not to mention, DALEY is going to be LIVID! He will blame BO and MO, and HE WILL EXACT REVENGE! Heads WILL ROLL, so to speak. (Yipes!)

    Oh, boo hoo! It's a bombshell in Chicago.
    TOUGH! Your little man is NO BIG DEAL everywhere; it's a big world, and no one is that into you, Chi-Town. YOU DON'T OWN THE WORLD.

    Oh, sometimes life is good. It's going to be a GREAT DAY!

    BO, no one likes you, really. You're a lowbrow, sad little man----bless your heart!

    Okay, this is the truth: BO and MO, this is actually God's GIFT to you, to bring you down relatively gently (you're not dead, yet), and give you the opportunity to GROW UP, FACE LIFE, and GIVE your lives in service (yes, REAL service) to God, your country, and OTHER PEOPLE THAN YOURSELVES AND YOUR RICH CRONIES.

    YOU HAVE A CHOICE, with eternal consequences, BO and MO. Turn to the Lord; give your hearts to God. Then, your character will be purified and useful, and you'll find that MILLIONS of sisters and brothers who are also believers will HELP you and love you.
    (Also, all your minions should serve GOD, not you.)
    End of evangelistic prayer for this day.

    O Happy Day! God is BLESSING both BO and MO, if they'll only open their hearts to notice....

  57. Guess what? Remember how I said they'd save it for a time when they're desperate and NEED some Good News (their kind; not the holy type)?

    MO: pregnant by Thanksgiving. Or sooner.
    You watch.
    At least she'll match how she looks, right?

  58. Brazil or Madrid.
    Madrid would be cool, but it is NOT fair, when you consider it, that a nation in South America has never been granted the right (and expense!) of hosting an Olympics game.
    I am rooting for Brazil, then.
    Chicago feels awful, plus it's raining there today.
    Well, live and learn....

  59. TOO COOL! The huge banner that thousands of Brazil citizens are holding in celebration of this decision features a HUGE picture of the renowned, gigantic sculpture of Jesus, Whose arms are open wide to the world!
    Yes, that's the way it is.

  60. Our leader has not pointed out one positive item, trait, example in the USA. Why would anyone want the US to host anything?

    Out in round 1! 'Chicago is out!?!'

    Barak Hussien Obama, MMMMM MMMMMM MMMM!

    Arrogance on display! MM via Rush is right, "The ego has landed!"

    Verify: Ronout----- Round [1] out!

  61. Come on, Mama! She's 45 yrs young! A surrogate baby mama? But who would be the baby-daddy?

  62. "But who would be the baby-daddy?"

    A Wookie, of course.

  63. Bertyla was my word for that. What a great name.

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