Friday, October 2, 2009

We Got Waxed ...

We're still a couple hours out of Andrews Air Force Base, but the Wi-Fi here on Air Force One is pretty good, so I'm trying to post in real time.

Well, Big Guy gave it his best shot. He used me superbly on stage this morning, but alas, there is no gold medal for reading from a teleprompter. Though there should be.

After we did our presentation, Big Guy sat down on Air Force One with Gen. Stanley McChrystal. He seems like a nice fellow. Big Guy, though, was kind of mad at him for going public with the fact that the two hadn't spoken very often. As he told the general, it's tough to focus on a failing policy when we've had a lot on our plates, what with saving the economy, getting universal health care, negotiating Iran's denuclearization, standing tall against Russia, and winning the Olympic bid.

Oh. Never mind.


  1. Not getting the Olympic bid can mean only two things: (1) Racism or (2) It was Bush's fault. When does Team Obama start spinning the excuses?

  2. TOTUS I am sure you did a great job but there is only so much you can do for the Big Guy. Hopefully MOTUS is around to offer a little extra assistance to Big Guy before he deplanes... if she's not too overworked by Lady M.

  3. "Overworked!?" No, Pamela----her work has just begun.
    Now MO must get preggers.
    It's all they have left to get back the GLOW, the STAR power, the Mesmerizing Effect.

  4. I think it is AWESOME that Big Guy's attempts at getting the Games to Chicago FAILED! As if the world's representatives for the Games were saying, "We don't care WHO YOU ARE, DUDE!!!" Isn't politics IDEALLY to be left out of the Olympics? UH, YEA!!!

    Anyhow, all the political crap aside, Brazil REALLY IS the best place to host the Games next! What a great place!

  5. My point was obscure:
    MOTUS----the Mirror of the US----can only do so much. MO looks preggers, and MOTUS can't hide that.
    MO might as well save MOTUS the trouble, and save her hubbie's presidency, too, by getting preggers----by looking the part.
    Who could snipe at a pregnant woman!?----if she really IS pregnant, and not just LOOKING it?

  6. Chicago would have been perfect for the Olympics but I think there should be some events that would give USA USA and advantage: drive-by shootings and gang beatings

  7. I wonder if Mountain Mama is old enough to recall the days of "Jackie" and all the trouble that got us.

    Though I must say, I still feel bad for her to this day.

  8. I'm older than God's parents.
    Which "Jackie:" Kennedy/O?----and how she lost little Baby Patrick while Jack was still in office? The little guy was born prematurely, and weighed 4 lbs.+.

    Hmm..... Well, that's actually a neat story:
    Jackie reportedly had planned to divorce Jack; she was tired of his cheating so openly.
    Then she became pregnant----but NOT to "save" Jack's presidency; more like to save her marriage; they thought that way, back in the "olden days."
    Then Jackie truly was devastated when Patrick died of pneumonia----and, bion, Jack was very moved and they fell in love again. At the point when Jack was assassinated, they finally had reached some peace.
    Which isn't to say he still didn't cheat on her; who knows!? But at least she reportedly felt loved, and they were happy.

    What "trouble" did that get "us?" eloh?
    Do you mean our collective suffering?
    Well, the assassination rather overshadowed the loss of little Patrick.

    It never ceases to amaze me how we humans will rationalize our extremely bad behaviors. Probably pure jealousy was behind the USA's getting so roundly dissed by this decision.
    But BO and MO and their infernal, eternal egomania made it worse....

  9. OO-OO, bettyann----your idea of adoption is an intriguing possibility! Was it you who suggested that many threads ago, too?

    Hmm.... Well, isn't it more the rage amongst the glitterati to adopt FOREIGN children?

    My bet: a Muslim child, probably Pakistani.

  10. TOTUS: Chicago already has the Olympics. With althletes like Mayor Richard Daly, Bill Ayers, The Wrong Jerimiah Wright and Big Guy himself those corrupt racist snobs in Europe just could not accept such class and prestige. Not to worry. Chicago has famous athletes from history also such as Al Capone and Pretty Boy Floyd. I mean, at least you have your pride!

  11. So is the IOC committee made up of domestic terrorists, racists, and people who want to see sick people die quickly?

  12. Hmm -- adopting a Muslim child would be intriguing -- unless things have changed (and I don't believe they have) Muslims don't allow their orphans to be adopted to non-Muslims.


  13. Isn't this just special! I though that the Big Guy (as you call him) had enough on the ball to make sure this was "in the bag" before making the big grand stand. This is enough to make me doubt Rush Limbaugh's and Genn Beck's view that he is some kind of a left wing evil genius!

    John's Space

  14. Thank you, aero, for making my case.

  15. The story inside the story is that wretched Rahm told us, in his own snarky way, that critics 'would have good seats to Chicago's Olympics.' This is a smackdown of epic proportions, mostly because Obama (once again) made it a 'personal' mission of his. Rest assured: Obama would have taken great pains to credit himself if Chicago had won. There's no way for him or his administration to deflect this defeat away onto someone else's hands.

    In the end, Chicago probably saved itself from ruination. Say what you will about the 'allure' winning the Olympics. That only lasts a mere five minutes until you go, 'Oh, shit!' at the realization of what lies ahead. Chicago is the most dis-harmonious city in our country. People there just don't play nice, and 'Murder City' is what you get named when they can't. This may end up being addition by subtraction for Chicago, even if they may not know (or feel) it yet.

  16. Blame it on Rio or blame it on Glen Beck/Fox news. I am stunned. I was sure our glorious leader's oratory would have bagged this for Chicago. I know you did your best TOTUS but maybe the committee detected a lack of sincerity because for a change he had to say good things about the United States instead of apologizing.

  17. As there has never been an olympics in the southern hemisphere, it was a sure bet to everyone that Rio would win the bid.

    A sure bet, that is, to everyone but Obama. Also his followers, who help feed that ego. He was certian that it would be his for just asking, and they also believed it would be his for just asking - he is the Won.

    This fact alone, supported by the utter disbelief expressed in the moments after Chicago and Obama got bitch slapped by the world - not just told no, but of al the cities the one that was least considered - should cause a reality check among the media, and Obamaniacs.

    He is a cult figure. This proves it, hands down.

  18. They are Muslim.

    MObitch is too old to have a baby; no way would she 'Sarah Palin' it... she's too arrogant and elitist -- has to be perfect, or it gets tossed aside.

    overjoyed to see the Osmackered :-D Serves the deciefful hypocrits right; they'll never admit they were wrong, so I wish them the worst in every possible way.

  19. If only Oprah had given each IOC member a car or something....heck it worked for her studio audience! Oh well.

    I'll bet that flight back from Copenhagen was mighty frosty and quiet.

    As someone else said, Big Guy got Snuffed by Copenhagen....LOL

  20. Oprah flew back? After eating the Netherlands, I should think they would have to float her home. On a barge.

  21. Barack Hussein O'Failure

    mmmm, mmmm, MMMMMMMMM

  22. By the amount of gloating on this sight you would think His Royal Majesty had contracted laryngitis.

    Oh, what a lovely thought!!

  23. "Oprah flew back? After eating the Netherlands, I should think they would have to float her home. On a barge."

    nahhhhhh . . fat floats on water.

    Cross winds would, however, be a problem.

  24. TOTOS, Dear, I did not get to see BG making his WH statement when he returned stateside today, but I heard it and it sounded quite you were not by his both sides? Was he doing it uh, a capella?

  25. Bettyann, you are really cooking today! Your comments have me laughing non-stop! Especially the Oprah that ate the Netherlands. Then the thought of O'Laryngitis! O, make it happen!!!

    I miss TWW, imagine the story she could weave with this excellent material today!!!

    Now I wonder what kind of dirty deed will be done by Sir Wee-Wee after this...Someone (us) Must Be Punished!!! I hereby declare by another of my executive orders the immediate enforcement of Cap & Tax, Obamacare, and ANOTHER Stimulus Package upon these revolting subjects of mine...

    p.s. my word before was TAXUD..oh yes, we'll be taxud unto death, I tell you.....

  26. MTVA:
    This is Bush's fault, of course. Bush made them hate us.

    It would not occur to the three O's that the IOC dreaded their simpering platitudes. What other head of state appeared to make the pitch? Nor would it occur to them that their Uppity presumption that the entire globe is eager to please the Messiah, was but vanity.

  27. I never realized this, but for the last few times, heads of state HAVE attended these "pitches," to help their nation win----and several of them (four, I think) were there yesterday, besides BO. Tony Blair helped Britain years ago, and Putin helped Russia.

  28. It should be noted that WITH THE OBAMAS STANDING THERE Chicago was the FIRST CITY REJECTED! That can only be interpreted as a DELIBERATE INSULT. This is how this moron represents us? By setting himself and the country up for a thorough dissing??

  29. Drudge Report Headline......
    "THE EGO HAS LANDED".........

  30. F. Allen, anyone with a brain would know that Brazil was going to win; it was only fair FINALLY to hold an Olympics in S. America. Yep, BO set up the USA to lose, but HE thought it was a Done Deal that he, MO, and Oprah would WIN this! What EGOS, as Drudge said (thanks, Sunflower)!

    TWW, we're praying for you and your darlin.' GOD BLESS you! :->

    Saber Alpha 10, TOO TRUE. BO evidently doesn't agree with MO, who is finally proud of the USA. Sorta.

    Bettyann, BO's a figure in a cult, all right: Obama's Witnesses. BWAH HA HA HA!

    Bettyann is probably right, MRS1953: BO and MO would find a way to adopt. Hey, no star has yet adopted an ADULT! How about if the Obamas adopt a Gitmo grad? They'd have another tenor for the WH's Friday services.

    Jerry, have you seen the SNL skit of how Oprah would have celebrated, if Chicago had won the Olympics? Everyone in her audience gets a GOLD MEH-EH-DA-AL! (gag)
    LOVED your joke re. Copenhagen snuff. (Put-TEW!)

    OH, what a good day it was. BO's backpedaling was RICH! Yeah, people DO lose----even YOU! (I wonder whose head will roll: his or Daley's?)

  31. As much as MO hates Oprah, she will probably convince ole Barry that it was Oprah's fault. Did MO fly back on the same plane as BO? Surely Oprah had to fly back on the 727 by herself, what with flight weight rules and all. I'm surprised that they allowed MO and Oprah on the same plane on the flight over, since each one took up at least two seats!

    Whatever, I'm just glad Chicago didn't get it because there would have been huge cost overruns because of the graft, fraud and collusion. WE (the taxpayers) would have ended up having to pay for it while BO's sychophants got rich(er)!

  32. Have you guys seen the story about the billboard in MO that says:

    "How do you like your change now? Obama Nation. They are coming for you! The Taxpayer. First and Second Amendments are in jeopardy. Live free or Die."

    There is also a hammer and sickle on the sign.

    To see a pic go to -

  33. Cost of the Won and Co's trip to Copenhagen?

    Between 1.5 and 10 million (yes, MILLION) bucks!

    Ah, the sacrifices that the First Family has had to make for this country..... ~sigh~

    Guess that means they will have to find some more "fraud and abuse" to cut out of Medicaid and Medicare to cover future trips!

    After all, MO has many more countries that she yet to visit.

    And I'm sure that BO has a lot more trips planned, since he wants to run away from having to actually DO something related to his job. Besides, I'm sure there are many more countries that he needs to apologize to.

  34. totus maybe big guy can try an "win" the olympics for afghanistan after he tries to "win" this war....

  35. Rio really was the best choice. I love Chicago, but their resident population did them no favors in the blogosphere this week. And to have a full court press with the Prez, First Lady and Lady Bountiful was really pretty much an overreach. Of course as I write this, some Daily Kos or HuffPo hack is triangulating to blame this on Bush, Tea Partiers and Racism all in the same breath. Whatever.

  36. "...the Prez, First Lady and Lady Bountiful was really pretty much an overreach.."

    Three O's will never be enough. Ask Preptile. Are threee O's enough?

    Threee O's, weee have found, areee naughty nuff.

    The whirrled hath proclaimed The Won's Coupeee.

    This is life after Ooo's....

    P-p-retend you are the Won. T-t-turn on the Ch-charm. R-r-rock us b-baby. B-becauase the w-world doesn't n-need us now!!

    My word?

    I'm serak. I'm the Won.

  37. TWW:
    I'm all out of balloon dogs and clown's effects. Hurry up home or the teddy bear is going to get it.

    TOTUS-interruptus is fatal. Just you tell your husband to sit up and eat his jello, or else.

    Or else you will name his next grandson Lemonjello, and the school records won't be pretty.

  38. the word from TOTUS:


    ask Susan about that word!!!


  39. And then I got "gluckba" !!!


    Jesus is trying to tell me something.

  40. I was just over at MOTUS and seeing all those pics of Big MO in her gold dress with the giant bow....

    Was she trying to suggest that she was a present from Barack to the IOC?

    If so, then they got the message and they said "Euyeewww! Th-Th-Thanks, but NO THANKS!"

    Actually, when you think about it, what the IOC was probably thinking was ....

    "Hmmmm... if we select Chicago, we will have to be dealing with these arrogant people and their minions for YEARS!"

    Would you want to sign up to "work with" anyone from the BO administration?

  41. To Susan - SMIA - ATL:

    Yes, I believe you are correct; I saw the live announcement -- it was a debacle -- reading from notes, I believe.

    I got a kick out of not using the word "loss."

    It was we did not win. Well, that was an understatement; we came in last. Dead last.

    Sounds like my kids: how did you do in the race. I came in fourth. Oh, good. How many were in the race. Four. Oh.

  42. Is it true that Biden thought the Big Guy was stumping for the Special Olympics?

    No jokes about bowling I am guessing.

    "The chickensssssss have come home to rrrroooosssttttaaaaa!"

    Mmmm,mmm,mmm, Barack Hussein Obama
    Mmmm,mmm,mmm, Bastard of your Mamma

  43. There could be a problem, if the first couple "becomes pregnant" and announces it right away. The problem could be that they might decide to do a check on the baby, and they might find out it is a Down's Syndrome child, or have sickle-cell anemia genes. Then they have the very public option of "what to do" about this "defective" child.

    Such a scenario would be so sad, but would almost seem to be poetic justice.

  44. I just had a thought!

    what if

    what if... the child was born okay, a male, but


  45. MM I had night terrors last night... images of baby Bertyl-the half wookie. Thanks A LOT! ;-)

    Jamie- thanks for the N. Review link... informative [as always]... we will hear nothing of the three O's, their entourage and millions spent on this one trip from the MSM.

    Of course the MSM made HUGE HEADLINE NEWS reporting that Palin spent 150K on wardrobe, hair and make up. Outfitting a family of 6 for the national stage... seems pretty reasonable to me.

    Double standard anyone? No wait, the left has no standards! I would think they would be ashamed of themselves... oh wait, they are out of that too!

    And Letterman still rags against Palin... a almost a year after the election. Does anyone even watch him anymore? He is number 1 since Leno stepped down-speaking of Leno did anyone see Rush in the electric car on Leno's show? It was a hoot!

    Enough of the run on sentences and dribble from me.

    Wait, one last thing....

    Barak Hussien Obama

    (I am STILL cracking up every time I see that posted. Rock on, FOT's!)

  46. shovel ready you are AWESOME! TOO FUNNY! "Biden thought Big Guy was stumping for the Special Olympics"

    Holy cow! FOT's are the BEST!

  47. Sorry to say, but a lot of folks are blaming Teleprompter!
    Just think, if every TOTUS fed speech sends blame back to POTUS, well then we'll be in a fix, won't we!
    It's not that POTUS can do without you.
    Can POTUS impeach TOTUS?

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  49. Got it.


    I wish this site would alert me with an email when something is posted....

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  51. This comment has been removed by the author.

  52. I sent you an email w/ group info and pkg info.

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