Saturday, October 3, 2009

No More Wasted Time

Before heading out to golf and then play basketball and do a date night with Lady M, Big Guy thought it might be a good idea to clear some paper from his desk in the Oval. After all, what with everything he's been doing lately, he hasn't had much time to read reports or sign letters and such. 

I was sitting on the sofa leafing through the latest issues of Entertainment Weekly and Taste of Home (reminder: tear out that recipe for what sound like divine meringue chocolate chip cookies), that he keeps out there on the coffee table, when O looked up and and said, "You know, maybe I need to stop focusing on the unimportant things and stop wasting time and energy on things like the Olympics and the economy. Maybe folks expect me to really focus on what's important, things that have meaning in people's lives, like health care and climate change."  I agreed. 

Then he signed a letter congratulating Sen. Ted Kennedy on yesterday achieving 40 days of sobriety, and we went out to get his golf clubs. 


  1. TOTUS, Dear, Speaking of important things, what does the BG plan to do about Roman Polanski?
    Hope you have a nice weekend, TOT. I'm going to an NHL game.

  2. Don't forget the 40 days of marital fidelity he has finally achieved, also.

  3. Janice: Ouch! but oh so true (and hysterical!) good one.

    I posted on an earlier thread, then found this one:

    About MObitich being preggers...

    What if

    What if... the child was born okay, a male, and...

    White! and a Conservative!!!!

  4. Rush would be his mentor, and Hannity his idol


  5. and he would want to marry a girl just like Sarah Palin


  6. HA! That would be rich. How about white and BLONDE?

    I wonder if you can safely use fake spray tans and hair dye on little babies?

    As for the child being a Conservative, we all know that would be cured once the child become old enough to start school... oh, WAIT - that's right, the Obama children don't attend PUBLIC schools.


    Hey, all you FOTs, last Friday Glenn Beck had a special show with just "9/12 Moms" - women who participated in the 9/12 March on D.C. After that show aired, one of the women started a new blog site called:

    "As a Mom... A Sisterhood of Mommy Patriots".

    Since Friday over 25,000 women (and some men) have joined this group. Its great. Anyone can post to their blog. So, there is a lot of commenting going on, on all kinds of subjects.

    There is also a chat room, but it is down at the moment. Apparently it was overloaded last night and shut down!

    Check it out:

    (Now I have somewhere I can go when there is nobody posting over here!)

    thanks, TOTUS, for giving us a new thread.....

  7. For those of you who missed Glenn Beck's show about the video "The Story of Stuff", here is a link to a site with a great critique of it

  8. So I ran into some asshole the other night who actually supports Roman Polanski and child rape. It freaked me out - I knew those people existed, but I thought they all lived in California. Or under a rock, or wherever cockroaches go to mate.

    At any rate, movies are NOT art. They're entertainment at best. And that's on a slow night. So here's my blog article, dedicated to the morally, intellectually, and creatively bankrupt assholes who flood the peoples' televisions EVERY night with their crap:

    Kiss Off

  9. I am sooo happy that the U.S. is not involved any wars or other international conflicts that require a President's attention so that he (or she) is able to play golf. As I recall, our last President was "caught" playing golf one day during the Iraq war - oops overseas contingency operation, sorry - and he stopped.

  10. But that was BUSH. Obama is special. He is so smart that sometimes his head hurts from doing all that intense thinking. SO, he needs his "down time". (Or, as my son-in-law is fond of saying "With a head like that, it should be hurting.")

    Times have changed. Now, the fraud media (formerly known as the msm) could care less about OC Operations, especially the one going on in Afghanistan. And notice that the anti-war folks don't stage mass protests anymore?

    So Obama golfs while our service men and women die for their country.

    And his wife says "Let them eat arugula" while she and her hubby eat Kobe beef at $100 a lb.

    Ah, the sacrifices they have to make.

    Makes me want to puke.

  11. How much do you want to bet Ted Kennedy will vote for BO in the 2012 election?

  12. MM I had night terrors last night... images of baby Bertyl-the half wookie. Thanks A LOT! ;-)

    Jamie- thanks for the N. Review link... informative [as always]... we will hear nothing of the three O's, their entourage and millions spent on this one trip from the MSM.

    Of course the MSM made HUGE HEADLINE NEWS reporting that Palin spent 150K on wardrobe, hair and make up. Outfitting a family of 6 for the national stage... seems pretty reasonable to me.

    Double standard anyone? No wait, the left has no standards! I would think they would be ashamed of themselves... oh wait, they are out of that too!

    And Letterman still rags against Palin... a almost a year after the election. Does anyone even watch him anymore? He is number 1 since Leno stepped down-speaking of Leno did anyone see Rush in the electric car on Leno's show? It was a hoot!

    Enough of the run on sentences and dribble from me.

    Wait, one last thing....

    Barak Hussien Obama

    (I am STILL cracking up every time I see that posted. Rock on, FOT's!)

    I just read shovel ready (from previous thread) you are AWESOME! TOO FUNNY! "Biden thought Big Guy was stumping for the Special Olympics"

    The white baby conspiracy gets better each time I check! A 'Rush' baby for the Obamas, I love it!

    The Ted Kennedy stuff is priceless too.

    Holy cow! FOT's are the BEST!

  13. Jamie,
    Thanks for the link to www.americas Great blog, it'll be in my favorites. My 7th grader had come home last year and said that his science teacher had assigned watching the "stuff" video for extra credit with a parent. Of course I sent a note to the teacher expressing my digust at such lefty tripe. She said she would point out the obvious biases and use them as discussion tools. (yeah right)

    My kids hear our conservative viewpoints all the time, so I'm not worried about my kids, it's all the other little skulls full of mush that make me worry.

  14. Wasted Days..and
    Wasted Nights........
    Sounds like a song i've heard..........


  15. Hi, FOTs! ALL of your posts are terrific!

    Susan, why would BO take time to comment on the Gates case and NOT on the Polanski one? Seems like pure racism to me.

    Janice, for 40 days, Teddy has been sober, faithful, and, depending on the "outcome," very HOT, or very SORRY! (heh heh)
    Only in the latter case will Teddy try to vote again for BO, rattlesnake----because in the former case, of COURSE he'll vote for PALIN!! (Okay, so I'm biased.)

    Granted, crashx, that movies can be a lazy way to spend an evening, but skilled directors put many interesting, even genius touches into producing riveting movies. Yet if in their private lives they commit crimes, then they should face the consequences----geniuses or not.

    Madj, BO has attention deficit disorder; he can only think when he's reading TOTUS----barely.

    Okay, Mrs1953, debbdi, and Jamie----about this amazing baby MO needs, to save her husband's presidency? Well, BO and tons of his Obots believe he's The One, The Messiah----so-oo, wouldn't it be JUST LIKE God to turn things around and----BAM!

    No, don't worry:
    I'm NOT suggesting that MO will give birth to the ACTUAL Messiah. After all, God selects VERY SWEET women for such things----women God can trust NOT to mistreat the li'l tyke.

    No----but what if MO and BO adopt a Muslim child of foreign birth (again, Pakistani is my bet) who, as a young child,
    CONVERTS to Christianity or Judaism?----either of which would just PARTICULARLY offend MO and BO----and what if the child constantly and sweetly prays and MEANS it, thus reminding them CONSTANTLY about their duplicity, dishonesty, and racist anger?! Wouldn't THAT be "convicting," as they say?!

    Our notes to God's EARS....

  16. Um.... I just wrote a metaphor that doesn't quite work. How about: "Our thoughts to God's MIND!"

  17. Damn - I knew I shouldn't have passed up on my chance to direct a multimillion dollar Hollywood Blockbuster. Now I'll NEVER be recognized by my moral, intellectual, creative superiors as a SERIOUS artiste.
    Thanks for setting me straight on paying proper respect to our "geniuses" in Hollywood. I'll be certain to genuflect the next time I see Polanski. I just hope he gives me a proper reacharound.
    Hurray for Hollywood!

  18. I actually didn't realize I was practicing moral relativism every time I supported "the arts". Knowing that, I'll need to be MUCH more vigilant.

    I think they're up to 400 names now on the Polanski petition. They're all laughing at us - all the way to the bed, with our 13 year old daughters in tow.

    But hey, we're bored and it's Friday night. Let's go watch another crappy movie! It's only $10 - that doesn't add up to much :)

  19. Dorothy, I'm thankful for Mom's like you who are raising our next generation with conservative values!

    I'm also glad to hear that your son's teacher sent the video home to be viewed with the parents. That's a hopeful sign.


    MM, we knew what you meant. Besides, God already knows what is in our hearts, since we all talk to him on a daily basis.


    I just saw where some liberals are blaming the loss of the Chicago's Olmypics bid on RUSH, Glenn Beck and the "vast right-wing conspiracy".

    So, now they think that right-wingers conspired to deny them the bid?

    what a joke.

    And they call us poor losers?

    Oh, btw, the other day when I heard that Chicago didn't get the bid, the very next time they showed BO on tv, I gave the universal "loser" sign (the 'L' on the forehead) and said "What a LOSER, bless his heart"..... LMAO, too.

    Bye for now. Ya'll have a great evening.

  20. Anyway - who's scared of the Big Bad Bluff? Liberals can manage to boycott their darling Whole Foods and conservatives can't even stop watching movies, much less Letterman's lecherous ass?

    Pathetic movement you've got going there. Hurry, go check to see if the Washington Post, the New York Times, or li'l Jake Tapper FINALLY covered your story. Click right on in, straight from Drudge - when you do it THAT way, they don't earn ad revenue. Blech...

    Okay, gotta run. Life before politics. Take care all.

    And because people here get bent out of shape - I'm not attacking YOU, I'm attacking the futility of it all. All words, no action. Sick of hoping for change already.

  21. Well, crash, that was depressing . . .

    So I'd like to share something that I'm noticing, and wondering if anyone else has seen this in their neck of the woods:

    For about the last week, people that I've interacted with are cheerful, and polite. I don't know if it is just the change in weather (we're getting an early start on fall here in the mountains of New Mexico), or if something else is happening. But people at work are cheerful (which is truly astounding), and just this weekend, at the store, people were friendly, kind, helpful, smiling, courteous, and cheerful. And not just store employees, but the other shoppers were that way, too.

    I don't know whether to be encouraged, or afraid (as in conspiracy theory like putting something in the water).

    And, oddly enough, while I have truly been frightened about the political happenings, I suddenly feel calm.

    So, has anyone else noticed something like this?

  22. I think the Big Guy needs to enact another beer intervention moment with Polanski. Perhaps he could get Woody Allen to weigh in. And maybe have a children's choir sing in the background.

  23. No, no, the blond white conservative Christian male child must come from the Obummer's; adoption absolves them of all 'ills', and does not hold them personally responsible. In fact, it would make them even more (puke!) sympathetic.

    Nope, has to be their legit kid.

  24. WOW, Dorothy, you are a terrific advocate for children! Few parents have the guts or take time to stand up to LIBERAL teachers: good work!

    Sunflower, we should make your suggestion
    ("Wasted days and wasted nights....") the absolute THEME SONG for this corrupt, conniving administration.

    Crashx, remain calm: no one suggested tolerating pedophiles or trash movies. Please re-read my earlier post. If you're calling for a boycott on ALL movies, you don't need to insist that they all are horrible; that's unrealistic, untrue, and makes you look uninformed----and we don't want that, do we?
    Also, you'd be surprised at the national-level activism of many FOTs....

    Janice, I was thinking THE VERY SAME THING today: why is everyone so happy, including moi!?
    My bet?
    We conservatives are seeing The Light at the End of the Tunnel about Obama's Love-fest.
    That is, the honeymoon isn't just over:
    it's a DIVORCE! Here are the signs:
    - ACORN might be investigated and its corruption linked to BO or the Dems,
    - BO might very well be an unconstitutional president, thus whatever bills he has signed would be invalidated (read more at:
    2009/williams091209.htm ), and
    - Sarah Palin----a true conservative in diametric opposition to BO----has been vindicated, not only by beating back successfully all the trumped-up "ethics violations" in Alaska, but also because her appearances and upcoming book are in demand at unprecedented, historic levels!

    Maybe those reasons are helping decent people seem happier: what is GOOD and REAL is being revealed?

    Ellen K, you are a RIOT! How creepy, if BO intervened re. Polanski, all right----in SUPPORT of him! Ewww!

    MRS1953, I missed Chris Rock re. Polanski; was he on Letterman? Leno?
    I agree that BO/MO will feel more depressed and possibly LEARN MORE if it's their own "blond white conservative Christian male child"----but I agree with bettyann (or some FOT) that MO won't want to "sacrifice" quite that much, thus she'll prefer to adopt.

    I'm already praying for the complete health of that child. SERIOUSLY....

    'Night, FOTs, and happy dreams!!!!!

  25. Chris Rock was on Leno (I googled it). Here is a link to the video:

    I see that crashx has returned to terrorize us.

  26. Before beginning my bleat this am I have to commend MM for her flying fingers typing out very stylish reportage on the fly.Bravo.
    And BA your notice of the Overeach gag noted
    a shortage ,where one is used to an overage.
    Was proud tho to have flown five Fs in a row thru the radar without fluffing a wing.
    (fine final form...Failing finality...).
    It reminded one of several report cards found
    deep in my permanent record.
    I was an uncooperative student at time,
    suffering a deep Snark infection which was aggravated by a superiority complex.

    As one of the few Roosters perched hereabouts I was initially inclined,(and no,not in a wooden sense,more in a me mee meee mode),not so much to blame our failure upon Rio,as in that movie,but upon the Bossa Nova.

    I suppose one's Spanglish is lacking there.
    Correctly spelled it is probably spelled Bossa Nueva
    In Oh so many wonderful ways he resembles the old boss.
    Overeach ? Of course.
    And all for the Ovations.
    The Wons.

    DDancing w the Dims?
    Just how low can one go,ala Professesors Polanski et al.
    Can one wander to new depths?
    Dare the Ds limbo lower now?

    Wonder whether 'Storm' hired on as a dance instructor for the team?
    One may recall her dancing role in that Tijuana version of 2 Mules.

    I'll bet the Teleprompter knows.

    But will he tell us.

  27. TOTUS:
    It looks like the news is also giving Big Guy a day of well deserved rest by not mentioning him, or is that to give us a rest? Maybe while he's out on the golf course he will run into some "little people" who might inspire him as to what is important to voters. Imagine his surprise if they tell him something he never thought we might care about - like the war.

    "I was...suffering a deep Snark infection which was aggravated by a superiority complex."

    That is the absolute best description of a teen, ever.

    And a lot of other folks.

  28. Hahaha, I look "misinformed" :) Really now?

    Okay, I'm bored - name some movies released in the last few years that don't completely suck ass. I even cancelled my subscription to NetFlix - wasn't even worth $10 or $15 to have access to that crap. But let's cross back to that.

    As for those who proudly represent us on our "national stage", go to Hell. Fuck you and your mommy and daddy, you over-privileged, over-"educated" spoiled brats.

    If anyone on the "national stage" had the balls to trace the majority of our nation's problems back to one source - they'd run smack dab into our Ivy League grade schools.

    W was a retard. Obama's even worse. And for the love of croneyism, please don't even START on our corporations.

    Name something that's rotten in this country, and you'll find Ivy League scum chewing away at the core.

    And no, I'm not jealous. I worked with the idiots on "the national stage". They destroyed everything I was ever worked on, adding their "value".

    I despised them so much that I left "the national stage" to help build up other small businesses, in hopes that SOME DAY I might tear down "the national stage".

    But then I realized that was just WAY too much work - so here I am, wasting my life, posting comments on a Sunday afternoon :)

    This blog is hilarious. It could very well be that an Ivy League grad is behind it. Miracles do happen :)

    And so we'd run into the argument that they're not ALL complete idiots... Would CrashX spare them if we could find even ONE amongst them who wasn't a total douche bag?

    So I apologize. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly was a kick ass movie. I liked Princess Bride, too. So, based on my appreciation for those movies, I'll extend a free pass to the 400 who signed on to support their favorite Child Rapist.

    But I think I'd rather forgo seeing those two movies again - if enjoying those movies empowers people like Polanski to rape little girls.

    I admit, it's a tough choice. Miss out on the Man with No Name, or allow Polanski to rape my 13 year old daughter... tough choice. Darn these moral dilemmas...

    And so we continue with the facetious arguments - who will be "misinformed"? :)

    Again, not attacking MM. Enjoy your life on the national stage. I'm sure I'm very impressed. The fact that I bothered to respond shows I truly am :) Please promote my stupid blog! Pretty please with Ivy League on top?

    And Jamie, I am NOT terrorizing you. You are one Folksy lady... Here I come. I'm comin' to getcha!

    Hendrix actually was a genius. And now we have... American Idol? God bless our national stage.

  29. so... does that mean I'm Mark Levin? :-)

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  31. I borrowed this from WND's website; it's an answer to one of their Polls about hy the IOC rejected Chicago.

    I'm posting it because I hope with all my heart this happens to the lying BHO and his hate-filled wife:

    Nobody likes arrogance!!
    Posted by God is sovereign on Oct 02, 2009 20:59

    Obama is finding out the hard way that nobody likes arrogance! It was just a matter of time until Obama's arrogance caught up with him.

    Maybe it was time for God to serve Obama with some "humble pie" since he has been acting like a messiah instead of a mere man, accepting the praises of both children and adults, and trying to rob God of the praises that belong only to Him. That really is a dangerous thing for Obama to be doing.

    God has a way of bringing man back down to earth when they step out of bounds. His pride had gone too far in the eyes of God, and unless Obama learns from this and humbles himself before his Maker, he will continue to experience defeat after defeat.

    I am glad Obama was not able to "bring home the bacon" because he needed a lesson in humility. God is a jealous God, and He will not let Obama steal the worship that belongs only to Him.

    Truer words were never posted.

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  33. See, THIS is why we don't allow you ignorant savages access to our special National Stage. When we ARE generous enough to extend an invitation to ONE of you - all of you start clamoring on.

    Fine then - Jamie's invitation is rescinded. The rest of you must show your Ivy League credentials at the door. Really...

  34. I liked Boondock Saints.

    crashx, you are a weird guy.

    As a writer, a home made writer, I cannot disagree with your observations on the state of our "art", and who creates what passes for art. I have to deal with snobbery on the highest scale, due to Santa Fe's (which I affectionatly call "Santa Fake") brand of it. Rudolfo Anaya is publishing garbage over and over because of Bless Me Ultima, which was really just all right, becasue of his connections, and his education, which he rarely fails to advertise. Other writers out here with unique voices because were not pressed out of the college mold's art department, we get the "...oh, how nice." treatment, with summary dismissal.

    I was almost fearul to post here about my new book, and really, I wated some time. Because I thought that if it is publically known that I am a conservative, I'm toast in the industry. Then my courage got up and while I won't repeat what you wrote about them, crashx, they reflect my sentiments. And so I told.

    But you must tone down the Shock O'Meter's voltage. There are many voices to assume, and promising doors to try which open unto irony, sacrasm, satire, paradoxy, all expressed in English, which is really, as a medium, a writer's dream come true. In English you may command your reader's attention in lofty tones by our words of French origin, you may reach into the gut for emotional power by the remnants of Celtic words, or you may speak your audience in any manner of modern jargon, as if you were a composer of music - all in our beautiful English language.

    Best, you may disembowel an opponent, sending him home weeping for Mama and blankie, without ever raising your voice, or stooping your intellect to retreive the same old swear words.

    Personally, I love a well place swear word. There is nothing like a damnit wher eit was not expected. But this would be determined by voice.

    I would read your blog. I like your passionate honesty. But I also appreciate wit, above all. Write more deeply, think with razor sharp clarity, and while brevity is good, do not forget that an article (the, that...) goes a long way in directing the precise to the center of your target.

  35. Shakspeare in Love was a great movie. A Knight's tale was fun, if you can ignore wanting to slap the princess.

  36. bettyann: I know what you mean about conservative vs. liberal authors.

    Liberal authors are fawned upon and highly lauded for lofty ideas with unsubstaniated underpinnings.

    Conservative authors are met, with best, a sneer or a smirk, combined with, "Really? Have I heard of you?" or the equally ego smashing (they hope) "Who is your publisher?"

    I rarely mention that I write, and yes, the books are self-published. But the books are there for the curious to explore, and for the liberals to ingore. //er, sorry, didn't mean for that to rhyme; I'm not a poet//

    so just hang there; you'll find your audience :-)

  37. Oh thanks, MRS1953. I just like to write stories. I am a tale-teller, with no politics but perhaps some local, as Cerro did about water issues for rural New Mexico. This is no deterrent however, for the critic - just the fact that I (me, personally) am NOT a liberal disuades them.

    "Liberal authors are fawned upon and highly lauded for lofty ideas with unsubstaniated underpinnings."

    I know several. Jamie will find this as funny as I did, about Cerro: a "critic" told me yesterday, "I always feel so serious, don't I? It's a little hard for me to get into 'enjoyment'."

    And yeah, she's an Ivy Leaguer, of course, from Boston no less.

    Thanks for the encouragement. You hang in there, too. I believe the tide will change for us conservatives soo, after the nation gets a bellyful of liberals and their Messiah.

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  39. I voted against the lying BHO; I voted against all of them.

    However, I did it fairly; I didn't have an ACORN-type organization to provide fake votes, or Union bosses to force the vote they way wanted.

    no, all I have is common sense and a love of America and her belief in individual freedom.

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  41. Hey .... You .... Guys....! I know, I must be a dweeb, but as I have stated before, one of my favorite movies is 'The Goonies'. Another favorite is 'Pure Luck'. And, I admit, I did enjoy '2 Mules for Sister Sarah' and 'Princess Bride'.

    All in all, I prefer to read. My all-time favorite book? 'Atlas Shrugged'. Favorite author? Herman Wouk. I tend to prefer books with characters that are realistic and love it when an author pens a series of books with the same characters. Characters that progess in age with each book in the series.

    crashx, I am surprised that you placed me as Rush AND Glenn B. I only WISH I could be like either of those two. But I'm not, I'm just me.

    BTW, I didn't mean that you terrorized us in a ~~ ooooohh, you scare me ~~ kind of way. (I actually chuckled when you said "Here I come...").

    I meant more or less that you terrorize in an annoying, snarky, semi-insulting way. Like the way my son used to do back when he was fourteen or so, and he would ask me to help him with his homework, then sneer at everything I said until I got to the point where I wanted to throttle him. THAT way.

    But, HEY, whatever floats your boat. As my mom used to say "It takes all kinds...."

    I never really knew what that meant.

    Yes, crashx, I'm a little slow.

  42. yes, MRS1953, you are "the Great One"....

    bettyanne - YOU, my dear, are Victor Davis Hanson.

    Preptile is Dennis Miller AND Ted Nugent.

    TWW is Sean Hannity - "Let not your hearts be troubled".


  43. As the Democrats move to start the floor debate on their health care plan, I have posted some analysis of their situation and the fact they have few options to benefit politically. I hope you find it interesting.

    John's Space

  44. I've given it some more thought and I have come to the conclusion that MRS1953's style is more like .....


    Hope you don't mind, MRS1953.

    I also think that instead of Jeff Foxworthy, TOTUS is actually Mark Levin, what with the pet names he has for BO and his staff, like 'Toes', 'Gibbsy', 'Timmy', etc.

    Mark Levin has always been good with descriptive names:

    "Her Thighness" Hillary Clinton
    "Little Dick" Durbin
    Keith "Overbite" Olberman
    David "HO HUM" Frum
    and the rest.

    My verification word was - haste

    Yes, TOTUS, I did write the first post in haste, as I was trying to post here and at the same time watch the Steelers game ... it was right about the time that San Diego came back from being 28 points behind and Pittsburgh almost let them catch up!!!! arghhhh!!!!

    Whew! That was close.


  45. Good Morning FOTae:
    I'm no genius, but will someone else look at this video? Because it sounded to me an awfully lot like Mr. Schmidt, a McCain campaigner, encouraged "independents" to split off into a third party "base". He did it by making up a story.

    And correct me if I am wrong, but isn't that how elections are lost, i.e., to Slick Willy?

    Mr. Schmidt, you big dope. WE LOVE SARAH. Get used to it!!! You cannot change our mind. But my goodness, how you do try, don't you? Bless your lying, back stabbing heart.

  46. To Jamie, as posted at MOTUS blog:

    lol, but Ann discounts the fact that BHO wasn't born in America.

    I think he's an illegal alien, and should be forced to show a LEGIT, AUTHENTIC Birth Cert; otherwise, he's lying as usual and isn't a natural born citizen.

    and marryig MObitch DOES NOT make him a 'naturalized' citizen, just a citizen.

  47. The more I think about what this man said, the angrier I become. Explatives related to his slimey person come to mind, in vivid color.

    Mr. Schmidt, the spokes person for mediocrity, goes on teevee to slam Sarah, who actually takes a STAND on the ISSues instead of sucking up - like MCCAIN. And you - Mr. Schmidt.

    Sarah "...appeals to 'a' base, but has lost the middle and independents..." WTF is that supposed to mean, you politically deaf moron? Can't you hear us? Did you nto observe tea parties? Did you not step back when McCain LOST becaue of this kind of reasoning, you stupid excuse for a rep?

    Oh my God. I'm really, really smoking out of my ears here.

    This, what I feel, is what WE THE PEOPLE FEEL!! And dip shits like Schmidt don't get it!

    I cannot wait until 2012. Ther eis going to be a big surprise in store for persons such as Schmidt.

  48. HA! Oh my gosh!! Rush is AWESOME today-only 5 minutes in!

    Barak Hussein Obama

    Rush Hudson Limbaugh

    The Battle Hymn to Rush- HILARIOUS!

  49. Woo hoo!
    It was the most fantastic show opening he has ever done! I literally was pounding my steering wheel and laughing out loud! (and peeing my pants!)

    Rush Hudson Limbaugh!
    Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmm.

  50. I am having a severe arthritis flare, so I can't adequately commend all of you for your hilarious and/or uplifting posts, FOTs. You are all amazing, the best. Thanks for the kudos, though, Preptile, and I'm grateful for those who are praying.
    We are MISSING YOU, TWW, and praying for your husband's health.
    Also, I missed most of Rush, heading for the doc; RATS; it must have been amazing to hear.

    crashx, you became upset when I mentioned watching a movie with one of our sons who experience autism. He knows nothing of crafting movies into "art," and his choice of a movie would probably strike most adults as soap opera: a Michael Landon, Jr., movie, "Love Comes Softly." It's sweet, like our son. Please be at peace, crashx.

    FOTs, tell me what you think of this revelation I've had (sent earlier to my Palinista blogging group):
    Obama and his Obots have openly criticized the US Constitution and pushed an expensive social agenda that will cripple our economy. Obamacare alone will reportedly require people to pay 10-15% of their gross income.

    But another Obot goal is more covert: to engineer the demise of faith groups throughout America. Making faith groups illegal is unthinkable in freedom-loving America, so the Obots plan instead simply to KILL OFF faith groups. How can the Obots accomplish this goal?

    First, some legislators want to take away tax benefits for faith groups. These Congress-people know that if churches and synagogues have to pay taxes on their land and facilities, these groups cannot maintain their buildings or fund their staff and programs. (And without buildings, will members be allowed legally to meet in each others’ homes? What about the prayer group that experienced trouble recently for meeting in San Diego homes?)

    Second, Obama and his Obots also plan to fund their socialistic agenda by grabbing all the “undesignated” money people have left, after they’ve paid for essential items: food, shelter, or clothing. But many people DONATE some of that [what the Obots would term as] “extra” money to help the needy, or to support their faith group----and some people donate more than a tithe (10%) of their gross income yearly.

    The Obots KNOW that Americans will struggle to sustain or increase their charitable giving level, if they also must pay 10-15% of their gross income on health care benefits alone (most of which will pay for the bureaucracy, government workers, and their benefits, without directly benefiting the poor). By taxing faith groups, and by requiring Americans to pay for health care with funds they’d previously used for donations to faith groups, Obama and his Obots hope to end faith groups entirely.
    Mountain Mama

    I'm with everyone who's completely exasperated with BO. We must legal, ethical find a way to get him out of office SOON.

    Oh, and I'd prefer to be someone who completely supports Sarah Palin (unlike Michelle Malkin). Could you share either Beck or Rush with me, Jamie?
    Or maybe I could be Mark Steyn's fraternal twin (granted, I'm not as wise as he, but he's so neat!)?

  51. Mountain Mama, come to think of it, you are every bit as wise as Mark Steyn. But I really think you could be Laura Ingraham, a truly elegant lady, but tough. You are faraway too nice to be Rush, and not nearly wacky enough to be Glenn, lol.

    MRS1953, I just said that your STYLE of writing is like Ann C,, not that you held the same beliefs. But, if you prefer, you can be Rush. Or how about Michael Savage?

    I'm enough of a goofball, that I could be Glenn, although I don't think I'm as brave as he is. And, like Glenn, I become emotional at the drop of a hat.

    --------------------------------- >

    bettyanne, the McCain crowd are a bunch of creeps and are the reason why the Republican Party has been going downhill for years. McCain, Lindsey Graham, etc, all believe that they have to kowtow to the Dems in order to "get" the independents. I don't believe that they will EVER believe any differently, either! They are all terrified of Sarah Palin, they hate Glenn Beck (because he calls them out) and they have only disdain for the Tea Partiers. They are all FOOLS.

  52. MM,

    I agree with your take. After all, this current administration wants to destroy our constitution and control our lives. They know what is best for us.

    I hope your hubby is hanging in there.

    As far as Uncle Art (arthritis) coming to visit, none of us are getting any younger. I am feeling the effects too.

    BTW, is it true that the 40 day chip BO gave to Teddy K had a likeness of his royal family in Denmark?

    What do God and Obama have in common?

    Neither one of them has a birth certificate.
    (Apologies if you have already heard that one).

    Now back to the monotony of contract negotiations (ugh).

    "No discount for you"!

  53. Thanks, shovel ready. Re. BO's hoping to end faith groups, I pray I'm wrong. BTW, I hadn't heard your joke, and LOVED it: we can't get to the bottom of the birth cert. issue, because maybe BO doesn't HAVE one, being divine. (-NOT!)

    Thanks, Jamie, for the link to view Chris Rock on Leno. He was correct: 13 is YOUNG! Also, bettyann and Laura Ingraham are both blond, savvy-smart writers (hint, hint)!

    Hey, Mrs1953, hope you love being Coulter, because she's TERRIFIC, too! (smile) She might be correct that BO's a natural-born citizen, but still, his other records (which he's also hiding, so far) might reveal he had a different father, went to Indonesia as a Muslim, or went on scholarship to Hahvahd as a legal alien: ack! Also, I LOVED the brief comment you posted from "God is sovereign." Yeah, read it and WEEP, BO, you all-too-human fake.

    Bettyann, I can't stand the turn-coats, either, re. Palin. Jamie's right: Steve Schmidt and McCain are wrong that Republicans will win by playing to the center. Fact is (as Rush says), when Rep's run true conservatives, they WIN----because the nation actually trusts right-of-center/conservative candidates more. BO won on image (he's completely unlike what most of the public believed) and because people were tired of the war. (TOUGH! It's gotta get won!)

    John's Space: nice analysis on your blog! It's disgusting that this administration works hard not to be required to show the public or legislators what's in the bills it wants passed. WHAT CROOKS!

    Another concern: are any FOTs getting the H1N1 vaccine? Dr. Mercola addresses it on his site: Interesting that even Fox News supports that shot.

  54. No, we're not getting the vaccine; no one in my family is.

    I do not trust ANYTHING connected to this government.

    Glad you enjoyed the quote from WND, MM; I thought it was very insightful

  55. I have an appt with my doctor tomorrow for my annual exam, I'm going to ask him about the H1N1 vaccine. BTW, my doctor is originally from CANADA...

    You might have heard, we here in the southeast have had quite an outbreak of swine flu. As a matter of fact, one of my co-workers came to work last week and said he had it, but that the doctors told him it was ok to return to work after being fever-free for 24 hours. On Friday I heard that our mgmt called the doctor's office and asked them if it was true that he had H1N1 and the doctor said that he was "mistaken". I find it hard to believe that the doctor talked about one of his patients.

    Have you guys heard yet that MO has been caught making up that story about "sitting on her dad's knee, cheering on Olga, blah, blah, blah....?

    Folks have calulated that MO would have been twenty years old at the time.


    Two Dems (Burris and Jackson) came out publicly and said that the IOC didn't pick Chicago "because of the actions of the Bush admin during the last 8 years" and that BO "has not had time to turn around world opinion".


    Last, but not least, SNL actually spooked BO the other night, poking fun at him for not fulfilling his campaign promises to his liberal supporters (closing GITMO, health care reform, global warming, etc.)


    OVER and OUT!

  56. OOPS> I said SNL "SPOOKED" BO. I meant "SPOOFED".....

    But, after what SNL dared to do, THEY might get SPOOKED by BO.....

  57. I'll bet a fat rat's ass Obama and Co. get spooked if they get spoofed. You will not annoy the Messiah with your petty humorous dipictions of him. He is above the object of humor. The Obamination is like unto God, who is like unto Mao - a savior of the people.

    TheObamination is stewing in his castle, jealous of Mao's ascending popularity as a father of the people...

    My word:

    A stipend the government offers to dems once conservatives retake congress and the presidency, for mental rehabilitation.

  58. HI, FOTS!!!!

    Today my husband came back HOME!

    Thank you SO MUCH for praying.

    The "major, high risk -- AACK! [MM :D]" surgery went superbly. Could not have gone any better. The "issue" was resolved with no collateral damage. The surgeons were pleased. I was thrilled. Our two German Sheperds were overjoyed, whirling and barking and grinning. My husband is still high on his pain meds, so he's happy. ;) It will be a long recovery, but .....


    "Praise be to the Lord forever! Amen and Amen." Psalm 89:52.


    I haven't read ANYTHING here since last Thursday or so (aaack!). When I catch up, TWW will be BACK!


    Wasn't that just so perfectly, big-grin-on-the-face-all-day, WONDERFUL that wittle Barry didn't get his way w/ the IOC!?! I prayed, but, well, God seems to be saying, "Wait," most of the time, these days. What a super-terrific, "YES!"

  59. They gave my husband the vaccine this weekend. All our soldiers have to get it. When you are in the military, you get vaccinated. Period.


    Ya, that Schmidt is a schlecht...pardonez moi, for hocking and spitting.

    I missed Rush today, a pity as he is on Monday almost always in rare form. The new sportster, it seems, must be ridden for longer time frames in order to keep a battery charged. I, being the learner, having gone on short interval rides between bread risings, stew stirrings, and other such home making tasks, in order to practice the art of motorcycle riding. Apparantly this made the battery die, and me weep, head hanging in thwarted escape, wearing smart new red jacket and spiffy new sun glasses.... but after a visit to the motorcycle doctor we are all fine and under orders to ride for at least 30 minutes each time, to prevent another battery disaster!!! God Bless America!!! But I digress...

    "...etc, all believe that they have to kowtow to the Dems in order to "get" the independents "

    I confess to having once been an independent. However, after the Perot disaster, wherein millions of good meaning Americans actually sabotaged the nation, allowing Slick Willy to win without the majority, I feel no love for a third party. Suggestions Sarah may lead us that way distress me.

    She is better than that. Do you hear the voices out here Sarah?

    Why should she make herself up? She is us. Her story is an American story.

    That guy on the link I posted this morning, that's what he suggested. Sarah has lost the independents, and her base is wild, out of touch: she's a third party gal, it's the only support she has - and there is Mr. Schmidt, wet behind the ears, was not able to even VOTE when Perot ran, trying to cause the third party disaster Perot caused, which tortured us with the Clintons for eight goddamn years.

    I do not ever feel swayed by the media's dissing of Sarah. They do not effect me at all. I want that posted to the public; that the more they disrespect Sarah, the more I love her and want her for my president - because I REJECT THEM AND WHAT THEY DON'T WANT FOR ME I WANT RIGHT NOW - and I want them to know that there are millions like me.

    Sarah is a real American, Mr. Schmidt-Twerp. I paid for those clothes she wears, and I like what I did. I also pay for Michelle's wardrobe, and Mr. Schmidt? She embarrasses me, and she doesn't care - she keeps looking like a cheap junior high school sewing class turn out. You embarrass me too, you excuse for a forehead. Get a set. If I were your mother? I'd smack you in public.

  60. Oh TWW, welcome back! Ya you have a handful there, I bet. Remember to take care of you too- the caretaker needs care. God bless your mate, a speedy recovery and a lot of cussedness, which is fine American refusal to give in. Many good wishes for a good night's sleep this night, for man and dog. We missed you!

  61. "...wittle Barry didn't get his way..."

    No the little pricker didn't.

  62. YY-E-E-E-E-SSSSS! SO glad your husband is home and happy, TWW! Hang in there, guys, and we'll keep praying for COMPLETE HEALING.
    And yep, we were SO glad BO didn't get his way, after his and MO's self-stroking speeches with the IOC (a real ralph-a-rama).

    Our family doesn't plan to get that H1N1 vaccine, either, Mrs1953; we've read about Thimerosal (a vaccine preservative that's 49.6% MERCURY) and its possible connection to autism, so-o, NOPE! However, there's no question that vaccines in general have saved lives, so we're praying for SAFETY for those who accept this vaccine (or are forced to, as in the military).

    Hmm... Ole Letterman is on. Sometimes the schlub IS funny, but the topics are SAD: shake-downs, his angry wife (who could blame her?), and WHAT?! AhmaNUTjob's JEWISH, just as HITLER was? The irony!

    Now DL's listing famous cheaters: Bill Clinton, Mark Sanford, Elliot Spitzer.... So does Letterman believe he's one in a long line of cool Stud-Muffins!? BLEAH! Lousy character.

    Now DL's apologizing to his staff and wife. Yeah, when one loves behaving like a sophomore, insensitivity occurs!

    Please, FOTs----literally 24/7 this week----PRAY, PRAY, PRAY that Olympia Snowe and one or more others DO NOT let "Obamacare" make it out of the Senate Committee this week.
    We will face financial RUIN if that bill (with some form of public option care, natch) is passed----taking effect AFTER BO hopes to be re-elected, the coward. I don't know if the next President could ever get it repealed.

    I hope God will have mercy on this nation. Sure, we've made some mistakes (thanks for the constant reminders and apologies worldwide, BO-Jerk), but so has EVERY nation (which BO never mentions). Nevertheless, the United States is OBVIOUSLY the Very Best Nation in the World because everyone wants to LIVE here! "Lord, please have mercy and save us."

  63. Betty Ann and Mountain Mama, THANKS! How heartwarming your kind words of welcome and encouragement are. Well, Betty Ann, I drank a little toooo much Pepsi One this evening, so I read all the posts I missed (I'll take better care of myself tomorrow ;)). Took me over 2 hours! Enjoyed every minute of it (averting my eyes when I saw "CrashX." Just don't need that kind of nonsense right now (or EVER, really). Now, I'm just going to stay up until the next dose of the "4 pills every 6 hours" med., then go to bed. I HATE the sound of that alarm clock -- even the tiniest little "click" as it thinks a second before really coming on. I'd rather stay up late and not have to be awakened. Blah, blah, blah.

    It has been wonderful knowing that I had so much prayer support. My husband made me promise not to tell anyone what was up. Thus, there wasn't the usual "we'll be praying for you" from my friends. But, I was not without friends! YOU guys prayed. You were (are) my friends. Thank you.

    Say, there are a LOT of hurts and needs and dashed hopes out there amongst all you FOTS. Don't let the fact that TWW's need has been talked about quite a bit put you off from mentioning your own prayer need. SPEAK UP AND INTO YOUR MIKE. (:D)

    Give us the gift of the opportunity to help you. The names are (usually) pseudo, but the prayers are real.

    Okay. Enough serious stuff. I'll get you some more balloon dogs and giraffes and a squeeky clown nose or two soon, Betty Ann. [:o)]

    Sorry about your disappointment at the dead battery, Betty Ann. At least, now you "have" to ride for at least half an hour. Yeeeehaaaaw!


    Oh, hey, that just reminded me of Rush's electric car adventure mentioned above (sure wish I had seen THAT).... and that reminded me of the crazy guy driving one of those "Dumb Cars" up the 5-lane freeway this afternoon. Traffic was moving well (for once!), about 70 mph (in a 60). In the HOV lane (hurrah, we could use it today!) I approached and slowly passed a "Dumb" (a.k.a. "Smart") Car barreling along IN THE FAST LANE at nearly 70mph (driver must have been pedalling reeeeallly hard). As I pulled even with him, I looked over and shook my head disgustedly (I HATE those cars -- they are a death trap to too many innocent children whose Holy Cult of EnvironMENTALism parents gleefully risk sacrificing their children on the Cult's altar). The 20-ish young man at the wheel looked grim.

    About 20 minutes later............ (still doing 70)..... lo-and-behold, "Would you look at that?!" Here he came on the DOUBLE, cutting right, left, right, doing around 80 as he showed the world............ what kind of person drives a "Smart Car."

  64. Oh, and one more thing...... Jamie :D, if you like progressive stories (same characters who get older), I'll bet you'd like Alexander McCall Smith's No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency series. Mma Ramotswe and her adventures and personal trials are delightful. There are six or seven (or so) in the series.

    Good night from here.

    Have a great day -- there!

  65. The Big Guy's really big government take over of health care push is now going into high gear. So send an e-mail to the senate finace committee member in your state if you have one. If you don't you can email some too. In particular contact Blanche Lincoln (D-AR), Bill Nelson (D-FL), and Olympia Snowe (R-ME). You can find their e-mail address at senate contact page. These are the swing votes on this bill.

    John's Space

  66. TWW-

    Woof woof woof!
    Mmmm, mmmm, mmm!

  67. Verification word:


    What I strive to be on this blog. One of the e-gents. Forgive me when I deviate and lose resolve and decorum.

  68. I went over to Amazon a few days ago, to pre-order Sarah Palin's new book. I noticed that a comments forum had started, and had quite a few comments already. Went in, and was very very shocked. The comments forum has been virtually taken over by Sarah-haters! For every person who just wants to have a nice simple discussion about Sarah, there must be a dozen hate-spewing creatures.

    One woman keeps posting about how, if you buy Sarah's book, you are actually giving Sarah money! I didn't realize that democrats were so stupid that they didn't realize that buying a book actually means that the author gets money . . .

    Plus there are conspiracy-theorists posting that Sarah's book is number one, simply because everyone is pre-ordering several hundred books at a time, with the intention of canceling the order just before it will ship.

    It is quite a zoo.

    And then, hilariously, some of them are getting quite upset when other people make fun of them (we are so rude!) for their remarks.

  69. TWW SO glad for your good report! Glad you are back even if you are hopped up on Pepsi. I think twice before drinking the stuff because their logo is similar to BO's. Conspiracies are everywhere I look and I've always been a Coke gal.

    Hope you FOT's got to see the SNL skit yesterday because it has been scrubbed (is that the right term?) from the internet-NBC anyway.

    Did we hurt wittwle Bawwy's feewings with that skit? I loved the 'Free T-shirt with purchase of new car' offer. The T-shirt reads "Chicago- 2016- Olympics"


  70. Janice:
    Sarah terrifies them. They give outlandish and paranoid reasons. But the real reason is that she is the antithesis of liberalism. As well, she personifies everything they hate in the neighbors. They hope to disuade you and me from admiring her by their hatred.

    The thing they cannot understand, a thing they hate in her and the neighbors, is this little virtue called loyalty. They do not get it at all. LIike Schmidt, they believe that the most of us are as wishy washy and self interested as them. They cannot fathom a loyalty toward Sarah that the media could not destroy, and which all their efforts only solidify.

    Their bane is the reality of ANY virtue. Srah personifies the virtues us "little people" live our lives by.

  71. yep, and the 'doctors' in white coats (hnnnnn, aren't they coming to take him away, away; coming to take him away..???) at the WH yesterday was a laugh riot.

    Does this lying fool actually think we believe ANYTHING he says??? Lord have mercy, what an ass.

    And all this stupid, asinine carrying on about the idiotic Olympics while troops are dying (unheralded) in Afghanistan!!!

    Impeach BHO!!!! and take down the anti-American media!!

  72. This comment has been removed by the author.

  73. It was absolutely sickening and demeaning to our men and women in uniform -- last night, I accidently surfed on MSNBC -- dear God, they HATE America -- and there were three guys (one with white hair, two middle age), and I SWEAR they behanved like snarky little girls. They were complaining about how the 'right wing extremists' caused the Messiah to lose the Olympics!!! They were almost in TEARS, holding up photos to give examples of their hero's titanic efforts and angst!! Talking over each other, trying to get their point across first, to make points with their beloved Messiah. ONE sentence about Afghanistan, then back to crying over the Olypmics, ad naseum.

    These aren't men, much less reporters; these are little pansies, hens cackling in a hen house.

    and now, SNL is being reamed!!! About time SNL did something to that lying fool.

    Every single media outlet should ber shut down and run out of town.

  74. My brother just returned from Afghanistan (medicalled out of theater, not battle-wounded). He came back totally disheartened at the lack of real support from the government. Said one can tell that it's not about the troops when so many contractors' Lexuses, Mercedes and Land Rovers traverse the area, and a base meant for 6,000 troops holds about three times that. Says he's lost weight -- partly because the food lines are so long, a lot of the food runs out before the end of the line gets there.

    I disagree a bit with Mountain Mama from her / your earlier post where it said the Republicans lost in part because people were tired of the war -- I think (though I may be wrong) that several may have voted for Obama for that reason, but I think Republicans, for the most part, support the war and our troops and want to see VICTORY -- the reason those Republicans lost, I believe, is the candidate we had, and some chose not to vote at all rather than vote for a RINO. If a conservative candidate had just stuck with it through a few more primaries, maybe the outcome would have been different. (I would have voted for Fred, but he quit -- now, even if he runs again I'd be hesitant to support him, for that reason alone.)

    I say all that (please excuse me for the personal information overload) to say, support the war, support the troops, support victory, and mostly: PRAY! PRAY! PRAY! (and for you faithful praying FOTS, please pray for my brother, he's finding it a little harder this time to reintegrate, compared with last time -- yes, this was his second tour in Afghanistan.)

    Thanks for your all's "friendship." (a little Missouri lingo there)

  75. Here ya go, for those who missed it:


    (chated like BHO song:)

    Rush Hudson Limbaugh. Mmm, mmm, mmm.

    Rush Hudson Limbaugh. Mmm, mmm, mmm.

    (Battle Hymn of the Republic tune)
    My ears have heard Rush Limbaugh on my parents' radio.
    He tells me that the left is wrong and stuff I need to know.
    We turn it off when he is done 'cause there is no other show.
    Rush, keep broadcasting on.

    Glory, glory hallelujah.

    Gore and Clinton couldn't fool ya.

    Barack Obama can't ignore ya.

    Rush, keep broadcasting on.

    In 1951 he was born in Missouri.

    Now he's on the radio conducting EIB.

    On the air to set us free from sea to shining sea, he keeps broadcasting on.

    Glory, glory hallelujah.

    Gore and Clinton couldn't fool ya.

    Barack Obama can't ignore ya.

    Rush, keep broadcasting on. Rush keep broadcasting on!

  76. aero:
    Give your brother high FOTae fives! And many many, thanks. The Lord bless him and you, and give your whole family the wisdom and insght to percieve his needs, and fill them. Good healing light around you all.

  77. GREAT to hear from you, TWW! Your cheerfulness cheers everyone. CUTE greeting to TWW, Susan (woof!). You know she LO-OVES the doggies! ;->

    Brief, yet inspiring greeting from you, too, shovel ready. (*ahem*) Forgive me, too, when I'm not displaying decorum. Selah....

    Janice, they're dissing Sarah? What a surprising new tactic! We can all head over there to stick up for her now: BLESS you for the heads-up!
    You're right, bettyann: the libs can't stand Sarah for her loyalty to DECENT AMERICAN VALUES! And yes, they're weak, whiney, and basically full of fear of getting hurt by Americans, rather than by our enemies! It's so suicidal of them, to mistrust the wrong side.

    Mrs1953, I was LIVID to watch videos of the slaughter of our troops in Afghanistan the other day, knowing that BO is purposely ignoring their needs and HIS OWN GENERAL's plea for help. He's a lying SOB.

    Debbdi, I only saw the SNL segment of the Pretend BO, admitting he's done "nothing." That's a real leftist view, because in reality BO has done WAY too much, taking away our liberties and planning even worse actions. (Maybe the other SNL jokes (T-shirts, etc.) are on YouTube?)

    John's Space: ABSOLUTELY we need to make calls to defeat this "health care bill." THIS IS IT, PEOPLE; this week is KEY! Lord, HELP US!

    What a morning, minding my own business, then BAM! There's BO's MOUTH again, yapping at yet another camera. He was lie-speaking to the National Counterterrorism Center, "promising" to give them the tools they need to do their jobs (fingers crossed behind his back). HA!! He knows d--d well he's working overtime to STRIP them of those tools; otherwise, they might upset or even catch some terrorists: how unfair!
    Parts of the Patriot Act are expiring in December (you know: the EFFECTIVE parts), then what's left will be renamed, "The Justice Act." Let's pray this weaker act still protects America, or there will be no one left to receive "justice."

    No, aero, I agree with you, too: the Rep's lost because SOME people were sick of the war, and OTHER people were leery of the RINO McCain (although he IS a hero to me, too). I loved Fred, too, but was thunderstruck at his lack of energy! Sarah was/is the one to lead us, if only the Republican leaders would back off and let her go! You're a dear, aero, and THANK YOUR BROTHER for his service --- and your husband, too, as always, bettyann! I am LIVID with this "president" for his total dissing of our troops. If we ever find out he's a traitor... well, I pity that poor fool....

  78. I've said it once, and I'll keep saying it: This lying bastard WANTS our troops to fail; he is INTENTIONALLY causing their failure.

    He backs Islam; said so himself, in his book, he said he would always back Islam if it ever became a choice.

    Will someone PLEAE get rid of him before we lose our army???????!!!!!!! and our country!!!!

  79. Okay, I just burst into tears (I'm like Jamie and Glenn Beck in that) over re-reading about our troops not getting enough food. THAT DOES IT! I AM BEYOND LIVID! Today, I am going to ream out (politely; it can be done) someone for this. Maybe I'll just call the White House; I can get through the press line. REALLY, that is just unforgiveable, that the poor troops aren't even getting FED properly. I'm getting on the phone; watch the lines BURN.... Lord, HELPPPPPP!

  80. Okay, a White House volunteer answered my call (202-456-1111), after I waited quite awhile. The tape says sweetly, "Your call is important to the President. Thank you for your patience." Well, we are running OUT of patience with HIM! Anyway, the volunteer said that soldiers should FAX the White House (202-456-2461) with their reports about what they experienced or saw while overseas on duty.
    I would add that savvy soldiers had better send an identical copy of that fax to Fox News and their local newspaper. I do hope soldiers get the word out, because most Americans have LITTLE idea that the supply lines are THAT HORRID in the arena, such that the troops aren't being FED (much less protected with arms). I am still shaking with anger about this. Calling the Pentagon now....

  81. The WH will target the soldiers complaining about what the Messiah is doing to them. They wo't come home. It's the truth no one will talk about.

    The WH will not help our soldiers until the PEOPLE insist on it with more protests and sudible accusations that they can't run from.

    Don't bother with the WH or the Pentagon; call FOX News, maybe even Glenn Beck -- they might be able to help.

    No one else in gov't will help them.

  82. Seriously, I checked it out. The troops don't get simple things, like toothpaste, Q-tips, lady's needs - (beyond the lady's needs, they have found a certain item quickly stems bleeding when inserted into a bullet wound)- razors, soaps, etc kidding. OUr troops go without until a care package arrives from home. I found this out becauseo f my motorcycle! I never really understood what all the "runs" were about. My husband and I did not have time for such things with our bike. Then my brother moved here, and I got my own, and started "talking motorcycles" with other bikers - and damned, if they are not really into the troops! Any "run" for the troops is widely supported. You arrive at a destination, make a donation to Operation Wounded Warrior, or any other cause for the troops, such as also bringing a box of doanted personal care items, and then you go on a long ride together. Kind of like a statement for the troops! You arrive at the next destination and they have activities and other ways to donate to our guys and gals at war.

    REally, very inspiring, to hear all that rumbling thunder and know that each bike and person is doing it to state support of the troops. There was one here this weekend, but I am not good enough to ride with others yet. There were six hundred motorcycles!! and other following to support the cause in vehicles.

    But back to the topic - no, the troops are not provided with many basic needs. Shocking, at best.

  83. What an experience! It took three calls and a lot of waiting to get through to the correct area. The Pentagon guys no doubt can't say what they're really thinking (bettyann might know more about this circumstance). Calling Fox News now....

  84. MM I stand corrected about SNL. Jamie's SNL link still works. CNN did a 'fact-check' on the skit... PULEEZE.


    Good news- Polanski is going to be kept in jail for a bit longer. His request for bail was denied.


    Any updates on the ACORN investigation? I have not seen anything since 'losing their funding.' Did it get its 15 minutes and we will never hear about it again?


    How is this for irony? I just finished reading 'My Grandfather's Son' by Clarence Thomas Monday night. Timely with the treatment of the Letterman situation?

    The moral [IMHO] of the story... good DOES prevail with faith and prayer.

  85. This comment has been removed by the author.

  86. Thank you ALL, from the bottom of my heart, for your prayers, passion and action on behalf of the troops.

    God bless you all.

  87. Okay, debbdi, everything has tighted up there at Fox News, with all the influx of new watchers (THANK GOD; it's a real testimony to Americans' need to learn the TRUTH, because it COSTS MONEY to get Fox News!). That is, it's harder to get through to a real person by phone, unless I go the press route (which is cheating, since I'm not a reporter or synd. columnist now).

    Okay, so we can email the Fox News people, using VERY concise and eye-catching SUBJECT titles. The main guys are: (Glenn's head writer)

    Sean just said that Pelosi is criticizing General McCrystal. She should be GLAD he's sticking up for our troops!

  88. WHAT A RIOT, bettyann; FUNNY! I needed that joke re. Pelosi, because SHE is NOT funny.

    Well, FOTS, I think there's still a lot of vet/troop SCAMS out there. I hunted down lots of websites, and some of them (which still receive donations! Hmmm...) haven't been updated for over TWO YEARS! C'mon! How are we supposed to trust them?

    One site, though, stated there are many rules for mailing packages, including that we need to mail to specific soldiers or units. Which specific units need help, bettyann and aero?

    WON'T THIS BE COOL! Let's all send items for Thanksgiving to the soldiers, FOTs----and put "We're FOTs" on the packages! Maybe then the soldiers will read TOTUS! Even if we can only spare a bit (and no need to feel shy about that, people; most of us are struggling in this economy), every bit adds up, when we all pitch in to help.

    Finally, it's free, but it's powerful: remember always to PRAY for our troops. PRAY for our security officers, too: CIA, FBI, US Marshals (my brother!), and police and fire fighting officers. Their LIVES are on the line for our liberty and safety, yet they don't earn much. What patriots!
    Lord, protect and defend all these brave servants who devote their time, energy, and lives to protect and defend us. AMEN!

  89. Hey TOTUS, Alexandria Daily Poop again. Perhaps you could do something like substituting "sauerkraut" for "I" and "Me" in your boss's speeches. It is beginning to get tiresome not only here but all over the world. (The "sauerkraut" idea belongs to George F. Will). If he has to say "I", then let it be as in "I Resign"

  90. McCain has been at the meeting in the White House, and is outside, speaking to the "press" (biased though they so obviously are) as a Armed Services Committee Ranking Member, saying that if we ignore al Qaeda, then the Taliban AND al Qaeda will increase: DUH! SAD that libs. can't figure out basic strategy of ANY armed force!

    This President is actually thinking of pulling out of both Iraq and Afghanistan!

    Mitch McCaonnell (R. Minority Leader) said Republicans will make their OWN decisions about what they'll support the President's new strategy.

    McCain: "Half measures are what I worry about:" ie., only halfway getting out, or halfway fighting: they DON'T WORK.

    What a horrible week.... And will it get better? I wish, F. Allen, BO really WOULD resign, but there's FAT CHANCE of that.

  91. That's an idea, bettyann, we can ship all those hideous liberal crones over there to scare off the Tallie-Bahn (BO's prounuciation).

    Let's see:
    Fancy Nancy Pelosi
    Babs Bow-wow Boxer
    Ruth Buzzy Ginsberg
    Maddie Not-so-bright Albright
    Her Thighness Hillary
    Bruno Napolitano
    AND all the Code Pink witches

    That should scare them, or at least, annoy the heck outta them.


    Swartzenaeger has a name for men like those MRS1953 was describing from MSLSD:


    BTW, that name covers all the demo men in D.C., as well as those who call themselves women - Pelosi, Boxer, etc. They are all uni-sex, so you can't really tell them apart.


    Obama and the rest of the girly men democrats could care less about the troops. They are only worried that this will turn into another "VIETNAM" and that it will hurt them in the polls. They don't want to WIN. Actually I don't think they know what the word "WIN" means.

    Besides that, I thought that Iraq was supposed to be the next Vietnam - isn't that what the fake media told us for months and months and months while Bush was president?

  92. MM, you used to could send items addressed to "Any Service Member" or "Any Wounded Warrior", but they stopped that after 9/11.

    You can mail care packages to troops, BUT, like you said, you have to have a specific name (or unit) and address to send it to.

    I just happened to pick up a brochure at the P.O. the other day about sending packages to the military.

    In it it says that the list of "restrictions and prohibitions" for sending to APO/FPO addresses can be found on the website - look for "Supporting our Troops" on the page.

  93. I LOVE the idea of FOT's packages! Pooling our resources and advertising TOTUS! Maybe someone 'in the know' can direct us to the best site. Those of you with loved ones protecting us tell us more about specific needs.

  94. I listened to Rush on the way to the dr. today and he read from TWO different American Thinker posts.

  95. Our office sent a care package last year to a unit in Iraq (one of our employees was a member). I emailed him at the time and asked him what to send.

    Beef Jerky;
    canned tuna;
    movies, books, magazines (to combat boredom);
    those single packets of flavoring for water (they can pour it into their water bottles); disposable razors;
    baby wipes;

    stuff like that.

    I'll see if I still have that email. It was to my work email, so I can't check until tomorrow.

    If we were to send care pkgs, we would have to send it by November at the very latest to get there in time.

  96. We Bill Bennett groupies, I mean fans, send to the troops via Soldiers' Angels. We sent a big bunch of boxes last month to some chaplains in Afghanistan to distribute to the troops.

  97. If someone who has a friend or family memeber in Afghanistan and will supply names and address info, I'd be glad to send TEN boxes (largest size allowed) to them.

    I just need names and Addr.

    It's the least I can do.

    If you don't want to post that info on a public site, I can direct you to my book's website and you can contact me personally there (please, do not buy the books; this is to contact me directly only).

  98. Oh, yeah, and send them PHONE CARDS!

    Could you guys check out THIS SITE:

    It looks good, has names of soldiers, but I'm not if they give you actual addresses to send to!!

    I'm pretty sure that they are legit, too. It says on the page that they are part of the Combined Federal Campaign -CFC- and if they are, then they must be legit.

    I also found this list of some pretty specific items that the military prohibits:

    - Obscene articles (prints, paintings, cards, films, videotapes, etc) and horror comics.
    - Any matter depicting nude or seminude persons, pornographic or sexual items, or nonauthorized political materials.
    - Bulk quantities of religious materials contrary to the Islamic faith.
    - Items for the personal use of the addressee are permissible.
    - Pork or pork by-products.

    And this is an old DOD release about their troop support mail policy, but it may still be in force:

  99. Or maybe just form a website just for that?

    that would be easy to do.

  100. News about ACORN investigation(s):

    Lousiana is following through with its investigation of ACORN. The LA Attorney General, who is a Democrat, has already determined (from an internal audit requested by ACORN) that Wade Rathke embezzled FIVE million dollars, which is four million more than was admitted by ACORN.

    ACORN originally covered up the embezzlement and found "private donors" (a group associated with G. Soros) to pay back the one million dollars. ACORN should be in hot water for not reporting the embezzlement to the authorities and handling it internally. Right now the AG has to determine, of the money embezzled, where the money originated - donations, federal funds, etc. So, since they only paid back ONE million, what about the other FOUR? Hopefully, Wade Rathke will wind up in JAIL.

    The LA AG just said (he is on Glenn Beck right now) that LA is "serving as a clearing house" for all the other states and federal agencies (IRS, etc) who have started investigations into ACORN.

    Breitbart's has the scoop:

  101. Hello TWW, 'tis great to "hear your voice" once again on these pages! God's blessings for you and your husband, may he continue to recover and improve. We are all friends here, and worry over one another like mother hens...even the Rooster Men! No Girly Men here, thank you very much!

    Now here is something I just can not understand. After the Olympic sized disaster, among all the other disasters, how is it possible that Rassmussen shows BarACCCK's poll numbers up? Are there really people out there who APPROVE of this dolt? What on earth is it that they APPROVE of???I keep saying I am NOT going to look at that darn poll again, and then I do. It's just so gratifying when he slips further down...

  102. Rasmussen said the other day that BO got a "bump" in his approval because people don't like it when other countries "diss" our POTUS. They think it is, in effect, dissing our country.

    Besides, I still want to know where the people they poll actually live. What part of the country? Are they all from the same area, or in different areas?

    I believe Rasmussen usually has a breakdown on his website of how many people in a poll claimed to be Democrat, Republican or Independent. And maybe a breakdown by race, sex and age.

    But, I have NEVER seen any poll numbers broken down as whether the people polled were all from the East Coast, West Coast, Mid-WEst, etc. NEVER.

    And, as always, a polls results depend a LOT upon what question was asked and how it was phrased.

    Yesterday, I read an article that pointed out that the pro-univ-Health-Care people were out-spending the anti-Univ-Health-Care about 3 or 4 to ONE! This same article pointed out that one of Reagan's initiatives was losing ground until an independent group spent a lot of money on ADs in FAVOR of what Reagan was wanting to do. It then went on to get a lot of the public's support and was passed ....

    Let's face it - a lot of citizens are easily swayed by ads on TV!

    The sheeple people.

  103. Years ago I read an article about polls, specifically telephone polls.

    It said that most people who were registered Republicans did not like to be surveyed and most often chose NOT to answer poll questions on the phone, as they were people who chose to keep their opinions to themselves. A lot of them actually "screened" their calls and did not answer if it was an unfamiliar number (like I do).

    And that most folks who claimed to be Democrats were the exact opposite.

    It also said that the people who responded the most to polls on the phone were single and usually lived alone. (Lonely?)

    Here is another thought about polls: I wonder just how many people are actually LYING when when they answer questions on a poll?

    I know whenever our head office sends out "anonymous" polls to get the employee's opinion on management, etc, in order to gauge the morale of the people, we have some employees who intentionally rank everything negatively (whether they truly feel that way or not) just to make the poll numbers low. They think its funny.

    And there are those people totally disgusted with mgmt who will rate everything really HIGH because they are afraid that "mgmt knows who you are".

    And one other observation that the article mentioned - that most of the pollsters who used phone polls were located in major cities on either the East coast or the West Coast and did not call outside of their immediate areas because of the excessive cost of calling long distance. Which means that they only polled people on the East or West coasts. That probably would not apply these days because Long Distance is a whole lot cheaper now.

  104. Thanks for all the information, everyone. I can't stand to learn that our troops are suffering.

    Aero, you can give us names of units to send supplies to, right? Would that be okay to post here? (I have no idea if it's unsafe to do so!)

    Once we have the name and address of a unit or two, then we can start sending packages----even little ones are fine, I'm sure! The soldiers will be glad even just to receive a ton of Q-tips, and they won't be very heavy to send.

    Hey, Susan! I like Bill Bennett, too. THANKS for that wonderful website, soldiersangels. They have a TON of cool ideas of different gifts to send: cookies, blankets, etc. Neat! (I'm leery of sending cookies, but maybe they have a way of vacuum-packing them?)
    The group was started by two Moms (bet they, too, hate it when the soldiers are hungry! That made me BURN!).

    Tell you what: I'll send them some National Review and Weekly Standard copies, too! Yeah, baby!

    Any news about whether or not they've fixed the system so our overseas soldiers' VOTES will actually COUNT!?

  105. JOKE TIME......

    A cowboy from Texas attends a social function where Barack Obama is trying to gather more support for his Health Plan.

    Once he discovers the cowboy is from President Bush’s home area, he starts to belittle him by talking in a southern drawl and single syllable words.

    As he was doing that, he kept swatting at some flies that were buzzing around his head.

    The cowboy says, "Y'all havin' some problem
    with them circle flies?"

    Obama stopped talking and said, "Well, yes, if that's what they're called, but I've never heard of circle flies."

    "Well Sir," the cowboy replies, "circle flies hang around ranches. They're called circle flies because they're almost always found circling around the back end of a horse."

    "Oh," Obama replies as he goes back to rambling. But, a moment later he stops and bluntly asks, "Are you calling me a horse's ass?"

    "No, Sir," the cowboy replies, "I have too much respect for the citizens of this country to call their President a horse's ass."

    "That's a good thing," Obama responds and
    begins rambling on once more.

    After a long pause, the cowboy, in his best Texas drawl says......

    "Hard to fool them flies, though."

    BA-DA-BING ..... BA-DA-BOOM!

  106. Earlier, you guys were musing about why folks voted the way they did in 2008.

    Well, here is what Krauthammer had to say about it in a speech he gave a while back. This is not a quote, it is a summarization by someone who heard the speech (you may have seen this before):

    == The 2008 election was over in mid-September when Lehman brothers failed, fear and panic swept in, we had an unpopular President, and the war was grinding on indefinitely without a clear outcome. The people were in pain, and the mantra of change caused people to act emotionally. Any Dem would have won this election; it was surprising it was as close as it was. ==

    Someone should have reminded Charles that SARAH PALIN was the ONLY reason it was so close. Without Sarah, a lot of people would NEVER have voted for McCain!

    And here is his prediction for 2012:

    == In 2012, if the unemployment rate is over 10%, Republicans will be swept back into power. If it's under 8%, the Dems continue to roll. If it's between 8-10%, it will be a dogfight. It will all be about the economy. There is a left-wing revolution going on and he encourages us to keep the faith and join the loyal resistance. The work will be hard, but we're right on most issues and can reclaim our country, before it's far too late. ==

    AMEN to that!

  107. "There is a left-wing revolution going on and he encourages us to keep the faith and join the loyal resistance. The work will be hard, but we're right on most issues and can reclaim our country, before it's far too late. =="

    I don't want the left-wing to reclaim the country.

  108. THANK YOU, Jamie, for the joke. Yeah, flies go where the scents take them, if you catch BO's DRIFT! (heh heh)

    I believe it that the pollsters emphasize calling on the (leftwing) coastal areas of the USA. I trust Rasmussen (it's a good Danish name!).

    People don't usually "study up" enough to make informed choices for voting. They're thus more influenced by rumor or soundbites (which can hide the truth). Nowadays, though, with the tanking economy and rumors of socialism, people are paying 'WAY more attention, which the Obots have noticed (Tea Parties, townhall meetings, etc.). That's why they're sending out Obama, to use his "charisma" (ralph) and try to influence the public based on image, rather than on fact. Sadly, it often works.

    Krauthammer is wonderful, but he's missing something Rush keeps hammering home: these "Unemployment Figures" are extremely deceptive! People who've dropped off the UIB rolls but who do NOT have a job, or even any prospects of a future job, are counted AS EMPLOYED----which is hogwash.
    SO, the unemployment figure could be at or below 8% next year (come election time), and NOT reflect the possible reality of THOUSANDS MORE unemployed (and angry!) citizens than usual----who haven't received UIB for AGES. Hence, a possible Republican win, even at 7% or 8% unemployment (which is usually considered "low").

    That reminds me: Sarah Palin hopefully is getting wise enough counsel to AVOID running as a third-party candidate, PERIOD. They NEVER win; they help elect Dems, who stick together, no matter what (a lesson for Republicans!) She's made extremely wise choices since the election, and spoken at timely intervals in very astute ways, so I think WE HAVE A WINNER HERE!

    You watch: she'll get SO much attention whenever she speaks that the Republicans will notice they'll rake in more campaign funds AND get bigger crowds, and probably (I think FOR SURE) more VOTES----so they'll give it to her, IF they can put a "reliable" MALE on the VP slot. Who do YOU think that might be? I think the VP will of necessity be a person of color----so I bet Bobby Jindal. He's extremely smart, and although he's a bit of a dweeb, he's a quick study and can learn to speak more passionately (with less frowning and no furrowed brow).
    He'll liven up with Palin, you betcha!
    Who do YOU think will run with her (PLEASE GOD, LET IT BE HER!)?

    Aero, please give us the name of a soldiers' unit we FOTs can all SPOIL ROTTEN, okay?

  109. TO WIT----Palin today via Facebook:
    The British newspaper "The Independent" reported today that Gulf oil producers were negotiating with Russia, China, Japan and France to replace the dollar in pricing oil with a basket of currencies.[1] According to the Wall Street Journal, Arab oil officials have denied the story, but even the possibility of such a talk weakens the dollar and renews fears about its continued viability as an international reserve currency.[2] In fact, today a United Nations official called for a new global reserve currency to replace the dollar and end our “privilege” to run up huge deficits.[3] We can see the effect of this in the price of gold, which hit a record high today in response to fears about the weakened dollar.[4]

    All of this is a result of our out-of-control debt. This is why we need to rein in spending, and this is also why we need energy independence. A weakened dollar means higher commodity prices. This will make it more difficult to pay our bills – including the bill to import oil.

    In his book, "Architects of Ruin," Peter Schweizer points out that the Obama administration is focusing primarily on “green energy,” while ignoring our need to develop our domestic conventional energy resources.[5] We’re ignoring the looming crisis caused by our dependence on foreign oil. Because we’re dependent on foreign nations for our oil, we’re also at their mercy if they decide to dump the dollar as their trade currency. We can’t allow ourselves to be so vulnerable to the whims of foreign nations. That’s why we must develop our own domestic supplies of oil and gas.

    Though the chant of “Drill, baby, drill” was much derided, it expressed the need to confront this issue head-on before it reaches a crisis point.

    Bottom line: let’s stop digging ourselves into debt and start drilling for energy independence.

    - Sarah Palin

    [1] See

    [2] See

    [3] See

    [4] See

    [5] See

    Ah----ain't she just a breath of FRESH AIR!?

  110. Will try to get an address for you to send supplies to troops. My brother is stationed in VA right now, but I'll try to contact him -- I do rather hesitate to give too much personal information in a public forum [is it paranoid when THEY just might be out to get you -- or someone close to you?]. He is in the Army - 82nd Airborne -- can't remember the name of the specific base was he was stationed at this last time in Afghanistan. Gifts via a chaplain sounds like a good and feasible idea.

    Thanks again, you all, so much.

  111. That's why a third party website for members only might be a better idea. I don't like the 'public' nature, either. Just us FOTS :-)

  112. rotflmfaoapmp.....40 days of sobriety...*snort*

  113. Would the gifts get through if they were simply sent to the 82nd Airborne? Or do they need a specific PART (base?) for that group?

    I'm all for the security; I'm just hoping we can get started soon!

  114. I'm listening to a delayed broadcast of General Petraeus' session today (in the US Central Command Operational Update) about how Afghanistan is "doable:" ie., we can win there, if we send in many more troops. WIN: there's a concept for BO to learn.

    I believe the General's teachings: we know the surge tactic worked in very similar situations in Iraq, when we launched the surge in conjunction with local leaders in "unity of purpose." He noted that the Afghan security forces have quadrupled in size since 2005, but still need to grow in numbers and skills.

    His charts also demonstrate clearly that the overall level of violence ("security incidents") has hugely increased there, especially in the southern regions. "Our forces are seeking to expand the security in those areas....going where they are needed," he said.

    The huge problem that all talk about Afghanistan, etc., distracts us from is IRAN. We should be taking them on; we alone have weapons that can take out their "nuclear power plants;" Israel can't and furthermore should not HAVE to do the dirty work, when they're closer and much more vulnerable to retaliation.

    If Obama imagines that avoiding our responsibility in this regard will garner us respect and mollify Iran or other radical Islamists, he is thoroughly naive and utterly mistaken. He is coming off as WEAK, INDECISIVE, and SELF-ABSORBED.

    How on earth can these generals tolerate "working with" this president much longer?

    OH!------General Petraeus mentioned in this publicly-broadcast meeting that the Fourth Brigade of the 82nd Airborne is based in the southern region, where security is most challenged.

    Should we adopt that brigade, FOTs, since they might be least able to receive regular supplies, and really need our help?

  115. Susan (Mmmm, mmmm, mmm :D), the accomplished linguist, thanks for the merry greetings in "Dog." I just mentioned your message to one of my "babies." His ears went to attention, his eyes got larger, and he said, "HOW did she know how to say THAT?" He was impressed. Oh, and BTW, "that" was a GOOD thing to say (lol). THANKS!

    Shovel (you fine E Gent, you, heh, heh), thank you! Next time, when you get a pesky buyer, just say (in your best Robert DeNiro), "You want a discount you should shop at Walmart. SELAH! HA HA!!!"

    Thank you Debbdi! Yeah, if I didn't love the flavor so much better than any other diet cola (much better sweetening -- I have a major sweet tooth), I wouldn't want to drink "One" pop either. I just don't think about it.

    MTVA! Your comment last week (?) about missing my remarks was such a healing balm to a sore and tired heart. For that and for your gracious words of welcome above, too, thank you.


    Aero, I'll pray for your brother AND ALL THE WONDERFUL U. S. ARMED FORCES.

    B. Hussein O. is on the road to Hell. Yes, MM, he (if he wasn't run over by Big Mo after dinner tonight as she thundered by on her way to the dessert tray being wheeled out the door) may still repent and reform and.......aack!........ [gag], sorry, MM, it's possible, but it makes me want to puke to think about it. Hitler may have accepted the Lord at the last minute. I don't dwell on it.

    WE HAVE AN ENEMY WITHIN -- the White House.

    There is a Jew-hating, black supremacist, Marxist, Muslim calling himself "president" of the United States of America. And his cult members worship his every empty word.

    But, Peach Obama has a formidible foe: God Who WILL have the final word.

    [Jamie] "'Hard to fool them flies, though.'" LOL. #[:O)]- Thanks for the laugh.

    ........ so THAT'S why the Lord of the Flies is so good at [SNAP!] catching them -- lots of practice. :D

    Say, Jamie, hope you are okay ("driving to dr"). Take care of your wonderful self. Hope your son's roommate (and that your son never caught it!) is no longer ill with the flu.

    Closing thought for the day (sorry, Betty Ann, still not up to speed -- I'm a cartoon with no balloons to fill with hilarity, so, the weiner dog and the giraffe etc... will have to wait until I get some more. ;):

    "When peace like a river attendeth my way,
    When sorrows like sea billows roll,
    Whatever my lot, You have taught me to say,
    'It is well. It is well with my soul.'"

    ("It Is Well With My Soul" a hymn by Horatio Spafford written in November, 1873 when the ship bearing his four daughters and his wife, the S.S. Ville du Havre, went down and he received his wife's telegram from Wales saying, "Saved alone.")

    God is watching (Psalm 139). God sees. God knows. God cares. In God's time, God will act. [Hang in there, Rattler, with that "between jobs" situation. Still praying.]

  116. Word: lionate

    If a patriotic and skillful C.I.A. agent manages to make Dope disappear on his next trip to the savannah, she or he can just shrug and say, "The lion ate him."


    And NO I am not planning any special op in that direction myself, THOUGHT POLICE!

  117. This is a wonderful idea, to combine as a group and care for a unit of soldiers. I can't wait to get started.

    In reading the above comments about this, and about polls, I am struck all over again by what a thoughtful, smart, funny, caring group of people we have here, all in one place!

    Now I understand better what's going on with those polls. Just more of the same "popular opinion" without much content from what they like to call flyover country. Not very meaningful after all.

    Put Sarah Palin's words above next to any equal amount of BoZo's words, and study the difference. Sarah did not use one I, Me or Mine. Just one contrast out of the many we could find, but that's the one that jumped out at me. Lord, wouldn't it feel wonderful to have a president we admire and look up to, and feel safe under?? Such normal things, but so flagrantly lacking in the condition we are now enduring.

    Although Anything's Possible, I don't believe BO to be the Antichrist of the Bible. But all this blind adulation gives us a very clear picture of how it actually will come about when the AC enters the world stage, how people will be swept up in their adoration and make it all possible. Fooled by The Great Deceiver himself. In addition to all our other prayers, let's remember to pray for these poor people who are so easily swayed and blinded, may their eyes and ears be opened to the truth.

    Great BO joke above, it seems tailor-made for the Flycatcher In Chief presently occupying the White House...

  118. MRS1953, when Krauthammer said that part about the "left-wing revolution" and "the loyal resistance..." He meant that WE THE PEOPLE are the loyal resistance and can reclaim our country from the left-wing revolution.


    One of the websites I went to about care pkgs said that sending small pkgs is best, and that putting supportive, thankful, encouraging cards or notes inside is the most important thing to do.

  119. Oh, before I forget again, my trip to the doctor was for my annual physical. I'm fine (could stand to lose some weight, lol) I did get my regular flu shot and I asked the Dr. about the H1N1 vaccine. He said that "the govt will be controlling who gets it, and so far, here in Alabama, only children under two, pregnant women, and people who work with children will be getting it". (Not to mention the military; and healthcare workers in some states.) My Dr. sounded tired of being asked, lol. I told him that I wasn't worried about it, didn't really want it, I was just curious.

    My son has not mentioned his frat brother that was diagnosed with swine flu and since my son doesn't live at the frat house, he had little contact with him. That reminds me, I need to ask him about the kid.


    Have a great day, FOTS!

  120. Stephen Colbert Mr President The Taliban Just Isn't That Into You.

  121. Timely... the email came with subject line: You might want to view it ASAP as it's not likely to last very long on YouTube!

  122. I forgot the title for the YouTube clip: Different Presidents, A Different Corps

  123. Just watched the Steven Colbert clip.

    Isn't it just amazing that the little CNN chickie has figured out that the TALIBAN and AL QAEDA are WORKING TOGETHER and want the very same things!!!

    WOW! Amazing!

    You would have thought that our military guys would have already figured that out after 8 years. But, no, apparently this is NEW news.

    My question: If she knew all of this, why didn't she just tell someone? The military would have targeted Al Qaeda AND the Taliban, and the war could have been over by now.

    I know, "Its Bush's fault".


    BTW, did you notice what Colbert said at the end,

    COLBERT: "Does that mean that Bush is still Commander in Chief?"

    LARA: "NO".

    COLBERT: "I guess that was just wishful thinking."

    Tell me about it.

  124. I found the following article to be quite funny....

    === Taking the pill for past 40 years 'has put women off masculine men'

    === Scientists say the hormones in the oral contraceptive suppress a woman's interest in masculine men and make boyish men more attractive. ===

    You know, I'd say that this was WISHFUL THINKING on the part of wimpy, "metrosexual" girly men.

    Read more:

  125. Now, THIS, is interesting....

    === Attorney General Holder and Secretary of Education Duncan are in town to speak, ostensibly, with the community about youth violence -- a blight on Chicago neighborhoods so vividly brought to national attention by the videotaped beating of Derrion Albert.

    "They are meeting about us without us," said Phillip Jackson of the Black Star Project, a Chicago-based educational reform organization.

    Duncan and Holder's meeting at the Four Seasons also includes Mayor Daley, Pastor Michael Pfleger, CEO of Chicago Public Schools Ron Huberman, and Police Superintendent Jody Weis ===

    Just WHAT is the racist pastor Father Michael Pfleger doing there? (Remember him, he is close friends with Rev. Jeremiah Wright).

    === "President Obama fueled up Air Force One to fly to Copenhagen to try to win the Olympics. Why can't he fuel up a Greyhound bus and come here?" asked Jackson.

    "The Mayor and President want parents to get involved in the lives of their children," Jackson said. "We are here, where are they?"

    At Fenger, a dozen parents from Altgeld Gardens arrived by school bus to blame Arne Duncan for the problems here, saying his Renaissance 2010 plan forced their kids to leave Carver. ===

  126. Prepare yourselves to see yet another group of kids singing, this time for Health Care Reform .... and they were LIVE on CNN (Communist News Network).

    I guess they learned this song in "Community Organizing 101" class.

  127. Just for the record - those kids were from a private school.

  128. My comments have been less frequent because I have been using art as an outlet, but I'm still reading every FOT comment. TWW, it's good to see your posts again! I'm glad your husband is okay.

    Jamie, the "mmm mmm mm" chant has become a joke, but still, I'm getting sick and tired of people using kids as political tools. This has to stop.

    "too many missing coverage lately"

    Wrong! Anyone can get treatment for serious health problems.

    "we need to ensure those 47 million but the government doesn't know how"

    Wow. The government doesn't know how. Isn't that why they SHOULDN'T take over healthcare? And of course the 47 million is way off.

    Joe Wilson, mmm mmm mm!

    Word verification: descuse - There's no descuse for this song.

  129. Now I wonder why the NYT chose to publish THIS story now?

  130. Come on, Snake, it goes like this:

    Addison Graves Wilson!
    Mmmmm, mmmm, mmmm!

    (Had to 'do the google' 2x's for that name)

  131. Hmmm, seems that now a VERY liberal Democrat is questioning the Obama admin's use of "czars"....

    === WASHINGTON — A liberal Democratic senator questioned the roles of Obama administration policy "czars" Tuesday, but the White House denied it is using these officials to evade congressional scrutiny.

    Sen. Russell Feingold, D-Wis., said Congress needs to know whether some of the czars make policy but have no obligation to submit to congressional questioning.

    While the Obama administration is hardly the first to name high-level advisers to handle issues like health care and climate change, Feingold said, "It's not good enough to simply say, 'Well, George Bush did it too.'" ===

    First, Chicago loses its bid for the Olympics after the messiah himself appears IN PERSON to make an impassioned appeal to the Olympic committee; then his "Doctors at the WH" event is exposed as a staged photo-op with Obama campaign donors / supporters; and NOW a fellow Democrat dares to question his use of czars!

    October hasn't been a very good month for BO, has it?

  132. Hi, FOTs. Rough day today, and I must to bed soon.

    TWW, how's your husband doing? Thanks so much for the hymn. Yep, it's hard to hope and pray for our enemies, but Jesus asked us to do it. Sadly, our president IS OUR ENEMY (so far!).

    Yep, MTVA, Palin is NOT self-centered or corrupt, while MO and BO crave "blind adulation." Sad.

    Debbdi, I loved the GW vs. BO video re. the troops. Sure seemed like genuine love for GW!

    I'm glad you're creating art, Rattlesnake; that's so healthy! The Obots want to sneak in Obamacare approval this very week. PRAY!

    Jamie, those "community" groups are sure missing the problem: the breakdown of families, so kids don't learn self-control, respect for authority, and how to work hard, with pride. Those kids' songs are just sickening; they're brainwashing!
    And yes, the Obots DO plot the timing of articles praising the Obamas or glorifying their families or lives.
    TOO BAD: October IS a rotten month so far for BO! May Obamacare DIE and never be enacted!

    I just finished watching a movie (sorry, crashx, but it's fine story, even if it isn't "art"): "China Cry," about Nora Lam and how she and her family escaped communist China in the late 1950's (her mother in 1960). I was nauseated while watching: many features of the early communist state there RESEMBLE AMERICA TODAY: suspicion about people's politics and religion, etc. Nora was a Christian and was beaten and abused before her legal escape. Her father was a physician who could have left China before the revolution, but chose not to----and was murdered by the State.
    Should people leave the USA? Where to go, though?

    As long as we're here, we'll fight mind and state control!!!

    Aero, can we send packages to the Fourth Brigade of the 82nd Airborne in Afghanistan, or do we need more specific information? Thanks for your work to help us, and give our love to your brother! Hoorah!

  133. Hola TOTUS! Yoo Hoo!
    Are you up yet?

    Or are you practicing dithering for BG for his Afghanistan Meeting today?

    (dithering- to be nervously irresolute in acting or doing)

  134. Photos Aftermath of Indian Embassy Bombing in Kabul Afghanistan.

  135. This is a busy hen house!

    Here is a link to Operation Wounded Warrior, also affiliated with the American Legion, which is in most towns.

    This group bans together to provide help and services to returned warriors who have been wounded. They do more, and need support. If a Legion near you participates, just go there and drop off a box. Or a memeber will come and pick your items up. They need the same things as those still deployed, but also blankets and comfort items due to long hospital stays, and rehab.

    Now, where is that TOTUS!!

  136. I took off work today for a dental appointment, only I took off a few hours early because they are having a "celebration" at the office that I choose not to attend.

    You see, they are celebrating getting rid of part of our operations, which resulted in a lot of people losing their jobs. Yes - their words "We are Celebrating!"

    And the really nasty aspect to this "celebration"? They asked the people in the very branch that lost jobs to supply the refreshments and pay for them out of their own pockets.

    GEEZ, what a-holes our mgmt is!

    ANYWAY, on my way home I got to listen to Rush. He was playing sound clips from Detroit, where a reporter was asking people who were in line to get the "free money" (money from the stimulus being given to people to help them from being foreclosed).

    Here is what one of those people said:

    Reporter: Why are you hear today?

    Woman: I'm here to get some money.

    Reporter: Who is giving the money?

    Woman: Why - OBAMA is giving us the money.

    Reporter: Where did Obama get the money?

    Woman: I don't know. From his stash, maybe? I don't care. Obama is giving us money. That's why we love him. That's why we voted for him. Yea... OBAMA!!! (group around her cheers... OBAMA! OBAMA!)

    The reporter asked several people this same question, and the answer was just about the same from all of them. They didn't know where the money came from - just that OBAMA was giving it to them - FOR FREE!

    The sheeple people - they are all around us.

    verification word = instede

    instede of working, these people prefer to stand in line to get "FREE OBAMA MONEY".

    Gotta go - the dentist awaits~

  137. The really, really aweful thing is that those black women have absolutely NO IDEA how IGNORANT they sound.

    My word:
    Extrifo. The account name on Obama's "stash".

    A little extri fo you, a little extri fo ME ME ME ME!!!!

  138. Bettyann, sadder still that they don't CARE they sound ignorant.

    I almost drove off the road when I heard that clip. Infuriating. Even more infuriating is that you'll never hear that clip played on Good Morning Amerika.

    my word: colonc bend over folks!

  139. I spoke with my brother on the phone last night and asked him where to send supplies. He said to send to [a particular person] at the address I had for him (my brother) there. MM, I do think there is suppose to be more specific information than generally to the Fourth Brigade of 82nd Airborne -- but that's just what I've heard -- not sure it's accurate.

    I'm thinking I could post that particular name and address at a particular time for a particular length of time, then remove it. That will give the regular, interested FOTs a chance to get the name and address, but not leave it out in the open for too long. What think ye?

    We talked about the push to send more troops -- which I support -- but he said, whenever someone mentions it there, they just shake their heads and say, "where are they going to put them." Think I'll run this thought by our Representative, Ike Skelton, who is, I believe, chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, and a supporter of sending more troops.

    Thanks, FOTS --

    [BTW, TWW, from an earlier thread -- "aero" is simply my initials plus the second letter of my surname -- as if my name were Alice Eliz. Rogers (which it's not) -- nothing very meaningful or creative.]

  140. I would NOT want to be in Detroit when only 3500 people out of 65,000 (maybe more) receive Obama 'stash' money. It will not be good.


    I just heard that we are going to bomb the moon. I thought, is this a joke?????? I checked, it is not!


    TOTUS-We miss you!

  141. This looks very helpful; might want to check it out:

  142. If you post the name and address somewhere, I'll send something.

  143. OK - Since we are waiting for Senor TOTUS I'll take a guess:

    AERO = Annette Erica Rodriguez?

  144. Jamie, that's sick that your mgmt asked the people getting laid off to bring freshments to "celebrate." My old supervisors were merely cold, not complete jerks!

    I heard that clip on Rush's program too. And the Lefties wonder why we call them O-bots.

    Did you catch the one lady say something like "they're funds that are forgiven by Obama." What the heck does that mean, or does the lady even have any idea?


    TOTUS: Time for a new blog entry. Lord knows you have enough material.

  145. I thought she said "They are funds given by Obama" ; regardless, both of these dolts really don't care, as long as they get 'free' money for sitting on theri fat asses.

    and they're estastic if the money comes from a white person's paycheck

    which it did; and from black people's paychecks, too -- wonder how they separate the money so only whites pay in?

  146. I heard Rush also, while on lunchtime errands, and I felt embarrassed for those people. It's just like that woman from the campaign, babbling about how BO was going to pay her mortgage and car payment, etc. I guess they pay no attention at all to the world around them, all they need to know is they've got BO (heh....maybe they DO!) and he's "got their back". I wouldn't want to hold my breath while waiting for a slice of that Detroit pie...

  147. Its like Rush said, Detroit is having a dry Katrina. Same type of people, different place, just waiting for someone to "help" them.

  148. Given that the Senate Finance Committee is going to vote on their health care bill next week, it is very important that we keep e-mailing any senator on the committee. It would be best if no Republican votes for it and a least one Democrat votes against it.

    So send an e-mail to the senate finace committee member in your state if you have one. If you don't you can email some too. In particular contact Blanche Lincoln (D-AR), Bill Nelson (D-FL), and Olympia Snowe (R-ME). You can find their e-mail address at the senate contact page. They are the swing votes on this bill.

    John's Space

  149. VDH wrote a great piece on the use of the "race card" -

    === October 4, 2009
    The Obsolescence of a Slur
    by Victor Davis Hanson

    === Recently a number of high-profile controversies may have had racial overtones, but they did not suggest a pre-existing climate of white racism.

    Had a white counterpart of Professor Gates insulted a black arresting police officer, made a pejorative reference to “your mama,” and then counted on his friendship with a white president for support, there might have followed charges of racism.

    Had a white country-and-western singer grabbed the microphone from a diminutive 18-year-old black gospel singer to announce to a national television audience that another white country-and-western singer was more deserving of the award, there could well have been charges of racism leveled.

    And had a marquee white tennis player lost her cool, charged a small Asian line judge, and threatened her person, there might well have been charges of racism.

    In all these and other lurid news stories splashed about on YouTube (cf. the bus attack by several black youths against a white passenger), there has not been much of a larger reaction along racial lines that suggests either that whites or blacks in general are racist, or that either group thinks the other is. ===

  150. I just read on Drudge.

    How low can they go?

    The House just passed a bill necessary to finance the troops / war -- WITH AN AMENDMENT MAKING IT A HATE CRIME TO ASSAULT GAYS!!

    Now it's expected to pass the senate, and, of course BO will sign it into law.

    God is in control. Lord, hear our prayers.

  151. How ironic is it that the lame @$$ Demoncrats wrapped that hate crime legislation in a military spending bill. These are the same a-holes who refused to categorize crimes against our soldiers as crimes of hate. I am fuming. Please encourage everyone you know to vote in 2010. I am guessing that we all hang out with like minded people. This crap has to stop. Our troops are currently demoralized and the Chumpmander and Thief sits on his hands while he admires his reflection in the windows of the oval office. Or worse yet he admires his Grinchsome reflection in the screen of our leader TOTUS.

    Then to hear the urban leaches who are waiting for their paternity proving slots on Jerry Springer, Maury or whatever other trash show, claim Obama gave them the money! THE MONEY CAME FROM PEOPLE WHO ARE WORKING!

    The most laughable part of today's thread has to be Jamie's work experience. It sounds like something Michael of "The Office" would do. So sad it is funny. Reminds me of Granny telling me to get a switch off of the tree for a whuppin'

    Thank you TOTUS forum moderator for those awesome verification words. Without which I would probably be in tears.

    I am all for the FOTS for Troops contribution. Not one of us may be able to give a lot but all of us may be able to give a little which should add up at least.
    I would say that our troops are giving all just to maintain their resolve.


  152. More great VDH .... He starts this one out talking about what BO has been doing and the problems we have ahead. The part I REALLY liked was the ending:

    === We Should Vote for Anyone . . .

    Who offers a coherent systematic agenda of reform. What do most want? Not necessarily a Republican or Democrat, or at this 11th hour to be mired in messy issues like gay marriage (I’m opposed to itbut rather fundamental matters of finance, investment, and defense. Here are ten random suggestions; dozens more could be adduced.

    1) Fiscal sanity that leads to federal spending freezes and a balanced budget...

    2) An oil/nuclear/coal/natural gas rapid development effort ...

    3) A new national consensus on security to decide that when and if we go to war, to see the effort through, on the principle that whatever the mistakes we commit in battle are far outweighed by the cost of defeat.

    4) A bad/worse choice gut check reform on entitlements...

    5) Clear, demarcated, and enforced national borders, and an end to illegal immigration...

    6) Zero tolerance on government corruption...

    7) Tort reform, including limits on personal injury settlements and loser-pays law suit reform.

    8) A renewed commitment to national and regional missile defense...

    9) Federal investment in hard infrastructure projects, not redistributive entitlements or Murtha-like earmarks...

    10) A move to lower taxes, preferably by alternatives to the present income tax system, whether by a consumption tax or flat taxes, calibrated to commensurate spending cuts.===

    I shortened a lot of the points, just to get it to fit here, so you should read the whole thing.

    Sounds like my Christmas Wish List. Someone that I could vote for that would do ALL OF THE ABOVE!.

  153. Verification word:


    The virus the House Dems are getting from kissing the Mask's @$$.

  154. Did you see my picture of the TOTO? I had him groomed today and he is looking rather spiffy!

  155. This comment has been removed by the author.

  156. This comment has been removed by the author.

  157. Jewish friends connected me to the Republican Jewish Coalition's e-newsletters, and today's issue includes this article:

    "Israel: Looking Back"
    - Jason Maoz -

    << Precise details of what transpired in Washington during the first week of the Yom Kippur War, launched by Egypt and Syria on October 6, 1973, are hard to come by....
    What is clear... is that President Richard Nixon.... implemented a breathtaking transfer of arms, code-named Operation Nickel Grass, that over a four-week period involved hundreds of jumbo U.S. military aircraft delivering more than 22,000 tons of armaments.

    Attached to this article was the comment:
    << RJC's founding chairman, Max M. Fisher of Detroit, was a friend and advisor to Republican presidents....:
    Fisher asked on Oct. 9 to meet personally with Nixon. Fisher used his audience to plead for tanks, planes and ammunition to Israel.
    Fisher recalled saying to Nixon, "I have worked hard for you and I never have asked anything for myself, but I'm asking you now. Please send the Israelis what they need. You can't let them be destroyed."
    Nixon promised he would come through. According to Nixon's autobiography, Kissinger suggested that the U.S. Air Force use three C-5A transports to deliver the supplies. Nixon asked how many C-5As the U.S. owned. Kissinger indicated that 23 were available. Nixon replied, "Use them all!"
    Between Oct. 14 and Nov. 14, the C-5As flew 566 flights to Israel, delivering 22,000 tons of cargo. Meir later wrote, "The airlift was invaluable. It not only lifted our spirits, it served to make the American position clear to the Soviet Union. ... When I heard that the planes had set down in Lydda, I cried.'

    Well, that caused ME to cry, considering how BO is DUMPING support for Israel. (Please PRAY!)

    Rattlesnake & Susan, TOTUS is twittering, not dithering! (wink) YO, TOTUS: what thinkest thou? Are you taking your anti-nausea pills regularly?

    Yep, Bettyann, ALL of us probably have slavery in our family history. Until the last few centuries, 50-80% of most populations were slaves! Constant rehashing about it nowadays is asinine.
    And thanks for the Wounded Warriors URL. We must remember to care for our returning troops!

    Aero ("Anne Ellen Roberts"-?), good idea to post HERE a specific unit's address in Afghanistan, then delete it in an hour. THANK YOU! I am so EXCITED to be working together to help.

    Your Toto is a CUTIE, Jamie!
    How LAME, that your bosses "celebrated" your jobs' demise by asking YOU to bring treats. (It IS like "The Office," shovel ready!) When is the last day there? We will PRAY you find another job SOON.
    Yes, I heard the Detroit clips about "the Obama Fund" that magically pays for all costs and benefits.
    Yes, MTVA, they're dingbats! The rich pay 90%+ of all taxes, and when those taxes increase, the rich LEAVE----and our taxes get higher.
    Then we gotta "bend over" indeed, Mrs1953! I'm embarrassed when other nations' citizens hear our ignorant folk say such silly things....

    Debbdi, I'm also nervous about our bombing near the South Axis of the moon! What if we damage something there?

    Hey, aero, are penalties more severe for hate vs. regular crimes? It's DISGUSTING how the Dems are changing bills AFTER the votes on them, or adding secret amendments. What a world, what a world!

  158. Half of the money from the first "stimulus" hasn't even been spent, mainly because they targeted the spending for next year because it is an election year. Yet,Congress is now contemplating ANOTHER stimulus. What they really want is another PORK filled bill, to be truthful! They want to throw more money at the sheeple people, like the "Obama" money that's going to be handed out in Detroit!

    This article lays out all of their "ideas"...

    And now Nancy Pelosi is talking about enacting a 'Value Added Tax' (we all knew that was coming!)

  159. I don't usually watch this, but just breezed past "The Office," where they're all ralphing now, along with pregnant Pam. (I'm a sympathetic ralpher, too. Embarrassing....)

  160. As I understand it, having hate crimes coverage does enhance the penalty.

    Republicans and other opponents (if there were any) refer to it as a thought-crime bill. In the article linked to the drudge entry, race was the largest category for "hate crimes" with religion listed next and then sexual orientation.

    While I haven't read or heard the specifics of this legislation, one of the fears -- and it has played out in places like Canada -- is that it will grow to include a pastor being targeted for speaking out against homosexuality. Since the article only said "assaults" on gays, this MIGHT not be a concern -- yet.

    An assault on a particular person because he or she is homosexual should get a more severe penalty than an assault on a particular person because he or she is wealthy, or ugly, or disabled, or fat, or walking in "someone else's territory"???? This makes no sense to me. It's offensive.

  161. I got it, AERO. Thanks! Ask your bro what kinds of things they would like/need for us to send.

    Maybe we can stagger our pkgs so they get, like, one a week for several weeks?


    Speaking of the Dems changing bills, John Boehner was ranting about the 75 amendments that the Dems added to the Senate Health Care bill without the knowledge of the committee’s Republican members - AFTER the legislation was voted on and passed by committee.

    All that lovely bipartisanship!


    I'm a sympathetic ralpher, too. I can't even tell a joke that talks about ralphing without gagging, lol.

  162. BTW, FOTS, some may know this already, but when you send a package to an APO address, there is a form you have to fill out that describes the contents. You might want to go ahead and pick up one of the forms ahead of time from the P.O. so you can fill it out at home. It will save you some time.

    I used to send pkgs to my son-in-law at an APO address when he was in Diego. And now that they live in Italy, I have to send to an APO address. So I've filled out a lot of those forms.

    Also, consider sending in one of those "Flat Rate Boxes", where weight doesn't matter - its same charge for the box (small, medium, large), no matter how much it weighs. You can pick up the boxes for free at the P.O.

  163. I hope I didn't mislead anyone when I said that the charge is the same. I meant that there are different charges for small, med, large, but the weight doesn't matter.

    Did that make sense?

  164. OH, one last thing...

    Here is a VERY informative WND article about the Hate Crimes legislation that they started working on MONTH'S ago....

    === ... there is nothing in this bill that references the definitions in the Hate Crimes Statistical Act…it's not there. We asked that it be added so we could get a specific definition. It is not there.

    And having reviewed cases as an appellate judge, I know that when the legislature has the chance to include a definition and refuses, then what we look at is the plain meaning of those words. The plain meaning of sexual orientation is anything to which someone is orientated. That could include exhibitionism, it could include necrophilia (sexual arousal/activity with a corpse) … it could include Urophilia (sexual arousal associated with urine), voyeurism. You see someone spying on you changing clothes and you hit them, they've committed a misdemeanor, you've committed a federal felony under this bill. It is so wrong.

    King, Porter wrote, also told the full U.S. House that the APA has a list of 547 different "paraphilias" that would be protected by members of Congress under the "hate crimes" bill. ===

    If this is the same bill that they tacked on, then this is a HORRIBLE bill!

  165. Wouldn't you know? The main characters of "The Office," Pam and Jim, are getting married, and Pam wanted to hide her pregnancy from her CONSERVATIVE, judgmental grandmother.
    We are always dissed as terrible.

    Jim's toast in the rehearsal dinner toast made the point that for four years, while Pam was dating someone else, Jim had to WAIT.
    Yeah, waiting: there's a concept....

  166. Okay, well THAT sounded judgmental, too. Sorry.
    The characters of "The Office" --- Pam and Jim --- seem very tailored for each other. When that happens in real life, their marriages usually work out just fine, and it's okay if they have children. BUT, when people date and hook up together too quickly, and they are NOT compatible, then they can be miserable together when married, and it's hard on their children. SO it's best to wait. And for believers who follow Christ, it's obedient to the discipline (ie. being a disciple) of Christ.
    Sorry again. It's just maddening when conservative faith, religion, values, etc., are automatically crapped on in movies or on TV.

    Okay----so who wants to go first with sending a package to the troop we adopted, FOTs? Should we go alphabetically, AERO!?
    And could we please consider sending TWO packages per week, say on Mondays or Tuesdays, and on Thursdays or Fridays?
    Because if our soldiers are actually HUNGRY or need basic supplies like soap, then don't they need more than one package per week?
    (I can't stand thinking about it even!)

  167. I know; it's aqful. I think it would be better to space it out, though, and have a somewhat steady delivery, than have a lot show up once, and that's it.

    how should this be managed?

  168. Thanks, Rattler.

    "Art .... outlet," eh? ;) So that was you I saw last night downtown with the can of Neon Orange spray paint....... (;oD)...... . Putting "Hang the Empty Suit" on that dry cleaning place was a nice touch.


    Thanks for asking, MM. He's doing well. Steady as she goes.

    The title of the movie you watched (never watched it myself, just heard of it) wrenched my heart for it immediately brought to mind the pits in large cities like Shanghai where tiny baby girls (BORN ALIVE) were tossed to die. Now, they just "terminate" them so no one is disturbed or inconvenienced by the truth. Yeah, Communist China is a really cool place. NOT!

    LOVED your history re: Nixon and the Yom Kippur War. Brought a tear to my eye, too. Nixon gets a bad rap mostly because he was not a Democrat. He loved Israel and he loved the United States of America. Although he had significant character flaws, he was a LEADER. Isn't that what a "Commander in Chief" is supposed to be?!? SARAH PALIN 2012!!!!
    [Jamie] GOOD FOR YOU to not attend that hideous "'celebration" at the office'." Talk about "the best defense is a good offense!" RALPH!

    Toto is ADORABLE! I wish I could pick him up and cuddle him right now! Well, maybe not..... I'm used to giving big bear hugs to two, large, sturdy, German Shepherds. I'd probably crush the dear little fellow. Please give him a love from TWW.


    [Betty Ann] "Extrifo. The account name on Obama's 'stash'." Ha, ha, haaaaaw! Good one!


    Yeah, Rattler, I agree. Jamie's mgmt. is monstrous. Yours was cold, I believe, because they had been running a popsicle stand for years before they took over. Bwah, ha, haaaaa!

    "Aero" is VERY creative. Thanks for remembering my Q! To create a real Greek word with a pleasant connotation using selected letters of your name is ingenius.

    "they're funds that are forgiven by Obama." LOL.

    Translation: "funds for givin' by Obama." {:D)
    [Shovel] "Chumpmander and Thief sits on his hands while he admires his reflection in the windows of the oval office"

    LOLOLOLOL!!! (Oc:)


  169. Okay, FOTs, here's the list of the 38 Most Frequent TOTUS Posters, listed alphabetically; let me know if I've accidentally missed someone who'd like to join us in sending supplies to the troops:

    - Aero
    - AndrewPrice
    - ArmChairGeneral
    - Bella
    - bettyann
    - Bruce Oksol
    - Chris
    - cmoursler
    - debbdi
    - David
    - Dorothy
    - Ellen K
    - Eloh
    - Fred
    - Jamie
    - Janice
    - Jerry
    - John's Space
    - keyboard.jockey
    - Lady Gray
    - Lee333
    - LL
    - Madj
    - Mountain Mama
    - Mrs1953
    - MTVA
    - Pat Jenkins
    - Preptile
    - Rattlesnake
    - Saber Alpha 10
    - Sgt. Joe "Red" Hartsock (HOOrah!)
    - Soloman
    - Shovel Ready
    - stan_sipple
    - Sunflower
    - Susan ~ SMIA ~ ATL
    - TWW
    - WriterX

    If we send out TWO packages per week (one package each, from two FOTs), each of us will only need to send out one package every 19 weeks----or about every 5 months. Is that okay with you guys?

    Aero, would you consider posting a different name each week or two from that same unit, so we don't load that one guy up too much, and he gets tired of handing out stuff to everyone?
    You could again post each name for only one hour or so per time, then delete it again. How does that sound?

    If the first two on the list----Aero and AndrewPrice----would like to participate, you could send out a package to the troops ASAP----the first one early next week, and the final one late in next week:

    Do you two want to participate, and can you find time to do this next week?

    Come to think of it, Aero and bettyann, you are in families with soldiers. If you're already sending packages regularly, just let us know if you prefer for us to take you off the list. That would be FINE, and we THANK you guys for all you do!

    Gotta hit the sack. Blessings upon you, FOTs, and upon our soldiers and this GREAT NATION!

  170. Count me in on sending packages, but did I miss something posted last night that I would need to know? Or will it be something to watch for as it gets near to my time to send a package?

  171. aero posted a name and address and left it up for an hour....

    Those of us who happened to be on saw it.

    Are you on right now? its 4:15 a.m. where I am.

  172. MM,

    I didn't realize that there were so many FOTS now!

    when I said one pkg a week, I was just thinking about those of us FOTS who post the most frequently, like you, TWW, MRS1953, aero, MTVA, preptile, Susan, shovelready, bettyanne, rattlesnake, debbdi, Janice and John's Space.

    If everyone on your list participates, we could certainly send two, even three pkgs a week! Mon - Wed - Fri

    (and we could each send a Christmas pkg.)

  173. OK, FOTS, you may not want to see this so early in the morning (you might lose your breakfast) but .....

    Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize.

    what a surprise ~sigh~

    Apparently, the "fix was in" .......

    === The stunning choice made Obama the third sitting U.S. president to win the Nobel Peace Prize and shocked Nobel observers because Obama took office less than two weeks before the Feb. 1 nomination deadline. Obama's name had been mentioned in speculation before the award but many Nobel watchers believed it was too early to award the president. ===


  174. Hi, Jamie, I'm here briefly now for about 15 mins. Or else will be sure to be here 6:30 pm Eastern tonight.

  175. Oh My. I followed your link, it's just revolting. I guess Nobel Peace prize is yet another thing to have lost its meaning and become an embarrassment. A prize...for what??? Now the poll numbers will jump up yet again. Sigh. Raaaalph.

  176. I have a thought. might try posting the info on an old post from 09. Just for a short time, of course. Then could remove.

    would give hint. for example, no more wasted time would be hint for this one.

    got it? That way, new posters would not see it when they came here to this one (or the new one, if TOTUS posts today).

  177. Count me in, too; but I missed the post with the address. A code phrase would be very helpful for future posts, so I'l know when to check. I'm online every night 7-10PM CST.

    Nobel Peace Prize -- how disgusting can it get??? More like "Coward Prize", or "Liar PRize", or "Lying, Cowardly Usurper" Prizw.

    The Nobel Prizes mean nothing; just something for Liberal America-haters to brag about and use to justify their wretched existence.

  178. FOTs who are checking back here:

    Above this post (in this same thread) is a list of names of frequent FOTs posters.

    If your name isn't on the list, I apologize; I was tired.
    (We'd just found out that our cabin has 3' of water in the basement, so we were up very late, arranging a quick sump-pump trip today for my husband; literally, when it rains....).

    Thanks, MTVA and Jamie, for your ideas. Yes, we can all send Christmas packages; we'll need to check on a deadline for their delivery (I believe it's in mid-Nov., but we'll make sure). Yes, we can quickly repost the name, etc., coming up sometime, for those who missed it.

    CHECK THE LIST ABOVE, FOTs. Do you want to participate? Let us know on THIS thread. THANKS!

  179. MM - how do I get in touch with you, Jamie, et al regarding the FOT's soldier packages. I am a bit confused as to how we are going to get these together. Actually, why don't you contact me?

    Perhaps I can post my email on here for a few hours then delete the post when you have seen it? Will that work? I will check back here (on wasted time thread) throughout the evening for a response. I am on eastern time and at the time of this posting it is 4:40p.m.

  180. Hi, just noting I am here regarding packages, as well as left a note on Moon post. Will check both posts thru the evening.

  181. I will send what I can. Please name the FOT's of the week. FOT can also mean Friends of Troops...Wooo Hooo.

  182. This comment has been removed by the author.

  183. Sorry it took so long to post it. My IP hung up and wasn't responding!!!! I was ready to kick it, but that would not have been a good idea.

    I'll leave the above up until 7:30 CT, or... until you tell me you got it.

  184. This comment has been removed by the author.

  185. Thanks Jamie! This is so awesome!

  186. WOW, this post has 202 comments! I hope the others see that and know to click on "NEWEST"!

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  189. Hi, Jamie, nope! TWW didn't see the sign and drove into the big hole in the road -- posted my post TWICE. (%$)

    Say, Jamie, I just scanned the previous posts and didn't find your list of items -- I know it's there! I'm too lazy to keep searching. Would you please re-post the list of suggested items to send?


    BTW: Betty Ann, how about re-posting your Wounded Warriors address again. That was another great option for helping our wonderful troops.

  190. Hey, as I was scroooollling forEVER to get down to my latest post..... I found your list!

    Jamie's suggested list:

    what to send.

    Beef Jerky;
    canned tuna;
    movies, books, magazines (to combat boredom);
    those single packets of flavoring for water (they can pour it into their water bottles); disposable razors;
    baby wipes;

  191. How about if we call our little effort:


  192. I think we need a central 'office' of some type.

    any suggestions? Yhoo is cancelling Geocities -- that was real easy to use and fast to set up. I don't know of any others.

    Maybe a Yahoo Gruop? Members only? We would recognize the UserID's used here. We could list the URL, but only Members could read the posts.

  193. I just noticed this is two pages :-p

    Did I miss the address post again?