Saturday, October 31, 2009

So Much for Pencil-Pushers ...

Big Guy pulled all of us into the Oval this morning after reading all of the morning clips and talking to his producer at MSNBC.  He was really concerned about the press coverage of his Economic Stimulus and Jobs Creation and Salvation announcement yesterday.

Gibbsy was concerned too. He said that Joey B's comments that reporters were perpetrating "calculator abuse" to disprove the jobs-saved numbers has all of the electronics-rights people up in arms.  That was all Big Guy had to hear to jump into action. He issues a Presidential Order that ended the issuance of all government reports that require any form of mathematical formulation.

All I can say, is where the hell has that electronics-rights group been for me the past two years? 


  1. It's nice to see that there's no dithering in the Oval when it comes to reporting fictitious jobs-saved numbers.

  2. TOTUS! You haven't completely forsaken us for the twits! Thank you sweetly for giving us a new thread....

    I guess it is again time for Joey B to pay a visit to a foreign country. He just can't help himself. Every time he opens his mouth, he sticks his foot in it. "One MILLION jobs created or Saved" .... WHAT? Does he actually believe the fuzzy math being used by BO's economic team?

    But the question remains ... how do they control what Joey B says when he is overseas?

    Good news for New York's 23rd district - Dede Scuzzyfavors, the Republican the pro-choice, pro-gay marriage candidate has dropped out of the race, leaving Hoffman, the Conservative "independent" candidate, to run against the Democrat. Dede realized that she could NOT win. Maybe she should consider running as a DEMOCRAT?

    Guess Newt Gingrich will be upset, considering he threw his support behind Scuzzy - you know, the good ol' boy Republican Party elite's choice. They're willing to support these so-called "moderates" because to them it's more important to regain power, no matter how many RINOs you have to support to get there.

  3. So now the AP is on the White House list. Mark Steyn had a great column on how Obama is using Bush for his Blame Czar. At what point is the White House going to grow up and start blaming themselves for the failure of their policies to work. If you read the AP story-which you can no longer do on the AP site since they yanked it-it says that of the sampling of jobs, one sixth of the jobs were questionable. This includes counting jobs more than once, or counting raises given to existing employees as a job created. You can find it on the Fox Blog website. This story has legs and somebody will ultimately get blamed because this is reaching all corners of the blogosphere. Just more smoke and mirrors and special effects. No substance.

  4. TOTUS,

    Thank you for the new post. As we or wee FOTAE wait for the lifeblood from our prompter and chief, we sustain each other through the thread. Thanks again for this site, without which we may have no other venue to vent as the perpetrators continue to try to drag down our republic.


    I truly hope your retirement comes to fruition. I can only imagine how much more of your valuable research will make that beacon of truth shine with even more time on your hands. However, I hope you actually have some travel and other fun activities planned.
    Funny, I was thinking about fuzzy math all day yesterday as I listened to Rush, Hannity and Savage. I guess Algore's visits to the WH were of some value to the Charlatan and Thief. I agree that the withdrawal of Scuzzy from the race for the 23rd district's seat should ring true the fact that the good ol' boy mentality won't cut it.

    There once was a man named Obama

    Who hated the race of his mamma

    He lighted his path

    With more fuzzy math

    While his country suffered in trauma

  5. verification word: cones

    This administration would like to contain all dissentors in cones of silence.

  6. Well, about time the electronics group got all "wee wee'd up" Betcha you don't feel soooo alone any more TOTUS!

  7. Love that limerick!

    I am looking forward to retirement, yet at the same time, I'm sad because I've spent the last 35 years of my life at that place! It was like family until the last three years, when it all went to Heck in a handbasket. I guess I'm lucky that I loved my job and enjoyed working there for such a long time. Many people don't have that. I can think of two people at my office who have been miserable the entire time that they have worked there. (One of them was miserable at the company he left before he was employed by my office. Some people are just miserable no matter what.)

    Anyway, I will travel some, I will goof off some, and I have a stack of good books that I've been wanting to read. (Plus I have an 85 y/o mother who will probably be needing more of my help as time goes by.)

    Whatever the case, I'm sure to have a lot more time to peruse the net for important information - until the day the BO admin gets control and shuts it down, if that should ever happen. I sure hope it doesn't!

    Next year there will be a lot of activity by the T.E.A. (Taxed Enough Already!) Party movement. The BO admin can ignore it, Congress can dismiss it as "astroturf", but it won't go away. They need to realize that there are more and more people in this country who are joining the movement and we all say ...


  8. Oh, TOTUS, you AREN'T shattered or locked in some closet! Good to hear from you!

    Hi, FOTs! For the last few days, we've been at the cabin, sans TV and computer, which is neat, but difficult somewhat, as you can appreciate!

    Isn't it just GREAT news re. NY 23?! Hoffman's win (we pray!) is SUCH a cap in Sarah Palin's hat, too----and H. knows it and is grateful: her endorsement turned the tide in his favor. Thank GOD!

    Naturally NOW other Republican leaders are endorsing Hoffman. Reportedly Romney plans to endorse him next Wednesday, too.
    (What courage----since the election will be OVER by then....)

    I'm still sick at Levi's slams vs. Sarah, although his behavior certainly speaks against believing his "witness." Still, he is so vindictive and hurtful toward his son's mother's family. It's awful! Hopefully most Americans will apply the AMERICAN standard: Sarah is INNOCENT until proven guilty of Levi's odd charges.

    Boy, Glenn Beck sure skewered Obama and his cohorts yesterday! (Fox News replays his show on Saturdays, or I wouldn't have caught it!) It is truly scary how socialist or communist are many of his staff members! I hope and pray MANY true Republicans (NO MORE RINOS) win this week's elections, and start to turn this nation back to its DEMOCRATIC Republic roots.

    Hang in there with your job search, rattlesnake and Jamie! God has a plan, but we all naturally wish God would write it on the wall for easy reference sometimes, right?!

    TWW and shovelready, I'm still praying for HEALTH for your loved ones. Thanks for your prayers, you dears!
    (My son who experiences autism would add, "You elks! You moose!" etc.)

  9. Hi, Jamie. Welcome back. :D Good point about "that's just Joe." LOL.

    Baghdad Bob (S. Hussein's Information Minister): "There are no American infidels in Baghdad. Never!" ..... "There are only two American tanks in the city." "We are winning!"

    Joe "Assassination Insurance" Biden (B. Hussein's Errand Boy): "Stand up, Charlie!" "What will he do [without his teleprompter]?" "One MILLION jobs created or Saved"

    Who needs the Comedy Club? We have Hopey the Fly Catching Clown and his best pal Send 'em Home Laughing Biden. (:D) Haaaaaa, haaaaa, haaaaaaaaa.

    Glad you are looking forward and have such fun plans for your retirement. Echoing Shovel, your company's loss is the bloggosphere's gain. Thanks again for all your information.


    [Ellen K] "...counting jobs more than once, or counting raises given to existing employees as a job created... ."

    You were talking about the Nov., 2008 election, right? The one where Rahm's dead uncle voted 5 times and a blank ballot from Detroit was deemed a "constructive vote" for B. Hussein. Mmmm, hmm.


    Hey, Shovel, another fun and clever post. Good for you to put a more positive spin on TOTUS' long absence. That's why you're in management and I'll always be a "lone ranger." You'd be an excellent diplomat.

    Loved the limerick. Ol' Stanley and her son are a WEIRD pair -- perfect for Halloween. Her parents hate her sex (or are just plain weird), so they give her a boys name while at the same time honoring the family screwdrivers. Her son, likely due in part to her influence, hates her race. She was full of self-loathing. B. Hussein is just full of self. Yuck!

    "cones of silence" -- good one.

    Thanks, MM.

    Glad you could enjoy your cabin in your beloved mountains. You didn't miss much here at the TOTUS blog, as you can see (eye roll)..... Actually, several of the FOTS went above and beyond the call of duty and did a fine job of entertaining. It was starting to fizzle out, though........

    [MM] "Romney plans to endorse him next Wednesday" HA, HA, HAAA! LOL. Good one. Good for you to keep a sense [and quarters and dollars -- :D -- your son is a lot of fun] of humor amidst all you're going through. Still praying, esp. for strengthened faith. Take care.

  10. One Day at the Bank

    [Scene: Non-"historically oppressed ethnic or cultural group" loan applicant for small business loan sitting across desk from frowning loan officer]

    Applicant: ..... so I think you can see from my Cash Flow Statement that I should get this small business loan for my uh.... er..... "dignity clinic".

    Loan Officer: (raises eyebrows) Now, let me get this straight. You want us to ignore all of your expenses for the first six years?

    A: That's right.

    LO: But, [glances down at statement in hand] you want us to take into account all your revenues starting next month?

    A: Yup.

    LO: And you want us to ignore the fact that every business you have run or are running has either failed or is on the brink of bankruptcy? [looks up -- eyes wide open]

    Who-do-think-we-are?! The federal government?!?

    A: Well.... no...... actually I think I would be the federal government here and you would be the taxpayers.


    A: [walking up the street, shoulders hunched, grumbling] "... 'get out of my bank'... 'MY bank'.... who does he think he is? Just like those chump taxpayers (sure glad I'm not one), thinks it's HIS money.


    [Jamie (and Rattler)] "Don't tread on me!"

  11. Reporter: Mr. Vice-president, [ahem] would you please explain your statement that your administration has "created or saved millions of jobs?"

    JB: [GRIN] Oh, sure, uh... Gary, was it?

    Rptr: Larry.

    JB: Donald. Got it. Yeah, I'm glad you asked me that Don. I can tell from some of the looks I've gotten that I need to explain it for the uh, folks in Real India [reporter looks confused]. OH, YOU KNOW, for all those guys running the 7-11's and stuff. Got that from [looks left, looks right -- drops voice to whisper] Rush Limbaugh. [nods significantly] I listen to him sometimes. [voice back up to normal volume] Weeeell, anyhoo, back to the jobs thing. Say, uh, Ron?

    Rptr: Larry.

    JB: Gary. Got it. Say, that's a nice tie. Where'd you get it? [notices reporter's ex-a-sp-e-r-ated look] Oh, yeah. The jobs thing, yeah. So, this is the deal. I fudged a little. But -- hey, not so fast, now -- I was only a few hours early. Now, your typical work week is, oh, what is it now, 10, maybe 15 hours? And --

    Reptr: -- I think that would be 40 hours, sir.

    JB: [looks shocked -- then, "light goes on"] Oh. Yeah. That would be MY work week. [GRIN] Well, okay, it still works, still works. Now, you take your 40-hour work week. Aaand, in the U.S. right now, there are about 250,000 people eligible to work; I don't count the little kids under 5, that's really a little too young. And ya kind of have to write off the folks over 80 (I know Barry sure has [WINK]). So, 250,000, give or take. Now, tonight, we move our clocks back 2 hours. That's two hours for each of those workers. That's [punches numbers into his pocket calculator]..... uuummmm..... ooops, too many zeros..... okay.... almost got it.... okay. Bingo. Hey... wait-a-minute........Whoa! This is better than I thought. Did I say we saved or created only 1 million jobs?

    Rptr: [narrows eyes] Yes.

    JB: [GRIN] I was wrong, but for once I'm happy to admit it. [GRIN] 250,000 new worker hours multiplied by 40 (an hour is 1/40 of a work week, you know) is, sit down for this one, TWENTY MILLION JOBS created (or saved). [SMUG LOOK]

    Rptr: [unsure whether to laugh or just get up and leave] Uuh, right. [decides to play along with Joe to see what else he'll say] I think that's ONE hour, but, hey, when you're dealing in the millions --

    JB: -- trillions. [nods smugly]

    Rptr: Yeah, okay. Anyway, [blows nose to hide guffaw], 10 million or 20 million, those jobs will only last a week, won't they? I mean, you only accounted for a week's worth of new jobs.

    JB: [stares blankly]

    Rptr: [manages to blurt this out before having a "coughing" fit] And, America will want to know, will those be 'shovel ready?'

    JB: [scratches head, stares at his calculator and, [A HA!] notices his wristwatch] Well, would you look at the time. I gotta go home and, uh, set my clocks back, er I mean forward. I got a little nostalgic, I guess, went back too far in time. [hyuck, hyuck] That reminds me of the time I sat in a little cafe in Scranton. You know the one. The one where all us coal miners hung out [whispers] run by Indians, now. [nod, nod]

    Rptr: [openly laughing now, tears running down his cheeks at Biden's earnestness] Oh, boy. Well, thanks, Mr. Vice-president --

    JB: -- just call me Joe, Harry, I always do.

    Rptr: -- Larry.

    JB: [very serious] No, 'that's just Joe.'

    [BREAK -- Blog Spot moderators ended this post before it drove everyone nuts]


  12. Uuhhh, where'd everybody go? [TWW's voice echoes back to her from the distant reaches of the cavernous, empty, "spot"]

    NO other posts at all since 1424 PST. Spooky.

    Bye for now.

    HAPPY HALLOWEEN, everybody! :D

  13. Well, I missed ya, TWW! Sorry I left; we ate a late dinner, then played cards with the kids (um.... sorry: our adult children! Wow, we're getting old!).

    Loved your posts, TWW! Your mind is so amazing; you remember everything!

    Thanks for your continued prayers. We'll find out more information in the next few weeks, so we're staying positive.

    Oh, above I meant:
    << Hoffman's win (we pray!) is such a FEATHER in Sarah Palin's cap, too----and H. knows it >>

    Lord, when I'm tired, I sure don't always make sense....

    God bless your All Saints Day, dear FOTs. I pray comfort for anyone who lost a loved one this past year. (I lost my beloved "adopted" Dad.)

  14. Well the White House has just released the visitors list since Sept. 15 and guess who is on it. William Ayers (2 visits), George Soros (4 visits), and Jeffrey Immelt (4 visits). Just though you all might find it interesting.

    John's Space

  15. Oh, TOTUS Dear,Good Morning!
    What was Halloween like at the manse?
    That was a very smart-looking sweater on the boss. Was it yours? Bless your heart.

    I hear that Abdullah Abdullah has pulled a Scozzafava in Afghanistan. Will November surprises never cease.

    Oh I adored TWW's screen play and Shovel's limerick. There ONCE was a man named O'Bama.....

  16. Good morning, FOTS. Rush will be on Fox News Sunday this morning, on the regular channel at 9 Central Time, then it will be repeated at 1 and 5 pm Central Time on Fox News Channel.

    Be sure to watch it.

  17. Welcome back, TOTUS! As to the comment above on WH visitors, John Podesta visited 17 times, Jesse Jackson 6, Michael Moore 8, William Smith 27, Jeremiah Wright 1, Tom Daschele 11, and Kim Gandy (head of NOW) 15. About all that's missing is future czar of Palin-drones, Levi Johnston (the boy who could not master the condom)

  18. Good Morning TOTUS:
    The extra hour of sleep should have done you some good, though it's hard to say what will happen to the rest of the staff what with having to figure out what time it really is. I suppose now that Gibbsy will have to lengthen his briefings due to having to count on his fingers, or perhaps our illustrious president will appoint an Abacus Czar? JoeyB? Think of it as recycling.

  19. TOTUS we worry about you when you don't post for days at a time. You ARE surronded by thugs.

    I love the skits and limerick... so good to check in and find all of you clever FOT's. Biden...'eek, gads'


    Re: New York 23 Race

    AP- "Big-name Republicans including Sarah Palin ... weighed in to throw their support behind Hoffman..."

    I LOVE it! Big-name = SARAH!

    Newt, who?

    verification word: prosovel - missing an h but I am "Pro-shovel [ready]"

  20. Dearest FOTS, I've missed you ALL but was able to scan today's posts - as usual brilliant!

    One comment re: WH visitor's list. The WH mentions that many of the names resemble people in the news, but aren't neccesarily those people, ie: Jeremiah Wright, George Soros and William Ayers. They honestly must think the American people are dumb as doorknobs to beleive that one. Well, maybe some of them are since BO is now POTUS, but I digress.

    TOTUS, please post here more often, I refuse to be a twit!!

  21. How thorough do you suppose they checked Bill Ayers for explosives....(just askin'). Bless his heart.

  22. I see that Ms. Skuzzyfavors has thrown HER support to the Democrat. I guess she is just showing her true self. "If the Repub leaders can't make the other guy just go away and I can't have my way, I'll just throw MY support to a Democrat". (Oh, Missy, just what support was THAT? The 20% of the people polled who said that they were planning to vote for you? WOW. 20 whole percent.) This just goes to show that she is a Democrat at heart, a true RINO.

    The people in District 23 should see this as a revelation and be thankful that Mr. Hoffman didn't give up and drop out of the race under pressure from the so-called "leaders" of the party. The same leaders who support RINOs like McCain, Graham, Snowe, Collins, etc. RINOs who continue to work "in a bipartisan manner" with the Democrats, who then turn around and spit in their faces.

    Dorothy, I saw that bit the WH put out about the "names resemble people in the news, but aren't neccesarily those people". What a crock of crap. They can't even be upfront and honest about something as simple as THAT! And what will they say when someone comes out with photos of those "people not necessarily the same people" with Obama in the WH?

    BO will just have to stage another distraction somewhere in the world.

    I heard just today that BO is venturing on yet ANOTHER trip to Asia, I think on November 11th. And what day is that, you ask? Why its VETERAN'S DAY. If its true that he is going on another apology tour to Asia on Veteran's Day, of all days, then that is just disgusting.

    Oh, they also mentioned today that he won't have anything to announce about the General's troop request until AFTER that trip.


  23. Selling the Drama, Who’s Competing For Your Attention? Cable News War.

    I added a link to Rob Bartlett’s Blog he put up everyone’s top 5 favorite books.

    I can come up with 2 so far :)

  24. Pamela Geller has a great article about RINOs on American Thinker....

    === Bye-Bye, RINO

    But Sarah Palin, a true conservative, instead endorsed Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman. And so did other conservatives. Governor of Texas Rick Perry said, "Electing Doug Hoffman will send a clear message that cannot be denied: conservatives must stand on principle." Oklahoma gubernatorial candidate Mary Fallin said that Hoffman had "reminded Americans everywhere that principles come before party affiliation." Kansas senatorial candidate Todd Tiahrt explained the choice: "The Republican Party is either going to return to the party of fiscal responsibility and consistent conservative principles as it was under Ronald Reagan, or it will continue down the path of 'sporadic moderation.'" ===

    Upon reading the comments on her excellent article, I came upon THIS information:

    === This from

    In Michigan’s 7th Congressional District, conservative Tim Walberg challenged the very liberal Joe Schwartz in the 2006 Republican Primary and won. Walberg went on to win the general election.

    In 2008, Schwartz endorsed Democrat Mark Schauer and Shauer used that endorsement to squeak out a win in this +2 Republican District.

    In Maryland 1, conservative physician and state senator Andy Harris ran in the Republican Primary against Wayne Gilchrist. Harris defeated Gilchrist only to see Gilchrist throw his support to Democrat Frank Kratovil, who won with 49.12% of the vote.

    In Arizona 5, conservative David Schweikert won the Republican nomination, but then lost to liberal Democrat Harry Mitchell. Why? Schweikert’s primary opponent refused to help him and sat on his hands rather than help Schweikert pick up his opponent’s primary support.

    In Alabama 2, Jay Love beat Harri Anne Smith in the Republican Primary and ran against Bobby Bright in an R +16 district. Smith endorsed the Democrat and Bright went on to win 50.23% of the vote. ===

    The so-called leaders of the Republican Party should have taken note of this and realized that supporting RINOs doesn't pay off in the long run!

    >|< >|< >|< >|< >|<

    Here is some interesting information about

    === I have recently discovered that is owned by a flaming liberal and this man is in the tank for Obama. There are many things they have listed on their site as a hoax and yet you can go to Youtube yourself and find the video of Obama actually saying these things. So you see, you cannot and should not trust….ever for anything that remotely resembles truth! I don’t even trust them to tell me if email chains are hoaxes anymore. ===

  25. [WARNING: Off topic, "soap opera" post below; IF "like to read" = NOT, GO TO NEXT post.]

    Dear MM, thank you for your face-reddenning, very kind, words. Sure wish I DID remember everything! Glad you were entertained.

    You have my sympathy as you miss such a special person as an "adopted dad." That's one of those BIG holes in one's heart through which, whenever one lifts its cover (or it gets blown off by a sudden gust of memory), an eye-stinging gale often blows, overwhelming us for a moment, and we sit down beside the road and weep. But, sometimes, looking through that door is pure joy, too, isn't it? Or, will be, one day soon.

    That calls to mind a line from the movie (it's probably in a book, too) "Shadowlands." [PBS version with Claire Bloom is the best, not the Debra Winger (ugh) version] During a conversation in which Lewis and his wife (Joy Gresham who is dying of cancer) are talking about her impending and inevitable death, Joy says, "The joy now is part of the pain, then."

    Well, so too, the joy now can eventually overflow and temporarily still the pain, then. Hope your moments of pure joy start to increase.

    No joy, however cherished, ever completely pushes aside the forever-accompanying stab of pain caused by the loss of a child, though. That is a burden one will carry to the grave. I only mention that because there may be someone reading this who has suffered that most devastating of losses. And I want to acknowledge the fact that no joy will erase their pain -- ever -- perhaps the parent of a soldier, marine, sailor, or airperson who made "the ultimate sacrifice."

    Please forgive my "soap opera" talk, FOTS. But, tonight, I heard the theme from "Bridge Over the River Quai" (Colonel Bogey's March) on the radio. At first, I merrily whistled along, marching around the kitchen as I prepared dinner. Determined to be jolly, I kept pushing away the nagging little memory that kept tugging at my sleeve saying, "Remember what those men in WWII went through?", followed closely in its heels every time by his sober sister who kept yanking on my heart strings saying, "Those troops in Afghanistan are going through the same thing -- right now."

    Finally, my whistle was flooded out and I wept for our brave, loyal, troops, who with no questions asked, every day, get up, put on their boots, and fight to keep America free from terrorism. And their "commander" doesn't care. HE DOES NOT CARE.

    And I hate him for that. He is evil. To despise an evil person is righteous. And, so...... I just ranted all over this post TO HELP ME COPE with the horror of what that wicked, America-hating, egomaniac is willing to do to promote his own agenda

    "I don't feel comfortable with the idea of winning [in Afghanistahn/Pakistahn]," said Barry "I won" Soetoro. (as Rush reminded us this AM)

    To spare Muslim civilians (or pirates or WHATEVER) endangered by their OWN people, Barack Hussein Obama, THAT MARXIST MUSLIME (that "E" was actually a typo -- I left it) FROM INDONESIA BORN IN KENYA, is willing to murder those whose shoes he is not fit to polish much less to wear.

    [TWW heaved a big sigh.] Thanks for listening (those who braved this one). :S

    God BLESS America and our wonderful troops.

  26. Thanks, Susan!

    Thanks, Debbdi! Loved that Sarah Palin quote. She is "big." She has my vote!


    John, Trapeze, Dorothy, and Jamie, thanks for all that great info.. I can hear the sound of all those cockroaches scuttling in and out of the roach (a.k.a. "the joint effort") house now. Eeeeyeww. No wonder we all feel like SCREAMING these days.

    Veelllly eenteresteeng -- BAHT SCHTOOPEED!

    What a lame-brain operation [kind of encouraging (:D)]. To VOLUNTEER a defense is to admit guilt. (Susan, isn't there a French saying about that, something like, "To defend is to admit." ?)

    Late-coming-home Husband: I never even went into a bar on my way home, dear.

    Wife: Bar? The only one who said anything about a bar is -- YOU.

    "Pay no attention to those names on that list, O Kool-Aid drinkers. They just, uh, SOUND like people you've heard of.... yeah.... that's the ticket."

    Useful Idiot: William Ayers?

    Giggly: Uuuh.... interior decorator; came to take some measurements.

    UI: George Soros? Isn't he that rich guy wh--

    Gig: --- Naaa. [giggle] That was just the plumber.

    UI: Jeffrey Immelt?

    Gig: New cook.

    UI: John Podesta?

    Gig: Assistant cook.

    UI: Jesse Jackson?

    Gig: Just a tourist..... from...... somewhere.

    UI: Michael Moore?

    Gig: Computer repair guy.

    UI: William Smith?

    Gig: Tourist.

    UI: Jeremiah Wright?

    Gig: Tailor.

    UI: Tom Daschele?

    Gig: Caterer.

    UI: Kim Gandy?

    Gig: Tourist.

    UI: Really.

  27. [TOTUS] "Economic Stimulus and Jobs Creation and Salvation" LOL.

    Any real jobs out there were created by capitalism.

    And NONE of the jobs at Brother Bayrack's cuh-MYOOOOnity tent meetin' got saved. All those jobs just walked right out that door, got hit by the Leprechaun's [a.k.a. Timmy G.] bus as they crossed the street, and they and the economy went straight to Hell.

    Word: ackme

    Rptr: So, Do-, er, Mr. Obama, you re-named General Motors, Corp. "Ackme." I thought Wile E. Coyote always ordered from "Acme," "a" "c" "m" "e."

    Dope: Looooooooong silence. Scratches head.

    Rptr: [mildly exasperated] "A" "c" "k" "m" "e" instead of "a" "c" "m" "e." ?

    Dope: Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh. Oh. Yeah. [SNAP! -- catches a fly, stuffs it into his pocket, muttering something about, "That's 37... er... 25 -- I'll win today, for sure."] Yeaaaah. [YAWN -- to cover over humiliation of his single-digit IQ] "Ackme" means: "You want to do something around here? You don't do NUTHIN' before you ACK ME. [gets REALLY "excited"] Got it, sucker? You listening to me, white boy? Don't you look at ME like that, Jew girl; I'm the KING! [simmers down, wipes brow -- CHIN IN THE AIR] Ackme. Mmmm, mmm, MMMMMM. Now, get out o' my palace, pasty face. This here's the "Black House" now.

  28. Aaaaaaaand where in the world is Big MO?
    That big mouth kept running aaaand so.....
    She finally caught it.
    It looks like she bought it:
    "Yo! Put on those green shoes and go!"

  29. [BettyAnn] "Abacus Czar? JoeyB? Think of it as recycling." LOL. :D

    Word (!): surabq

    "Sur,Abq[s]. Sure. Make JoeyB Abacus Czar."

  30. Say, FOTS, "single-digit IQ" got me to thinking. I wonder what happened to that poor older man who got his finger bitten off by a member of the Cult of Obama?

    Did he die of MRSA? Or rabies?
    Is his finger still around?
    Sure hope he will be sitting at a table full of delicious food this Thanksgiving, giving thanks that his finger has completely healed because....................... now he can do more than "cling to" that gun of his and put a little bird shot into the culprit's "portable couch." [thanks to Betty Ann for p. couch]

    Preptile, I have a vague but persistent feeling that you are the one to whom I owe "single-digit IQ." If so, THANKS! :D


    HAVE A GREAT DAY TODAY, O WONDERFUL FOTS. [:o)] Drive carefully. And..... watch out for those buses........ ;)

  31. TOTUS:
    Just wondering if you were going to pick up a share of Berkshire since Mr. Buffett seems to believe the economy has hit the bottom. Or perhaps his purchase of BNR has more to do with a future where there are no more nasty trucks onthe highways, and th only way to ship the few goods people still buy will be railroad? It does not seem beyond the Won's vision to propose such a messure, and I am sure would please his "basest" interest.

    Then in the other hands you have the waking conservative giant, wherein whose ideology goods flow and taxes are low and we produce our own fuel on American soil. Mayhap Mr. Buffett sees that he wins in either scenario, with a few timely Puts during the tax sell off in December, and Call strategy in the portfolio when the Giant smacks the Dem's off his ass in the coming elections.

    A smart move all 'round. But what will he do if the Chinese call the debt?? Lots of room in those box cars for shipping dissident citizens to the tundra to drill oil for THEM.

  32. I think Joey B needs a prompter too, especially on his question and answer sessions.

  33. Poor TWW, we just weren't up last night to post with you. I feel so badly when you're posting all alone! You're a very sensitive sweetie, TWW, as are so many OTHER dear FOTs.
    Truly, you are all very precious to me.

    It's understandable, btw, that you feel hatred for BO; we've all probably felt that way at times. You're correct: God ALSO hates evil, and calls us to stand against it with courage.

    Jesus calls believers to love their enemies. So, I try very hard to hate the behavior and not the person, so as to honor Our Creator, Who created and loves that person. NO one is beyond the reach of God's mercy----not even people who make horribly evil choices.

    But I think God understands that, for mere mortals, it's often impossible to distinguish the person from the choices that person keeps making! And BO has made evil choices for DECADES.

    I think the evidence demonstrates that BO is a fake, a middle-brow commie mole. Most Americans who voted for him merely hated the war and wanted "hope and change," and they truly had NO IDEA how dangerous and evil his socialist/communist choices would be for America.

    So I pray we find a legal, ethical way to impeach him, and completely undo any damage he's already created against our precious USA. The sooner the better, especially for the sake of our TROOPS, whom BO doesn't seem to care about at ALL! It's INFURIATING!

    Anyway, yeaow, bettyann----what a brain massage YOUR post was for me! Do you agree with Rush that Soros via Obama WANTS our economy to tank, so as to give Soros-Obama a "crisis" (ie., opportunity!) to grab more power, and create a sure socialist state here?

    PRAY PRAY PRAY that the elections go well for conservatism today. And please, keep praying for Sarah Palin, that God will continue to guide her and protect her and her family from harm emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

    Dear Lord, SAVE AMERICA, please!----for the sake of our children, and for people everywhere throughout the world who need a sure refuge, and who love liberty!

  34. Um.... is the "leader of the free world" George Soros? I wonder if he'll be delivering a little ultimatum of his OWN to BO today!?

  35. Anyone heard how the NY-23 race is going? Any early results? I can't seem to find anything online.

  36. " today on Rush, and..."

    Is how that should read. I forgot the comma after Rush.

  37. At least if the Chinese call in the debt and take over the U.S., they will save us from the muslims. Thats probably the one bummer in the whole for The Messiah, eh TOTUS?

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