Thursday, October 22, 2009

Outrage at MSNBC

Frankly I'm outraged by this report that MSNBC is going on a witch hunt for racist Teleprompters. After all, it's not like we're programmed or wired that way.

How about investigating all those newsreaders who say that they can't tell the difference between one Teleprompter or another because "all the screens look alike"? Hmm?

Still, I'll give you this, none of this explains Keith Olbermann. I mean, there is no way a person could be both that crazy and that insipid; maybe he does have a faulty Teleprompter feeding him that clap trap that even Big Guy doesn't believe. We spent about two and a half hours with the man last week in the Oval, and beyond his very odd appearance - short legs, long torso and big head - his sycophancy, and his obliviousness as he stuffed boxes of White House M&Ms in his pants, the man is just plain bat*@*# crazy, and he apparently thinks he's Santa Claus, because he told Big Guy, "I'm making a list and checking it twice," and winked on his way out the door with double the Secret Service detail that brought him in. But I digress.

I guess my message to you is this: Teleprompters don't make newscasters racists ... people who load text into our hard drives just make newscasters stupid. And all of this is an alarming turn for Big Guy, because we've depended on these newscasters for so much of late. I mean, if they start doubting what the see on their Teleprompter screens, what's next? Questions at Big Guy's Prime Time Teleprompter readings?


  1. What about the teleprompter that told the MSNBC anchor that Jesse Jackson was Al Shaprton? Surely that teleprompter must have been racist.

  2. Oh haha I'm retarded, I should have checked the link to the report before posting my comment.

  3. Al Sharpton...Jesse Jackson...same drivel. I'd like to say that it has nothing to do with race, but it does from their end. If it wasn't for race, they'd have no act. These guys are pretty much interchangeable...Now as for the teleprompter making her do it, that's a cheap shot. If I were her, I'd blame the monitor...that's not a cousin of yours, is it?

  4. Well, TOTUS, Dear, I KNOW that is not you in that silly picture. But could it be David Letterman's 'promptr?

  5. If the potatoe--I mean, potato--incident was Quayle's fault (and not the teacher that made the card's fault) then this must be Contessa's fault.

  6. I've wondered... do you ever get an... uncomfortable feeling... depending on who is watching you? I mean... can you sort of determine the kind of person watching you?

    I've thought you could.

    God Bless.

  7. TOTUS:
    Kudos to your cousin!! Must be a rebel gene in the fambly.

    Love the look on Jackson's face. For a moment there, he seemed the vulnerable nobody he really is.

  8. [Todd] "What about the teleprompter that told the MSNBC anchor that Jesse Jackson was Al Shaprton?"

    Right on. (not retarded at ALL)


    Mmmm, mmm, mm. So it's all about RACE is it?

    - A half-black Kenyan wins the Nobel "Peace" Prize after doing NOTHING aaaaaaaaaaaaand -- it's not about race.

    - A "Reverend" hollers from his pulpit that white peeepuuuuuuuhl and Jeeeewwwws have conspired to keep black people down aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand -- it's not about race.

    - A ho-hum candidate for POTUS declares that he is "not like those other guys on the dollar bills [apparently under the impression that the U.S. has more than one kind of dollar bill (%$) and, further, that his likeness is on a bill of some denomination somewhere..... Kenya, perhaps?]..." aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand -- it's not about race.

    - Thousands of Kool-Aid-drinking Cult of Obama members said that they voted for B. Hussein Obama because "it's time." [For what?] "It's time for a black man to be in the White House," aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand -- it's not about race.


  9. So glad your back, TOTUS. I must disagree with

    "... people who load text into our hard drives just make newscasters stupid."

    they are stupid all by themselves!

  10. Real reporters write their own reports, but others, of course, load them into the teleprompters. Still, it's disingenuous (ie. LYING) to blame the teleprompters for EVERY-thing, right, TOTUS?

    Btw, it's good to see you're still around, TOTUS dear. You posted only Tweets for over a week! What!? You think your FOTs are all YOUNG????!! NOPE! I for one know God's parents----so POST, and POST OFTEN, dear!

    Check out this link, FOTs:

    WOW, are the liberals WORRIED about Sarah Palin, or WHAT!? (which is GREAT!)

    I'm LIVID tonight about the WH's attempt to ignore the existence (not to mention fast-rising popularity, DESPITE its additional cost to already-economically-stressed families!) of Fox News.

    Talk about making true people like Judd Gregg's comments -- that America is on its way to becoming a banana republic, ie. TYRANNY!

    BUT----I was initially SHOCKED, but am now pleasantly surprised that the other networks (the MSM) did NOT go along with BO and the Obots' plot vs. Fox News!

    Lord, makes you wonder if there is hope we'll save America from the Obots yet.

    (Which is precisely why the Obots are viciously attacking Sarah Palin....
    Lord, have mercy!)

  11. Pretty cool that you link to the story about the search for racist Teleprompters and it, in turn, linked back here.

    TOTUS, you ROCK!

    I agree with debbdi - those "newscasters" don't need any help in the stupid department.

    Besides, why do they still insist on being called "newscasters"? When is the last time they broadcast any REAL news?

    BTW, this is the same little chickee that discussed the presence of "white people showing up with guns" at a healt care refor protest" when, in fact, the guy carrying the gun was BLACK:

    === On Tuesday, MSNBC’s Contessa Brewer fretted over health care reform protesters legally carrying guns: "A man at a pro-health care reform rally...wore a semiautomatic assault rifle on his shoulder and a pistol on his hip....there are questions about whether this has racial overtones....white people showing up with guns." Brewer failed to mention the man she described was black. ===

    As for the fact that ALL of the primary "newscasters" at MSNBC are white, just wait until BO's "diversity czar", Mark Lloyd, gets his way and makes them get out of the way so that he can replace them with minorities:

    === President Obama's diversity czar at the Federal Communications Commission has spoken publicly of getting white media executives to "step down" in favor of minorities ... ===

    The folks in the fraud media (formerly known as the msm) are as stupid as the useful idiots in Congress. BO is making them all irrelevant and they are too stupid to see it.

  12. TOTUS:
    In a local establishment here, there hangs a sign in plain sight that cleary states the word "Gringo". Obviously the sign has nothing to do with racisim, but say it does. Who exactly is the racist: He who created it, or he who hung it?

    I'm not surprised the poor woman became confused between Sharpton and Jackson. After all, "Sharpton was licensed and ordained a Pentecostal minister by Bishop F.D. Washington at the age of nine or ten." And Jackson, "...was ordained in 1968, without a theological degree; awarded an honorary theological doctorate from Chicago in 1990; and received his Master of Divinity Degree based on his previous credits earned, plus his life experience and subsequent work, in 2000"

    Both black, both ministers who became so without any religious training, let alone serious interest in the bible. Both with very big mouths devoted to making money off of deepening hatred for whitey. Both baptists. Both Libras. Both Jews haters, both lovers of riots and lovers of fraudulent racist charges against whites. Both jealous critics of Obama, with hands out for tax payor money.

    This could go on all night.....

  13. Betty Ann, that's affirmative. ;D

    Well, now. We have the affirmative action:


    Supreme Court "Justice"

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaand "Reverends."

    It's not about race at all, is it?

    Enjoyed your posts, MM, Jamie, and Betty Ann. Thanks for more useful (if disgusting) information!

  14. So now the Big Guy's pay czar is slashing the compensation of the people who Timmy and the car czar have hired to run the banks and the car companies. So this "talent" will now leave and we'll lose even more billions!

    John's Space

  15. [Betty Ann] "...archeological evidence???"

    Well, some of it was from Mad Magazine. Some of it was from the back of a Wheaties box and the rest was from off the bathroom wall at an elementary school in a small town in Mississippi.

  16. Hey, Betty Ann. Sorry I abandoned the "conversation." Went off to watch "Doc Martin" on PBS. The plots are often lame, but, sometimes the writing is excellent and I love some of the characters (esp. the "Doc") and always there is the spectacularly beautiful scenery. And there is NO smut or perversion. The last two episodes have even featured a stealth attack on the N.I.C.E. (the not-so-benign health care lottery run by British government) in the form of a nasty weasel of a N.I.C.E. agent who attempts to micromanage the doc's practice , coercing him with the very real threat of pulling their license (the charge: "You are too brusque with your patients." (eye roll)). Wish the "You don't want this (socialized medicine), Americans" message would penetrate the green fog that seems to perpetually fill the "progressives'" minds making it impossible for them to see the truth -- even when it is demonstrated before their very eyes. It is currently the ONLY show for which I know it's day/time. There is usually, "NOTHING on -- again! Aaarrrgh!"


    Anyway........ Africa and its relatively few inventions and amazingly sluggish native industrial success has much to do with its climate and geography. Once Africans get out of Africa, they have proven that they are the equals of Asians and Caucasians in intelligence, for example, George Washington Carver (and, today, there are too many brilliant blacks to list them all -- and, Nope!, Peach Obama isn't one of them).

    More than climate or geography, it is the lack of Judeo-Christian values in most of its legal systems that is the main problem with the parts (most!) of Africa (or any continent) where poverty is the norm. There is a striking correlation between the degree to which Judeo-Christian values are followed in a country and the number of useful inventions and amount of human welfare-promoting industry originating there. It is no accident. Values such as protection of private property, liberty (especially of contract), free markets, and egalitarianism make an enormous difference to whether or not an inventor will invent.

    That is why "importing our values" is not mere chauvinism, it is VITAL and ESSENTIAL to whether or not nations such as Iraq or Afghanistahn or Burkina Faso will thrive or merely continue to muddle along in a morass of inefficiency and corruption.

    Instead of becoming a true American, the African (NOT due to his racial make-up being half black; he is African because he was BORN IN KENYA) in the White House is ruthlessly trying to turn America into impoverished Africa.

    Imagine THAT, progressives:

    No hybrid cars, no car at all, most likely.

    No joint to smoke on the weekend, too poor to buy one (and too poor to grow any -- need expensive means to nurture THAT weed).

    No New York Times to read to numb your mind to the pain of the truth.

    No concerts.

    No air conditioning (well, at least not when the electricity is off and that will be from [SHRUG] who knows(?) until [SHRUG] who knows(?).

    No dentist (or, at best, just to pull the tooth -- don't think so?!? It's already the case in Cuba and Russia and even in Great Britain to some degree).

    No massage therapy.

    No A.I.D.S. treatments -- at all.

    No latte stand -- if there were one, you most likely could not afford it; it would be for the rich Arab Muslim immigrants only.

    No Apple (the "progressive" computer) laptop, Blackberry, or Ipod.

    Hmmmm. Ho-dee-do. Ho-dee-do. Fee-fi-fiddly-i-oh. What to do? Well, you could always get out your drum and practice a little more. Sorry, no guitar. You ran out of strings a looooong time ago. Maybe one of those rich Libyans might take notice and hire you to play in one of their night clubs.

  17. [TOTUS] "...short legs, long torso and big head ... ."

    Sounds like some kind of puppet.

  18. Betty Ann, this post (sorry, TOTUS -- if you even read this!) was kind of boring (not the FOTs' comments, the original post). How about if you treat us to another motorcycle riding tale? Or a local scene? Hey, how about a little "read" from one of your books?

    In the meantime, I'm going to go have a bowl of cereal and read some C. S. Lewis.

  19. I've never been able to understand how anyone who is a "Reverend" can talk the way those two do, let alone the way they act...maybe the word reverend has some whole other meaning we don't know about.

    The house media for BO is really over a barrel here - if they refuse to do any news that Fox has put out there, what are they left with besides their balloon boy or BO adoration or car chase nonsense stories they endlessly crank out? Fox will provide the real news, they will be left looking even more foolish than usual, and who will watch them, besides the BO worshippers? I don't have cable, so I almost never put the tv on anymore, except to record a movie or documentary that sounds promising. Forget about finding any real news there. And the constant exposure to The Face and The Voice made me ill. But I could never understand those local "newscasters" (and somne not so local) who endlessly shuffle the papers on their desks - what's that all about??? Are they really that nervous? Or are they taught to do that in "broadcast school" because that is the required behavior?

    Well, Happy Friday to All, especially Totus, who brings us all together here!

  20. Hasn't Keith Olbermann been fitted for a strait jacket yet?

  21. Writer X:
    Good one.
    After TOTUS's post, I looked Olbermann up on google, and read extensively. On Wiki his rivalry with Fox's O'Reilly is noted, yet presented as two sided, when in fact O'Reilly no where near comes close to his open hostility, scorn, etc. I imagine this morning Olbermann is livid over the network's sticking together against his golden boy's intent to violate the constitution. Perhaps we will hear that he choked on a coffee bean.

    You are correct, of course, about the application on society of Judeo-Christian values as they have been implimented in the United States, particularly the seperation of church and state, and empowerment of the people through the right to vote on matters effectiving daily life. Our founding fathers gifted the heirs of the democratic republic they created with the ability to govern their own destiny. Presently, we live in times where a great body of citizens have granted themselves an elitism which seeks to prohibit those of other opinion from exercising their heritage. Added to that, at this moment in time we must suffer the machinations of a racist administration which seeks to punish achievers - those who implemented the right to achieve given to them by our forefathers.

    What is truly gross when you hear the likes of Sharpton or Jackson puke racism, glorifying an African heritage (with lies), is the dismissal of the FACT that they are AMERICANS. Many, many black patriots died in our revolution against tyranny. I wonder what they would say to Sharpton or Jackson, who shame their sacrifice for liberty. Worse, in the greatest nation on Earth, these two for profit and glory and fame cement the feet of an entire American culture in racim and victimhood, by feeding the false belief that they did not inherit liberty with the rest of us.

    Sharpton and Jackson, and every other black spokesperson - Wright, Kahn, even Obama - who portrays to black Americans that they are victims rather than gifted, are no better than the slave traders. Who were the real criminals in the history of American Blacks.

  22. Time for a Teleprompter Conference!

  23. I don't know how many of you FOTs follow the LOTUS (Laptop of the United States), but her blog entry yesterday was hysterical. You have to see the photos of BO compared to Sarah Palin.

    Word verification: Vaste - Never let a crisis go to vaste, ja?

  24. Thanks Rattlesnake - LOTUS had not posted for several weeks so I thought she had given up. Shame on ME!

    Here's a story I thought the FOT's would like:

    John was in the fertilized egg business. He had several hundred young layers (hens), called 'pullets,' and ten roosters to fertilize the eggs.

    He kept records, and any rooster not performing went into the soup pot and was replaced. This took a lot of time, so he bought some tiny bells and attached them to his roosters.

    Each bell had a different tone, so he could tell from a distance, which rooster was performing. Now, he could sit on the porch And fill out an efficiency report by just listening to the bells.

    John's favorite rooster, old Butch, was a very fine specimen, but this morning he noticed old Butch's bell hadn't rung at all! When he went to investigate, he saw the other roosters were busy chasing pullets, bells-a-ringing, but the pullets, hearing the roosters coming, could run for cover.

    To John's amazement, old Butch had his bell in his beak, so it couldn't ring. He'd sneak up on a pullet, do his job and walk on to the next one.

    John was so proud of old Butch, he entered him in the Renfrew County Fair and he became an overnight sensation among the judges. The result was the judges not only awarded old Butch the No-Bell Piece Prize but they also awarded him the Pulletsurprise as well.

    Clearly old Butch was a politician in the making. Who else but a politician could figure out how to win two of the most 'highly coveted awards' on our planet by being the best at sneaking up on the populace and sc**wing them when they weren't paying attention.

    Vote carefully next year, the bells are not always audible.

  25. Yeah, bettyann----Sharpton and Jackson have become lovers of victim-status (yawn), and ARE racist. Also, Olbermann must be sincerely insane; he makes such inane, ridiculous statements. How can any sane liberals even take KO seriously? Pathetic!

    AHA, rattlesnake! Maybe LOTUS and TOTUS were on vacation together last week, since they weren't posting!

    Yes, debbdi, the NoBellPiecePrize is SO TRUE: BO and his Obots are twisting the USA and ruining its economy ON PURPOSE!

    On "Your World with Neil Cavuto," they are all freaking out because at least 50 IRS agents evidently illegally benefited from one of the housing programs. Yipes!

    OH! Cavuto is speaking on the phone with Doug Hoffman, Independent NY Congressional Candidate! Palin endorsed him yesterday (KUDOS TO HER!), despite the fact that he's not running as a Republican (a RINO is, and she won't support them anymore).

    Hoffman says that he's running as an Indie because the Republicans aren't sticking to their ideals. It should be "principles over party," and best of all, he thinks he'll WIN! I sure hope so!

  26. TWW! I forgot to commend your marvelous statements pro-egalitarianism (much earlier) and recently about racism. GREAT JOB! Every time anyone lobs a cogent zinger that STICKS against BO and his commie ideals, then he or his Obots sing, "Racism!" What losers....

    WriteX: KO's strait jacket is ON, but it doesn't cover his MOUTH!

    David, evidently LOTUS and TOTUS were AT the Teleprompter Conference (*wink, wink*).

    MTVA: lots of "Reverends" don't deserve the honor of that title----not just because they didn't attend seminary (many denominations don't require that), but because they aren't trying to live as real disciples of Jesus----you know, the whole Reason for the Reverend!?
    (It isn't just for The Season anymore! *wink*) Plus, they're supposed to be LEADERS in ethical behavior. ACK!

    OH! The anchors I know (mostly local, one CNN) "shuffle papers" just as they are about to toss them in the Circular File---but for some sad folk, it's meant to imply they were reading their own work! Sad, isn't it? (We're all wise to them, anyway.)

    John's Space: sigh.... what to do, what to do, when a democratic republic decides to Go Socialist (at least....) and take over corporations it has NO IDEA HOW TO RUN? Bahnie Fwank actually wants to set salaries for ALL WORKERS, not just the ones our funds bailed out, believe it or not.

    Lord, Glenn Beck is now showing BO as he glances from ONE side of TOTUS to the OTHER side, glaring menacingly at every turn. It's like watching an evil tennis game: whip, glare, whip, glare.

    He's upset that Fox News won't toe the line, and worse, that the other networks stuck up for Fox. BOO HOO! He wants TOTAL control over the media, and he HATES it that Fox won't knuckle under to him.

    Beck is hilarious, swinging a bat and showing everyone The Chicago Way of dealing with nonconformists like Fox News. Yeah, that's right----sorta; it's not like Beck can show EVERY weapon they use there.

  27. [MTVA] "balloon boy." Balloon Boy! Ha, ha, haaaa! Yet ANOTHER alias of the Illegal Alien in Chief.

    Big Mo: Get over here, Balloon Boy, before I pop you!

    Heh, heh, yeah, that paper shuffling staging nonsense is so silly. They have to appear to be BUSY. It isn't enough for us to just listen and watch the news, they have to put on a little show (sometimes they pointlessly wander about the set).

    Reminds me of the poor checkers at the grocery store. They could do their jobs just as well if they had a stool to sit on part of the time. The unecessary fatigue to their feet and the strain on their veins (that's why bakers have been notorious for varicose veins) is a shame. The reason the can't have a seat? "The managers want us to look 'busy.'" What utter nonsense. As a customer, I would still be able to see that they were BUSY even though they had a stool to sit on. And so what if they didn't "look busy?" The checkout rates at their till prove what they've done all day. All about appearances. Just like Mitchell "Nancy Reagan" Obama (LOLOLOLOL, Preptile, that was the BEST diss of Miss Diss ever.)


    [Betty Ann] "Sharpton or Jackson, who ... cement the feet of an entire American culture in racism and victimhood, by feeding the false belief that they did not inherit liberty with the rest of us."

    Applause! Well put.


    LOL, Rattler. Ja, shoor, you betcha. A crisis is a terrible ting to "vaste." Cool word fun!

    Thanks for the fun joke, Debb. :D

    [MM] Thanks (again!). Good to read from you. (Cc: I enjoy your informative, witty, and thorough [:)] posts.

    "Sane liberals" has to be the oxymoron of the year, huh? (and Dope is the Moron of the Year!)

    LOL. You said it. KO needs to be fitted with a GAS mask. Rubber cement it to his face.

    RE: Beck, today, I saw a socialist TV news item blaming Beck for the $17,000 for police overtime his home town in Washington now owes DUE TO THE INSANELY (and bussed in from other states, too) ENRAGED PROTESTORS. The Cult of Obama members wrote hundreds of ANGRY letters and circulated psychotically impassioned petitions in advance of Beck's appearance, making clear the need for a big police presence -- just in case.

    But whose fault is it? Not the brain-disordered liberals, some of whom, in their zeal to defend The One, travelled over 200 miles to come, nooooo. They SHIFT THE BLAME (experts at it that they are) to......Beck, a man who came to town, made a speech, had some ice cream, and left.

  28. Yeah, they're the insane folk, truly!

    Great post, TWW!

    I've heard Beck has to have extremely expert security now. SAD. Think of his personal expenses! (Thankfully, Fox News is paying him decently now.)

  29. Chickaboomers got a poll up Should Roger Alies of Fox News run for President in 2012 there is a Glenn Beck for his VP option GRIN.

    poll is in the top right hand corner.

  30. Good Morning, TOTUS Dear!

    Did you do make him do that? Naughty boy.

    Looky here, FOTS:

  31. Does anyone sniff a change in the air? Not "change you can believe in" but the odd shift of allegiance from blind syncophancy for White House dogma to the ideals of freedom of the press? Do you think that the press is finally getting it that their jobs are on the line-because if you eliminate a free press to check government actions, then there is no need for people such as writers, editorsm and web managers. We have already seen an assault on personal freedoms as the healthcare bill would be linked to the IRS database, now we are seeing an assault on a free press. There have also been suggestions of limiting gatherings which is an assault on the right to assemble. Free speech has been under assault from the PC crowd for years now. And court actions are forcing churches to marry people even when it is in direct opposition to church beliefs. Is that not the erosion of the freedom to worship as we choose? What next? When will Congress rise up and check mate this Triumvirate of Obama, Axelrod and Emmanuel. And since Obama has traveled over 114 times in nine months, who is running the shop while he's gone? It's certainly not Biden.

  32. Susan:
    For a minute I thought you were going to post a report about TOTUS's blog being on the teevee again. FOT's come out of the woodwork when that happens ;)

    TOTUS - they must have moved your evening prayer meeting elsewhere *cough*

    Nice work tripping up The Brain at MIT! And thanks to Susan for finding the video. He looks so silly when he does that. But that fluttery blinky thing he does has stopped.

  33. Excellent points, Ellen. Especially about congress checking The Messiah's powers - checks and balances were the goal when GW was in office, to keep him from reigning. Now Obama is trying to reign, and they can't keep him in his office.

  34. FOTae, check out this video:

    You may have heard Rush play part of it yesterday, but watch the whole thing for full impact, and note the looks on the talking head's faces. Is it just me or do they go blank and stupid when he calls Obama a socilaist? AND - they shut him up!! They laugh at this man. He is DISMISSED. Thankfully, he kept his sense of humor. But most interesting to me was the looks on the talking head's. It'slike a drug kicks in when he questions their Messiah. Shameful, at best.

  35. It is now noon here in the Southland. At about 11:00 a.m. CT, Herr Obama announced a NATIONAL EMERGENCY due to the spead of the H1N1 virus. He has signed a "proclamation" to that effect. I think we are headed for a FORCED INNOCULATION of large swaths of the population....

    But that is not why I find this to be alarming. I am worried because everyone has been talking about BO using some type of "emergency" to push for more absolute control of the populace.

    There has been a slowdown in the production of and the distribution of the H1N1 vaccine here in the states. Calculated move? I wonder. Also, the BO admin announced (actually, it was Me-Me-shelle who said it) that the U.S. would send part of our H1N1 supply to OTHER COUNTRIES! Is this designed to scare the people into turning to the government to "save" them?

    I'm not so worried about H1N1 - I actually think a lot of it is hyped just as a distraction from the other things that the BO admin is trying to do to us.

    They want us looking the other way as they cram the Health Care crap through to a vote.

  36. Does anyone realize that Rush, Beck, O'Rielly, Hannity, Ingram, Reagan, etc. are on the radio for hours at a time answering phone calls WITHOUT teleprompters and BHO can't handle an interview from a cable outlet he doesn't even consider a news organization? How sad.

    Maybe for the sake of the country, TOTUS, you might have to go on the fritz permanently (and convince any possible replacements to do the same) becuase BHO is a dolt without you.

  37. Yes, madj, BO is no genius; Hyde Park knew this, but wouldn't tell.

    Dittos, Jamie: ALWAYS WATCH what that OTHER HAND is doing.

    Remember? The first person who died from H1N1 South of our Border was supposedly a "Pakistani tourist."
    Okay, WHO is hiding in caves in Pakistan!?
    * Osama bin Laden! *
    So no WONDER many believe that death was NO accident, and the "tourist" was sent to bring it to people in THIS hemisphere!
    Plus, BO was visiting then in that very area!
    "Death to America!" terrorists wanted to knock off our President, then everyone else, via an "innocently-caught, virulent" virus.

    But remember the report this past week, which showed that the H1N1 virus was NOT as virulent as expected?
    NATURALLY, the Obama admin. reacts by declaring a National Emergency!
    That gives the Obots an excuse to require that everyone HERE be vaccinated.

    And our sending vaccines to other nations will (the Obots hope) frighten the WORLD, so every nation will require its citizens to get vaccinated, too.
    THINK of the money that would create for us HERE! After all, PHARAMACEUTICAL SALES fuel our economy EVEN MORE than housing sales.

    And "aid" to other countries often involves sending them stuff that won't sell here----such a-as.... VACCINES!
    Perhaps Americans aren't sure this vaccine is safe or necessary, particularly if this H1N1 turns out to be NO BIG DEAL.

    (Obama owes those pharm. corporations Big Time for their $$ support during the election.
    See, BO just PRETENDS to be anti-corporate profits. Actually, he supports corporations' success, so long as HE gets to control their profits----and manage them according to HIS agenda.)

    Maybe OBL or some terrorist group thought H1N1 was a sure killer----but the report this week says H1N1 just isn't that; possibly it will become worse this time next year, but who knows?
    Meantime, it all smells fishy.

    I agree with Rush: whatever is going on is NOT to build up our country, its economy, or Americans' health care. Instead, it's to RUIN all of that, so Obama can initiate a crisis, then take over----and "reign" as Der Fuhrer/ Our Leader, without term limits, of course.

    Hopefully you're right, EllenK, that there's some good news for America.
    As usual, LIBERALS ALWAYS REACH TOO FAR, as have the Obots in their grab for power vs. Fox News.
    But when this administration threatened the MSM's very own wallets, the MSM actually stood up for liberty!

    Let's PRAY the MSM "reporters" are finally waking up to the truth:
    Obama and his folk are NOT trying to help America, but to RUIN it.

  38. I don't think Big Pharma over here will make any money off of the vaccine since it is being made in EUROPE. During the Clinton admin something was done (I think they changed it to where the companies could be sued if there was a "bad" vaccine or they made it where they could not make any money) that scared the few companies here that made it to STOP production. So, none of it is made here anymore.

    We have to trust that foreign companies will manufacture a safe vaccine.

  39. TWO CORRECTIONS to my last post:

    First - there are two vaccine makers in the U.S.

    Second - I couldn't remember exactly what was done during the Clinton admin, so I had to research it a little bit. It was the SECOND thing that I said - "they made it where they (vaccine makers) could not make any money":

    === Perhaps reporters ought to ask New York Sen. Hillary Clinton, since one of the few health care reforms she managed to inflict on the nation during her co-presidency has now backfired by driving most of America's flu vaccine producers out of business.

    As reported by the Wall Street Journal this week, "The reason for today's shortage - as well as seven previous preventive vaccine shortages since 2000 - is that there are just five vaccine makers. ===

    .... ... .. .

    === the problem goes back to 1993, when Mrs. Clinton's "Vaccines for Children Program" was first implemented.

    Hillary's vaccine crusade was being pushed by her Children's Defense Fund mentor Marian Wright Edelman - even though U.S. child vaccination rates at the time were considered relatively high by medical experts.

    But that didn't stop Sen. Clinton and her "reformers." She pressured Congress to back the disastrous plan in a bid to make vaccines more available to poor, uninsured and underinsured children. In the process she turned the government into the major purchaser and distributor of vaccines. ===

    Here is an OLD article (from 2003) that talks about it:

  40. Great work, Jamie.
    As for my information, it's mostly from a friend at CDC. I'll get more soon.

    I totally agree with Rush and Beck that Obama's health care plan (however it ends up) is NOT to provide health care, but to tank the economy further, so Obama can swoop in and end capitalism.

    TOTUS, you need to post more humor more frequently, to keep your FOTs sane.

  41. P.S. Thanks for all you do ALREADY, though, TOTUS dear.

  42. RE: the recently publicized (on Rush Limbaugh's show, anyway) term paper supposedly written by D'oh!bama as a pseudo-Columbia University student.......

    Only the first 10 (of 11) pages can be found. The 11th is resting quietly in the same casket as B. Hussein's Kenyan birth certificate and other important papers. Here's what it says at the bottom, hand written in RED INK:

    "You have completely missed the point of this assignment. The issue presented was, 'How does the U. S. Constitution promote the creation of wealth.' Your discussion of wealth redistribution, otherwise known as Marxism, is not only irrelevant, it is unsupported, conclusory, and betrays a naivete that but for your youth would be appalling. Regretfully, as this was your third attempt at this paper, I must give you the only grade possible in this case: F." [The "F" was later crossed out with black pen and changed to "D-" with the change initialled by: "Vice-president for Affirmative Action" (illegible intitials). Mmmm, hmm.]

  43. And now, a public service message from Bruthaaaah Farracahn to all his AUTHENTIC bruhthah's and sistah's:

    [We join him in progress]: "..... and so to the NUMBAH NIIIINNNETEEEN. As We have already sagely deduced, this numbah is one of deep significance. [Audience: Mmmm, hmmm! Preach it!] Now, considaaaaah this, my black Muslim brethren. For the first time since the time preceding the inauguration of George Washington, the United States of America has been WITHOUT A PRESIDENT for....................... 9, that is NINE!!!! months (give or take). The 1 stands next to the nine. It means something sinister, something to be reveeeeeuhhhhled latah. Aaaaand, looky here. We have us a "One." For NIIIIIIIIIINE months, he has posed, pregnant with hidden messages, as a POTUS. In his own words, he has "a gift." Who will get that under their tree this December NINE--TEENTH?!!!Now, the ooooone is next to niiiiiine months. And, bruthaaahs and sistaaaahs, it is time for him to deeee-livah!!!

    Or else."

    Sounds good to me. :D

  44. Jamie, thank you for yet more fine research pointing out the TRUTH about why the U.S. is largely without vaccine manufacturers. There are lots of articles out there (if anyone wants to look them up) establishing the fact that Democrat social engineering requiring drug companies to provide thousands of units of vaccine at a price of $0 is the reason for the shortage. See the archives for Wall St. Journal and National Review and Michelle and the Mark Levin Show and the Roger Hedgecock Show for starters.

    Isn't Democrat policy wonderful? It created [Pres. Bush tried nearly 20 times to get Congress to end junk loan promotion via the Community Reinvestment Act and corresponding foolish Fannie and Freddie policies] the sub-prime mortgage debacle that led straight to a "crisis" in the mortgage and banking industry [sure took advantage of that one, didn't they?]. It resulted in shortages of vaccines [Hmmm. With lots of sick people, quarantining might be a nice "emergency" measure, eh?] It has kept thousands of black people in perpetual poverty and locked them up and thrown away the key..... well, we could just go on and on, eh?

    But (how could I have forgotten?) these are the people to whom we are to "reach across the aisle." Tsk, tsk, tsk. Keep on reaching, McLame and Newtie, streeetch your little Gumbie arms as far as you like.

    The rest of us are taking the high road, paved with LIBERTY-PROMOTING, CONSTITUTION-SUPPORTING, values. Why, there, up ahead, is Dorothy, Scarecrow (who always was wise), Tin Woodman (who had a great heart), and Cowardly Lion (who really was brave). (Toto, too, Jamie, ;)) I'm skipping off, away from the RINOS, and following THEM.

    "Weeeee're off to save our country..... the most wonderful country of aaaaaallll!" :D

  45. If you want something good on Farrahkan, my friend has a conservative oriented comedy website that has a great piece on some of his rantings! Comedy Zoo Website I think you'll find it entertaining.

    Also, I have a movie review section on my website that sometimes injects a little different slant on the Hollywood product.

    John's Space

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  47. This comment has been removed by the author.

  48. We used to have a name for 'National Emergencies"
    like today's presumed pork pandemic.

    It was called the 'Flu Season'.
    Few feared the flu.
    Not a big deal then nor is it a deadly terror today.It is just a pony parade like those in our pandered Presidential primaries.

    Mandatory flu shots will not fly in my neighborhood.I have never and will never take one.I do not welcome optional "little sticks".Anyone who approaches me w a sharp object should be warned of possible reciprocation.I do not like needles or those who wield them,no matter how well intended they may be.The finest moment of GB41 was when he told the world his true feelings about broccoli.That is how I feel about needles.
    I do not need them,or a 3 week hematoma
    courtesy of a student phlebotomist who drills deep for the best veins or arteries available.
    How Orwellian that News now must be approved,and shots are mandated,by the borg.
    They know best,or so I am told.

    I am not convinced that we should be saving for posterity all of Obama's posterior piles of 'it'.Blunt tho it may be that is what I think of this "Emergency" ploy.
    It feels phoney and it smells funny.

    Afghanistan is an emergency.
    The oconomy is in free fall unequalled since 9/11 which also qualified as emergency.
    Sniffes and sneezing are not in the same ballpark.This is purely political theater.

    Lincoln might have stated Obama's case thinner than soup made from the shadow of a pigeon who had starved to death.
    I prefer his condemnation of a case where he noted that"like mackerel rotting in the moonlight,this both shines and stinks".

    Bet Obama could not have said that without the assistance of a Teleprompter.
    Just wish ours was a little prompter.
    For an inanimate object he sure seems to be an awfully busy man ,at least
    in the twatosphere if not necessariy here.
    I just hope he breaks his weekend bender at the wall socket by bringing fresh insights for us folks come Monday morning.
    Those of us un twitterbug enabled have
    beeen waiting very patiently while he frittered away funnies that we wanted to hear here.Well TP,to misquote Fasier....
    'We're listening'.

  49. Preptile:
    You would be the Rooster in this hen house, and no other :)

  50. TWW, you had asked for a motorcycle story, citing boredom with TOTUS's concerns over the 2-oft noted racist subject, due to half of our Messiah's coloring being whitish.

    The motorcycle is a very relaxing way to convey oneself, I have discovered. Formerly, I had been terrified. Now I find myself riding in order to relax: mind, it's cold out there! But the motions of shifting gears, leaning into curves – rounding bends, body alert, focus on road, tends to bring out the athlete in one, and yes, athletic endeavor relaxes as well as nurtures the soul which spurs itself onward by some solely soulful self-inoculation against mediocrity.
    My sweetie lost his hat Friday night, coming home late from a picnic I did not attend. He was very bummed out. So, I set out Saturday morning, and all morning road ways I had never before ridden, alone, up the mountain, and around bends, looking for his hat. You see, that hat bears the emblem of special forces, and is irreplaceable, as he retires in March.
    Silly, but until then, that ride terrified me. But in doing it for another? Particularly for an idea – his special forces hat – I forgot myself. To be afraid. I just wanted t find his cap. And rode, up and down looking for it, riding my motorcycle with a purpose I had not before, ever – even looking over the brink for it! I forgot to be afraid.
    I did not find that cap. But, I got to grab through the veil of "ME" and touch something selfless. And it was damn cool and totally scary and I failed, but what a difference it makes when you are doing something against the norm for another. It's like us humans are built to exceed for each other. We forget fear when others count more than us.

  51. Fox "News" is nothing but a source of lies and attacks on the truth. The pure objective of Fox is is harm President Obama. They refuse to broadcast his speeches unedited and they allow truth-bashers to appear on their programs on a 24/7 basis. They have attacked President Obama and all those who support the cause of economic and social justice. President Obama would be well-justified in shutting down this so-called "news" channel which influences the weak-minded and those inclined towards hate.

    The world knows that President Obama represents truth and a better future for humanity. Fox 'News" will be swept aside into the darkness where it will die and be forgotten.

  52. GO PREPTILE!!! [clap, clap, clap....] :D

    Great to hear from you and worth the wait.

    Yup, still ".... listening." Ahem.


    Betty Ann, thank you. That was so cool. And, I'm so sorry about that hat. I just prayed you'd have it back by noon tomorrow. If anyone deserves his hat back, its your husband. THANK YOU, Mr. Betty Ann, for serving so long to keep us all free!

    In my opinion, your ride in which "perfect love cast out all fear" WAS a success. Any time we get the joy of being UN-self-conscious is a gift. You prove once again that FOTS ARE COOL. Wheeee! :D Thanks again for sharing.


    Say, John of the Space, thank you for the fun links. I have basically zero ability to watch videos }:(] on this computer, though, so..... I sure hope others get to enjoy your work and the tip you thoughtfully provided. Keep up the good work, O stolidly stalwart John.

    This is Truth WILL WIN

    signing off.

    Even the devil masquerades as an angel of light. ;)

  53. I see a Bawney Fwank wannabe is running around again in the restaurant .....

  54. TRUTH FIRST? You would not know TRUTH if it bit you on your butt. You perpetuate a lie simply by chosing that as your blogger name. You are about as "truthful" as Obama is "transparent".

    Fox chose not to air ONE speech of Obama's since he has been elected. And that was on the regular Fox network. That same speech WAS aired on Fox's cable news channel, in its entirety. Other than that, Fox has carried ALL of Obama's speeches, unedited.

    You, apparently, have never watched the news shows on Fox News on cable. If you had, you would know that they always report the news in a balanced way. They always carry opposing viewpoints. But, you would not know that because HuffPo tells you differently.

    The "main" networks - ABC, NBC and CBS chose not to air the majority of President G. W. Bush's speeches. The majority of their "newscasters" and "reporters" maligned Pres. Bush over the 8 years he was in office - making fun of the way he talked and walked, comparing him to a chimpanzee, etc. So, does that mean they should be shut down by government mandate?

    Of course not. They are doing a good enough job of it by themselves. They are losing more and more viewers by the day because they show NO opposing viewpoints other than Obama's.

    'nuff said.


  55. Good news today, boys & girls. Major daily newspapers continue to shed readers at a stunning clip. I have to laugh at them. They cheer a president who destroys capitalism and then they whine about all their lost advertising revenue. There are certainly no Mensa candidates among THAT crowd (roll eyes).

  56. Truth First:
    You said, "President Obama would be well-justified in shutting down this so-called "news" channel which influences the weak-minded and those inclined towards hate."

    You are a very funny guy!! President Obama cannot shut down any news network. Particularly if he disagrees with it. Because our constitution gave him no such power. NO SUCH POWER.

    He is only the president. We elected him. He works for us. If he continues to try to shut down a network, he will break the law. Right now, anything he does to shut down Fox is AGAINST THE LAW. Do you understand that?

    I don't think you do. Because before you showed your ignorance, you said, "They have attacked President Obama and all those who support the cause of economic and social justice."

    Right, Obama wants to destroy our free market system. He is a socialist, and that's why you love him.

    Let me guess - you and your family have been on welfare for many generations. You are jeaous of acheivers who use the free market system to obtain creature comforts, who excell and make more money than you. You think that's not fair, and you want what they work for. You love Obama as your messiah because you want him to take from your neighbor and give it to you, for free. You covet your neighbor's wife, house, car and cloths. You COVET.

    And that's the very bottom line about lovers of the Magic Negro's intent. Which, by the way, breaks nearly every commandment. He with his ego in particular breaks the first, as do you and all his followers when you so openly worship him as more than a man. I promise you, he wakes up each morning and farts, has bad breath, grumbles, and picks his nose when no one is looking. He does not shit ice cream.

  57. TWW:
    I forgot to note that he lost his hat while riding his own bike, that's how it blew off.

    I looked again from the truck, which gives a higher view, but no luck yet.

    Thanks for getting what I meant. When you think of the loss of fear in those circumstances, and put the phenomena together with our men and women in arms, you understand them better. A hat is a small thing, but it was how he had earned that patch that made it important, and with whom - other's like himself, exceptional men.

    God Bless our troops. Both my nephew and niece will be in Afghanistan by spring. And God rot that treasonous bastard Obama if he doesn't pull out all stops to support our troops!!

  58. It's been awhile since we've had a troll.

    Hey Truth First, what is truth? Your truth may be different from my truth. Fox News' truth may be different from Barack Hussein Obama (mmmm mmmm mmmmm)'s truth. Who are you to judge?

    (Note to FOTs: I love flinging Lefties' arguments back in their faces.)

  59. Rattle:
    I think Truth First is that prof. from Kenya. He's not even an American, which is why he doesn't understand democracy, and that Obama is only our president.

    Maybe we can send his Messiah over there and let Kenya have him. Over here, he is pissing everyone off.

  60. It appears that BObastard's two girls aren't going to take the Swine Flu shot. Well, well, well... what does THAT tell you about the safety of this crap????

    Now that the truth is out, BObastard will no doubt have them shot up with B-12 and call it a 'Swine Flu shot'.

    This is a VERY evil person, and an even more evil government.

    Impeach this murderer -- he's killing our soldiers by not supporting them, and now he's after our families at home.

    Impeachment! Or arrest him ... just get him and his cohorts of out the government before it's too late.

  61. There once was a man named Truth First

    Who wore a boa and purse

    He said with limp wrist

    As his syllables hissed

    "My how the truth it doth hurts"

    Not troll but T. R. O. G.





    Walk the road to Damascus TROG then maybe the scales will fall from your eyes and you will see the real TRUTH.

  62. Oh, ha ha, my aching head. I just KNEW Truth First was a girl. Bless her heart!

  63. Well, FOTs----you have all been doing a TERRIFIC job of standing up for liberty, as well as whacking that starry-eyed troll! EXCELLENT! I've laughed and cried and laughed some more as I've caught up with this thread.

    Preptile, I'm with you: forget the flu shot!

    Bettyann, I'm praying with TWW et. al that you find that cap. You're a selfless patriot, and a loving wife, too. PLEASE, LORD, HELP them! (And I miss motorcycling. I LOVE careening around....safely.)

    Jamie, ole buddy, you are a SCREAM sometimes. (smile) What a perfect image, of the Truth's biting "TruthFirst's" butt, and TF doesn't even realize it! HA!

    Susan, you cutie: "bless her heart" is too FUNNY! And oh so apropos!

    Rattlesnake, you're right: giving back the SILLINESS of liberalism is what opens their eyes (sometimes....).

    Mrs! You are KIDDING ME!? The Obots, Jr. aren't taking the shot? How did THAT happen?

    Shovelready, loved your limerick!

    Pray, FOTs. Only one more consult to go, but the three tests for my husband all point to "Alzheimer's type dementia." We're hoping there are similar kinds with less symptoms? Maybe? AAAACCCCCKKKKKK!

  64. Praying for you and Mountain Papa.

  65. Oh MM,

    God Bless you and Mountain Papa. My heart goes out to both of you. I feel like the medical community has to tell you the worst possible scenario to cover their Obama's errr @$$3$. This litigious society makes them pay for the slightest mistake. Can you say tort reform? As always I will keep him and the real Truth's husband lifted up.

    More outrage from the Chumpmander aaaaannndd Thief. His disingenuous salute to the families of those poor soldiers and DEA agents killed this weekend had me screaming like Coward err Howard Dean at the radio when I heard his smugness. If you really care Osama send the 40 thousand troops your theater commander has asked for. Your vacillating is costing valuable lives. Man up or get out. (Pheeww that feels a little better). Of course you probably agree with Kadafi's assessment of Iran's possession of nuclear arms. "All y'all better start goose steppin' to my man"

    Beck was talking this morning about Bob Bauer, Maoist Anita Dunn's husband and ACORN counselor, become chief counsel for the FRAUD FROM ABROAD! Keyboard Jockey is right. You can't make this stuff up. What's next Kevorkian as head of HHS?

    Great thread as usual. Oh my side my side!

  66. Truth Will Win,

    Thanks for your comments. I just wanted to point out that Comedy Zoo clips are the work of my friend. They are just audio but he does a lot of good stuff. The movie reviews are mine.

    To Everyone,

    I also have weighed in on the NY 23 race on my political blog.

    John's Space

  67. @Jamie
    Domestic manufactureres of vaccines are not willing to take on the liability of making these vaccines. President Obama refuses to even consider tort law reform. In addition, although Texas was hit early last spring, we got the least per capita of any state. Could this be just another example of political expediency and retribution? And if so, is this the way we will be lambasted with "hope and change?" Will we be expected to toe the line or do without?

  68. I find it quite easy (and preferable) to do without BObastard and everything he tries to push off on the peasants.

    damn his Marxist mottled hide!

  69. [Susan] "I see a Bawney Fwank wannabe ... ."

    LOL. Hope you'd already eaten your meal... . YUCK! :P

    GO JAMIE! :D Way to boot that boy off the field, stuff him into his locker, and SLAM the door shut. You go, girl!


    [Chris] "Major daily newspapers ... cheer a president who destroys capitalism and then they whine about ... lost advertising revenue. There ... no Mensa candidates among THAT crowd... ."

    You can say that again, Chris.

    Chris: Okay. Major daily newspapers ... cheer a president who destroys capitalism and then they whine about ... lost advertising revenue. There ... no Mensa candidates among THAT crowd... .

    A point well made bears repeating! (:oD)


    [Mrs.] "Impeach this murderer -- he's killing our soldiers ... ."


    Our brave men and women in uniform deserve a REAL Commander in Chief.

    That vile phony makes me ill.


    [Shovel] BAH-DAH-BOOOOOM! Loved it. You must write for part of your job. You are adept with the English language, O E Gent.

    Nice play off the Fully Rely On God (what FOT's do) thing. "T.R.O.G.lodyte" is the PERFECT description of all trolls. What sad little losers they are. Pitiful.

    Hmmmm. That reminds me of something I heard someplace where I have no idea.....

    When Hopey the Clown was a boy,
    He thought that a fly was a toy.
    He'd catch aaaaaand release 'em
    (and sometimes, he'd eat 'em),
    But, now, killing troops gives him joy.

    Yeah, that is EXACTLY what I meant. To intentionally not do what is in one's power to do to prevent the death of a nonculpable other is MURDER.

    If Captain Phillips had died before being rescued from those Muslim pirates, B. Hussein Obama would have had more blood on his hands.

    Dear Mountain Mama,

    I'm so sorry. Whew! That is a BIG boulder you have just had added to your already heavy back pack. My heart is heavy for you. As others have already said with deep concern, take care, dear lady. You are being prayed for. God is near.

    I know you have a strong faith in God and I know that God will "work all things together for good for them who love God," but this is still so hard.

    Take good care of you, too. Be good to MM, too.

    Please tell MP he is being prayed for and even if we forget God, God never forgets us. "'Never will I leave you, never will I forsake you.'" Hebrews 13:5.

    Take care,



    Thanks, Shovel for your continued prayers. We're not out of the woods, but we're making steady progress along the path that leads to being "well again." Still praying for your brother (or brother-in-law? I recall that you lost a different (or a) brother-in-law to the same type of malady. Hope all is well.


    Hey, Ellen, I don't take the time to tell you as often as I should -- you add great insights to this blog. Thanks. :)

    Rattler, nice tossback -- good arm! :D How are you bearing up in the limbo land of "between jobs?" Hang in there, kid.


    Sure am sorry about that hat, Betty Ann. Some things are priceless. And irreplaceable. Rats.

  70. John, it was good to hear from you.

    Hope everything's cool at The Space.

    Take care and stop being so silly (just kidding).

    You are a fine FOT.

    Yours sincerely,



    MM, above I forgot to mention my gratitude for your prayers (and those of many others, too -- thank you!). I know you're praying. THANKS!

  71. The following are the "words" after clicking "Edit" over and over. (%S)

    Nope. Doesn't take much. [:)]











    There must be some kind of pattern in there. Must be SOME meaning. Think. Think. Think.

    Nope. There isn't.

    Fitting metaphor for the random thoughts that stumble and lurch around in the vast reaches of Peach's brain cavity. Meaningless. Purely random.

    P.S. Speaking of random.... did you know that the odds that the universe and all life on Earth just "happened" are less than the odds of a monkey writing one of Shakepeare's plays?

    There must have been an Intelligent Designer.

    To deny that is the height of arrogant irrationality.




  72. My Random Thoughts


    Peach Obama

    Crazy Uncle......57.....Selma........white grandmother.........Pig in Lipstick.........breathalyzer.......punch drunk......stupidly.......recalibrate......gallows humor.....bowling.......Special Olympics......Cuatro de Cinco..........Austrian........Ihaveagift........47 million......54 million......Maya.....ParisHilton............tonsils........Iwon......tinylittleinsignificantcountry...........hope.....change.......oceanswilllower.............shovelreadyjobs..........250,000.....150,000......100,000.......abovemypaygrade......alllimpanddead........burdentheabortiondecision..........500 billion.....1 trillion......2 trillion.......7 trillion.........myMuslimfaith..........jobssaved........recalibrate..........nationalemergency.............he'sa[BLEEP]......inhalator........[BLEEEEEP].........nocosttotaxpayers..........[BLEEPITY-BLEEP-BLEEP-BLEEP]

  73. This comment has been removed by the author.

  74. Oh my goodness - you FOT keep me smiling in not so happy times.

    I guess "Truth First" is a 'drive-by poster'... no follow up or maybe he/she realized the statements were indefensible! Way to point out the obvious FOT's!

    Newt.... arrrrrggg! What is he thinking!???!!! I would say he has been overtaken by an alien-if I believed in aliens. Mark Davis had me good and depressed yesterday about NY 23 race but I am back on happy road thanks to you all and Maha R.

    FOT-Take a minute today and write a note to a soldier in Afghanistan or Iraqi or wherever and THANK them for doing what they have promised to do- They need to KNOW that we support them!

    On that note-I was able to leave my little island today and go to the big city. I think I picked up enough things to send a FOT package. I am sending it tomorrow as none were sent this week-unless directed otherwise.

  75. Hey, Ellen K! You're absolutely correct: the Obots WILL exact retribution for NOT obeying BO's dictates! It's the Chicago way; your business must pay off the Machine or go without plowed streets all winter (leaving 4" - 6" of ICE by spring!).
    Hang in there, EllenK: BO had better NOT "Mess with Texas!"

    Hiya, debbdi! It's NEAT, that you are getting ready to mail items to our dear soldiers.
    (I am literally just SICK about the many recent deaths; why doesn't someone start impeachment proceedings against this JERK Obama!?)
    Anyway, I checked the calendar at our FOTS military website, and don't see your mail date posted yet. BUT, we're all sending out our Christmas packages now, since they must go by Nov. 13----so consider packing in some candy canes, etc., and sending the package off soon, dear one!----and thank you so much. I know our troops are grateful when they see we're remembering them.

    Meanwhile, I laughed SO HARD, TWW, at your hilarious posts. I don't think the verification words mean anything, either----just like many of BO's LYIN' speeches!
    (Sadly, too many Americans didn't really listen before the election to what BO DID say and mean, when he WARNED us what he plans to do, and IS doing right now to destroy our nation and its economy and republic!)
    Thanks also for your prayers and scripture reminder, TWW. Pray for my faith to grow.

    Shovelready, THANK you for the cute name for Mtn. Papa----and for your kind encouragement, too. You are SO RIGHT, that the poor docs must cover their tails so much. I have friends who wish they could leave the medical profession, but they know they're helping people, and they also are still in hock for their schooling. (WHAT will docs do to pay off those debts, btw, when they aren't paid fairly under Obamacare!?)

    Thanks to you all for your prayers; we can't thank you enough, really: we know prayer really has great power, from GOD! We're still hoping for good news, somehow. My mother-in-law has, and many of her relatives had Alzheimer's, so my husband isn't shocked; "Mountain Papa" is actually very calm about it (which I pray lasts).

    Every event in our lives (we keep learning) is just another opportunity to demonstrate our trust in the goodness of God, and our faith in God's love for us----no matter how hard are our circumstances. < I > have had lots of trauma in my life, so I struggle more to keep chipper when times get tough.
    (HINT, HINT, TOTUS: kick in more hilarity, please!)

    To cheer myself up sometimes, I read greeting cards at the store, or old "Far Side" or "Calvin & Hobbes" books. Or I'll watch old, loving movies, oR go for a walk, to a party, to my Bible Study, or I'll just pray. Usually the latter helps the most.

    Life is good. Every life ends somehow, and when one's family is loving and will keep caring for you, I suppose Alzheimer's isn't the worst way. The latter must be experiencing pain for years and years. One of my friends has had that in her life, and she keeps her mind trained on everything ELSE in life----and still has a very strong faith.

    God is working, and we believe we'll someday understand the "why" of adversity of this present darkness. Our challenge is to give thanks in ALL circumstances, and stay JOYFUL.
    It's not denial; it's a choice to live gratefully. I'm trying to be grateful and joyful!----and you FOTs sure help!
    Love you so (even you TROLLS, for the challenge!),

  76. Oh, THERE you are, debbdi! I'm glad you sent your package (great minds, eh?). God bless you in the REAL, serious way!

  77. Dear Mountain Mama, you are such an inspiration, I just had to stop and tell you what a blessing you are to all of us here. And may God's blessings flow continuously toward you and Mtn Papa, especially as you struggle with the Dr visits and tests. It gives me such a warm feeling to come home from work and find your kind and thoughtful words here.

    Next week I will be sending a package, I left a note at the other site about this. I wonder if I should include a box of Christmas cards, so they have some to send to family & friends, or will it be too late for cards to get there and back here again?

    Isn't it strange how BO was in such a tearing hurry for the health care bill back in August, etc. Now he is ever so leisurely in deciding the fate of our men and women over there, it's enough to make one screeeeeeam.

    Have a nice evening, Everyone. Maybe Totus will provide us with a good fun post tomorrow, and get us all a-clucking and a-pecking again...

  78. Barry: 7 Lies in Less Than Two Minutes!


    I posted my package thoughts @ FOT HQ.

  79. I can't stand the snotty look that crosses BO's face concerning women, such as when the (female) reporter asked him about why no women played sports with him.

    Normally I wouldn't care: men are just as entitled to hang with other guys as women are to socialize with women.

    BUT, in BO's case, I think he truly-----and I mean THOROUGHLY------is a sexist! He surely behaves like a secret Muslim, a friend to radical Muslims and thug dictators, more than he does to regular patriotic Americans!

    SO----I get ticked especially at him when he disses women. He did so during the campaign, too. What a terrible example for other Americans!

    Have you checked out Pam Geller's website, "Atlas Shrugged?" She listed the other day LOADS of photos of all the poor Muslim women who have been shot, stabbed, or beheaded BY THEIR RELATIVES----and in "Western" nations, too----like Europe or America! It's just overwhelming to scroll through all those photos, with the captions of their different stories.

    And I, too, am LIVID about how BO isn't sending enough money and supplies for our troops to protect themselves there! I'm glad they're finally creating new tanks for everyone, but Lord, why wasn't that done YEARS ago!?

    Dorothy, we'll pray for you to ACE your upcoming test!

    Rattlesnake, how's the job search going?

    MTVA, you are such an encourager! We are so grateful to you, and know we're being sustained by all of your prayers.

    I know it's hard to keep positive about life, when BO is running America into the ground and failing to protect our soldiers. But the Good News is that HE is not REALLY in charge of things----GOD is!----and if we work hard and pray, too, we'll defeat BO and his cohorts at the polls this and next year, and hopefully pull our nation back from the brink of socialism in time.

    Please, Lord, protect and save America. AMEN

  80. Hi, Debb! LOL. It's TRUE! "Newt.... has been overtaken by an alien... ."

    The Illegal Alien in Chief, via his stooges, has Newt under his control, a regular mind-meld.

    Say, that brings us to "....something comPLETEly different!"

    [paraph. from "Monty Python's: The Search for the Holy Grail"' (witch Ordeal scene)]

    John Cleese: She turned me into a Newt!

    "Witch": Did not!

    John Cleese: Did so.

    "Witch": You're not a Newt, now, are ya?

    John Cleese: Uh, no.

    "Witch": There now!

    John Cleese: But, I WAS a Newt.

    "Witch": How do you know?

    John Cleese: Well....... I sat on a couch next to a witch. Only a Newt would do that."

    "Witch": Oh.


    Debbdi smiled, Mountain Mama laughed, and that made it all worthwhile. Thanks. TWW.

  81. [Word was: dhonor..... as in LET'S GIVE THAT CON MAN IN CHIEF A [DIShonor]able Discharge!

    MM, yes, indeed, The Far Side and Calvin and Hobbes are SO COOL. So is Dilbert. [So is Frasier, Preptile, :)] You do lovely things to focus on the bright side, MM. Sometimes, it can be pretty tough to do that, huh? I'm re-reading (not dealing with a personal grief at the moment, just a good read) C. S. Lewis' Grief Observed. You might find some encouragement there. As a dear friend of mine once said of her 19-year experience of having a husband with Altzheimer's, "It's like a funeral that never ends." A loved one is "gone," and yet "present." Good for your friend to keep on LIVING.

    I read (since we're killing time in the bus station waiting for TOTUS again, I'll just keep on talking off thread) a book a few years ago in which a college professor journalled (eventually, with help) his walk away from reality into the twilight of dementia.

    Of course, everyone's experience is unique, but here's one tip I'd like to share. If it's not impossible (forgot if you already have one), get a young dog right away, one your husband likes. The professor eventually reached the paranoid stage where he trusted no one completely anymore, not even his wife and daughter.

    But, the dog remained his friend. It was always the same with the dog.

    It gave him much joy to have that eager, loving, constant, companion in his life when EVERYTHING else had changed. Just a thought.

    The upside to the paranoia is that what makes it possible is the lack of insight that eventually, mercifully, keeps the victim from realizing what has happened to their mind. Sure, they still have their fears, their frustrations, and boredom, but AT LEAST they don't know what has really happened to their mind.

    But, their loved ones do.

    You'll be in my prayers, MM. Prayers for strengthened faith, for encouragement, for endurance, and for hope.

    For there is always hope. The hope of heaven. One day, one glorious, tears-wiped-away - [Rev. 21:4]- day, we will "know fully, even as we are fully known." [I. Cor. 13:12] Love is the key. Love will carry you through the darkest valleys of doubt, bring you back from the farthest deserts of anger and exasperation, give you the strength to try one-more-time.

    All will be well. Remember, you will be given the grace to handle each day, each hour, as it comes. You don't have the grace to climb the mountains of tomorrow now, but, when the time comes, strength will be provided -- just in time.

    Recommended reading (an EXCELLENT book): Corrie ten Boom's The Hiding Place. It is unsurpassed for evidence of God's providential care.


    Hey, MTVA, hope YOU have a good day tomorrow. :D Good to hear from you.

    IMO, you can't go wrong sending a box of Christmas cards (NEAT idea!). Even if that soldier/airperson/marine/sailor can't send them home, giving them to other comrades in arms would give her or him joy.


    MM, I enjoy reading the greeting cards, too! I tend to send WAY more than people send to me, so, I fill up my "card need" at the store. God encourages' me DIRECTLY via this method sometimes.

    Well, here's a greeting card I have tucked away to send to just the right girlfriend (I'll "send" it to you). On the front, a female Boston Bull Terrier in a frilly pink collar, lolling on her back on a pink rug, head on a pink pillow, pink telephone at her ear, mouth wide open in that big terrier GRIN, saying, "I never repeat gossip. So listen carefully." $(:D)]

    Here's another one (more "manly"): On the front, a mouse stands, facing forward, looking pensive.... Inside: "Thought of you today.

    Got gas.

    Don't think the two are related."

    Bwah, ha, ha, ha,h aaaaaaaaaaaa! :)

    Time to sign off before this post deteriorates any further.

    Now, for "the word."

  82. Word: requit

    Definition: the Subject for e mail to D'oh!bama from all FOTS "Re: Quit"

    Content of e mail: QUIT! NOW!!!


    NEXT word: aliff

    Get a life, all you Kool-Aid drinking, useful idiots!

  83. Hey, MM. :D I just scrolled back up (after I shut-up -- finally!) and there you were. :)

    Yes, indeed. Barack Hussein Obama is a pig. Makes sense that he is a sexist pig, too.

    That reporter's question was ridiculous, though. Most over-40 men prefer to play sports with other men and the same goes for the women. The average (not ALL -- each case is unique, each person is an INDIVIDUAL :)) man values the competitive aspect of a game more than the average woman does. The average woman is much more into "just having fun" and being friendly while playing well. Men are more often out to "prove something" while women are generally out just to have a good time. I know some obnoxiously competitive (in situations where it's really going over the top, that is) women, though. And there are men who are a joy to compete with or against even in a rec league.

    Anyway, to ask why a man doesn't play sports with women is so lame. She needs to take a step back and really think about what makes the average man and the average woman tick. Males and females are different, i.e., there are some observable, persistent, behavioral trends.

    When I was in my twenties (about half my life ago), I was vigorously determined to make everything "equal." No separate Bible studies, no separate camp-outs, (but, separate bathrooms, YES!). Now, I usually prefer to hang out with women-only groups. Easier to communicate. Not always, men are fun, too, but I'm WAAAY different than how I was "back then."

    This post has just GOT to get ol' TOTUS to start a new thread. LOL! (%S)

  84. And, yes, MM, is one of the BEST conservative websites out there. Ms. Geller is highly informed and works harder than most bloggers to fill that site with the truth.

  85. TWW, the witch ordeal scene is a SCREAM! I DID laugh----as I also did re. your cards. "I never repeat gossip, so listen carefully!" TOO FUNNY!

    I'm glad you like Dilbert! Bion, its creator, Scott Adams, wasn't yet famous when I began my synd. column. He and I emailed each other many times, back when that was still novel; he even helped me re. my tax forms. His cartoons SLAY me. I also own his T-shirt of the office for: "Casual Friday: It Seemed Like a Good Idea"----where Dilbert wears a long red bathrobe with pink bunny slippers, and the older short guy wears a TUTU, and another guy is walking away NUDE (ACK!), and the boss is just watching from his office door, glaring. It's so funny. (I painted a pair of shorts on the nude guy, or I couldn't wear it on OUR Casual Friday! Ho ho!)

    Okay, I agree that it's fine for men to play sports, etc., with just guys, and women with just women----but I truly do detect a fierce sexism in Obama. His GLARE at that reporter was just the look he had during the campaign, re. women, a few times. ACK! I can't stand Fake Feminists, which many "educated" men are.

    The best news this week was that most Americans label themselves as conservatives. YES!! May they translate that self-image into conservative VOTES at the upcoming elections, and those next year, and FOR SURE in 2012!

    Blessings on you, FOTs.
    (Post, TOTUS. SKEWER Obamacare, please, with your rapier wit!)

  86. What a bunch of great posts! Who needs Totus! (I'm just trying to prod him into posting) I do so love hearing from other people who like to read, and C.S. Lewis has long been a favorite of mine, I think I've read everything he's written, and what I can find written about him. Remember when the nitwits were in such an uproar when GW Bush was asked what 3 people from all of history would he want to meet in person, and one answer was Jesus Christ? That would be my answer, too, and also C.S.Lewis. The third changes at times, right now it might be TOTUS!!! Who are yours?

    I think all of BO's feminist leanings(pretensions) have been firmly implanted in that presidential posterior by one of MO's bizarre items of footwear. He dares not let a shred of MCP behavior escape while her threatening visage glowers at him. I wonder if there's even a real person somewhere in there behind the purple lips and prompter-scanning eyes...
    TWW, thanks for the many laughs and great reading advice. Newt! Re: Quit! The cards! Oh I laughed so much! Let's make bumper stickers (with the famous BO logo) with just two words (No! not the 2 that we'd like to say whenever we see his face, but know we shouldn't!) the two words being: QUIT. NOW. Of course that massive ego (and the threat of MO beating him up) would never permit him to do so.

    TWW, I hope all is well with "Mr. T" and that he continues to improve. He is blessed with the bright light of your kindness and caring upon him, and God's healing love. I hope you are feeling more at ease and enjoying your normal routines once more, as he gets better.

    Jamie and Bettyann, seems like a long time since you've been here, hope all is well.Thank you, all you wonderful FOTs and Totus, for being here. I hate to leave this cozy place and go off into the wilds of nasty traffic and the horrors of the workplace! God Bless You All.

  87. MM,MP,TWW,TP,PT,BA,J&J,SMIA.As the original Mr T might say,I pity the person who is uninitiated into our habit of initializing each other.
    Or for that matter for those trying to keep up w the soap opera script here.
    I counted 23 gags in one 3 paragraph post here a few months ago,and the uninitiated would have only heard 10 of them.
    Ponder the problem of the poor soul who hears the repeated N of I-10 references w no way to worry the words true meaning.One would want to be informed wouldn't one? Wood that one were able,one would think.Well stay tuned teens,your dreams will now come true.
    It is an inside reference to IQ and the double digit dimbulbs that populate the other side of your freeway.They comprise those other guys who are fully 50% of every population.
    Half the people you have met are under average intellectually.Think of them as the other side of the freeway.Some might speculate that this proves one is smarter than those to his left
    and as attractive a ppostulation as that is,
    I cannot agree.Palin might prove a manlier opponent for O,by temporarily,moving to the left of him,as good point guards frequently do.That qualifies her as a smarter opponent,
    and supermanly enough to go left of a lefty and get back again in time to Obliterate him.

    I would so seriously love to see this matchup
    fought for charity,w nothing held back.
    One could pit the One's wonderous BBall skills against a girl.
    Our Hawaiaan Surfer type(w floaties)President could prove his presumed powerball prowess.
    Wise ones would not wager on the weegers winning weal estate,or on the won.
    All my money would go on that nice little lady from Alaska.
    She would manhandle him.
    No doubt that is why his 'kneecappers'in the press remain in hot pursuit of her.
    They are afraid to see the results of an honest contest tween these contestants.
    The results might diminish self esteem among the hubristic,and I fear a cat fight might set the fur flying if feelings got hurt.

    We would all benefit from this match up.
    Surely the Obamas would not object to this
    benefiting the Special Olympics.
    Having lost the Chicago Olympics it would be the next best thing.
    It would be special.

  88. TOTUS:
    Monkey Face Boy got you all tied up??? Get off the martinis and post for us!!!

  89. I LOVE 'Monty Python's: The Search for the Holy Grail' - YES! A witch... 'build a bridge out of her!'

    I got an email with a quote of the day- "As an American I am not so shocked that Obama was given the Nobel Peace Prize without any accomplishments to his name, but that America gave him the White House based on the same credentials." - Newt Gingrich


    I think Peaches is a metrosexual... I do not think he is 'manly' enough to be a sexist or at least back up sexism statements. Does that make sense? An armchair sexist... I would LOVE to see our girl take him on in ANY arena. She would mop the floor with him in debate or on the court!

    debbdi- signing off and glowing in the new poll numbers and Reagan soundbites!

  90. Prep- I missed the 'Hawaiian Surfer type(w floaties)' the first time I read your post. Now I have a mental picture of Barry wearing water wings (I think that is what you call floaties) standing next to a swimming pool, being the man child he is squealing in a high pitched whine- "Don't MAKE me get in! It is TOO scary!"

    And Lady M (being the manly-man she is) smacking him up 'side the head barking something back at him.

    Can you see it?

  91. He should be impeached for equivocating with a religion that cuts off women's heads for showing their hair.

    I challange David Larry to piss on the koran. How about a picture of Mohammed? Come on Larry, show us how funny you really are.

  92. TOTUS,

    We need a new thread. The mental imagery is giving me nightmares...just kidding.


    I can't see TWW's husband wearing gold chains and a Mohawk but I can see him wanting to "Rip someone's head off" and I am sure he is on the A-Team as opposed to the B.O. Team. Selah!

    Speaking of teams, I am sure when Floatie boy plays any sort of sport he isn't a team player. Remember, there is no i in team but there are 2 in idiot. If he and Sarah were to play round ball he would get schooled. After all, we can tell by his voting record he can only go left or "present".

    I am sure B.O. would have the white socks hiked up to his knees and Daisy Duke gym shorts. He probably would have to wear a mouth guard too. (Isn't that what TOTUS is? A mouth guard.) He has been crying foul for the last ten months and wouldn't play by the "make it & take it" rule because he can do neither. As they say south of I-10 "Oh don't make me commence".

    Thank you all for the prayers for my Brother in Law, another Vandal Alum like Sarah Palin, they removed 24 lymph modes and found only one to be malignant. Selah!

    In more than one sense of the phrase America it is time for the healing to begin. By his stripes believers...By his stripes....Selah!

  93. V Word:

    Let me use it in a sentence:

    Mo'Bacon: "Damou Barack how many times I got to tell you not to leave the seat down on the turlet? And get your pantyhouse off the towel rod. You know how momma hate that".

  94. I thought it would be a tallit.

    But I'm really just posting to see what comes up. Hold that thought:


    tMILOTUS (the Mother in Law of the United States):

    "Bare-ock? Whay you is? You Dum-bass! Wha'all dis bullsheet 'bout you got to play golf wid a white wooman? Git yo ass in they'ya and make me brek'fass. I be tyred o' all'in debezs o' you runnin' round ackin' uppity an...What da HELL is dat? Yo' lawngerie?? Whe' dat Michelle?? What de HELL gowin on 'roun heya??? HEPP!!!"

  95. The Economy, How Bad Is It?

    1. The economy is so bad...that I got a pre-declined credit card in the mail.

    2. The economy is so bad...I ordered a burger at McDonalds and the kid behind the counter asked, "Can you afford fries with that?"

    3. The economy is so bad...that CEO's are now playing miniature golf.

    4. The economy is so bad...if the bank returns your check marked "Insufficient Funds," you call them and ask if they meant you or them.

    5. The economy is so bad...Hot Wheels and Matchbox stocks are trading higher than GM.

    6. The economy is so bad...McDonald's is selling the 1/4 ouncer.

    7. The economy is so bad...parents in Beverly Hills fired their nannies and learned their children's names.

    8. The economy is so bad...a truckload of Americans was caught sneaking into Mexico .

    9. The economy is so bad...Dick Cheney took his stockbroker hunting.

    10. The economy is so bad...Motel Six won't leave the light on anymore.

    11. The economy is so bad...the Mafia is laying off judges.

    12. The economy is so bad...Exxon-Mobil laid off 25 Congressmen.

    And finally...
    Congress says they are looking into this Bernard Madoff scandal. Oh Great!! The guy who made $50 Billion disappear is being investigated by the people who made $1.5 Trillion disappear!

  96. There is even one poll that shows Doug Hoffman up in NY 23 but I think it was done by a supporting group while the Daily Koz (uck!) poll shows the Democrat ahead. The one think is clear is that the "Republican" won win (note the qoutes). In general the time to settle scores against RINOs is in the primary not the general.

    John's Space

  97. MM,

    The job search is kind of slow. I haven’t gotten any calls for interviews besides a couple of temp agencies. But I’m using my free time to learn how to use new software so I can lengthen my resume.

    Word Verification: Refera - I need a refera for the HR manager.

  98. TOTUS -
    If you have been left at home yet have not posted again, it means one of two things:

    1. Big Guy has retired you, and made of you a clothes line on which to hang his silken thongs.

    2. It has been too long without a day off, and you are on the presidential sofa, finishing off the bottle of MD 20-20 Big Guy and Gates were swigging, left under the cushion once they ditched the white guy.

    Good on ya. But tomorrow, back to work!

  99. [Well, TOTUS, I'm just going to keep on talking away about whatever until you post again...... yeah…. that’s a promise…...]

    Hi, MM, thanks. :D That's so cool that you are acquainted with that genius of the Comics page, Scott Adams.

    LOL. "Casual Friday: It Seemed Like a Good Idea" -- thanks for sharing that. Thanks for the gift of laughter.


    Hi, MTVA, thank you for your kind words. Yeah, to have met Jesus while he was incarnate would have been AMAZING. Yet, he was so unassuming, "a bruised reed he [did] not break," that I'll just bet those who met him, even those who knew him best on earth, as the years passed after Jesus returned to Heaven, were repeatedly struck by the FACT of Whom they had known. Imagine how many times Peter flushed with horror (even though Jesus made it clear, after his resurrection, that he did not hold this against Peter) at his having brazenly bossed Jesus around as if Jesus were a mere man. I can just hear Joanna or John or Thomas saying, "Man alive. That was GOD in the flesh. Man alive, I can't believe I joked around with him, blithely confronted him, and took him for granted, just like I would anyone else. Whoa." Knowing Who He was/is, to go back in time with that knowledge would make approaching him in Judea overwhelming. Yet, perfect love would cast out all fear, huh?

    It's enough for me that we'll see Jesus at the end of our road on earth. Around that last bend, there he will be, arms open wide, eyes full of love. Sigh. Seems like a long ways away, sometimes.

    I've often wished I could have corresponded with C. S. Lewis. Even though my intellect is far less than his was, he was so gracious and (you can see this in his letters, esp. to children and dullards) kind that I wouldn't have felt inadequate. I'd likely have mostly annoyed him if he met me in person, though. I'm much too fond of loud guffaws and boisterous humor and am "relentlessly" cheerful. Not enough British reserve in me to suit his taste, I'm sure. Being pen pals would have been super, though.

    Thanks for asking, Mr. TWW is doing well. He is planning to be back at work (!) by the end of November. Amazingly (to us), this is looking like a realistic possibility. Thanks for the encouragement re: my being a "light" to him. Ha! He gets tired of me asking him, "Need anything? Can I get you something? Can I help you adjust those pillows?" Your praise was a cup of cold water. Yes, I'm back on a more even keel these days, left the "crisis mentality" behind. That's a relief.

    Hope work is/was not too awful today. Take care.
    Dear Preptile, THANK YOU for posting such a fine piece. LOL, "I pity the fool..." -- love it. And "'kneecappers'in the press ... ." PPPerfectly describes the "dirty laundry.... kick 'em while they're up.... while they're down" media. Too many cool "gags" to mention them all. You are so thoughtful (a real E Gent -- for those of you just joining us, that's Shovel's interp. of a "word" he got awhile back) to make newcomers to the blog feel more included by explaining one of our allusions. I'll try to bear that in mind..... way up here, north of I-10. LOL, to me, "north of I-10" meant irrational, insane, or "out there." Which I generally am. :)

  100. Great quote [even if it was from a Newt -- :)], Debbdi. BINGO!


    Mister Shovel -- that is WONDERFUL news about your brother-in-law. Hurrah.

    Enjoyed your post. Heh, heh, yeah, a ball player who can only "he can only go left or 'present'..." isn't going to make many points. Really, if it weren't for the fact that a huge number of his potentially opposing players were high on Magic Negro [L.A. Times, 2008 ]Kool-Aid, he would have been shut down NOW. The "pobre ignoramus" would have been "commuuuuunity organizing" his way to the LOSERs locker room and out onto the street, FIRED.

    You seem to have met my husband. :D Yeah, the only "bling" he wears is on the fourth finger of his left hand. He won't even wear the "bling" on his shoulders driving to and from work -- "It sets some people off." And, yes, he would (as he would put it) like to "clean his clock."

    Speaking of Mr. TWW, he was talking about a guy at work this evening and said something relevant to the Chumpmander [love it!]-in-Chief: "Sure, he'd likely be made captain. Mess up enough and you get promoted. It's true!" And he proceeded to cite several examples. These guys who almost wreck other people's careers with their negligence or recklessness doing the "real job" in "the field," are put into desk jobs to keep them out of trouble -- but that often involves giving them a promotion!!

    ALL-HIS-LIFE, Barry Soetoro has failed and been given a "pass" or a "boost" or a "Welcome to Harvard" or..... a Nobel "Peace" Prize. He's the epitome of the lazy, no-good, dope, who plays the victim card with such finesse that he fools even the finest (and many of the worst!) to "fix it" for him. Look how so many conservative pundits are now going to bat for him over the "natural born U.S. citizen" issue. It is HIS burden to show he was indeed born in the U.S. -- he has NEVER shown that and, moreover, has never overcome the rebuttable presumption raised by the circumstantial evidence (e.g., travel to Pakistahn in 1980's and receiving foreign student scholarship). He is OBVIOUSLY "The Fraud from Abroad" [FreeUSA or Shovel], yet, these usually sensible conservatives are falling all over themselves to ridicule the sound arguments of "the birthers." They are, in short, giving Dope "a pass" -- because, once again, he as fooled his way into a "promotion."


    Somebody take TOTUS' tweeter away. Then, maybe he'll POST SOMETHING!


    HELLOOO, Betty Ann, John, Sunflower, and Rattlesnake (good for you to beef up the skills!)! Too late to talk anymore. Take care.

    And..... Miss Jamie? Come in, Jamie. This is TWW, over........... Jamie?!! We miss you! Hope you're okay. Take care.

  101. Long time no update -- wassup?

    Did they shut you down?

  102. About that BC -- what if it shows that Stanley was really 16 or 17 when the bastard was born...?

  103. please don't make me explain why that is relevant; it would take waaaayyyyy too long...:-p

  104. The most important thing to note about his entire history, is that he has absolutely no appreciation for the fact that it negates every claim he makes in apology for this country.

    We normally call such people ingrates. Only in this case, we have to call him THE GREATEST INGRATE THAT EVER LIVED.

  105. Chris Christie Republican Candidate for Governor of New Jerseys, tells Imus “I’m Going To Be A Big Fat Winner”

  106. I might say TOTUS,Dear is an AWOL genius but he'd half to 'splain the term to da BG.
    So, I'd say he is a ghostly genius, bless his heart.

  107. Hi all. I've just returned from a trip to HOT-lanta (Atlanta) for a retirement seminar. There I learned of all the things I need to do in the two short months left until I officially retire! ~EEK~
    I wanted to attend a seminar earlier in the year, but there wasn't one scheduled nearby. I went with a close friend who doesn't like to fly and we had to go somewhere close so we could drive. LOL.

    ANYWAY, I've missed you all. I didn't take my laptop, so I could not participate here.

    SUSAN of ATL - have you ever eaten at a place called "THIS IS IT!"? Its on Camp Creek Parkway, near the Convention Center. My friend and I ate there on our last night in Atlanta and it was great. The cuisine was SOUL FOOD - ribs, mac 'n cheese, greens, etc, but they also served seafood (baked Talapia) and baked chicken. All wonderfully seasoned. Just like home cooking! And the DESSERTS. Oh MY!

    Enough of that.

    Last night on Hannity they had one of those focus groups with some folks from New Jersey. At one point this lady suggested that "the rich" just weren't paying enough taxes. Sean asked her just HOW MUCH the rich should be paying. Her answer. More than they are currently paying (40%).

    Another lady agreed with the first, so Sean asked her "So, it should be for each according to his ability, to each according to his needs?" and when she nodded he said "You know who said that, don't you - Karl Marx. That's Marxism." The stupid cow just SHRUGGED. Then the guy sitting next to her spoke up and said "You know, MARXISM WASN'T SO BAD".

    They shrug off Marxism because "it wasn't so bad".

    If these people are typical New Jersyians, then they DESERVE Corzine! Who, by the way, is rich.

  108. As for Afghanistan - I think the problem there is that NATO was put in charge of it. If our military had been in control all of this time, making all of the decisions, it probably would have gone better than it has, but I'm no expert on the military. It just seems to me that when you have troops from multiple countries trying to work together and coordinate, there is too much time taken to approve every movement, every action.

    And just WHOSE idea was it that we should put NATO in charge of the war there? Why, I believe it was the DEMONCRATS who DEMANDED it.

    And if there is any doubt about the wisdom of taking action to remove Saddam Hussein from power, then I reccommend reading the book "I was Saddam's Son". It was written by the body double for Saddam's younger son and tells all about what horrible, horrible things Saddam and his followers did to the people of Iraq. The book even talks about Saddam's failed attempt to have his own son killed. Saddam was EVIL.

    Gotta go now. Have to go and pick up the TOTO from the vet where he was boarded.

  109. Welcome home Jamie:
    The stupidity in those Marxist minds, of course, is that only earned income is taxed. If the rich person owns ten mansions, has a billion in tax free municipal bonds, owns several yachts and many cars, yet only "earns" 100,000 that year, they will only be taxed on 100,000. But they do not realize this. They are stoopid, and think they are punishing the rich.


    U.S. Condemned For Pre-Emptive Use Of Hillary Clinton Against Pakistan

    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton "You Must Not Have Heard About Me" Video from the Onion, The Pakistanis have kind of been asking for it, we tried to be nice LOL!

  111. Rush says the "death panels" are back! The don't call it that rather they call it "end of life counseling". If you live in a congressional district where the Democrat is new and has won in the last to elections call/e-mail them and tell them that we don't want this, taxpayer funded abortions, and a lot of taxes!

    John's Space

  112. Jamie glad you are back... has anyone heard from aero lately?

    Since TOTUS is neglecting us here is a distraction.

    I got this email and link today.

    The White House is accusing Fox News of not being a legitimate source of news, calling them biased. They have tried to block Fox reporters from news conferences, etc. NPR has put a survey online for us to voice our opinion. If you’re into this kind of stuff, here’s your chance to vote:

  113. I miss TOTUS, but I'm glad you're back, Jamie.

    Marxism has starved millions of people wherever it's been tried, but it's NOT THAT BAD. (Sorry for the yelling but it's been that kind of month.) Those people Hannity talked to are like the sheep in Animal Farm who are convinced by the pigs that their memories are faulty and that things were actually much worse off when Mr. Jones was their master, etc. etc.

    Word Verification: Baries - Baries banned TOTUS from blogging, but he can still tweet.

  114. I can't go ON like this! Where is TOTUS!?

  115. Thanks for the link, debbdi. Right now the poll results are:

    26% supporting the WH view.
    73% supporting Fox News.
    2% supporting neither.

  116. Media matters should demand a recount on the above poll.More votes than voters,again!

    I was sure that today was the day that TP would return from his 220V bender.
    He had to as he has prompting duties pending pretty pronto at the WH.
    Halloweenieish ones.

    He had another reason for the week off tho.
    He was not the only one who was running late.
    I have it on good authority that Telepromtess has been under the weather,(uh oh,..),(OT,& who but a regular would recognize the preceeding parenthetical point(s?)),but (Tpette)should be back on stand if needed tomorrow nite.
    The only question left is,who draws Left of door duty so BG will know what to say to those Twick or Tweeters.
    What will one be saying TP?

    I doubt those free H1N1 vaccines they are giving away will be popular w the kids.

    Sebelious recommended treats be sugar free.
    This carries that thought too far,and one foresees the day when parents proffering pamphlets pleading for political participation,instead of Peter Pauls,will be met w the open disdain that they deserve.

    Pity those pirates and Princesses can't save those pricks for their parents.
    Had they voted incorrectly their family wouldn't be Halloweening at the WH tho.
    Seems only fair that they should be stuck.

    Dropping the WH Halloween entirely was considered in these tough Oconomic times.
    In just the type of new thinking inspired by the 'change' in administrations
    the WH has recognized 'all hallows eve' to also be a 'celebration of romantic diversity in the Valentine's day tradition'.Recently polled fans of the log ride agreed the evening held too much potential to waste. Long story short,those w shorter romantic attention spans lobbied to co-opt Halloween/VD2 funding to their emergency 'stimulus' packages.
    Yearly ,or bi anual celebrations are considered so much more exciting than dinner and DDancing w the stars which is typical weekdate fare for the aforementioned fellers.

    Seems demeaning for Teleprompter to get draped in spider webs,or Toilet Papered,like kids do to suburban homes.
    Still that is preferable to Detroit Devil's nite rules where homes get covered in gasoline,and 'necklaces' are distributed to the less popular neighborhood shopkeeps.
    Safe in Secret Service secured surroundings should be spookey enuff for our Prompter.Periodically he might possibly post from there, were his world not all atwitter.

  117. Welcome back, Jamie! Glad you're okay. More great research. :D What a sickening quote re: Marxism. Talk about "useful idiots"!!!

    Nice Animal Farm sheep analogy, Rattler. Baaa, baaaa, how true. Sickening.

    Yeah, Betty Ann, the Ingrate in Chief is ANOTHER fitting title for the Big Dope.

    Thumbs up to you, heads up John. :)

    Hey, Preptile, you're a good sport. I could think of NOTHING to write. Thanks for the wit-laden sustenance as we endure yet another TOTUS desert (would prefer a TOTUS dessert!).

    Heh, heh, yeah, looks like the tweeters got the candy and we got the "twick". Bet TOTUS gets the night off tomorrow: Hopey the Clown will just say what he's been saying since he was 2 years old, "Mine!" -- until he gets "punch drunk" from all the tokes he takes in between answering the door, that is..... And, yes, I agree -- TOTUS is, apparently, "twitterpated."

    @TOTUS -- Are you okay? I just prayed for you. (and you, too, MM)

    If you ARE okay...... what gives? You remind me of the ex-husband of one of my girlfriends. He never came right out and said, "I can't hack this anymore, let's get divorced," nooo, he just didn't show up (emotionally or physically) until SHE made that move. Are you secretly hoping all us FOTS will "just go away?" Man up, TOTUS. If you have turned into a twit and want to end this blog thing BE DIRECT. Sure hope you want to keep this thing going; I love spending time here. TWW

    @ FOTS
    RE: Contingency Plan
    If TOTUS stops posting blogs, or drops to a post rate of less than 1 per week, any thoughts about how we can continue our political/"soap opera"/social banter? AmericanThinker is a wonderful place to learn and share one's thoughts, but not so good for keeping up the camaraderie going here. BTW, for all you who want to be a part of "the gang," just pipe up a few times within a week and keep it up and you're in. You WILL be noticed.

    TOTUS, we lack LEADERSHIP -- we can't step in and provide any. It's like going to someone's house for a discussion group and he left town (with the discussion questions!). We're all sitting around (some just peek in the windows to see if you're back) yacking, looking at our watches......... The chips ran out two days ago.

    Looking forward to your next post.

  118. peeking in the window here....and it's not fun because it is raining a lot.

  119. [peek at wristwatch] "Still not back. Sigh."

    Hi, Susan, saw your pretty face at the window there for a moment. Stay dry. :)

    Word: tatorr LOL.

    [phone call]

    TWW: Hello, Betty Ann? This is TWW. Would you please pick up some tatorr chips on your way over here. We're out.

    BettyAnn: Sure. I'll put them into the saddlebag of my Harley.

    TWW: Dip, too.

    Betty Ann: Got it. See you in awhile. TOTUS not back yet?

    TWW: Nope.

    Betty Ann: Bummer. Well, bye for now.

    TWW: Bye. [click]

    [Blogspot Person] TWW!!! TWW!!! YOU just won an award! You just made the MOST BORING POST -- EVER! Congratulations. You may collect your prize, a copy of the tax code from 1973, by standing in line at the Dept. of Licensing for 3 hours. Have a nice day!

  120. Not even a teleprompter can help today's Ted Baxter.

  121. I firmly stand behind the First Amendment rights of ALL teleprompters, unless they were made overseas and sneaked into this country illegally.

  122. Think about this.
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  124. I firmly stand behind the First Amendment rights of ALL teleprompters, unless they were made overseas and sneaked into this country illegally.

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