Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Blowing in the Wind

Big Guy really likes the look of this flag, but wonders is "Noble-Prize Winner" shouldn't be more prominently placed across one of the red bars.

And the picture should have him smiling, not looking so serious, though I suppose it is appropriate that we're using the same picture that is being used to carve his image on Mount Rushmore next year.


  1. TOTUS,

    Looks to me like he is playing presidential which is quite appropriate. After all, he plays the president on T.V.

    On second thought I think the flag should be flying upside down with Odippia Snow's likeness on it. IDIOT! What a self aggrandizing dolt. When I hear her voice on the radio it is honestly hard to tell if I am listening to her or Pelousy. Ditto Writer X,

  2. Assuming there's not room on Mt. Rushmore to just wedge him in, who gets the axe. I got a bet on Jefferson (fingers crossed)

  3. TOTUS: Any real concern over the Washington Post story of how some TV stations will be training their anchors to operate their own teleprompters?

    The biggest concer is: "Some at the station worry that such a roll-your-own system could increase the potential for on-camera blunders, as anchors fumble for the right spot in their scripts. They also say that viewers may notice some awkward cranking and pumping beneath the anchor desk."


  4. Oh, look...he has stars in his eyes...

    One problem...the view of the ears is WAY off...bad angle for Mount Rushmore. If the ears are depicted correctly, they'll give the bald eagles plenty of space for nesting...

  5. TOTUS:
    Nice new flag - but don't you think they ought to change the colors to ones that run?

  6. This flag is made in China(?)...where all industry is heading...

  7. Isn;t that the new flag of Liberia?

    Verification word = ioter

    I don't care one ioter about putting Obamanation's face on Mt. Rushmore!


    Ioter go and git me another cup of coffee!

  8. Good one, ML. "If the ears are depicted correctly, they'll give the bald eagles plenty of space for nesting."

    Only I'm not sure that the eagles would want to get anywhere NEAR Obama, even a fake one.

    Wonder how soon it will be before Obama and his cronies will want to change our national bird to something less predatory. After all, eagles are so agressive and our foreign policy these days is a lot more submissive.

    Hmmm, what bird would they choose?

    The Black-billed Cuckoo bird?

    Common but secretive, the Black-billed Cuckoo is heard far more often than seen. During the breeding season, this forest dwelling caterpillar-eater often calls throughout the night. Black-billed Cuckoos spend their winters in South America.

    The Black-billed cuckoo:
    •Slender, long-tailed bird colored in soft browns and grays.
    •Bill all black.

    Looks like Obama - half brown, half white. (you would have to see one)

    • The common call is a long soft series of cu notes, all at the same speed and pitch.

    Perfect description of Obama's speech pattern. LONG, SAME SPEED AND PITCH.

    A group of cuckoos are collectively known as a "cooch" and an "asylum" of cuckoos.

    Doesn't that sound like the people currently occupying the White House?

    Even the "real" name sounds like a description of the folks in the White House -

    Coccyzus erythropthalmus

  9. Sadly, there are Americans who will see no harm at all in this flag. Worse, if it depicted GW, they would storm the white house, or commit suicide. But most damning is that none of them would see any inconsistancy or lack of reason in their behavior.

  10. Jamie, hope you feel better today!

    I propose the mocking bird. This noble fowl would echoe our enemy's opinion of us as a result of the Messiah's leadership.

  11. A dodo would work, too...but they'd have to climb up the ears...probably would give the poor things a heart attack. Oh, wait...the dodo is extinct! That's what Big Guy likes to hear...

  12. I would like to see that, ML! Dried bird doo-doo dribbling out of the Magic Dodo's ears!!


  13. You guys are funny.

    I feel much better today, bettyann. Just had to let it run its course, of course. Didn't bother to go to the doctor, since I think that is where I picked up this bug to start with!!!!

    Tuesday - DR & flu shot = Friday, sick

    Just running a low grade fever for last two days and have absolutely ZERO energy.

  14. New Flash! Obama has just been awarded the Heisman Trophy! He watches a lot of football.

  15. Up Next: Obama wins Dancing with the Czars.

  16. I deserved a Darwin award recently. I drilled a hole in the wall just above the circuit breaker, to hang a picture to cover the circuit breaker box, which is ugly and did not match my new rug. Fortunately, the drill was battery powered, and only blew me against the other wall, with resultant fire and smoke.

    I hope I didn't give you any ideas for tough times ahead, TOTUS.

  17. Geez bettyann. You need to be careful. We need you to stick around and keep us motivated!

  18. Jamie:

    I was embarrased to tell you guys. I thought, seriously, "I might have died. Who would tell the FOTae?"

    My ins. is pretty good, and the motorcycle has several claiments. As ghosts can't type, you would have had to read about me in the Darwin 2009 Awards.

    I trust you, of all the other FOTae, would have found me there.

    Though, well. Yesterday I took some fresh baked bread to a friend, on the motorcycle. I was wearing my bread apron, bread in saddle bags. The long apron ties were dangling down, and I stopped at my daughter's. Who came out yelling about ties hanging down and getting caught in the spokes!! I hadn't even noticed.

    That's two. I guess I am subconsiously damn determined to get that Darwin Award.

    "Middle aged blonde woman squeezed in two by motorcycle delivering bread in apron."

    See you in the grocery store.

  19. This SOOOOO needs to be taken and burned! *Gags*
    ewww I just threw up in my mouth a little.
    ~shakes head~
    That is just WRONG!

  20. I'll bet BObastard bought all 16 slags to put decorate the WH.

    How dispicable can people get? To put that evil monter's face on anyting other than toliet paper is rephrehensible.

    Whoever did this to our cherished Flag should be exiled to Iran for life. Whech, when he arrives, would proably be about 10 minutes...

  21. As for Mt Rushmoe, not likely; they would have to find a mtn composed of Zebra agate (which is black and white striped). and those freaking ears whould take twoice as much ore as his overly inflated head. And they would need some purple stone for his lying lips.

  22. Vomit city. Who in God's earth has put the imposter's face on our sacred flag. I am shocked the flag didn't burst into flames.

  23. bettyanne, I can't tell you how many times that I've done something and thought "God was looking out for this old girl".... we all have those days.

    check out next post

  24. That flag is as big a joke as giving Obama the Nobel Peace Prize before there has been any real outcome from any of his policies. And, that is my unbiased opinion. You should hear my biased opinion!

    John's Space

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. Isn't this just great...Obama says that he isn't losing sleep over his war with Fox News. That the people are a lot more concerned about creating jobs and the war in Afghanistan. Well he isn't doing all that well on those issues either!

    John's Space

  27. Should be ALL RED. At least have the hammer and sickle on it. Big Bro would like that, don't you think?

  28. You can also find his face carved in jack-o-lanterns this Halloween!!!

  29. Gollum, Gollum, hack, hack, Gollum, Gollum...

  30. Look out are in danger! soon he'll be making public schools say, we want rushmore decorated w/ an O! singing it, in songs and hymns! And before long the arts...will be saying, ahhh...for this to be called must...display proudly...the O! Talk about your brainwashing! Heaven help us all!

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