Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Disease Control

Big Guy and Rahm have been pushing health-care reform for the past couple of days, and they are going to keep pushing it. Reporters just seem to love covering this issue. The focus today isn't on all Americans' health, just the Americans who work for our administration. It's all about "wellness" and keeping government employees healthy.

Because it would be a terrible thing if lots of government officials got sick and couldn't work.


  1. If a lots of government officials couldn't work the world would be a better place...

  2. After the failure of Britain and Canada's government healthcare it is strange that anyone would consider doing the same thing here.

    John's Space

  3. Totus,
    You have a program error. Please add these missing command lines to your scroll.
    "Government is NOT the answer to the problem, Government IS the problem"

  4. Unfortunately, John's Space, logic and common sense no longer govern policy. That was ensured on Jan. 20.

  5. Can I get a second for a motion to have a government employee epidemic?

  6. "[Doctors Dope and Frankenstein] have been pushing health-care reform for the past couple of days, and they are going to keep pushing it... ."

    And they'll keep pushing until we're all sick of it.


  7. You betcha, astute attorney, I mean "Mouthpiece."

    SECOND! And move the question.

    All in favor? .......

    (all the Donkeys will say, "naaaay." They are so DUMB.).

  8. I know, I know. There are a lot of fine, hardworking, competent, people working for the government.

    We'll have to make this a highly selective virus.

    Especially, we'll target agencies like the E.P.A. (Environazi Progaganda Agency), the Dept. of Ed., and Health and Human Services (and the like).

  9. Okay, okay, Homeboy Security. It won't be a deadly virus. Just enough to permanently reduce the heft of government to a healthy weight.

    Well, all you nanny staters, you wanted all of us to fight obesity, didn't you?

  10. TOTUS, did you say this was about the "wellness" of administration personnel?

    HA! Talk about HOPEless. There's not a well one in the place. Except for you and "Bo," that's one bunch of sick puppies.

  11. TruthWillWin, I fear "The Audacity of Hope" will one day be considered the "Mein Kampf" of the 21st century.

  12. **TruthWillWin, I fear "The Audacity of Hope" will one day be considered the "Mein Kampf" of the 21st century.**

    No, I think it would be more like "Mein Barf," and then we'll really need Toes' special health care. But isn't the Big Guy going to be studying all that soon at Buchenwald or someplace over there...? You know, the ultimate health care plan?

  13. Celtic, let's just pray that doesn't come true -- for it is looking more likely every day, huh?

    How appropriate. The other Fuhrer's trash was was written in "Austrian."

    Maybe B. Hussein will take a clue from Adolf and take down all the crosses and put a picture of himself on the altars of all the churches. Sorry, Jewish friends. He'll just turn all the temples/synagogues into bacon curing houses........ if he doesn't burn them down.

  14. [Sunflower Ranch said] "...studying all that soon at Buchenwald... ."

    Uh, huh. The very place that D'oh!'s uncle liberated from the Nazis in 1957.

  15. TOTUS:
    I hear the rest of us slobs will be paying for their healthcare by being depressed over the economy: stuffing ourselves with Chili Mac and pizza, smoking like chimneys, slurpping down soda, mary-janes, double stuff oreos, twizzlers, and chocolate Pantry Pride brand ice cream; it's all in the plan - tax American staples as the left views us peasents. Basically, as pigs.

  16. Bettyann...

    Don't forget after our piggie ways...we will get a dose of Swine Flu later this year...

    HOW perfect have a flu crisis because a crisis is a terrible thing to waste...

    OINK OINK...pass the MaryJane....

  17. LOL, Betty Ann and AV. (o:

    Sounds good. I'll just be a settin' ohn mah frunt po-warch a clingin' to muh guns an' muh Twinkies and areadin' the Bible.

    Oh, and feelin' mighty resayntful o' all them fureigners whose overuse thusly shut down our emergency room.

    Gotta go out and take the flag down. It’s nigh on sunset.

    ..........that be the United States flag.

  18. WHOA.

    The security word I just typed for the above post was AFTSO!!!! Just switch the "F" and the "A" and.......

    There's something mighty weird going on. Mmmm, hmmm. Remember how Free USA had to type in "commieget" that time? Hmmm.

  19. AV:
    I was unable to carry out my threat of suicide as Mr. Schnitzel refused to pass on his germs. Instead, we roasted him and then played softball after cocktails.

    Mr. Schnitzel took his roasting well. He smiled graciously at flu jokes, laughed at a redition of this little piggy, and made witty comment on the swill another pig staged at a recent media dinner, wishing she would have to eat mucho extrement sandwiches, and afterward suffer brain failure. All in good fun, of course.

  20. TWW:
    I only got patort. Go figure.

  21. "patort?" Hmmmm. Let's see now........

    Rearrange it and you get...... "rat pot!"

    Should we be insulted?

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