Thursday, May 21, 2009

Gates Closed

I guess the "William Gates" error is my fault.

But to be fair, sleep mode was preferable to that 35 minute monologue White House speechwriting loaded into me. Good grief, someone please hire an editor.

Or better yet, let's turn a negative into a win-win: make the guys in Guantanamo have to sit through that and let's see what happens. Waterboarding might be preferable.

That speech was so long, a full day without a terrorist attack passed by.


  1. Our FAUXTUS is quite narcissistic even to the point of overshadowing our dear TOTUS. Look out, you may get sidelined. Or thrown under a bus ;-)

  2. TOTUS, that speech was SO full of BS that I worry about your innards. How do you fight the nausea?

    Does it ever OCCUR to BO that his stupid words fall FLAT, because he WON'T LOOK AT PEOPLE!? He's too busy lifting his chin, swinging his head back and forth, and preening before his own Image reflected on your screen, TOTUS!

    I literally could ralph while watching the whole scene.

    Meanwhile, wasn't Cheney TERRIFIC!?----calm, compassionate, and cogent. God help us and keep us safe DESPITE this socialist, appeasing administration.


  3. Mountain mama -

    stupid words for stupid everytime.

    i would think even Lady M would have picked evil cheney over the scrawney cig smoking man based on those those speeches today.

  4. I just got the arrogance cleaned off of me. Stupid interactive radio.

  5. Speech? Obama gave a speech? (yawn) Same-old, same-old.

  6. TOTUS:
    Fox has the transcript of your scroll. This part stood out the most, "I will never hide the truth because it is uncomfortable...I will tell the American people what I know and don't know, and when I release something publicly or keep something secret, I will tell you why."

    This is over the top megalomania, dear TOTUS!

    Not only that, but what the hell is he talking about? Where are his birth records then - grandma got "sick" and he made a "trip" to "see her", and while there the gov. of Hawaii agrees to lock up the certificate? Where's his college grades?

    This man is a fraud and a liar, TOTUS how do you stand it.

    The sleep mode was a good idea. That was the most boring inane speech I have every read.

  7. Did anybody else notice his constant reference to detainees as "people", rather than what they are - terrorists?

  8. Obama Cuts Funding To Black Colleges

  9. @ Bettyann...that comment about "what about his birth certificate" was an excellent response to Obama's ridiculous statement

  10. Shaun:
    There is only one reason to hide it from the public; because he is not a natural born citizen, he is violating our constitution, and if it were produced he would immediately have to vacate the office. It is profoundly disturbing that since there is even a single doubt of his citizenship, no investigation was performed. Hawaii became a state in 1958 or 9, I forget which, his birth year is well beyond statehood. So what's the big deal? The big deal is he is not legit.

    The US as we know it has been abducted from us in a bloodless coup.

  11. TOTUS Honey,
    Sometimes it's just the Big 0's fault. Don't take the blame for your boss. The name of his own Sec'y of Defense is somthing BO should have known without having it scrolled to him.

  12. WOW! TOTUS the speech (yawn) was only 35 minutes long????? Seemed like hours. Thought you would probably blow a fuse. He kept going and going and going...Same old stuff. Bush did this, Bush did that. and saying "i'm not going to relitigate what happened in the last 8 years" He truly thinks the people are stupid!
    Hope you are not on tv tomorrow. Give us a break from "that one" for a few days please!
    P.S. MR. CHENEY WAS AWESOME (and to think he did it the old fashion way)!! WITH NOTES!!!!

  13. TOTUS,
    I was listening to your scrolling in the early hours of the morning here and was so hypnotised by the crooning sounds of the 'Reader of the Free World' I dozed off in the middle of his recitation. Colour me red faced!! Is it possible to post a transcript of your scrolling or should I just randomly select any 2008 campaign speech on youtube to get up to speed with the parts I missed?

  14. The ONE never makes a mistake.... just ask him!

    Someone better check to see if Robert Gates is STILL Sec of Defence or if Bill Gates made a campaign contribution and has now assumed the possition.

    The Big 0 could tell us how he saved us money because only part of the name on the door needs to be changed.

  15. Chevy,
    I think you are real close. Bill Gates is not qualified to be a member of the cabinet. He pays his taxes.

    Really, the Big Guy had a Marxian slip. He has designs on Bill(ions) Gates' wealth and the plans by which to redistribute.

    It is not a matter of if. It is a matter of when.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. I'd better post this here, too, since it's from a few threads ago:
    Mountain Mama said:
    Susan: I know well Rev. Christian Zimmermann, Flight Engineer of that hijacked 1985 flight. Christian told me (I interviewed him for my column after 9-11) that the 1985 hijackers' initial plot was to fly that jet across the Atlantic and into NYC skyscrapers! Of course, they didn't realize that the jet could only carry enough fuel to bounce around the Mediterranean. So the hijackers' decided instead to fly into Israel's "Congress:" the KNESSET!

    Thankfully, Christian disabled the jet so it couldn't take off again; they spent the next 16 days on the tarmac in Beirut, before their release was negotiated.

    Think: for 16 years before 9-11, the FBI knew that radical Islamists considered flying jets as missiles into NYC skyscrapers.

    This "war on terrorism" is serious, and centuries old. Annihilating Israel is only one part of the radical Islamists' plans. Subjugating the world under Sharia law is the goal. Obama is naive to think he can "negotiate" with them.

    May 21, 2009 11:34 AM

  18. I work for the DOD and I occasionally slip and refer to Secretary Gates as "Bill," too, but then again, the Big Guy has met Secretary Gates in person, I haven't.

  19. P.S. What good is it to protect the American Rule of Law, if there's no America to HAVE that Rule? We need to achieve a balance, and waterboarding only 3 people at Gitmo, rather than whacking off their heads or administering ACTUAL torture, is FINE!

  20. [Betty Ann said] "It is profoundly disturbing that since there is even a single doubt of his citizenship, no investigation was performed."

    Amen! Further, the BURDEN OF PRODUCTION AND OF PROOF should be on the candidate.

    B. Hussein should have to prove he IS a natural born U.S. citizen or quit.


    Chevy Rev, good point.

    Two theories:

    1) Messing up someone's name is a classic passive-aggressive way to "punish" someone -- Robert Gates has obviously been throwing a common-sense road block or two in little Barry's way and that makes little Barry mad.

    2) Who do you think gave more to B.O.'s campaign? Robert or Bill?

    Since Bill Gates is, I'm pretty sure, immune to flattery by now, my guess is #1 is the answer: the Reader's infantile way of dissing Robert G..... who (heh, heh) by now probably could not care LESS what D'oh! thinks of him.

    D'oh!: "Bill, er, I mean Rob (GRIN), I'm thinking that you and I may need to part ways."
    Robert: "Go ahead.... Make_my_day."

  21. @ Cris#####, you are obviously a kindhearted fellow who still thinks B.O. isn't all that bad of a guy.

    But, you REALLY think you would call Secretary Gates "William" instead of "Robert" standing in "the rotunda" on national TV (unless you wanted to?)?

    All the folksssss refer to Bill Gates as "Bill." Making THAT mistake would be understandable (sort of). But, to go from "Robert" to "William"? I don't think so.

    Time to wake up and smell the coffee, kindly Cris. Behind that GRIN lie the fangs of a Marxist Muslim sssssnake.

  22. Mtn. Mama (I suppose your name is Virginia West, heh, heh -- you get that all the time, huh?)

    Thanks for sharing your interesting "inside" info. above. I read it in the other thread and wanted to say something, but I just typed my lo---ong comment on technical difficulties and left it at that.

    You must have a lot of great insights you've gathered in the writing of your column. HOW COOL to have your own "column!"

    Your other observations above were great, too.

  23. [Sharon said] "the scrawney cig smoking man"

    LOL. :D Bah, ha, haaaaaaa! Perfect description of "Slim."


    [Sunflower said] "He kept going and going and going... ."

    .... creating a forest of words in the hopes that the truth would get lost in them: the truth that .... Dope made a big mistake.


    Plus, he's just a narcissistic fool:

    "As a dream comes when there are many cares, so the speech of a fool when there are many words." Ecclesiastes 5:3.

  24. Kenya so sad Barry Sorento never say hello.

    Kenya voted for Barry.

    Kenya like ACORNS that Barry sent.

    Kenya misses Barry!

  25. Security verification word for above post: "dumpo."


  26. Totus,
    Big-guy say's waterboarding is a recruiting bonanza...we'll I can't find anybody who says they would sign up because of waterboarding.
    But when I ask if they would sign up with a team that completes's missions successfully, like knocking down enemy infrastructure, then the stats improve. Kinda like football, everybody wants to sign up with a team that wins, few with a team that gets all wet.
    Hey but you need common sense to realize that little aspect of human behavior...or at least a locical program on one's hard-drive.
    It's BS to say that waterboarding is a recruiting tool, and they know it!

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. Kenyan brother sittin' in his hut would like to live in White House like Big Mo's mom.

    But, he's just sittin' in his hut.

    With a photo of Barack on the wall.


  29. Good one, Orbit.

    That Empty Suit has been pumped up with so many psi of hot air -- amazing it hasn't floated away like the Wizard of Oz......

    That's why he won't come within 10 miles of Ann Coulter; he'd bump up against her rapier wit and........ POP! BAM!!! No more Hopey the Clown. Just 4 years (less 100 plus days) of D'oh!

  30. Listning to BHO IS torture!! QEII should sue him for war crimes regarding his "gift" to her!

  31. TWW---Thanks for the kudos, but I am just trying to reach Susan. (My column was syndicated for 12 years, then I stopped it to move to editing.)
    Hey, did anyone else think Barry seemed a tad DESPERATE today? He kept fishing for applause amid the laughs, even! No wonder he preempted Cheney's (terrific!) speech!
    I don't care WHAT the libs say to slam Dick Cheney! He absolutely helped keep us safe. His wife and daughter are neat people, too.

  32. Ha, haaa! Madj, right on re: "Listening to BHO IS torture!! QEII should sue him for war crimes... ." (C:%

  33. TOTUS send Kenya Photo of Barry and TOTUS!

    Kenya like TOTUS!

    Kenya Misses Barry!

  34. William Gates was just a Microsoft spell check automatic substitution. TOTUS can't be blamed for that.

  35. TOTUS between Obamas Notre Dame speech on Sunday and his "desperation propaganda clean up speech" this morning..

    The American people, in great numbers, have seen first hand that this man has no direction or conviction.

    Vice President Dick Cheney, thank you for your fearless pursuit to confront deception and propaganda against the American people.

  36. MDED:
    Amen to that. Thank you Mr. Vice President Cheney, thank you so very much.

  37. Oh yes...Cheney's speech was absolutely terrific.

  38. MemorialDayEveryDay,

    I would think that giving Cheney credit for "FOSTERING deception and propaganda against the American People" might be a tad more accurate.

  39. Oh...and BettyAnn, you've obviously been reading too much drivel from Andy Martin. If you were astute enough to use Google, you would find Obama's birth certificate quite easily.

    It really breaks my heart to see how the collective intellect of this great nation has deteriorated to such a morbid state.

  40. Barry Sorento!
    Kenya is your original place of birth!
    Kenya misses you Barry Sorento!

  41. Today was "A Tale of Two Speeches." Citizen Cheney gave one great speech. His could be titled "No Apology Needed." He took Obama to school on national security and did not need a teleprompter to do it. (Sorry TOTUS). Obama on the other hand should title his speech, "Blame it on Bush." He is still campaigning. Watching the two speeches it is easy to see who is the statesman and the adult. Thank You, Mr. Cheney!

  42. For those who are ignorant of the difference between a "certification of live birth" and a genuine "birth certificate," the key is:

    When a baby is born, non-parents WITNESSING the birth ATTEST to and SIGN their names to a genuine birth certificate witnessing to the location and time of the baby's birth.

    In the case of baby Barry Soetoro, AFTER the fact of birth, his mother, Stanley, obtained a "certification of live birth" by baldly asserting, with NO OTHER EYE WITNESSES ATTESTING, the place of her baby's birth.

    Stanley's son is a known, chronic, liar. Perhaps, it's a genetically transittable flaw.

    You Cult of Obama members are pitiful. You'd rather look like a fool by asserting nonsense than admit that you were fooled by one of the slickest con-men in history.

    He has no conscience. Don't let him wreck yours.

  43. Nicely put, Saber 10. (clap-clap-clap)

  44. craniotomy + maniac = craniac?

  45. nice picture of you on drude

  46. LOL @ the Barry Soetro nonsense. I'm not sure if I should be amused by your silly tinfoil hats, or gravely concerned that some of my American bretheren actually believe that story as well.

  47. Dear Craniac24:

    You appear to be quite intelligent and well-written. As such, you probably don't belong here. We are the great-unwashed waiting-for-the-soup-lines ready-to-be-sent-to-reeducation-camps group. You should probably be at MSNBC or ABCNEWS.

    Just as an aside, do you prefer your koolaid sweetened or unsweetened?

    Another right-wing-conservative fruitcake

  48. You can't tell if it's a raised seal or not. I can tell you that it was printed in 2001, bottom left hand corner. Why did Barry Dear not have a birth certificate before 2001?

    Your name says it all. You are an elitist, and only your views are valid, as you are smarter than everyone else. The sick thing is, that you truly, really truly believe this. Listen to yourself, I'm sure you love to:

    "It really breaks my heart to see how the collective intellect of this great nation has deteriorated to such a morbid state."

    I'm sure you are heart broken. I know dozens like you. They tell me what a fool Rush is, for instance. Then I say, Oh! So you listen to him? And they sputter and falter - they never have. However, they, like you, are smarter than everyone else.

  49. MY BAD!

    The document's form creation date is 2001.

    In the center bottom of that certification of live birth, magnify, and then use a mirror to read the stamped date of issue, obviously on the other side of the document. It reads, "Jan 06 2007"

    This certififcate of live birth, which as TWW points out is not the same as a birth certificate, was issued less than 2 1/2 years ago.

  50. Craniac, you are everything we have come to expect from years of government training! Have you considered running for public office?

  51. So, "craniac", how's that koolaide workin' for ya?

  52. Interesting the BO doesn't know the name of his Secretary of Defense! I thought that I say a little hesitation before he went on to read what TOTUS scrolled for him.

    John's Space

  53. I'm not sure I know anyone who actually has their ORIGINAL birth certificate. Heck...I just ordered a copy for myself last year so I could get a passport. Does that mean that if I ran for President someday, then all of you would roundly protest my eligiblity?

    How many people on this board can actually produce their ORIGINAL birth certificate that was issued AT BIRTH???

    Regardless...please keep grasping at whatever straws that you can. It provides me with a great deal of amusement. Sore losers are funny to listen to.

  54. And for the record, I think Rush is very smart. So is George Will...and so is Pat Buchannan. Perhaps you should wonder why none of these intellectual conservatives are jumping up and down like a bunch of brainless monkeys about the birth certificate issue, or this latest story about "Barry Soetro"?

  55. So, Craniac, can you tell us the name of the hospital where President Obama was born? My certified copy of my birth certificate (though I do have the original, also) states the name of the hospital, and the address, where I was born. I have to admit that perhaps the information that is on a birth certificate is different now than then. But I would think that the hospital that our President was born in would be rather proud to have that known.

    I know it is rather trivial, but life is mostly filled with rather trivial stuff. And since people are so very interested in the trivia of what the President and his good wife eat and wear and read, then perhaps the simple trivia of a birth hospital name is not beneath our collective notice.

  56. Janice,

    I have no comment with regard to how Hawaii records its birth records. Perhaps you might wish to contact their Health and Human Services Department yourself if you feel so inclined.

    On another note, I'm sorry you feel that life is full of mostly trivial stuff. I try my best to avoid trivial things and concentrate on matters that are significant and meaningful.

    Best of luck to you and your search for truth.

  57. The only positive matters that are significant and meaningful and lasting are love, kindness, and justice. All else is trivial and passing.

    I believe that ties in to why people read this blog: President Obama has very little love, kindness, or justice in his being. Thus, he has become trivial, and the thought of a teleprompter having and stating opinions is more relevant than the President having and stating opinions.

    If a man with possibly questionable birthright became president, but it was obvious that he loved and cared for this country, then the people that were raising these questions about a birth certificate would probably just stay quiet. President Obama has shown that he has little respect for the office of president, and little respect for this great country. He has become, then, rather trivial.

    So all of us that post here are talking about trivial things, and concentrating on matters that are insignificant with little meaning. Or, perhaps we are seeking some sort of justice, and using humor and hyperbole to get to it.

    Truth is elusive, isn't it?

  58. I'm 58, anf I have my ORIGINAL birth certificate.

    So do my two children.

    I also want to see the Fraud's school records (from elementary to Harvard); I want to see if he attended Harvard as a foregn student.

    I want to see all his passports, esp. to countries who don't allow American citizens and don't allow dual citizenship to live there.

    The Fraud is hiding all this info; why?

  59. To be honest, I would much rather have Bill Gates as my secretary of defense then that boondoggle known as Bob Gates (kiss-a$$).

    Bill Gates has done more for our planet than any many in history has ever done.

  60. {TOTUS seems to be vacationing. Good for TOTUS}

    Hooray for waterboarding! I support waterboarding!

    I vote for the man/woman who waterboards to prevent the next terrorist attack!

    I don't support the POTUS who sees Americans jump out of the top floors of the Twin Towers and worries about 10 minutes of discomfort for some a-hole who wants to do it again.

  61. Hiya, Susan! I left you a true story on this thread a few days ago, re. the hijacked flight you mentioned previous to my note. Didja catch the story?

    It doesn't sound like waterboarding leaves a high level of emotional distress----certainly not in the same league as sourging or beheading.

  62. Yes, Mtn Mama..

    Thanks for the story of the Flight Engineer on that TWA flight in '85 on which Robt Stetham was murdered by terrorists who were not recruited by G'itmo or BOOOOOOOOOsh's and Cheney's "torture" methods!

    Not real smart terrotists thinking they could fly to NYC, but effective none the less. Rip, Robert.

    And thanks to TruthWW for the IT tip on the red x dialog box. Sometimes it works!

  63. I have my original birth certificate from 1958. It has a great deal of information on it about my birth, incluing my parent's occupations.

    We don't know anything about this man. He makes no effort to fill in gaps. He doesn't need to. He is a legend in his own mind. A megalomaniac, yet the puppet of someone - Soros, and the media's darling, yet a racist beyond compare who makes no effort to hide it.

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