Monday, May 4, 2009

Stand and Deliver

A lot of us in the Oval are scratching our head over all this coverage about whether the media stands only for Big Guy, or never stood for President Bush.

Look, the Bush Administation could have just as easily installed the cattle prods that we did to get a "rise" out of the media. The fact that we've never gotten the opportunity to use them is beside the point. Or something like that.


  1. Nobody stands as fast as the Major!!!

  2. MEDIA stands for


    Heh, heh, good one, Susan~S~A.

    HIS chair's cattle prod is obviously "ON."

    And what does he get for his pains? DISSrespect. For all his valor and suffering on the field of battle, Fox should promote him to General.

    Q. How did the tradition of southern parents calling their boys "Colonel" and "Major" get started? And what about ol' "Shepherd"? What's up with that?

    Then, there the folks who name their daughters "Stanley" or "Jonah" or "Noah" or "Barnaby" (seriously!). Just really really wanted a boy, huh?

  3. The two videos reveal the press' utter lack of respect for President Bush, and their kiss-up attitude toward "D'Obama." So sad to see.

    Most of the press are liberals who voted for, and unprofessionally tossed their "neutrality" to write in support of BO.

  4. Maybe Major should throw his notebook at B.O.. Better yet, his coffee. "I'm meeehlting! Oooooo! I'm meeeeeeehlting!"

  5. TOTUS, you are a witty, fine, fellow, but, I must beg to differ with your calling B.O. "Big Guapo" [in twitter today about 11:30 AM PST].

    BIG Fea or, Chica, or "Ignoramus" would be more accurate IMO. You could also call him La Jeffe. :)

  6. Cattle Prods?!

    Is that why Fancy Nancy was popping up and down like some sort of big green wackamole at the Make-Believe President, Make-Believe State of the Union Telepromter Address??

  7. Yeah, Duke. Bah, ha, haaaaaa! ... That was the road test for the prods before they installed them in the press briefing room.

    They tend to distort people's faces and make their eyes bug out, so naturally..... "Stretch" [Mark Levin] got nominated for the honor. When she balked at the idea, they told her she didn't have to do it, but if she didn't, they'd volunteer her for a diplomatic mission to a pig farm in Mexico.

  8. TruthWillWin,

    Loved 'La Jefe', but then we might have a battle on our hands between MO and BO, a no no.

    Good catch on "Big Guapo", not appropriate. Maybe altanero, or mentiroso is more apt, but plain Bobo fits just fine. Heh, heh.


  9. Wait a second . . . didn't you all get the memo from Mark Knoller at CBS?

    It was all just an inadvertent dissing of their television colleagues in the back of the room!

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