Friday, May 1, 2009

May Day With Joe

My great uncle, who was taken out of the Soviet Union for a speech that Khruschev made in France and was forgotten there, used to tell us about the May Day festivals in Moscow, when the Soviet leadership would stand out in the cold for hours on end, enduring brutal cold and privation just to watch the ponderous Soviet military and arsenal roll by for the cameras.

That's how this May Day is shaping up for Big Guy and me, because we're spending the entire morning - including lunch - with Joe Biden. Why am I spending the time with them? Because since yesterday morning, when Scare Force 2 opened his yap about the porcine-induced disaster threat, Gibbsy and Toes have decided that Big Guy needs to measure his words around the vice president so that there can be no misunderstanding about what is said. As Rahm put it, dealing with Joe is like dealing with an exuberant Irish Setter without the affection ... or the clean up hassles ... but still.

So we meet with the Cabinet, and Biden is with us for all the briefings: foreign, intelligence, economic. Then it's lunch, and then swearing in ceremonies for Locke and Sebelius. At some point, Big Guy will be sitting down to review the initial briefs on Supreme Court nominees. And Biden will be with us the whole time. We've been in office 102 days now, isn't that about the time a slew of third-tie foreign leaders start dying off? The man needs something involving nothing to do.


  1. Couldn't he "chair" some SCOTUS "selection committee"? We would all know the Big Guy would read the real selection of your screens at a press conference at some point, but the committee could be a useful pastime for Joe, yes?

  2. DON'T PANIC and AIR BIDEN - Shirts, Mugs, Buttons, Magnets, Bumper Stickers!

  3. They could have Joey B tour around the country for the grand openings of the new Lada/Yugo dealerships. Built by the people for the people in the peoples auto plant.

  4. TOTUS, have you considered calling Gibbsy Baghdad Bob?

  5. Please remind Big Guy & Joe to wear red ties today, May Day, in remembrance of the 100 million people who died during the 20th century as a result of the same ideological virus that now afflicts them.

  6. TOTUS,

    Do us a favor and think up something about Enchanted happenings for Joey B's next blunder in front of the world, then send it over to VPOTUS's screen. I'd personally like to see Gibbsy explain that one away. LOL..

  7. TOTUS:
    Rahm may have a point. Has anyone tried barking at him?

  8. My dog Buster pointed at the radio this morning, although he is not a pointer. Well no wonder, I realized as I listened in. WLS was talking about the possibility of Big Guy appointing his U of Chicago Law School buddy Cass Sunstein to the big court. I read Cass has entertained the notion animals should have rights to bring lawsuits.

  9. TOTUS:
    You failed to mention that Joey B. has brain damage since you know he suffered two brain aneurisms. Remember, this was in the medical information they failed to release to the public among other things.

  10. TOTUS,

    Point blank . . . Was J-BOTUS on the scary flight with a group of bundlers, and possibly other supporters? How about FLOTUS? Was she on board too?

    You can tell us! Updating the photo file just does not have a ring of truth to it. Oh, they took photos, all right. But that was not the purpose for the flight.

    I just have this huge gut feeling (as opposed to a funny furrowing) that there might have been some happy, hopey hangers'-on ridin' along on that flight. Too many seats to leave empty, if you know what I mean!

    Catch my drift?

    You know . . . with your boss having "given out" boarding passes, kinda like Clinton used to "give out" sleep-overs in the Lincoln Bedroom?

    Look. Somebody is going to leak! Too much to resist and all that . . . right?

    Disgruntled staff person, angry spouse, conflicted secretary -- someone who knew what the flight was really all about?

    Come on, TOTUS! Give it up!!

  11. Trochilus:
    You must not brow beat TOTUS. You may damage his screens, then who would update us? Besides, you are right - eventually someone will leak...right after they finally tell us what's up with area 51.

  12. Gee whiz, BettyAnn, I'm sorry you interpreted my rant in that way. I assure you that it was not my intention to try to browbeat or otherwise intimidate TOTUS. And, in addition, I specifically apologise to any foreign government or people who may have understood it that way as well.

    Cajole, coax even . . . yes. I figured TOTUS might have been right on the verge of blurting.

    So, it was meant to just be a friendly boost.

  13. Trochilus:
    Perhaps J-BOTUS will start barking. Or, it's possible his plugs start a blog - you never know about these things.

  14. President Obama Clarifies VP Biden's Position on the use of Public Transportation:

  15. Ha ha!

    Just remember . . . The One let it out that he was "furious" about the scary flight. In fact, he and Bloomberg had the same reaction.

    So, it would be just like J-BOTUS to think he could one-up both of then by saying he was barking-mad about it!

  16. Obama and Biden wear Masks at Press Conference!!

  17. Levi,

    Word is that Joe's is attached underneath with duct tape . . .

  18. TOTUS, glad i found you. When i first logged on i had to go to earlier site. I thought THEY got rid of you. When HE took over the press conference he was READING of off notes instead of you. I thought you had the SWINE FLU and could not be there. Please tell me everything is ok.

  19. Trochilus:
    Well, every dog has his day. A lot of people claim he's a dog faced liar, and everyone knows you cannot teach an old dog new tricks. Plus, there's the junk yard dogs to deal with, like Rahm, BO the Top Dog, and Gibbsy, who could use a little hair of the dog.

    What do you say TOTUS, any chance J-BOTUS would risk the dog house, or would it just be another dog and pony show?

  20. TOTUS, I've been hearing talk that perhaps there needs to be a Vice-TOTUS to help keep Joe's feet out of his mouth. I'm guessing Joe's got a latent oral-fixation of some sort??

  21. Dawd! bettyann, next you know, somebody gonna be writin' doggerel here . . .

    No Barking . . .

    The POTUS might say to the Veep,

    "In your mouth, Joe, is where you should keep,

    Your tongue … Yes you can!

    In accord with my plan,

    Or the dogs will awaken the sheep!"

  22. I say keep it up Joey B! Where would SNL be for the next four years without him.

    John's Space

  23. BUT, people prefer cute Irish Setters to slimy, creepy..... well, other beings; it's not PC for me to name species. Meanwhile, we ignore the Nuke in our midst: our nation's debt and deficit. (Go Tea Party-ers!)

    I thought of YOU today, TOTUS, when BO waltzed into the press room to speak off the cuff. How DARE he wing it without your help! What, is he getting forgetful?

  24. RE: "SCOTUS Selection Committee" [LTC John]. Good one, colonel!

    Yeah, tell Sayin' It's So Joe that he's on the "Super Confidential Organization for the Therapeutically Under-Served" Committee. It has to sound important.

    Then, make him the "E.P.O." [Exalted Procurements Officer] and send him to Home Depot (he did say he likes to hang out there, heh, heh) to Aisle 93 for a horn (he loves to toot his).

    He'll return in about a week. Just send him on another "secret mission" to Home Depot. Shouldn't be hard to keep that up for another 3 years (Aaaaaaaaack! Writing "three years" was a giant Slurpee dumped in my lap -- groan.)


  25. TWW:
    AWW! Do we really have to wait until "the end"?

  26. Of course, you could always make him Asst. Secretary of State and send him on a perpetual global visitation tour -- seems to be working for someone else B. Hussein wanted to get rid of......

  27. Let's hope that "the end is near."

  28. TWW: Personally, I insist it not be the end as I am a very busy person but am incapacitated at the moment with a torn knee. I should hate to get off the crutch only to find out it is THE END.

    Speaking of crutches, where is TOTUS and does anyone else besides me suspect he finally found his bottle of Black Label?

  29. Say there. What part of your knee didja tear? The connecting tendon that attaches the knee to the quads . . . the quadriceps tendon? If so, that's nasty. Bill Clinton did that, remember?

    As for TOTUS, I dunno . . . I'm thinkin', he might a found hisself a bottle of Colorado Whisky . . . smooooooth.

  30. TOTUS,
    I just caught a picture of Michelle's $540 Lanvin sneakers. Obviously your impeccable taste has not yet rubbed off on her. Too bad.

  31. Dear Betty Ann,

    I'm sorry to hear that your knee is hurting. I hope that you heal quickly.

    To continue our "conversation," I am using a double meaning when I refer to "the end." I'm glad you called me on it. I'll try to be more articulate (and clean, too, heh, heh) in the future.

    In the End, when the Messiah (Jesus) returns, Truth (as in "'I am the Way and the Truth and the Life... '" John 14:6) will, indeed triumph. "... every knee shall bow, every tongue confess, that Jesus Christ is Lord.'" (Philippians 2:10, 11).

    IN THE MEANTIME.... :) I mean to say and fervently hope that in the end (as in, "In the end, the Allies beat that rotter Hitler and his gang.") liberty and free markets triumph over socialist nonsense, for, e--v--e--n--t--u--a--l--l--y, the peasants do come to their senses. Let's just hope (and pray) that it's not too late for the United States of America whose Constitution Dope swore to honor and protect (eye roll).

    Take care of that knee. Do your physical therapy. It really helps.

    Hope you have some really good pain meds. 4 Ibuprofen work for me (per doctor).

    Lovely. Not only do you have to deal with POTUS, that royal pain in the neck, you had a knee blow-out. BTW, how's the grandson's train set? Don't let Jobiden hear about it. He'll be right over to take it. He takes the Amtrak, you know.

    Take care,


  32. Totus,

    Harding College predicted Obama"ism" 50 years ago. Soon your screen will be filled with Peron-like edicts for more than Chrysler and GM and B of A!

  33. TruthWillWin.

    But I thought that H Rotten was already the Assistant Secretary of State? Poor Joey B, just nowhere for him to hide (or be hidden).

    I hear that 'Lie to Me' won the Wednesday 8pm timeslot, while BG lied to all the rest not watching FOX.

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