Thursday, June 4, 2009

Digging the Duggars

While we are over here in Germany, Big Guy is letting people he generally doesn't want to run into take tours of the White House. For example, the San Francisco Giants aren't a winning team right now, so Big O doesn't want to have a picture taken with them. They got a White House tour yesterday.

Today, the Duggar family, which has 18 kids "and counting," and who star in their own TV show, were given a tour the White House today. It's not on MSNBC, so none of us have watched it. our briefing memo on the visit said this is a family that believes in things like "God" and "family." While Big Guy didn't want to have a picture with them, the staff reported back that the Duggars seemed like nice people, that they didn't steal anything, and that they appeared to be just like those of us who live and work in the White House.

Well, except for the believing in God and family part.


  1. The White House staff probably just wanted a first-hand confirmation they'd need to up ACORN's quotas this month to offset a large number of people with actual values.

  2. TOTUS:
    Did the Duggars have any comment on the new leopard and tiger print motif?

  3. I lot of people think that Barack Hussein Obama is a muslim but I think he is really an atheist.

    John's Space

  4. bettyann: ouch!

  5. TOTUS: Where the Duggars x 18 forced to use all of their tax credits up, so MO could pay for that new Kenya Jungle Motif in the White House?

    Did she really get a tiger, lion and a elephant to go out on the front lawn of the White House?

  6. I bet the Duggars searched all over for the White House gift shop for the something that has the the qoute "In God We Trust" written on it.

  7. This was an example of pro-life looks like. I'm certain the Duggars were scheduled precisely for this yime to visit.

  8. Hey John's Space. I think O is an atheist, too. He will use the mooslims the same way he used that church back in Illinois - to get votes, support, whatever. He threw them and their racist preacher UNDER the bus when they became a liability! After all, why would he need any kind of religion - he thinks that HE is the god. And besides, how many mooslim men do you think would/could marry a woman like Me-shell? She isn't exactly the type of woman who would bow down to her husband? Can you imagine what would happen the first time he told her she could not go anywhere without a male relative chaperoning her? Probably why she didn't go on the Cairo trip.

  9. Well, for starters Mr. Duggar is "Jim Bob Duggar", and in keeping with southern tradition of using two first names (and forgetting the last) I'm surprised that you, TOTUS, did not honor this. We are talking sensitivity to cultural differences here, and ... by the way, when was the last time Big Guy had some pork bar-b-que?

    But I think it was Lady M that was most worried here. Barefoot and pregnant is the dream of every woman, and Big Guy would have quickly noticed Lady M wasn't in the same league as the other Michelle (aka Mrs. Duggar), and might be thinking about playing some "catch-up". And Big Guy would quickly have put two and two together and known that bed time headaches last a max of 18 months, and Lady M hasn't been quite "transparent" in this regard.

    I mean, what would you have done in Lady M's shoes?

  10. Totus, 6,000 words for Big Guy this morning and you still managed to save the best for us! You're smokin'! Did you have a lot of coffee this morning?

    You must be in really great shape. Is what you post here the equivalent of a work out regimen? Is this what keeps you mentally nimble so you can scroll for an hour straight for the big guy with the little mustache?

    Or is the heavy lifting of all that BS for Big O the real workout that puts you in shape to dazzle us each day?

    Either way, you're something else! Hope you don't overheat and crash. Take er easy little guy. You are our sanity.

  11. John (of the Space), I think you're right.

    B. Hussein does have a god he worships, though. Himself.

  12. Multicultral Insecurity and cultral insecurity.
    Threatens the exsitance of Freedom of Speech in America.

    You most have a voice people, you must educate yourself and speak out loud. If it means offending others to make a point, then make yourself the dart board, and let them all throw darts at you.

    Freedom of speech is your God given right.

    Understanding it's importance is the key to Americas survial.

  13. I did not hear any media mention of the little mooooostach. Are they embarassed for him too?

  14. TOTUS, the last sentence is missing "...and not stealing anything."

  15. Susan:
    Do you have a web address you can paste here, with a photo? I want to see that little mooooostach!

  16. TWW:
    Well we may as well say whatever we want. BG sure has been practicing his freedom of speech. Oh boy, he sure has. Perhaps you have already read this article.

  17. bettyann-no link. Saw it on FoxNews yesterday while he was walking around like an Egyptian at the Pyramids! (Do you think they drew it on? Oh, ha ha!)

    Put a little hat on his head and he'll look like Screwy Louie and the Nation of Islam guys.

  18. Susan:
    You mean the orangutang who sang, "I wanna be like you-hoo-hoo...!!"

    I can picture him walking around like he's a pharoh. They thought they were gods, just like him. I heard parts of his speech and the amount of times this man says, "I..I..I..." is sickening. What is the matter with the left that they do not see his megalomania and narcissim? Both serious psychological disorders, by the way.

  19. totus i remember hearing big guy put the steelers to work after their white house visit, where the dugger's given the same work detail?

  20. Hey, Betty Ann. Good to hear from you. I had to take a couple of walks around the block after being verbally accosted yesterday. Wow. I know the full moon affects some people but..... WOW. A bit unnerving.

    Anyhoo, thank you for that article link. I just read it. Eye opening, jaw dropping, and right on the money.

    That Moooooslim Marxist Kon Man from Kenya is a menace.


  21. Gosh, what a lost photo op. MO could have video'd O embracing with His one hand some of the Duggars and with His other hand some of those guys from the WH sub-basement who wear the black turbans... It would have made such a nice Holiday card.

  22. LOL, Tennis Mom. Your humor is #1.


    Say, someone else who will likely be dropping by the Donkey Barn is Hilary Rotten, Assist. Secretary of State.

    She'll finally be able to retrieve all that microfiche she stashed in the Bible (perfect hiding place from a donkey, eh?). Ha, ha.

    She took a Swiss Army knife and hacked out the inside of the Bible to make a hidey hole. Shocked? Ha. Nothing new for libs. The "evangelical" churches are full of them, hacking and twisting and ripping out huge chunks of Scripture to suit their philosophical views. For instance, with just a tweek of the Hebrew here and the Greek there and a "Cut" there, the clear reading of the Old and New Testaments is that God approves homosexual acts. Let us pray.

  23. Those Oriental characters are LINKS. I didn't access them, because when I place my arrow over them, the URSL's names appear----and some of them sound like porn sites.

    Any blogspot moderators around, TOTUS, who can delete those links? The Oriental characters/links also appear on the next thread....

    Meanwhile, re. "Digging the Duggars," who "seemed like nice people," who "didn't steal anything, and... appeared to be just like those of us who live and work in the White House. Well, except for the believing in God and family part."

    Yeah, and except for the STEALING part, too. BO and his cohorts have stolen the American dream by taxing our future and grabbing major corporations.

  24. they also - via ACORN and overseas help - stole the election

  25. Boy, you're not a-kiddin,' there, MelenaX! It's an atrocity that the Democrats keep preventing the votes of our overseas military to count in elections!

    How can we bring this to a stop, before the next national election?
    (And why does this question sound like deja vu all over again?)

  26. It is deja vu all over again. After the '04 electon I wrote to my Congressman and Senators and asked them to work towards making sure the votes of our military are counted. You can guess what kind of replies I got - "We passed so and so, blah, blah, blah..." And they are Republicans! And we see what happened during the last election. Military votes not counted, and the votes of dead people and non-existent people counted.

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