Sunday, June 7, 2009

Our Paris Date

Big Guy took Lady M out for another "date night," this time in Paris, but the evening was marred by the French's typical superiority complex. The three of us were having a perfectly fine meal, when Big Guy noticed this big tower out near the restaurant.

Now, usually when he notices things, he expects the folks to somehow make an effort to tie it back to him. He does this all the time, and it's perfectly natural, I mean people do it all the time. For example, in Egypt, he noticed himself rendered by the ancient Egyptians on the wall of a tomb (some will tell you the rendering was Moses, but as Rahm says, Big Guy is the modern day Moses, so it counts). Now that tomb is called the Obama Pyramid.

In Normandy, he commented to British Prime Minister Gordon Brown that he liked the beach they were standing by. Now that shoreline is renamed Obama Beach.

So, of course, we expected that since Big Guy was nice enough to comment on the tower, the French would reciprocate by naming it after him. The Frenchmen steadfastly refused.

As Big Guy noted this is the lack of constructive dialogue between two countries that can really screw up a relationship.


  1. Is there any way you can trick him, TOTUS, into announcing he has decided to stay overseas. His anti-American rhetoric fits so much better over there.

  2. Interesting.

    Of course, bear in mind that it was an Englishman -- Gordon Brown -- who deigned to rename it "Obama Beach", so you really have to take into account the long-ago history of British claims of suzerainty in the Normandy Dutchy, in order to appreciate the nuance underscoring Brown's rather bold declaration.

    Yes, Britain really began morphing into it's long and storied history as a European power, as an outgrowth of the Norman invasion, for crying out loud, but they long ago lost any claim to territorial interest --or so we all thought.

    Perhaps the reason the POTUS snubbed Sarkozy over the dinner invite, was that in spite of all his public gushing over The One, Nicky was nevertheless quite unwilling to go along with renaming the beach for that fellow Evan Thomas of "NewsWeak" is now calling, sort of God!

    Remember, Nick the Sark is from Hauts-de-Seine, a Department which lies within the Provence of Iles de France. It is located on the western side of Paris, so it actually comes close to bordering on the large Provence of Normandy.

    Moreover, the Seine flows from those heights down into Normandy, comprising the Seine-Normandy Water Basin. So Sarky clearly has a geographic "affinity" for Normandy that The One really should have been aware of.

    In fact, "Sark" is the name of one of the Channel Islands in the English Channel, just off Normandy.

    So, one can argue that The POTUS and Gordon Brown were really being quite rude to playing that "name game" on the French President!

  3. The further the (your choice of tree-climbing animals here) goes up the tree, the more his ass gets exposed. (old saying) Kinda like, the bigger they are, the harder they fall.

  4. Well I am so glad my taxes are keeping the Obamas together. In the meantime, could you ask the Big Guy to remember that most of us can't afford a pizza and a movie once a month.

  5. He sure likes His name on things, although I heard His people are seeking an injunction against that guy selling spicy topping with the Presidential Seal on it, D'Oh Poupon.

    Forget the consumables. His level of name belongs on geographical features. How about the island of St. Helena in the South Atlantic? It would make a nice, secure Obamaland. The mansion there with the extra-tall, tastefully electrified fence around it has been vacant ever since Napoleon passed away. The children could learn French.

  6. I have a warning for you, TOTUS. When the economy gets worse and the world contiues to go to hell in a handbasket, the Big Guy will need a fall guy. He won't be able to blame Bush, so there's only one thing he can do: blame it on you. I can feel it; it's as obvious as the VPOTUS is an idiot. One day he's going to smash you in front of millions of people, and Chris Mathews, the NY Times, et. al. will cheer.

  7. Thanks for the information, Trochilus. Great comments, everyone----but let's consider amending tennismom2's suggestion:

    Name some of the new missiles in Iran after BO----as symbols of his power, see?----and let him live there awhile, to see if he likes Shari'a Law after all.

    What will be Lady M's reaction when BO marries three more women?

    Let's see, he'll go for beauty, power, and wealth:
    1) Halle Berry,
    and of course
    2) Oprah! (She's already willing.)

    Who would be our president-in-exile's fourth wife?

  8. MountainMama,

    Another wife might be Chris Mathews. He's already got a thrill up his leg, and with wives being required to don a burka, who would know? Brian Williams also has a mancrush. Also, with the transparency exhibited so far, keeping Chris or Brian quiet would be a sinch.

  9. Noted that FLOTUS et al joined POTUS mid trip and are staying an extra day. Did they/Are they flying commercial air or are we taxpayers funding an Air Force flight? (I think I know the answer.)

  10. What? you expect POTUS and his missus to have to sacrifice? We should be only too happy to let our tax money pay for them to enjoy themselves! Saving the world is hard work and very stressful! Besides, Me-shell was very angry about being left behind with the kids while O visited Egypt. Barry got that gold bling from the Saudi's and just what did SHE get? Nothing! If she had gone, she might have gotten something, too. And she is pretty miffed about not being assigned some important position in his administration! She won't let him forget that Bill let Hillary head up his attempt to nationalize Health Care. So far, he hasn't let her do anything important. Remember, she is just as brilliant as he is. Maybe MORE billiant - she IS a woman after all. (Not a New Yorkican Latina woman like Sonya, but that just means Lady M isn't wise enough to sit on the Supreme Court.)

    As for the four wives - why should he stop at just four! He can have a harem. (After all, he has millions of women lusting after him.) Maybe that's why he wanted to visit King Saud without Lady M tagging along. He wanted to get a few pointers.

    Just a note - today is the first time in a very long time that I did NOT see any magazines in the checkout line that featured the mugs of one or the other or both of the O's!

  11. Hey TOTUS - what's this about O having to use a food taster in that French restaurant?

  12. And it didn't go real well with his sneaky little trip to see Merkel either... :-)

  13. GOT IT! Fourth wife: SOTOMAYOR!
    (Remember that we still needed the powerful one? We already had beauty and wealth----Halle and Oprah.)

    You're right, Jamie: BO would go for all he could get. Luckily for him, Muslim men only have to say, "I divorce you!" three times, and it's a done deal! Rotating wives is much easier that way, and there's still only four around, at a given time.

    Which wife would he toss first?

    As for madj's suggestions of Chris Matthrews and Brian Williams: they deserve a special category.
    The Game Gays?
    The Mincing Metrosexuals?

    Finally, is BO dumping Israel to preserve good relations (!) with leaders in nations that produce drugs?

  14. Months before the election, I told everyone BHO woul not support Israel or defend America against her enemies.

    I was laughed at and called many names.

    who's laughing now?

    not me, BHO is

    Impeach the Fraud.

  15. Agreed Melena.

    sharia/islamic law is lawless. It was founded on deception.

    Impeachment hearings start next week!

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. My vote:

    Miss Chris Matthews for his wife numero quatre.

    Miss Brian Williams is merely his cinq a sept.

  18. I think BO will end up with a wife in every state - all 57 of them.

    As for Israel, he didn't sit in Rev Wright's church for 20 years because he disagreed with the trash the man was espousing!

  19. Hugo Chavez [who ref. to B.O. as "poor ignoramus" last year and now refers to him as "Comrade Obama"] will probably name his Chihuahua after him.

    Barack, who shares the name of Moooohammed's horse that he rode into Hell [this per an ecstatic Iranian who backed B. Hussein in the election], will consider this an honor.

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