Monday, June 1, 2009

Reading Between the Lines

It's true that Big Guy and I like to curl up on the couch and read a good book. There are times we'll go off and load the text for the latest book he wants to peruse and just scroll for hours, during the campaign that's what we'd do in downtime. He and I got through the entire Harry Potter series during a three-week period on the bus.

Lately, we've been reading this real downer, and Big Guy says it's not very engaging. So we've been scrolling it while he sits in front of the TV, reading the text on my transparent screen and watching Tivo'd episodes of his favorite show, "Real Housewives of Atlanta." Doing it this way, he says, makes the afternoons go by much faster.


  1. Last night I read a report that you were kidnapped by al-Qaeda terrorists!!! I read about it here -

    Since you are twittering and blogging I take it that the story isn't true ... unless, POTUS struck a deal with the terrorists to let you go. If so, how many billions did he promise them and which one of our illustrious Senators is going to insert it into the next load of pork ...

  2. At least he's not reading a Coloring Book. Or, is he?

  3. Have you been scrolling through Das Kapital by any chance?
    It sounds like Pravda thinks so.

  4. Why Doesn't your conrade BOBB (Barck Obama's BlackBerry) Twitter? I hear Berry and the Big Guy are like this X.

  5. that case, I'd say Senator Turban. Or Durbin. Whatever his name is.

  6. It would help, TOTUS, if you'd scroll the Constitution for him a week.

  7. Linger over Article. II, Section.1, the 5th and 8th paragraphs---and Section.2, paragraph 2.

  8. Big Guy's already seen the Constitution and rejected it. That's why it doesn't enter his thoughts now.

  9. "Big Guy" is apparently too busy planning date nights and Wednesday evening soirees at the White House to be reading anything.

  10. He has lots of planning to do...he runs GM and Chrysler, and soon Citi too.

  11. But didn't you know - Obama really didn't want to take over GM or run a car company. He was forced to do it. I heard him read a statement to that effect. Oops, I meant to say that I heard him say it and I could tell it was spoken from the heart. So it must be true. And I'm sure that he really, REALLY, doesn't want to take over Citi either. And once it is a "done deal", he will be on tv telling us exactly that during yet ANOTHER press conference. WOW - the transparency of his administration is .... non-existent!

  12. Was BHO reading the Constitution (COTUS)? An economics textbook? How about "Running an Auto Company for Dummies"?

  13. B.O.: Hoh dee doh dee diddley aye-oh...... Hmmmm. Well, TOTUS, not much for a mascot to do between TV appearances..... [Yawn]..... Hey, here's a book. Hmmmm....... looks like it's written in Swahili or something...... . Oh. Upside down.

    TOTUS: It's just a third grade U.S. history book...

    B.O.: (slowly reads aloud -- "uh's" omitted) "De...clar...ation of the un..ani...mous declaration of of the thirteen united states of..." ...THIRTEEN!! Dang it, TOTUS. I thought there were SIXTY TWO! Thirteen. (head shake) Well, let's see what it says..... "When in the Course of human events, it become necessary for one people to dissolve [that would be the white people!].... the political bands..." ... TOTUS?

    TOTUS: Yes, master?

    B.O.: This is REALLY boring.

    TOTUS: (silently reads text message from Mountain Mama) How about reading the U.S. Constitution, say... this paragraph.... right here... .

    B.O.: "Qualifications of the President. NO person except a natural born citizen...."

    TOTUS (interrupting): Ah, haaaaaaaa!

    B.O.: (squints evilly) One more crack like that, cracker, and it's under the bus, KER-WHUMP! ... KER-WHUMP!

    TOTUS: (smugly) If I go down, you'll go with me, O Reader of the Free World.

    B.O.: I'll just get another one of you.

    TOTUS: And I'll go straight to FOX with the birth certificate.

    B.O.: Oh. Ahem....... Well. On the other hand..... Let's color (you were right, WriterX)..... And hand me that pack of cigarettes.

  14. I know Obama SAID he didn't have interest in taking over, but his statements have expiration dates.

  15. So do the Chinese' loans for our Treasury bonds. Pretty soon: CALL! Then we're all screwed....
    Think Zimbabwe, or the Weimar Republic.
    Got your wheelbarrows ready?

  16. In a way I wonder if they call, we say "buzz off", and leave them with the bill? That'd be interesting. lol

  17. Good points, Shaun and MM. And without preservatives, those "promises" stink.

    LOL, Shaun. That's what Brazil and several other nations have been doing for years. Heh, heh. It's one thing to get a judgment, quite another to enforce its collection.

    But we're the United States. We are honorable people....

    Barack Hussein Obama, the Marxist from Kenya is not.

    Broken promises -- why not broken contracts? B. Hussein has already proved he couldn't care less about bondholders' (even if they are teachers's retirements!) contractual rights ["If you don't do as I say, I'll bring down the White House press machine on you HARD.]

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