Monday, June 15, 2009

Medical Boards

We're off to Chicago where Big Guy is going to be lay out his vision for "health care for everyone" to the men and women are going to be giving that care ... and in many cases giving it away.

When he speaks to the American Medical Association around noontime, Big Guy will also lay out more details about his "public option" for health care. This is fraught will all kinds of risks.

No, I'm not talking about the risks of socialized medicine or taxing the rich yet again to pay for our program. I'm talking about the far greater risk: that at least twice in this speech, Big Guy'll talk about the "pubic" option of his plan, which will make the OB-GYNs and urologists in the audience happy, but that's about it.


  1. TOTUS:
    Are you letting the cat out of the bag? Sneaky TOTUS.

  2. TOTUS:
    What is Gibsy doing about this:

    Other than making sure George Bush is in the photo?

    Besides, I thought it was an orangutang.

  3. The doctors can't be happy with him. Can you throw in a few jokes to liven things up?

    Maybe mention something about long lines at the passport office. Or let the docs know what their different salaries are worldwide, so they can best know where to relocate their families.

  4. That would be awesome if he said pubic!

  5. Juju,

    First off, you have to remember that TOTUS is in complete control. Obama won't say 'pubic'.

    You're thinking that the Big Guy sent Joey Plugs. Now HE'D say pubic!

  6. The point is that TOTUS is DEFINITELY in control----and if HE decides that BO will say, "pubic," then that is what BO will say!
    hee hee

    Okay---BO has started speaking, and for a second there, he actually looked down at NOTES----but just to thank a few specific people there.

    Not to worry: BO is right back at swinging his head from TOTUS to TOTUS, trying to look fierce and brilliant.



  7. "I'm gonna sign this into law."
    *gasp* He looks so tough, when he threatens to wield that pen! What a man! What a reformer!

    *rummages in cupboard for ralph bag*

  8. "We will keep this promise to the American people: if you like your doctor/health care plan, you will be able to keep your doctor/health care plan. Period."

    The Perfect Promise: lying about, thus coopting the opponents' best counter point.

  9. "Updating to electronic system all health records.. to reduce medical errors.... there shouldn't be any argument there."

    Oh, those of us with chronic health conditions OR the elderly just MIGHT be a tidge concerned about this point----since BO then will know ALL about our health problems.

    And he's upset, remember, that 80% of all health care costs are spent on the elderly and chronically ill----and he says that "we need to have a conversation about whether that's democratic." See? He REALLY wants to "take care" of them!

    Yeah, and the goons in Chicago can definitely help him do that....

  10. I just hope Big Guy's plan enables OB-GYNs to practice their love with women all across this country.

  11. Oh, electronic records and preventive care are "only the beginning!"
    Yep, here we go: "older, sicker societies pay more" for health care. They get "treatments they don't really need."

    Ri-ight: MRI's to find the cancer, CAT scans to find where the bleeding occurs----"even if it's not necessary." Why not let nature take its course?

  12. "Physicians should team up."
    Yeah, those of us with HMO's just LOVE that system. They get a new Mercedes every year, so long as they do NOT refer too many patients to specialists!

  13. "It will be hard to make some of these changes if doctors feel they are constantly looking over their shoulders."
    That gets huge cheers from the AMA!

    Okay, so they are all on board with the euthanasia plans.

  14. "We need a way to continually evaluate how we can reduce I'm open to expanding a commission."

    A split infinitive is the least of our problems with this sentence:
    A. Commissions are costly themselves.
    B. "Continually" means a long-term commission which will examine costs forever!

    BO is sure gifted at spending money!

  15. "A health insurance compare prices...the same way federal employees can do. You will have your choice of a number of different plans....for peopel who aren't happy with their current plan. Nobody's forcing you to shift.... it will keep the insurance companies honest!"

    Yeah---except the private health insurance companies will be forced out of business by the HUGE government plan!

  16. Um.... it's "people" above. Sorry.

  17. Ooooo...... The DOW is tanking as Obama speaks. Good sign!

    Great. Now if we don't do what BO wants, we're jerks about his deceased mother.

    True, it IS a pain to fight one's health insurance company about covering a doctor's orders. But why is BO's single-payer plan The Best Way to fix this?

  18. Big surprise: the wealthy will pay more.
    Funny thing, though: BO thinks anyone who earns over $60,000/year is wealthy!

    All these figures on how much we'll save: it's just like when teenagers "save" parents money by buying only $100 in clothes, rather than the $1000 they WANT to spend.

    Oh, he just keeps droning on and on....

  19. Thank God THAT is finished.

    Need an Excedrin, TOTUS?
    Or would you prefer a good rub-down?

  20. I walked into the room where the tv was on and BO giving his speech> I listened for five minutes and that was all I could stomach. When he said that "some folks say this will cost too much. This plan will cost One Trillion over 10 years. That is what the Iraq war was projected to cost. I'm ending the war, so we can use that money to pay for the Health Care plan. SO..... this plan will be DEFICIT NEUTRAL." That's when I started yelling at the tv and had to leave the room. (It upset my Yorkie, who started barking, which upset my birds and they all started screeching, then the guinea pigs began squeaking ... everybody at my house was angry.

    ARGHHH! Mountain Mama, I don't know how you managed to listen to it for so long. Girl, you have a strong stomach.

  21. "in many cases giving it away." LOL!!

    Ironically, my word I had to spell to post was "ovian" lol

  22. "expanding a commission"

    A new horizon for at least one more czar.

    I couldn't watch.


  23. You're so right, Jamie:
    it's really hard to type when you're holding your nose----and your stomach.

    The worst thing is when he said WE (who oppose his health care plan) are lying!

    What a twisted guy our president is! HE is lying, and he KNOWS it. He just hopes to keep snowing Americans, as he "leads" us into the poor house..... owned by CHINA.

  24. MM - you must be double-jointed or something to do all of that, lol.

    Did any of you guys see what Bill Mahar had to say about BO on his show Friday night and in an op ed in LA Times? (I didn't watch the show, I heard about it on Fox. I did read the op ed). I posted about it to the last blog entry (Ablahblahblah's Teleprompter...) with links. I can't stand Mahar, but it shows that BO is started to p-off his own base now.

  25. BO is ticking off his base?

    Now if only we could persuade the liberals in Congress to agree......

  26. Ticking off his base? How can you tell? Those people are ALWAYS mad.

  27. Today in Biden's Bunker:
    - The New Water Torture
    - Sneak Attack
    - Oh Canada, We Stand in Line for Thee
    - Obama Lied, Gay Marriage Died

  28. ...I always thouhgt it was...
    -"oh Canada, we stand for lunch for thee"

    (and I hear it a lot bec I'm a hockey sth.)

    PS my first word to type - before the red x -was "injin"!
    Is TOTUS racist? Is my next word going to be "latina" ?

  29. Susan:
    I got "riverson" earlier today. Kind of snappy, eh? A character in my new book needs a last name, and there it is.

    So, did he say pubic or not?

  30. totus i am wondering if big guy's medical plan includes a "prescribed stimulus" to help stay awake during his run-on speeches!!


    10. Anything Goes Here As Long As It's Not About A Liberal
    9. Obama Jokes...Never Did 'Em, Never Will!
    8. Bring On The Innocent Underage Daughters Of People We're Trying To Demonize
    7. Bush. Too Stupid To Think Up The Really Cool Child-Rape Jokes
    6. Remembering Comedy's Prime Directive: To Support Democrats
    5. Biden? No, We Can't Think Of Anything Funny About Biden.
    4. Why Are We Still Doing Palin Jokes? Because We're "Edgy!"
    3. Praise Obama.
    2. Why The Obsession With The Super Hot Alaska Governor? Have You SEEN Mrs. Letterman?!?!

    And the number one new slogan for Dave and CBS:

    1. Sure Our Ratings Are Tanking, But We've Still Got Our Dignity!

    -Irony Curtain

  32. I especially enjoyed the part where the Big Guy cited FedEx's ability to track packages. Did anyone bother to inform him that FedEx is a PRIVATE COMPANY. They can do those types of things which is why FedEd and UPS are driving the government run Postal Service into bankruptcy. He probably didn't mean for that to be an analogy, but if the government can't even do as well for the mail as a private carrier, do you really think the government will do well with medical care? Just wondering.

  33. He forgot to mention that the govenment is also trying to put FedEx out of business.

    The Fraud is such an evil, evil entity

  34. TOTUS, as others have said and as you can so eloquently scroll, "You think health care is expensive now? Wait until it's free."

  35. There ain't no such thing as a free lunch.
    Or as Groucho said "Free, and worth every penny."

  36. What's that other great bumper sticker... oh...

    You think health care is expensive now? Just wait til it's free!


  37. PSST! Wake up, TOTUS!

    Tomorrow there's a Protest Rally against David Letterma, for his sick jokes about Sarah Palin's daughter.

    He said she was in a PORN film (a "Highlight Reel"), getting "knocked up" by A-Rod, and the film was made and shown during the game!

    So be sure to scroll tomorrow:
    "I think no one should make sexual jokes about children."

    Just scroll those words during any ole droning-on BO speech tomorrow, okay?

    BO will never notice....

  38. Since Letterman apologized to the Palin Daughters on last night's show (how were the ratings?) I wonder when he is going to apologize to A-Rod, flight attendants, and Sarah herself!

  39. What was wrong with Letterman's apology? I thought that was decent of him. Get over it already. Quit getting distracted by sleight-of-hand stuff like that idiotic "joke" - there are a lot bigger things going on. Gov. Palin's over it, we should be too.

  40. Shaun -

    Yeah, we moved on after Don Imus apologized. Right? After his idiotic "joke"? And the Rutger's Team accepted his apology, too . . .

    And I think that both Imus and Letterman apologized very nicely. So, IMHO, I think that Letterman should keep his job, and Imus should be reinstated to his (or reimbursed for lost salary), with a full apology from NBC for overreacting).

  41. You can make the case and all that, but it's a waste of energy really. As I mentioned, we've got some bigger fish to fry.

    Why, it looks like ABC is doing their broadcasts from the White House now...

  42. Yup, ABC, All Obama, All the time. I'm sure this is just a precursor. Soon, they'll just get rid of those school girls Williams and Gibson and Perky Katie and just have Obama come on and give us a 60 min campaign speech every night.

    "And now, the news we think you should know. Here's our Dear Leader..."

  43. New product idea: Obullseye game....a flatscreen dedicated to ABC with a bull's eye superimposed on it in such a way that it is always centered on Him. We viewers would throw tomatoes at it and keep score. Like, right in the kisser would be a trillion points.

    This game would not be disrespectful, since it would boost OABC ratings. Wind up and splat: an act of veneration.

    We'd mute the content, of course. But we'd never mute you, TOTUS.

  44. Sign at the White House:

    Please don't tell my mother that I report the news from here. She thinks that I have a good job playing piano in a whorehouse.

  45. Uhn, no, Letterman should be fired. I red a pre-transcritp of his aplolgy (no way was I going to wahtdh that disgusting pervert), and he said he didn't knoe that the 14 year old daughter was there (which I think is a lie); but he thought it was the 18-year-old; he said, "I looked it up, just to be sure she is 18. Yep, 18; legal age." or stomething to that effect.

    so now he's saying that 18 and over is the legal age for rape???

    get him off the airwaves now.

  46. Hi, Shaun. Letterman's "joke" was rotten enough to go beyond just the Palin family.

    For one thing, his "joke" was more involved and explicit than people realize. He introduced it by saying, "Maybe you heard about it; maybe you saw it on one of the Highlight Reels." Then he went on to speak about how one of Palin's daughters supposedly was "knocked up."

    So, the fantasy scene developed for this "joke" was of a PORN FILM of a
    sex act between an athlete and a young woman (or child)----a film that was SHOWN in a Highlight Reel of a sports event. See?

    So, if you're a child or a woman (or even a man, too) who's been raped or assaulted----or if you have a loved one who was----then this perverted, voyeuristic "joke" about sexual assault greatly upsets and degrades YOU, too.

    And people laughed about this?! Appalling....

    But for another thing, Governor Palin should have accepted Letterman's second (fake) apology ONLY on behalf her family members. Other people are free to decide if and when they choose to accept it.

    For me, because Letterman smirked throughout his "apology," especially at the end, and because he hadn't made this "apology" willingly, but instead was obviously forced to do so, then he showed he really didn't give a rat's patootie about Palin, her family, women, children, or anyone else who's suffered sexual degradation, assault, or rape.

    So I believe he made no real apology for me to accept.

    All that matters to Letterman is getting the laughs and the ratings----and making the most of every opportunity to slice up Bush or other conservative politicians, attacking them where it wounds them most: by targeting their children.

    You are free to differ, but please do so respectfully. Thank you so much.

  47. Last night Bill O' and Dennis Miller made me want to throw up, talking about Letterman and how he "gave a sincere apology, made an honest mistake, blah, blah, blah" ... I guess they wanted to defend the guy because "he is one of us" (and to cover their own a$$es for anything they might say/do in the future). Bill O also wants to keep in good with Letterman so he can go back on Letterman's show to promote himself and his books. Besides, he is still miffed at Palin because she won't come on his stupid show so he can sneer at her.

  48. I am one of more than 40 million Americans who cannot afford health care -- and I think America SHOULD have government-funded health care.

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