Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Vacation Plans

Joey B stopped by the Oval this afternoon to tell the Big O that he'd changed his vacation plans.

He's not going to hike the southern Appalachian Trail since he had no idea it would take him all the way to Argentina.


  1. Hey TOTUS,

    Thanks for the laugh. But I thought that Appalachia in the old Indian tongue meant either 'road to the South' or 'I may be married, but I got me a hottie down South'!

  2. The main reason Bidey won't go is:

    Too long to be away from the MICROPHONES!
    (Oh, and also he'd miss the mirrors....)

  3. LOL. ^,^ Instead..... he declared with a [GRIN] that, instead of taking the Amtrak (little nervous about it for now) home, he will start at the south end of the trail and head north. Should be home in about an hour.

  4. RE: TOTUS twitter of ~ 2:50 PM PST, 6-24-9

    So, the imPOTUS is giving those 5 govs cover. Wonder what the cover charge will be? "Hand me your state's head on a platter' no doubt.

    It'll be worth it. After all, what happens in the Donkey Barn stays in the donkey barn. (I'd suggest that they ask Con Man in Chief for a secret flight to Vegas, but ol' Barry's kinda down on that town.)

    Bottom line is, can't think of a better place for a lying, adulterous, hypocrite than the West Wing of the WH.

  5. I wish he'd that a long hike on a nice short pier, and keep going until he reaches the middle of the ocean.

  6. Wouldn't you know that a prominent Republican with a shot at the WH in 2012 would go off the deep end right about now. Only good thing is -it took the spotlight off of BHO's special. Nothing the public likes better than a sex scandal!

    In the meantime, Congress is about to vote on two important bills this Friday - Cap and Trade -and- E-Verify! Call, email, fax your elected officials and let them know you want them to vote FOR E-Verify and AGAINST Cap and Trade!!!!! The ABC thing is just to distract us from what they are doing, so they can do us dirty while we aren't paying attention!

  7. Links where you can take action by sending faxes and/or emails; sign petitions; join grassroots groups, etc: (Americans for Prosperity)

    I know that the emails and faxes that I have sent are recieved (although they may not be reading them) because I get letters from my Senators and my Congressman in response.

  8. Wow, Jamie. YOUR Congresspeople can write. I think mine are still pointing at simple line drawings in a big book. '~'

  9. Hey! I think one of them is trying to learn. THAT's who's doing all the weird access "words" for us here. LOL.

    This time, mine was "rairdish." The senator's attempt at "radish," perhaps. More likely a try at "monetary policy."

  10. I'm lucky, my Senators are Sessions and Shelby (and him an ex-Dem at that). My rep isn't so hot, pretty much a do-nothing, but harmless!

  11. What happened with the governor is great. Watching the Republicans cannibalize themselves is somewhat entertaining. They won't attack the Democrats when needed (which is all the time), but they will turn on themselves like they just found a terrorist. Or Satan.

  12. that's because we expect more from the people in which we place our trust

    we expect nothing from Dems; certainly not morality of any kind

  13. Hey, Shaun, good point.


    And, BTW, does anyone know why that pre-teen black girl (behind Sanford at the press conf. yesterday, just over his right (left side of screen) shoulder) was grinning so delightedly throughout his remarks?

    I guess she is a Democrat who's just pleased-as-punch. It was kind of weird, though. She just kept a grinning and a grinning.

  14. Meh, she might have heard a really funny joke and couldn't get it out of her head. That's happened to me before. lol

    MelenaX, I understand we expect more and all that. But Republicans have gone overboard with that way too often. That's how we lost control of Congress in 2006, and it lead to Obama's election since the best we thought we had was McCain. Now with the executive and legislative branches in their control, we're powerless to stop the march of socialism. Republicans can cry all they want but they share part of the blame here. Not that they openly denounce anything but themselves anyhow. :-(

  15. I guess he'll just have to go to "The Villiages".

  16. We lost in 2006 because people were disgusted by the profligate spending of the Republicans. Many Conservatives decided that they would "teach the Republicans a lesson" and vote for a Democrat, vote for a 3rd party candidate OR just not vote at all. Well, they sure showed THEM! Look where we are now. Thoroughly screwed.

    As for McCain, the "party leaders" pretty much forced McCain on us. There were too many Repub candidates who stayed in until the bitter end, just to dilute the votes from viable, truly Conservative candidates. They WANTED McCain and they were going to make sure that he got the nomination. (Although deep in my heart I don't think anybody stood a chance against the Obama machine, not to mention Acorn and the msm.)

    And no, I didn't vote for McCain, I voted against the Democrat candidate. (Although McCain is about as close to a Democrat as you can get.)

    BTW, McCain would probably be kicked out of "The Villages".

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