Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Don't Blame Me ...

Some reporters are telling folks that the press conference was moved inside not due to weather or reporter complaints about the heat, but because of me. And all the space I take up.

Right. Two spindly legs and a laptop and a bunch of wires was why they moved us into the tight quarters of the press room. Sure. And the New York Times is always objective, too.


  1. Of course it's not your fault, TOTUS!

    WOW, this is an openly hostile press conference today! What gives with the hostility, Mr. Pres!?

    He's just not used to being criticized. WOW! HOSTILE between Chuck and POTUS!

  2. Jake Tapper asked BO to answer someone else's question, which BO failed to answer. WOW! THIS IS AMAZING! Never before has BO lost his temper so visibly!

    Well, well! The office ain't all ice cream and photo ops! TOO BAD!

    Tha-at's right; beg for mercy:
    "Was the reference to Spock a slap on my ears?"

    His being ill at ease is sad.

  3. "If the public plan is structured so that ..... the public plan is able to reduce costs, then ...... I don't think there should be any objection to that.... Too often insurance companies have been thinking about how to keep taking premiums and avoid giving people coverage."

    WHAT!? He is flat out lying here, and the press corps smells blood in the water; they are relentlessly asking him questions about this. FINALLY! GOOD! Let him have it!

    "The gov't is not going to make you change plans.... " This is where he KNOWS he is lying. Gov't health "insurance" will absolutely kill the private companies, and he KNOWS this.

    A reporter, Margaret somebody, supposedly "thinks it's neat to ask me about my smoking!"----? WHAT A BABY HE IS! She asked a decent question but he takes it personally. WHAT A BOOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Has BO noticed any progress with Latin American countries in the last two months?

    Well, BO certainly was smart to dodge answering all the domestic policy questions from US reporters, by asking this Latina reporter a question! GOOD MOVE, coward.

  5. Oh good heavens.... BO is taking FOREVER to blather on and on about our policy with Chile. BO-RING!

    Let's get back to the WILDLY expensive health care plan, please!

    Oh, and earlier a reporter got upset with BO's snottiness and said, "Fine, so there's no real news today." GOOD RESPONSE!!!!!!!!!

  6. AHA! So BO is willing to take follow-up questions from the Latina, but NOT from US reporters re. domestic policy. COWARD indeed!

    The camera just panned the press corps, and they are all LITERALLY GLARING at him!

    Hans Nichols: "Returning to the economy....do you think you need a 2nd stimulus package?

    BO: "The first stimulus package was the first thing we did after inauguration..... The economy tanked.... It's pretty clear now that unemployment will go over 10%.... We're still not at recovery yet. I anticipate that this will be a difficult year..... Since you just threw back at us our last prognosis."

    Seriously: BO is literally ABUSING these reporters! He is snotty, defensive, and indefensibly UN-professional! WHAT A WHINEY BABY!

  7. "I know that sometimes there's reporting that... the poll numbers are doing down.... What's incredible to me is that the American public are [sic] still optimistic."

    Yeah, it sure beats all. Same crowd that voted for ya, buddy. But just as with the press corps today, PEOPLE ARE WAKING UP to you, Big Guy! You are a fake, and even your former supporters are catching on!
    (It's about time, too.)

  8. Black or Latina woman reporter, April somebody: "Back on the economy...." She asked him about why the economy is still tough for minorities.

    "Hold on, let me answer the question!" Well, she's waiting for you to DO that, snotty guy!

    BO: "If there are ways to duplicate programs, we'll do so." Yeah, why pay for just one, if we can pay for more than one!?

  9. BO: "It's heart-breaking..... I have concern about how peaceful demonstrators and people who want their votes counted may be stifled from expressiong those concerns. THere are certain internat'l norms for freesom of speech and .... HOLD ON A SECOND, HELEN!"

    WOW! He told ole Helen off, even!

    This guy is dangerous, people. He cannot stand negative feedback, and he will not tolerate criticisms.

    I bet he ends this press conference soon. He is upset.


  11. Chuck Todd of NBC: "He acknowledged being moved by that video of the woman who was killed in the streets.... He's also probably made some news by acknowledging that the stimulus isn't working."

    WAKING UP, there! It's about time!

    Nevertheless, NBC is still using a deferential tone re. BO. WHY!? Because it's LOVE, guys! (barf)

    That twerp, Richard Engel, is TOTALLY in the tank (ie. love) with /for BO. He says that BO was clear about making a "threat to the regime" that Iran has to choose if it wants to be respected by the international community. HA! Iran doesn't give a crap about what others think. TOO BAD OUR PRESIDENT cares so much!!!!!!

    "Tough words from the president," says Brian WIlliams.

    Yes, he's still rolling over and talking to BO during the night, as BO told us all during his "jokes" this past week (NOT FUNNY ONES, EITHER).

  12. Okay, so I'm still stunned. The press corps evidently feels slapped down by this Righteous God of theirs, and they are taking the slaps as what they deserve. They aren't hitting back, as they were during the conference, when they were asking questions.

    Of course! They want to keep their ready interview access with the White House!

    TOTUS, don't you want to ralph when POTUS tries to speak on his own, and gets so testy!?

  13. MM, you need to make yourself a good strong cup of coffee of tea, find some of that really expensive chocolate you've been hoarding, put a really sappy movie into the DVD player, and just chill out. It is not good for you to get this upset over a news conference. It is completely understandable, yes, but you need some cooling-off time now. A good hot shower might help, also.

    I'm SO glad I missed seeing this press conference. I have been waiting for President Obama to lose his cool, but it is one of those things that is better read about than actually seeing. Maybe the press is worth something after all?

  14. I love watching Democrats squirm. It's sweet to me...like biting into a juicy orange.

  15. Didn't want to trample the First Lady's victory garden.

    Mushroom risotto anyone?

  16. I yelled at the t.v. again this morning. Gotta stop abusing it like that.

  17. WOW...someone get BO a cigarette...he is NOT handling nicotine withdrawal very well...

    "Mr. Snippy Nipsey Uhhbama"

  18. Are you worried after being upstaged by your biological teleprompter, Nico Pitney?

  19. Thanks for the play-by-play, Mountain Mama. My head would pop off if I tried to watch it.

  20. Totus-
    On a slightly different subject, I just re-read Animal Farm and I noticed a striking similarity between Napoleon's spokespig, Squealer, and Gibbsy. What do you think?

  21. That was a Wise Latina who was allowed a follow up question.

    But I want to know who is the Major going to hire for protection? Wow. You could see BG's lip curl.

    And TOTUS, dear. What was that on the podium? A witty bitty teleprompter-ette? What gives? Saw an over the shoulder shot on CNN and you looked like a notebook with big print.

    My post word the first time was "re dog red"

  22. Well you have put on a little weight. Maybe it's all of the pampering at the luncheons and state dinners. BTW, was it you or the Big Guy that made his sound so arrogant and defensive in regards to his stance on the healthcare bill?

  23. I have a question. When GWB did press conferences, it seemed that the questions were answered off the cuff, no notes. For this, Bush was pilloried if he ocassionally hummed and hawed. But from what I saw of the press conference this morning, President Obama not only had the Teleprompter, but knew what the questions were BEFORE he called on the reporters. That means the questions were submitted ahead of time, something not done in the previous administration. And yes, Obama is NOT handling opposition well. He looked decidedly ticked off that the press wasn't following the script. Trouble in paradise???

  24. @ Susan..."that was a wise Latina"

    LOL!!!!!! Obama selected her because she had the richness of her experience to let her ask a better question than a white male. lol

    Even though it's a disaster, this Administration sure does give us a LOT to laugh at.

  25. Mountain Mama said: "What a baby he is ... what a BOOB!"

    I have a new term to use for the me, me, me, libs:

    What a Boxer!

  26. MM:
    Thank you. I saw some of this at a resturaunt today, but not all. Very interesting. The teevee was on mute so I had to read, and it astonished me how many times he said "I".

    I wanted to shoot the teevee. But it wasn't mine so I just ate my salad, though I did need another draft afterward, just to calm down. It looked to me as if some reporters were seething.

    Oh goodie goodie goodie goodie!!!!!!!

  27. The Fraud has NEVER been challenged or questioned; I've known he's a babified wussy wimp ever since he flipped the bird at Hillary at least twice during those laughable debates (she deserved it, but still -- the Fruad was so sneaky and giggly about it -- I'm sure he and his high school bathr oom humor buds yukked it up aferwards), and a couple of more times with others. He 'pretends' to be scratching his nose with his middle finger -- with a downcast smirk; he's such a f****** creepass.

    but if you question him in any way, he bawls and sulks and lashes out just like a spoiled bratty two-year old.

    he has no sense of humor; he can't laugh at himself, only at others

    I can't wait for those two girls of his to become teens ... America will be revenged

  28. "my ears"!?!!

    "my smoking"!?!!

    My word! What a clown.


    Hey, me, too, Metoo. I looked up some of the bits about Squealer... these seemed especially apropos: "'Comrades!' cried Squealer, making little nervous skips ... frisking from side to side ... but Squealer was soon able (well, Glibbs tries to, anyway) to convince them that their memories had been at fault... ."

    Chillingly similar.

    That Marxist, Muslim buffoon from Kenya and his lot are taken straight from the pages of Animal Farm. "Some are more equal than others." Translation: "I won."

    You go, Mountain Mama!

    Thanks for doing the dirty work. Glad you vented onto the blog, here, or you'd be like Mount St. Helens!

    And you spared my poor German Shepherds who quietly tiptoe out of the room, hearts crushed, whenever I YELL "at them." THERE'S A LOT TO YELL ABOUT THESE DAYS, so it makes life a little tough having two sensitive friends around all the time.

    Congratulations, Betty Ann, on restraining yourself. That couldn't have been easy. Aaarrrrgh!

    I haven't seen any of this, but I'm nearly as giddy as Giggly with joy over B.O. throwing his tantrum. HA, HA!


    Unfortunately, the aftermath will probably be as sickening as this was wonderful. The Embarrassment in Chief will appear before the press corps., sheepish, [GRIN], slightly apologetic, .... by then, the poor cult members' guilt will have been building to the point that they will practically fall at O's feet in paroxysms of co-dependent "love," and end up begging him to overlook their transgressions, more firmly entrenched in their sick devotion to their One than ever. Sigh.

    I don't think Major Garret will cave, though. Jake Tapper, either. Of course, they probably won't be there, either......

  29. [Mountain Mama said] "HE JUST ENDED IT! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!"

    Say, now, that reminds me of a prayer I prayed (I'm doing a lot of that re: Dope et. al.) recently. This falls under the "it doesn't hurt to ask" category. I asked God to make Dope so frustrated and angry that the way we are rid of that vile tyrant is......

    he quits!

    Just slams down his resignation on Pelosi's head and stomps off to Hawaii. He's got enough dough and connections (Saud for one) to live just fine without the $200,000/year.

    He'll figure that's the way to get us: "I'll show you. I'll quit. And what will you do now that I'm not around to read, er, lead? What will you do without me? Pahrump!"

    Wouldn't that be SO GREAT?!?? :D

    Oh, yeah, there's Biden. Well, that's okay. I'd rather, have an inept "leader" who leads us hopelessly in circles in the jungle than a determined white-hating, Jew-hating, Marxist deliberate,ly leading us over a cliff to our ruin.

  30. [Melena said] "...he and his high school bathroom humor buds"

    Bwah, ha, haaaa! (c:

    "Pig in lipstick" was another of their great guffaws.


    Say, I'm glad to see you, Melena. How's it going with youngest son? With special forces interview, etc... . Still praying. Hope all is well.

  31. Could be that some of them are miffed at the special access that Brian had last week and that ABC will have this Thursday. In a way, I'm sorry I missed it ... but, since I was at work, it would not have gone over very well if I started to yelling at the tv (we have one in the breakroom), calling him a lying son of a biscuit-eater. So I wisely stayed away from the breakroom at lunchtime. We have quite a few BHO fans at my office.

  32. Yep, all is well; I've been helping my older son and his wife with their newborn :-) son; this makes three :-)

    Because of the heart "surgery", my son's interview was postphoned to Sept to give him time to 'train up' again for the PT test.

    he's also looking into the 'disarming bombs' squad (LOL, I accidently typed 'boobs' instead of 'bombs' LOL).

    he tells his Dad all this on the speaker phone while I listen; I can't remember all the terms and abbrevations he uses, so I just use general terms.

    he's scheduled for a promotion soon, so he's happy about that.

  33. Well, we've been talking about a BIG BOOB. LOL.

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! On your new grandson. {:o))

    Glad that youngest son is doing okay. It will all work out for the best, I'm sure.

    I'm sure he'd LOVE that disarming squad (spelling #1).

    CONGRATULATIONS to him on his promotion!

    Hurrah for Melena's family. Thanks for sharing. It's a happy relief from D'oh and Co..


    Hey, Jamie, it's tough working with people under the influence of the "One's" Kool-Aid. Bummer. I'll bet you've tried at least 20 (LOL I just typed "290" -- more like that, huh) times to help them see the FACTS. Like tossing a ball for a prize at the fair -- their minds are "rigged" so the truth just keeps bouncing off.

    Hang in there.

  34. (*sigh*)
    Okay, Fellow FOTS, I did the best I could to recover today from accidentally watching the press conference. No, really! I had just absentmindedly flipped on the nearby telly, and THERE THE PRESS CONFERENCE WAS, the lyin' weasel....

    OOPS! Mustn't return to Furious Mode!

    Anyway, I didn't go online again until now, so I didn't know about your savvy recommendations, Janice. Thanks, though! I pretty much did what you suggested: had a piece of pie, relaxed with a magazine (okay, so it was National Review. Still, there's the hilarious Rob Long "interview:" a must read spoof of BO and MO at their self-adoring best), took my kids to the pool, etc.

    Do I feel better now? A bit. But truly, guys: this guy just gives me the creeps. He could not tolerate being questioned, being criticized, being probed!

    Look: if BO can't tolerate negativity, or just neutral questioning, from US reporters who mostly ADORE him, then how on earth can he withstand a full attack from the nut-jobs in MANY nations: North Korea, China, Iran, etc.?

    WE HAVE A NARCISSIST IN THE WHITE HOUSE, and a true one is flat out dan-ger-ous.

    Come to think of it, I wonder if BO is having us checked out and watched. Hmm..... I never seriously considered that before, but after watching today's "press conference," I do wonder.... I mean, we're much more critical than those reporters were!


  35. Hey, Mtn. Mama, glad you took care of yourself after your ordeal. Yuck. Like stepping in dog poop. Hard to get rid of the stench.

    Too, true, narcissism usually (always?) includes paranoia/persecution complex. Hence, the Con Man in Chief's agility in making himself out to be constantly be the victim in Victim-Rescuer-Persecutor triangles he creates over and over (McCain or Bush are often the "persecutor" or Fox News Corp. (head shake)). The best strategy with such a bully is to ignore (they thrive on confrontation (translated quickly into "persecution")).

    I'll just betcha [#22@*break//#459823 .... MOUNTAIN MAMA ** I'M WATCHING YOU//*break@22end] so, that's why I say [#22@*break//#459823 .... EAT VEGETABLES.... VOTE DEMOCRAT//*break@22end] instead, that Hopey the Clown sticks his nose in the air.

    Bye for now. Have a good Wednesday!


  36. I'm seriously considering changing my voter registration to *ugh* Democrat so I can take them down from within

  37. "I can't wait for those two girls of his to become teens ... America will be revenged"

    Melena, I raised four kids. Your words ring true.

  38. Actually, now that I think about it, I think there should be a rule that nobody should become president that doesn't currently, or has had in the past, teenagers. I think that was why the age restriction appears in The Constitution, because back in those days most people had teenagers by the time they were 35-years-old themselves. Having teenagers teaches a person many things: Patience, a sense of helplessness in the face of teenager perverseness, and the knowledge that you don't really want to be responsible for what the kids are doing when they sneak out at night. There is also a certain amount of humility that accumulates, when you realize how little of what you wanted to teach them was really accomplished, and how much you taught them that you never intended on teaching them.

    My youngest turns 27 this year. Hallelujah!

  39. CONGRATULATIONS, Janice. (C: I think dealing with teens (as an adult) makes one less likely to vote for one like B.O. for president, too.

    I know MY EGO was at its BIGGEST as a teen. Man, I knew everything and that was that.

    Big Green O's head is permanently blown up 3 sizes too large. And, like the Grinch, his heart is 3 sizes too small. Great combo.

    Hey, your youngest can be president in just 8 years.:D And you could be a "Big Mama" running the show behind the scenes like Big Mo. Heh, heh.

    Seriously, I like that analysis applying experience with teenagers to qualification for higher office. Makes sense!

  40. Without revealing where or for whom I work (if I tell you, I'll have to...well, you know...), I wanted to tell you that every day when I walk in the door at my office I come face-to-face with lifesize headshot pictures of BHO and Terrible Timmy G! (The photo of Timmy is rather scary. BHO just looks smug, as always.) I now tend to walk in, looking down at my feet until I get past the pics.

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