Monday, March 30, 2009

The Entourage Theorum

As I mentioned earlier, Big Guy's entourage for the Europe trip has ballooned to about 500 people. For some reason, people seem outraged by what they view as profligate spending by a White House that is about to tell the good people of Michigan that that the flood that they witnessed in other parts of the upper Midwest is nothing compared to the metaphorical economic flood we are about to unleash on those poor folks.

But I am outraged about the entourage for an entirely different reason. I've seen this up close for several years now, and frankly, I'm annoyed that we're bringing this large a group over (and I would add, they are bringing me, my 52-inch component, two additional floor screens for townhalls, and a mini-me we are testing out, which I will discuss later), because it means it's doubtful we'll achieve anything on this trip.

You see, the larger the Big Guy's entourage the lower the expectations are that we will be able to accomplish anything in the areas of a global bailout plan, undercutting U.S. leadership in NATO and joining the rest of the world in climate change policies. Too many people equals too little focused effort.

This is dreadful news. We should be going over there with a lean, mean team to fully engage our fellow citizens of the world. Now it just looks like we're taking an extended Spring Break. My screens will be a little dimmer knowing this is how it's all going to work out.


  1. I hear that POTUS is going to perform a magic act for the queen. He is going to make his birth certificate, college transcripts, and missing information on his life magically appear beautifully gift wrapped as his present for her royal highness.

  2. Reminds me of when Clinton went to Russia with a $300B 'bailout' and then went on TV from Japan to remind the flood victims they will have access to loan guarantees.

    The more things 'change', .....

  3. TOTUS

    HOPE and CHANGE has been replaced with


    Have a safe trip and look out for the "kinky" outlets....

  4. Oh the carbon footprint! When Potus travels like this there are at least 15 jets making the trip (see the book Airforce One). Can't he be the 21st century Prez and just do this online?

  5. Maybe one of his six doctors can check out the state of socialized medicine to learn what not to do.

  6. Remind them that doing body shots off electronic equipment is dangerous. You saw how his writing team dry humped the cardboard cut out of Hillary. It's best if you stay away from that silliness.

  7. Great idea, Dominique.

    Wouldn't it just be poetic justice if B. Hussein needed an emergency appendectomy while in Britain and was told, "Terribly sorry, old bean, but you'll just have to wait two days until the next shipment of anasthetic arrives. Eh, what's that? Pain killer? Oh, dear. We seem to be out of that, too."

    Heart emergencies won't be an issue, though -- B. Hussein doesn't have one.

  8. I'm surprised POTUS would bother going at all he can have his several hundred minions just take care of it all.