Thursday, March 26, 2009


We're only about eight weeks into this Administration, and already we have a leaker. How the existence of our gaffe-o-matic got out is beyond me. But I can put most of you at ease. Tim Teriffic over Treasury doesn't have one. That's just the way he is, he doesn't need technologic help.

The gaffe-o-matic, though, travels with Joe Biden all the time. The Big Guy has the football, Joey B has the "gaffer." It's constitutionally required under the separations clause, plus it gives Joe something to play with when he's bored, which is pretty much all the time.


  1. Are you sure Turbo Timmy isn't the leaker? His plan to take over failing businesses is really a gas.
    And that Joey, are you sure the separation clause wasn't for the PONTIF rather than the gaffer???

  2. There's something ironic when a tongue-in-cheek blog about Obama's teleprompter turns out to be 90% ad hominem.

  3. Well, duh. With all the magazine covers and appearances on Oprah and Dancing with the Stars and non-stop campaigning, how could anyone NOT know of the existence of B. Hussein "Gaffe-o-matic" Obama.

    Great nickname. Almost as good as D'oh!

    That the Vice-gaffe-o-matic (J.B.) is easily bored is no surprise -- he has the attention span of a peanut.

    By the way, did you know ol' "Stand up Charlie - D'oh!" is going to spend his summer vacation on a walking tour in Vermont, wandering hither and yon through the aisles of Home Depot? When he gets tired, he'll just go to Customer Service and ask which aisle to catch the Amtrack on.

    Most of the time, the Vice is occupied doing his darndest to not make The Messiah angry; J.B. lives in daily fear of being sent on an endless mission inspecting the vegetables of every country in the world as B. Hussein's new "Produce Czar." --- You think Hilary Rotten is globe trotting because she WANTS to? Think again.

  4. What are you talking about Vidoqo? TOTUS doesn't have any ads and he's not a homo.

  5. Dear Vidoqo,

    The remarks are of the "to the man" type because that the big Dope is the Reader of the Free World is the main point.

    Actually, ad hominem isn't exactly correct. Ad asinus would be more accurate. --- Well, the mascot for the Democrats is a donkey, isn't it?

  6. TOTUS, noticed you decided not to visit my Blog...and after all the visits and fun I’ve had here. Over at my Blog I just had to replace the Laugh-O-Meter for the second time...this week, and those things aint cheap. Come and "share the wealth" or at least a giggle or two. Big O told me he was trying to quit you but is having a hard time telling you to tell him so he can tell, you do tell him what to say. Now that's power. Don't abuse it.

  7. bored?
    with these cool nes hairs and teef to play with, who could be bored?

  8. Hi, BOTUS [above]. I've visited your blog and it's cool. That's too bad about TOTUS giving you the brush off. Wonder why?????

    Say.... wait a minute... . Maybe TOTUS HAS visited your blog -- under an assumed name.

    B.O. is super-paranoid [The other day, for instance, he was trying to pick up a little gravitas by watching clips of G.H.W. Bush and when G.H. said, "Read my lips," B.O. thought an enemy must have edited the video.]. It could be that TOTUS has been forbidden to "collude" or to "conspire" [translation: "talk to"] with you, BOTUS.

    Maybe TOTUS has commented on your blog as "Cyrano" or "Edgar Bergen" or some other appropriate name... Heh, heh, heh.

  9. Say, BOTUS, along the above lines, you know how B.O. is always talking about the "Czar" of this and the "Czar" of that? I think he has a Caesar complex, i.e., he thinks his closest (and who is closer than you and TOTUS?) friends are his enemies. Hence, the apparent "no contact" order given to TOTUS. Mmmhmmm.