Tuesday, March 31, 2009

London Update

Probably the two most important meetings Big Guy will have while here in London will be with Chinese President Hu Jintao and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. In both cases, we're going to try to do phonetics so BO can impress them with his grasp of their native languages. That means I'll be scrolling like a mad-machine.

Big Guy has been preoccupied lately with the auto business he took over, which kind of ties in with the Chinese meeting, after all, with all of the debt China's bought from us over the past year, Jintao is to the United States what Big Guy was to GM. Except Jintao can't fire the Big O.

At least that's what the lawyers tell us.


  1. Thanks for the 'Cast of Characters', and what characters they are!

  2. One wonders if Jintao is aware of bankruptcy law. Good luck collecting.

  3. You not saying that Chinese Big Guy might demand the resignation of our Big Guy for bad financial performance?

    John's Space

  4. So essentially, Jintao now owns an American auto manufacturer, which really makes them a Chinese auto manufacturer.

    Isn't that just f'n grand.

  5. >the two most important meetings "Bug Guy"

    Is this a "bug" in your software, a freudian slip, or did Medvedev slip BO a mickey?

  6. TOTUS, you are so clever and getting to be very popular according to your gizmo counter!

  7. "Bug Guy"

    I've been wondering if he's really an AI.

  8. Do you have an 'eyeglass' or a 'wrist pop-up' version of yourself so as to be more portable? I imagine at dinners and/or cocktail parties it can get cumbersome to always be positioned and re-positioned in front of The Lord Humungous.

  9. "Bug Guy." I suppose next he'll take over Volkswagen, Hitler's pet project. Makes sense.

    Then, he'll start calling himself, "Boy Toy," and take over Toyota.

    Then, ....

    ... but he will NEVER take over Subaru or Volvo. That would upset too many of the members of the Cult of Obama. Oh, yes, they realize that he doesn't know spit about running any business, much less a big one like GM. They are just overjoyed that "the establishment" is under attack. But, "Hands off my stuff," they would say. Hmm. Wonder if that will work with "O"? They've let a green-eyed, power mad, monster with an insatiable appetite out of its cage. How long until he no longer needs them and is too powerful for them to control?

    THEN, they will cry out for their "Constitutional rights." And there will be no Constitution for they destroyed it.

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