Monday, March 30, 2009

Joking About Tax Cuts

During the closed-door meeting with House Democrats we had up here tonight, Fancy Nancy gave Big Boy an American flag that flew over the Capitol the night of his first joint speech before Congress. He generously gave it me, since I was there and facilitated for him. I guess it wasn't that big a deal, he's already gotten the podium, the chandelier, the microphone, the carpeting he stood upon, and a collection of dust motes that swirled around him while he made the speech, and he's got tons of American flags just shoved into all kinds of corners in the White House.

On a lighter note, Big Buy encouraged his fellow Democrats to try to contain "over reaching" on the budget they are currently working on. And by over-reaching, he meant the inclusion of the middle-class tax cut. We all had a good chuckle over that. Democrats. Over-reaching. On tax cuts. As he joked later in The Beast as we rode back to 1600 Penn, while GM and Chrysler car owners may have a federally backed warranty on their purchases, the American voter doesn't on campaign promises. And that's one federal bailout nobody wants right now.


  1. I would have thought POTUS might use the flag as a mat like his friend, Bill Ayers, did in that infamous photo. So, I'm glad you took it TOTUS.

    I saw a photo of the lawn of the W.H. covered with cars. I sure hope it was a photoshop.

  2. I'm thinking that "Big Buy" was not just a Freudian slip of the fingers on the keyboard.

  3. My guess is POTUS decided to back warranties for GM because The Beast and all those Suburbans are GM cars...

  4. "A source close to TOTUS tells this blogger to expect a stand-in for the flat one while in Germany so his TOTUS-ness can travel incognito to Zurich with bags of yuan, making deposits in numbered accounts for future WH renegades." We'll be watching you TOTUS! Better teach the stand in to display "Pock-ee-ston" in both English and Deutsche!

  5. The funny thing about the tax cuts is that Bush actually cut taxes more for the middle class and the working poor than Obama has. It also appears that it Congress has its way the Obama cuts will be temporary.

    John's Space


  7. Wouldn't POTUS also stand for Penis Of The United States. President and Penis seem interchangeable.

  8. "Big Boy" -- "Big Guy" -- put them together and what have you got? "BIG BUY." Heh, heh. Since that refers to the Big Dope, I'd have to agree with Hillary Rotten, we
    were "OVERCHARGED."

    Sure wish B.O. had come with a money back guarantee. I didn't buy him (how could anyone be so FOOLISH as to buy into his line of nonsense!!!!). .... Say, that's probably why he chose Gibbs -- the root word for "gibberish". .... But, I think quite a few people out there are having trouble sleeping at night, realizing what they did by voting for a heartless, power hungry, con man.

  9. Hear, hear, John's Space. Way to get some truth out there. Maybe, if enough of us keep on shining the light on the truth, all our little illuminations will add up to a glorious whole and truth will triumph at last! Sigh. Never mind. That takes people "with eyes that can see."
    Keep up the good fight, JS.

  10. Barry's Used Cars -- what an enterprising entrepreneur you are! Ha, ha. If you haven't done this already, I'd suggest opening a lot down the street from Barack's U.S. Autos ("No credit necessary. We are the bank!"). The con man who's running Barack's cuts a mean deal. Before long, Rahm's Repo ("While you wait.") will bring in more used autos than Empty Suit Ed will be able to handle. You will be able to get them cheap. Join ACORN and you'll get them SUPER cheap and "certified" (wink - wink).

  11. [overheard by a "source": B.O. singing in the shower]

    "O, TOTUS, 'tis of thee,
    with your bright screens (all three),
    of thee I sing.
    Without my Tele P., where would Obama be?
    I'd never be on T.Veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
    Leh-het, .. whoa!.... er, uuuuuuuuuhhhhhhh, hmmm, .......... ih-sn't THAT SOME THING!"

  12. Thanks for the effort. You are a clever soul.

  13. President Goodwrench has DIRECTED GM (Government Motors) to STOP the roll out of the VOLT, and to discontinue 11 of GM's 20 successful profitable vehicles.

    LOOK out Social Secrity and Veteran's Administration Hospital...your sex life has come to an end...the Big Guy has a new "flame" dilly dally with...

  14. AV, your excellent observations here (and on other subjects, too) are disturbingly insightful.

    Hey, ..... wait -- a -- minute. How much did Ford Motors contribute to B. Hussein's campaign? As much as A.I.G. did?

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