Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Rose Garden Plantings

We're just pulling into King Abdullah's place, and boy, is it palatial.  Good thing Lady M isn't here, she'd be getting all kinds of ideas for the White House, what with her preferenence for heavy tiger and zebra motifs. 

On the ride to the palace, Big Guy listened to the tape of Osama Bin Ladin a couple of times, where he says the Big Guy planted seeds of hatred. Which is absolutely true.  And the hatred that is coming up in the Rose Garden is looking really good right now ... and it looks a lot like tomatoes.


  1. TOTUS, remind Big Guy not to fall over forward if he should feel compelled to bow. Again.

  2. Will Big Guy bow again? I imagine he will since he is taller and had to reach down to shake the King's hand, right? Let's see what the real lie was now.

  3. Damnit, El Cerdo beat me to it by mere seconds!! lol

  4. Where was the outrage from The Right when Bush bowed before the Saudi King to accept a medal? How about when they were photographed holding hands?

    The hot air in this forum is starting to get a bit musty...

  5. Where was the outrage from The Right when Bush bowed before the Saudi King to accept a medal? How about when they were photographed holding hands?

    The hot air in this forum is starting to get a bit musty...

  6. Where was the outrage from The Right when Bush bowed before the Saudi King to accept a medal? How about when they were photographed holding hands?

    The hot air in this forum is starting to get a bit musty...

  7. You can say it 3 times, but it still doesn't make it true.

  8. Well, it's a photo op that's easily scripted: First the Big Guy walks in and unofficially greets the King as proscribed by his Muslim heritage, then they start over with press and cameras in tow, and do the "official" greeting according to the Big Guy's disdained but obligatory American protocol.

    He's been living a double life for so long, it should come naturally to Obama by now.

  9. Where's Lady M? Is Hussein afraid to take her to a country that practices Sharia?

  10. To accept a medal, one must dip his head down so as to allow the medal to be put around one's neck. Obama just bowed out of nowhere.

    Holding hands, apparently, is what they do over there I guess. It's weird in our culture.

    But in all cultures, bowing when you're introduced is a sign of submission.

  11. The simple truth is, that if Bush had bowed before that king there would have been mucho outrage from the right.

    The left thinks from a paradigm of hypocrisy, therefore projects that hypocrisy. Translated, you dismiss everything your Messiah does that is offensive, lie, cheat, steal, while you castigated Bush. So now you think we are doing it to Obama for the same reasons - because we are hypocrits, like you.

    No matter who does the bowing, the president of this great nation does not bow to ANYONE. To see that video makes my blood boil, to hear him apologize makes me livid - these are traits of a pacifist, a gutless coward. Americans are the bravest, most generous people on earth, and the bearers for humanity of the torch of freedom. We threw off the yoke of kings. We bow to no one. NO American should bow to anyone.

  12. TOTUS:
    Duck when those tomatoes start flying. When BG reaps what he has sown.

  13. Craniac, I wondered, too, if President Bush seemed to bow. However, most men do bow overseas, and the Saudi king seemed to lower his head in a reciprocal bow-greeting, too, I noticed. And he's elderly, and so President Bush was treating him with kindness to walk with him carefully, hand in hand, just as BO did yesterday with Nancy Reagan.

    That's not the really creepy issue:

    TOTUS, did BO actually tell an interviewer from France yesterday that this is a Muslim nation!? Where does he get THAT idea!? I mean, if he wants to think of himself that way, fine; no news to us. But the rest of us are Muslim!? No way!

  14. Headline:

    After Leaving US Economy in Shambles, American President Heads to Mideast for Continued Terrorist Butt-kissing

  15. I'm thinking that, since he's already done the whole bowing routine, this time it'll be the double-cheek kiss. Probably -- but not certainly -- the cheeks on the face.

  16. Craniac: Where was the outrage from The Right when Bush bowed before the Saudi King to accept a medal? How about when they were photographed holding hands?

    Had you been paying attention, you may have noticed many, many voices on the right castigating the Bush administration for its closeness to the Saudis. Saudi Arabia is a festering cancer of superstition, repression and corruption. Bush was too close to the Saudi ruling family (certainly for my liking, anyway), but you didn't see him bowing before the King, or making a special "outreach" trip to desert wasteland to ask the Wahhabi Loons to please, please take the time to get to know and love the USA.

    Was Obama's first Tour of Apology not enough?

    Such a shame that strong and unequivocal scorn didn't start raining down on Saudi Arabia in 2001, when the bombs started raining down on Afghanistan, since the Saudis are the biggest exporters of Islamist terrorist ideology in the World.

  17. MM:
    craniac24 does not hear you. Candy coating the obvious will not convince him. You see, he is a liberal, and he hates, I mean hates you for your views. He is a hypocrit, and as a hypocrit must make you and I and everyone here who confronts liberalism also hypocrits. He does not believe in loyalty, honesty, integrity - these are relative, as he has no moral fiber. He "feels" his way - an instinctual creature - something he believes is a virtue, rather than using that cranium he names himself after. He does not own a moral compass.

    He is on this blog to dilute the message. Period. Meantime, check out the liberal blogs and see if anybody there wants to be diplomatic toward you. Fat chance. Haters all.

  18. Well I see dear leaders wife didn't accompany her beloved on this trip.

    I hear it's because Muslims who marry non-Muslims cannot accompany them into Saudi? Funny for someone who claims to be a devote christian......

  19. Maybe TOTUS could pull a fast one and throw up Rev. Wright's famous "God d*mn America" speech when Big Guy addresses the Muslim world.

  20. TOTUS, did you sport a headcovering while with the Big "Buy" during your Saudi visit? I think you might want to get used to that.

    Big "Buy" is embracing his muslim roots big time and you may be called upon to fit in. Or do you all wear headcoverings in the big house behind closed doors just for practice? Well no worries, soon he'll probably have all of us wearing them... I mean now that we are a Muslim nation and all.

    Isn't obamaworld fun?! I feel so global.

    Hey CRANIAC, if it's getting musty here at Totus' house, maybe you should leave and go get some of that great, heavily taxed carbon(ated) air Big O wants us all to pay for. I'm sure it'll be as crisp as that 20 dollar bill you used to be able to carry around in your pocket... of course that was before big bro and his minions figured out how to leach every last dollar from us before we could even cash our paychecks.

    Just be careful out there...soon he'll tax the very breath you take and you will wish for the good old days of this musty conservative air.

  21. Totus,
    I suspect Big Guy will start implementing an official white house Fist Bump with these foreign leaders since he likes keeping it real.

  22. [Imageremix said] "Isn't obamaworld fun?! I feel so global."

    Yeah, me too.

    Next week, I'm going to start learning to speak in "Austrian." Then, I'll head down to Georgia, you know, where the Russians invaded last summer?

    COME ON, CONGRESS! Do your thing; JUST SAY NO to B. Hussein. Stop enabling that boy. Take away his credit card -- NOW.

    LOL. "BIG BUY." [You can say that again, Image, heh, heh]

  23. [Betty Ann said] "The left thinks from a paradigm of hypocrisy, ... ."


    The leaders are amazingly adept at:

    speaking out of both sides of their mouths simultaneously;

    lying with a straight face; and

    doing superquick 180's.

    Their poor, brainwashed, infantile personality disordered, followers though.... (head shake)...

    ... their heads are full of so many inherently contradictory notions that it is amazing that they can even learn to drive... .

    Eh? What's that you say? SO THAT'S WHY they take the bus or the train to work when driving would get them home an hour sooner....

    O. Cult Member: "Uh, clutch?"
    Driving Instructor: "Brake."
    OCM: "'R' is for.....hmmmmm.... 'Return trip?'"
    DI: "Reverse."
    [next 2 hours omitted for sanity's sake]
    OCM (red faced and starting to sputter): "Okay. So just tell me. If I push this stick this way and push down hard on th----------aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"
    DI: "STOP!!!!!!!!!!!"
    DI: "Get out of the car."
    OCM: "Does this mean I don't get my license?"
    DI: "This means, leave the driving to someone without a serious brain impairment."
    OCM: (stomping off, spittle flying off his beard, wire-framed glasses askew) "I hate cars!"

  24. [TOTUS blogged]"... hatred that is coming up in the Rose Garden ... looks a lot like tomatoes."

    And, right now, there are Grapes of Wrath growing.

    While we truth seekers may lose a battle or two, in the End

    [sometimes, in the midst of the horror that is the Obamination Administration, it helps me to take the long view and focus on our eternal destiny],

    Truth will win the war:

    "Another angel came out of the temple in heaven, and he too had a sharp sickle. *** '...gather the clusters of grapes from the earth's vine ...' The angel swung his sickle on the earth, gathered its grapes and threw them into the great winepress of God's wrath. They were trampled ... ."

    Get off the Death Train and on board the train to Life while you still can. One of these days, the Death Train will pull into the Station of Opportunity to Switch Destinations for the last time.... .

    And (if you're a lib) what will Obamamessiah do for you then? "What WILL he do?" [Jobiden, May, 2009]

  25. The Russians invaded us?

  26. yeah, they're called ACORN over here.

  27. TWW, I don't know about all that. But I do know that if you don't log in and get here from the "dashboard", you get kicked off. Indication that this blog matters. My IP has been so compromised I can't just come to the site, I have to manuever through other sites or it all shuts down.

  28. RE: Technical Difficulties

    Betty Ann, I've had a lot of difficulties when I initially access this blog, too. Sometimes, it won't even fully "materialize," and kicks me into the "Explorer cannot access this page" error message.

    At that point, I hit the "Back" (arrow) key and start over. Sometimes, I've had to completely start over, closing Explorer and re-accessing the blog.

    Then, of course, there are the first two or three times I try to post! I've gotten into the habit of saving my post in a Word document -- just in case.

    Blogspot seems like pretty primitive software to me, so I think it's Blogspot, not our computer.

    Now, here's a new twist on things. Just this afternoon, I got one of those Microsoft "new update ready to install" messages. It was the newest version of Explorer (2008). So, I said "Yes," "Yes," and "Yes," and installed it. May be a coincidence, but my access/use of this blog after that install has been perfect. WEIRD.

    Maybe you can get the Windows Explorer update installed on your computer. It was free. Maybe that will help.

    I think you may be right about some sort of sabotage, though. Everything was going hunky-dory with this blog for several days (weeks?).... then, it started to get more notorious and the technical difficulties began.


    Here's something else I'd like to say: why doesn't TOTUS ever respond to the comments on the blog anymore? That was fun having TOTUS interact.

    More to the point, I was kind of hoping TOTUS would acknowledge (even if he can't help us) our technical pain.


    I sure hope you will persevere and continue to comment here. I like you!

  29. Yeah, TOTUS, B.O. is a regular Johnny Appleseed, sowing hate across the land, from sea to shining sea.

    Now, he's piling on the fertilizer to make 'em grow.

    Keep shining the light of truth, FOTUS people. Those poisonous plants of hate can't stand much light. They thrive in slimy, dark, places... .

    LOVE that "Headline," CelticDeath. Heh, heh. (C:

  30. Ha! Good one, Melena. ACORN (American Communist Organization for Radical Nutjobs).


    Hey, please tell your youngest son, "THANK YOU FOR SERVING TO KEEP OUR COUNTRY FREE. LAND OF THE FREE BECAUSE OF YOU, THE BRAVE." He's on TWW's prayer list. Take care son AND Mom.


  31. Thanks :-)

    He has his Special Forces interview (or whatever it's called), in three weeks.

  32. Good for him, Melena!

    Wow. He's got high aspirations. They will take him far.

    GOOD LUCK, Melena's boy!

    Keep us posted.


  33. too bad big guy can't live like a king totus... ahem......

  34. I'm glad I'm not the only one with technical difficulties. There are 2 or 3 sites that give me problems, this being one of them. Re-distributing Knowledge is another. Interesting.

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