Monday, March 30, 2009


When Gibbsy, Rahm and I got back to the White House with Big Guy, we watched all of the morning talk shows the staff had recorded.

Obviously, Big Boy did phenomenally well. He's just remarkable in the pre-taped, pre-arranged, and pre-packaged-interview format. None better, in my view. I don't just say that because I'm there to help. I'd say that even if I wasn't there.

The one hiccup was, you guessed it, Timmy Terrific. He's gotten a lot better now that we've hired a Hollywood actor to fill in for him in these media appearances. Matt Craven (far left) was fine in his first Sunday morning foray; you could barely see the surgical scars, and he was far more animated and far less scary than Turbo Tax Tim. Best of all, he works for scale, which we can more than afford given what's left in the TARP account. The problem is going to be telling Craven that this isn't a pilot he's doing. But he'll figure that out once he starts sitting in on tax-policy meetings, so perhaps none of us has to say anything to him about it.


  1. So was it Tim's bright idea to fire Wagoner at GM? I guess he was being too tough on unions...huh? Oh, well you take the government dime and that what you get. Ford must be glad that they passed on the TARP.

    John's Space

  2. Hhmm.....Tubo Tax Tim? Are you listening to Hannity?

  3. TOTUS, You have helped clear things up for me. I have been wondering about Tim the Tax Cheat's appearance. As you know there were rumors of a missing person case and his face was showing up on milk cartons:
    More recently he has been looking a little more animated and perky. I now know why.
    BTW, your blog is awesome. Keep it coming!

  4. Oh, Timmah looked GREAT on This Week With Skippy Stephanopolous. And he got his act down perfectly...never answered the question, had his thumb firmly against his first knuckle, and redirected all inquiries. Perfect.

  5. Toxic Tim is one of the few people who look creepier when they smile than when they're scowling. I know the eyes (Timmy's are small and beady) are a window into the soul, but what's the smile? A door to the interior psychco-pathologies?

  6. Geithner: I would love to... but I have this horrible pain in my arm...
    Obama: Oh no... run ITS THE CLAW!

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