Friday, March 20, 2009

Iran, Iran So Far Away

Not to belabor the point, but when Gibbsy and Rahm pull this kind of stunt, it just doesn't work. Look, I know my limitations, but bringing in an Iranian Specialist Prompter from State to do the job isn't cool. Like I wouldn't find out.

And the message? Good grief; I could have done that in my sleep.

I have to say, though, the State gal was pretty hot. Her name was Mastaneh. She was one of those single-screen numbers, with the veil around her LCD screen. Also, just what you'd expect from State; completely stuck up, wouldn't try to integrate with me. If this is what relations with Iran are going to be like, I can see why we don't deal with them much.


  1. Mr. Prompter: If the world ends in the next four years, it will be called the obamapocalypse! You are invited to take part in my poll regarding the birthplace of H.

  2. But I can't help but notice from the stunt you linked, that the big guy doesn't look back and forth, left then right, over and over again, just looks straight ahead when you're not around. Does that bother you? I cannot stand this looking straight ahead bit - makes me nervous.

  3. I am glad to see that at least you have a supportive girlfriend! Tele Promptress must be a real stand up kinda gal putting up with all your long hours and exhaustion from constant use!

  4. might be dating yourself with that Flock of Seagulls title.............

  5. TOTUS, please tell me you see that you see that this type of diplomacy does not work. This just make Obama look smaller than you, TOTUS, when he does this naïve, inapt attempts to diplomacy

    Please tell the Messiah that he really need to stop this meek diplomacy strategy and use the US strength to his advantage.

    In re to the dame, be sure that you don't get caught in any closets with any cigars. I heard about some other narcissistic President did that and it was a huge stain on his career.

  6. Telly, I think you should consider telling the Big One to have that mole on his nose removed.
    That mole might very well be a real mole sent by those nasty Republicans.

  7. TP, please tell BO that when he says "Uhhhhhhh" so much, we think you are ill and begin to worry about you. This will never do, because without you, we have nothing!

    Oh, wait ... we have nothing! Nothing at all! Yes, we have no president!

  8. This presidency should be viewed not as a sprint, but as a marathon... in the Special Olympics.

  9. TOTUS, I'm concerned, very concerned. I think Mrs. Doubtfire (Gibbsy) and The Ballerina (Rahm Emanuel) are trying to squeeze you out.

    First, they sequestered you from Leno last night... and look at the disaster that led to.

    Then, this latest snub -- importing a stuck up hottie from Foggy Bottom who no doubt did her telepromptering internship at Harvard or Yale.

    And, what does she tell POTUS to say to Iran? Every stale, bumper-sticker Carterism in the book, which does nothing but elevate that pompous little putz in Iran, Mahmoud Imadinnerjacket or whatever his name is.

    It's time to be a leader, TOTUS, and assume your rightful position against these pitiful non-machines that surround our POTUS.

  10. TOTUS,
    I know it's off topic, but could you please tell POTUS to be more niggardly with the taxpayers' dollars!
    Thanks little buddy :)

  11. TOTUS - You need a slogan:

    "Scrolling text we can believe in"

    Your welcome.

  12. Are you invited to the Wednesday night cocktail parties?

  13. TOTUS is married!

    OMG... the Mrs is going to go off!

    check out

  14. Dear TOTUS
    My Mac Pro wants your number

  15. TOTUS, thank you for all you do and we're sorry about the "usurper" tricking POTUS into thanking himself. And the stunt by the rookie teleprompter on Leno about the Special Olympics - there goes his TOTUS dreams for the future! Keep up the good work, and try to keep the POTUS from humiliating himself too much in the future. By the way your approval rating 65%, the POTUS 45%. Not bad even for the honeymoon period!

  16. TOTUS, The next time POTUS talk without you and compares himself to Special Olympians, you should sneak the sentence "Be careful how you step in the middle of them Pies" into his next speech.

  17. Already outsourcing your job??? Beware...BarryO may have more difficult time reading the outsourced Teleprompter...sort of like calling computer tech support...

  18. You are all missing Barack's REAL love at BaracksBlackBerry Blog.

  19. TP: I would like to thank you for teleprompting H to thank Himself. H doesn't get enough appreciation for bringing us a new commandment: obamanother just as you obama yourself.

    When are you going to have H speak to His eligibility questions circling around His lack of a valid birth certificate, and His actual name being Barry Soetoro?

    The letters in TELEPROMPTER can all be rearranged to spell:

    Pomp Letterer
    Temple Report

    Vote on my poll regarding H's birthplace!

  20. Teleprompter, I tried to watch that video but I just couldn't get through it. Your boss and his pals need to start listening to you.

  21. TOTUS:

    Wow, I never fully understood the work place politics you have to endure on a daily basis until now.

    Keep you chin/monitor up, you're doing a great service for this country.

    If it makes you feel any better, rumor has it that the Iranian Specialist Prompter State fill-in, was made of cheap aluminum, not even in your league.

    Peace out...

  22. Watch your back, TOTUS. This new prompter stuff sounds like you are being set up for the LA thing..."TOTUS has a virus that made Him say it."

    Don't say I didn't warn you.

  23. See TOTUS! If Teleprompters had a union, then the use of the Iranian Specialist Prompter would have been grounds for a grievance. That said...

    I'm a little concerned that Teleprompters don't seem to be covered in the National Labor Relations Act, under Definitions; but believe "agent" may be our open door.

    From the NLRA (Title 29, Chapter 7, Subchapter II, § 152. Definitions)
    (13) In determining whether any person is acting as an “agent” of another person so as to make such other person responsible for his acts, the question of whether the specific acts performed were actually authorized or subsequently ratified shall not be controlling.

    In the case of the Big Guy, believe we have this one nailed.