Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Suspicious Package

No, not my favorite Washington, DC band, a real suspicious package was discovered outside the Bank of England.

Some people thought that it might have been TATUS mailing himself over here for the meetings. But he was still in the pet carrier when we unloaded it a few minutes ago from the cargo hold.


  1. Toxic Asset of the United States (Geithner)

  2. Maybe TATUS will STAY ("Sit! Stay") in England ("Oh please, oh please, oh please"). There, of course, he would be known as "TATER" (Toxic Asset of the English Realm). Some (those who don't like Leprechauns, mainly) might call him TATER Tot.

    Heh, heh, heh. You are an inspiration, TOTUS. Thanks for the laughs!

  3. Cast of Characters
    BOss, BHO, P-Rez.=Mr. President. (don't really care for Big Boy, and I am a white conservitive from the South)
    MFL(my First Lady)= MO
    Stumpy, Vinegar=Rahm
    Mr. Bunny(ala Capn Kangaroo)= Gibbs
    Tim the Tool.

  4. Every time I see "TATUS" I think of 'TAINT. Do you know what a 'TAINT is? I think it still fits Geithner.


  5. LOL....I was going to ask who TATUS was too but someone else beat me to it. Geithner...thats just too funny. And in the cargo hold to boot. Great place for him and I hope he was comfy thee. lol

  6. Ok, that should have said "I hope he was comfy theRe.

  7. Tatus and Geithner?????
    OH how APROPO!!!!!!!ROFL

  8. Okay i KNOW I'll get a RAZING from this group but I MUST ASK.....
    What shold we call MICHEAL JACKSON?????

  9. I've always referred to the Speaker as: SFN (San Fran Nan).

  10. TOTUS.... would you be upset with me to know that I continue to say "War on Terror"

    Cheers....(little British lingo for you!) Enjoy your trip!

  11. 'Charlie Chaplin' Geithner - that ugly depression era icon is hardly an 'Asset' unless you drop the 'et' off the end.

  12. Hehe. I like the cast of characters. Consider me a FOT.

  13. I wonder if anyone would notice if you scrolled this speech:

    The record is unmistakable: If you seek economic growth, if you seek opportunity, if you seek social justice and human dignity, the free-market system is the way to go. And it would be a terrible mistake to allow a few months of crisis to undermine 60 years of success.

    Just as important as maintaining free markets within countries is maintaining the free movement of goods and services between countries. When nations open their markets to trade and investment, their businesses and farmers and workers find new buyers for their products. Consumers benefit from more choices and better prices. Entrepreneurs can get their ideas off the ground with funding from anywhere in the world. Thanks in large part to open markets, the volume of global trade today is nearly 30 times greater than it was six decades ago — and some of the most dramatic gains have come in the developing world.

    As President, I have seen the transformative power of trade up close. I’ve been to a Caterpillar factory in East Peoria, Ill., where thousands of good-paying American jobs are supported by exports. I’ve walked the grounds of a trade fair in Ghana, where I met women who support their families by exporting handmade dresses and jewelry. I’ve spoken with a farmer in Guatemala who decided to grow high-value crops he could sell overseas — and helped create more than 1,000 jobs.

    (I wont tell anybody George Bush gave this speech at the last G20 if you wont?

    Capt Bob

  14. Oh my .That package may be those aftermarket "arms " that I sent you .You seemed so jealous of them .These armature units can be retrofitted to male or female units , Teleprompter , as you may have noted .
    Of course they look great on both.
    Not that anyone could outdo your sveldte figure, ramrod posture ,& stern androgeny .
    Even if they tried .
    It is obvious who the big guy's eyes are glued to , when not watching hoops.
    But isn't all about looks , or any of that
    electro - magnetism you radiate .
    As reader of the free world it is what he reads from you that is important .
    Those are your words Totus , or someone's .
    Whether produced by those in national service ,or by your dedicated servers ,they are the words that lead the world .
    Don't let them treat you like just another pretty face , TP .
    America needs you to keep on pluggin !

  15. Nice post!

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  16. RE: your Twitter this afternoon about "The Beast" (Reader of the Free World's vehicle)

    In view of the widely held belief that B. Hussein is akin (perhaps, a kin!) to the Anti-Christ (you must admit, B.O.'s ability to deceive is phenomenal), the following facts are troubling, to say the least:

    1) He's called "The One" by his followers who consider him a "Messiah;"

    2) Some ignoramus Cult of Obama member compared him with Jesus, "Jesus was a community organizer... " and the entire Cult took it up as a new mantra;

    3) His close advisor bears the blasphemous name of "Emmanuel;"

    4) His pastor of 20 years kept calling out to B.O., sitting in the pews, "God, damn America!" And B.O. is now carrying out that request with a vengeance;

    5) His car is called "The Beast" (I suppose it was bored over to be 666 cubic inches, too);

    6) He claims to be able to lower the level of the seas;

    7) He doesn't like dogs (had to be forced to get one);

    8) Smoke comes out of his nose and mouth;

    9) He lies A LOT; and

    10) Khadafy and I'maDinnerJacket and Bill Ayers think he's cool.

    And I'll bet there are more facts that I've forgotten. Shudder.

  17. I just noticed that there is only 1 person viewing this blog from Pahkeestahn. Probably the only person who owns a PC.

    Anyway, that reminded me about BARACK (the name of the horse Mohammad rode into Polygamous Pedophile Paradise -- that would be "Hell" to non-Muslims -- ooooo! The number of viewers in Saudi Arabia just jumped from 15 to 300, heh, heh) HUSSEIN's weird pattern of culturally-correct pronunciation.

    He only chooses certain cultures to pronounce "correctly:"


    ....... BUT NOT "ISRAH-EL."




  18. Latest from London -- it turns out that the suspicious parcel that got blown up was Gordon Brown's Global Stimulus Package.

  19. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the cast of characters!

  20. Keep up the good work, TOTUS! Mind the gap.... and remember that someone will knock you up in the morning....

  21. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  22. PS!!!!
    This is more FUN then ANY SOAP OPERA!!!!!

  23. Thanks for that, Gary! Whew! Good to know that the "parcel" (love that British language - smile) was full of nothing but hot air.

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