Saturday, May 2, 2009

About This Morning

Big Guy finished watching his Saturday cartoons about an hour ago. No, he doesn't like them himself, but we've discovered that it's the only way he could get Joey B to focus for any amount of time. Big Guy had asked Biden to come in from Delaware for a morning of vetting, because he wants to identify his three possible nominees for the Supreme Court. If they can come up with a short list, then Toes and Gibbsy can leak the names on the Sunday talk shows.  

The problem is, Biden is a man of ritual, and he showed up this morning insisting on Cocoa Crispies and three hours of Nick. So nothing has been done.  At this rate, I don't understand why Big O just didn't nominate Sponge Bob for veep and cut out the middle man. 

And I still think that should be an option not taken off the table. 



  1. Totus,

    Does Sponge Bob come with that creepy king street dancing to sir mix alot?

  2. Saturday Afternoon Reflections The Last Time Sean Penn Said something that made any damn sense and is actually pertinent to our present times.

  3. If my write-in vote for president in the California democratic primary had been counted, Spongebob would be president now. I feel disenfranchised.

  4. I just can't joke about this topic.
    The best thing GW ever did was nominate and successfully place on the Supreme Court two decent, honest justices who will faithfully honor and preserve our US Constitution.
    Believe it: nothing (certainly not cartoons or parody) will deter BO from nominating ultra-liberal judges who have no intention of respecting or upholding the Constitution.
    We're in for it....

  5. Dear TOTUS-

    IF the BG were to go to any church/temple/mosque on the weekend,what would you be doing at that time? Do you get to rest up? Do you go to Camp David with the gang?

  6. Totus, kudos to you as they mentioned you on Fox News ( the only news)the other night after the press conference, oops, I mean after the enchanted evening love fest...

  7. Hey, you should post about how Big Guy threatened Chrysler's shareholders with a smear campaign by the White House Press Corps if they didn't concede to give in to the government's demands. Doesn't the government only own about 8% of Chrysler? I wonder how they pulled that off?

  8. TOTOS, I know it is a lazy Saturday,and after the past week's bombshells (Air Scare 1, Biden's flu fiasco, Chrysler smackdown, Mrs. Big Guy's sneakers, to name a few), and all you really want to do is bury your blues in a bottle; when you get a chance, will you address Hugo's outburst over Big O's "new
    aggression?" You could have knocked me over with a feather when I read this one. I thought we were cool with Chauvez now? Presto-chango and all that. Didn't
    Big O and Hugo make goo-goo eyes at each other,
    or was I just dreaming? Doesn't he realize that we live in the land of enchantment? It's like a fairy-tale now. Does this mean the prez is going to have to fly back down to congratulate Hugo some more for being the best dictator on earth and at the same time, give Americans a verbal spanking flawed way of thinking? I don't know if I'm up for it.

  9. By the way, Uppity Woman as a great picture of you, TOTUS... were you doing your Joey B mime imitation again?

  10. I'm not sure Spongebob's an American citizen, TOTUS. Could be, though...and, anyway, I can't imagine BG letting a little thing like the law and the Constitution keep him from hiring his friends.

  11. Seriously, Big Guy is going to nominate Cass Sunstein, another Univ of Chicago big forehead guy, currently in charge of the White House Office of Disinformation. Either him, or a feminist who Knows Everything. The new O Court will crapft laws to make life fair for all friends of O ... and to heck with his non friends.

  12. tennismom2

    I'm sure it was a mistake, but when you said the new O court will crapft, that's funny!!!

  13. "... cartoons ... the only way he could get Joey B to focus for any amount of time."

    Say, now.... that Irish Setter theory is making even more sense. The ONLY TV shows my German Shepherd will pay attention (seriously!) to for any length of time are CARTOONS! (And my shepherd has a much longer attention span than J.B.)

    Yeah, I watch cartoons.... occasionally.... so? $:}

  14. TOTUS, is it true that the Big Guy is looking for a transgendered, disabled, minority who is also gay, if that is possible, to the SC?

  15. [Mountain Mama said] "...nothing ... will deter BO from nominating ultra-liberal judges who have no intention of respecting or upholding the Constitution."

    Sobering thought, MM.

    I'm praying (well, it doesn't hurt to ask!) that, just as when the Allies landed at Normandy under cover of a providential fog with an accompanying fog in the mind of Hitler who ignored his generals' advice, God will confuse that Kenyan Marxist and he'll THINK he's picking a radical leftist.

    A likely scenario is B. Hussein being "too smart by half" and nominating someone with a strict constructionist/Constitution-honoring jurist who D'oh! thinks is secretly a "Rules for Radicals" devotee because he or she drove a VW microvan in college. Sort of a Souter-in-Reverse.

  16. [Barry's Used Cars said] "...a transgendered, disabled, minority who is also gay... ."

    LOL, B.U.C.. Nope. We already have one of those in the Oval Office.

  17. B.O.'s Accomplishments (So far)

    - Diss the Prime Minister of Great Britain
    - Diss the Queen
    - Bow to King Saud
    - Extend warm invitation to Iran
    - Insult Israel
    - Nearly kill Capt. Phillips to protect homeboys
    - High-five Chavez
    - Do a drop dead imitation of Mussolini v.a.v GM
    - Do a drop dead imitation of Al Capone v.a.v. Chrysler
    - Joke about economic downturn
    - Walk like a gay man
    - Pose in the half-nude
    - Insult Special Olympics participants (most of whom B.O. would have tossed into the dirty linen closet to die when they were born)
    - Thumb nose at D.C. (and all other) churches
    - Get kicks by flying 747 at 1,500 ft. over Manhattan for half and hour without warning
    - Cover up Greek for "Jesus"
    - Tell a lie at least five times a day
    - Tell terrorists secrets to help them attack U.S.
    - Give Club Gitmo terrorists "Get out of jail free" card

    What next?!!!!


    As someone has said, "The Islamofascists don't need anymore to attack us by flying into buildings or bombing our ports. They've got Barack Hussein Obama."

  18. Video from CBS Channel 2 of terri-fly-by and panicked people running for their lives. (from northeast intelligence)

    Also read Citizen Wells blog 5/02 for scary news re flu researchers.

  19. Good one, Jonathan. How could I have forgotten!

    Thanks for the link, Free USA. Everyone in America should see that.

    I saw a brief, sickening, video clip on Fox News last week of those frightened people running and screaming and I can NOT watch it again (even if it's not the same one). I like my TV....

  20. So, B. Hussein doesn't like cartoons.

    Figures. A person probably has to develop a taste for them by watching them first as a child (like most AMERICANS). Growing up in Indonesia until he was 6 or so, he very likely gets his jollies watching a good cock fight.

    In Hawaii, living with two people who named their baby girl "Stanley," there probably wasn't too much cartoon watching. Saturday mornings were probably spent smoking a joint or two while watching the lava lamp.


    Q1. Is COT female or male?

    Q2. Where did COT grow up?

    Q3. What schooling or training has COT had?

    Q4. What is COT's favorite book? Movie? TV show?

    Q5. What famous person or character does COT most resemble and/or what role would Central Casting give her or him?

    Q6. What is COT's dream car?

    Q7. What does COT do for a living?

    Q8. How old is COT?

    Q9. What pets does COT own?

    Q10. What type of home does COT live in?

  22. [Susan~SMIA~ATL said] "IF the BG were to go to any church/temple/mosque ..."

    Good question, but scratch "temple." The only reason bowing B. Hussein of "my Muslim faith" would go near a Temple would be to spit on it.

  23. Now let's be nice to Joey B. After all were would political comedy be until the 2012 election without him? On the swine flu he was just saying how he personally felt about it. And, they made him ride on a train as punishment.

    John's Space

  24. When faced with terrorist attacks leading to raging fires
    some report that 200 Americans were faced with the terrible decision
    seen here. Our current President is making policy that forgets what
    these people faced.
    Flying through NYC at a low altitude shows just how out of touch, and
    forgetful the White House occupants really are.

  25. Was it an aural hallucination or did I hear COT, creator of TOTUS, voice of POTUS, will be heard on WLS 890 tomorrow Monday... probably to talk about future choice for SCOTUS, about which there is Tribune article about U of C geniuses likely to be crapfting our new laws and bending the Constitution into the shape of O.

  26. When the government's "facts" don't make sense, we aren't being told the truth:

    1) The Defense Department didn't need to stage ACTUAL "publicity photos" of Air Force One (this was its twin) in the NYC area: they could create them via computer in 20 minutes.

    2) Fighter jets are necessary only when the president is on board. He supposedly wasn't; he gave a speech at 9 a.m.ET to a live audience in DC; the NYC flight began at 10 a.m.ET.

    3) Two other aircraft previously flew low over NYC and created panic, so the government (White House, military, FAA, and Homeland Security) KNEW this flight would also terrify people. In Feb., 2002, two fighter jets flew low over NYC; and in May 2003, so did a jet with US soldiers, returning from Iraq----both causing panic below.

    4) A low-altitude "photo-shoot" flight on a Sunday a.m., when most offices are empty, would create far less terror.

    SO, what's the real story about the weekday "terri-fly-by?"

    The most plausible reasons for this flight are:

    1) To receive a perk, on board were extremely-powerful people, whose presence required those protective fighter jets,
    2) The military was testing the response of people in various groups and buildings to another terrorist attack.

    Only the latter possibility would warrant causing panic and outrage in NYC. If only the former possibility occurred, those rich donors are SICK, knowing they'd be viewing panic in NYC.

  27. "What next?!!!!"


  28. Don't "out" COT. He may end up like his homeboys Tony Rez and Blago da gov - plug pulled and silenced. He is our voice! Rather he be guilty as hell and free as a bird and here to enlighten us each day.

  29. Breaking News...Breaking News
    The Obamas take a walk.

  30. TOTUS-

    Idea - right before the prime time conference announcing the Big Guy's SCOTUS nominee, switch out whatever name happens to be there and insert "Robert Bork". Big Guy will never notice, I promise.

  31. Mountain Mama . . . to me the story that makes the most sense is a variation on the "perks" version you mentioned.

    I would not be surprised at all to learn that Obama was fund-raising by selling seats on the flight, or rewarding those, such as the big time bundlers who figured out ways to raise tons of dough for his campaign during the closing months.

    In other words, it could end up becoming the Obama version of Clinton's sleeping over in the Lincoln bedroom scandal. So many more seats, and a fly-by of the Statue of Liberty. Wow!

    At least for a while, I'd day there are too many hold-overs within the White House for him to risk the "sleep-overs." Remember the travel office scandal?

    But keep in mind that Lou Cadera is a political appointeee -- Bush, by the way, did not have political appointees in that position. He had active duty military people assigned to run the the White House Military Office.

    Finally, the military testing peoples' reactions story is just completely daffy.

    Remember the rule . . . follow the money.

    By the way, Gibbs said Obama was "furious" over the incident. Gee, I wonder . . . what would have made him furious about that? Must have been at least ten possibilities!

  32. Some people ARE sick enough to relish terrifying people----and would pay dearly to fly at low altitude so as to see the public scatter like panicked bugs.

    As for BO: he was furious possibly because people dared to feel outrage about these flights (concerning which OBVIOUSLY he must have known beforehand)!

    So BO is ticked people dared to be scared, rather than do what HE wanted and just ignore the low-altitude flights (armed jets, too!) and trust that all was well: BO was in charge. He's one creepy dude....

    Speaking of creepy, I also wondered if MO was on that jet. And was it HER not-so-bright idea?

  33. totus, real or fiction, no matter who big guy nominates for supreme court they are going to be a "cartoon" character!

  34. Hey TOTUS-

    Are there any ladies (or ?)around the POTUS in the White House who might cause a scandal? Just wonderin'. I love reruns.

  35. Susan (~SMIA~ATL),

    Nope. Just men.

    Mmm, hmmmm.

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