Friday, May 29, 2009

In Which I Think I Should Be Concerned ...

So Gibbsy has been in a foul mood, stalking around the West Wing, as seemingly every hour, Fox News, our sworn enemy, runs features on me. He claims that I've been doing too much self promotion. As if, as an inanimate object, I can do anything but stand there while Big Guy utters what scrolls across my screens. This, coming from the guy who sprays bronzer on before doing his press briefings.

Besides, Gibbsy is always saying how we have so-and-so media personality in our pocket and the media eating out of our hand. If he's that worried about my rising celebritydom, then he should do something about it.

Maybe I should be worried about it, though. The last guy who got this kind of coverage was Bo, and he just got fixed.


  1. Guard your cables!

    If anything happens to you TOTUS, the Nation will rise up!

  2. TOTUS, you are probably not into hamburgers and such, but it appeared that POTUS really needed your help when ordering food at the fast food "5 Brothers" restaurant today, maybe next time you could go with him and scroll the menu!!

  3. English is his second (or third) language

  4. TOTUS: I am sure you have some top secret self defense gadgetry that you’re not able to disclose.

    What about …

    Head Buting Big Guy in the middle of a speech.
    A kick to the groin when Big Guy isn't looking.
    Or the move wear you level out and spin like a helicopter...

    That move alone could take out MSNBC.

    OR you could wear the Skarsky and Hutch starter kit that James Rosen and Major Garrett from Fox news gave you on April Fools Day. Probably a good idea wearing the holster.

  5. I think Gibbsy is just mad that Bacrack isn't giving him the same type of attention that Odumba gave Larry Sinclair.

    What am I talking about? The Globe has the scoop:

    FIRST Lady Michelle Obama is spearheading a shocking White House cover-up, insiders say in a blockbuster GLOBE world exclusive. Sources detail the cunning tactics furious Michelle is using to muzzle the man who claims to have had gay sex and cocaine encounters with the President as she battles to protect her husband's image. It's must reading for every American!

  6. [InGodWe said] top secret self defense gadgetry ... What about [going black?]

    That move alone could take out [D'oh!]... ."]


    Can't even order a cotton pickin' burger. (head shake) -- Elizabeth, did Dope really do that AGAIN? Incredible.

  7. You may be right, Melena. But, ol' Stanley supposedly spoke fluent English which would make it likely little Barry Soetoro spoke: #1 - English #2 - Indonesian.

    We know that he "can't speak German as well as Chancellor Merkel." Yup, he really said that.

    B.O. also cannot speak Austrian (and from the Cinco de Cuatro "punch drunk" line -- can't speak Mexican either). He can't speak French (had the AUDACITY to scorn Americans for not being able to do this).

    Say, somewhere, there is a complete list if D'oh!'s "D'oh!"s. Here are just the ones I can easily recall [and I'm not including his bold face lies, like telling a Middle Eastern audience that the Senate Banking Committee was "my committee" or repeatedly declaring that Iraq had $79 million in oil profits stashed away when $50 million of that was ONLY PROJECTED PROFITS]:

    - "Breathalyzer" for inhaler
    - 57 (and "more to go") states in the U.S.
    - which state am I in?
    - bowing to King Saud
    - U.S. Constitution was written 20 centuries ago
    - Actually thinks his policies and those of Abraham Lincoln are similar
    - now... hm... the name of that soldier I'm praying for is (peek)
    - Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh...........uh......uuuummm

  8. LOL, just a plain old blank screen!!!

    Can't even order a burger!!!

    Head Shake!!1


    Yeah, the screen goes blank for two weeks straight, everyday, everytime.



  9. He could order a Head Shake!! And..... an Eye Roll...... Bwah, haaaaaaa!!

    You're lots of fun, InGodWe. (C:)

  10. Intimidation. It's the Chicago way. Just ask those New Black Panther's Big Guy is protecting. MelenaX is right: Better watch your cables.

    Obama's sledging strategy of intimidation

  11. Hey Totus...your enemy Fox News just reported that Robert Gibbs has a giggle index. Seems he has more jokes, funny moments, and made the press laugh more than the average Press Secretary. It's called the Gibbs Giggle Index.
    600 instances of laughter since he started. Funny stuff, I guess.

  12. Shouldn't you qualify for secret service protection? I'd carry pepper spray around Gibbs.

  13. TOTUS:
    Credit where credit is due, I say. BO is nothing without you TOTUS, and Gibbsy is jealous, that much is obvious. Keep your screens peeled. We have your back.

  14. Confront intimidation: A thug holds a stick to intimidate voters. Confront
    him. Question his cause. No one man is above the law.

    The Real reason the Cubs are cursed?
    No laws apply to Chicago state goverment/street thug officals. Pay to play is the Windy City way.

  15. Dictators think they're gods, so they resent it when anyone else gets attention or credit.

    POTUS is toast without you, TOTUS; he just ain't that bright on his own.

    So do you have an exit strategy?---a fast one?!

  16. Hey, TOTUS----yesterday's James Rosen report on Fox News must have polled well, because they keep running the report!

    It'll be on again in a minute, on "America's News HQ"----a real testimony to your excellent blog.

  17. Along with the giggles, I watched the Gibbster's response to the Birth Cert question; did anyone who saw this notice how tight his mouth got while the quest was being asked? It was a hard, straight line, indicating displeasure at the question -- it made him angry, or uncomfortable -- or both.

    The his shiftly eyes look away (several times), his head ducks down (avoiding the question), and he starts that manic giggle (you know, like DR. GIGGLES...), and gives a really lame, lying excuse.

    BHO is NOT a US citizen; yet, we, as citizens, do not have the right to know that.

  18. HEY TELEPROMPTER (and this blog). YOUR BLOG WAS FEATURED in a FOX NEWS REPORT!! Check out the clip:

    The blog made the national airwaves, yeah!

  19. Totus,
    Are you saying that the joking Gibbsy and the famed Gibbs Giggle Index is a facade for the WH reporters?
    Is there anything genuine about these public servants?

  20. Great post - keep up the excellent work!

    ps. Link Exchange??

  21. The "BlackSox Administration".

    Shoeless "Joe" Biden and Barack Obama are throwing the United States of America?

    "Corruption and Deception, the BlackSox administration"

    Go Cubs!

  22. The 1919 Chicago Black Sox Scandal...

    Can TOTUS photoshop the faces in the 1919 Black Sox photo with the faces in the current "Black Sox Administration"?

    That would be great!!

    And the photos of BHO wearing a White Sox/Black Sox hat?

    "Say it so Joe"

    Poor Old Shoeless "Joe" Biden, never did get into the Hall of Fame.

  23. HEY TELEPROMPTER (and this blog). YOUR BLOG WAS FEATURED in a FOX NEWS REPORT!! Check out the clip:

    The blog made the national airwaves, yeah!

  24. TOTUS: I can't shutup about this...

    "Say it ain't so JOE"

    Walk away and tell everything you know about The Black Sox Administration"

  25. [Alan reported] "Gibbs has a giggle index ... Funny stuff, I guess."

    LOL. :D Good one, Alan.

    Yeah, Gibbs is hilarious.


    [Mountain Mama quipped] "So do you have an exit strategy?" LOL. :o) Nice use of the Donkeys' rhetorical foolishness re: Iraq conflict.

    It's getting thrown back at them quite a bit these days. Yesterday, a FOX business reporter sent a member of the Cult of Obama into a sputtering coniption ("Holy cow,...") by doing what you cleverly did above -- pointing out that the imposter POTUS just started handing out money (other people's) with "NO EXIT STRATEGY."

    Great minds!

  26. Say, Joe?

    We get it.

    Time to come up with a new comment.

    Go take a nap. Watch a little "Tom and Jerry." You'll think of something.

  27. Hi, Melena. I didn't see ol' Giggly, but I can imagine it from some of his past stand-up routines: "Gibbster's response to the Birth Cert question; did anyone who saw this notice how tight his mouth got while the quest was being asked? It was a hard, straight line... ." [MelenaX]

    He's pretty homely, that boy is. And he has NO LIPS. I don't know how that fellow sleeps at night. (head shake)

    Must be hard to play the "look stupid so Dope looks smarter" role.

    Yeah, liars usually get angry when cornered. They use the "righteous indignation" strategy.

    That is: if I'm angry, it's because you are unfairly questionning me. After all, decent people don't get angry at a reasonable question......

  28. What? Didn't you get invited on date night to a Broadway show? How could they?
    Maybe when they run out of things to say to each other, you could text Big Guy some sweet nothings to his Blackberry.

    Groping for words is exhausting, and he needs to save up for defending his SCOTUS nominee.

  29. Unfortunate, but expected!

    God Bless you all.

    This has been a complete blast.

  30. RE: TOTUS' Tweet - '...going to Korean BBQ for missile info...' RONFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!

    dear God, that imbecile is so clueless; either that, or he's intentionally putting the US in a nuke's sights.

  31. my verification for the above post was GRAND

  32. "Keep your friends close, your enemies closer, and another man's Press Secretary closest of all"
    -- Richard Milhouse Nixon's teleprompter

  33. Hey, TOTUS! Jim Gibbons, Nev Governor, is pretty upset that Big Guy didn't meet him when he was in Vegas. The state lost million$ when he campaigned against going to Vegas for conventions.

    Oh, well. Another Governor off his cheer team. There is one more election ahead--Or more. They can put down their pom poms. Just as long as they don't change teams.

  34. Ha! Ed, LOL. :D Good one.

    Speaking of Tricky Dick, imagine B. "Milhouse" Obama in a genuine debate with Nixon. Nixon would wipe the floor with him.

    For all Nixon's shortcomings, B. Hussein is WAY worse. Nixon was dangerous to his enemies, mainly to Democrats. B. Hussein is a threat to every citizen of the United States.

    "Milhouse" has NEVER debated (the pre-election Q & A sessions called "debates" certainly don't qualify) anyone. "Beyond my level of competence."

  35. Melena, how grand! Heh, heh....

    That is, I'm certain, the truncated version of GRANDiose delusions. Under which B. "I have a gift" O. suffers. #_#


  37. In God We Trust, notmankind

    “Corruption, Deception"

    Barack Obama, Shoeless Joe Biden and
    The Black Sox Administration

    $25,000,000,000 Reward...

    Barack Obama is a serious matter, all joking aside, the Truth is not a slogan.

    “Corruption, Deception"

    Barack Obama, Shoeless Joe Biden and
    The Black Sox Administration

    In God We Trust, notmankind

  38. TOTUS: This has been a alot of fun. Thank you for being such a brave teleprompter...

    Making sure to check in, read your posts and do everything I can personaly, to help America from....

    "Corruption, Deception"

    Barack Obama, Shoeless Joe Biden and
    the Black Sox Administration.

    In God We Trust, notmankind

  39. TOTUS, you had better be careful. Gibbsy is jealous of his power. You could be replaced with an earpiece and a notecard.

  40. I seriously doubt that.

    BHO would have to listen, then memorize, then speak; and we know from the flubbed Oath of Office (which he never did take, BTW; the words where messed up the first time, and he didn't use the Holy Bible the second time), that he can't do that and appear to be 'elegant, charming, and an excellent orator'

    he needs TOTUS for that.

  41. Funny that Obama's Teleprompter is nowhere near as eloquent as the man himself speaking off-the-cuff.

    To be funny you have to be able to write better than our Pres speaks inpromptu.

  42. Are you kidding? This is hilarious! Even Old Joe knows that Obama can't "speak impromptu" without stuttering .... Hence Joe's little joke the other day about Totus being damaged. "What will Barack do now?" Everyone thought Old Joe was just being his usual goofy self, but it was a definite dig at his boss's inability to speak without someone writing down what he is supposed to say so he can read it out loud.

    BTW folks - have you heard?? TOTUS has been kidnapped by al-Qaeda terrorists!!! read about it here -

    Hope it isn't true. Of course, it if is true, we might get some blessed peace for a few days and not have to listen to the messiah pontificate!

  43. Ah----no. D'oh loves to listen to the sound of his own melodious voice, so he'll keep talking, anyway....unfortunately....

    Tell you what is hee-larious: watching the liberal press try to catch short soundbites from BO when he's answering their questions off the cuff, without TOTUS.

    IT NEVER HAPPENS! He takes TOO long to express a "thought!" Consequently the MSM is forced to tape these lo-ong, vague, simplistic quotes that any junior high kid could say better.

  44. that's becuase the longer the Fraud takes to give a non-answer, the fewer questions the fawning reporters have time to ask.

  45. Exactly, Melena. Question avoidance by Drone Delay is one of the Con Man in Chief's main defensive manoeuvres.

  46. Whoa! First of the two verification words -- I often have to go through the security screen twice ):} --




    Please thank your youngest son for serving in the U. S. Armed Forces to keep this country free. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! to you, Melena's son. You are now on TWW's prayer list.

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