Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What's Old Is New Again

We just got out of the morning staff meeting in the Oval, where Big Guy announced that he's bringing Jake Siewert into the Admininstration. Jake was President Clinton's last press secretary, and has been at Alcoa every since.  Siewert's first job will be to make Tim Terrific less of a media liability, which is kind of weird since we're five months in, and it's a little late to worrying about that. 

I thought it was ironic that we hired a guy from an aluminum and teflon manufacturer and the nation's largest dealer in recyclable materials, who served in another administration, to come back and make our weakest link more palatablie, but I didn't say that out loud. 

I think I'll save it for the screen so Big Guy can say it.  Or maybe not. 


  1. Watching Big Guy read his cabinet and staff appointments, it was clear to me that Big Guy is all about recycling ... except for the dog ... not that dog ... BO

  2. I guess this is the best hopey can do since his posse can only find felons and knaves to serve in this administration.

    Best and most transparent administration evah!

  3. As usual, TOTUS, you are ahead of the pack: hopefully LONG before the next presidential election, Americans will realize we keep re-electing the same rich people, who recycle the same assistants and staffers, who don't seem to care about us, their employers.

    Because the GOP and Dem's behave so similarly, Glenn Beck wants to chuck them both, and create a new third party for true conservatives.
    Makes sense, but would it be viable, or just another waste of votes?

    Bristol and Todd did well this morning on "The Today Show:" answer questions quickly, and stay positive. (Whew!) Matt's body language was so predictably visible: "I don't support them."

  4. TOTUS...

    I think "Hopey the Clown" has a nice ring...BO can even resort to ghetto diction and say...

    "Hopey don't do dat"

  5. TOTUS...spell check that! Or don't...actually, I would love to hear Big Guy say "palatablie". That would make me laugh for hours. lol :-D

  6. Hey Totus

    Could you load this into your mainframe? I would love to hear the President read this.

  7. Starting a third party is just what BO wants! Remember what happened with Perot?

    John's Space

  8. TOTUS:
    So does this mean Monica will be back?

  9. Aw, c'mon. Sneak it in there! (But only when the cameras are rolling!)

  10. Seems perfectly logical to me that he would hire a teflon guy to coat his sticky cabinet members.

  11. [Duke Hoops Fan said] "... hopey... " LOL.

    We've all been wondering when that clown D'oh! and his gang were going to start to act presidential. It's turning out to be one big act.

    Apparently, they're assembling the cast for a re-make of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs."


    Hopey (Dope, a.k.a. Dopey)
    Sleepy (Summers)
    Happy (Dope, as in "punch drunk" Barry)
    Giggly (Gibbsy, f.n.a. "Bashful")
    Grumpy (Big Mo)
    Doc (Dope, as in "Papa Doc Duvalier")
    Sneezy (Jobiden)

    They've added a leprechaun (sort of a combo "Darby O'Gill" and the Dwarves flick), Timmy of the pointy ears.

    They wanted to cast Rahm as The Executioner (new role, just for him), but he's pushing hard to get Snow White. The likely scenario is they'll make Bahney Fwank be Snow White, then Toes/Rahm will eagerly take the role of Prince Charming leaving the queen open for Pelosi, the scariest looking one of the bunch (with a voice-over cackle by H. Rotten).

    The animals and other extras will be played by various aides and hangers-on.

    And, yes, you'll notice that D'oh! has several roles -- more face time. Plus, with his own teleprompter, he doesn't have to memorize his lines.

    Heigh ho! Heigh ho!

  12. Hopey the Clown [Duke and AV]
    drives around town
    in his big, black, automobile.

    He's gotta gift
    if you get my drift,
    and, by Allah, he will get that "deal".

    When he soars through the sky
    in a terror fly-by
    and the people ask, "Why?
    Just for fun?"

    If confronted he'll lie
    or just glare in your eye
    and arrogantly tell you, "I won."

  13. Mountain Mama has it right ...
    "we keep re-electing the same rich people, who recycle the same assistants and staffers, who don't seem to care about us, their employers"


    Makes you wonder -- WHY????? Seriously, who ARE these people that keep re-electing Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, even Ted Kennedy? TOTUS, could you scroll something about congressional term limits in the next presidential presser?

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