Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Ring's the Thing

Some people have been commenting on the photos the Los Angeles Times ran showing Big Guy when he was a freshman out at Occidental College. They've noticed that ring on Big O's left hand and wondered what that was all about. Well, a person doesn't just get a Teleprompter and and boot it up. It requires a commitment  ... with an extended warranty.

And a really good power cord and surge protector. 


  1. Totus,
    Will Big guy honor his commitment to you?
    I think some Chrysler Bond holders might have a story to tell, that you need to scan!
    Your really good surge protector and power cord are only sufficient colleteral as long as the Circuit breaker is switched on.
    What happens if it get's switched off?
    Who ya gonna call?
    If BG plugs in his blackberry charger right next to your cord it probably does not mean your now second in line for power....unless Toes or Gibsey while cleaning up behind BO need to plug in a sweeper!
    Do Lady M's sneakers plug in? For $500 they should!

  2. He is incredibly cheesy looking...

  3. Classmate: "Hey, Barry, what's with the ring, man?"

    Barry: "Uuuuuuuuuuuuh.....hmmmmm...........ring... on... left ... hand......... Oh, yeah! Ring on left hand means take the bus home; grandma's not coming."

    Classmate: "Bummer."

    Barry: "It's cool, it's cool. I love buses!..........(looks left, looks right -- being sneaky got his neck in great shape for you, TOTUS).... You got my "stuff?"

  4. Meh. Good luck with the ring, TOTUS - sounds like one more promise for Big Guy to break. Wish I had time to comment in more detail, but I am off to the VFW to toast the end of the end of the Korean War. Big Guy's policy of verbally engaging our enemies has finally borne some fruit, as I guess North Korea's dismissal of the Peace Treaty that ended that war now gives BO an opportunity to blame someone other than Bush for events in the world.

    I'm sure Harry Truman is gonna catch hell for this one...

  5. OMG TOTUS, please don't show us anymore of those pictures. He looks like Micheal Jackson.

  6. TWW:
    You won't believe this. My word this time was, "resin".


  7. You mean the photos where he looks like a pimp?

  8. Hi, Betty Ann!

    Thanks for your above comment of disgust -- NOW I WILL DEFFINITELY NOT look at that photo. Whew! I have enough revolting images of that grinning con man to pollute my mind (and there IS a lot of space up there, heh, heh) for the rest of my life.


    I'm sitting at my keyboard with a slightly reddening face hoping I "got" the "resin" gag. Is it funny because:

    A. The ring is obviously a cheap repro. made of "resin?"

    B. It accurately describes what B. Hussein the big fat liar does every day, lies, and lies, i.e., "resins?" ..... or

    C. "Resin" is how Dope spells "reason?"

    Eagerly awaiting your reply. @_@

  9. Got "slatings."

    Not terribly significant, I don't think.

    It's just what Dope calls sleigh runners. Maybe it's a subtle hint that Dope is our Santa Claus. Shrug. I'll keep you posted.

  10. Does Man-Monster Me!Me!Me!Hell know about this 'ring' thing???

    OMG! He DOES look like that pervert, Michael J!

    His grandparents must be so proud!

    i know his parents are...

  11. TWW:
    NO. Resin is the tarry stuff leftover in the pipe, on the roach, in the bong water.

  12. Yep, he's lookin' a little happy there. A little too happy. Oh yeah . . .

  13. He looks like a baby! Nowadays, he just acts like one. Remember how he griped about how hard the CAMPAIGN was!? LORD, what a whiner....

  14. yeah, he probably had to be up and ready to go by noon -- EVERY DAY!!!!

  15. Thanks, Betty Ann. Learn something new every day. (eye roll)

    BTW: Still praying re: National Guard husband's imminent deployment. Take care.

  16. TWW:
    You are sweet and I thank you. My husband's UNIT deploys Friday, day after towmorrow, but he does not go. He is only losing his mind getting them off. He was going until he tore a rotor cuff loading the gear, so he is undeployable. They wear 45 lbs. of body armor.

    Saturday is the yellow ribbon ceremony. Many good friends, and much stress because of the loss of 4 nat'l gaurdsman recently, from N.C.

    God bless American Troops.

  17. TOTUS, I was reading the LA times article here. And the photographer, Lisa Jack a student at Occidental Collage with Obama during 1980, says very little, which means there is ALOT to hide. For all we know, she has photos of Barry that no one will ever see…
    She is claming that he was smoking a pack of cigarettes, when it clearly looks like he is smoking a joint.

    What I would really like know is this.

    The real and actual Occidental Collage story/transcripts.

    1980, he was a Freshman? Did he spend four years at this school?

    His entire past is hidden!

    This can't be?

    This is America, not Cuba.

    Someone most know more about the Obama kid that was known as "Barry the Freshman, 1980".


    Was BHO being programmed by radicals at this time? I'm sure he was indoctrinated way before he arrived at Occidental...

    Poor Kid

  18. Ring on his finger wasn't the only ring he put his finger and other things into.

  19. IGWTnm, great questions. It is OBVIOUS that we have a con man IMPOSTERPOTUS. Amazing that THAT many of the libs are so drunk on the Kool-Aid they refuse to see the truth about that kook.

    If I recall correctly, Barry Soetoro did not graduate from high school on time. Maybe he got his G.E.D. or H.S. diploma at Occidental.

    His little field trip to Pockeystahn took place in the early 1980's, too, didn't it?


    And, regardless of whether the Dope is a "poor kid" as you so generously put it, or just a slick, narcisstic, con man, HE SHOULD NOT BE OCCUPYING THE RESIDENCE OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.

  20. My word was "pilled."

    So, it wasn't dope, it was pills, eh?

  21. I am surprised that while Big Guy is wearing the Ring...he didn't turn invisible. But he sure does have Sauron's cruelty, malice, and will to dominate all life. Now he watches us from atop the tower of Barack'dur - a great eye. Lidless. Wreathed in flame.

    If we zoom in, we may see the writing of Mordor on it. Let us retrieve it and throw it into the flames of Mount Doom!

    btw, did anyone ever see that photo of President Bush, where they zoomed in on his wedding ring and put the Mordor writing on it? That was so funny. LOL :-D

  22. Good one, Shaun. LOL, no, I didn't see the President Bush spoof.

    Nice Lord of the Rings analogy. I think that if J. R. R. Tolkein were here, he would say that in B. Hussein's case, it was the evil blackness from his heart of poisonous coal that originally caused the ring to become evil. The ring was a good ring (like Eden was a good place, but the Serpent entered, and then evil was afoot in the world), but once B. Hussein, that vile snake of a Cult Leader, put it on his finger, the ring went bad.

    Or something like that.........

    Or, maybe.......... it was just a "Super Double Top Secret Decoder Ring" he got out of a box of Trix. He BELIEVED it had magic powers (like Dumbo's feather), hence, he matter-of-factly told Harry Reid, "I have a gift." While he wears it, he can read with the best of them.

    You notice, Reid never asked Dope what exactly that gift was.... . Dope was all set to lie and say it was "Top Secret" (in his twisted mind, telling part of the truth is as good as telling all of it). He was relieved dirty harry didn't press the issue.

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