Thursday, May 28, 2009


Well, it's a beautiful early morning out here in Los Angeles.  Last night's policy dinner was amazing. Big Guy compared himself to FDR, announced to the crowd in Beverly Hills that the recession was over, and then fist bumped David Geffen. In fact, Big Guy was so good that people just started writing him checks.  It was funny, most people here say they weren't even aware we were in a recession.  

Not so amusing was Toes' brother, Ari, who showed up for the event. He's a big, foul-mouthed muckety muck out here in Hollywood. Most people in the White House didn't recognize Ari or even know Rahm had other living siblings; they just assumed Toes strangled them in their cribs.

I could tell right away they were related, when Ari claimed Big Guy's limo was in his spot in the Beverly Hills Hilton valet lot and tried to have it towed. 


  1. Toes other brother Darryl just recommended that we have a 10% VAT tax to pay for health care. Thanks, boys.

  2. It figures he fisted David Geffen.

    But glad to see him declare the recession is over. I am sure people will be glad and that we'll all get our jobs back quickly.

  3. TOTUS should open a chain of weight loss clinics! Rather than lose weight, he can just declare that you are no longer fat.

    See how it works? Gotta love that! He'll make trillions.

  4. Family: Can't live with them, can't live without them

  5. :D) Ha, haaaaa! TOTUS, you are SO FUNNY.

  6. Yeah, I guess B.O. is like F.D.R.

    Both smokers.
    - BIG GRIN.
    - Socialists.
    - Media won't reveal infirmities.
    - Manly wife.
    - Both gave Winston Churchill the brush-off.
    - Both physically "challenged:" F. - paralyzed legs; B. - paralyzed brain.

  7. Oh toooo funny. Why so few posts? I have excuse..I was out of DC in a lib household.
    (Wow DC is soooo O'Bama Crazy it is scary.)

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