Monday, May 4, 2009

Sinko de Mayo ...

Big Guy and I just finished the Cinco de Mayo event here at the White House.

Everything was going fine until Biden showed with a baseball bat signed by Juan Marichal that San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom had just given him, and announced that he was first in line for the White House Cinco de Mayo pinata filled with Treasury notes and TARP coupons.

The problem: there was no pinata. Bill Richardson is going to be really sore tomorrow morning when he wakes up.


  1. Big "57 plus states" DOPE who can't count celebrates Cinco de Mayo on the 4th. LOL.

  2. Only Jobiden could get excited over a pinata full of worthless paper.

    Probably told everyone it was his birthday so he could be first in line. He's so full of beans.

    SUNDAY, MAY 3, 2009
    D'oh!: "Hey, uuuuuh... Bill?"
    Bill: zzzzzzzzzz
    D'oh!: BILL!
    Bill: "Hfrepmtl?"
    D'oh!: "We need a pinata for the big shindig tomorrow."
    Bill: "Shindig?"
    D'oh!: "Yeah.. it's uh... Sink o' the Mai Oh day."
    Bill: "Sink o'...... what?"
    D'oh!: "You know, the, uuuuuu, that the Mai Oh sank with lots of white people with blue eyes on it."
    Bill: "Oh."
    D'oh!: Yeah, so, anyway. Big Mo says we need a pinata to celebrate -- I DON'T KNOW why.
    Bill: "And you want me to get one?"
    D'oh!: "Well.......... Rahmsie seems to want a homemade one. 'Bill would make a great pinata,' I think he said."
    Bill: "Oh."
    D'oh!: "So? Get up and do something for some for a change."
    Bill: "Sure boss. Whatever you say."

  3. Is that the bat Marichal used to beat up John Roseboro?

    That would be way cool.

  4. HIC.... pass me the quatro de cinco.....BLECCCHHHH

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. If they could teach Joey B to swing that bat in big sweeping vertical circles, we could stand him in a corn field in Iowa and he’d blend in with the other ”wind machines”OINK!

  7. Hey: maybe they will have Joey “Bats” Biden put his slugger to work inhammering out a deal with Chrysler’s senior creditors (aka non-UAW) It’ is beginning to look like that wasn’t the last episode of the SOPRANOS

  8. those cinco de cuatro events are a blast at the white house aren't they totus!

  9. Heather Radish said..."Isn't today Quatro de Mayo"?

    Yes, but they have to take away something, any way they can. You will still get Cinco de Mayo, but the taxes will be higher.

  10. the previous post, the word verification was 'commieget'. Now we know.

  11. Did you display the wrong words "cuatro de cinco"? Or, did the Big guy own that one all himself?

  12. TOTUS PORKUS are you ok? I saw an "OINK" there...I'm worried you're coming down with the swine flu.

    Just watch, it'll destroy mankind. After Global Warming. And it starts with you.


  13. Happy Cuarta de Cuervo, everyone!

  14. Shaun: thanks for caring...i had a porcine-related virus attack, but i quickly knocked it down with Norton Anti-virus...
    "Let's Scroll !!!"

  15. DON'T PANIC - Joe Biden shirts, mugs, buttons, magnets, bumper stickers!

  16. TOTUS:
    Bill Richardson has been taken down to the pueblo and traded for a sack of tamales.

    Wishful thinking.

  17. I'll take some Quatro de Cinco... but please hold the Mayo.

  18. Reminds me of when the French occupied the Yucatan peninsula in the late 1700's. They didn't like the local food, so they had food from Paris sent. They even had a condiment ship for their croissants and whatnot.

    Anyway, the local population were not happy, and they wanted to kick the French out. So when the boat containing the condiments came, the locas sunk the boat. Without condiments, the French starved, and the survivors had to return to France, the the locals celebrated wildly. To this day the day have been known as...

    "Sink-o the Mayo"

  19. Hey, Jonah..... THAT WAS FUNNY! Ha, ha, haa. Had me goin' there........ heh, heh.....

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