Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tinfoil Anyone?

I  just got out of a climate-change briefing and I have to say I'm a bit nervous. Seems our Secretary of Energy, Steven Chu, was over in London yesterday and announced that Big Guy wants to paint the roofs of American homes, as well as some roads, an energy-reflecting white. Chu said that if we made roads and roofs a paler color, it would be like taking every car in the world off the road for 11 years.

Really. Gibbsy thought it was a good idea to have the back of my screens painted reflector white, you know, to send a positive message about the roofs and the roads. "If Big O will paint his Teleprompter, then everyone will want to paint the tops of their stuff white, too," Gibbsy explained. Yep, just what America needs, government mandated whiteouts.

Chu is taken seriously because he won a Nobel Prize. I keep pointing out that Al Gore won one of those, too. Just because two guys win a prize for crazy doesn't mean we should all buy in to the insanity. I told Gibbsy I'd paint my screens the day he shaved his head and painted it reflector white.

Not that anyone would notice the difference; the man is whiter than paste. 


  1. All joking aside, lighter roofs and pavement would reduce the heat island effect. I am not a man-made climate change believer but I have done research on this and it would work. The only problem I see is that concrete production is not exactly environmentally neutral. And this is a lot cheaper than some of the other proposals.

  2. TOTUS, I think paste is a good comparison for Gibbsy. I usually think of raw pizza dough, but paste might be better, given the way he oozes.

  3. So, USA Broke, your saying the first black president is making America a white nation. Scandalous!

    Gibbsy = paste.

  4. the whole thing is a crock. they just want to deindustrialize the US to make us an undeveloped 3rd world country. hey, greenies!! So, you wanna live in a nation like Ethopia?? why don't we all focus on starving children and work towards those goals as our noble agenda to change the world??

  5. I don't want the government telling me what color I have to paint my roof. That's what HOA's are for.

    Umm, has anyone thought about the sunlight reflecting right into your eyes while you are trying to drive? Kinda like snowblindness? This is stupid.

  6. Reflecting the heat...isn't that way a good roof does anyway?

  7. sounds like it would warm things up, not cool them down; outside, that is...

    Why doesn't BHO paint his head white and stop the further deteriation of his last few brain cells?


    what part of that do you not understand????????

  8. Chu has too much time on his hands.

  9. Never mind the white-out idea: always watch what BO is actually doing with his other hand, so to speak.

    His staff is busy distracting us from the threat posed by whacko N. Korea, our tanking economy, and the radical activist he's nominated to the Supreme Court.

    Please CALL JEFF SESSIONS at (202) 224-4124. Urge him to initiate a FILIBUSTER of the Senate Judiciary Committee, which conducts the hearings re. the Supreme Court nomination. He's the top Republican leader on that committee. A filibuster is all the Republicans have left to fight this and other liberal nominations.

    Please call Sessions: (202) 224-4124. Thank you and God bless conservatism, our only REAL hope to save this nation from ruin.

  10. The University of Central Missouri is doing this, and I'm sure other places are too. *sigh*

    If you're doing it for the sake of keeping places cool in the summer, great! But to thwart global warming...that's just insane.

    It's been cold as hell this year, and I hate being cold. The pending summer heat is so close that I can taste it...and it's DELICIOUS!

  11. that's as dumb as shooting pollutants in the air to block out the line...


  12. LOL, Melena! Paint his head to protect his last 2 brain cells. Bah, ha, haaaa!


    Shaun, that's it exactly. "Insane."

    Next thing will be a Sea Gulls Across America program...... (splat!... splat! splatty splat splat!)

    B.O.'s already pooping all over the country, why not birds, too?


    Chu, you have to have an ENORMOUS ego to assert such drivel as that without a red face.

    Yeah, and next time there's a tornado, everyone west of the Mississippi will hold their breath and those east of Miss will blow really hard and save the town.


  13. I have a white roof on my house and it works to keep out 100+ temps from a pounding SW desert sun. It's simply the difference between standing in the sun in a black or a white sheet, one reflects and one traps.

    So? It's 1,600 square feet covered in white. Has Mr. Chu never driven across the US? These idiots do not understand how big the earth is. He's an ass.

  14. I know paste. Paste is a friend of mine. Gibbsy is no paste.

  15. @ Chu [just had to do that :D).... guess if you're reflecting heat back to outer space there's not much of a human caused global warming issue, eh?

    Aaaaaaaah, Chu. Take an antacid, should help with the gas.

    Bah, ha, ha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  16. Concrete isn't the problem, that's already a light gray. It's the asphalt. All we need is a federal concrete mandate. Also, if BO gives me about 2-3k, I could put white shingles on my house, but, law of unintended consequences, here in the frozen tundra of Wisconsin the snow would take much longer to melt and ice damming would occur which would cause me to receive a bailout for repairs. But hey, if cars can be traded for 11 years, let's go for it! We can treat it like a carbon offset.

  17. Or maybe we could alternate between light roofs and dark roofs depending on the prevailing temperatures during the year. More green jobs—oh, joy!

  18. It's a completely assanine idea. The whole notion is ridiculous and thought up by people who live in cities. In big cities, it seems like the city never ends. Believe me, the city ends and there isn't a thing out there. Get on this side of the Mississippi river, the east coast is crowded but out here, the emptiness is vast, and frightful.

    Mr. Chu is what we folk here in the back woods clinging to our guns and God call a "CITIOT".

    Most of the land of earth is the same, empty but for pockets of cities. Not to mention the oceans which comprise 2/3 of rest the surface of the earth, dotted by boats which are as big as ants on the asses of ants.

    O! The vanity of the liberal mind!

  19. Hear, hear, Betty Ann!

    Well said.

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