Saturday, May 16, 2009

Poor Joe

Yesterday was payday here at the White House.  It's been a bit awkward since our ethics and financial filings were made public.  Now we all understand why Biden is always hanging out at the entrance to the West Wing every other Friday, asking if we're "game to roll some bones" for paychecks.

I don't even have hands and he's had to endorse his over to me twice. I think he has a problem, I mean beyond all the other problems that he has. 


  1. TOTUS,

    Don't you think you should be awarded an HONORARY DEGREE at The University of Notre Dame? After all, your creator, Herdert "Hub" Schlafly is a 1941 graduate of Notre Dame.

    Perhaps an honorary degree in Communications or Drama?

  2. Riverboat gambler Joe hasn't just been Biden his time between "calls".Sometimes,like in previous campaigns, he is bluffing and hoping nobody calls him on it.Other times like every compulsive gambler he thinks he plays w the house's money and doesn't mind being "called".Wish you would scroll him a note about whose funds those are,and cc BG too.
    Biden's alter ego ,the fierce imaginary warrior and whole LOTTO wagerer,got bitten back by the Kobe that the whole Whitehouse bet on last Thursday.Was it a regular shindig or
    a special nite for that long awaited
    NBA "arms" race between their tatoodians ?
    Unfortunately for most of the bettors there that nite it was a race to the drain for both Kobe and his sliders.
    Biden bit the big one apparently,bet wise.
    That whole room was chock full of gloomy Gusses except for that one fellow glowing and humming quietly,as always .
    Knowing you I would bet your screen is a little higher today and that tune you are humming just happens to be patriotic.
    We all aspire to your very admirable standard.

  3. TOTUS,
    LOL. He's signing over his paychecks to you? You stinker! Keep up the good work.

  4. Perhaps Joey B understands that the Big Guy and Tim Terrific have an economic policy that will lead to very high inflation. So he's getting in debt as far as he can and then pay it off with cheaper dollars.

    John's Space

  5. [Preptile said] "Biden's alter ego ,the fierce imaginary warrior... ."

    ROFL. That Klingon is a goofball.

    Glancing furtively to the left and to the right, Jobiden muttered grimly to himself as he wandered the aisles of Home Depot, "So help me, Rahm, this is the last time Joe Biden goes on another 'extra double private top secret mission.' You contemptible Topah! No true Klingon grovels to the likes of you. .................................. Now, if I could just find those blasted asbestos coffee mugs.............. can't ask anyone...this is extra double private.... hey, there's Pelosi, maybe she knows.......... nuts! She's in the solvent aisle again. Pitiful............"

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