Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Pruning Begins

Perhaps it went unnoticed, but the longtime florist in chief at the White House was pushed out of her position. Lady M and Toes were behind the putsch; they thought the woman was just a little too loyal to the Bush Administration approach to flower arranging. That is, cutting flowers and sticking them in vases full of water. Michelle said the current flower-arranging policy is akin to waterboarding the flowers. Who knew drinks with Nancy Pelosi could lead to this?


  1. Has Lady M accused the White House Floral Office of fraud and embezzlement arising from the alleged use of silk flowers? Will the FBI be called in to investigate? Will the Chief Florist be replaced by Lady M's long-time friend from the Horticulture Department at the University of Chicago? I smell "Floralgate" blossoming.

  2. Drinks (read "liquids") with San Fran Nan would be waterboarding to me!

  3. The florist, Mrs. Clarke, was fired because she used so many white flowers in the Obama White House. In Muslim countries white flowers are only used for funerals. You see, Mrs. Clarke was one of us. She will be missed.

  4. can we fire BHO and his boss, mrs. BHO?


  5. Sykes was spotted in Home Depot buying a new set on knee pads. So that she can bow down to Øbama ..
    These unfunny miscreant deviants are STILL bashing George Bush and Dick Cheney under the guise of lampooning the new Marxist half-President....Let's see, she's female, she's black, and she's a lesbian...DING! A Triple Crown Winner in the eyes of lefties..
    just like the black ‘journalist’ who hoped that Clarence Thomas’ wife would feed him lots of eggs and bacon so he’d die an early death.

    That is what dems are all about. Can’t win on the merits so they slink into the sewer.

  6. Blue Dahlia...Black Dahlia...someone is going to end up dead in California...Nancy...

    Symbolism over substance

    Hee Hee Heeee

  7. Every time the evil breath of perennial victims, B. Hussein and Big Mo, wafted past a flower arrangement, it withered. To cover their scent, they fired "Bush's floral designer." She's probably glad she doesn't have to go work in that donkey barn anymore. Kinda’ hard to get inspired... . >_<

    From now on, it will be environazi-approved bowls of fruit, no doubt.

  8. [~AV~ said] "...someone is going to end up dead in California...Nancy..."

    Heh, heh.
    +++++ +++++
    +++++ +++++

    Q. Are we even sure ol' bug eyes is still alive?

    [That could explain a lot.]

  9. THIS JUST IN..........

    Just got a furtive phone call from the (former) WH flower arranger, she said that the truth is, ever since Big Mo's rations were cut (down from 5,000 calories/day to 2,500), she kept sashayin' past the flowers and snap off a few roses to snack on. Ms. Clarke snapped at Mo (D'oh!) and that was that.

  10. .............or maybe............ Ms. Clarke's personal ethics just wouldn't allow her to hide all those tiny camera's and microphones.......

    Only a true Cult of Obama member could do that.

    [Mark Levin's giving B.H.O. Nixon's middle name, "Milhouse," was more appropos than we thought, heh, heh]

  11. [Im Here to Say It said] "Sykes...A Triple Crown Winner in the eyes of lefties...."

    LOL. 'O'

    "Any friend of Bruno is a friend of mine. You're hired." B.O..

    BTW, she will also double as a "fainter."

  12. Truth-WW ~

    Speaking of Lady M's rations ....after 11-04-08, Lady M "disappeared" until the Immacualtion on Jan 20th. I think she was at one of those places in AZ where you sweat off the pounds, wear latex and eat weed stems for a lot of $$$$.

    Voila !!!! she appeared at the Immacualtion as a swelt babe with arms to bare (but a behind to gawk at)at age '40 something'......roses would look awfully tasty!

    Hola, FlowerGate!

  13. Where have all the flowers gone indeed .
    Probably those special ones Chavez sent too.
    BTW TP,playing "straightman"to BG last night was inspired.
    How others could match your standard without
    an actual straightedge is beyond me.
    Having BG repeat"arm"jokes first heard here,had to feel a little wierd tho.Like letting him read your diary,in addition to your more public "Read Me" file.You never get credit for your servers serving up all those witticisms w the wattage.At least not from BG.
    Joe the VP will get the job by default .
    Just try not to overamp when he says something
    Bidenesque like ..'howzabout a hand for a really dedicated worker uh ,T Ellen Prompter .
    Stand up and take a bow Ellen...'

  14. [Preptile wittily wrote] "Stand up and take a bow Ellen...'"

    ...... "Come on, Ellen -- don't be shy..... whoooops! OH DEAR! Oh, man, I'm so sorry.... no legs..... oh, man.... D'oh!? (but "articulate and clean" wasn't about to help Joe).....

    (brightening)..... hey, just wave your arms.... oh, man!!!! ARM! I am sooo sorry. Come on everybody, let's all file by Ellen's chair and give her a good ol' Washington D.C. 'high-five.'"

    [aside to his handler, a.k.a., "assistant,":
    "Where did we park that limo? ... Spill some coffee or something. DO ANYTHING.... just cover me .... I'm going to make a run for it."]

  15. [Susan~SMIA~ATL keenly observed] "Speaking of Lady M's rations ....after 11-04-08, Lady M "disappeared" until the Immacualtion on Jan 20th. I think she was at one of those places in AZ where you sweat off the pounds... ."

    Ah, ha!

    And we all thought it was because Miss "this is the first time I've been proud of my country" couldn't keep her big mouth shut.

    But it was her big bum that was the problem. Susan, you bright lady, you, you've solved the mystery. (Good one! (Oo:}) Time for her to disappear again, huh?

    Do you think she gets two seats on Scareforce One?

  16. [Im Here to Say It said] "[Sykes] is what dems are all about. Can’t [hire] on the merits so they [recruit from] the sewer."

    And how. ".... Rush Limbaugh was the 20th hijacker ... ." [Sykes, 5/09].

    You can't go any lower than that.

    DemocRAT Party slogan: "Nowhere to go but up."

  17. from --- when President Bush #43 was leaving the White House:
    "First Lady Laura Bush said.... “I’m sad to leave all the people that I’ve liked so much and that I’ve had a chance to build a friendship with over the years that I’ve been here....” she remarked.... She said the White House florist made her daughters first feel welcome at the mansion when they were just seven years old by helping them make bouquets for their rooms when their grandfather was inaugurated."

    Folks, BO is a mean man. Remember when he slammed Hillary? ("I like you well enough, Hillary.") He NEVER forgives anyone who makes him look inferior.

    This florist had to go: she was too close to Laura Bush, and had been too nice for too long to the Bush family. Probably she was polite and straight, too. That was quite enough for her to be found unfit....

  18. [Mountain Mama said] "Folks, BO is a mean man. ... He NEVER forgives anyone who makes him look inferior."

    Which is quite easy to do.

    Thanks for the touching, insightful, comment, MM. Nice research.

    "PIG IN LIPSTICK" was said by an intellectually and morally inferior two-bit community organizer about the woman who TOTALLY outclassed that pro-infanticide dope known as "Hopey the Clown."

    Begging your pardon, dear TOTUS, she uses but does not need a teleprompter.

  19. Bouquets are boring. Toes hired a guy who does ffffouquets. He sends them to Republicans tempted to vote with their own caucus. The recipient goes 'Sniff, sniff. Aaaaah. We need another Stimulus bill.'

  20. Secret: fouquets are dusted with RINOvirus.

  21. tennismom2: GREAT MINDS!

    Rob Long, the parody-writer of "National Review Magazine," intimated this very thing, too----that Toes et al. send gifts to opponents that make them believe BO is The One, The Messiah, Perfect Bliss, etc.

    The White House's former florist obviously didn't know how to play along....

  22. TOTUS:
    If the gifts the royal couple present to foriegn dignitaries are any indication of the Obama's "more modern taste", expect plastic. Or marigolds from the tomato patch.

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