Friday, May 15, 2009

Giving Credit

Big Guy isn't happy that his comments on consumers' credit crunch and heavy debt load are being misinterpreted. Sure, he was criticizing Americans' dependence on credit cards. But who would understand that better than him?

Consider: due to the historic economic downturn America is broke, too. And we've had to put ourselves in hawk until 2019 before our government's debt spending begins to reduce. And the ten trillion Big Guy is spending on nothing may come back to bite us around 2020. But by then, Big Guy figures we'll be China's problem, and we'll have 'em just where we want 'em.


  1. No amount of damage to America matters to him, as long as he promotes his agenda.

  2. whats the big guy thinking?

  3. PELOSI'S ALL WET - Nancy Pelosi (wearing towel on head) shirts, mugs, buttons, magnets, bumper stickers!

  4. The Embarrassment-in-Chief rolls out yet another hit for the b. Hussein comedy train.

  5. I'm beginning to understand the problem.

    Some of us would have written "in hock".

  6. TOTUS:
    Oh good. I just love chinese food!

  7. "We've been running too much debt so we need to run more debt!" Why doesn't this logic work for "enhanced interrogation techniques"?

  8. Re: What's the big guy thinking?

    It's only fair; they voted for him. I expect they'll get the most benefit from his healthcare reform as well.

    (Love the site!)

  9. Totus, can't believe HE said "debts for ourchildren and grandchildren" Duhhh! This has been said all along.
    Why should HE get an honory degree when we do not know if he had any kind of degree?
    SHOW US THE in graduation from ???........maybe in community organizing..
    HE should loan you to PSOTUS (press sec. of the us.)
    He knows not of what he speaks!
    Does he even talk to the BIG GUY??

  10. I think "in hawk" in a Freudian slip.

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  12. TOTUS,
    I'm a little perturbed by your latest twitter comment. It makes sense to you that a conservative woman is not a woman? Hmmm. Perhaps all the adoration we've been laying on you has gone to your hard drive. I'm trying to think of someone else who has the exact same problem. Let me think.....

  13. TOTUS,love, could you ask PSOTUS to start his comedy show...uh... er... pressers a little later, like, 3pm Eastern? They interfer with TLOTRPOTUS' radio program.

    Appreciate it,mucho.

  14. Sylvan:
    Hocking is much worse. Sticks to the side of the bathroom sink. I hate that.


    Nancy Pelosi Poll included.

  16. "America's debts are [unsustainable]"!

    Totus, did Big-Guy just say that we can no longer service our debt?

    "Gesundheit" Big-Guy!

    OOH Dear!
    The Chi-coms just got a cold!

  17. B.O. gets confused when dealing with complex issues like credit and spending money that we don't have. Kind of like San Fran Nan confusing simulated drowning with people riding surfboards!!!


    Kenya misses you.

    Kenya so sad Barry go to America.

    We sing song for Barry in Kenya.

    We name town after Barry in Kenya.

    We name town, "BarryTown".

    Kenya make video in hut for Barry.

    Kenya misses Barry!

  19. << And the ten trillion Big Guy is spending on nothing may come back to bite us around 2020. But by then, Big Guy figures we'll be China's problem, and we'll have 'em just where we want 'em. >>

    China won't wait that long to call our debt and try taking us over without firing a shot. How many brave patriots will step over the prostrate, quaking liberals to save the USA?

    So, dear TOTUS, how big was the bribe Nance offered you to join her "team?" She certainly needs your help!

    (sigh) I suppose her offer won't approach what The Thin Man pays you now. And anyway, since you're already on to him, why go over to the Pelosi Dark Side, just as she's being muzzled?

  20. Is he? Getting thinner? Gawd, maybe he'll disappear.

  21. You might have heard the 60s slogan: Hey, Hey, LBJ, How Many Kids Did you Kill Today

    Here's mine: Ho, Ho, BHO, How Many Trillions Will Our Children Owe

    Maybe you can write some of your own.

  22. I told a buddy earlier today the same thing. "This guy will be long gone and laughing when Americas realize what just happened, 15 years from now".

    Who is going to step up and knock back liberalism and penetrate the media's force field?

    The Truth Will.

  23. Mountain mama,

    Wow, won't it be great if Pants Suit Pelosi is finally muzzled by her own dishonesty? Sweet justice. Between her and Barry, there's never a MUM moment. Didn't their mamas teach them silence is golden?

    TOTUS, you on the other hand pour forth infinite wisdom with utter class and nary a verbal peep. They could learn a lot from you. Do you suppose they'll ever follow your lead?

    Let's just hope if Fancy Nancy goes completely under that she doesn't drag what's left of our national security with her on the way down. The anti-american groundwork she and her kind are laying is frightening, esp. to those of us who have family members serving in the military.

    ....speaking of frightening, that wild-eyed look and her stilted hand gestures freak me out. Somebody wake me up when this whole nightmare is over, okay?

  24. Have you guys ever heard the song, "High Noon"?

    My goodness, it can cut threw propaganda like a chain saw.

    You guys should hear it live if you ever get the chance...

  25. "Who is going to step up and knock back liberalism and penetrate the media's force field?"

    It is the truth that if you want to really hurt someone, you hit them in the pocket book. It is also therefore true that if you want to really want to get someone on your side, you help them with their pocketbook.

    Right now, too many Americans have their hands out. They believe in the Obama promise that there is a bigger piece of the pie for them in taking down corporations, executives, the very wealthy. They do not realize that only EARNED income is taxed, not what the rich already have.

    Liberalism will get knocked back when everyone's pocket books starts hurting, especially the media's. It will happen.

    Plant a garden and buy some chickens. And hang on to your hat.

  26. The BIG LIE here is that the Obamas LOVE money. Michelle said a few years ago in Hyde Park (where I lived 4 blocks from their home), re. the middle class, "I don't want to live near those people anymore."

    Yes. "Those people." The MIDDLE class.

    They are NOT populists; they only care about staying in power----and staying RICH. They should shut their mouths and stop telling AMERICANS how to live.

  27. [I See Deadheads chanted]"Ho, Ho, BHO, How Many Trillions Will Our Children Owe

    Maybe you can write some of your own."


    Ker-jain, Ker-jain, B. Hussein, are you a devil or just insane?


    Hey, hey, Wright-devotee, how many lies did you tell today?"


    [Dr. Dave said] "The Embarrassment-in-Chief"

    Bah, ha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


    And it's the truth.

  28. More Ho Ho:

    Ho, Ho, BHO, Your Lies and Deception Need to Go

    Ho, Ho, BHO, Go Back to Chicago with Your Little Dog Bo

    My first Ho Ho:
    Ho, Ho, BHO, How Many Trillions Will Our Children Owe

  29. Montana Mama: Also, Me!Me!Me!chelle Man-Monster also stated that $600 (the first 'stimulus' check to us 'poor folk') wouldn't even buy a 'decent pair of earrings'

    whatta snob!

  30. One more Ho Ho:

    Ho, Ho, BHO, Destroying America Blow by Blow

  31. Thanks, MelenaX! Re. her comment about earrings: that Snobby Shell-Bell is a piece of work....

    Americans need to wake up, stop being so idealistic and/or lazy, and READ about politicians' REAL beliefs, and quit voting into power rich jerks who don't give a hang about them.

    Loved the Ho-Ho's, "I See DH" and TWW, but rather than sound like the old leftists (bleah!), whaddya got in cheers that sound more pro-athletic or pro-military?

  32. Thanx Mt Mama,

    Another Ho Ho:

    Ho, Ho, BHO, Spending Trillions Like It Isn't Real Dough

  33. More:
    Ho, Ho, BHO, Turning Old Glory the Color Pinko

  34. Ho, ho, hooooooooooooooooh!

    Good show, I see dead heads! [clap-clap-clap]

    (BTW were you on stage with The Grateful Dead -- hence, saw a lot of Deadheads?)


    Thanks for the compliment, MM. I see your (and Dennis Miller agrees with you) point about not stooping the level of those rantingly obnoxious libtards.

    There is a difference here, though. When we characterize MISTER B. Hussein O. as "insane" or "devilish," we merely accurately describe him in terms of his irrational and/or evil actions. The libs mischaracterized Dubya (and LBJ's Vietnam policy, etc...) and based their disgusting chants on lies.

    When Jesus called the Pharisees "white-washed sepulchres" and "tombs full of dead men's bones," he was describing them based on their actions, on the truth, unlike the Pharisees who said the Jesus, "'has a devil.'"

    That libs misappropriate diatribe to serve their deceit-based ends should not stop those on the side of truth from calling a spade a spade.

    Now, to honor your request for pro-military and pro-athletic "Ho-Ho's:"


    Go, go, U-S-A! Our armed forces will win the day!

    Hoo-ah! Hoo-ah! General Dave, land of the free because of the brave!


    Hey, Hey, B. Hussein, smokin's not how athletes train.

    Hey, Hey, Oakland A's, smoking stinks, athletics pays.


    So, so, little B.O., just why did you bow so low?

    Sorry, MM, couldn't resist. ;)

  35. TWW, I see dead heads is a spoof on I see dead people from the movie Sixth Sense. Doesn't really have any meaning.

    Ho, Ho, BHO, Ayers, Alinsky, Wright must go

  36. Okay, "I see" and TWW----I LOVE the new cheers, even the new HO Ho's! Love the BHY,AYERS, ALINSKY, WRIGHT chant, and the HOO-ah ones. (My brother was a Marine who's become a US MARSHALL!!!!!!!!!)

  37. Did the "commander of kobe beef" ever acknowledge our military on Armed Forces Day yesterday, or was he too busy thinking and talking about himself again?

  38. Thanks, MM.

    Please thank your brother for his invaluable service to our wonderful country.


    @ Image: Yeah, I think I accidentally heard B. Hussein on TV saying something like, "... in view of this being.. uuuuuuuuh... Walk Like a Soldier Week or ...... whatever........the military budget needs to... uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh..... be cut or we'll never pay for that new...ummmmmmmmmmm mosque on The..... uh.... Mall to honor all our Muslim brothers....uuuuh.....and sisters.... ."

    Looks like that rat fink Con Man in Chief has the U.S. Navy where he wants 'em, at least. The F.A.A. (apparently B.O. already has one of his thugs there, too) which allowed B. Hussein to fly a 747 low over Manhattan recently, refused after that to allow the Navy to fly up the Hudson at more than twice the altitude in a much smaller plane.

  39. Hi, I See Dead Heads. Your pen name may have no "meaning," but it's intriguingly catchy and memorable.

    Wish we'd hear from ol' HarryIHaveaGift, f.n.a., Barry's Used Cars. Great names, too.

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