Monday, May 18, 2009

Born to Scroll

Got a late call last night from a friend who was feeling a bit under the weather. Turns out he's been touring with Bruce Springsteen, serving as his Teleprompter, and they are playing the Verizon Center here in Washington, DC tonight. So he needs someone to sub for him while they de-frag his hard drive.

And guess who gets the call? That's right, baby: For one night only, I'm moving from B.O. to B.S.

I just need to make sure all of Big Guy's remarks are in a separate file from The Boss's lyrics, though I think the Big O's remarks on Detroit would go nicely with the music for "Rosalita."


  1. Hopefully he won't bore you to death with his politics.

  2. Right on...right on...
    Or this song would work...
    "Blinded by the LED"

  3. don't stay away too long. without you, B.O. will be shivering in the fetal position under the oval office desk.

  4. Will BS be singing to BO "Born in the USA"?

    We all want to know the answer to that one!

  5. talk about some glory days totus!! if it's too loud your too old!!

  6. I saw Bruce when he was here in Phoenix- sorry we missed you TOTUS- although you were just here at ASU- so I am sure you get your fair share of road trips-
    You forgot to mention how much money the state of Az paid to have you and your POTUS come in and dog-and-pony again- our state can't get a balanced budget, we can't fund education or health care but I was delighted to see that we can fund POTUS and TOTUS rolling through again...
    Baby you were born to run...

  7. "From BO to BS"----?

    No offense, TOTUS, but BO has had you scroll BS for months now....

  8. Dancin' in the Dark.... the new Cap and Trade montra!

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. I bet Max Weinberg gets a TOTUS tattoo by the end of the night/morning. And BS plays BO's favorite song tonight, "Rules for Radicals", the acoustic version.

    Funny Post TOTUS.

  11. TOTUS,
    I couldn't be happier for you. You deserve an evening of scrolling some BS every once and a while. Wait a minute..that's what you do every day. Oh well, at least it will be a different kind of BS. Enjoy yourself.

  12. ...hope your hard drive is in shape and that you had a good dose of antivirus before the concert. TOTUS, now we will be staying tuned to see if POTUS rambles with a new type of BS in his next speech.

  13. Wasn't it Neil Young that had that hit song about ..'Rock and scroll will never die'.
    Well keep on prompting in the free world TP.
    Or if you find yourself surrounded by attractive groupies you can keep on pluggin instead.Either works for me.

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