Friday, May 22, 2009

Sign By the "X"

Big Guy will be signing the credit card legislation today. He loves to write his name, so if I play my cards right - and place the signing documents just so - he will also be co-signing my application for an AmEx Platinum card.


  1. I would dare say that Big Guy's credit rating is rather poor considering the debt he's managed to rack up. You might be best just going it alone.

  2. TOTUS:
    Off topic, sorry.

    That's the link BO's birth cert. Check out the ink stamp, bottom center, magnify it - I put a mirror up to it and it says, Jan 6 2007.

    Can you ask your boss why he was already a senator when this was issued?

  3. when will you be going on the glenn beck show? sans the big guy?

  4. Posting a link from some unheard-of website with an image that is supposed to be a private legal document isn't going to make it real.

    As much as it would be awesome, even IF it's true, do you really think we would be rid of the Messiah?

    Until that document is confirmed I will believe it to be wishful thinking - I can do some amazing stuff with Photoshop.

  5. Face it: once the RADICAL progressives drink the Obama Kool-Aid, NO fact seems to sway them from total whacko fanaticism re. BO.

    Hey, I did this credit app. thingy once another, more open way, TOTUS:
    I just crossed off the other person's name (a relative's) on an already-approved credit card application, and printed on my name.
    Funnily enough, the application STILL went through okay and I received a credit card!
    Good thing the credit card companies don't really care if people go into bankruptcy, eh?
    (I didn't, btw.)

  6. TOTUS, if you do appear on Beck's show, just watch your back and make sure he doesn't "lie" about you saying hi to him first on a train...he might just be trying to set you up for public embarrassment.

  7. Glad you finally found a use for those armature units,TP...........
    How appropo that BG would sign your credit application without reading it first.
    This after his budget gets thru unread,even
    by our 'reader of the free world',who promised scrutiny of every budgetary line.
    Somehow he missed all 8600 earmarks.
    Would love to see you default on O's
    co-signature as ironic retribution ,but that bill is guaranteed by his real estate 'partner',and would reach Jolliette first.
    AMEX collects payments from prisoners
    on prepaid debit cards,which is kinda like a prepaid cell phone,only more fragrant.
    You can bet Mr Rezko keeps one stuffed away
    amongst his daily deposits for little incidentals like this.
    You should refuse to make use of such dirty money,even if others aren't so picky.
    It just wouldn't be up to your fine standard.

  8. Shaun:
    Snopes is a sight to find out fact or fiction. That doesn't make the document real to me, either. It was posted by a troll three threads down.

    Remember when the left denigrated GW for his National Gaurd record, because he never went to war? They ran the National Gaurd into the ground over it, made their sneering point, and never apologized for the fallacy they projected, all to make GW look, as a National Gaurdsman, like a coward. The truth is that many, many of our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan right now are gaurdsmen who were called to war from civilian life.

    Here, comparing these two issues, they show the true depths of their hypocrisy. No one is sure BO is a born citizen, but they will fill in the gaps to make him one. George Bush served his country as many do, in the tradition of the minuteman, a pilot no less - and they derided him and every gaurdsman past and present.

    There are no words to express how revolting the left is, treasonous, and without integrity.

  9. Remember when everyone was criticizing Bush for spending too much? I guess Obama has showed them something.

    John's Space

  10. BHO said he 'considered' joining the US Army, but didn't -- I guess someone told him he had to be a US citizen to do that.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Mr. T, Talking about credit, I saw Lady M feeding the homeless. What a great gal. Wonder if she was wearing those $500 sneaks.

    Anyway, I saw a bum, I mean homeless person taking a cell phone picture of Lady M. Ask the Big Guy how a homeless person has a cell phone? Where do they send the bill?

  13. @ Betty Ann, I just find his eligibility to be president, being held in question, all very strange. If a man was to defraud America as President? How does one do it with a straight and bold face, on a daily basis. I find that aspect of this whole topic very disturbing. Honestly, how can any one person stand in front of a Naval Academy Graduating class, perform a presidential commencement speech, knowing damn well the whole time, that his documentation and his actual person is pure fabrication. If this is the case? Can America trust a single word that comes out of this mans mouth? Honestly, what does all of this say about this mans mental condition and his psychology towards the Constitution, law and order, the American people and are priceless freedoms that millions of men have died for.

  14. Mem,

    You've got it figured out! What took you so long? I was on to him a year ago!

    BTW, I woudln't let BHO cosign a bar bill!

  15. Bettyann: GREAT point re. the Right's quietly researching BHO's dubious natural-born citizenship, vs. the Left's absolutely treasonous slam of Bush and his bonafide, proven military record.

    It's the height of hypocrisy, too, that Obama DARES to tell us how to live, that we should especially live within our means----while he drives this country into the ground economically.

    If our nation is so broke that sustaining this standard of living is "unsustainable," as BHO put it, then HOW ON EARTH can we add MORE government programs!? BO's has amazing gall....

  16. @ Betty Ann. For close to 24 months, my convictions on this man have yet to change. His birth origins? I found out in July of 2008 threw a email. I actually didn’t pay the notice any attention to until a month later when I ran a search one night on my own. Researching it for myself, and since the election? I have been in utter disbelief, that it has been able to get this far. Someone has put a lot of work into this mans fraud, allowing it to get this far.

    It’s good that Americans can discuss this in a civilized manner, and execute the facts in a conservative, since of urgency. I. think because of this approach, it is only a matter of time before SCOTUS begins to review the most important federal prison trial in the 232, ¾ year history of The United States of America The main reason that BO wants to close down Gitmo? Because he knows he is heading there himself. If he can release radical Islam into the prison system, and the hammer comes down on him six years from now?

    I have several theories, but I feel that they are to highly sensitive to discuss on here.

    In short. The constitution of the United States is the Rule of Law.
    And not one man is above the Law.

  17. Who sez BHO is a common man-

    Does the phrase

    Second Coming

    mean anything?

  18. @ Betty Ann. That’s why this whole thing goes back to the importance of his Notre Dame speech last Sunday. The core principles the founding fathers used when drafting The United States of America, The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution and The Rule of Law that we follow every day in America.
    Was based on the truth and wisdom of God. Conservatism.

    2/3’s of the worlds leading countries have a communist/socialist government Rule of Law that rejects the laws of God and constricts the people freedoms. These are the same countries that hate America and the same ones that Americana liberalism embraces. Liberal Media/Politicians and their propaganda agendas have 2/3’s of this country population brainwashed and hung out to dry, right when American need them the most, more now than ever before.

    Modern day liberalism limits/constricts the truth and wisdom of God and his Rules of Law, threw entertainment, music, news and the internet medians.

    America is that 1/3 of the world that does not reject the Laws of God.
    Rather we have embraced them for 233 years, and we are under attack within and abroad, right now because of it.

    If this man BHO denies, doubts and rejects the Rule of Law in our country as president.
    Then this is more than a battle of socialism, deception and primetime propaganda.
    This is the epic heavy weight payper view showdown threw out the universe right now.
    The battle of Good vs. Evil.
    America was built on the Laws of God.
    Not the corruption and deception of man.
    It is now up to the Constitution and the Rule of Law in The United States of America to stop this mans corruption and deception on the American people. And value the men and women who have sacrificed their life for the freedoms of The United States of America.

  19. Dear MDED,

    FYI, it's awful hard to take you seriously when you continually use the word "threw" when you obviously mean "through".

    Happy rambling....

  20. Commie24: "The Occult Of Obama" is all this man has when he is reading off if TOTUS.
    I'm just glad your reading comments on this blog.
    Good for you and thanks for pointing out my typos.

  21. MDED:
    God bless you, sir. I dont' hav ethe time to respond, as my own National Gaurdsman has a precious day off.

    I am a novelist by profession, typos happen when you deeply concentrate. It is the story or the message you deliver that matters.

    Your premise is a serious matter and the catalyst of a disturbance undulating through America, right now as we write. You are not alone.

    crania24: Please go to a blog where your abuse in the form invalidation is not recognized for what it is: insecurity about your Messiah, not mine. Certianly NOT MY PRESIDENT.

    Buck Farack.

  22. oh, definetly, not my President; BHO is a fraud, an American/Constitution haters, and and a Islamic mole in the USA. He's planting terorists cells here in our country, while lying about protecting Americans.

    Someday, TOTUS, someone will program the truth into your hardrive, and the Fraud will read it right off, as he seems unable to read ahead and realize what he is saying before he says it.

    Only someone who doesn't have English as his first language would do that; he's more ore less phonetically speaking... that's why he has so much difficutly w/o you, dear TOTUS; he can't remember what the English words are.

    BHO is evil, pure and simple. TotUS, you deserve better; too bad Cheney doesn't need you....

  23. By the way, this bill also makes legal the right to carry concealed and loaded weapons into National Parks.

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. so if the state you live in doesn't allow one to carry concealed, loaded weapons you can still do that if a National Park is located within that state??? Neat trick.

    I suppose one could air-drop the weapons into the Nat'l state park and pick 'em up there...

    better watch out Yellowstone bears - campers are carryin'

    note: had to re-post; I left out a word

  26. someone will program the truth into your hardrive, and the Fraud will read it right off, as he seems unable to read ahead and realize what he is saying before he says it.Berkey Light

  27. Say, comrade teleprompter, were you aware you've been kidnapped by Al Qaeda? I read it here:

  28. Wes Boyd's thinks they are the ones that forced congress and president 0bama to push the credit card bill through. They don't realize how stupid they are though. It should be the responsibility of the consumer to read everything before they sign something. If they don't sign it, they don't agree-it's that simple.

    It's like the old saying that goes something like: Give a man a fish, he'll eat for a day, teach him how to fish, and he'll eat forever. Well what president millhouse 0bama and congress have done is they gave the citizens a fish. Sure, we'll avoid the credit card company tactics, but what about tactics used by others?

    Why not teach us to read these bills or have us understand them?! When people take it to the credit card companies and say, HEY this isn't fair, its better. When government goes to credit card companies and say "Hey you can't do this," thats basically moving in the direction of tyranny where we tell our business only what they CAN do.

    What a despicable government this is turning out to be. Where we shame big businesses into guilt. But then fail to realize, that the biggest destructive, most ineffective, business in the world is...the US government.

  29. especially when run by a bunch of decrepid cavaders who vote themselves pay raises every six months (and don't pay taxes)

  30. TOTUS, where were you on Friday when POTUS told the CNN reporter "We are out of money."
    Will the prez elaborate on that some day soon?

  31. lexi2 - I believe I can elaborate for you...

    "We are out of I have no choice but to raise taxes, but only on the rich."

    Rich = anyone still left with a job

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. TOTUS....

    Should YOU have gone as far to have made a reference to a black muslim man and an "X"?


  34. Even though you did not blog about the speech today at Arlington, here is a grand picture of you and the Big Guy.

    Good luck next week!

  35. TOTUS, where are you? Holliday is over. Time to get to work like all the middle class. Heard you played golf yesterday. How did BIG GUY do, or is that a secret like everything else about the "transparant potus"?

  36. @ MelenaX about BO having to be a citizen to join the military...

    I just wanted to say, "LOL!!!!!!!" :-D

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